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I just found out about the stream where Risu stole Moona's piggy bank. Is that why HoloID doesn't live together in the same house anymore? Moona seemed genuinely angry that her property was taken without permission to the extent that she prematurely ended the stream. Even if Risu always planned to give it back, she may have gone too far in a few places.

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Nah her family had issues and she had to go back. It's one of those things nuclear family people won't really understand.

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Risu is a special child

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Risu is another story

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Kys, go back

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Yes, Moona hates Risu

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Was Moona's car quarantine adventure before or after the piggy bank?

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How do you figure that?

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Way after

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go back to sleep risu please

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Well, you could say that Risu's...um, built differently, I suppose.

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Risu is a fucking bitch, what else is new

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Risu being a fucking bitch is actually news to me. When has she ever done something like this before?

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She's not actually a fucking bitch, she just likes messing with her roommates

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It's because Moona slapped Risu in front of Yagoo

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What's with these two, they're offering competing translations? What is the benefit of that?

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Being the only one to stream over Holofes

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tfw u will never have Risu as your roommate. ngmi bros

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top kek, I never saw this.
I did shit like this with friends before. Good times. I miss friends.

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It hurts...

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No benefit but since this was in Area 15 I'm going to assume they're regular translators for Iofi and Moona individually or something so they were both doing it at the same time here

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maybe because of the delayed 30 second chat? so you can't simultaneously translate every word they said, so you gonna need more than 2 translators?

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What are 1 and 2?

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tfw u will never fuck Risu

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Here's 1, 2 is another angle of 1

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I just label the stuff in my Risu folder that's all

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Fuck that music still gets me

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They don't live together right now because Iofi has fucking wu flu. Do you people actually follow vtubers?

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Dude Moona's quarantine car streaming adventure was ages ago. At least do basic research

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He called it "wu flu." Basic research is clearly beyond his mental capacity.

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t. zhang

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On second thought, a lot of things are beyond his mental capacity.

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>Iofi hadn't been in close contact with any HoloID talents at all in the weeks before testing positive for the coof
Why would they not live together because of her coof, over a month before she actually got it?

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What's wrong with calling it the Kung Flu? I fail to see anything wrong with addressing General Tso's Sicken by it's name? Did one of your relatives happen to die from the Ching Chong Cough? Was their name Hu Nom Bat? I get that you may have some history with it but there's no reason to get upset over people using the proper technical terms for the Western Taiwan Troubles.

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Ogey but the meme virus is irrelevant here because they've been living separately for months already

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Good grief, it's an infestation.

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ID translators are bunch of retarded translator
Even ID fans spergs about it because the translator is incorrect

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Moona is just autistic. If you take autistic people's possessions (autistic people get attached to objects easily) they generally freak out.

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I don't doubt it but at least if there are 2 different ones doing it at the same time and they're saying roughly the same thing the message is probably relatively correct?

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Indonesian is kind of a hard language to translate to English because there's not much conjugation. You have to be good at interpreting context and if you're not it can result in a translation that's vastly different from what's being said.

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Apparently she stood there just knocking on Risu's door for ten minutes straight while Risu was streaming.

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>Is that why HoloID doesn't live together in the same house anymore?
Did they ever do that? We know Moona lives in her family's house and sometimes she must help taking care of her brother's toddlers.

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yes they pretty much all went back to live with there families around the time the rona started up.

It's indonesia, guessing from risus timezone stream, they're still probably not very far from eachother.

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i stole moonas virginity and no you will never have her.

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