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Would her presence make gen 1 better and closer to each other if she didn't graduate?

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No, she would backstab her fellow members like she did with that guy.

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Absolutely. Blatant lack of mental stability in Gen 1, feel bad for FBK and Aki

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What was her live2d supposed to look like? That image doesn't seem like it would be it. Looks shit really.

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We know her even less than you know the future. How the fuck would we know?

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Would have balance the ratio of blondes and big boobs.

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is there no fanfiction thread up right now?

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It looked like that but her eyes mouth and body would move a bit. Slightly bizarre that she had her hand glued to her glasses, but that's just going off the video of her debut, maybe she had more poses and options. The world will never know.

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I heard you can still find her debut somewhere in NND, might also be somewhere in youtube.

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It was, but if she was still active she would've gone through a model upgrade or two by now.

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Is there any footage of her Live2D?

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>borrowed money from her cashcow to buy streaming equipments
>ghosted him once she pass the audition
She's a whore and an idiot.
She could just wait till she make money and then give him the money back. But no, she would rather choose to have a talk with the police, throw her chance on hololive and loose her cashcow.

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The chick who told some dude she'd fuck him if he bought her equipment, then backed out on her end of the deal, would provide mental stability?

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Mans didn't want money, he wanted that pussy.

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Of course anon, that's how the mind of a schizo works.

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Here's a video of her debut https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm33431742

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Yes, they'd team up on planning how to graduate her

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I would ghost you too anon. The dude was mentally ill anyway.

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That one could have caused a Netori Fanza level incident in the short run, COVER lucked out when she fucked up very early and they had to get her out. Same luck as when that Niji guy who got insta-graduated because he wanted some pussy instead of VTubing.

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>permanently holding her glasses
who thought this was a good idea?

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True, the guy is mentally ill and is an actual asshole scum, but she still used a mentally ill guy to get into holo.

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She looks like a TRIGGER character. I like it. Way better design than the Zhang bug looking IRyS-chama.

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What is even this larp?

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the true CEO of Sex

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>it's okay to use a guy as a stepping stone by lying to take his money and then ghosting him so long as he has a mental health condition

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Some women unironically believe this because they only think short term. What they don't realize is that guys are always watching and talking to one another in coded, oft unspoken brotalk. Let's actually parse out what happens as a result of women failing to uphold bargains and then NOT being punished because the government protects them from man's righteous retaliation:

>woman gains a reputation for being a dishonorable untrustworthy whore
>increasingly becomes persona non grata as men decide there is no juice to be squeezed
>she's actively avoided as a huge life destroying liability (loose pops sink ships) if she goes to the cops or the media
>men with something to lose (aka men with wealth, power and status aka the men she has everything to gain from) blacklist her or even go full Pence Rule, thereby destroying other more honorable women's careers as collateral
>men come to be seen by other men as the only viable group for placing one's trust in
(You) are here
>women as a whole earn a bad reputation and start hitting cement ceilings because men start gatekeeping for fear of wanton unpunished treachery
>wealthy women will be able to use money to sustain connections and retain their position, while working class and poor women become increasingly more reviled due to their fundamental lack of accountability
>misogynistic ideology overtakes society and ALL women save for the wealthy elite are reduced to mere property who may or may not get stoned to death or burnt at the stake in the name of the glorious almighty allah

Enjoy your protection from a pimp named uncle sam while it lasts, because no man (if he's being honest) actually thinks women should have the unfettered ability to lie, cheat, steal and behave like amoral schizophrenic lunatics. Hitomi Chris was unironically a blight upon womankind who crossed the gender line with her backstabbing treachery, not understanding that men place an insanely high value on reputation and trustworthiness. Because for men, that's all some of use even have.

tldr She got what she deserved for trying to use a shortcut to get into hololive, and then breaking the informal lifelong whore contract she agreed to as the price for fast tracking her career. You don't just break a contract with a man and expect to get away with it. She did. This is the result. What a fucking idiot. This is what happens when women and society lie to girls, fill their heads with narcissism and princess bullshit instead of an actual understanding of how men and women are quite different, then let them loose in a cogender space where they only understand half the people they'll be dealing with. Truly tragic. Many such cases.

With that said, this is exactly why glasses girl would've gotten herself graduated sooner or later anyway. Women presumably have far less tolerance for that kind of shameless within their ranks, and unlike men aren't bound by social convention to be chivalrous towards other women. Even if based producer didn't get her, the rest of gen 1 and Cover's management would've eventually still seen her for what she was (a sociopathic gold digger who'd lie to, steal from and ghost those who tried to help her) and advised her to seek other opportunities elsewhere. It would've only been a matter of time, and the longer it took the more the company wiild've been damaged by it. If anything, producer guy actually spared Covrr the trouble and harm by getting her ousted asap. It was arguably the best possible outcome for Hololive, which is why he gets praised rather than hated on. Otherwise we would've had another Sio scenario playing out much like it did with the other turd in the punch bowl..

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>the company turns out being a scam
then and only then does this make sense.

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hololive was much much smaller back then. she might be kicking herself now, but that's hindsight. Back then the whole thing could have just as easily disappeared like any other startup the next day, how many other defunct vtubing groups from that time about the same size as they where.

Could have also easily ended with sora and achan stealing the copper wiring from yagoos building as they skip out of town to okinawa too.

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Yes, this is correct.

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At 6:40 she changes her pose

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looks more like her elbow dislocated

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I didn't say it looked pretty, this was all the technology could do at that time, please andrstand.

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Most of them still do when they move their arms. You just generally don't see it as I can't really think of many of them doing it outside Polka, and even then the elbow is generally offscreen.

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No, for the main reason gen1 and gen2 are individualistic generations where most of them work better in streaming individuality they didn't have the "kizuna" that 3rd-5th gen had

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she would single-handedly have ruined hololive.

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Hololive was already ruined hub their own success. Quality ultra niche EN chubas never.

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Choco shows her hands from time to time. Well, less these days.

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imagine if the dude waited until hololive got popular before revealing to people she offered to trade sex for monetary gain

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Someone post the early design picture of her looking like a linebacker next to the other girls, I can't find it.

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the actual dude is a known scumbag so he probably would've.

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Idk OP but her model is ugly as f**k
Roommate must be really talented to be successful.

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All of Gen 1 looked extremely jank before they got their updates.

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He'd have been shouted down as a clout chasing liar. Especially if he did it years after the fact. Cover still would have suspended her but they sure as shit wouldn't have graduated her like that. Though there is also the possibility she was the one who choose to terminate the contract. It really wasn't until years later that Cover started leaving the channels up even if they wiped all the videos.

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Their solution to that is to invade and ruin or shut down male spaces. It's the old "You must be inclusive" -> You include them -> "This isn't for you" trick.

If the beasts of burden are prevented from communicating, they won't get any ideas beyond plodding forward, pulling their plow.

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>who thought this was a good idea?
>Cover Corp.

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I think ive also seen Noel using her hands to make clapping gestures a few times.

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They'll be all selling themselves to some middle age guy if she is still around. She be pimpin them hoes

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