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uhh, mogubros? care to explain?

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I was under her desk while she was streaming

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nigga where's this from?

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Uhh Nekomata Okazubros??

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Explain what? Sounds pretty normal to me.

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a worthy contender, i see

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Holy fuck.

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Wtf based, will jerk off to this later.

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I genuinely have no answer for where this one's from. Hot though.

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can I have more?

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Koro-san forced her to do it.

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Not a bad impersonator, I've seen better though.

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No wonder she's fine with the Okazu nickname

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unironically the start of moguyacht

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Are we supposed to believe the Aqua one's really her too then, or do you have a little more context on this?

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That was just moaning that sounded kind of like her that schizos jumped on. This sounds exactly like Okayu when she's speaking.

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Until we have a source from OP this is literally inconclusive and exclusively a shitpost thread. And no, I don't think it sounds like Okayu that much. How many Okayu streams have you seen anon?

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Anon... this is literally a recording I made of me fucking Okayu, I don't know how much more proof you need

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>Hnng... Oppai...

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Stream and timestamp, or else dial 8.

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Damn son. This is some quality stuff.

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What a whore.

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>>7352010 Compare this to OP, see if it matches at all. I don't think it sounds like Okayu at all desu
https://files.catbox.moe/w2oy4p.mp4 Okayu

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I don't care whether it actually is Okayu or not, it kinda sounds like her and I'm going to beat off to it

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That's a pretty good but you have to have never watched okayu to think this sounds like okayu. The breathes are kinda similar but the speach patterns are clearly different.

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I dont care if it;s Okazu or not, source it up.

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No, wait...

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sounds like generic masturbation h-audio work

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Nice voice but I'm pretty sure it's not her

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I think the most obvious reason this is fake is theres no loud ass fan in the background like in her ASMR streams

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Well done infiltrating the database of moguyacht. Now upload the whole thing.

>> No.7356608

might be her roommate then?

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Okay has a roommate? Didnt know she could be bothered to have one

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How new...

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Doesn’t sound like her but that isn’t going to stop me

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I know what she looks like but didnt know she still had activity on anywhere but Okayu.

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She doesn't.

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Alright so then that doesnt really count as a roommate

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Is this for T4 Onigiriya?

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Yeahh boii

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