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Did Nyanners get a more mature looking model? I can't look at this one and call it a loli like I could before.

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It looks worse. Doesn't fit her gremlin aesthetic. Clearly did it to for anti-loli vtwitter clout.

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she looks like she's into ddlg
grown women don't dress like that

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Who's pomu?

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Yeah, I like it. Hope she lowers her voice a little bit too.

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She did a timeskip and got a bigger neck like, one piece showed me that's how this works. The more you age the more your neck begins to look like a tree.

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Soon this will be her final form.

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I hate it, she's not cute & funni anymore..

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It's called growing up.

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I like the new one more, too.

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I hope she updte her next years so I can see a vtuber grow up over the years.

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I unironically like the idea of a vtuber character aging in real time and getting slight updates to reflect that every year.

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Shunk her head and extended her neck. For what purpose, I dont know. vShojo seems to insist on making their models shitter and more generic with each 'upgrade'.

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Well, her neck is certainly bigger. That's about it.

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Remember Nyanners, we'll look at her now. Feel old yet?

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She looks retarded.
At least she used to be cute AND retarded.
This is just sad. Hope it was worth it, SJW shithead.

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whats new with her outfit? seems like the same to me

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someone who has next to zero in her luck stat.

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I guess it is hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism

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>Did Nyanners get a more mature looking model? I can't look at this one and call it a loli like I could before.
You couldn't before either, retard.

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you look fine

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you will never be with a woman.

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? Literally pay a hooker. You, on the other hand, will never be a woman. Never ever

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She looks like a fucking man in a wig

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Maybe you can be my first since you're obviously a lonely woman, hold up nevermind I already fucked your mom btw gura did it better

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>Never ever
Lol I hear it in his voice every single time

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Ha! She just keeps doubling down.

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So is this the new tumblr insult now that touch grass has broken into the vernacular?

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Not sure but I'd fuck her

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I think the new design is ten times more fuckable.

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This model makes it easier to hate on Nyanners

Nah, nice try shill. It looks like absolute dogshit.

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Reminds me of how she actually looks, kinda skinny teen with a longish neck.

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Am I freaking out over nothing, or is this the best tracking on any 2D vtuber model so far? I wanna know how that shit functions.

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Nah Snuffy's is better desu

it's certainly an improvement over Nyan 1.0 though

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>like 6 Nyanners threads

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That's true, but me and you could always have sex instead.

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Anon-chan is acting really tsundere right now... I really want to rape her, guys.

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Yes, she hates her own fans, which is naturally one of the reasons she's stagnated

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Nah, she just paid for a longer neck.

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Time to tear your pussy open whore

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Props to her for responding to criticism then, if that's what happened.

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Isn't she like 30?

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how progressive to remove 15 years from your actually age to attract sickos instead of the 20 years she was doing last month to attract even bigger sickos

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Still looks like a loli I have no idea what makes people think height changes.

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Cry more pedo

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I'm Pomu

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You means props to her for giving into the criticisms of her anti's for calling her model out as a loli, and getting a her model changed to not so be...what exactly? If her model didn't look like a "loli" before as alot of people pointed it out as, why the fuck would she even bother to change her model in the first place? To look more mature?

Wake the fuck up anon. This is a tacit admission from Nyanners herself that her original model was a fucking loli, and now she changed it so people can stop calling her a hypocrite even though she will always still be one. This changes nothing besides a handful of her own fans bitching at her that even had balls in the first place to call her out on her bullshit to change her model. This only placates her simpish fanbase and no-one else.

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Never really looked like a loli in the first place but all the nagging must have got to her.

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The girl who started pandering to so called "pedo's" is now having her own fans calling others pedo's? What fucking irony, you tumblrina. Did you learn how to debate and troll there as well?

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You clearly learned to have little hissy fits from there lol

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You can, actually. This model is just the original upscaled by 10% and the neck elongated by 50%. Her actual proportions haven't changed

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Says the cherry puckered faggot that calls someone out as having a "hissy fit". Where the fuck did you learn to insult from, your loser of a mom? Isn't it time she got her fatass put of bed to take your ass to summer school?

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Cute, the self-hating retard thinks he knows big words.

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Are you saying this in front of a mirror, because you should man. Acceptance is something we all need to have in our lives, just like I accept the fact that there are sad enough faggots out there that can't ever acknowledge there favorite twitch streameris a sick, degenerate loli who's in denial. Just like her fans!

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She still looks like a loli. Height doesn't change anything you normalfags. If you really wanna cope and say she doesn't look like a loli, then she looks like a trap. If her goal was to look like that, then she did a good job I guess.

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>you normalfags
>She still looks like a loli
You are the only normalfag here, anti-loli faggot.

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Hey I didn't come up with these standards, Nyanners did. I'm just enforcing her word. Don't shoot the messager bro

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I'm still waiting for the hag model

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You're calling me anti-loli? What I said was true. Height literally means nothing in the grand scheme of lolis. You wanna know some other indicators that literally does not matter if you're classified as a loli, you damn brainlet? Age and breast size are a few other things that literally means nothing for what considers a loli. You know I get it, though. You fags will change what isn't acceptable and what is acceptable just based on your own subjective morals. You fags can't even come down to a consensus on how age is the most important factor for eastern stylized drawings, and then change tune when someone brings in the 14 year old Yoko Littner. Understand that (You) are the ones who look like deranged clones in the wider sphere of the anime and vtuber community.

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If you think that's a loli then I have nothing to say to you because you obviously don't regularly consume loli works enough to ascertain the difference between a normal looking girl and a loli. If you have an ex account please be never tag anything as you'll mess up my searches.

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Who's still paying for her to be around?

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>If you think that's a loli
Cope, nigger. Height has nothing to do with it. You are just a retard.
>If you have an ex account please be never tag anything as you'll mess up my searches.
I could say the exact same to you.

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10,000+ paying subs I guess
Won't be going anywhere anytime soon

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Proportions have a fuckton to do with it, this isn't a matter of height. If you think those proportions in the OP look like a loli, then you're blind. She looks like a hag more than anything now. Also yes, I can tell that's a loli in your picture, she doesn't look anything like nyanners.

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Nyanners looks teenage now

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The neck is too long.
It's a lazy way to avoid looking like a loli. But now she looks close to a monster.

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Yes, her limbs are thicker around, her face is more mature looking with smaller eyes, and her body is less slim.

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She essentially better matches her Vshojo artwork now, minus the long hair.

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at least the legs finally fit the rest of her

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Looks better DESU...

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god how I want to climb inside one of those fucking boots

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She's so fuckable now. How could anyone not see this as an improvement?

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palm tree is the ideal female form

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I kinda wish she kept the same head. I don't care about the loli body. The face was super cute.

>> No.6843842

Ironmouse's stream is struggling to handle her new model right now.

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People who would prefer to fuck the other one?

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she looks like a larger loli now

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nyanners threads are literally just full of people who don't know what a loli is

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They're the same people that call this a loli.

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tell it to me straight bros, is this a loli?

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They're the same people who say, "she doesn't really seem like a loli", to this.

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AKA nobody.

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Where do you think you are?

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Almost nobody is seriously attracted to lolis. It's just something we say because it's a meme and kind of funny. Furthermore, OG Nyanners was not sexy at all. Nu-Nyanners is prime fuckmeat. She's come of age. She's ready for breeding. The difference is night and day.

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People here would hate fuck and rape the living shit out of Nyanners given any chance
Not because of what she looks like, but because she badly deserves it

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>Almost nobody is seriously attracted to lolis
Just because the globalhomo kool aid is omnipresent in your corner of the world doesn't mean it's prevalent in the rest of the world

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Go back newfag. I would fuck loli nyanners so hard like uou wouldn't believe

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>Almost nobody is seriously attracted to lolis
Really? I wasn't told

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This is now a loli appreciation thread

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>Almost nobody is seriously attracted to lolis

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Ah... Shion yo...

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Just make a seething pedophile general at this point.

>> No.6855750

It would be perfect for greeks like you

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>Come into 4chan
>Get angry about lolis
Why are tumblr tourists like this?

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Lmao, we really live rent free in her head
I hope you're reading this Taylor, just quit already, the nyanners grift has gone on too many years, go get married and fuck off to the normalfag life you actually want where you don't have to constantly pretend you like any of us

We have gura now, who is everything you always pretended to be, who doesn't shit on us every chance she can get
You're irrelevant now, an amoeba in a sea of funnier and more interesting women, you have hit the wall, it's funny you hit it while aging your own avatar

>> No.6859805 [DELETED] 

Lmao at this normalfag, I bet you watch trash taste

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This but with a rope instead of a person; give that real neck a stretch to match her virtual one.

I wouldn't want ANYONE burdened with this bitch, not even vshojo; this is probably the most self-aware moment she's ever had in her life.

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>just quit already

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They do it for free

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Didn't even read the last one I guess

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anyone who doesn't understand the meaning of >>6861220 is not from around here, so that's pretty definitive confirmation that Nyanners white knights are tourists

>> No.6861415

What are you talking about I'm saying the janny didn't even read that it wasn't dox
Take your meds

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Jannies here always delete tangentially related shit and you'd know this if you were from here, your post and my post are going to be deleted too and I'm going to be banned for a flimsy reason like "off topic discussion" until tomorrow, this autistic song and dance has been going on since long before /vt/, so I'm gonna use this opportunity to say that Taylor is in the same position that Sena was, but unlike Sena she is not going to find solace in new friends and new opportunities because she burned those bridges long ago and all that remains are grifters.

Anyway, neck yourself, and good luck to the anon commissioning the rape porn, be sure that Taylor and our guests get a nice long look at it, peace.

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Not gonna read all that but I'm happy for you or sorry it happened

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