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>Hasn't streamed in 6 days
>Never announced any kind of break
Rrats? Is it HER?

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She said she was taking days off for family issues if you actually watched the last stream, but what would I expect from a stupid fucking /vt/ schizo.

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>>Never announced any kind of break
She explicitly did

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>Never announced any kind of break
Were you fucking deaf?

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>A Mention in a stream
Get out of here with that shit. She should post a tweet like literally anybody else would. That stream was shit and I bailed on it, which was the correct thing to do.

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>bailed on Kino racing stream
A thread died for this waste of a thread by the faggiest of OPs.
>announcing shit on twitter
She hates using twitter for a good reason. Its cancer there other than mandatory announcement and retweeting art. If she ever mentioned that she's taking a break due to family issues, the concernfags and saviorfags will be awakened.

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Nigga its am emergency, she doesnt have time to fucking tweet it out and if it does thar makes her fans even worried

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>Doesn't have time to spend 15 seconds typing out a tweet
>Expects her fans to trawl through hours of streams to get any important news like her going away for a week
This is why Gura is shit.

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love when schizos try to rile up the masses

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chill tf out, anon. she is a girl, she needs to be pounded by her bf like ame too.

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Why do chumbuds STILL act surprised when their oshi ghosts them?

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Gura ghosted us again...and here's why that's a good thing

At least the chumbuds haven't reached the depths of cuckoldry as the Nakirigumi though

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he didn't watch the stream. what do you think ?

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Do Teamates really believe this?

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Gura needs to testify in court because her father raped the shark one time and still won't let it go.

Just let it happen, Gura. Enjoy it.

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Why are Takos like this?

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why cant chumkeks just leave gura alone with her boyfriend for a while ? its obvious that she wants to spend more time with there family

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their ESL-kun

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Kfp fag spotted
Go back to the gas chamber with your numberfaggin austrian chicken

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Teamate cope post.

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D-did you reply to the wrong post? Or are you actually that desperate to make the thread about kiara?

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If you don't even watch her streams why do you care if she streams?

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>she should use twatter
go back, transfaggot

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>Announcing breaks on streams instead of social media so that faggots who don't watch streams are not up to date

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Ignore cuckchama, he's coping with his failing marriage.

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Anon you might wanna get your ears checked you seem to be going deaf

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>actual fans that watch her streams are up to date with her
>faggots like you who arent fans and only want to shitpost about her, end up looking retarded for not knowing she already told her fans
This is some unintentional high IQ move on Gura's part

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exactly HER leave the earth to live with the calamar aliens just like the movie

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I don't get it why isn't this movie being used to represent what goslings represent right now regarding chuubas? It fits perfectly, not saying that gosling doesn't but the guy from Her could work too

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Because gosiling is on another level of memekino

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Why is it always SEAmonkeys that cuckpost?

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>Literally a faggot

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this hits too close to home, gosling doesnt

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Chumcels are at full damage control

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She's lost in the sauce

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When are they ever not?>>6784465

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>She should post a tweet like literally anybody else would
Clipfags assuming everything is posted on Twitter

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Holy shit. One idiot says that she should have tweeted about the break she's taking and chumbuddies lose their minds. Chill tf out, I know this is a bait thread but that's not even something worth defending, if she tweeted about that, there wouldn't be idiots like OP making baiting threads in the first place

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What Gura should really have done was made it a member's only post like what Ame sometimes does.

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good, they still suspect nothing

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Explicitly? Pornhub link?

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She needs to stream already so chumcucks can stop shitting up other threads

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She's obviously preparing her steering wheel to go full /o/ streamer when she comes back

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Doesn't matter, she comes back to stream you autistic niggers toss her over $1,200 within the first 10 minutes.

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And what if someone closed to her died?

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Nah, she sould take more time off, this is great.

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