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Out of the entire human body, why armpits?

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Don't remember when - I believe it was while reviewing 2nd Fes pics, but I think Watame explained it. It's not necessarily the armpit area itself in her case, but the crossover from that area to the sideboob. It's the whole "less is more" principle - give people a peek and they'll imagine the rest and thank you for it.

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Not exactly armpits; it's waki-pai which is armpit boob / side boob sort of

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Wait until OP finds out about degenerates that get arroused by women who have prominent collarbones.

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Just wanna kiss those lips

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You telling me you wouldn't dive headfirst into that hag armpit if it were presented to you like that?

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I don’t understand the steam.

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Body Odor

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Shoulders >>>>> pits

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Like underboob

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Armpits are visual breasts enhancers. The mere presence of armpit next to boob and/or sideboob is akin to adding the perfect seasoning to a meal.
This is why armpits are an especially important area for flatties like rushia and ina to show off.

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No it's definitely the armooit part for me.

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The smells, the wetness, the taste... It makes my dick hard ... Ohohoho yeeesss

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I forgot to add that because it's anime girl, it's going to smell good

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Why collarbone? What am i kidding.
Post some collarbone.

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I fucking love collarbones... if there's massive cleavage I look for the collarbones before the boobs.

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The rank smell of sheep

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Armpits are THE natural cum receptors. They're literally pockets built for penile action. Vaginas ain't got shit, no civilized MAN want's to go near a bleeding, piss-stained hole that's right next to the shitter, no less. Babies come out of armpits, how do you suppose they got there in the first place? Take the pit pill.

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nene pits are some of the best canonically

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>Babies come out of armpits
big if true

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The smell is arousing for me. Its like smelling an aged rum or an aged wine straight from a woman's body. Also, the shape is kind of mysterious.

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[spoiler[kiara's not wearing anything downstairs[/spoiler]

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This. Also when a woman exposes her armpits such as here >>7382178
its a sign of submission. Shes basically presenting her body and making an invitation.

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Its a sensitive area. Girls don't expose it very often, which makes it appealing

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My personal philosophy is that any body part that is sensitive is inherently sexual, because it can be exploited for sexual purposes.
Whether it's licking someone's neck, kissing their tummy, or massaging their feet
Even anons who are into the back of a chick's knee are explained by this.

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I love A-chan she's perfect

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It is something about the intimate nature of the area. Boobs, asses, thighs etc... Are usually highlighted, but pits are hidden and ignored most of the time, plus they are not glamourous. It is all about getting into the most intimate areas of pretty girls.

Imagine, for example, a shy and pruddish girl, getting all hot and bothered as you assault her pits, thinking "jeez, this pervert is going even for my armpits", or a confident experiencied woman getting all shy and meek upon having her armpits stimulated, because she never thought of that area in that way and now she's like a virgin again.

When you get into that mindset, even if the girl shows her armpits is a seductive way, you can think "wow, she's willing to show even her armpits", plus, a girl that highlights them is more sexy because she has another set of "erogenous zones"

In short, once armpits start to make it for you, they will never stop doing it. After all, there's a world to enjoy.

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lao tzu did

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is that armpit hair or creases

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because people will fetishize anything.
wata-oji likes where the armpit and jubbler meet, yes. somewhat an improvement.

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With the massive proliferation of so called "armpit pussies", drawing armpits as these wet things with a crease and lots of rosy flushing, I've developed the theory that this has arisen as a literal kind of secondhand "pussy" thing. They can't draw uncensored pussies but they can certainly draw armpits that have all the qualities and evoke all the thinking you'd associate with an aroused woman's pussy.

Reminder that a woman's body odor is also distinct and unique from a man's. And the idea of pheromones. The armpit is a perpetually warm, often damp or wet, soft place with or without tufts of hair that has a distinct (womanly) aroma of the person who it belongs to.

Artistic visual shorthand for heat and body odor.

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Ersatz pussy. It is moist, sensitive, and if you're lucky smells a bit. The female sweat, which is to say pheromones, arouse the man. The shape is also feminine and appealing. It looks soft and inviting and yes, there is a way to fuck it by having the penis squeezed by the girl lowering her arm. This isn't even a new thing, I read about this being done in 19th century Europe. A girl can satisfy a man in this way without compromising her virginity. The same principle and movements as in thigh fucking apply. If the armpit is hairy then its appeal and lewdness is further increased. It can be smelled, kissed and licked, and won't compromise the girl.

Basically in the old days it was used for pre-marital sexual relations for obvious reasons, and it's not a new fetish by any means. The same is true for feet.

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arms up for the boys

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If you get very hot sweaty and you take off your clothes the sweat will turn into steam, that's it

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Stealth armpit thread achieved.

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Polka has the best armpits in JP
Kiara has the best armpits in EN
Moona has the best armpits in Hololive

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i really like moonas pits
but for me its nene

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Collarbones are fucking hot, also don't forget about vagina bones and breast bones.

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>breast bones
>collar bones
Post them then i dont believe you

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Don't really have em on my pc rn but NLO sensei is really fucking great at drawing them. Breast bones are usually more prominent on characters with smaller breasts.

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I am fucking stupid I meant the rib cages not the one in the middle.

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Based. A cultured man like me that enjoys the real smell of a woman.

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Haven't you ever sniffed your own armpit and your head went blank?

How do you think it feels to sniff other people's armpits?

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It would be like sniffing pure pheromones

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why not armpits?

would you prefer elbows? knees? wrists? ankles?

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muay thai fetish

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Collarbones are hot only when it comes to skinny young men

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You want a five paragraph dissertation about intimacy, vulnerability, and human anatomy? Armpits are cute. Armpits are hot. I don't even think of putting my dick in armpits. Do you really want me to rationalize why my brain likes the idea of touching or licking armpits as a sexual concept? Nah, fuck that.

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>most people aroused by sweat (proven scientificaly)
>people have fetish for the most sweaty areas aka armpit, feet, crotch
It's that easy.

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sweat is an aphrosidiac

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tldr every sweat smell is different and you hate your own because you wouldnt create healthy babies with copy of yourself or with any close relativies

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Smelling my own pits got me into a rabbit hole.

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i feel awakened

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I blame all the artists on twitter for drawing o erotically. I used to have normal tastes....

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>not napes

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>ywn kiss your oshi on the back of the neck while she is cooking your dinner.

Why even live?

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