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No one even talks about her anymore, was the design that big of a deal breaker? Or is her personaltiy just boring?

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Nijisanji stole her thunder.

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It's you. You're the problem.

Have some meds.

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>Gets more live viewers than NijiEN2 combined and more subs than all of NijiEN combined.
Not even trying throwing shade at NijiEN, they're good girls, but Irys is doing just fine

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What does niji has to do with her?

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I'm just waiting for collabs.

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No, NijiEN has like 650k subs combined and IRyS barely has 520k.

Niji released 8 livers since IRyS' debut.

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let me translate your post:
>the spiritually-feminine drama-seeking gossipers of /vt/ don’t talk about her anymore. how come out negative response to her design didnt catch on with the majority of people? why isn’t she doing things that we hate? also i’m gay

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Just you. She is funny, dorky and adorable as fuck

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Cover fucked up by having her debut alone and putting her under a collab ban despite not having any genmates to interact with. Maybe we'll get to see more of her personality when she collabs with the rest of HoloEN but this blunder really slowed down her momentum.

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What makes her look so bad??? The coloring? The eyes? The placement of her nose? Something is just weird about her model that I can't explain

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I only go to her streams to hit the dislike button. I'll watch her if they fix her art.

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People realized she doesn't have any yabs. The most that people will say is that she's "boring" when all that means is she's just not your type of streamer. She's fine. A lot of people enjoy her. She's funny. It's easy to make her laugh. She talks a lot with her viewers and she really enjoys the games that she's playing. She also has a great speaking and singing voice.

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I think part of the problem is debuting individually rather than as a group. Noone else to bounce off of, fewer 'entry points' for a browser to get curious about one then check out the others, just basically stuck in her own bubble.

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Lol. They need 8 livers to compete with Irys

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Kiara and Ame fucking hate her. Do you really want to see them be catty assholes for an hour?

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That is going to change next week

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It's been explained a thousand times: they hired an expensive as fuck brush-heavy artist and forgot to remind him he's drawing an anime girl not a 4k wallpaper

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At least Mori and Ina like her. Dunno about Gura

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Agreed, that was a really bad move by Cover. Should had waited to debut her in Gen 2 as a regular member instead of as a Vsinger, since in practice there's no difference anyway.

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Gura likes whoever the last person who talked to her told her to like.

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gonna need evidence for that claim.

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based on what?

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All of 4chan is spiritually feminine, because we are all cute little girls here.

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>No one even talks about her anymore
>people start spamming in threads every time she starts a stream
so which one is it shizo?
or you are taking an opotunity of her day off to push your Shitty narrative!?

i bet ALL those ppl who for some reason offended by how "boring" she is, does NOT even watch her streams after debut.

I can get over "Orange Woman Bad" spam but this shit is rediculous.

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What gutter did this rrat crawl out of?

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OP's ass

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>People realized she doesn't have any yabs.

It's just a matter of time before she has a gamer moment.

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Right definitely looks better

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I don't see why they're such asshole to IRyS. It certainly ruins the image of HoloEN unity

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Your meds, OP.

Take them.

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Ame has always been a salty little gremlin and Kiara is menhera as fuck. Mori would hate her too if Mori actually cared about hololive.

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>no personality
>bad model
>bad at anything else other than singing
I agree. Her views are probably only from hololive diehards. No sane person would pick irys over other hololive en members or nijisanji en.

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yes. it'd be fucking hilarious.

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eh, it's not like she'll exclaim that she will shoot any niggers on sight or gay people are cringe. I believe that she'll do fine throughout her gaming career.

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Mother Simulator was her best playthrough. She needs more games she can react to instead of having chat do the heavy lifting for her.

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One of the main rules of branding is to NOT use more than 2 signature colors. Another one is do NOT add too much unnecessary details. Now you have a clue to figure out why.

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Nothing much to talk about, faggots here use her to bait other fanbases, she's not an exceptional streamer and being a vsinger most people will talk about her when she'll do karaoke or release music

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Sure, but that breaks the argument that guy made.

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Not this guy again, stop with the 6 combined nijiEN already. Next, you're gonna say 6 combined live views from today's streams trumps Irys's live views. You're just making yourself look bad.

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I think those comments kinda show that one IRyS is comparable to 6 NijiEN livers. When the 3 from HoloEN 2 drop next week the gap only will widen.

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>Anon points out that Irys is a little underwhelming
>Doesn't even take ten posts for someone to bring up NijiEN
So all you can do is compare her to an inferior product? Might as well say she's doing better than Tsunderia at that point since you can't even begin to compare her to Vshoujo and the members of Hololive. When will this board learn that it's okay to admit that Holo scouting isn't the best thing in the world and some average girls get picked?

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>NijiEN combined
>Thinking those are 600k uniques subscribers.

How can you be this retarded?
The fact that one channel nearly fucking overtakes 2 gens of Niki makes you look worse even if those are unique subs.

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night and fucking day

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but you're talking about he right now

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her upside down triangle of a nose needs to be fixed, and better rigging of her eye pupils

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A more painted style can technically work (see: Roberu's and his brother's models)
It's probably more due to Redjuice's art style that it doesn't look as pretty

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She's a failure

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>the image of HoloEN unity
They already have a fake image anyways, there's no chemistry at all.

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She has an active general, but I imagine the stupid model still causes avoidance.

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Model debuff didn't help and neither did not actually being an English vsinger.
But the boring ass personality really is by far the worst offence.
I tried to give her a shot I really did but I watched like four streams and didn't enjoy any of them at all even a little.

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nothing against her, it's just true
Cover was the biggest numberfag all along

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Unironically true other than CCPenguin

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It's really a shame that they scouted her for her numbers instead of actually looking at their applications that they just threw in the garbage that was probably filled with significantly more talented people.

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Seriously, whats going on? She got free 500k subs and failed to generate any content. There arent any clips of her. She isnt doing anything interesting. She isnt even singing English songs. What did she come here to do? Love her voice, but jesus, do something, anything. Be entertaining for just a fucking minute so there can be at least one clip of you.

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That's not possible because she was only popular because of the broken YouTube algorithm in the first place.

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There are over 17000 IRyS clips already, anon..

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>at least one clip
Search harder dumbass

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Can't tell if this is an impressive joke or impressive retardation.

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Still better than Calli

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I see plenty of talk of Irys and she already has community memes after only 2 weeks. Nobody talks about her here because people are only talked about in this shithole when their fans and antis falseflag and bait each other endlessly and Irys isn't controversial yet.

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imagine not knowing how google works.........

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17000 results but not one of them entertaining...

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Did you people take it that I thought there was literally not a single clip of hers? Not a single one interesting or popular. Feel free to prove me wrong. Post fun IRYS clips, I want to like her.

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Good point, but nobody talks about her outside of 4chin either.

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No they're just being retarded on purpose.

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EOP retards seething, I watched every IRyS stream so far and like her a lot. Petra is the best NijiEN yet because she's cute and good at singing, simple as.

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HoloJP girls talk about her a lot though, their opinion is the only one that matters

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Where the fuck are you that everyone else is talked about but not her? Other girls' comments? Nijisanji servers?

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>Good at singing
Ahaha good one next you're going to tell me that her model is well rigged

>> No.6953103

Surely, a bunch of 'em are salivating over future collab sessions

>> No.6953141

Does it? Its kind of their job. They either are told to, or do so to promote each other for the future collabs. You wont get an honest opinion from them as it would hurt everyone involved if they said anything negative.

Talked, yes. Past tense. She was brand new and it was the only big news around. Everybody was hopeful and expected great things from her. Who talks about her now?

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Out of all places why did you choose google over youtube website?

>> No.6953181

Sorry if you can't appreciate her sense of humor. You must live a sad life.

>> No.6953185

In the places I am, people still talk about her baby simulator stream and 'yabaIrys'

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Did you laugh out loud when you heard this joke?

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Let's just say it this way, I'm sure she's a nice girl, and I wish her all the best, but from what little I have seen of her there hasn't been much that made me think "oooh that was amazing, I really HAVE to come back and watch her next stream also!", and besides am already tapped out anyway with too many vtubers that I find more entertaining that there wouldn't really be time anyway.
I'm happy for every fan of hers that thinks otherwise and really likes her, it's great that you have another nice girl to watch, but so far I'm passing on prioritising her.

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This is bait.

>> No.6953495

Was.... Was there supposed to be comedy on that video? Sounded like generic commentary to me bud.

>> No.6953535

Haha, she said gacha is bad, but then she found another coin and went back like an addict lmao, but she still didnt get anything, so she again said that gacha is bad. Haha, get a load of this hopeful addict, hehehe.

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I like her, seethe

>> No.6953577

Wow that's the funniest thing I've ever heard in my entire life I can't believe there's not like at least 12 different clips of this exact moment.

>> No.6953654

The fantasy-realism style of mouth and ears make her look like a goblin creature. If it was anime style she'd look like a demon

>> No.6953685

Her design definitively fees little off, but nobody will care after a month or two. People just get used to stuff. Its her absolutely bland and boring personality that is making her absolutely invisible. She is the Anya of HoloEN.

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Her personality isn't good enough to overcome the la goblina model debuff.

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At least Anya have meme face.

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No, it was Watson. The Bus Simulator & Dancing Stream garner more clips & discussion.
Gura also killed it with her own OHC.

>> No.6953986

You didn't laugh at that masterful piece of comedy?

>> No.6954032

I really hope this is an ironic shitpost.....

>> No.6954038

I don't know why people keep saying this when her design is one of the best in Hololive. It's unique and appealing

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Is this the best clip she has? Aren't clips supposed to be highlights?

>> No.6954251

I mean I saw a clip of her making a dead baby joke that she had to repeat 5 times to get right does that count?
Because at least in that clip she was at least trying to be funny even if it wasn't.

>> No.6954348

If you don't like her design it means that you masturbated on generic anime girls too much so something that is not familiar feels very weird for your peepee. There are scientific studies on stuff like that.

>> No.6954363

People in the comments found it hilarious. You guys are just jaded and cynical.

>> No.6954420

ah yes, those iconic 2k streams really stealing her thunder. If only her liveviews and subs were more than the whole of a niji EN gen's combined numbers..

..oh wait. Hahahahahaha

>> No.6954454

>If you don't like her design it means that you masturbated on generic anime girls too much
But her design is generic Anon

>> No.6954460

That why she applied to be Vsinger. She just want to sing, streaming is a side job.

>> No.6954499

yea.. and debuting alone and isolated from other EN didnt help her. i still like her though excited for the collab ban to be lifted

>> No.6954518

>Another one is do NOT add too much unnecessary details.
Nothing is uglier right now in branding than a bunch of faggots (hired by daddy) 'simplifying' logos of fashion stores/clubs.

>> No.6954527

What does she do that the other members of HoloEN don't? Why did you guys assume she was going to be able to come in and knock it out of the park and maintain her first week numbers?

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>GRRRRR I can't stand fucking vtubers like her who are slow paced, boring, terrible at delivering their words and just rely on some piece of their talent instead of being an entertaining streamer
>My oshi? Ina :D

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The design and lore is atrocious.

>> No.6954791

Did you really just use YouTube comments as a metric for whether something is good or not.....
Most of us have the common courtesy to not be complete assholes in the comments. Whether we like the content or not.
I didn't think it was funny and didn't enjoy the video but I still did it download it really would comment about how she should kill her self or something because that's not what people do unless they have severe problems.

>> No.6954834

Literally nobody thought that unless they were stupid pretty much everybody assumed vsinger was going to flop from the day it was announced.

>> No.6954867

Ina is comfy not boring. He has a personality and good humor she's just a low energy which isn't necessarily a bad thing. IRySs main problem is she has no real personality she's just a generic as her singing.

>> No.6955014

If IRyS is so ugly why do you save pictures of her?

If IRyS is so boring why do you find shitposting threads about her entertaining?

Seems that non of the things you say hold any real weight and IRyS is indeed living in your head rent free, she's just that good

>> No.6955030

>Ina is comfy not boring
They might as well be interchangeable words, Anon. She's boring but it works well for her content. Streaming Minecraft or peacefully drawing some art is the right environment for her personality. So just because people call Ina boring is always an insult

>> No.6955107

>If IRyS is so boring why do you find shitposting threads about her entertaining?
Fuck dude good point she's like super interesting if you shit post about how boring she is.

>> No.6955127

>Ina is comfy not boring
'Comfy' IS boring, it's just the nice way of saying nothing memorable usually happens in her streams. If Irys debuted instead of Ina in the gen and then Ina had to join with drawing being her quirk people would shit on her too. I mean there's even a few posts trying to shit on Irys for stuttering over words, sound fucking familar lmao?

>> No.6955142

>generic as her singing
very much so. surprised me when I heard it. She's not bad, has good mix voice, but honestly nothing special. Might be just her song selection but her singing lacks personality. Marine might not be as good and Noel is completely tone deaf but their singing is far more entertaining.

>> No.6955216

Ina isn't boring Anon. You're boring.

>> No.6955230

Yeah that sounds like some maximum level cope I won't lie.
She sounds like generic anime singer #477628 to me. I unironically enjoy Ame karaoke way more because I can at least tell she's having fun and feel passion in what she's singing. Singing isn't about being the best at technique it's about being the best at conveying who you are.

>> No.6955282

The only good part of this was YabaIRyS and it was the chat that came up with it.

>> No.6955306

Anon isn't boring. You're boring.

>> No.6955309

Not funny

>> No.6955329

but that's what antis do. are you a newfag

>> No.6955406

I think right is ugly too. Not as ugly as left, but the deisgn is just shit at its core. Overdesigned garbage.

>> No.6955484

I dont mind it. The hairstyle is full on retard and RIP the 3D guys. Rest of her is alright. Nothing great, but not the end of the world.

>> No.6955618

I have only seen her debut.
Every stream is in the middle of the night for me. Why would I bother watching the archives of someone I can never watch live?

>> No.6955659

what has she done that's interesting/sets her apart? needs more time to grow on me, nothing of interest right now

>> No.6955752

you can keep those dead subs anon, they come from her senpais hard work, not her own.

Meanwhile NijiEN actually building a solid fanbase without suffering from imposter syndrome.

Imagine getting 520k subs and getting sub 10k viewers while trying to ride your debut hype. Literally gonna get forgotten in 1 month.

>> No.6956167

Why do takos get so defensive when they compare IRyS to their oshi? Is it because deep down they know..

>> No.6956564

Why are IRyS saviorfags so adamant in trying to save a Hololive member and not someone worth saving?

>> No.6956831

Gura likes anyone who will give her some of their time

>> No.6956849

She should have be 3D desu. Like we saw all this time, her design are absolutely can't be translated to live2d hence the ugliness. She live in Japan right? Why she don't receive 3D equipment to begin with? Home 3D are very possible, like girl_dm or heck even vroid and koikatsu user can too. I don't know what the heck cover's decision on her, man…

>> No.6958815

VT is about quality, not quantity. We don't care about numbers except when they're funny (ie hurr durr shork dethroning the god queen ai), and we talk about whoever's actually interesting.

The problem is, Irys has completely coasted by on the laurels other people built, while she herself was given a shit design that ironically matches her stale bread personality. Even with everything going against her, she got guaranteed efame just from BRANDING alone. As a result, she has no incentive to take risks, improve or rock the boat because she's already made it and none of that would be worth the risk. At this point her entire purpose is to be a nepotistic company shill, which in turn means everyone has absolutely zero expectations that she'll ever truly be driven to make more entertaining content.

Even if she has the BRANDING and numbers, the performance isn't memorable or funny. This is why she fails as a streamer. Nothing to talk about. Nothing to laugh about. No drama to doompost about. She brings nothing of value to vt, which is what makes her so irrelevant outside of Hololive's tribalist POSITIVE VIBES echo chamber. Take the numbers and BRANDING away, and what else does she really have that can beat watching anime or playing games myself?

>> No.6958854

Was this supposed to be funny? I can't figure out when I was supposed to laugh

>> No.6958919

He face is so fucking bugged out when she talks. Did they learn nothing from Roberu's rigging?

They had no deadline on this either, if the work wasn't to standard they should've just told the rigger to fuck off and debuted her with ENgen2.

Cover fucked up.
Rigger fucked up.

Also I don't care about people singing, I've put her in the same drawer as Ina, I don't watch drawing streams and I won't bother to watch her sing the same 8 songs Cover has approval to sing.

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>> No.6959043

she looks like a generic MtG character

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>> No.6963126

She's already at 520k subs anon. The design is cute and her streams are just comfy.
Fuck off

>> No.6963611

>it's not like she'll exclaim that she will shoot any niggers on sight or gay people are cringe
wtf, dropped

>> No.6963723

For me it is.
I mean yeah she's not too exciting right now, but I like her voice and think she's cute as a person.
But the model and esp. face just kills it for me, it's easily the worst in hololive currently in use.

>> No.6963807

>The design is cute
it is not

>> No.6963951
File: 340 KB, 506x642, 1626386666509.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is, I love her

>> No.6964024
File: 42 KB, 493x430, irysmorelikegoonyslol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like her, makes me feel nostalgic

>> No.6964066

just get rid of the heterochromia and you have a 200% improvement

>> No.6964144

>already has community memes after only 2 weeks
that just shows cover's fans are mindless reddit drones

>> No.6964261

Two people going to two streams while only two people pays the same as 4 people in ad money. Two people watching two streams is more profitable than 3 people watching one stream.

>> No.6967616

Agree. Also make the hair less wild. I don't know what they were going for with that

>> No.6967647

I like the sex hair

>> No.6967680

mah nigga gets it

>> No.6967726

I think her model suppose to change and shit, she might be hiding something for special occasion.

>> No.6967807

Her voice is currently the best in hololive and that's all that matters as a vsinger

>> No.6967847

>style is not cutesy enough
>style doesn't fit with the other girls
>too many details
>bad rigging

>> No.6967851

>streams a bunch of games all the time except for 1-2 weekly karaoke
She's just a normal holo but Cover actually fronts the music bill

>> No.6967883

Nothing against her, I even like her voice (which for a Vsinger, I guess is what matters the most), but that model is fucking hideous and uncanny, you'd have to pay me to watch a stream that features it.

>> No.6967954

She doesn't have any gen mate though. And it doesn't help that she is deep in japanese culture and keeps addressing her branchmates as senpais.

>> No.6967960

This and an overall redesign, art shift. Reduce the amount of colors, simplify her hair's design, fix the thigh highs (remove the asymmetry), and completely remove the bridal gauntlets.

>> No.6967983

I love her.

>> No.6968082

I thought she'd be like Azki, whose channel is mostly singing and minecraft collabs with Sora. But no, she just does shit meme games. So I unsubbed.

>> No.6968084

she's just sitting there

>> No.6968579

Are those seriously her bangs? Her hair is not helping with her design

>> No.6968622

This. I was able to get used to it by not looking at the bottom right corner of the stream.

She's more entertaining than Ina or Kiara, but not at the same level as Gura or Coco.

>> No.6968753

she needs more porn!

>> No.6968830

I would define success as growing the holo brand or retaining an audience that she was gifted.
I say gifted because she didn't really earn her subs/viewers. Being part of Holo means fans expect some sort of quality and as debut hype ends we will see if she can maintain a core audience size worthy of the brand.
My prediction is that she's going to slowly bleed viewers as people become uninterested in her. Not necessarily a failure but essentially milking the current holofans. If the next several debuts fail to live up to the quality that En1 had then we may see a significant drop in brand value to the point where new girls will have a significantly worse starting point than Irys did.

>> No.6968862

I think Cover did well in giving her a unique design. It makes her stand out, especially since she's supposed to be a singer as opposed to a regular streamer.

>> No.6969122

Personality doesn't matter when you've got an amazing voice. Haven't you heard her sing?

>> No.6969219

Why there's always that treenigger that has to bring up Risu

>> No.6969273

You win the OP is kill award

>> No.6969298

Gura came back from her little break.

>> No.6969309

If she's so boring and ugly, how come she's got half a million subs?
Checkmate anon

>> No.6969380

You just went full on retard...
Put IRyS in ""

>> No.6969465

There has literally never been a good post with this image attached to it.

>> No.6969511

Bad design
Solo Debut

Why is there only one ENVSinger? What happed to the budget? They get over two thousand applicants and they couldn't find another?

>> No.6969658

Maybe the other applicants couldn't meet Hololive's high standards. Quality > Quantity

>> No.6969733

She seems sweet but model is just pure ass cancer.

>> No.6969763
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>> No.6969779

Too much going on in the design and her personality is just 'fine' but any of the other 5 EN girls can cover the various bases for entertainment/energy just fine. Debuting solo and not having other people in a 'gen' to bounce off of and form stuff with is going to hurt her more and more as it goes on. When she finally does get to collab she'll feel like the odd one out/new kid on the block compared to the little bit of interactions the rest of EN have, and once the newness wears off JP/IN will likely ignore her.

>> No.6969837

Her streaming times are actually perfect for my schedule so I always catch her live. I was filtered by the design because she looks like a mid 90's fantasy card game character, but she's actually chill and her level of Japanese is on par with mine so its nice to be able to completely understand her, not to mention she's got a beautiful voice.

>> No.6970062

Just like the 2dlive model

>> No.6970083

She doesn't pander to shitposters and doesn't make the same 5 Hololive™ jokes each stream so of course tourists don't like her

>> No.6970691

It used to be, do you think a million hit that button for satire? Now, it is half that.

>> No.6970909

The problem is that she is so detailed it puts he right in the sweet spot of the uncanny valley. She's too detailed to look anime but too anime to look real so your brain just gets weirded the fuck out.

>> No.6970911

Boring ass personality
Unpleasant voice to listen to while I work
God awful design

>> No.6970992

Most her viewers are debut tourists though

>> No.6971337

I'm talking about the tourists that fucked off after she debuted. You know, the shitposters that wanted the epic taxpayer fan name meme. The rest of the debut tourists will eventually get filtered out and she slowly gain a core fanbase. This is what happened with the rest of the holoen shitposters love shitposting

>> No.6973061

I listened to her marshmallow stream. She was fine, but really... basic? normal? plain? However I can barely remember the content.Let me try to recall:
>she has ridiculously long hair down to her feet and it takes ages to wash and dry and weighs her head down
>hates... some kind of normal food? forget which
>likes ramen?
>bad at sports
>hates hiking
>likes winter over summer

She doesn't seem to have any particular musical or stylistic aspirations like Mori. Just another forgettable mid-tier singer that wants to "make people happy". That's fine but you gotta be the Thomas Kinkade of singers for that to pan out on a large scale.

So far all I've seen is angel half of this nephilim. Where's the devil part?

>> No.6979179

I like IRyS, but she needs to sing more and also start doing ASMR.

>> No.6979349
File: 411 KB, 426x429, 1611208135550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why watch shit Apex vtubers when Selen exists?

>> No.6979758

Unless see says more exploitable stuff, I don't care for her. The model turns me off.

>> No.6980449

>good humor
Anon please don’t do this.

>> No.6980863

I still haven't even given her a fair chance because I can't stand her avatar.
I'm just waiting for her 2.0

>> No.6981086
File: 544 KB, 2223x1200, E6vLDwqVIAIB89p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because Selen prefers to play with her "friends", so you ll get only secon hand "content" from ger.


>> No.6983684


>> No.6984176
File: 187 KB, 860x1040, 92-929576_flying-starfire-by-alienlina-dcwz81j-pre-starfire-teen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The problem is that she is so detailed it puts he right in the sweet spot of the uncanny valley. She's too detailed to look anime but too anime to look real so your brain just gets weirded the fuck out.
Just like Starfire from Teen Titans.

>> No.6993825

I like this one

>> No.6993902

Nothing of note was happening...
Did you put the wrong timestamp?

>> No.6993995

>why do you have black fingers? that's probably a disease
>It has like a very bad disease
>I don't know what kind of disease that would be but black fingers? That's a very bad sign.

>> No.6994569

I see

>> No.6994656

I was filtered by the design, so I have no idea about her personality.

>> No.6994720

She's pretty funny

>> No.6994760
File: 736 KB, 903x983, Screenshot (19).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spikey eyelashes are off putting.

>> No.6994801

I think the collab ban hurt her quite a bit. I'm looking forward to what she does when it's lifted.

>> No.6994985

Who? Oh, IrYZzzZzZzzzzZzzz...

>> No.6995291

What about cute?

>> No.6995853

>Offputting design
>Solo debut + collab ban
>Lack of a real niche
>Nothing about her personality really stands out.

>> No.6995862

Her ears make her face overly broad, her nose looks downward-pointing, and her lower mouth is too detailed - she looks like a bat.

>> No.6996305


>> No.6996408
File: 289 KB, 1749x1080, 935693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a great design if you like goblins

>> No.6996456

She's not that bad. Just a bit below average streamer. She should stick to singing

>> No.6997503

La goblina

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