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When will Haato announce that she's been busy being groomed by Hoshikawa all this time

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This would actually cause Matsuri to kill herself.

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the younger purple heart sister is streaming atm
but welp you never trained your ears to notice her.

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Hoshikawa already revealed that they go out sometimes, must be driving festival insane

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They have but for her sake they are not acting like hyper schizos about it. Why don't you guys make a thread for her?

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How do Haatons cope with this? Surely they realise what this imply and the implications of these implications?

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after this bitch graduates.

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More hachama should graduate for being a bitch. Even in Niji you don't get away with this shit

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Sounds hot no need to cope

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I agree that teen pregnancies are hot but a cope is still required

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Fucking finally

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She's busy with university. Unlike Hoshikawa, Haato actually has the brain to obtain a higher education degree.

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Funniest post i've seen all day

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Women get through university with their pussies, not their brains

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