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Who exactly was Irys made for? Because her English singing is really bad. Seriously, even Mousey runs circles around her, and she has lung disease.

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Her model looks atrocious too since we're listing things

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For me, she was made for me.

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For me, she was made for me.

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For me, she was made for me.

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She was made for me, specifically my cock. IRyS love

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Her hole was made for me.

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For me, she was made for me.

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>Who exactly was Irys made for?

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For me, she was made for me.

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I love her bros... its not even normal...

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she was made for me, sorry
i know, i have weird tastes

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Made for momfags whose mother didn't give them enough attention as a kid.

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This, literally my mom's vsinger

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I love her. She was made for me. Don't believe all the anons before me.

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Is it normal for people to drink diluted vinegar? That seemed really odd to me.

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Th-this is my hoe! It was made for me!

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first time I heard of that as well. Irys is weird.

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If it's apple cider vinegar, yes. I do that too.

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It's not that weird, some people drink pickle juice which is the same thing. Mostly shows up with gymrats from what I've seen.

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She was made for me and my love

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she was made, in fact, for me
and for me alone

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ooh lala it's this thread again.

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I think she's good overall, but her singing feels like it lacks confidence, which could be because she's still new to this. Confidence is important in singing because without it you'll end up like Ame where her low confidence causes her to keep singing poorly as though it's a shield from criticism if you don't try.

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>her English singing is really bad
Yeah its almost like she was chosen by a bunch of Japanese execs that speak poor English.

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>her English singing is really bad
she wants to sing weeb songs more.

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For me, she was made for me

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I thought it was her ESL showing through and she meant something else.

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Cute hag made for sex!

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my mom used to do that, it's good for your gut flora or something? she made it sound like it was semi-common

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People have been drinking vinegar since the Roman Empire, apparently

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For me, she was made for me.

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She was made for people who enjoy vtubers. Seriously, she is a joy to watch. She tries to keep this somewhat mature facade on stream but she is just as clumsy and ditzy as freaking Miko. The gap moe is intense.

>her singing is really bad
Ok, now you are just trolling

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>Even Mousey
Mouse fucking mogs most vsingers with her voice control.

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She has a nicer speaking voice than half of EN, enjoys games and can sing. She belongs more than a couple others. Also she looks like Moruru

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Moruru actually looked good.

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> get popular by two shitty meme japanese songs
> somehow they think she is a great singer

well you tell me...

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Thanks for the laugh anon

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I thought her singing was really good...

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>Most Vsinger
Your "most vsinger" must be pretty shitty to be mogged by a dying girl

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Her voice and the way she sings English songs are very Broadway. Let her sing I dreamed a dream or Defying Gravity. Her voice will fit better. I don't she will be able to hit the hight notes though. She can try.

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Also she's mine. She's was intended for me.

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Come on dude, at least try. https://youtu.be/2l--YtC6Nkk

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She sings like an American voice actor trying to voice act as a 16 year old

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imagine what lack of talent will have the rest of the girls who applied

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YES! This is exactly it. She sounds like a wee b doing karaoke.

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I don't care what the lore is when she opens her mouth she looks like a vampire.

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"Dying girl" is a trained Broadway singer.

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Nah. Her voice is very natural. That's really her voice. Rosemi to me is a voice that sounds pitched up. Irys just sings with a clear voice with perfect pronunciation. It would be better for her to sing songs from musicals or disney songs

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For me, she was made for me

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What do you mean "even mousey"?
Mouse's singing is absolutely breath taking when she's able to go all out.

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Rosemi's voice is pitched up but I'm not sure why you're bringing her up here. Irys sounds like an anime dub voice actor. It's her real voice but it sounds like she's acting when she sings in English.

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Yeah but for all the hype centered around her, shouldn't she be better? I didn't expect her to be so mediocre.

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>When I'm Gone
By which artist?

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You put into words what I was thinking

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Who is your oshi?

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You think she's "acting" when she's just articulating the words very well. I gave Rosemi because of your weird 16 yr old reference. She's not doing anything weird with her voice. Japanese songs has the tendency to do this since words will mean differently if voiced differently. If chose songs were articulation is key like musicals then you wouldn't see the difference. A lot of English pop songs can be sung in different ways and styles without the need to articulate and still have the meaning be intact

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>If chose songs were articulation is key like musicals then you wouldn't see the difference.

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Please learn to type and try again because I swear I'm reading another language and it isn't english.

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If she chose songs in musicals were articulation is key you won't think her way of singing is off. If you listen to her EP, the way she sings is perfect for the songs but not for Ed Sheeran type of songs.

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Cover should've hired more SOUL.

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Articulating the words when it's unnecessary to do so makes it sound like she's acting/reading to a small child and it's weird.

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I hope you learn English first before typing in a website where people speak English

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If you don't know how to infer then you probably didn't pass middle school. Stfu

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She's just singing whatever. It's not as if this is her new single or a live paid event. She had freedom to choose whatever she wanted. She freaking sang the pokemon theme song and a meme song. I would rather listen to her fap about because she still sounds great doing so. I highly doubt she chose to sing Shape of you because she thought it will highlight her singing prowess.

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You don't need to get so defensive, I am just commenting on the way she sings American songs in English. Her Japanese singing is perfectly fine.

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But that's every EN vtuber.

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Still dying

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People with gout maybe

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Yeah, Shape Of You is just a shitty song in general, like a lot of popular western songs. She did what she could with it.

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> Niggers complain she doesn't sing in english
> IRyS sings in english songs she likes
> "She is trash" "Only memes songs"

Full of retarded faggots here trying to play up hate as questions, don't fall for it, including you OP. Neck yourself nigger.

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yes, I think its a rush job

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I'm not gonna lie, i haven't watched EN besides a few Calli, Ina, Gura, and a couple collabs in quite a while and didn't even know she was a thing. Just now starting her debut, is she like a gen 2 that Hololive couldn't be bothered to even have the others talk about? She must be pretty disconnected from the others for me not to have known

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Also I feel like i know her voice

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i like irys
she cute!

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Her design is unfortunate.
l wonder how she feels being the ugliest Holo

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I think so too although i don't know anything about her and in her debut stream

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Mousey destroys everyone in hololive when it comes to singing, so it's not fair to compare the two.

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fuck out of here you race mixing niggers she mine

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Voice is fine, model is nightmare fuel

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Honestly I don't mind some janky models, but this one is so off-putting I can't even concentrate on any other aspects of her streams. I don't even know how I'd descrobe her personality or her singing other than "generic" and "nice I guess" 'cause honestly this is how I imagine Watoto and Tiara's baby might look.

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Rumao, but it's true. Surprised she didn't sing country roads, but I guess she doesn't have a souls for it.

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One thing for sure, she wasn't made for Vtweeters like OP

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Stfu. She makes sure to wait after everyone is gone to whisper sweet stuff to me. She's mine boy

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made for the BSC

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It really shows how bad the community has gotten when even here basically nobody shittalks her model.
Fucking simps.

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There's a whole thread foe that

>> No.7274648

you're right, i'll make the 100th thread about her shitty model after the one that's still active dies, the entire board wasn't aware of it the minute she was revealed

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She was made for gosling mommyfags

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All me.

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>except Kamitsubaki and Melissa who shits on her every day of the week.

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her mouth is annoying orange tier

>> No.7278322

I heard she's a hag. If that's true, i might watch her.

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I'm probably head taller than you yellow boy. Try to stop me from reaching that hopeful pussy

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race mixing is ok when the man is white, we call it colonizing

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She's for me. This whole thread is me talking to myself. Sorry to bother everyone.

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Whats up with that billy goat vibrato? Sounds like an alright singer singing outside when its 20 below

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She's primarily for JOPs. Why they branded her as EN is anyone's guess.

>> No.7285618

She can't use her lower register any more because of lung damage.

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She was made because Cover is a bunch of number fags and saw a 100 mil view video

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It took me a while to figure out why her model looked so bad. And I've realized that it looks like she's wearing a paper plate mask over her face.
Hopefully they've been working on a new one.

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For me.
Also, yeah. Ironmouse was a surprise for me. Shame her illness fucked her up.

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>Because her English singing is really bad
Are you fucking deaf?

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I haven't even watched her debut. I tried but the model filters me
>inb4 pleb filter
then so be it. I'd rather stay a pleb than accept this really incongruous model that in no way fits in with the rest of hololive/stars.

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hime collab when

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Her minecraft stream completely sold me on her, her accidently signing onto the JP server aside (but even that was kind of entertaining, especially when Polka rescued her)

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since it's been weeks and you morons still can't tell what's wrong with it I will tell you now....

It's the eyes, they are not tracking properly and it seems like she's never staring at anything. Her jawline could also be improved...like Coco's

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I prescribe you with a double dose of reps

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She looks ugly am i the only one who dislike her face model?

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for my dick

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her model is a god tier illustration but somehow it falls apart real fast when animated.

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Like looking at a derpy fairy, she cracks me up tho - cute personality

>> No.7297900

can you post the model here then?

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i like to drink straight white vinegar, along with pickle brine. i just like the taste

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Anon even on the subreddit they shittalk the model.

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She was made for breeding

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>is the EN singer
>sings JP songs and wants to sing JP songs
It was a project doomed from the start. The unholy ugly model really pushed it down for good

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still better then irys must suck to not be as good as a dying girl.

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