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A thread for the discussion of the Schedule Slayer herself, Mori Calliope, and the members of her extended universe.

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>You will never be Mori’s little brother.
>you will never grow up with Mori in the same house.
>Mori will never use you, her little brother, as a substitute boyfriend to know the boyfriend experience.
>you will never cross the line between brother and sister with Mori and have sex.
>You will never move to rural area to raise your unborn child with Mori in peace.
Why are we even here? Just to suffer?

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Also nice schedule

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Do you think Mori ever went through a dubstep phase like I did?
>ywn hang out with Mori listening to songs the both of you enjoyed over 10 years ago

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I WILL call her a dumb retard for getting the shot now and scheduling streams in the projected fall-out rather than doing it like Kiara and taking days after the shot off. I mean I'm 90% sure that she was planning to have both member streams before the collab based on how she talked in the coffee stream and now it's cutting a day off her originally planned 5 day break
Honestly wish Ame/Gura/Ina had an active roommate twitter just to know whether they got the vaccine

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The black wind howls... An Ill omen spreads across the land. Incest poster has beaten the Kawaiiope posters in their eternal struggle to post first on every Mori thread. A single tragedy? Or a sign of greater crisis to come? Only the Mori may know...

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Honestly just straight up cut it, it only invited people trying to shill their indies, like that one Nerinefag

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Unfortunately we’re stuck with it, I hope we do move on from that soon but It Is What It Is.

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>Honestly wish Ame/Gura/Ina had an active roommate twitter just to know whether they got the vaccine
If it is available to them I'm sure they've gotten jabbed already, except maybe Gura just out of laziness and lack of caring. Nobody in the Hololive roster is exactly antivaxx if that's what you're wondering.

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Isn't Ame? Or is it just mocking?

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All of those 3 are Hikki enough to not think of it due to lazyness.
Also Murican healthcare

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Isn't Ina a leaf?

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>Murican healthcare

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When has Ame suggested anything about being antivaxx outside of obvious Watoto jokes?

Not only have you not done reps but you have a paper thin understanding of reality if you play the "Murican healthcare" card unironically. It's not hard at all to get a vaxx if your IQ is above 20.

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Honestly I find it funny how in terms of roommates Kiara handled the shot with less dramatic doomposting than Mori. Seems the opposite of what you would think

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i regret blasting dubstep in the house...

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damn i hope the drawing challenge is gartic phone but it could probably just be a shitpost drawing with everyone

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Mori stupidly thought that the shot would just be a minor inconvenience. She even was hinting that one of Bloodstained or Doom this week

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I hope so too but I feel like if it was gartic phone she would label it as such.

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Not all comments apply to all of them

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>She even was hinting that one of Bloodstained or Doom this week
She explicitly said that would be after she came back from break.

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Let's be quite honest, Kiara is significantly more used to pain than Mori.

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The "nerinefag" is a regular, though. Before the split and hlgg people thought that Mori was Nerine's roommate.

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Not really, Kiara had literal unmedicated asthma attacks on stream and continued afterwards.

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I really would not count pre-debut "thoughts"

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Anon, there are actual deadbeats who stumbled unto Mori thinking it was Soap instead of Karrot. Some of them stayed because the former trashed her Roommate channel, and Mori/BackgammonBael was entertaining enough,so they jumped ship.

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I’m semi convinced at this point that Mori is using her rm account to let deadbeats know about things she can’t say on main, such as the shot. I won’t take meds.

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I thought that was obvious at this point.

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Did Kiara hint on-stream that she was taking the shot?

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>with everyone
You mean viewers might be involved somehow?

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Not really unless you already had roommate info about having a shot appointment
>2 or 3 days break depending on how i feel
is the most that happened, and I don't think she mentioned it afterwards

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oh shit i thought it would mean drawing with her members but i guess there's no implication

>> No.7133492

Based ValkyrieBeat.

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why do you schizo fags keep suggesting that any activity that these people choose to do on their roommate accounts always must have some connection to their Hololive work?
>K****** streaming again? SHES GRADUATING
>D******** still posts occasionally? SHE'S CIRCUMVENTING COVER
It's not like any of these girls are obligated to cease their work outside of Hololive to protect the thin illusion of privacy.

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>thread already filled with doxxfaggotry and roommate vaxx speculation
Holy shit, niggers. Control yourselves.

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Just report and ignore it

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It is just a minor inconvenience though. She'll probably be completely clear of any actual side-effects by the time she wakes up tomorrow. Chronic shoulder problems are no problem but 12 hours of soreness/fatigue is #suffering

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Self-control is for cowards.

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>she goes Game-heavy on August.
>Bloodstained and HK alternate every week
>capped off by BBQ stream where she finally kills Dad

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>where she finally kills Dad

>> No.7133640

>kills Dad
Mori... KLK Karaoke... onegai...

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森りん頑張って !!

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How do you think she would word it if she was trying to kill the dad meme? I can't think of a way of killing the dad meme without sounding overly sensitive or rude.

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If this is a recent follow I'm guessing this is who she talked about meeting at concert...maybe? Reol would definitely fit into the description she gave

>> No.7133724

If it really was a joke, they wouldn't mind if Mori made something up.

>> No.7133749

This. Had Mori gone hard in stomping it during the cursed ASMR, people would be stopping it.

>> No.7133755

>she finally kills Dad
Never happening anon. She can talk big about how she wants to tardwrangle chat all she wants, but she's never going to put her foot down on this. Reddit normalfags will throw a bitch fit if that ever happens. Look at what happened when Irys ignored "Taxpayers."

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None of the other ENs follow.
But how do you check for recency?

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not a redditor what happened?

>> No.7133817

>Look at what happened when Irys ignored "Taxpayers."
What are you talking about? Everyone on 4chan was praising her and calling her based for not caving to stupid chat suggestions. If there was any controversy it was on reddit and nobody cares about reddit.

>> No.7133881

IRyS putting her foot down and killing Taxpayers is something to be proud of.

>> No.7133941

>Reddit normalfags will throw a bitch fit if that ever happens.
My point was they make up a larger portion of her audience than >we ever will, and will cry about dadfaggotry being stopped. Which is why Mori will never kill it off knowing that she'll "ruin" their fun.

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>Mori hasn't streamed in a day and these threads are already terrible.
Why are you like this?

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People really only started freaking out when schedule/break season 2.0 was released, it will die down soon

>> No.7134045

Die down? There's an even bigger break after the BBQ stream

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Remember Mori saying that people who don't like the New Mori to fuck off? I'm pretty sure she was talking about the faggots who are doomposting about the vaccine right now, trying to cope with the fact that the Mori who was bullied in the American-Canadian Superchat Civil War is no longer there now that she's grown far more confident and less dependent on her chat for emotional support. This isn't even that true though either though

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...do you people LISTEN to her? she stressed multiple time all that would be after break

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Mori lurks here more than she lurks the reddit. Because she's an internet boomer she has a higher tolerance for the retarded shit that goes on here. Because she knows that the subreddit is sanitized by Cover staff themselves, she comes here to get the harsh criticism that her brutal masochism desires.

Despite the toxic community, she has become strangely fond of us, which means that she values our opinions more than the opinion of redditors.

She's even taken the role of Kawaiiopeposter once or twice just for giggles.

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>Bigger break
She said there would be irregularities in stream days since shes going back to America to see family. People dont have their listening comprehension reps down and it shows.

>> No.7134176

I don't think that's for a while, maybe even September. Wouldn't make sense to take a week off, stream for a week, than take another week+ off

>> No.7134179


Also hi Mori, get well soon and I love you

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Good to know we wasted the rest of that thread on fucking nothing.

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Calliopeople proving that they're the superior fanbase

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No, anon. They don't. That's the thing, they don't even watch the streams, they just read what they see on this board and then form a completely different image of Mori from what she actually is. The worst thing about it is that some here are actually paying for memberships, so they aren't even watching the member streams

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This thread is fucking terrible. I'm leaving to do my reps, and you should too. I'll be back in 9 hours, and I expect results from all of you.

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>She'll be home on September
>just in time for the con.

offcollab hype!

>> No.7134245

>I expect results
Kill yourself nigger

>> No.7134263

>will cry about dadfaggotry being stopped
If Mori would make a stop to it, she wouldn't give a shit about normie schizos afterwards. Not to mention if they'd cry about it, that would just prove it further that it's not just a dumb joke to them.

>> No.7134266

>2 fucking non-member streams in an entire week
Kek, gotta milk those T3's

>> No.7134283

I’m at work for another 9 hours

>> No.7134306

That's what I pay for, getting my dick milked hard by Mori.

>> No.7134339

She struggles to get streams working at her own place, I don't even see irregular streams happening on a laptop/probably less beefy internet package and unfamiliar setup. Also 13+ hour jet lag will be a factor

>> No.7134342

>fellow Calliopeeps, I really think Calli should rest, she's been streaming Minecraft nonstop

>> No.7134351

This happens every time when Mori hasn't streamed for a while.

>> No.7134369

>Mori milking my dick dry

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So how does everyone feel about the tiered membership streams going away?

>> No.7134399

>Has she even left her house this year? To get groceries, the coof shot, anything? I'm worried about her health.

>> No.7134421

>satanized by Cover staff themselves

>> No.7134424

Maybe you should report them instead of making excuses for them.

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I've done so many reps that there are no more reps to be done. At least all of the streams I have real interest in. There are infinite supareadings to shift through I guess.

>> No.7134459

It sucks when looking at the big picture, but I kinda don't want it to go away. Chalk it up to sunk cost fallacy, or some kind of weird unwarranted superiority complex.

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I don't give a shit about your timeloops. I just love Mori.

>> No.7134588

What about time leaps to the other timeline?

>> No.7134657

Kinda sucks because the higher tiers were pretty comfy. I wonder what prompted her to change her mind?

>> No.7134663

>Mori likes them
and that's about all the arguments supporting their existence I need
if Mori stops liking them and does memberships like other girls/JPs, that'll be fine too

>> No.7134699

So Kiara and Mori follow her, she follows neither nor their roommates

>> No.7134703

where the fuck is this talk about tiered membership streams going away coming from faggots

>> No.7134718

Didn't she say August?

>> No.7134725

The future, for you.

>> No.7134745

From the voices in anon's head

>> No.7134758

Honestly I'd be happy. I vastly prefer higher tiers being solely for support

>> No.7134793

Even if the source is anon's ass, it would still be a good idea to get rid of T3 elitist faggots

>> No.7134794

>Deadbeats being confused by a temporal and spatial shift

>> No.7134800

I don't know, you guys tell me. I have T2. Should I be upgrading anytime soon?

>> No.7134832

I prefer my comfy and personal T3 streams, thanks

>> No.7134833

I just took it as "what are your thoughts about this hypothetical thing"

>> No.7134852

I was going to post Mori's comment on it but decided against it because I know you dumbfucks will blow things out of proportion, as per usual.

>> No.7134871

Nice try, poorfag

>> No.7134872


>> No.7134891

No way she will be the same level as reol

>> No.7134892

It's okay being poor or retarded with balancing anon

>> No.7134901

see what I'm talking about
toxic nigga, mori loves her deadbeats equally

>> No.7134924

There would be two public streams if that really were the case

>> No.7134925
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oh god the deadbeat and calliopeople timelines are colliding aren't they

>> No.7134938

Who the fuck gets elitist over spending an extra 25 dollars a month? That shit is chump change.

>> No.7134957

Yeah, deadbeats aren't detecting it because they have empty skulls

>> No.7134958

I doubt she'd follower her on her Mori account if that were the case.

>> No.7134959

What will happen after the merge?

>> No.7134992

A bunch of T3fags do. The ones that don't call everyone else poorfags are cool for supporting our boy though

>> No.7135020

SEX between skeletons and...whatever calliopeople look like

>> No.7135060

The tiered streams starting to get rushed in at the end of the month doesn't bode very well, plus I imagine August will be the same

>> No.7135066

Memes aside, I feel that Mori craves comfy, low-viewer streams that allows her to unwind and be a lot more open with what she wants to talk about. Having a tier 3 member stream is just about the only way she can filter down the viewers enough to make it comfy for her.

>> No.7135073

I'm gonna call them poorfags if they call me an elitist just for wanting T3 streams to stay

>> No.7135111

Do you think that Mori will actually start doing 5 four hour streams a week like she said she would when she gets back from her break? Instead of stopping every stream she does at 2 hours to either read supers or go out for a very important appointment

>> No.7135120

Besides, Poorfags have the most dadfags so they don't have a right to whine.

>> No.7135141

Wait what?

>> No.7135144

I agree, she's definitely more open in T3 for sure. That's why I gotta question again why she wants to remove the current system in the next streaming year.

>> No.7135154

Yes, especially if the games are Metroidvanias

>> No.7135160

Super readings will be part of the stream, so that's included in that time

>> No.7135193

You'll call them poorfags regardless because you're a faggot, faggot

>> No.7135194

I'll support my boy because I like her. Though I do hope she plays longer so she can finish games at a reasonable pace. Even if she has to skip all the side shit on normal mode.

>> No.7135197

But she doesn't want to change that?

>> No.7135223

>That's why I gotta question again why she wants to remove the current system in the next streaming year
What are you talking about? When did she say this?

>> No.7135235

Depends on when she decides to stream. If she keeps starting at 10-11PM JST and has to go until 3AM only to start supers, I'm gonna start concernfagging.

>> No.7135236

Anon, if you're a member check the member post.

>> No.7135263

Remember when she did 3-4 hour Blasphemous gameplay sessions? And now when she said she'd be 'playing for longer than usual today' when doing Bloodstained she barely played 2 hours?

>> No.7135269

She makes member's streams publicly available after a month, unless they get too personal, even when she doesn't need to. You have no right to complain, poorfag.

>> No.7135287

im a t1 and i wouldn't want that shit to go away. It's a chance for her to talk to with a small audience and if they can make Mori smile and laugh that's good. It also makes antis seethe and post about how much she is a jew stealing your money

>> No.7135289

I mean, if she doesn't start doing that then she won't finish the stuff she specifically wants to finish
i'd still prefer 3 hours as baseline, since 4 starts cutting into other stuff

>> No.7135312
File: 11 KB, 413x56, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7135348

>Mori craves comfy, low-viewer streams
>Opens July T2 and T3 streams to all members
I don't think she wants intimate, low-viewercount streams at all, dude.

>> No.7135355

a decent alternative to tiered streams could be Mori doing twitcasts. less people would naturally tune into those since it requires actively following a different platform and gives no YT notification

>> No.7135372

>after a few days
Reading comprehension reps anon

>> No.7135376

I wonder what's the reason. Could be she's gotten more comfortable and no longer need to have a smaller audience to be personal but still want a loyal fanbase. It's a shame that it also allows undesirables into more of her member streams though but those faggots probably are already in the higher tiers these days

i think he meant mori wants to stream with a small audience that she can easily track and talk with. by the end of the stream it doesn't matter anymore and she can safely share it

>> No.7135381

her 1st single has a dubstep and JP electronic music has a a lot of dubstep..

>> No.7135385

My theory is she wants to be able to do more member streams a month. Since before she thought it'd be unfair. But God help us if she ends up doing less instead...

>> No.7135390

I don't even know what that shit is.

>> No.7135414
File: 5 KB, 180x200, 1617425573893.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

perfect, means it'd work

>> No.7135490

Yo Mori if you’re here tell Kiara to kill herself live on stream and I’ll shoot you a 500 super.

>> No.7135503

Right, i'm retarded. In my defence when I read "available to all member's tiers" I only skimmed the rest because I went straight into an autistic rage.

>> No.7135505

I feel like Ina is just as busy if not more busy than Mori with non-streaming work nowadays, but still puts out 3+ hour streams. I'm starting to prepare for the very real possibility that even IRyS streams more hours than Mori next month

>> No.7135563

>Mori is doing this because she read the dadfag timeloops /here/ and wants to punish us

>> No.7135570
File: 124 KB, 463x453, ogey70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he feels like ina is just as busy
>he feels like
>he feels

>> No.7135673

Don't really think it was it. Because if that was the case , she would have done it months ago , when T3 and T2 actually hatched a plan to kill it.

>> No.7135690

On one hand it sucks that we won't have the comfy T3 streams anymore but on the other hand it might be nice if she feels like it's okay to do more members streams if she's not worried about which ones are and aren't tiered.

>> No.7135694

that's where the discussion breaks down, anon
Ina lives in a country that doesn't try to actively exclude her and all her daily needs are handled by her parents, her job might be a burden but after she's done with her office shit the rest of the day basically belongs to her
if you gotta compare to someone, compare to Kiara at the least, she seems to at least have figured out how to live on her own

>> No.7135695

>when T3 and T2 actually hatched a plan to kill it
How's that going exactly? lmao dad shut you faggots down

>> No.7135715

Quick reminder that she's by far the worst vtuber in all of Hololive.

>> No.7135744

Not worse than ayame or Matsuri.

>> No.7135759

It's almost as if that anon is a fucking dumbass who has no idea what he is actually talking about or anything about the living situation of any of the girls! Such many cases!

>> No.7135769
File: 65 KB, 715x574, 1621814339798.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Interesting take on it from global. Things might be a bit out of her hands on this one >>7135463

>> No.7135796

well she's probably going to explain it in her t2 stream so might as well just can it instead of doomposting something that's most likely a nothingburger

>> No.7135832

Maybe, but hopefully gift subscribers are a different tier as opposed to regular membership

>> No.7135885

I dread nothing more than Mori trying to explain something, especially when it comes to either Cover or Youtube policies

>> No.7135886

>gets rid of tiered membership
>only membership available is T3

Not likely but I would laugh pretty hard if it ever happened.

>> No.7135895

I'd assume you can only gift T1s and higher tiers are something you need to seek out yourself, but who the fuck knows? YouTube is an unpredictable wild beast of a corporation.

>> No.7135914

to be fair, you couldn't really say she's doing it for money at that point

>> No.7135923

I can see her foot approaching her mouth at mach speed.

>> No.7136040

>J-Chad told Mori that youtube is working on allowing T1 memberships to be gifted
>Mori misinterpreted this as tiered memberships aren't allowed anymore

>> No.7136109

Twitch allows higher tiered subs to be gifted, but sub count is the big statistic over there, so most gifters usually go for quantity gifts over higher tier gifts. I could see YouTube shifting towards something similar

>> No.7136117

>This poster is J-Chad, being majorly self-conscious after telling Mori fan letters were stopping when it was only gifts and fucking up the tempo for karaoke

>> No.7136208
File: 28 KB, 480x405, the worst.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes because as we've seen in this very thread, schizos here clearly have no issue spinning even painfully blatantly clear things that were said into retarded doomposting for no real reason!

>> No.7136259

This is something that keeps being rumored, but is there any proof?
It's not a feature in Youtube Beta like the thanks and super comments were, right?

>> No.7136308

You're too late, someone already spun off the announcement as Mori hating Deadbeats

>> No.7136350

Comparing to Kiara in streaming hours is not really reasonable, though even she has been cutting the long streams down somewhat because she's swamped with off-stream work.

>> No.7136376

To be fair,we don't deserve her, look at this thread and greys.
She should hate us, but she chooses love.

>> No.7136457

Honestly i find the global theory that she feels stressed by having to think up 3 seperate "value" member streams each month reasonable, having multiple slapped into the last week before/cutting into a break supports that.
But I was never a fan of the tiered content so it doesn't really bother me if it goes away

>> No.7136526

And she feels she doesn't deserve love because of her flaws and screw ups. That's why this works, we cling to each other due to seeing ourselves in each other and by forgiving and loving the other we in turn come closer to doing the same for ourselves.

>> No.7136584

Her resolution got thrown out of the window after she decided to stream 5 times a week.

>> No.7136595

What resolution?

>> No.7136617

seriously how has she not hit us with before my body is dry yet

or maybe just a crumb of kakusei


>> No.7136684

To put one of them each week after the first week of the month

>> No.7136700

Think up?
It's literally three more zatsudans a month, nothing she does there is different from creative streams, drinking wine chats and another chat.
T3 goodies? we got 40s of a song (yes i know she can't play the whole song)
If doing three more streams a month where she is just relaxed talking about shit, i don't know what to tell her.
We really meme the vsinger stuff, but Mori, JUST FUCKING STOP STREAMING if it's so hard for you to fit into your life.
Nobody can be this busy, cmon

>> No.7136734

That theory makes sense from her perspective in that it does lead to extra work. But you can really feel she really wants the T2-T3 size streams sometimes and it would be a shame if she couldn't get that. So who knows what could happen, she could erase T2 and just have another T1 member stream and then an "inner circle" T3 stream once a month, or she can dust off her twitch account

>> No.7136808

Fuck off

>> No.7136860

The thing is T2 and T3 aren't "supposed" to be Zatsudans. T2 started with Wine Parties, then shifted to Watchalongs, then tried to shift to "Vs Deadbeats" before permissions said "no paywalls" I think she has trouble coming up with stuff for T2 to do.

>> No.7136891

I am going to fucking strangle you until you shit and cum in your mother's dried out vagina you motherfucking mouthbreathing doomnigger faggot

>> No.7136900
File: 5 KB, 485x160, ZuqcgWV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7136921

I don't think she wants to do less, her member streams were consistently some of the best. She might want to do more member streams but she doesn't know where to fit them. Which is extremely retarded because all she needs to do is remove the limitation of 1 T1 stream/month. Since t2/3 can watch them too, it's a net gain for all members. But we're talking about Mori here so she probably found some dumb explanation for why it's a terrible idea and it's better to remove tiers completely.

>> No.7136927

That was hours ago, fuck people really are addicted to timeloops

>> No.7136931

I mean we literally see with both Ina and Kiara that they can regularly get too busy to do member streams and sometimes just want to do low effort content like watchalongs in them.
And while I personally don't have a problem with that I can see why Mori wouldn't want to put watchalongs behind a 15/25 dollar paywall.
Ah that one, yeah really fucked that up

>> No.7136936

My Vaxx was free. I'm not sure why youre trying to blame USA

>> No.7137039

What were wine parties exactly? we chat while she drinks (and we drink), it was never "wine tasting" or anything of the case, she picked up games after seeing other members do the same mainly, and movies you have to be in the mood to do.
making them members only is a dumb choice she made, she doesn't have to, nobody asked for it, you're watching a movie, less people don't make it more enjoyable.
Hey anonchammers, i'm responding to the other post, i don't think that's the issue either, i'm just saying that is the reason is that she cannot do 3 more stream a month, what's the fucking point, it's not like she set herself 20 member streams a week.

>> No.7137042

Agreed, she's referred to them as "T3 Creative Streams" which most people assumed were going to be music related but seem to always end up becoming just talks. Putting them off to end of month is pretty clear indicator she tried to think of something but ran out of time

>> No.7137044

>I don't think she wants to do less, her member streams were consistently some of the best.
Pretty much everyone's memberstreams are among their bests, if only because they are way more relaxed than in public streams. That doesn't translate to necessarily wanting to do more member streams.
> She might want to do more member streams but she doesn't know where to fit them.
She barely manages to fit in her 3 tiered streams

>> No.7137072

Irrelevant, you still a bitch and I am going to strangle you until you shit and cum.

>> No.7137135

that's the most romantic thing i've ever heard

>> No.7137211

>making them members only is a dumb choice she made, she doesn't have to, nobody asked for it, you're watching a movie, less people don't make it more enjoyable.
A lot of holos do member watchalongs because it is a) easy and low effort and b) something that fans can still appreciate as hanging out with their oshi.
>T2 started with Wine Parties
Not really a good point since that is just a zatsudan with added alcoholism, and like half her public zatsudans are drinking streams as well

>> No.7137222

Goddamn Mbeats. They're like roaches. Pop up everywhere and we just can't get rid of them no matter how many times we stomp some.

>> No.7137250

"Wine (?) Party" means she just going to be pounding hard liquor instead of taking swigs of wine from now on. Probably not the best thing for the immune system after the poke, Moririn...

>> No.7137260

I can see some validity in not wanting to come up with extra ideas for T3s now that she has weekly variety streams planned. T2s only fuel the "haha she's an alcoholic" narrative, which she definitely doesn't want to stick. If all that's left are T1 zatsus, I don't see the point in having membership-gated content at all anymore, especially when they're practically the same speed as public streams now.
I trust our boy knows what she's doing, but can't say I'm a little upset at losing the comfy higher tier streams.

>> No.7137273

>She barely manages to fit in her 3 tiered streams
Comes from her being addicted to a schedule and adhering to the number of streams she mentioned. It's something she could pick from any other EN girl. Want to do a member stream? Announce it on twitter within ~24 hour and do one. Want to do an extra member stream over 5 public ones you already did this week? Go ahead and do it, noone is going to hold it against you.

>> No.7137284

I only see poorfags in this thread

t. T3 Beat who Mori kissed

>> No.7137296

I'm going to shove spirytus up your asshole.

>> No.7137338 [DELETED] 


>> No.7137352

>T2s only fuel the "haha she's an alcoholic" narrative
I mean Mori "I stopped drinking wine because I needed more than a bottle to feel something" Calliope does more than enough to fuel it public streams

>> No.7137423

You need to go lay in a coffin, skeleton. Show me anyone who bitched about Kiara doing an extra member stream just on sunday. Show me teamates unhappy abotu Ame doing guerilla membership streams every now and then.

>> No.7137459 [DELETED] 


>> No.7137577

I mean there was some bitching about moving Zelda to monday but that wasn't really related

>> No.7137593

i am growing INCRESIDBLY senile form the amount of RETARDATION you FAGGOTS are ALWAYS pushing OOOUUUUTTT

>> No.7137664 [DELETED] 


>> No.7137686

We can never have a Mori threads with you faggots derailing it with trivial bullshit.

>> No.7137695

I would like some unarchived karaokes on the menu, maybe even practices. I imagine she never wanted to do those because of the way she releases the vods later.

>> No.7137698

This anon, is not Ogey.
Lay down the bottle you fuck.>>7137664

>> No.7137859

Was there? Probably wasn't anything worth noting. Some people will always complain about schedule because it's too late/too early/wrong timezone/wrong streams/wrong collab partners/other bullshit. No need to give a single shit about them, especially if they spew this shit on this board because there's a fat chance it's falseflaggers and not fans anyway. It's good to have a schedule but adhering to it religiously is not necessary as long as you tell people about changes. There may be a million reasons why girls might want to switch things up which they don't want to tell us and its fine. And very few are going to complain if we get an extra stream, members or not.

>> No.7137868

That's a fun idea

>> No.7138010

Yeah I just want to chill with our boy and watch her sing mcr for like an hour. Would be great.

>> No.7138109

That's another thing that her membership structure discourages (for herself mostly).
Because given that she does exactly 1 stream per month per tier it feels more like a ticket price for a concert, and especially for Mori that would very much rule out anything short of a very practiced for karaoke.

>> No.7138134
File: 501 KB, 2480x3508, 1625532098049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is unironically likely the scenario, or something similar
If gift subs are a thing, that's a completely new way to try make money from streams and the company would of course pay attention
If membership is tiered, gifting a T1 sub could feel kinda pathetic for gifters knowing it holds only 1/3rd the power, flattening it all so there is only one layer of premium deadbeat society incentivises gifters by making them feel like heavenly key holders to the deathly gates
I don't wanna lose my comfy open boy tho t.3

>> No.7138141

That would be a great outcome. If she makes it all T1 but gets rid of obligation to release vods, we might get unarchived member karaoke. if Gura's are anything to go by, those might end up even better than public ones.

>> No.7138206

Yeah, more karaoke would be nice.
I wanna see our boy tackle some oldies.

>> No.7138217

are you sure you're just not being a rratstirring faggot just like everything fucking else you fucking morons always fucking say with every fucking event that fucking happens in this goddamn fucking piece of shit world I fucking hat eyou

>> No.7138251

She probably got creeped out by you ghostling containment breakers telling her how much you wanna fuck her in superchats

>> No.7138292

Yeah, maybe. I do though.

>> No.7138316

this is unironically more likely than the retarded j-chad rrat

>> No.7138334

Twitch can do higher tier gifting without issues and nobody that gets a t1 for free from someone with dosh complains.
Yeah, they would be able to fuck up something like that, so who knows.

>> No.7138371

Music is very much Mori's thing, unlike Gura who prioritizes gaming streams and uses her singing as an incentive. If she gated karaoke behind membership, she wouldn't really have anything to fall back on for normal streams to attract more audience

>> No.7138395

Mori, please realize that you can have more than 1 karaoke per month.
Having a member karaoke does not stop you from having a normal one

>> No.7138484

This, just a chill stream where she tries singing some silly songs would be blessed content. Save the practiced karaokes for the public.

>> No.7138497

No. Why do you think she’s suddenly okay with her appearance?

>> No.7138517


>> No.7138564

I can't take it anymore I am going to strangle all the HEREbeats

>> No.7138566

Again, lightning or hellfire won't strike Mori if she did 2 unarchived karaoke, one member and one not. Karaoke is also Gura's biggest thing and I'm pretty sure at this point she had same amount of member and non-member ones. If someone wants to hear unarchived member karaoke, buy membership, that's the entire concept.

>> No.7138619

Bring it fag, i'd kick the shit out of your pasty little ass.

>> No.7138662
File: 321 KB, 480x401, suicalli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

actually never mind I don't want to risk being infected with your terminal faggotry

>> No.7138682

Any kind of music related stream would be fine, karaoke or not. Heck I'd love to see her listen and react/review to songs not by her or just share more artists shes been listening to

>> No.7138701

That's what I thought.

>> No.7138714

Man that pun works in both languages for her

>> No.7138719

Well shit. Mori is noticeably more comfortable in her T3 streams compared to T1. Those streams are some of my favorite Mori content. Also it's much easier to interact with Mori in T3 streams.
If this happens, I'll just drop down to T1. No reason for me to spend extra for the same content. On the bright side, more people will get T1 memberships which means more money for Mori long term.

>> No.7138721

Yeah I’d go to a jam out session with Mori.

>> No.7138752

I would agree but she seems really intent on doing only 1 karaoke a month, something she reiterated in the coffee stream

>> No.7138774

We're not the only ones who ate having a less stream problem. Gura's PC betrayed her so she isn't streaming as well

>> No.7138782

Listening to music on stream might be very complicated for obvious reasons. But if she could get permissions for it, something like showing her favorite japanese rap or anime songs and sharing her thoughs on them would've been absolutely great.

>> No.7138824

they are cantaloupes made by yukisame

>> No.7138829

>Reviewing Fake Box with Mori

>> No.7138835

Any updates or just the thing when she delayed her member stream?
That sounds like a pretty retarded idea to be honest.
I will never pretend to understand what goes through her mind

>> No.7138837

As long as shes not actually playing it on stream I dont see the issue. She did say she was interested in bubbabot after hearing about it from Ame

>> No.7138851

None of the hololive chuubas are at Reols level, nor will they ever be, but that's completely fine

>> No.7138882

Just spitballing ideas, though I'm a bit curious why you think its retarded

>> No.7138938

Music licensing is a nightmare, so she'd either have to do it unarchived like Ame's listenalongs, or do it like a watchalong syncing up the start of the song while playing nothing on her stream.
Neither of those is desireable.
>She did say she was interested in bubbabot after hearing about it from Ame
She also was under the assumption that bubb4bot is legal/playing licensed music.

>> No.7139030

I will never apologize for that.

>> No.7139077

Burn on, Ghost

>> No.7139100

She's going once the Parts arrive. Though I really think she should've immediately purchased a PSU since prebuilts have shit parts, especially non-botique

>> No.7139107

Hope you enjoyed your 15 seconds of fame faggot. How's it feel knowing you ruined it for everyone else?

>> No.7139119


>> No.7139267

Did Mori ever do a bathtub stream or not? I can't find one yet I remember hearing about it?

>> No.7139294

Did i miss something? I don't remember any of those kinda SCs.

>> No.7139319

look harder, retard

>> No.7139410

She literally just released the vod to the public

>> No.7139448

>A SPECIAL Place... 8}

Thanks I'm an idiot.

>> No.7139478

Kawaiiope poster and house husband applications. Probably others too but those were definitely from here.

>> No.7139504
File: 268 KB, 1125x1792, 521E9D21-5281-4018-96BF-04EFE336B107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too much of a coincidence, good for Mori at least meeting her

>> No.7139537

>even Reol is a fucking doxxbeat
Fucking kek

>> No.7139542
File: 791 KB, 766x640, 798987765466456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She also was under the assumption that bubb4bot is legal
Has Ame violated the law?

>> No.7139543

>good for Mori at least meeting her
Following people on twitter does not mean you've met them.
Fuck she isn't even the only EN that's following her

>> No.7139564

>doesn't follow Mori or semensquare

>> No.7139571

Oh those. I don't think she really got creeped out by Kawaiiope SC but maybe some of the more serious house husband applications. I still doubt it has anything to do with this.

>> No.7139595
File: 1.08 MB, 1500x2250, moriCmo01sml2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>house husband applications
tfw no Mori housewife

>> No.7139609

Only if you ignore that Kiara is also following her.
And that if she had an RL meeting she'd use her roommate account

>> No.7139776

The house husband applications were pretty cringe honestly. I get the general idea but the execution was poor.

>> No.7139853

in the early early days she said one thing she wanted to do was a radio show where she played a bunch of her favourite songs from j-rap artists most people wouldn't have heard of, probably the stream idea of hers im most sad about not coming to fruition

>> No.7139887

I missed the whole tiers debate and I can't find what even started it. It's not in her community post, it's not on her twitter, it's not something she said on stream(or at least I don't remember it). To me it looks like some BS someone came up with and deadbeats bought into it just because.

>> No.7139888

She said she'd seen Kawaiiope Moririn before. If she was actually bothered by it, she wouldn't have read it. This has nothing to do with that
Lots of random misplaced falseflagging going on today.

>> No.7139906

I wouldn’t mind seeing Mori do a monthly music review stream for hololive music releases, might get tricky with the perms for covers though.

>> No.7139907

Look harder at the members post.

>> No.7139918

that's quite the stretch given she had a laugh reading it and sang a bittersweet love song a few days later she dedicated to her deadbeats as her cheesy heart song

Over and over....

>> No.7139924


>> No.7139930

Under her schedule member’s post she pinned a comment.

>> No.7140011

I see. But I don't see how that small commend made for such a long and heated debate. This is so dumb.

>> No.7140034

This is /vt/.

>> No.7140060

>how does a small comment made for such a long and heated debate on a general that is in a schizophrenic board

>> No.7140090

There wasn't much debate anywhere, just your regular doom posting

>> No.7140111

I noticed she has a Korean translator in chat recently

>> No.7140120

It doesn't even look like there was much of a heated debate. As far as debates in this thread go, it was pretty civil.

>> No.7140130

She mentioned the meeting in the coffee stream as "Mori" and that the person told her she "liked the things that I was doing". I imagine they were talking about her Mori music and not roommate based off that, she probably wouldn't have mentioned it on stream of it was the other way

>> No.7140139

Everyone has a korean translator now. HoloEN is becoming more and more popular in Korea for some reason.

>> No.7140174

maybe it has something to do with that time mori and ame appearing in korean news

>> No.7140183

Yeah at least the thread has veered away from the War on dadposting

>> No.7140195

Initial spark, like Migoti saying nigga, probably, yeah.

>> No.7140235

Less streams/breaks + suggesting doing away with tiered streams will always feed "that" rrat, best to ignore it

>> No.7140249

>Mori do a monthly music review stream for hololive music releases
Anon I hope even a second of thinking about this will tell you why that will never happen

>> No.7140303

That is still an extremely wide leap of faith to make based solely on following her on twitter.
Especially when Mori isn't the only EN that follows her.

>> No.7140320

what rrat?
Also I really don't think doing away with tier'd streams would annoy many people

>> No.7140414

>The entire "tier" system is not likely to continue into the new streaming year, so please stay tuned on how that will be proceeding as well, because changes are likely coming. -mori
>it's real
o FUCK, I thought it was just the usual rratmakers

>> No.7140436

We've reached the point where people falseflag as antidadposters.

>> No.7140455

>Why are you like this?
Not making excuses for them but that's just... kind of what happens in generals dedicated to something that has a perpetual content stream whenever said content stream gets cut off.

>> No.7140471


>> No.7140484
File: 372 KB, 800x600, 114baf28b264.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How do you think she would word it if she was trying to kill the dad meme?

>> No.7140493
File: 360 KB, 800x610, 1626913360113.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That she doesnt care about Hololive or her fans. That rrat anon.
Funny how she said streaming year though, still has that reaper teacher mind going I see. Definitely going to miss those smaller T2-3 streams if she decides to axe them and goes the traditional Holo membership route. Isnt there at least one other Holomen that does that? I swear there is or was. Saves 20$ but still, I dont know what to think about it. Ill still support our boy either way though.

>> No.7140559

Yeah, I guess I should have distinguished I thought of it as a possibility based on timing of following and her sharing qualities Mori described ("massively famous", made music she listened to in college, female).

>> No.7140609

>That she doesnt care about Hololive or her fans
I'm not seeing how that correlates to abolishing the tier system

>> No.7140613


>> No.7140635
File: 1.22 MB, 1521x1892, MauryMori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based couponbeat

>> No.7140775

it doesn't matter if it makes sense, what matters is how it can be correlated to it

>> No.7140809
File: 714 KB, 1422x2048, 1625521137976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats the magic of the schizo mind anon, welcome to /vt/. Anything Mori has said or done after her first week of debut has been this way. Oh shes been "more active" on her room mate, graduating. In a down mood for one stream, graduating. Either that or everything shes doing is ruining Hololive, she should be axed, even though the JP side has done what shes doing currently. Its like they didnt read the application for EN gen 2
>Stream 3 times a week for an hour each anytime after you have finished your day job, studying etc.
Hololive is pretty lenient on their requirements with the strictest rule only being dont cross room mate with Holo minus the occasionl "self doxx" slip ups. So her being active in another place doesnt mean shit for anything. She doesnt hate Hololive, her genmates or even her fans.
People dont give a shit about that here, spiritual women and dramafags is all they are.

>> No.7140875

Robo-Mori just auto-tweeted schedule, also surprised no one has mentioned art for it yet, it's one of the better ones

>> No.7140909

Eh, it got some appreciation in global.
the MMLN birthday art is extremely high quality, somewhat suprised it took this long for Mori to use it.

>> No.7140910
File: 501 KB, 1291x1500, EyPpYcjVoAIzPPK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its an old mamaloni one, but still very good

>> No.7140942

It’s the crunchy one’s bday art for her right? God tier as always.

>> No.7140990
File: 948 KB, 750x1150, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no HS mori gf

>> No.7141038
File: 179 KB, 1030x899, 1620977867528.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7141049

Woah it looked good before, but without a schedule I'm front of it, it looks amazing.

>> No.7141101 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.98 MB, 1006x1200, 1627406365431.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking newbeats don't even know the crunchy one

>> No.7141119
File: 1.43 MB, 662x900, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking newfags

>> No.7141141

Surprised you didn’t post short hair Mori there, it’s definitely one of her most iconic pieces.

>> No.7141187

>Lucitan's hand is fine!

>> No.7141215

It would definitely annoy me but not enough to sperg about it or anything. If getting rid of T2/T3 streams make her happier, then so be it. Definitely gonna miss the vibes from her T3 streams though.

>> No.7141270

I’m hoping she’ll talk about what her plan for that is in either the T2 or T3.

>> No.7141285

Can't wait for the Way With Words to make it sound retarded

>> No.7141300

and for anons to make it sound more retarded and breeding unecessary rrats

>> No.7141303

>She's also on vacation
>Mori's also going to be on vacation

>> No.7141320
File: 32 KB, 500x500, 1620401047313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The reason Mori is getting rid up tier memberships is so she can stream even less now

>> No.7141342

Yeah I'm curious about her reasoning and future plans. I don't think anything will equal the comfiness of her T3 streams but I'll keep my mind open.
Also uhh does anyone else think that she should've just held off on telling us this until an actual stream where she could elaborate? If the change won't come for a while, why rush out the news in a members post?

>> No.7141344

Fun Moririn fact:
She used to write fanfiics with her sister when they were kids. She still wrote fanfics well into her college days but it's centered around her TTRPG sessions which she shares and exchanges stories with her friends

>> No.7141351

not really. It's going to be fixed @ 5 streams /week

>> No.7141354

Kill yourself faggot

>> No.7141359


>> No.7141373

>You're writing a Tiara/Vic fic right now, aren't you? Moririn

>> No.7141394

Honestly I don’t know, I don’t even know why she needed to apologize for not putting the tier numbers when majority of people know wine parties are t2 and creative streams are t3

>> No.7141421

So /vt/ doesn’t undergo another schizophrenic episode.

>> No.7141428

I’d read it. I’m also patiently waiting for the day she reads us short stories she has written…

>> No.7141437

it's all #Mythrape fanfics now...

>> No.7141462

>If the change won't come for a while, why rush out the news in a members post?
Probably because it's specifically on her mind with weeks like this that she wanted to avoid

>> No.7141467

Yeah I'm very confused about that too. It kinda reminds me of when she had that overreaction tweet to the Cuphead scuff. However that was a legitimate fuckup and this was a minor mistake most people won't give a shit about. Very odd.

>> No.7141534

Maybe she’s still suffering and in a half dazed state, or she took some medicine making her a bit loopy. Either way it’s a harmless enough post, just sparks a lot of curiosity.

>> No.7141612

It's probably because she's the only one of EN who even has tiered off member streams

Ame and ina do have sub tiers but that's more for showing support.

>> No.7141664

She's still not the only Holo with tiered membership though

>> No.7141666

member only stuff has always seemed like such boring faggotry but honestly all vtuber chats are boring as fuck so i don't blame her

>> No.7141669

Let's be real here, mori current membership system is fucking shitty, t2 is completely redundant and reduces the value of t1, she should streamline it into 2 tiers, let t1 have min. 2 streams per month, basically, something like other en girls t1, then a 2nd tier to have a once per month zatsudan.

>> No.7141691

That's why I specified she the only one of EN

>> No.7141706

satan trips of truth

>> No.7141724

Why not? It's not like this place having another meltdown matters, and it's not like there wouldn't be something else to melt down about.

>> No.7141798

T1 and T3 should stay as is, T2 should go away and none of the membership streams should go public, there you have it

>> No.7141799

Eh? But Mori's t2/3 streams are arguably two of her best streams each month though.

>> No.7141839

>outing yourself as a paypiggy

>> No.7141854

He doesn't like zatsudans. He's an idiot, so don't worry about it

>> No.7141862

>Outing yourself as a retarded poorfag

>> No.7141896

$25 a month is worth like 1 good meal for me... but I guess a third-world poorfag will never understand...

>> No.7141900

just turn your girlfriend over to me already

>> No.7141902

Yeah t2 is a waste, if you’re willing to pay that much might as well go t3. Just do a minimum one T3 stream a month and as many T1’s as she wants. I agree with not releasing to the public too.

>> No.7141941

I literally get three serving of Lasagna or any other noodle dish or pizza at a good italian restaurant for ~25.
How fucking overpriced is your food?

>> No.7141996
File: 195 KB, 526x553, Calliopeople.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll admit it, I like this poorfag vs paypig loop better than the other ones >we've been having recently

>> No.7142015

First world problem... anon please understand.

>> No.7142040

Anon last i checked germany was first world. I am asking how overpriced your food is.
Or alternatively why everything below a steak at a restaurant doesn't count as good meal for you.

>> No.7142107

Rrat: Mori uses the T3 money to buy her Kingdom Hearts cosplay but ran out of $1000 clothing that look goofy enough for her.

>> No.7142145

Based brightsidebeat
I'd rather be playing dadfag/discordfag advocate for a couple (You)s an hour though

>> No.7142146

If Mori had a similar other site to Kiara where you could donate without a cut, would you still SC?
It's been on my mind a lot

>> No.7142195 [SPOILER] 
File: 33 KB, 740x479, 1627409257769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>goofy enough

>> No.7142204

just do bandcamp friday when it comes up, you can put a message there too, its what i do

>> No.7142217

its coming back next month right?

>> No.7142239

I already bought everything before it ended last time

>> No.7142247

I do both. Ain't rich at all, just gotta get my big ups somehow.

>> No.7142270

i believe its the first friday every month

>> No.7142275

Interesting. Where I live, a regular restaurant meal with a main and a drink typically doesn't go under 20, and a good restaurant can easily go to 35-40, especially after the tax and service tips. Though, there definitely cheaper options here, so I am not paying those kind of money every meal.

>> No.7142284

Already did that
August IIRC, so do it then where she will get the majority money from the purchase.

>> No.7142322

Same for me, I could easily end up spending over 20 on a meal between tip and taxes.

>> No.7142366

Obviously for 3 meals I didn't counts drinks but yeah, food prices are pretty decent here even in restaurants, the murican way of not including taxes on pricelists is extremely weird.
I somewhat think that the restaurant prices are partially low because the grocery market is a literal life or death battle between discounters.
I remember Walmart trying to get in but getting utterly destroyed and having to sell all their stores after like 3-5 years because they couldn't compete

>> No.7142398
File: 298 KB, 486x946, morichungus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see I am not the only one putting that hat.png that got posted to use

>> No.7142557

>Reversed logo
I'm more interested in where you got the hair png from

>> No.7142633
File: 686 KB, 895x886, morihair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I painstakingly stole it from someone myself.

>> No.7142653

That's one cute-ass wig.

>> No.7142696
File: 5 KB, 128x128, EpI7NhdVoAASzYB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is sure to come in handy. Thanks for the hard work my dude

>> No.7143089

I miss Mori.

>> No.7143137

proof or that's a lie

>> No.7143508

>You will never play Romeo in the high school play and watch backstage-crew Mori get supremely jealous of the girl playing Juliet

>> No.7144044

Would you ever settle for a fembeat, knowing that both of you would always be wishing they were going out with Mori instead?

>> No.7144150

Better yet, why would a femghost settle for a maleghost?

>> No.7144195

Not once, not ever.

FwB that do reps together is a whole other story.

>> No.7144199


>> No.7144247

>eventually have to kill her for Mori's hand

>> No.7144317

being around these threads have probably made me more codepedent on mori than if I had never actually found them, fuck you and how do I stop

>> No.7144343


>> No.7144356

Why contain it? Let's see how far you can go.

>> No.7144378

how so? if any, these threads made me hate you faggots more

>> No.7144394

She knows the rules and so do I.

>> No.7144417

Hell no.

>> No.7144510
File: 1.34 MB, 1000x1000, epoiiawak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how do I stop

>> No.7144536

>A gang of bisexual deadbeats who have occasional orgies hatch a plan to gangbang Mori

>> No.7144543
File: 1.59 MB, 1000x1000, ogey66.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No I hate the deadbeats too but now I feel like I am more overprotective of mori because of how much fags you are and I have to watch over this thread 24/7 to make sure you all don't do anything stupid that could unironically cause her to get graduated. I mean sure it hasn't actually happen and maybe never will even after the retarded arcs but I still don't trust you all after the enthusiasm arc because I feel like that could've been a yab

>> No.7144544

Send Mori an aka with an earnest marriage proposal. When she rejects you, move on with your life.

>> No.7144571

If some circumstance actually lowered my chances from 1 in ~10,000 to precisely zero, I guess so. Until then, no.
Mori is straight as an arrow, femghosts have no choice but to settle for someone. Unless you're implying that they'd settle for another femghost instead.

>> No.7144599

>enthusiasm arc
keywords for the archive reps?

>> No.7144640

How fucking new?

>> No.7144763

i only left this thread shortly after mori came back cut me some slack

>> No.7144864 [SPOILER] 
File: 3.50 MB, 4096x2458, 1627414825613.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7144981

Pretty cute.

>> No.7145071

Cute. I hope we eventually get more lore of the Mori family, it would help with my writing.

>> No.7145087

Nice work it looks clean cut.

>> No.7145273

man, the more I listen to it the more I want to hear Mori's take on Diamond City Lights
her voice is just made for this kind of song

>> No.7145616

She also mentioned that meeting happened literal fucking years ago when she was in college, you retard.

>> No.7145634

I prefer blackout, but both are good

>> No.7145663
File: 40 KB, 639x592, 1606213015037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never trusted any motherfuckers here or outside of this place. I always knew that Mori would get the most schizos in her fanbase just because the way she is.
At this point i would not be surprised if deadbeats have the most unicorns out of all the EN fanbases.

>> No.7145761

All me and the voices in my head

>> No.7145821

When did she ever say this?

>> No.7145902

She said that she listened to the person who walked in during college, not that it happened during that time
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