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well I guess that beats the prelude debacle

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Sure. That will work

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this is 1000000x more interesting than the garbage that EN just released, EOPs are retarded children

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i cant click the video atm someone redpill me on it

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God please grant me that Yandere girlfriend!

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Why is an idol vtuber group making horror VR content
This is like 10x removed from why people actually watch them

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for those who knows to read moon runes, what is even said on the video? or the words in this image.

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Sora is gonna kill you in August

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Sora chasing you through an abandoned japanese high school

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just kidding sora a cute

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Sora wants to be your friend

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Oh nononono cube bros

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Watch this be just another one of those trash convenience store/house/apartment complex horror games.

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Is this a big release for Sora to release an Error cover cause I'd love that

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What is it about the english language that makes people so pretentious?

>Here's some AR horror stuff, look forward
Cool! I will.

>And thus CIVILIZATION was formed
Shut the fuck up already, what is this chuuni garbage?

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Soda would make a pretty good yandere horror protagonist, ngl.

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Sora wants to breed but anons are faggots so they run from her The Game.

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Looks cool but won't include EN, not interested. It looks like Cover released this as damage control for the stupid cube Irys lore video

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>not towa
you had one fucking job, Cover

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Minecraft with Sora simulator

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So, i'ts an AR game?

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>Looks cool but won't include EN


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if you can't tell the difference between the incomprehensible lore babble that EN just shat out and this, you're extremely stupid.

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>Looks cool but won't include EN
Well yeah, that's why it looks cool.

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What makes you think it's the English language that's to blame?

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>not cillia
Fuck kenzokuniggers

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What does the text on the website say?

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Clock's racing backwards for some reason.

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Will you be my friend forever ?

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october, the month of horror is in 2 months, is this what this is about?

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In Japan, late summer is associated with horror. October being horror is a Western concept.

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This one? Just asking if you want the website to play audio

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inb4 it's just horror shorts in an abandoned "school" (offices of cover) using VR/AR tech every day until halloween culminating in some big 2-3 hour collab on the 31st

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aaah that makes sense!

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every week* but yeah

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The fact that it's recurring in other fields. Listen to western game developer interviews and then japanese ones, for example. Japanese game devs are almost always sticking to the facts, presenting a product and delivering objective information. Their goal, whenever asked, is for the user to enjoy their purchase.

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Sora want's to fuck YAGOO to be relavant again

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Looks like a visual novel

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This should have been Haachama's game!

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That's the DLC

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>redpill me on it
election tourist please go back
your homesite misses you

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>it's Sora

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Anyone saying haachama is more fitting than sora to be a yandere is nothing but a retarded clipwatcher

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Where is me Gura Alt boss fight?

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but actual idols star in horror movies all the time gajinchama

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get me the fuck OUT of there dude

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why Cover have to announce shit and don't tell what the fuck it is every fucking time?

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mashiro love they are stealing your content

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This one is self explanatory.
Your point still stands though.

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What the fuck is all this vague shit that they are announcing today?

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vagueposting to generate revenue while doing / committing to literally fucking nothing
you'd do it too if you were an exec, it's easy money

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lol cover can't hope to pull this off. Get ready for cringe holofags.

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So you keep talking about what it might be building up the hype

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There's always a chance that they left it completely in the hands of a competent 3rd party.

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The announcement is already cringe. That corridor scene felt like a shittier production than baby's first unity horror game or a high school video project.

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learn more about what idols actually are and stop putting my boyfriend in your shitposts

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First time consuming Japanese media? They announced Alternative almost a year ago and they still haven’t done shit with it outside of releasing 3 pages of a manga.

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can't wait, I have a massive boner for yandere sora

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It could be if she wasn't too busy feeling sorry for herself the past month and a half.

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Bet Ollie won't be in this

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>why Cover have to announce shit and don't tell what the fuck it is every fucking time?
Covers promotional skills are fucking terrible, they dont even put out hints or Easter Eggs

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What are you talking about? I watch the trailer and all she's asking is to be my friend.

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It's going to be a Chilla horror game. Write this down. We all know Cover and Chilla have some sort of deal behind the scenes.

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More people need to read this post.

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they are pretty good with horror, like in this hologra chapter

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i dont give a fuck unless they include r18 scenes innit.

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That was a good one. Kinda wish they play the twist all to the end instead of revealing it half way.

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Hopefully tomorrow's episode will be horror-themed too. Did they already tease what it'll be?

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Monseigneur Tanigox, yes? EN cube failed to reach the optimal parameters, ja. Ja, releze za horror kusoge.

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https://twitter.com/hololivetv/status/1421440541875523593 something about pekora and her peko note

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It's probably the same kind of horror kusoge they love to play.

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You know anons will fap to sora chasing them instead of run

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What is it with Japan and highschool?

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that's awesome.

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So any fun details you guys found?
Video in HD
Only ones I know of are reverse clock, broken flower vase and Sora not casting shadows

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What’s the deal with the name being ERROR and all the glitch effects yet the setting is more akin to a summer time ghost story?

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The only time they get to live their lives, before becoming salarymen forever

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Highschool is a traumatizing experience no matter where you live anon. Unless you're one of the assholes on top, in which case fuck you.

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I swear, why are most japanese urban ghosts fuckable?
>oh no a 2m giantess that like to kidnapped young boys!
>the horror of the loli on the 3rd grade bathroom!
>is that a menhera with cuts on her lips?!

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hell, and also a fetish

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Sora is a virtual idol in virtual world anon

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inb4, little Haato and Haachama ghosts/glitches playing hide and seek, while you're busy unning away from Sora.

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transition from modern to old school, also different uniform. Maybe something about a broken promise between friends?

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If you open the console in your browser you can find the message "- ずっと、友 達 でいてくれますか? -"

>> No.7351303

it's HER song...

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>EN3 quickly slowed down in views at 75k despite the 8 hour hype
>meanwhile ERROR is gaining 1k views per minute
What the fuck were they thinking with that cube shit?

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>Chilla's Art x Hololive collab

>> No.7351356

Because the target demographic for anime is typically high school students.

>> No.7351375

EN is really fucking stupid

>> No.7351384

>this much hype for a vocaloid cover
Not saying a Sora cover of Error wouldn't be cool, because it would, but I can guarantee you that isn't what this is going to be, lol.

>> No.7351404

Producer-san isn't the brightest tool in the shed

>> No.7351440

yeah this
a sora eroge (with anon, NOT ships) might even sell more than this slenderman-tier crap

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I hope they stop with this retarded vague shit from now on, and just announce shit instead
I mean, the fact that they didn't have something like "Gen 2" coming soon at the end of that shit is beyond retarded.
Vast majority of people have no clue what the fuck that was.
Why is it so hard to just release Gen 2 anyway?

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I agree anon. For me toshi densetsu is the most legit and accurate adaptation of Nip's ghost

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Post birds.

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It’s a fair trade off for the fact that most Japanese spooks behave like some high risk RNG event in a video game.

>said the wrong toilet paper color? enjoy either getting choked out or disemboweled
>left the door slightly cracked open? off to hell with you
>stepped on the wrong step of a stair? hell time
>compliment a bitch? get slashed
>don’t compliment a bitch? get slashed

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It's really funny how Irys looks pretty cute when drawn by ANY ARTIST except her original model. Cover really fucked her over.

>> No.7351803

I still don’t know why they decided to choose an art style for her that clashes hard with the EN cast. Or everyone else in Hololive for that matter.

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I wonder what happens if you try speaking English to Kuchisake-onna. Do you still get stabbed or does she get flustered and stutter "O-Oh, I'm a sorry, I-I don't know English" and run away? Maybe both?

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I guess schizochama is canon now.

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And ERROR isn't retarded vague shit?
All the future hololive "cinematic universe" stuff looks flashy but have little substance.

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At least Error had a title, and is clearly a horror genre project. The EN reveal has nothing but Irys's voice. It could be anything. Are you seriously going to refute that?

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Okay, but what is this actually about?

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Fuck, the OST is really good.

>> No.7353553

Sora's been associated with horror for far longer

>> No.7353586

EN and JP clearly have different managements

>> No.7354097

It wouldn't surprise me if Haachama left the company now. First they banned her from doing horror content, and now it's Horrorlive

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The real insult is them doing it much worse
>multiple personalities fighting with themes of suicide and self harm, to say nothing of her "out there" MMD videos
>the cute anime girl want to be my friend, aw fuck me that's scary

>> No.7354663

It's about doomposting on a baskerweaving forum ANON LOOK BEHIND YOU IT'S

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No idea if real >>7356013

>> No.7357197

She is the director.

>> No.7357331

unironically neat if true

>> No.7357380

maybe it's a game that will deal with parasocial relationships

>> No.7357447

I'm trying so hard not to tribalfag but I can't keep it in. What the FUCK is this and why is it so lame
Do Hololive fans enjoy this?

>> No.7357547

Error is probably the least vague thing they have done in a while since it’s not trying to be anything grandiose like Alternative or cryptic like Prelude. And I’m not talking about the names. With Error you can clearly tell that this is gonna be some sort of a horror themed event, probably gonna end up in some kind of basic ARPG or some kind of new function for that Hololy app. With Error you can deduce that this is gonna be something cool but simple. With Alternative and Prelude it’s god knows what their scope is.

>> No.7357648

Prelude is literally a HoloEN 2 teaser you can't possibly be this dense

>> No.7357649

No-one here has played it yet, the vid is only the trailer, so...

>> No.7357797

There isn't even an audition for jp gen6.

>> No.7357848

It's a game? If so then that's better. But if it's just a teaser to a video then I don't know what to say

>> No.7357878

Chammers I kneel

>> No.7357931

I can't wait for my oshi to jump scare herself

>> No.7358171

It's "open audition" for Hololive JP.

>> No.7358476

I want sora to fucking murder me

>> No.7359719

Nobody knows what it is.

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>learn more about what idols actually are
not that anon, but imagine actually wasting time to do this suggestion. Example of why this board is so pathetic

>> No.7360436

found some more photos and seems to be real. my guess is it's some kind of vr experience

>> No.7360501

Why am I seeing so many posts about it being a game in other threads. I take a day away from this board and feel so lost

>> No.7361081

It's a game. There is POV. It's probably VR horror. I don't know if I want that but this is probably Yagoo's autistic dream since he did build that VR table tennis game

>> No.7361310

Is this being developed in-house by Cover? I know they were hiring game devs but unless this is going to be mobile shit or a VN, I can't imagine a video game made by the same group that developed their shitty tracking software to be any good

>> No.7361473

>mashiros content
I want to fuck his boypussy as much as any straightman would but get real

>> No.7361776

An anime girl stalking towards you in a video < reviewing user submitted ghost images, reviewing gore sites on stream, ouija board streams, horror rpg maker games, etc

>> No.7363923

I didn’t say this was better, saying their stealing someones content implies they plagiarizedhim by making a horror game

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File: 362 KB, 828x948, sora repent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Confess your sins anons
You dont have much time

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>> No.7378865

oh god, if the game looks like the trailer its gonna be a huge flop.

>> No.7379126

Wtf happened to HololiveALT? It looked really cool but I haven't seen anything new about it since that 4 page comic came out. Is Cover just putting out stuff to see what sticks and just quit caring about things that don't land?

>> No.7379185

HoloALT is their attempt at creating a 'multiverse' of hololive stuff. Horrorlive would probably fall under the banner. Fantasy Hololive, Horror Hololive, Idol Hololive, etc.

>> No.7380611

Any updates on error? It said something was going to happen august 1nd

>> No.7382872

step on me sora
spit on me sora
insult me sora
rape me sora

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Alternative was announced during Bloom. It hasn't even been 6 months.

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Haachama: "Huh? there's nothing scary there, it's only Sora-senpai."
Chicken: "Sora-senpai scary..."

>> No.7383853

so Cover is genuinely a tech company with a vtuber side business that got away from them?

>> No.7383857

Unbelievably based

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Could be kino
Hololive games could be interesting like an edgy Mega Man-inspired 2D platformer or some gay shit like that

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File: 1.74 MB, 2500x1399, __tokino_sora_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_reoen__0add34301ca27c8511a85a67f5d7d2e8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.60 MB, 2500x1399, __tokino_sora_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_reoen__809b66594c0e8a9653c6714fd85beda3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7387840

The way this animates is so good. Art reminds me of Vanillaware. Saw someone made a soundpost of it on global earlier but didn't think to save it.

>> No.7387981

what does it mean

>> No.7388033

Coco graduated 5 years ago

>> No.7388081

good riddance

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File: 2.86 MB, 1920x1080, HoloHorror [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fzj68gf.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7390285

The Uniforms are from different time periods of Japan's history right? Probably gonna be some standard ghost stuff.

>> No.7390423

The release of HololiveAlt stuff got delayed cause that one mangaka shitting things up. His story/book was supposed to be the first release of so it really fucked things up if I recall correct.

>> No.7390537

So aesthetic

>> No.7390721

Is there a way to look up staff of the people working on this stuff? The horror Hologra episodes featuring Sora have been legit spooky at times. Wonder if they'll connect the two at all.

>> No.7394277

Sora love!

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File: 2.75 MB, 1280x720, 1606749228972.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My ghost wife Sora!

>> No.7395779


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