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Literally begging Hoshikawa to join her, they're fucking so many dudes together

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no shit? there is sex parties in the vtuber crowd every day

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take your meds

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Matsuri pls. You don't have to be jealous. You can join them.

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imagine these two raping you haha

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Did Hoshikawa ever talk about fucking dudes for you to say that? That's Gundou's thing.

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Yes plenty of times. And she often streams with the sex havers who only talk about SEX SEX SEX

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I can hear you masturbating from here. I bet you imagine one of them is your gf, cuck.

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Maybe if she stops being an obvious obssessed creep she could actually get some from Hoshikawa.

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It'd be the ultimate power move.

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Yeah, but that never happens when she collabs with Chammers

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Because Haachama is a literal child, and hskw is a grown adult. It would be unethical to groom her like that.

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>hskw is a husky slut

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Is Haachama closer to Hoshikawa than she is to other Holos? She didn't even go to Matsuri's bday...?

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Maybe so, but you're asking a menhera to not act like a menhera.

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Yes and it's nothing new. Hachama had a birthday stream when everyone called and she was super excited and more hyper when hskw called than any other Holo.

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Check her collabs you cant be this dull

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Which stream did haachama talk about hoshikawa in?

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My sex friend Hoshikawa

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Sorry to disappoint, but they're only fucking one dude and that would be me

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Have they been lying to you? Me and my fellow morbidly obese Japanese businessman friends have been passing them around for months

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The latestone
And any of her totsumachis

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Actual sluts don't completely drop their spaghetti like Hoshikawa does in the presence of Deron.
Just some food for thought.

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Hoshikawa would rather fuck a corpse than matsuri

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Deron is too powerful, even for sluts.

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Hoshikawa originally applied for the character that Haachama got and she ended up being curious about who got the job instead of her. They ended up friends.

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Why do holobronies keep repeating lies?

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my uncle works at nijisanji

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Shit dude, should've told me sooner and we could've had a big orgy together, maybe get some more blondes in too

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Is hoshikawa the best girl to watch if I want to watch a slut call me a loser virgin while I'm fapping?

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How's that a lie? I thought that was a known fact. Show proof

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>so many dudes
All of them are me

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No retard they were friends before that.

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A slut for huskies? Well she is half-white.

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anonchama there's literally translated clips of them together...

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Yeah I've seen them but none of them are recent

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The rrat is that people keep repeating that she applied. All Hoshikawa said was that she thought about whether she should apply, and decided against it, not that she actually applied. But obviously rrats spread by N5 ESLs go around 100x faster than the people trying to correct them. There's also some weird cope where people are going "yeah but if she got rejected she wouldn't want to say she applied, so she's just saying that to not embarrass herself".


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Am I the only one that thinks Hoshikawa has a giga stacy atmosphere and is therefore not suited for vtubing?

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>Am I the only one that thinks Hoshikawa has a giga stacy atmosphere and is therefore not suited for vtubing?
Literally everyone thinks that: https://youtu.be/RXreDEAAPgg

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>Why do holobronies keep repeating lies?
Im one of the holobronies. Your dad and oshi loves you.

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I know she is sexy but she is also cute!

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Sara is just a normal girl who's had sex before, she sad doesn't have weekly sex or anything.

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