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What's the point of collabing with people who can't speak your language?

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Is cute.

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Is cute.

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Million subs vtuber carries two other vtubers. That's the point

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Towa seemed to enjoy it. You're the only one mad about it. Also, there isn't much brain power needed in Apex.

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Everyone loves Ame. That's why.

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But Towa doesn't have a million subs ... yet.

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>get semi-reliable teamates for battle royal
>less chance of streamsniping due to so many nips playing
>presence of other people forces you to keep your gremlin rage to a minimum
It makes perfect sense for Ame, the language barrier is a minor issue anyways with the ping system

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to hear towa speak english with her sexy voice

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Gain popularity across fanbases, it cuta, and Ame is just a fan of some of her senpais even if she hasn't learnt enough to talk to them.

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I don't like Ame at all, but I respect her for at least trying to collab with her senpais. Gura on the other hand...

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>why does not she collab with Jp members? is she hate her JP senpais?
>why is she collab with JP member? what s the point?
dramafags can not get any rest

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Sometimes she seems like the only one genuinely motivated to learn moonspeak out of the three ENs.

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Cute noises.

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Based eslchad

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>the three ENs
Ina is already pretty good so it's fine.

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Amelia's a rude, pushy attention whore. Simple as.

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Well duh, there's a reason we don't need to talk about the remaining two. The chicken knows Kansai-ben even.

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For awhile I never understood ame doing these and thought it was riding off the coattails of the other senpai, but when she did that one with mel it occured to me, what was there to gain, she has nothing.

Then it hit me, with the bug stream, charity stream, she's trying to innovate, just like coco did, while alot of the streams she's done aren't exactly new especially among twitch streamers like the vr ones the fact she went out of her way to get a model for vr display is her way of showing hololive that she was infact a good choice.

Her collaborations with her JP senpai despite the language barrier have a few layers to them, to build friendships, to draw in the Jp fanbase, and to show she's got what it takes rather than just playing games

She isn't like coco, because she isn't and never will be, and her innovations aren't really innovations, but among hololive, they are unique, and give her a place among the group as a whole, I do hope she's learning Japanese behind the scenes but who knows, all I know is it gives me confidence when these lockdowns end that I can travel to Japan and stumble around and still have a good time

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Management forces them to collab so ame can boost towa and robo subs

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i think you just want to fuck her goddamn brain out tbqh

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Kill rrat

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APEX is a different language of its own.

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this is the one good take in this thread, i'm not a EN watcher but amelia is really one of the most interesting vtubers in hololive as a whole

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There are many reasons:

>Ame is a big fan of Towa & Roboco, always hypes them up on twitter
>Language barrier doesn't really matter for Apex
>Apart from maybe Ina, no-one else in EN likes FPS games, and Ame and Ollie don't seem close for whatever reason
>is cute
>EN fans keep complaining about the lack of JP collabs even though Kiara averages at least 1 a week
>towa baby

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The ESL is too strong.

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What's the point of being a retard if no one will treat you special?

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>Collabs with Towa and Roboco
Ame proves that she's the best EN.

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maybe if you watched the streams you would find out :)

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>Ame and Ollie don't seem close
Ollie is just a easy woman who'll collab with anyone with a pulse.

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Most interesting one in EN for sure

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Roboco's voice is so sensual

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Entertainment in trying to bypass the language barrier.

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Ame seems like the kind of girl who will hold someone down and spit in their mouth.

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I hate Ame but this was a cute collab

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I dunno, what's the point of watching a livestreamer who can't speak your language?

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And doesn't live in Japan, imagine living in Japan and not speaking the language lol

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I really want Ame to do her JP reps to get to a somewhat decent level soon. She seems to love doing these, despite how embarrassing it is to be around people without being able to properly communicate with them, and the JP girls all seem to love her as well. She's by far the most creative and innovative EN, and could bring a lot to the table in cross branch collabs.
I don't watch EN that much, but most of the time I do it's either Holotalk or one of her cool streams.

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>watching *pex streams
Over my dead body

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Imagine living in Japan.

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Fucking finally

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Ame really likes her JP senpais

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Most of the international Holo APEX collabs that I see Ame in, she seems more stressed since the others like Ollie/Mel/Reine/etc aren't that good and Ollie's screaming in her ears and Ame can't carry and casually talk like Astel. Seemed more chill and having fun in this collab with RBC and Towa together.

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What are Coco's innovations besides AsaCoco and Reddit Shitpost Review? Her other streams are pretty normal, gaming and zatsudan. I know some think her pube shaving shit was innovative or weird but it really wasn't. We've had weird things in vtubers and even Hololive itself. I do think her talking/joking about drugs is innovative especially for JP where that shit is worse than any sexual things that Matsuri talks about.
Holotalk isn't really a "collab"

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