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>not included in holoalt teaser
>abused in aussieland
>parents disappointed in her
>ENfans think she have shit english
>JPfans think she hates them
>coworkers think she's just a child
>company think she's crazy
>gura hates her
>ame thinks she's retarded
>kiara hates her
>mori thinks she's just a child

Why is she suffering?

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She draws dimes and that's what matters. What the midcarders think doesn't matters.

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Pregnant with an Ausie baby daddy who is out of the picture, when? I can already picture.

>stream starts
>crying in background
>wahhhhh wahhh
>ehhh gomen nasai, baby is crying, i will be right back
>ehh where's the dad? Uh he will be back soon, soon. He is getting ready to come live in Japan with me. What? Of course he's not lying? Child support? He...he hasn't send any money...but but im sure he will soo....
>wahhhhhh wahhh
>im sorry i have to go, umm stream will be back 30 minutes
>soft sobbing in background
>"he said he loved me, why was i so stupid"
It's inevitable anon.

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I think shes sick of whitoids at this point

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Dont worry. Shell kill them all. Haato arc is a warning.

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Based if true.

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She's a westaboo who is on the spectrum. Bitch probably simps after any guy with blonde hair. Half her university probably ran a train on her in Australia.

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why do the en holos hate her?

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Only Gura and Kiara hates Haachama.

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It all started with the pepeloni

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They don't. Learn to recognize a rrat.

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Okay but we're all in agreement that she loves titanic white cock, right?

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Kiara has resentment for everyone more successful then her. Also she is pissed Haachams English accent is cute while she sounds like a Muppet

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To further clarify. Gura hates haachama for spending time with Ame and showing her up on the en mc server. Kiara hates haachama for being retarded and still likes more by Mori.

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A rratier rrat hath never rrated before.

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You can tell she got a bad case of Pairs syndrome

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>Still the most creative Holo and mogged everyone in views and discussion in januarry and february

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rrats are full of wisdom, and you are full of lies

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It's true anon.

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They hate her cause they ain't her

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Making wild assumptions drummed up for no reason other extending the life of a thread isn't wisdom; it is folly. - Confucius, probably

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The accent thing keeps making more sense the longer I think about it.

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Source: My gaping asshole

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>>gura hates her
>>kiara hates her
Give me the rrats pls

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Haachama was conveniently ban from en mc server just right after she mogged gura in building shit. Totally unrelated.

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Being Haachama is suffering.

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If Haachama is actually going through shit
(don't really think it's that, but for the sake of this thread let's go with that assumption),
then it's just further proof that creativity and suffering are linked together tightly in a lot of cases

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For Kiara, she called Haachama disgusting and fired her from KFP. Never talked again after that.

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>don't really think it's that
Then what do you think really happened?

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>All this people complaining about rrats
rrats have been here before you, rrats will be here after. When all your oshis's have graduated and they are nothing more than a forgotten 3d model file in a forgotten folder in a forgotten PC, rrats will still be there.

You mock what you cannot understand but the rrat only pities you. rrarts will always be there, waiting, learning and sometimes, if you are lucky, in the right place at the right time, sharing the wisdom.

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Haachama never deserved this. I hope she'll get the recognisiton she deserves soon.

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Tbh only said that cause I do worry for her well being, but don't wanna come across as a worry fag

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I want to become friends with haachama and go to an ariana grande concert together

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What the fuck is this weird drama shit you people are conjuring? You're fucking batshit.

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Oh, I missed that part. Was is before or after she slapped Haachama in front of Yagoo?

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Narratives are fine, fun, and a deeply set tradition.
The problem is that idol culture brought us the concepts of "oshi" and "anti", and there's people that will repeat an obvious lie for months if it damages a japanese minecraft streamer they dont like.
If people would just accept rrats as plausible fanfiction, like an urban legend, everyone would be healthier and happier.

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Didn't Gura literally just say in one of her last streams that she loved Haato?
Or am I just making shit up in my head...

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I love how much Haachama is working everyone. I'm just here to enjoy the ride.

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>ENfans think she have shit english
>JPfans think she hates them
JP fans also think she has shit Japanese. Her Japanese is worse than Coco's because she traveled so much during the most important years of learning.

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>ENfans think she have shit english
Because she does? Or at least she wants people to think she does.

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She has mentioned haachama a lot in her recent streams

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>If people would just accept rrats as plausible fanfiction, like an urban legend, everyone would be healthier and happier.
They never will. The very point of rrats is to convince people that they are true. It is in their very nature.
Things are working exactly as they are meant to be, no matter how destructive.

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How much did the power of rrats influence this haatochama arc? Can we control haatochama through the power of rrats?

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>three different written languages, including a logographic language with over 50,000 symbols, commonly mixed together and extremely context-sensitive
The average English speaker isn't an expert on his language. I can only imagine what it's like for a nip.

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I'm not australian though I just deliver the pepeloni

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Kiara doesn't hate her, Kiara is concerned.

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Thats the point of urban legends. The thin line between bullshit and 'unless...'
My sister's coworker's brother knows a guy that went to Thailand, got drunk with some locals on his second day and honest to god, hand on the bible, woke up in a bathtub with ice, im not even bullshitting you. He had a note stapled to his chest that said "You have both kidneys, gura is pregnant". I thought it was a lie at first too, but what if it isnt?
Scary thought.

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I hate it guys it's so unfair. She shouldn't be made to strip down naked and walk past a line of her coworkers, spitting on her as she passes. Why isnt that illegal??

>> No.694956

Kiara is worried about what haachama eats for sure.

>> No.694982

>ame thinks she's retarded

What are you talking about? Ame respects her if anything. She just knows she can't communicate with her.

>> No.694984

Nene's hands shaking as she types this post, horny as shit.

>> No.695021

same bro, I can't believe those modernizing fucks phased out The Paddling of the Swollen Ass with Paddles

>> No.695052

That collab they did worried me too, Haachama dumbed a bit of frozen chicken into cold water then turned the stove on.

The pan being dirty was less frightening than that alone.

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>not included in holoalt teaser
like 60% of Hololive wasn't included you dumb rrat

>> No.695287

she works the hardest. It's a reason why she was so down yesterday.

>> No.695305

They don't

>> No.695329

Gura does because Haachama stole Ame's heart.

>> No.695355

>kiara hates her

>> No.695370

And not figuratively either. She has Ame's actual heart in a box in her fridge right now. Look forward to the next Haachama Cooking!

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Tame meds schizo

>> No.695564

>Kiara hates haachama for being retarded
what? Do rrats even watch streams? If anything Kiara seems worried about Haachama's diet.

>> No.695639

I'd argue Marine does in terms of inter JP collabs, or Fubuki for streams, or Korone, or Gura, or Kiara, or literally any other girl that puts in time and effort

>> No.695917

>Kiara hates haachama for being retarded
and ID seemingly hates Kiara for being an overassertive bitch to Reine
Also if being retarded would be a cause for hate, Kiara would be self loathing on record levels

>> No.695985

Kiara was a bitch to Reine?

>> No.696239

Literally just a rrat don’t entertain it

>> No.696283

i really like this rrat, im dehumidifying it and saving it

>> No.696514

I wish I could hug her and tell her that everything is going to be ok.

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>> No.696598

I should rewatch that collab.

>> No.696613

When there are no good streams going on this board has nothing to talk about so they just gossip like literal women

>> No.696651

How anyone can watch this video and form a retarded rrat over something so innocuous is a mystery to me

>> No.696755

Suffering is the chammer's lot in life but I believe it will make her a stronger person. She still has a few hurdles to clear so we have to root for her until then.

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There was a big dispute among HoloEn members on discord for Hachaama claiming to be holoEn gen0, it ended up with gotcha you smelly rat

>> No.697255

>I believe it will make her a stronger person

She's already too powerful!

>> No.698139

She is the Goku of Hololive.

>> No.698323

Unironically I think there's a place in hololive for an actual mom so long as they don't come across as neglectful. It also means they could nurse the baby without being worried about exposing themselves on camera. Plus everyone will get boners the first time they hear "ow, don't bite mommy"

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that rrat is not ogey

>> No.698378

in anon's head

>> No.698442

Kiara is a bitch in every collab I've seen, I stopped watching her completely

>> No.698446

In the stream right before Haachama announced she wasnt holo EN and was being kicked off the server Gura had a minecraft stream where she ended it while looking at Haachama's island and was like good bye good bye good bye singing and bobbing her head.

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there is no such thing as too much power

>> No.698622

sounds like a schizo dream

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>> No.698879

Literally the next Day Haachama had her suicide stream


>> No.698949

so what? that's called a coincidence. Take your meds.

>> No.699097

What would haato milk taste like?

>> No.699129

delicious milk

>> No.699180

Thanks I'm glad you liked it

>> No.700420

>ENfans think she have shit english
>He doesn´t know


>> No.700568


>> No.700809

>there's a place in hololive for an actual mom
>he doesn't know

>> No.700900

that english isn't really much better than normal she's just not using the high pitched voice

>> No.700963

Korone doesn't play up the mom angle, actually i wonder if she even takes care of her kid. Her hololive drama and content seems to be 24/7

>> No.701048

I thought Aki was the mom.

>> No.701234

The outback.

>> No.701467

Gura looks at her horse and Haachama island at the same time. The next day Haachama is kicked off of the server. The message is clear.

Haachama and Jorgon can't exist in the same place at the same time. Until the horse dies, Haachama's dream of EN domination will never come true.

>> No.701566

>26hour endurance stream
that baby's dead, kek

>> No.701600

thats just her Red-kun voice. She's done it before.

>> No.701603

I know korone is allegedly a divorcee but this is the first I'm hearing about being a mom, beyond the usual hag jokes

>> No.702480

The Krone is a single mom rrat is pretty old

>> No.704953

That's normal english and most of ENfans don't even know about that.

>> No.706837

I thought the rrat was that she lost custody?

>> No.707856

I fucking hate that there can never be a Haachama thread that has actual Haatons that know her well and instead filled with people regurgitating month old narratives instead of keeping up to date with what’s going on in her life now

>> No.708053

Well last time she tried to do an English only stream she had to change it last minute then next day said she wasn't allowed to use the EN tag anymore. And now she's in the middle of her character arc so we have nothing to go off of that we can trust except management is telling her to stop using so much english

>> No.708111

Maybe it's just because I'm Australian but I've never really had a problem understanding her English.

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>> No.708191

They're right
They're right
She's right to
She's right to

>> No.712345

I need rrats

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>> No.713118

Shes my irl wife. Her dad arranged our marriage years ago. I supported her through college but she dropped out now because she taking off. The aussie family was rumors only. We lived together that entire time and now she may be pregnant!

>> No.713615

She is a relatively sheltered (pre-Australia) airheaded spoiled girl whose parents initially thought this Hololive thing was just a fad so they played along.

>> No.714315

Everything in OP is true. What are you on about?

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File: 2.63 MB, 938x675, Haachama eats spider.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's too powerful
she's a fucking Genius That's providing something that literally no Vtuber can even Dream of doing
However she's only able to do this because of how extremely eccentric she and because of that it can be very off Putting, and she's Probably so eccentric and strange Because of how extremely Rough Her Life was/is

>> No.714598

I'd even say they're fucking rratshit lol

>> No.714752

At what point do the other holos start distancing themselves from her? That is, if they haven't already.

>> No.714934

Haatochama is the smartest woman to ever live mark my words. Her name will be carried through time as a great poet

>> No.715822

Why would they distance themselves when she's been harmless to them so far and has an elevated chance of producing good content?

>> No.716098

Any that haven't from the start won't because they probably like her wackiness

>> No.716138

I just hope she does not meet a bad end like every other suffering poet

>> No.716197

She's smart enough to keep the girls she deals with most often in the loop on her deep lore wankery she's doing. So I seriously doubt it. Japan may be super-reserved compared to the west in a lot of ways, but what's acceptable for comedy is not one of them.

>> No.716307

They don't, retards here are just inventing a narrative because they want attention.

>> No.716501
File: 330 KB, 2869x2348, 1613506793848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she's been harmless to them so far
>So far

>> No.717225

why the fuck is she holding the sword from bleach?

>> No.717231
File: 109 KB, 412x316, HAACHAMA after a month in Indonesia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never forget the time where she spent a month in INDONESIA! At least she had fun there~

>> No.717307

>I'm dehumidifying it

>> No.717321

wasn't the Philippines?

>> No.717391

The real question is what's her bankai?

>> No.717675


>> No.717901

>went to singapore, phillipines and indonesia
>but not to malaysia
Her parents must've really hated malaysia

>> No.717907
File: 172 KB, 1500x750, Jujutsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if Haato vs Haachama is just like the Sukuna situation in Jujutsu. After all Haato kept eating weird things in Australia.

Also any drawfags here?

>> No.718010

by me

>> No.718037

I'll never forgive Gura for getting Haachama kicked out of the HoloEN minecraft server.

>> No.718117
File: 536 KB, 1300x867, bunker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her parents must be right-wing Empire of Japan restorationists who goes on tour to visit WWII Japanese bunkers in those places

>> No.718181

>ahh the babby, babby. you know the babby? the nooo one. but i pick up these... away! cause i don't want it. okay? you understand?

>> No.718283

But the husband isn't jap anonchama.

>> No.718314

>doesn't think hapas can't become ultranationalists

>> No.718411
File: 3.10 MB, 2000x1430, 1596661620185.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is she such a slut?

>> No.718761

She probably grew up very sexually repressed due to little privacy, add in some trauma, plus her being on the tail end of her teens, and mix that all in with her current career of being a streamer and you get a dangerous cocktail of horny

>> No.718899

Checked and same here. Her English is perfectly understandable. Do people really complain that much?

>> No.719195

Yes, proof exists.

>> No.719201

So, you're saying they're objectively good people?

>> No.719293

anons you need to take you fucking meds

>> No.719598

Haachama is the only one that actually need to take her meds. She's suffering because of her life. Cover isn't helping with all the restrictions put on her.

>> No.720282

She didnt show up in the Holoalt teaser because showing off the secret multi-personality mega villian would be a spoiler. Haachama is the key to all of this

>> No.720584

>we can trust except management is telling her to stop using so much english
Could be why she's pushing to also be in EN

>> No.720854

I’d die without Haachama english. I love it...

>> No.721099

H-hot. Imagine the sex.

>> No.721162

Trust me haachama WILL end the chink arc

>> No.721177


>> No.721287


>> No.721312


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>> No.721340

The alarm actually fucjking triggers me so damn hard

>> No.721367


>> No.721550

>Half her university probably ran a train on her in Australia.
but she hasn't been to uni yet and only just graduated HS 2 months ago

>> No.721568

Why should they? She's not harming their content in any way.

>> No.721573

>why do the en holos hate her?
None of HoloEN hate her. That's the RRatt.
However, HoloEN management hate her, and that's a fact that can be backed up with actual proof unlike all the other bs allegations ITT.

>> No.721588


>> No.721611

>actual proof
rrats will believe anything

>> No.721612

This. Not all holoEN hates her. Only Gura and Kiara hates her. Mori and Ame is indifferent. Ina is the only one that speaks to her like she is on her level. Weird.

>> No.721695
File: 150 KB, 1386x783, the real apex predator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is how Haachama views Holo ENiggers.

>> No.721697

If Kiara hated her, why did she planned an offline cooking collab with her?

>> No.721746

"An urban legend is a genre of folklore comprising stories circulated as true, especially as having happened to a friend or family member, often with horrifying or humorous elements."
The point of an urban legend is to tell a scary story or a moral point by wrapping it in a plausible scenario and passing it as something that actually really happened. The organ traffickers stealing kidneys from tourists is one of the oldest ones, up there with the corpse in the motel mattress, the men in black, cow tipping, or the japanese classic of suicided girls in the bathroom stalls.
The point of vtuber narratives is the same thing. Building a plausible lie. All the narratives I've posted since mid august have been bold faced lies and people believed them for weeks because they were believable.

Parsing forechan narratives in the same way you parse teketeke or any other obvious pre-internet creepypasta is the best way to deal with them.

>> No.721786

>She is a relatively sheltered (pre-Australia) airheaded spoiled girl

>sent to 3rd world shithole prison school
>sister sent to english boarding school

>> No.721814

The father is full jap member of the nation Diet
mother is the hafu catholic.

>> No.721825

I thought the dad was a pig farmer in phillipines?

>> No.721863

I bet she was upset last stream because management said she couldn't upload this version. The uploaded version is weirdly quiet.

>> No.721901

Take your meds Anon. You relly needs them

>> No.721925

Damn. If Haachama is in a family of politician, does that mean that her father actually want Haachama to be a politician too?

>> No.721939


>> No.721943

that's what her sister is for

>> No.721944

Good luck in politics when you opponents can ad hominem with your lewd art streams.

>> No.721963

No get it straight: her father is of ancient noble bloodline and a diet member by day. Secretly her grandfather is the Shadow Shogun of Japan charged with the final line of defence against attack from without.
They are the ones that have held onto the lost Holy Sword that was lost at sea 800 years ago (the current one that's part of the Imperial Regalia is a fake). The wielder of the sword is able to summon sea dragons to defend Japan.
Haato was told at a young age that one day she would have to bear the responsibility of safeguarding the sword and her parents sent her out of japan for her own safety due to the ever present threat of assassination.
The pressure's gotten to her and she snapped.

>> No.721975


>> No.721979
File: 658 KB, 749x749, XnRkYBQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can my opponent be right when her feet stinks?

>> No.721984
File: 101 KB, 282x703, battlesg2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.722002

She'll soon be, all thanks to me anon.

>> No.722016

>Delayed HACHAMACHAMA stream
What could she be planning...

>> No.722022

because it's hilarious

>> No.722026

percival the cunt should have died before letting himself get captured.

>> No.722033

wasn't that the ultimate shitshow that highlighted the absolute STATE of the bongs in asia in ww2?
>japanese force travel by dirt road on a 1000 bicycles because fuck walking
>rubber scarce so the wheels are bare metal
>pussy brit commander shits himself as the sound of 1000's of bicycle wheels on dirt road sound like a massive tank battalion
>surrenders without a fight
>australians have to pick up the pieces

>> No.722051

Her sister must've at some level resent her too. While she have to constantly study and learn to navigate the life of a politician, her sister is making funny noises to people online all over the world. At least the money must be good right?

>> No.722062

Bongs are pussies by nature.

>> No.722085

That's the joke.
Mother dotes on older sister as being the model child/student/heir.
Father sends younger sister to "toughen her up" and probably truly loves younger sister more.
Results in the inevitable daddy issues every time this kind of bs occurs.
>gets into tokyo U and doesn't have to suicide
>parents have to pay massive tuition for years to come
>haachama rolling in neetbux by playing online with her friends

>> No.722110

>That thumbnail switch
I love that she does shit like this, she's really having fun with it.

>> No.722118

>thumbnail changed

>> No.722133

Nah, but they all too often have pussy commanders that didn't deserve their commissions. Same with the French.
You don't conquer 1/4 of the world's surface, scrambling to grab as much as possible, and having to contend with the other european powers all the while who are just as belligerent, by all being pussies by nature.
In fact it could be Haato's quarter Anglo blood that makes her such an outlier that she just doesn't fit in with Japanese grils.

>> No.722134

I don't like this new thumbnail, it scares me

>> No.722189

They manage to conquer a quarter of the world with trickery and the advent of guns. They are by no means courageous. This is shown by the fact that anytime they are facing a bigger enemy, they never stay and fight. They abandon their post and run away.

>> No.722213

Oh shit. I get the narrative now. It was always Haachama. Haato never got the body. Haachama was pretending to be Haato.

>> No.722239


>> No.722276

>switched positions and haachama is awake


>> No.722287



>> No.722306

They will get a new body for Haato or Haachama by decapitating (You) in the end.

>> No.722366

she certainly knows how to create hype, she has more viewers before stream than most holos get even in buff games

>> No.722389

so this pic was posted before the thumbnail change...

>> No.722394

Kanata is already copying the horror theme videos.

>> No.722444

regardless of how chammers handles this whole thing, i appreciate how she has been pushing the boundaries and inspiring other holos

>> No.722446

You can see the moment the lightbulb turns on in her head

>> No.722450


>> No.722468

oh fuck how i did miss this

>> No.722483
File: 205 KB, 640x349, unnamed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's no stopping HAACHAMACHAMA

>> No.722525


>> No.722590

chama's chat is on fire

>> No.722618
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I don't like this remix

>> No.722650

i actually really dig it
thoughi come from the land of /wah/ where we listen to drone metal and noisecore all day

>> No.722675
File: 1.95 MB, 1107x981, the ride never ends.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.722716

I'm not Australian and have no problem understanding her English. People are deaf or illiterate.

And the Australian in her accent makes me start pre-cumming like crazy whenever I hear it.

>> No.722723

>she gave up english not even half way through
Should've prepared more chama.

>> No.722736


>> No.722748


>> No.722775
File: 579 KB, 1524x1440, fuckbird.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.722787


>> No.722790

I hate the alarm

>> No.722795

Just killed my sister levees goooooooo

>> No.722796


>> No.722800


>> No.722822

wtf chammers you didn't tell me this was another bean flicking stream

>> No.722823

masturbate the haachama away

>> No.722828


>> No.722841

>Using the masturbating Haato image

>> No.722844

This took an unexpected turn...

>> No.722859
File: 193 KB, 1400x1400, 5228CB11-2FE8-44CA-8B78-E85C62258EC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.722860

So the water bottle squeezing sounds actually meant something?

>> No.722889


>> No.722904

Please archive this stream in case it is not archived

>> No.722911

She's making the clippers' jobs way too easy desu

>> No.722917

>watame meds schizo
can someone photoshop watameds

>> No.722919

She DESERVES two contracts fuck everyone

>> No.722935

a bit too late to start now

>> No.722953

Yeah. She must have played DDLC or just maybe watch someone play it.

>> No.722964

Save Haato from this torture, let her have peace in the EN circle

>> No.722967

wtf madoka

>> No.722981

anon you're such a fucking tsundere

>> No.722985

23k people watching this shit

>> No.723017

I told you it was going the Rebellion route

>> No.723025

What did she mean by this?

>> No.723027

I'm missing so much lore....

>> No.723030

It's the same shit, just sounds less rarted because of the voice
Also, holy shit, the difference is crazy

>> No.723044

Is this the Final YAB?

>> No.723076


>> No.723084


>> No.723091

Chammers is back baby.

>> No.723111

There should be one more day

>> No.723170

How much you wanna bet management stopped her plans for kino today hence her disappointment last stream? Must've been wild.

>> No.723191

any idea what she's saying?

>> No.723205

I don't know why, but have a bad feeling about this.

>> No.723215

>he doesn't filter the translations

>> No.723227

Shes graduating
t. Rrat

>> No.723244

I don't wanna bet anything but I'm sure her last stream was the result of multiple bad feeling piling on her. Not in the holoalt teaser. Her parents disappointed in her. Finally her masterpiece getting denied.

>> No.723269
File: 130 KB, 769x829, translations.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.723280

>And with all the previous streams, I havent been able to make some streams

What did she mean by this?

>> No.723289

so whats up here....

>> No.723303

Lots rrats

>> No.723347

I need to know what she did! Why did she cry?
See said see you later at least.

>> No.723357


>> No.723364

Her manager and cover being typical japanese companies stifling creativity.

>> No.723386

>only 30 minutes

>> No.723396

because of the schizo arc she couldnt stream games normally

>> No.723404

So I think she said no more lore for a while cause its becoming too much for her?

>> No.723409

Wait this resolves nothing.
Who's streaming from now on?
Haato or Haachama?

>> No.723424

>She's thanking everyone for their support and understands some of her fans like one character but not the other, but she wants us to accept them both if we can.

>> No.723440

Sh never streams anything but Minecraft anyway

>> No.723445

She wasn't able to make a proper conclusion is what she said. She also said that she hasn't been very idol like lately so she wants to do something. She also apologized to everyone for scaring them or something like that I couldn't full understand that part.

>> No.723458
File: 219 KB, 150x113, 1240508625779.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Management kills Haachama. No more R18. No more Cooking. No more crazy EN0 shit.

It's the only logical conclusion. Prove my rrat wrong.

>> No.723483

I-I can't... It's too logical

>> No.723484

I love those streams

>> No.723486

ugh the first time she said it, it was revolutionary, But by this time it's stale.. She needs to make a conclusion to this

>> No.723487

Haachama has successfully gotten her channel back, I think? So now Haachama will stream? Maybe set fire to Haato's tower?

>> No.723521

It'll be proven wrong the next haachama cooking filthy rrat

>> No.723522

Maybe her manager + cover are retarded and thought her viewer base actually thought she was schizophrenic and or cut off her own head or some fucking autisitc bullshit manchildren are prone to believing or whatever, and got her to give this 4th wall reaffirmation that it's just all play pretend.

>> No.723524

Never. I hope Haato have fun streaming to those pathetic MC number. She should try to play different games actually. More scary games would be nice.

>> No.723526

>She needs to make a conclusion to this
she did. She is keeping both characters

>> No.723527

Thank management for it. Not her fault.

>> No.723531

Channel name is HAACHAMA Ch. again

>> No.723532

only on days with 8
lrn 2 read

>> No.723557

Ah, I am literally a brainlet and did not connect the dots

>> No.723572

Now that I think about it I think she was pointing that towards her fellow Holos since she feels that she made them worry? Japanese is a bullshit language I am sorry prease understand.

>> No.723575

But the one at the end of the story that was in the higher position was Haato, who turned the tables on Haachama at the last second. And yet Haachama came to directly greet the audience at the end.

>> No.723593

She bit more than she could chew, this whole Haato/Haachama thing is the new content she’d been planning before New Year’s but she can’t reach a conclusion for the story and feels some fans want to see only one side or the other, and that others miss Haachama too much (since she’s been streaming as both personalities for like a month now). She said she felt like not being able to do normal streams for some time might’ve scared off/put off many fans and (from I understand) wants people to accept both of her sides and maybe stream as Haachama from now on so her fans won’t be lonely. She got emotional because she feels like she doesn’t know how to end this, and she cares a lot for her fans. She’s still young, I hope she can relax a bit and go back to steaming normally, even though I like the lore I prefer for her to steam comfortably in whichever way she wants to (possibly as Haachama from now on).

>> No.723597
File: 18 KB, 437x431, 1557735336386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her Hololive EN gen 2 audition joke stream got cut halfway. She's not in Holo Alt nor Bloom.

Put 2+2 together retard. Haachama is basically a bad egg waiting to happen when Cover is prepped for some AKB48 shit like Holo alt and Bloom 2

>> No.723605

No, her Senpai is how she calls chat

>> No.723612

Okay thanks.

>> No.723623


>> No.723624

No, she calls Haaton's "senpai".
She's the senpai in hololive, gen1 remember?
They all bow to her except Sora, Miko, the robot and some other irrelevants.

>> No.723627

Another one to the list
>management stop her from doing more of her lore stuff and forced her to explain everything

>> No.723633

Yeah I have a feeling she wrote herself into a corner. This could be good material for Holo Alter tho, I hope she pushes this there.

>> No.723655


>> No.723659

If she feels she can't end the story im happy at least she says so rather than keep it going for another few weeks.
I hope she coexist still tho. Only rrats are scared she drops one personality

>> No.723661

>This could be good material for Holo Alter
She isn't even in the teaser anonchama...

>> No.723663

What the fuck is going on?

>> No.723680

like 50% of Holos weren't in the teaser, anon.

>> No.723683

It'll be more impactful when she's revealed as the central antagonist that ties the individual stories together

>> No.723689

Anonchama it's going to be a full PV. Plus Holo alter encapsulates all side content like Marine's upcoming twitter mango.

>> No.723700

Honestly this is what it feels like.
Typical really. Explains why she seemed so genuinely frustrated and depressed on the last stream.

>> No.723712

What's so hard about ending this? It's super easy. Just make a split personality stuff? They can both coexist in the same body. She can also do the talking to yourself bit to sell the lore. Haachama isn't that smart huh.

>> No.723716

I actually admire Haachama a lot for her foray into lore and storytelling. And she started with a basic cliche personality and backstory. A lot of Holos have this amazing lore behind their characters that they do nothing with after their debut streams and it's sad.

>> No.723719

More like 70%.

>> No.723726

Still too soon to say, we'll know by the 28th. If cover did force her to abandon the plan then I'm fucking done with them though.

>> No.723727

They probably cut back on some of her crazier ideas. Though I feel like scuffed Karaoke stream was part of the lore since she was really damn good doing the voice acting in this stream.

>> No.723736
File: 22 KB, 594x111, banner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.723746

Although it was a good arc it was dragging a bit, to stop it and reaffirm her goals in lieu of an in-character ending was smart. I mean what ending could possibly satisfy everyone at this stage?

>> No.723748

>Imagine running an idol business where the girls have the freedom to do some genuinely creative and popular stuff only to chime in and choke them out

They have a real chance to carve their own niche and revel in success and they would be completely buttfuckingly retarded if they don't grasp it

>> No.723751

That's retarded.
She's gotten waaaaaaay more subs, members and overall views over this arc than before. I think it's more interference from above that's forcing her to curtail her efforts.

>> No.723765

Coexistence achieved.

>> No.723766
File: 1.05 MB, 450x2784, 1613579736607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The perfect ending doesn't ex-

>> No.723780

>I mean what ending could possibly satisfy everyone at this stage?
It sorta didn't need an ending.
She could've just kept going on with Haato doing the calm, seiso type streams and Haachama doing the zany shit.
Keeps things interesting and breaks the monotony of either.

>> No.723781

>Defeating you like this has no meaning. Heal your wounds Ame, after that, we'll settle the matter.

>> No.723806
File: 53 KB, 640x360, CHAMACHAMACHAMA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.723807

Mori sang it. Noel, Flare, Robocco, Kanata, Mio, Matsuri and fucking Choco is in it. Where the fuck is Haachama?

>> No.723811



>> No.723824

>last panel
I was trying to envisage what that would've looked like in my mind during this stream and deemed it retarded looking. Actually seeing what it would look like and now I'm not sure. it looks odd but not as bad as I would've thought.

>> No.723826

I do hope we get to see both of them. I thought I had lost interest in Haato after all the Haachama stuff but just spending a bit of time with her again made me realize I really do love both of them. I appreciate how much effort she put into this story arc and honestly even if it didn't get the ending she wanted it to reach, at the very least she has something she can really show in her portfolio when the time eventually comes that she does have to leave Hololive.

I still think she definitely deserves two contracts though. Just the fact some people struggled to tell whether or not she was seriously upset or not during her last Karaoke stream shows she really can create something incredible. Hats off to her.

>> No.723827

People here who don't speak nip rrating out of their ass, when the lore is still on going and there is still 2/28 and 3/3 in the calendar lol

>> No.723834


>> No.723835

I think it's far from over honestly, she just wanted us to be reassured that everything is okay on her side.

>> No.723845

>Why do you think it's over?
I guess we did just get the reveal Haato is the bad guy...

>> No.723851


>> No.723865

>To be continued in the HoloAlt Haachama manga

>> No.723866


>> No.723889

>rrats btfo again
Will they ever learn?

>> No.723906

Haachama is forcing her way through management. Fuck Cover.

>> No.723922
File: 1.40 MB, 289x312, 1613263061137.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop, I can only cum so much

>> No.723931

If the rrats were wrong, why did they cut her holoEN stream? Why did they force her to explain everything on this stream? Checkmate.

>> No.723937

Here's that timestamp you wanted.

>> No.723947

I love her bros

>> No.723951

So basically
>the lore continues
>she apologized because she knows that by pushing the edges she made some of her fans worry
>she wants to make lore, Haachama and Haato streams separetly and wants people to accept it

>> No.723968

She also aims to become the strongest idol. Don't forget that part, it's important.

>> No.723981


>> No.723986

But she already is

>> No.724005
File: 75 KB, 940x530, my rrat is bigger than yyours yes yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trusting the rrats
All part of keikaku

>> No.724012

>Where the fuck is _____?
mori (in vid)

Remember that the guy that made this PV just mentioned wanting to do in on a whim in a random twitter post and Yagoo himself said go for it and in the meantime they've officialized it and run with it themselves as a plan for the future.
If you want to blame anyone for not including haatochama in this snippet blame that guy.

>> No.724022

>she apologized because she knows that by pushing the edges she made some of her fans worry

expand on that please

>> No.724023

Of all pics, she chose that one, what a mad lad

>> No.724026

She needs to make Enma kneel to her first.

>> No.724041

Can't wait for that

>> No.724045
File: 150 KB, 1386x783, haachama laughs at ENiggers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hololive EN

>> No.724088

Part of the problem she's probably facing is that a lot of her new fans are only here for the LORE and the rrats. If she concludes the story, one way or the other, a lot of those people will probably leave.

With that said, here's a new rrat. Management is interfering, but not in the way people think. It's a Spiderman Clone Saga situation. The higherups see how popular the current arc is and is forcing the writer to draw it out as long as possible, forcing her to throw out her original plans and conclusion and pushing it to become something that it was never intended to be.

>> No.724105

shit can't believe i forgot Mel

>> No.724116

Everyone that I listed out was way more unpopular than Haachama, have less seniority than Haachama and not as important as Haachama. She is the 1st Gen HoloJP. 0th Gen HoloEN. At the time they made the anime, a 900k vtuber. Why not Haachama but have those literal who's

>> No.724133

Honestly if you look at all the rrats I can understand why you'd want to do a disclaimer

>> No.724139


>> No.724158

The rrats did get out of hand.

>> No.724170

>It's a Spiderman Clone Saga situation. The higherups see how popular the current arc is and is forcing the writer to draw it out as long as possible, forcing her to throw out her original plans and conclusion and pushing it to become something that it was never intended t
I don't buy this one.
Cover have shown that they'll interfere to negate, to prohibit, especially when it comes to Akai Haato.
But I don't recall a single instance, not even a juicy rrat, than eludes to them doing as you describe as a potentiality.

>> No.724177

management is trying to check her behind the scenes, but is still trying to get traction to do so since haato's got seniority on them so only the most senior managers can tell her what to do. To stop cover from making a mistake, the past 4 days have been a pre-enactment of cover shutting her down to manufacture rrats which cause fan outrage. She wasn't in any immediate danger, but even if only for a few minutes she genuinely got her fans to believe cover fucked her over and removed control. She can use the talk from this slice of time as evidence to back up her arguments to upper management and shut down middle and lower managers who forget who brings in the money.
Hell, with holoalt hiring writers, this may have been part of an even bigger play to ensure that these writers only exist to support the creativity of the talent, not supplant it.

>> No.724186

Because the animator that made the PV doesn't like haachama?
i know and i'm even a fucking member
fuck just stream please mel and you wouldn't be so far from my mind

>> No.724198

get the fuck out of this board you newfag prime

>> No.724204

>expand on that please
What should I expand in here really? She said that more or less in the end of stream.
She probably said that because her lore videos made rrats going batshit insane. Just look what the fuck is happenning in this thread, everybody making their headcanons out of scraps of informations or straight up from their asses.

>> No.724251

Everything in the OP is real. Haachama does have a politician as a father. Management is shutting her down. None of those are narratives/rrats or whatever.

>> No.724259


Nigger I don't speak Japanese. When I asked you to expand on that, I politely asked you to provide more details as to what she meant when she made her fans worry.

Jesus tap dancing Christ.

>> No.724278


>> No.724318

Given that she said she wanted to do something Idol-like, she probably wanted to be part of Bloom didn't she?

>> No.724321

>parents disappointed in her
Is this a rrat or has she actually said this?

>> No.724337

Educated guess. Still we know that her sister is the family favourite.

>> No.724345

ENMA will get what's coming to em SOON

>> No.724360
File: 72 KB, 463x453, 1611163680887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.724365

guess how many people here talk to her family

>> No.724381

They'll get what they fucking deserve

>> No.724408

Her voice acting was pretty good not gonna lie. I hope she takes this idea to Holo Alt and get more people to help her with it.

>> No.724460

Yeah she's got some genuine talent there.

>> No.724477

Are you ready for haachamas revenge agains the chinks?

>> No.724514

She really does.
I was thinking her va dream was crazy but these past few weeks have been incredible

>> No.724555

haachama and haato are twin sisters irl but havent had a chance to stream together because haachama has a side job at a strip club

>> No.724594

Strike fear into Hololive, Haachama

>> No.724674

when is the next stream?

>> No.724725

Possible, but she could just mean she wanted to do something idol-like but couldn't find the chance to do it amidst the LORE arc.

>> No.724928

So... is Haato/Haachama a coomer?

>> No.725002


>> No.725011


>> No.725147

Isn't her dad supposed to be some mid-level politician or government bureaucrat?

>> No.725214
File: 1.47 MB, 1597x1222, haato likes 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.725285

Nice, this is so hot. I think I'll need a few minutes alone then.

>> No.725439

She's got decent taste.

>> No.725499

No way that's her isn't she like 18?

>> No.725536

It's her twitter likes, not doxxfaggotry.

>> No.725580

best voice actress 2021

>> No.726034

I hope people don't pressure her too much but I fucking know they will. When she was known for screaming at games to the point she destroyed her throat, retards were still annoying to do le funny streamer reaction after she gave it a rest for a while. I just want her to do what she wants and have fun doing it.

>> No.726185

hopefulyl she realizes that

>> No.726411
File: 2.94 MB, 500x470, 1612605377319.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just make haachama an alter ego like fubuki/kurokami, and stream as whoever when the time is right. Most of her core fans would likely be okay with either ego, I hope she isn't losing sleep over this

>> No.726960
File: 181 KB, 370x370, 1592045337456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ENfans think she have shit english

>> No.727774

Based on what she keeps showing, I think the story is Haato murdered her sister Haachama when they were young and her guilt is manifesting as Haachama out for revenge. She usually takes pills to suppress it but for some reason she stopped or they aren't working anymore. The head thing is either metaphorical to show two personalities fighting over one body or literal, as in she really does have Haachama's head/body somewhere in her room like was shown in one of the videos (roaches in her hair), done so they can "be together forever".

Or I guess it could just be a split personality and nothing else, which would be pretty boring desu.

>> No.728303

I mean. the "easy" answer is to drop a ttgl lolgattai joke and combine the personalities. just be herself, with whatever rollercoaster of off-and-on degenelecy and weirdness that calls for.

>> No.728549

The only way to know for sure where Haachama and Haato are heading is by waiting and seeing where we will arrive.

So stop worrying, lean back and enjoy the ride.

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