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Looking at the international variety of the first EN gen it's safe to assume that Cover was aiming for new audiences and it clearly worked.
Considering the recent increase of russian fans there's a chance that EN2 might have a russian girl.
Would you watch a vtuber with a strong russian accent, Anon?
Which other accents do you think that would be cute?

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A spanish speaking girl is guaranteed, more than that i'm not sure of.

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holoen2 dream roster:
- 1 australian bogan shitposter
- 1 scottish indyref supporter
- 1 jamaican gender swapped ainsley harriot
- 1 quebecoise anglo hater
- 1 south african zef

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A silent white haired FPS princess that could speak Japanese so that she could form an FPS group with Botan

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south african accent would be kino ngl

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HoloEN2 optimal roster:
- Cunny
- Cunny
- Cunny
- Cunny
- Cunny

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if everybody is cunny then nobody is cunny
hags are necessary to show their size difference

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4 deep marsh Louisiana Cajun
1 French Canadian

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IRyS must be Astralian, maybe she hides her accent to some degree but she has that Australian "yeah" at the end of her sentences sometimes. Also her streaming times. Judging by how much her speech has changed already since debut she'll show her full bogan in no time.

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You’re a certified retard

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Nothing I said is wrong.

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She is from Hawaii

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Both European candidates that have high chances of getting in if they sent an audition

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That's what the other gens are for.

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>wanting quebexicans
Not even other leafs like them

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>ova der wit sum wodda, coonass

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I want more europeans.

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Avril Lavigne
Linda Young
Fran Drescher
Sweet Anita

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Dope I'm for this.

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I want.

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Give me at least one kemonomomi again and I'll be happy

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So does "EN" just mean the ability to speak English? 'Cause I feel like originally it meant "from English speaking countries".

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No, but I'd watch one with that cunny design

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A lot of Germans and "Australians" are fluent. The only language criterion they have is probably "just speak better English than Moona"

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No. It should only be 1 cunny for ever gen, we don't like to decrease their value do we?

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For every gen*

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Spanish would be a bad idea due to how fractured the language is
Central Americans, South Americans and actual Spanish people all have a lot of difficulty understanding each other due to how the language has changed in each group

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aside of "honda vital" or "aweonado" jokes hispanic community is very supportive with youtuber if they are charismatic enough don't matter where they come from
just like mi sopa

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Austria is not an "English speaking country" though.

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I'm not sayin that it will be full on, but rather someone who is multilingual and occasionally speaks some general spanish fluently to measure if there is any interest forr the future

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rushia already exists

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fully expecting ateast a french and a spanish speaking holo, possibly europeans

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No one wants to hear a bunch of fucking mumbled european accents you can barely understand unless you're from that area.

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>- 1 quebecoise anglo hater

but this is holo en they will be forced to speak english

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Maybe not a russian, maybe a slav that can read soviet hieroglyphics, but i have no idea who in that part of the world is capable of attracting cover's attention

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Ayamefriend of hololive global is in holoEN2

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Monolingual retard..

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>can’t even stop using the phone long enough to have it do facetracking

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Let's have a Hololive USSR while we're at it. Hololive North Korea next.

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A sensible british accent is easy to understand. Scandinavian and Dutch english speakers have on point accents. People have no problem understanding Kiara (even if she does make her voice grating)

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actual spanish here. we can understand perfectly without trouble, we just like to make fun of each other

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Reminder that just like niji en is just holo en rejects, holo en 2 will be mostly niji en rejects. We're never getting anyone as good as Ame ever again.

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>We're never getting anyone as good as Ame ever again.
I can accept that. As long as they're close to being as good I'll be fine with it.

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There is a couple. All I can think of is Rezo. She does designs for herself and (sometimes) does comissions. Her singing voice is... lacking, but she can pretty much do anything else.
And maybe Mana-chan, the one who played Minecraft with Moona once.

Don't see a reason for them to just drop being an indie and moving to an agency

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Waiting for HoloEN to have a British vtuber. Would be even funnier if they could imitate northern accents.

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It's going to happen, mark my words. It's going to be a cute looking model with a voice like Ned Stark. The true Gura killer.

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>mostly niji en rejects

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Girl_DM is your only hope

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