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This is the writing thread, for all of your fanfiction needs and desires. Check the archives below for everything the thread has put out so far, ranging from SFW to NSFW, fluff to tragedy, small literary works and shitposts alike!

Collective works so far are available in the archive:

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?
Previous thread:>>7103113

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>Do you have a story like you'd like to see written? Reply to this post with it! Try to be as clear and concise as possible; the better you describe your idea, the more likely it is to be picked up!

Consider forwarding your prompt to the prompt archive to keep your idea safe and alive forever! No information is gathered - it's all completely anonymous. Use the form below:

Curious to see the prompt archive? Check it out here if you need a little more inspiration!

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Nene learns "bearmode" is thing and feels certain she has to achieve it and become the biggest, strongest, cuddliest bear she can be.

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You always thought that she was just embarrassed of her blood or something. I mean she's constantly mistaken for an actual monster, so it makes sense. But Flare was telling the truth. She isn't a dark elf.

She's Italian..

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Reposting from last thread because I too would like to see this one done.

You're on a date with the lovely Mio, window shopping around the plaza. While Mio is bending down to breathe in the fragrance of the recently-bloomed roses outside a florist's, she trips and falls, clothes fluttering in the wind, and in a moment of weakness, you snatch a glimpse of her forbidden cloth, giving you an increasingly uncomfortable boner.

You resolve to put the fall behind you and add the sight to your internal bank of treasured memories, but from then on, her smile, her scent and the simple feeling of her skin against against yours while holding her hand drive you wild.

Mio notices your flushed cheeks and general disconcertion, and leans in to check your temperature, asking if you're alright. As she does so, one of her legs bumps against your third, making your condition perfectly clear. One panicked explanation later, a flustered Mio agrees to help 'relieve' you in the changing room of a nearby clothes store.

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I was supposed to be writing comedy... Anyway, have some Rushi.

Necromancer's Miasma

Based on a prompt in the archive Got a prompt idea from that one watame clip where Rushia crash lands in front of her. Basically disaster strikes whoever gets close to her, be it other holos or just cashiers at convenience store, no one but her is safe.

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Awww, what a sweet fic you've written, anon! It's adorable!

you monster

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Ame and Bee pulled up in front of Hotel Moscow, and Ame got out. "How long will this take?" Asked Bee, as the valet came to pull him into storage. "As long as it needs to. Why, somewhere you gotta be?" "No, but-" Ame turned, and handed the valet the keys, going inside. Darkly stained oak lined the walls, plush red carpet covered the floor. Two sets of sweeping staircases led to a balcony overlooking the upper floor and the the second floor proper. A grand chandelier pulled the room all together. In the midst of the room was a desk, a plant on either side of it, and behind it was a woman dressed in a blue dress, emerald hair in two buns, slight of build, but with a commanding presence. She glanced at Ame when she came in then her eyes widened slightly and the corners of her mouth turned down. "Amelia Watson." She said aloud, disdainfully. The detective sensed slight movement on the balcony above her and a red dot appeared on her forehead. The front door closed and sealed. "Rushia." Ame replied, raising her hands above her head. "Roboco." She nodded. "What the- Why are you here?" Asked Rushia, putting a special emphasis on 'you'. "Ah, Rushia, can't we let bygones be bygones?" That statement was met with a sneer. "Roboco? How about-" A bullet blazing past Ame's head into the carpet behind her and the working of a bolt was her answer. "Fine. I need to see Boten." "Fuck off." Rushia was normally extremely demure, proper, and well spoken. The vulgarity -and the frankness which she said it- made Amelia's jaw drop. "Get out here immediately you miserable little cur. Go back to St. Louis, and out of our lives. We want nothing more to do with you after what you did." Rushia said that almost conversationally, like she was telling Ame a fact of nature, two plus two is four, the earth is a sphere and orbits the sun. Ame dropped her arms. She was completely caught off guard, taken aback. Hot tears welled up in her eyes, and she turned from the room, heading back out the door. Nobody stopped her. She'd find no help here. She should have known. She'd deserved it, after all, but she didn't expect to be treated so coldly. Out in the parking lot as she waited for the Valet to return a car pulled up. Black, stately, heavily built. A Cadillac Coupe DeVille, this year's model, pulled up, the chauffeur got out and opened the door for...Boten herself. "Amelia. A surprise." Ame flushed. "Hello Boten, how have you been?" La-Lion smiled warmly and she gestured to the edifice Ame had just left. "Well, tovarich, very well." She noticed the redness on Ame's eyes. "Ah, but you have not, I think, yes? Come, let us go back inside." She turned to her chauffeur. "Remind to remind Rushia what a greeting and welcome is and what it is not, da?" Boten walked over to the heavy door and threw it open with ease, it slamming against the wall, rattling paintings and making Rushia leap to her feet. Boten took Ame's hand and marched into the hotel, the blonde in tow. "Boten, I can explain-" The lioness pushed past her, almost throwing her out of the way and went upstairs, almost dragging Watson. She stopped at the top of them and spoke, not looking behind her. "I know I am still not good with English, Uruha, but even I know what hospitality is." Rushia stared at her, still kneeling on the floor where she was pushed. "You will learn what it is too." Boten shot a glare over her shoulder at Rushia that had made men crumble. "Or you will leave." She led Ame to an elevator, and, with a turn of a key, descended to the subbasement.

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I feel like my problem of never finishing what I've started is that I try to eyeball everything a nd come up with the story on the fly when I clearly can't do it
It's like trying to build a house without a foundation or solid ground, it just comes out as a pile of garbage, building up and up until it falls apart and I don't feel that it's worth continuing anymore
I feel that I need to write 20k+ words summaries and plans, double and triplechecking the consistency just to write something neat at 1k words.

Writeanons, how do you do this, writing compelling stories from couple of paragraphs of prompt materials?

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So, I'm really torn. I'm writing this Aqua smut but I'm about 1k words in and it feels more like a comedy than wanking fodder.

Problem is, and I was thinking about this in bed, comedy kind of kills the urge to wank. Like, I can't jerk it to sex scenes in visual novels like Rance because I'm too busy laughing. It doesn't feel sensual anymore.

Does anybody else feel the same? I'm thinking of releasing the fic in two separate entries, one which contains all the setup and flavour dialogue, and one which just has sex. The sex'd be taken directly from its place in the story, and replaced with a time skip or something to indicate banging occurred.

Am I over thinking this? Anons, can you get off to funny porn? This is assuming I'm actually funny, of course... fuck.

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Nothing could stop me from getting off to Aqua

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I don't consider the need to write 20k+ word light novels, for starters. What the fuck, bro? If you feel like you've wrapped a story up at 1.5k words, end it there. Remember it's about your enjoyment, not your audience's.

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'Sup with everyone wanting to kill their chuubas recently? Great fic, anon, but real sad.

>> No.7150859

you gotta know why you're writing. Is there a scene that your story revolves around? How does the story get there and what are the consequences.

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There's been a lot of sad fics recently, I wonder why that is?

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Menhera Wrangler ending got everyone addicted to hurting themselves, seems like.

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I don't want to feel this pain anymore, I just want my chuubas to be happy

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(You) manage to convince your oshi to (somewhat reluctantly) sleep with another man so you can get off on it. You set a few ground regarding what is and isn't okay and send her off in the evening, expecting her to come back late at night. She ends up not returning until morning the next day and is too tired to tell you about it, but when you get to bed with her that night, she strokes you off while she sheepishly and gradually reveals that she got overwhelmed by the dude's charm and broke every single rule, getting less embarrassed and more into it as she realizes how well you respond to the humiliation.

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Of all the degenerate prompts posted here, this is by far the worst

>> No.7151888

Hey, at least she's happy in this one, right?

>> No.7151928

That's some monkey paw shit if I've ever seen one then.

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Why do you need fanfiction? I'll fuck your oshi for you in real life!

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I probably am in the minority but i absolutely can still find funny porn still erotic and get off to it. For example this: 236905, lots of comments saying they were too busy laughing to jerk off. Well, me? I've busted so many nuts to this you wouldn't believe. I've blew my load TWICE to Matsuri's baby carrot story, just because it has one sentence that is lewd amidst all the shitposting. I've even jerked off to Katawa Shoujo anal scene, which isn't really meant to be erotic at all.

In short, people have many tastes. There's always gonna be someone interested in whatever thing you come up with. Just do it m8

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Too late. She's already sitting on my face. Her fartbox tastes like bean burritos.

>> No.7152181

I'm gonna ask a simple question. Do you guys find the term 'mouth pussy' arousing and hot or just weird and awkward?

>> No.7152201

Normally, no. But when I'm horny, yes.

>> No.7152218

Somewhere in between.
It doesn’t get me off particularly well, but it doesn’t take me out of the wank either.

>> No.7152270

I just wanna see a sweet, shy girl feel confident and empowered enough by the sexual leverage she holds over me to genuinely enjoy acting sadistic for once. The gap is cute and erotic

>> No.7152303

Context. In a dom scenario, it's arousing because it's degrading. Actually, it doesn't even have to be a dom scenario - you just have to indicate the giver is being fucked hard.

On the other hand, if you "gently slide into her mouth pussy", it's more ridiculous than arousing

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Absolutely. Just don't overuse it.

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god, im all for direct translations but sometimes the translator really should clean up the grammar/ repetitive-ness a bit.

>> No.7152924

I think the reason you're struggling with it might be directly related to the need to do so much prep work for your story. In my opinion if you box yourself in from the very beginning while writing a story, you'll be frustrated because sometimes your mind will take you in a different direction and you'll artificially feel chained to those lines in the sand you're trying to respect.

To me the important things to know are: 1) The beginning and 2) The end. Everything in between is fluid and can change. That's not to say you can't have points of interest in between, but if you're stressing out about them this much, they're constraining your ability to write more than helping you stay organized. Just my two cents.

If you're the Fucking Fubuki in the Ass anon, what I'll say is that certain sexual terms/euphemisms can be a turn off if I'm trying to fap to a particular story. I've been told that certain terms I've used aren't "sensual" (falling more towards the technical/anatomical side of things) and after thinking it over I had to agree; conversely if you use certain over-the-top euphemisms that tilt more towards the ridiculous/comical side of things too much I think it takes away from the eroticism. Here and there if you're out of options it's OK to use (like if you want to cause a change of mood), but if you're going for spank material I think it's better to limit the funny/sort of childish terminology.

There are places to use those terms. For example if you wrote descriptions using "asspussy" as direct and interchangeable for other more standard words I'd probably groan; but it would be hot if the girl used it in dialogue, or if you used it in an impactful way to elicit a stronger emotion during the description of an event.

Hopefully that helps and isn't confusing.

>> No.7153264

I am that anon, but the bloke pondering the use of the term MOUTHPUSSY isn't me. I haven't even gotten to the sex yet.

Nah, I literally mean I've changed my attitude towards this story to channel shitposting, for lack of a better term. Down this path I'll probably weave humor into the sex scenes. Stuff like falling over, or an unexpected fart - I dunno, dumb stuff like that. It's sex between two autistic turbovirgins, the only way it's gonna seem natural is if they're doing it wrong. It's Aqua, dude. I HAVE to take this opportunity to bully her.

>> No.7153455

looks like someone deleted everything in the google doc archive

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Gotcha. Well my answer's the same for both questions I guess.

But still you can probably make it humorous while still making it erotic. Anyway, godspeed, sexually bullying the onion is a-ok with me.

>> No.7153502

I expected it to happen eventually, some fags just can't help themselves

>> No.7153555

Nice. Well, had to expect it while we've got bad eggs living here.

>> No.7153737

Doc owner can revert changes using the last known version. Not a huge deal.

>> No.7153819

For fucks sake anon you're overthinking and getting stuck running circles in your own mind because you're too concerned with 'getting it right'. Just fucking release something, write until you're done, put it in the thread and see if any of your anxieties are actually valid or if you're just being autistic thinking about the quality of vtuber fanfiction.

>> No.7153886

Well, to an extent, this. Bad writing is considerably better than no writing. Reps, niggers, do them.

>> No.7154075

Ok after a little motivation and advice from the previous thread. I finally got continuing 'Matsuri's baby carrot' with a short fellatio scene.


Of course it's still not finished but I'm looking for feedback because it's actually the first time I've written smut.

>> No.7154234

See dude, I knew you had it in you. This is good stuff. Plus, I can enjoy it, as there's barely any mentions of her wiener. I honestly expected a lot worse - seems you did your grammar reps.

Solid writing, anon.

>> No.7154320

A few issues I may have imagined aside there's nothing wrong with this. The pacing could be a little better, but it accomplishes what you want it to.

>> No.7154426

Very nice anon, gave me a chub.

You can probably extend out the ejaculation scene to be more impactful but otherwise I like it. Like I thought the inner monologue worked out pretty well when you use it the right way.

>> No.7154500

If you're working on this do you want me to put the one I was working on aside?

>> No.7154598

Yeah I guess it feel like it ends rather abruptly but if you could tell me what issues you had with it? Even if it's the smallest of nitpicks, I would like to know.

Thank you, I plan to extend the end of it a little longer.

I actually implore you to continue. I'm excited to see how you would write it anon.

>> No.7154675

It feels a bit dry towards the end, almost surgical; when Matsuri is left in the daze towards the end, it'd be nice if you could describe the sort of passive movement her body gives off. Is she twitching from pleasure, or is she stock still, nearly dead? Also, punctuation. I've noticed a few areas that could do with a comma or ellipses to help the sentence feel better, but those are just nitpicks. It has potential.

>> No.7154751

Yeah... I cranked one out.

I don't like futa, but I am a HUGE sucker for blowjobs (pun intended) and this rubbed me the right way. Specifically, the line about the once-silent cubicle being ffilled with the sounds of slurping and sucking - got me good as I imagined the inexperienced yet horny Matsuri sucking a dick with all her might.

my Matsuri didn't have a penis tho

>> No.7154851

Ah thanks for the feedback. Even if you consider a nitpick it really helps to know such things. I'll continue to work on it.

Glad you enjoyed it.

>> No.7155042

It really is that easy to please people with smut. Just a test run and you've already got people jerking off. Keep going, champ, you're making me proud, us proud, and hopefully, yourself proud.

>> No.7155070

Feels like prayers got answered. Not only was this one of my prompts (no clue if you even saw it, "Matsuri convinces you to flash your dick to her") But also I've been saying many times how the first part was good enough to blow a load and needed a continuation.

As per criticism, I feel like the change from the part 1 to part 2 in character personality is a bit drastic. You could have her possibly sobbing in your arms after you laughed at her, so you feel bad, you stroke her hair a bit; after a while you both calm down and finally the story ensues. You also need to make more notice of Matsuri's dick in this story, if not saying Matsuri was touching her dick while you ravaged her, at least describe you noticing she started cumming. The writing style is very non formal and unprofessional which makes it pretty unique as if (you) were narrating the events as it happened, but some more description of certain events would do well.

>> No.7155285

Damn, uh, thanks. I’m glad you guys like my story so much

>> No.7155412

Uh, I’m kind of working on one too right now.

>> No.7155429

Nah, thank you. Many good nuts.

hurt me daddy

>> No.7155458

I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I was just curious. Also, who is it about if you don’t mind me asking?

>> No.7155462

On the subject of smut, which stories do you keep coming back to when you need to bust one out?

>> No.7155509

see >>7155285

>> No.7155568

If you’ve written an anal fic, take comfort knowing that I have nut to it so you basically jerked another man off.

>> No.7155621

It’s a story about Amelia, but that’s about all I can say because I don’t want to spoil it. I don’t watch too much of her so I’m trying to do Ame reps because I’m worried I won’t be able to write her well.

>> No.7155632

Anon x Anon comes early this year!

>> No.7155634

Virtually anything Fubuki. We've got some fantastic smut of her in there. It's difficult to choose, though. Foxfriend and ryona play are my favourites. Petting your fox has fantastic writing and established context for the lewds, which is excellent, but the sex was just one-sided foreplay and was fairly short. Matthewanon is writing a sequel which I am super hyped for, along with incestficanon.

Nice, hope it was a thick one.

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There's stories which i find very good and could definitely bust a nut to, but as far as a guaranteed nut whenever i want to go back? Interrogation is definitely it. That stuff was guchi. I've probably visited it over 5 times by now and it never left me hanging. Needed more Luna tho, author pls

As far as favorites go, it's probably Luna's assistant, Nursing Catto and Whoops. The futowa trilogy made by different anons is also decent.

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>Error! No results found.
People are missing out.

>> No.7155728

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It did need more Luna. I'm usually worried about writing her because of the verbal tick. Maybe in the future after I finish Futa Matsuri getting fucked in the bathroom, Holofantasy Hag Sex Ed and the actual next chapter of HF.

>> No.7155798

The fuck. What kind of... Huh... So you're the author of HoloFantasy and you did those and you're making a futa one and... Man I'm kinda speechless.

>> No.7155820

he's managing the archive too
a man of many talents

>> No.7155906

Holy shit I didn't realize archive anon was continuing my story. I'm honored you would do so.

>> No.7155966

Archiveanon wrote holofantasy?

>> No.7156074

I've made fuckton of stuff for the thread and a decent amount of them are smut. I did the Kiara/Employee series, the bully girls, more than a handful of Fubuki ones but none reaching the level of quality as Exposure Therapy and the like, etc.
Yeah. I try to contribute to the thread in more than one way.

>> No.7156827

I kneel.

>> No.7157205

>bully girls
thats one of my favorites

"breaking me down into an obedient little kitty cat?" is one of the hottest fucking things ive ever read

>> No.7157301

I have ejaculated to your Ina smut side chapter 3 times

>> No.7157835

Taking your lovely gf Ina to one of her peoples favorite pastimes, hockey.

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I'm almost 4k words in at the incest fic and I haven't even gotten to any penetration yet. I can probably finish the fic by this week. I'm definitely excited to finish and it's by far my longest fic yet. I'll try not to disappoint anyone!

>> No.7158074 [DELETED] 

You've disappointed me.

>> No.7158090

I am unbelievably hyped for this.

>> No.7158114

My dick is ready

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>> No.7158327

She is death's apprentice. She isn't death itself. She's probably her secretary that sucks Death's boney dick from time to time at best.

>> No.7158336
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God, knight Kiara is making me feel things

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File: 519 KB, 1676x4096, EpVGGfPU0AE9_-D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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This isn't an image general, please do not spam your faggot ass OC universe comics here.

>> No.7158580

Death is a goth chick.

>> No.7158616

Hell yeah anon.
A story that's so "out there" deserves a proper buildup.

>> No.7158681

I'm grateful; that's why they're written, after all.

>> No.7158711
File: 2.11 MB, 1135x2048, image_2021-07-27_190634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So when are the Rosemi Lovecock jokes sprout?

>> No.7158733


>> No.7158813

NTA, but aren’t comics stories in their own right?
Sure, containing visuals puts them in a weird limbo where they don’t perfectly fit on /dt/ OR /wg/, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they don’t belong outright.

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Why are there seemingly so many people that like Nijisanji in here and yet none of them ever write themselves? I understand the ratio of writer/consoomer is pretty unbalanced but it is pretty ridiculous that even Risu, the one with least memberships in Hololive, has more stories than the entirety of Nijisanji.

>> No.7158894

That’s a little gay desu

>> No.7158994

As much as I don't like webtoons, the other anon is right. They're still stories. Maybe they should post em all in a single imgur link or smth.

>> No.7159342
File: 78 KB, 575x967, E4KDAASXwAkkTJs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeesh, I literally just posted it because I thought knight Kiara was kinda hot, but thought it would be weird to just post the middle part with no context
if you need a prompt to make it relevant

>(You) are a Germanic soldier and Kiara saves your life, and uhhhhhhhhhh sex I guess.

>> No.7159679

holy fuck I kneel and am ready to receive your cock

>> No.7159684

There are some nijis I like but I don't really watch them as much anymore, so it would be difficult to characterize them properly.

The reality is that sometimes you get stuck in a mold, and it fits you well enough and has so much content that there's little reason to branch out. Early on I was consuming any translated vtuber content I could get my hands on when we'd get a handful of translated clips a day. But now I there's an abundance of content to watch while my time to consume it has consistently gone down, so I focus on the ones I like the most.

I'd love to write a story with Inui or Ange, but I just don't have time to follow them as much anymore.

>> No.7160068


>> No.7160137

listen, the only way I'm learning new things about vtubers that would make more interesting prompts/stories is either through symbiosis with this board or through funny meme clips

>> No.7160663

Anon gets lucky with Anon and yet Lamy still refuses to admit she has feelings for me. This is a cruel world. Lamy makes me want to give up on her and just fuck the other girls in gen 5.

>> No.7160724


>> No.7160745
File: 2.29 MB, 1302x1842, 91451645_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found the perfect image companion to that one futa Shion fic

>> No.7160792

Are you implying Lamy isn't a woman anon?

>> No.7160896

Thoughts on adding images to your story? Edits with the chuuba in it, environment pictures, pictures to show an object in more detail, etc.

Personally am mostly against it

>> No.7160975

I mean if the writeanon wants to I'd say as long as there isn't a picture every few lines or some shit that it's fine.

>> No.7160990

Seriously dependent on the execution. A cover image or some such at the top is alright in my opinion. Just don't make it mostly photos.

>> No.7161057

As long as it’s not practically a picture book it’s fine

>> No.7161136

Do whatever with shit you make. What are they going to do, not read it?

>> No.7161172

Lamys arent trannies anon!

>> No.7161274

some anon was begging for a pregnant Selen fic complete with a pic, so I wrote it and included the pic in my works at the end because I thought it was a cute pic.

That story was also posted to the NijiEN general and received some mixed reviews., mainly because of implied NTR. That was funny.

Also, for >>7158814, I did write a Niji fic, and I intend to do more in the future.

>> No.7161416

It's fine as long as they don't go full caption stories. You know the type that has a full fucking story on both sides of an image. As long as it's still readable it's fine.

>> No.7161517

Maybe a sequel bringing Elira back for a threesome

>> No.7161596

Lamy publicly turns down Anon's confession of undying love yet again. The crestfallen Anon is cheered up by the rest of gen 5 after his public displays of love awaken their pure maiden hearts.

>> No.7162613

>Funny shenanigans where Botan, Nene and Polka all constantly try to get with Anon, but he only has eyes for Lamy and can only reply "No way fag" to their increasingly desperate advances.

>> No.7162899

>"Anon Please I'm begging you, Botan's eggs only have so much time left, Polka will probably become a serial killer if she doesn't get some dick, and poor Nene was planning your wedding with her until you ignored her and now she hasn't stopped crying for the past few days."
>"Maybe Lamy will accept my love if I bring her this new expensive brand of sake...."
>"Anon please they desperately need dick."

>> No.7162929
File: 1.20 MB, 1060x1500, 85690887_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what can I say? I did it for my first story because it was short. I'm fine with its shortness but I felt like the image helps fill in the blanks in terms of visualization.
[spoiler[ https://imgur.com/inc705A [/spoiler]

>> No.7164005


>> No.7164218
File: 647 KB, 800x900, EdJLuTHXkAEoTUZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gentlemen, I seem to have regained my mojo to resume writing.

That's all.

>> No.7164323

I feel like I mention it every thread at this point but Nursing Catto really is the best story in the archive.

>> No.7164430

Anon got his mojo back!

>> No.7164503

Nursing catto makes me crave more lazy loving lust filled sex.

>> No.7164798
File: 35 KB, 148x175, 2020-07-18 14_02_24-Window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm happy you enjoy it that much, anon.

I wrote part of that on the clock, so technically my company paid for your spank material by the way.

Just did some editing/revising what I wrote so far, and some more fresh ideas came into mind to progress the story so things are looking up.

I just had to run away from home for a few days I guess.

>> No.7164848

It's only fair, I end up reading some of these on the clock as well.

>> No.7165075

A-anon are you jacking it to smut while you work?

>> No.7165122

Nah, just reading.

>> No.7165420

You can't pull the wool over ol' Anon's eyes Anon. You're slingin' your meat to Nursing Catto while at work. Beatin' your cock on the clock.

>> No.7165498

I don't think Woops deserves to be next to those two but thanks for liking my work.

Also I guess I misspelled whoops

>> No.7165511
File: 248 KB, 850x1202, drunk bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hopefully it's to your liking.


Tags: Matsuri, NSFW, Futanari

>> No.7165537

Nice poetry, but it really is just that I tend to catch up on new stories here during slow times and sometimes it's smut that's being posted. Is that really so weird?

>> No.7165623


>> No.7165625

>you whip out your cock - codenamed ‘Prometheus’

>> No.7165848

Well it was my prompt so naturally I'm more inclined to like it. Sure, it may not be the best story but it is the best in my heart.

Make the cumshot more impactful! The reader is supposed to finish with the cum moment in the story. Finishing the section and wondering "when did she cum?" isn't ideal

>> No.7166394

I'll fix it for you anon. This is my only 'pure smut' fic so please give me any other criticism you have and I'll try to make your dick proud.

>> No.7167156

Lamy is a woman, but the 40 year old behind the computer roleplaying as her is, in fact, not a woman.

>> No.7167402

Roleplaying? Anon that's actually Lamy. I don't know why you think it's some dude roleplaying.

>> No.7167482

Dang how do you writeanons get so good?

>> No.7167508


>> No.7167540

Good to hear my friend, let’s keep at it

>> No.7167543


>> No.7167570


>> No.7167644

By constantly being disappointed with your own writing and desperately trying to improve it, only to be disappointed again.

>> No.7167702

keep reading, keep writing, and keep getting disappointed in yourself when you read better works so it motivates you to improve. repeat.

>> No.7168135

i dunno why disappointment motivates you
personally it just makes me want to stop
only being collectively indirectly jerked off by other writeanons do i muster the strength to continue pressing keys on my keyboard in a manner that produces what resembles words upon my screen

>> No.7168383

it's not disappointment per se. It's more of a drive to improve my works. I use the negative feelings of my own impostor syndrome and turn it into rage/spite to work harder. Not exactly the healthiest way, admittedly, as I do try to write out of my own love of writing, but if I'm already going to feel bad I might as well channel that energy for something productive.

>> No.7168392

Read a lot and do your writing reps.

>> No.7168484

>i dunno why disappointment motivates you
NTA, but for me it's something like "This story sucks. I'll make the next one suck a little less."

>> No.7168518
File: 894 KB, 902x1280, 18 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just be myself

>> No.7168522

You probably not as bad as you think you are. I hadn't written anything in like 5+ years, let alone shared them with anyone. But I did here on a whim and people really enjoyed it. From then on it's just recognizing your own faults and avoiding them in the future.

>> No.7168569

you won't, though. if anything, without a metric to focus on, it'll just suck more as you flail about like a dying seal trying to figure out where you went wrong and changing shit

it's much easier to submerge yourself in a pool of your own acrid mediocrity

>> No.7168661

You need some Vergil in your life

>> No.7168703

How do I write convincing dialogue aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.7168718

As a art anon, what you just said sounds extremely wrong and stupid. Not sure about writing but as far as im concerned, if you know X part sucked, that means you know you did something wrong, and thus you will focus on improving it. Knowing that you're bad and where you went wrong is half the fight already. This applies pretty much anywhere

>> No.7168754

just put "anon i want to sexing your penor" and said penor will do the rest deciphering it into usable arousal

>> No.7168778

Pekora was not a princess! she was only pretending and cannot even pronounce the name of the royal family, she's actually a low ranking commoner!

>> No.7168833

it's just kind of silly

>> No.7168916

Holy shit this was great. That scene of fucking matsuri as she's getting her lil futa cock humiliated via her reflection was everything you could want out of a little dick futa story.

>> No.7168930

You have a reputation for being placid and unflappable, and the Holos will get a reaction out of you by any means necessary.

>> No.7168964
File: 129 KB, 868x868, 1626560207910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spoilers man! Use em! I was gonna use this as the material for tonight but you've gone and ruined it...

>> No.7168973

That's the secret. I don't.

>> No.7169178

so in the sense where you're just stoic and unfeeling, or more of the depressed and apathetic towards things?

>> No.7169240

Had the former in mind, but the latter is fine too.

>> No.7169459

you accidentally headpatted one of the Holos as reward for a job well done one day, and now other Holos start to ask you for headpats, even ones that seem like they don't enjoy such things

>> No.7169551

The latter sounds nice, the holos try to bring anon out of his depression by making him feel things again.

>> No.7169610

It's okay, Anon. I'm sure you'll have no trouble draining yourself.

>> No.7169668

Ok, name us some Niji girls that fall deep in the spectrum of autism so we have someone besides Aqua to project our disability fetish.

>> No.7169752

even better, name one that at least onr writeanon and multiple readers care about lol

gotta have both a supply and demand

>> No.7169889

holy fuck that was hot as all hell anon. The blowjob turning into absolutely wrecking her ass and turning her into a mind broken slut is just, wow, you've got a way with words man

Roberus reaction at the end was the golden cherry on top.

>> No.7170011

>name one that at least onr writeanon and multiple readers care about

>> No.7170475

Shion, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Shi-on; the tip of the tongue taking a trip of two steps down the palate to tap, once, then pulling back. Shi. On.

shamelessly stolen but speaking of which: Dating Aqua just to molest the brat that lives with her.

>> No.7170701

I remember that one girl that had a really stupid conversation with an indonesian but I dont know if shes crippling autistic or something.

>> No.7170963
File: 431 KB, 633x677, 1627424308933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are absolutely correct. That's Fumino Tamaki aka Noraneko. She isn't debilitatingly autistic like Aqua, she's more balls to walls nuthead where she would put clothes pegs on her nipples until it gets necrosis.

I fucking love this shitty cat.

>> No.7171759

Whatever happened to the anon that was writing that psycho killer sequel?
Did they give up? Lost interest?

>> No.7171905
File: 756 KB, 1080x1080, 1625619634102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh you're right... I busted a nut so hard i missed the tissue.

Matsuri was doroling somewhere in the middle of this story. Maybe you meant drool tho? I'll forgive this mistake if you make more of futa

>> No.7172132

Fixed. Futa isn't necessarily my rag but Matsuri stokes the fires of my cock, and I really liked the idea of humiliating her, so I went with it. I can't promise more in the future.

>> No.7172525

gloves off

>> No.7172895
File: 4 KB, 207x75, UnfinishedPK2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've basically restarted from scratch. I just wasn't happy with most of it, and I didn't feel like I was getting across the key trait Mori has in the story, being that she is dangerously unwilling to let go of things that she has or wants(There were gonna be mentions of drawers filled to the brim with pencils sharpened down to their ends and empty pens), the rest of EN included. It was during that that I realized that the only way she would treat (You) any different from everyone else once she went mask off was that she would have sex with you, which seemed off considering you're the only person she romantically loves. I also wanted Amelia to be the one to really figure out Moris deal, but she wasn't really an active character until it was her POV, and I don't think her just being told about events as being a satisfying way to do that.

Having to rewrite the entire thing is a daunting enough task that it's killed my motivation to work on it for the next little while. Thankfully it's not my drive to write entirely, but I hate to disappoint regardless.

>> No.7172997

Foxfriend and the Overly nice boyfriend.

>> No.7173138

that's a good one, innit

>> No.7173226

Wingman Here is a sleeper hit, I'm telling you.

>> No.7173347

No one seems to have asked this question ITT yet:

What are you currently working on?

>> No.7173384

Maybe because it doesn’t need to be said in every thread

>> No.7173463

It’s a nice way to get conversation going, and for writeanons to keep people posted.
For example, if you posted a prompt, this’d be a good way to find out if anyone picked it up.

>> No.7173474

I am still writing the Choco/Mio discipline session I SWEAR

>> No.7173515

>shamelessly stolen
I mean, doesn't basically everybody know the opening lines of Lolita?

>> No.7173896

>It was during that that I realized that the only way she would treat (You) any different from everyone else once she went mask off was that she would have sex with you, which seemed off considering you're the only person she romantically loves
I mean she can treat (you) differently in little ways when interacting with her friends. Doesn't necessarily have to be behind closed doors. Could be that Mori puts a little bit more emphasis on her relationship with (you) then the rest of EN by putting (you) first. Could be that Mori is lovestruck when talking to (you) and the rest of EN can see that with her body language. Could be when Amelia and Kiara decided to tease you a bit when Mori decides to tell them they're dating, with Mori holding your hand underneath the table while seething quietly and force to put up a smile.

>I also wanted Amelia to be the one to really figure out Moris deal, but she wasn't really an active character until it was her POV, and I don't think her just being told about events as being a satisfying way to do that.
Have you decided to break Tainted Love down into Chapters instead of just one huge fic? It could be easier for you and allow you to focus on specific POV.

>> No.7174425
File: 726 KB, 1563x2048, 1627088560046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y'know its ironic that people decided they want happy stuff now, the second I worked this out


I guess I have a direction to go in now, happy polka fics incoming eventually.

>> No.7174591

>Have you decided to break Tainted Love down into Chapters instead of just one huge fic?
It basically already was, so I probably will. The format was essentially individual incidents that clued them in to Mori being psycho, told from the other person's perspective. So, the incident that made Ina realize would be from Ina's perspective and so on.

I will definitely show Mori's love of you more, partly why I restarted was because I wanted to have more in and around the main events of each parts, cause I thought I was mainly just focusing on the menhera moments she'd have.

>> No.7174644


>> No.7174762

Thank you for helping link stuff to the story anchor.

>> No.7174918

Did Polka die and go to hell at the end there?

>> No.7174973

It's possible. Its also possible I was doing a time loop exercise for a upcoming fic idea.

>> No.7175306

I fucking kneel anon. I'm so happy you took on my work.

>> No.7175506

>Rosemi Edition
>Check rentry
>ctrl f Rosemi
>no results
Why are you like this?

>> No.7175532

we feed on your disappointment

>> No.7175576

Of course. It's only fair, considering I was one of the ones who asked if you were going to make a sequel to begin with. Should you continue with your own proper sequel, I look forward to it. Glad you enjoyed it!

>> No.7175734

still workshopping that Fubuki smut fic I want to write. I have the ideas and scenes in my head, but putting it down into writing is still taking a bit.

>> No.7175807

I was writing a story that honestly focused on Kanaeboshi sex more than Matuli being cucked but after seeing her so upset lately I lost motivation to finish it...

>> No.7175861

no... writeanon. I was looking forward to this piece the most. But if you do not have the strength...

>> No.7175900



>> No.7176216
File: 147 KB, 1094x889, E6Z7zMAVUAI6RpB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making progress with my AmeSame fic, gimme criticism, please.


>> No.7176564

She's a collective

>> No.7178267

a chuuba constantly annoys you saying he/she would never sleep with you but deep down desires you the fuck the shit out of them.

sounds kinda too close to the newly posted Matsuri's Baby Carrot fic tho

>> No.7178357

There's also a Risu story that fits that bill I think.

>> No.7178797

Trying my hand at writing for the first time in forever. It's gonna be IRyS NTR, where she gets cucked by Kiara. Admittedly, I haven't watched any of her streams yet so I'm going with her personality based on what /vt/ told me. (Nice, good singer, but a bit boring. Perfect for a NTR protagonist!)
I don't think it'll be crazy good, because on top of being ESL I'm writing this at work on my phone in my notepad app, but I hope some anons will like it!

>> No.7179016

I like AmeSame, let's take a lo-
>16 chapters, 21 thousand words

>> No.7179046

>Don't watch her streams
>Still write fictions about her
do people here really do this?

>> No.7179097

Please anon, I can explain! I was only going to write a short little fic, but my fingers wouldn't stop!

>> No.7179269

Yes, I am doing this. Her role's gonna be pretty minor anyways.

>> No.7179302

Absolutely. It's not Aqua I care about, it's her assets.

>> No.7179397

Can't speak for anyone else, but I sure as hell do.

>> No.7179456

Watched clips, ya know. From every clippers on youtube. Try 10 minute long translated highlights. Coulda watched a Chuubas entire catalogue twice over if I hadn't been a clipfag. I'm not one of those r/hololive pansies. I could do VOD reps for any Niji... with just clips! Don't fuck with this clipfag

>> No.7179508

What are we supposed to do, watch the whole VOD archive for every chuuba we want to write about? For what reason? "Authenticity", as we fuck every hole ob them and kill them in tragedies?

>> No.7179586

I try my best to write about chuubas I actually watch but in all due honesty I would still miss out on certain characteristics anyways because my story would require slight deviation on characterization(like how the fuck am I going to fuck Noel with her character?). Prioritize the quality of the story, if not you won't enjoy shit.

>> No.7179777

Also, Gura grows 2 dicks and fuck Ame till she passes out in my fic.

>> No.7179802

Oookay then. More power to you, but I'm going to skip this one.

>> No.7179931

Ok I might actually read it then when I find the time.

>> No.7180026

Hey, sharks do have two cocks

>> No.7180067

Not knocking your fetish or anything, futa just flat makes my stomach turn. I'd actually rather read scat.

>> No.7180081

It happens in chapters 9 and 10 if you wanna skip the lesbian sex leading up to it. Then there's tentacle sex in chapter 15

>> No.7180410

I try to get a feel but I by no means watch everything they put out. I read up on them, catch some clips, try to get a personality read.

>> No.7180444

>Astel, Roboco, and Choco-sensei playing in Apex tournament.

Yessss I await the kino content to inspire me to write for filthy fics.

>> No.7180611
File: 628 KB, 687x680, 436356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's clear you've put an absolute fuck tonne of work into this and the prose is great, so well done to you. I also like the illustrations you used too.

As for criticism, I feel it better if I gave suggestions to you instead. Firstly as >>7179016 mentioned, some content editing could make it more palatable. Something as simple as adding the chapter drop down bar would be great. To be honest I'm even hesitant suggesting this because the story is pretty tight to begin with despite the word count.

Secondly, and this is just my opinion, I think during the intensely intimate scenes between Ame and Gura they would vocalize what they're feeling to a larger extent. Basically I like the dialogue a lot in this and would like to see what they're thinking or feeling as much as possible.

Lastly it reads like a femanon wrote this which is perfect for a F/F story, so whatever you do keep that feminine writing style up! Best of luck to you and I look forward to the completed project.


>> No.7180950

Thank you anon, your validation is absolutely feeding me. I'll save your post for when I feel like my writing is dogshit and I'm a disgusting horny toad for writing it.


>> No.7182938

picked up

>> No.7183271

did that one anon ever get back from the hospital?
My lawyers have advised me not to elaborate.

>> No.7183375

A story about finding out that Ame was behind every bad event in your life all so she could have you all to herself.

>> No.7183695

Simple - I don't.

>> No.7183778

Pretty much all Fubuki smut. Especially Foxfriend and Overly Nice Boyfriend, Petting Your Fox (hyped as all hell for the sequel) and Doing Fubuki in her Butt.

>> No.7183958

Godspeed Anon! We truly are blessed!

>> No.7184099


>> No.7184323

Oh I'm retarded, this was meant for >>7155462
Very unfortunate that the post it was replying to didn't completely not make sense.

>> No.7184391

never heard of this. spicy intra-thread rrat?

>> No.7184425

Not even close. I just don’t want to bring up many of the details again.
Basically, a writeanon got sick and was hospitalized. That's all I want to say on the topic.

>> No.7184477

You know for a fact they didn't because you post in every single one of these threads and you would have been the very first person to notice. Schizo.

>> No.7184847

Okay, that’s a fair point. My bad.
I’ll just keep doing what I was doing(keeping my mouth shut about fucking farts) and wait. Sorry for bringing it up again.

>> No.7184892
File: 406 KB, 1000x1211, 1598392723806.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a deeply autistic fartfag got a writer hospitalized, and will never, ever stop talking about it.

>> No.7184988

That seems a little hyperbolic.

>> No.7185052
File: 58 KB, 584x350, SEAWEED BASTARD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm apologizing in advance because the announcement of Astel, RBC and Choco-sensei being in one team for the apex tourney got the brainrot kicking in again.

>> No.7186179


>> No.7186387
File: 390 KB, 500x500, 1612497654104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Can't stop thinking about making out with tiny weiner futa Matsuri as she rides you face-to-face and ends up cumming on your stomach
Being reminded of that story has awoken something dark.

>> No.7186476

It's okay Anon, taking breaks is absolutely okay. Don't feel obliged to get it out as soon as possible. We're all excited to read it, but we know good things take a while.
Go at your own pace, we're looking forward to the story!

>> No.7186750
File: 236 KB, 375x316, 2020-07-02 12_09_11-Window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good shit anon, this one got me good. Ass fucking and humiliation play/maledom? You hit me right where it hurts.

>> No.7187419

Holy shit I just caught up with Menhera Wrangler and there's no picture in my gallery to describe >mfw

>> No.7188440

Did you rike it?

>> No.7188477

Absolutely fucking great work anon. Bookmarked for easy access.

>> No.7189285

describe a story badly and see if anyone can guess what it is

>> No.7189295


>> No.7189338

Awful idea

>> No.7189439

Wow you guys are really good at this game. You guys got me stumped.

>> No.7189467

Feck off

>> No.7189502

your oshi, my cock

>> No.7189539
File: 120 KB, 1024x748, 1625077713183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh boy, I got something for you then

I finished writing a sequel to "A Deal with Death". I tried to flesh out the characters a little more this time.


>> No.7189627

2000 character limit isn't enough to list every story in the archive anonchama.

>> No.7189691

Self insert visits the psych ward.

>> No.7189764


>> No.7189778

I riked it so much that I started to appreciate fubuki
[Spoiler]Anon was a retard for not shagging Marine or the animal girls before he died though[/Spoiler]

>> No.7189811

Wait, that's not a story, that's just my normal thought process!

>> No.7189857

the first Holofantasy ALT chapter

>> No.7189919

Whenever I see this it brings a wide smile across my face to know someone saved that nonsense. Goddamnit.

>> No.7190040

Ding Ding Ding!

I find it hilarious. Helps it was posted with some great smut too.

>> No.7190070

therapist needs therapy badly

>> No.7190262

Anon, your spoiler reps...

Also, thank you for enjoying my works, and don't worry, the Fubuki smut I'm working on is a side chapter for this series. But it'll take some time

>> No.7190293

I'll try to keep the quality up then. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, my friend.

>> No.7190317

Tard wangler?

>> No.7190336

As long as we kiss Coco on the mouth at some point you'll be golden.

>> No.7190374


>> No.7190823

Don't lick the glass

>> No.7190883

Roll on every chance for this so there's a possibility it will never happen, against all odds

>> No.7191383

Really great stuff as usual writeanon! You've really dialed in on an interesting dynamic between Ollie and Mori. I'm looking forward to see how this story concludes.


>> No.7192879
File: 102 KB, 1204x755, E4QdJfsVkAEdJ17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Evens I finish one of these damn stories. Odds go eat breakfast and play vidya.

>> No.7192938

If this post ends in 1-9 you finish one of those damn stories instead of eating breakfast and playing vidya.

>> No.7193020
File: 49 KB, 541x843, 1626904832280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, it's one of those fat lazy days.

>> No.7193146

Obese whore, next time eat a salad.

>> No.7193255

Thank you, I already have ideas for an emotional conclusion to the story but I will probably focus on some other stuff first.

>> No.7193273

Obese whore, next time eat my cum

>> No.7193310

This made me picture Okayu as the Heavy and I wish it didn’t.

>> No.7193589


>> No.7194116
File: 156 KB, 718x499, olivia story.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To the Anon who said he's going to write a story based around this scenario and post it on Writing General but then disappeared - you're a huge homosexual for not getting around to do it

>> No.7194342
File: 44 KB, 679x520, 1620083283271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ina collabs with the 5th gen girls and they all get drunk. Ina then rapes polka, nene and lamy-chan violently using her tentacles

>> No.7194397

>rapes polka
anon polka is probably be desperate enough that shes the one starting it

>> No.7194443

On one hand im happy you left botan out of that. on the other, where the fuck did she go. To get milk?

>> No.7194465

She see where it's going and just bails

>> No.7194601

Smart kitty.

>> No.7194695

>Polka asks about Ina's tentacle dexterity, Botan excuses herself to go to the bathroom.
>*Sounds of sprinting, a door being slammed, running down a flight of stairs, a car being started and speeding off*

>> No.7194837

>All while laughing her ass off because she doesn't know how else to cope with that.

>> No.7194899

>"This isn't even my car."

>> No.7194973

I reasonable sacrifice to keep her tentacle virginity. The owner would understand I'm sure

>> No.7194990

Aqua thinks that (You) don't have many friends and wants to change that by becoming your friend. So you convince Aqua that the best way for her to become better friends with you is to "play games" with you. These games involve you taking advantage of the fact that Aqua doesn't know what sex is and then ravenously fucking her. Aqua doesn't really know what she's doing but she knows it makes you happy and feels good, and she feels like the two of you are becoming better friends. So, excited to help you make even MORE friends, Aqua unknowingly tricks another Holo into fucked silly by you.

>> No.7195040

She's out picking up pizza and walks in mid-intercourse.

>> No.7195063

Is the rug on fire too?

>> No.7195086

Gyaru Elf!

>> No.7195136

>Botan walks in to find polka on fire and being spun around by the tentacles inserted in her
>Lamy and Nene are fighting over who can take the most tentacles at onece
>Both faint after the first insertion
>Ina's head snaps over at Botan and her eyes lens flare
>Botan feels fear for the first time in her hag life

>> No.7195156


>> No.7195177 [SPOILER] 
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Yes, Polka was trying to "spice things up". She was all "Hot and Bothered". Make sure to cook it properly before you... carpet muncher...

>> No.7195216

If i saw my friend get fucked by a tentacle so hard she burst into flame id be scared too.

>> No.7195623

kek that was very hot and funny at the sametime. Poor Roberu

>> No.7195645

No bad tako.

>> No.7197390

Holofightz Mel haunts my dreams but ideas for a fic involving her? elude me

>> No.7197787

trying to find a way to wrap up a short okakoro fic right now, hopefully i can post it early next thread

>> No.7199014
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>> No.7199301


>> No.7199303

End of thread exercise.

How would you fuck these four all at once?

>> No.7199336


Starting to get into the groove of this Mori potty training story. I'm taking the fluffy route but rest assured I will try to make it absolutely vile also.

>> No.7199406

I don't know if anyone actually uses the google doc archive but I updated it

>> No.7199547

So how often do you guys end up using the prompt archive to find a story?

>> No.7199624

give them some strap-ons and enjoy the show

>> No.7199638

I would probably start with Shion or Matsuri, blow my load in less than 2 minutes, try to get it up again and fail. Then the girls all leave.

>> No.7199674

Hardly ever, but I like that I have the option to look when the threads slow.

>> No.7200265


>> No.7200376

A story about an indie vtuber.

>> No.7200430

(You) and Marine flirt very publicly with each other to the point it grosses out all the other Holo's. You both very clearly want each other. There's only one problem, you're both paper tigers. Someone needs to help these terrified virgins out.

>> No.7200545

new thread

>> No.7200891

There was also someone who said they would do an Astel x Olivia story, wonder where they went.

>> No.7201105

I actually check there pretty often when I’m feeling stumped, but there’s a shit ton of prompts so it’s not easy to navigate.

>> No.7201409

I cruise through there every once in a while, but since I don't do direct 1:1 stories based off the prompts then I don't really link them together. It's more an idea for a name and a situation to start from, but then shoot off from there pretty harshly.

>> No.7201589

Please include details so writeanons might be more incentivized to pick up your prompt :)

>> No.7202203

A story

>> No.7202341


>> No.7202402


>> No.7202433


>> No.7202741
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>> No.7202780

gura… details in your prompt onegai…

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