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what would you do if you found out your oshi had sex

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If Kiara hasn't had sex yet I'd be very surprised.

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my oshi already have had sex with her girlfriend

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why would I be concerned when the one she had sex was with me

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as long as it was a fat ugly bastard it's fine

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>calls you a virgin
What do?

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Nothing vtubers are just entertainers

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kidnap her and make her bear my children, as you can't go to jail for forcing a fictional character to be your baby factory

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My oshi isn’t a stacy like some of her senpais and genmates she’s a genuinely hopeless hikki neet who lucked into her job and she’s under constant pressure to perform and the corporation she digned to is milking her dry because she’s proven she’s very useful at one thing in specific so all that to say I have great odds of being the first to take her virginites (anal oral and vaginal)

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gura/ame is not a virgin

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I would be relieved. She's over 30 and is socially awkward. Being 30+ and still a virgin is very sad, especially for women.

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Some are indeed untapped, but not all of them.

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I'd be disappointed and would stop supporting her

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not care.

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which one is your oshi

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if it's in the past i don't care, i've had sex too. as long as i don't find out she's sexually active i don't give a shit

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Both my primary and secondary oshi had sex. The secondary still or recently had a boyfriend at her time of debut. I don't care so much about this being the case with the first one but the second really upset me and I haven't looked at her the same since, nor will I ever.

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Cry probably.

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>primary oshi
>secondary oshi

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I'd stop supporting them immediately because I can't relate to them anymore.

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my oshi has a gf and i dont care

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Nothing. Fuck purityfags. Most women have had sex by that point. And I'm going to have sex with yours.

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What do you mean "found out" I was there when it happened.

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The "secondary" fell to "secondary" because of what I found out. I don't have a single favorite because of how the "secondary" affected me. It is not possible for me to care or invest enough in any of these women after what happened with my "secondary" oshi. If you preferred you could also simply say I don't have one because I'm not capable of caring about them that much anymore.


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Ohhhhh nooo my oshi isn't a virgin
Like she would ever save herself for you anyways

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That image is so retarded

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Do purityfags really? You're unironically an incel lol. No girl would want you anyways with that attitude towards them.

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The only true approach .. but still a little cuck
Absolute cuckold
>I was there when it happened.
Turbo fucking cuckold

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>you taking your oshi's virginity makes you the cuck

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we are the wierdo for being turbovirgins guys, we should not expect others to be as wierd (even if you fucked you are virgin in the soul)

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>but still a little cuck
yeah i agree my stand is still a little cucked, but sadly that's how the world is and i can't expect a woman in her 20s to be a virgin.

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I should clarify I was the one having sex with her.

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Or no sense of ownage which is why every single of your relationships has wanted to break up with you

Women dislike men who treat them like friends instead of property and sexual toys, its literally the most natural fetish for women, so its natural for the fanbase to feel like they own the vtuber

Theres the reason why its a tabu to talk about boyfriends in vtubing industry, and only girlfriends are allowed to only make people ponder on fetishes instead of sense of betrayment (wich again is the natural thing it falls into because of the parasocial relationships vtubers have with their audiences, which is also the main reason people watch them)

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>i can't expect a woman in her 20s to be a virgin
Yes but you could make the choice to not be her pathetic little loyal dog giving her your mental energy and attention or god forbid your money.

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You are so fucked
Not gonna read all that.

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Wow I'm totally surprised people don't wanna deal with psychotic whores and retreat to vtubers haha

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Bro evertyime you kissed any of your ugly girlfriends think of how many gallons of semen they have has swallowed, youre a gigacuck

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Thats because you have a mental disability

Ironic because you REALLY are fucked if you cant read shit that takes less than 20 seconds lol

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Lots of words to say that you're simply a cuck

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good for her.

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Bully her because being a virgin is hip and cool

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spread the words, brother. convert these cucks.

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I was talking about how the other dude is a cuck you dumb retard, and youre into cuck mentality if you watch whores

>muh female entertainers
Lol kill yourself, 99% of their audience watches them for a reason

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anon your mens rights subreddit misses you

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You think only virgin women are worthy of life or something? Are you from the middle east or schizophrenic?
Do you consider your mom a whore?
I'm not a virgin, if my oshi fucked in the past, who gives a shit as long as she's single now.

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What the fuck is this abomination? Looks like a mix of Anya and el monstruo

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touch grass cuck

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fuck her brains out, what else? proving I'm (now) no longer a virgin AND putting her in her place

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>if my oshi fucked in the past, who gives a shit as long as she's single now.
not him but im on the same line of thinking

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Cope harder nigger. There's only one reason to watch cute 2D girls doing cute things and it's definitely not "entertainment". Unless you're a woman or a faggot or something, in which case you're just weird.

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She already did, with me

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My oshi is Watame. She had a confirmed boyfriend in the past.
I don't give a shit since she's single now and is the one that streams the most in hololive.
I'm an idolfag, I care about their current status, not what happened in the past. Unicorns are rare even in japan. Case in point, Watame is the most popular in gen 4 now that Coco left.

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Why should I exert my mental energy adoring a whore? No I'm not happy for her and her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, I want to tie him to a chair and hammer nails through his cock.

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What the fuck are you talking about? I literally only watch vtubers for entertainment I dont think they are my girlfriend or some shit Im not mentally ill. you are the one coping they literally only acknowledge your existence when you give them money like a pig. they will never fuck you and you will never be their boyfriend. take your meds.

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Oh so you do consider your mother a whore since she's not virgin.. interesting take, but I feel bad for her.

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Meant for >>7409674

>> No.7409867

What is a subreddit?

Only an unironic cuckold would have that on his vocabulary

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>I feel bad for her
Because you're a fucking retarded pussy cuckold and a white knight. You don't know my mother or what kind of person she is or what kind of sympathy she deserves one way or the other. And for the record lack of virginity alone obviously does not make one a whore.

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Take your meds they will never be your girlfriend

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Not my fault you're a delusional schizo faggot who thinks they're in love with you LMAO you'll forever remain a virgin bro.
>y-y-yeah I'm on /vt/ b-but I don't watch the streams...
hahahahahah holy fuck the cuck

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I don't care about the act itself but I fucking hate learning things about roommates. I'm here for the entertainment, streams, and actors/actresses, not gossiping about private lives like a middle-aged woman. If you need to take a break because of private issues, then just say that. I don't want to vaguely hear about your goddamn mother.

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You're a bad person and should seek help, my man.
I feel really bad for you. I wonder what happened to make you like that..
Judging people because they had a relationship in the past and were seeking happiness like a normal human being. You are TRULY fucked in the head.

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Look at all these beta male cucks in this thread arguing cuckoldry with this guy LMAO

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Most pathetic thread I've read in a while. Bait replies or not, you're still a gigantic loser for caring about what these women do with themselves. The anime girl you adores roommate wouldn't want you anyways. Even if you had a chance you'd still lose her anyway from irritating her with your incel behavior

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your oshi will NEVER be your girlfriend, no matter how hard you will try she wont acknowledge your existance, you are going to die alone and as a virgin

>> No.7409937

projecting what, are you mentally disabled?

I was literally explaining the whole reason people watch vtubers you retarded nigger

>y-y-yeah I'm on /vt/ b-but I don't watch the streams...

What, you legitimately have a mental disability

Like what the fuck are you talking about you dumb fucking retard lmao, what?

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>reddit spacing
>tells others they have mental disability

>> No.7409958

>Even if you had a chance you'd still lose her anyway from irritating her with your incel behavior
Kill yourself beta faggot I bet you suck tranny cock if she said nice things to you

>> No.7409959

>The anime girl you adores roommate wouldn't want you anyways
You're right, because she's a solid 5/10 who dates and feels entitled to dating 8/10s.

>> No.7409967

Watame is great

>> No.7409968

>Roommate wouldn't want you

except for Kiara probably, but otherwise I agree. shouldn't care about what these girls do off-stream and that's why real vtuber fans shouldn't be on /vt/ if knowing anything about their oshi shatters their fragile dreams.

>> No.7409969

Laziest samefag I've seen in ages. You know we can see when there's new posters, right? You forgot to turn on your VPN moron.

>> No.7409983

how come every "argument" against people who care about whether their oshi has fucked or not always boils down to ad hominem?

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I'd literally say "ogey" out loud.

>> No.7409991

Yikes kill yourself i dont care what shes

The whole appeal of vtubers is what lead people to watch them, which is not being giga retarded whores

They literally look "cute" and "attractive" you dumb faggot lol, what do you think their appeal is??

Do you think theyre good entertainers or what kek, holy shit the cope on these niggers

>> No.7410004

This is a fundamental line in the sand difference of opinion type of thing, there is no meaningful debate to be had only exchanges of hatred for your ideological enemy.

>> No.7410005

For me its simple = no current relationship, its all good
What happened in the past, who gives a fuck, I'm not a schizo

>> No.7410011

He does tho
>reddit spacing
never been to reddit so

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What if my oshi is Marine and I'm a white guy with an 8 inch cock who also enjoys BL doujins?

>> No.7410019

larping a possessive menhera otaku won't make you any more japanese.

>> No.7410031

the lesbian one

>> No.7410033

Your history defines who you are today and I personally don't like the way the thought of her ex cumming all over her face makes me feel, maybe you enjoy that kind of thing I dunno.

>> No.7410035

3D idolfags (that includes vtuber "simps") are the saddest pieces of shit in the history of the entire planet.

>> No.7410036

and again, no matter how hard you try she will never be your girlfriend, she doesnt carw about you but just about your money, you will never talk to her irl and you will never even touch her irl, she won't even know you exist

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more entertaining than u
y should we listen to u lmao

>> No.7410038

>Come back home after a day of wageslaving
>Sad and tired
>Watch funny purple dragon laugh
>Not so sad anymore
IIRC anon found out that she has a boyfriend, but where is the cuckoldry here?

>> No.7410043


anon if you care if she's currently in a relationship, that makes you a schizo

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>> No.7410057

>immediately stops using reddit spacing

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Ah, Korone. Good taste.

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why is it okay for you to have sex but not them

>> No.7410060

"cuck" is just a retarded buzzword delusional schizos spam just like "cope" and "tranny"

>> No.7410066

you need to have a special kind of childish mind (or be a child) to talk about sex like is something so special and unique, if you are old enough is guaranteed you had sex and even more so if you are a woman, so yes, probably all the vtubers you know already had sex hundreds of times like any normal member of society would.

>> No.7410067

There's so many layers of irony in this thread I can't even see how many there are.

>> No.7410080

Selen has a bf? Good for her!

>> No.7410083

Literal success story’s of viewers meeting and dating streamers has happened before anon

>> No.7410096

he doesn't know

>> No.7410099

>you need to have a special kind of childish mind (or be a child) to talk about sex like is something so special and unique
Engaging in casual sex is unironically subhuman behavior. You think it's fine and nothing important because you're an ignorant retard with a profoundly Judaized mind. Every sexual partner reduces a woman's ability to pairbond until it no longer exists.

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>Implying that anon has ever had sex.

>> No.7410110

Oh so you're insecure. Thats a completely different issue. You think the world rotates around you and only you are worthy of having sex even if they're not in a relationship while being a vtuber. If you care about an ex boyfriend you're what people call an "unicorn". Its pretty rare and not even meds might save you.

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ah shit sorry, that was too kind of me

>> No.7410121

maybe for you but i literally live in the same area as my oshi.

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And I intend on keeping it that way.

>> No.7410131

I'm disgusted by the thought of that subhuman retard's cum coating her face and think less of her for it. Call me insecure and I'll keep calling you a coping cuckold.

>> No.7410141

It just means youre low test and you respect women

And that those women think of you as undesirable and rather fuck others

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literally pic rel

>> No.7410151

Festival is bisexual and Miko and Polka are alone and single

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>Call me insecure and I'll keep calling you a coping cuckold

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File: 141 KB, 1728x1080, blade-runner-2049_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqNJjoeBT78QIaYdkJdEY4CnGTJFJS74MYhNY6w3GNbO8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want to see my oshi smile and know that she is okay everyday.

>> No.7410158

You know that shit washes off right retard? It's not like it stays deep inside or something like you think. Sounds like you have a contamination fear. Please get help for your ocd and insecurity.

>> No.7410163

good luck finding a woman who likes you and didn't have sex, your virgin fantasies are blinding you, people have sex and that is just nature taking it's course, lying to yourself accomplishes nothing

>> No.7410166

Hahahah you're cute anon. I hope for the best for you. Live a good life and don't think too hard about things or you might end up killing yourself sooner or later. Get your shit together bro

>> No.7410169

What would your oshi do if she found out (You) had sex?

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>> No.7410190

Not like it matters you dumb fucking specimen

Why havent you killed yourself yet
Again, doesnt matter

The whole dynamic of the vtuber-fan relationship is based on the parasocial relationship about the "perfect maiden" and the "gosling" or whatever you wanna call it, so yeah them "having a boyfriend" is taboo, naturally

Its literally written everywhere you dumb retarded cuck

>> No.7410191

You're literally outing yourself as a mentally ill incel

>> No.7410193

Imagine you put your dick in a vagina and blood does not come out .

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Found your twitter bro.

>> No.7410205

You're better off watching nuns in a monastery through your binoculars for your entertainment

>> No.7410209

She will love me and you will be cucked

>> No.7410212

The one on the right does not exist, the one on the left exists because the one on the left called him a creepy faggot in school when he was a perfectly normal average guy and preferred to have trains ran on her by the football team.

Okay, I'm going to shit in your girlfriend's mouth and you're going to give her a sloppy kiss after she washes it out.

>> No.7410215

Implying I have had girlfriends

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Evergreen 5ch reminder.

>> No.7410237

not every vtuber is a GFE bait for retarded gaijins that can't find a girlfriend because theyre too pathetic
your oshi had sex with her boyfriend and there is nothing you can do about it, she isn't going to lose any money or viewers btw shes just going to get even more popular

>> No.7410238

Contact her boyfriend to secure the eventual revenge porn leaks

>> No.7410241

You have a contamination fear and are letting it control your view on women. Get help man. It's so obvious through your posts.

>> No.7410243

Anya looks wrong with IRyS face

>> No.7410251

R9k science, reddit spacing, ESL, projecting. This is almost too sad to laugh at. Almost.

>> No.7410273

so you just admit youre a pussy that never got laid because youre too much of a beta and you cry when someone calls you bad names LOL kill yourself you greasy gaijin, youre a disfunctional waste to the society and you will never experience love

>> No.7410303

Stupid fucking nonsense from an armchair psychologist (and faggot). It's perfectly natural for a man to not want used goods it was the standard for most of our history.

I've had sex. I regret it because the act and the person meant nothing to me.

>you will never experience love

>> No.7410305

I feel pretty bad for the one unicorn in this thread.
They're pretty rare and when I see one I want to help them because its a path that might lead to suicide if they don't seek help.

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I am a wizard.
I am in love with a vtuber.
I respect her privacy.
If I'm close enough to her to find out she has fucked some other guy I would consider myself lucky.
I'd be the one doing the cucking anyway.
Get on my level.

>> No.7410341
File: 249 KB, 854x936, 1627426943443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is it okay for you to want love but not them? Answer that. Is it because you think you're superior? Or is it because you're a selfish controlling freak whose posts here reflect that? Everyone's against you here man. Not everyone shares your incel view. Go to r9k for that.

>> No.7410344

Don't lie anon, the fact it's so sad makes it even better to laugh at. Always laugh at retards!

>> No.7410366


>> No.7410368

That twitter poster is based

>> No.7410383
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Once again I can tell through your posts that you have ocd and insecurity. You're scared that you lack so much control in your life. I actually used to be somewhat of an incel like you years ago, but unlike you I grew up and got help. You're acting and writing the EXACT same way and EXACT same things I used to. I hope you get help, it isn't too late. Though maybe it is judging from what you're posting

>> No.7410390

The name really says it all

>> No.7410395

Is he wrong tho

>> No.7410415

Don't feign pity and don't pretend you "used to be an incel" you're probably some little 24 year old faggot who got laid a little late in life you fucking disingenuous cunt. "An incel like you," did you miss the part where I said I had sex? It wasn't a prostitute. I am by definition not an incel you fucking mongoloid though my crippling anxiety and abandonment issues haven't made that easy.

Yes, I do not want the person I love to ever love if it means loving someone else. They should be mine and any competitor for that love should be dead.

>> No.7410428

>you will never experience love
You will never experience a woman's first love, which is the only one that really matters. No girl is ever truly over their ex and they always remember their first time fondly. Any relationship you have will be a knockoff version of the pure teen love that you can only experience once. Her love will be split between you and each one of her ex's.

>> No.7410467

NTA, but
what the fuck are you talking about, you absolute retard? go back to twitter.

>> No.7410487

Based and redpilled. Anon spitting wisdom in a thread full of cucked fools.

>> No.7410495

Proof you had sex? Anon you can't just make a bold claim like that without backing it up with proof.

>> No.7410515

You might as well go after kids with that mindset hahaha
Good luck finding a vtuber that you have 100% confirmation that is a virgin, or that will always be in the back of your mind. At the end of the day, you don't know their past.
I guess ironmouse is a confirmed one, but she said she wants ro fuck before she dies.

>> No.7410516

Holy based

>> No.7410524

oshii battle royale? lets fucking goooo

>> No.7410530

>I've had sex. I regret it because the act and the person meant nothing to me.
Boohoo. You had one bad experience with one woman and now you hate them all.
Maybe I take back what I said about you having ocd and insecurity, sounds like you actually have trust issues. That's harder to deal with but explains a lot too.
>Yes, I do not want the person I love to ever love if it means loving someone else. They should be mine and any competitor for that love should be dead.
Sounds like you're afraid of being cheated on again. Ever consider why she did it? If this is how you act and how you think about women then you need to look in the mirror. The problem is you, not other women.

>> No.7410576
File: 162 KB, 1096x1364, 1627182994282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You will literally never find something like this in your 20's, let alone 30's. Let go anon, accept that most women have already had that when they were young teens. There is no hope.

>> No.7410577

Dr. Anon changed his diagnosis, and he did it so willy nilly. This retarded projecting pseudo intellectual faggot sure knows a lot. I've never been cheated on. Everything >>7410428 said is also true and you're a retard. It's not trust issues when women throughout all of history have been unreliable whores and no do not even have consequences to prevent that, rather privileges to encourage it, such as in the example of France where paternity tests are outright illegal. The problem is women you fucking faggot.

>> No.7410594

So you're saying he should become a serial killer? That's fucked up dude.

>> No.7410598

I'm sorry you're so close minded. I think I know you better than you know yourself. You're blinded by so much hatred. You know you don't have to lie about being cheated on right? Was it not cheating but she left you for someone better? Wonder why.

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>did you miss the part where I said I had sex? It wasn't a prostitute. I am by definition not an incel you fucking mongoloid though my crippling anxiety and abandonment issues haven't made that easy.

Congrats anon, you're the best poster on /vt/ right now. Please continue.

>> No.7410609

>implying he isn't one already

>> No.7410610

Quoting yourself doesn't mean you won anon...you're the only one defending this view here

>> No.7410618

You're a bigger faggot than the purityfag you're quoting. Unironically kys.

>> No.7410636

>You know you don't have to lie about being cheated on right? Was it not cheating but she left you for someone better?
Neither of this things happened because the woman I fucked was never in a relationship with me and I never wanted a relationship with her. You're a dumb fucking disingenuous two faced faggot who puts on an air of pity, relation, and diagnosis when in actuality you're now hanging on to this fallacious point in an attempt to score a gotcha or hurt me over some past trauma with infidelity that doesn't actually exist.

You're a fucking moron.

>> No.7410652

So it was a prostitute. Gotcha anon! We get you anon, there's no need to keep trying so hard to look like a retard!

>> No.7410653

Then what the fuck happened to you anon? Why are you like this?

>> No.7410666

>No girl is ever truly over their ex and they always remember their first time fondly.

Master baiter right here.

>Her love will be split between you and each one of her ex's.

The element of truth that makes the rest of it work so well. It's not entirely true, any well adjusted person has ex's they hate, but also there will be some ex\s they'll always have a soft spot in their heart for. It's certainly true for me, and yet as well-adjusted adults, we must carry these sad and dark truths with us and not lash out at them, but accept them and try to find meaning in life and other people regardless.

>> No.7410682

your anecdotal argument only holds value if women's brains worked like men's, but they don't

>> No.7410690

Stop bullying the schizo or he might shoot the local school or some shit.
God this hobby attracts some really fucked up people.

>> No.7410698

Better question, why don't you?

>> No.7410699

It was a female friend.

A life of nothing but neglect, rejection, hatred and bitter disappointment.

There is no meaning in life and certainly no meaning to be found in other people, especially if other people spent their free time getting facials and having casual normalfaggot relationships and thus cannot ever relate to you, great deceiver. Satan speaks in words meant to give beautiful hope but those words can only actually hurt you.

>> No.7410710
File: 80 KB, 566x522, 1624885353382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok med time anon

>> No.7410729

True, but it only really matters if your dick is average or small.

>> No.7410730
File: 286 KB, 480x480, 1627098578880.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There is no meaning in life and certainly no meaning to be found in other people, especially if other people spent their free time getting facials and having casual normalfaggot relationships and thus cannot ever relate to you, great deceiver. Satan speaks in words meant to give beautiful hope but those words can only actually hurt you.
Go back to r9k. Holy shit you sound so much like a depressed teenager. God damn that woman really hurt you didn't she? All this over vtubers kek

>> No.7410740
File: 38 KB, 132x131, 1626520772713.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

meds now holy fuck

>> No.7410751

Why is someone trying to get free therapy out of a /vt/ thread anyways? It's bizarre to say the least.

>> No.7410753

to anyone coming to this thread for the first time, don't argue with that one incel. he's clearly in way too deep. helping him is a lost cause, just let him shoot up a highschool or something

>> No.7410758

>You will never experience a woman's first love, which is the only one that really matters.

Actually true


>> No.7410775

A woman basically shapes all of her fetishes and future relationships based on that first relationship, not even kidding, men do aswell

>> No.7410781

Help him? I actually want him to kill himself.
If he promised me he'd put my name in his suicide letter, i'd dox myself right now

>> No.7410797

>Nice r9k bait btw
Unironically end it all anon! Why keep it up when you can't even enjoy something as simple as chuubas?
Just become a fag if you hate women this much, it's just THAT easy

>> No.7410799

So if you've never had a relationship you just shape your fetishes and ""future relationships"" on the stuff you see on the internet?

>> No.7410802


>> No.7410810

Fool, my fetishes were fully formed years before I lost my virginity. Cartoons and anime basically wrecked any chance of being vanilla I had by the time I was 13.

Relationships... in so much that I actively go out of my way to avoid anyone who is anything like some of my ex's, yeah.

>> No.7410812

If every pathetic loser and incel and bitter virgin decided to go out and kill like 5 to 10 random people hopefully one of your loved ones or family members would be among the victims. It would be pretty based, dope, and superlit if I'm being honest.

>> No.7410819
File: 37 KB, 191x226, 1436373791228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh dick

>> No.7410825

What if you were touched first

>> No.7410826

americans think it all revolves around school shootings

How cucked are these individuals that reject forms of wisdom in order to appeal or beg social acceptance? literally nothing else going through your head except mediocrity and probably even you know it

The only wisdom you know is to not say anything thats not common, but youre so retarded that you dont even dare to think outside of this, youre not even free on your own head

>> No.7410843

I mean parasocial relationships with cartoons kind of do the trick for your brain sometimes

>> No.7410846

I bet I'm more based than you.
>The only wisdom you know is to not say anything thats not common, but youre so retarded that you dont even dare to think outside of this, youre not even free on your own head
The fact that you say this but are then just parroting things other incels say is laughable. Grow up.

>> No.7410852

Unironically its the only two solution for someone that hates women so much and seeks a perfect being. Finding a confirmed virgin chuuba is impossible after all.
Go find a virgin nerdy guy with gay tendencies and be his first love anon >>7410699
I love women and don't overthink life. The past of my oshi is not my concern.

>> No.7410859

this whole tread shows that anonymity is a mistake and people should show id before posting on the internet, just look at these responses, stay safe guys.

>> No.7410869

I mean, you could say the same thing about fairytails in the 18th century, or religious mythology through history.

>> No.7410870

You're a faggot and a coward and you hate freedom. Go back to South Korea you fucking subhuman shit.

>> No.7410882

go back to fucking reddit, faggot

>> No.7410887

This is the cringiest post in the thread yet.

>> No.7410901

Holy fuck go back zhang

>> No.7410904

Sounds like you didn't get enough social acceptance anon. I wonder why, look in the mirror
Fucking moron. Of course you do things to try and be socially acceptable, to some degree at least. I'm sorry you have shity social skills.

>> No.7410918

Go kill yourself

>> No.7410930

i have a mother and a sister and there's people like you outside in the world, i have all the right in the world to be preocupied

>> No.7410947


anon? you got your poles mixed up?

>> No.7410948

I tip hats for your commitment to the bait anon, been a while since this site saw someone this committed!
Still you already lost the game of life, soon you will start rambling about VTubers lewds too, becasue you are not able to cope with the fact your chuuba drawing has cum all over her.

>> No.7410950

What does this even fucking mean?

>> No.7410970

Holy shit what the hell is this thread.
tl;dr I think unicorn-anon should go after cocks if he hates women so much.
You won't find what you want in chuubas unless they give you a hymen certificate. And even if you choose to delude yourself, it'll always be in the back of your mind.. You barely know her after all.

>> No.7410973

The fuck are you talking about?

>> No.7410976

ok, confirmed zhang

>> No.7410981

Holy based, I can't wait to see what he thinks knowing so many people masturbate to his oshi

>> No.7411045
File: 359 KB, 561x542, 1626542395886175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Vtubers are just entertainers
>but their also human. So don't treat them like objects.
>Noooooo don't fall in love with vtubers
>Noooooo don't get too attached. their only job is to entertain
Ogey retarded nigger.

>> No.7411071

So you agree? good

>> No.7411082
File: 165 KB, 496x496, Screenshot_369.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She may look slutty and act sassy but she's an insecure virgin

>> No.7411093

Oh, and you have proof of that?

>> No.7411097

Normalfags can smell your scent. Your scent of someone mentally unwell from years of rejection and trauma. It always ends up bad. You can fake it till you make it for ages until you don't. They see through your mask, it slips, it cracks. The women already saw you as an asexual entity before it even did that. Once it does if the men are of a certain persuasion they might even get violent. You can practice and hone your mask of normalcy as long as you want in many different scenarios with many different people but it will always slip, it's inevitable. You stink. You reek. Of rejection and seclusion. You will never belong in a normal group of people, or even an abnormal group of people. They could be completely degenerates and they might grudgingly accept you even as the weirdo you are but it won't be true acceptance. You'll maybe even hear all their secrets and their personal issues and look at it as some mark of pride, like you're a vault, you're to be trusted, they're willing to divulge sensitive stuff in your presence. But really that's not even it. It's not about "trust" or being "part of their circle". They just see you as a non-entity. A fly on the wall not to be threatened by or to bother swatting at. You will never have a meaningful relationship with other human beings. Neither platonic nor romantic. You will always be alone, and perpetually bitter, and ever growing in the intensity and variety of your hatreds. Because some fucked up shit happened to you some time when you were too young to even remember and shaped the course of your life forever, made you a recluse, an incel, a misanthrope, whatever. It's different for everyone that bears that mark but they all do. A black mark and a stink that they can never get rid of and only vainly attempt to hide, as plain as something written on their forehead.

>> No.7411098

>Holy shit what the hell is this thread.
I'm still trying to figure that out.

>> No.7411121

You are mentally ill. just kill yourself already and do everyone a favor.

>> No.7411158

Dangerously based

>> No.7411188

This hurts to read because its true

>> No.7411197

We get it, you were touched. Stop projecting.

>> No.7411200

This is why I appreciate Rushia. Russia knows what her fanbase wants and she absolutely delivers. Fandeads don't know how to lose.

>> No.7411262

oh my gah this is either the most dedicated baiter or that one anon finally managed to crack him

amazing thread

>> No.7411267


I feel sorry for you fucks. GFE is peak vtuber experience. I hope your oshi graduates TODAY. Maybe then you would realize that vtubers are more than just 'entertainment'.

>> No.7411280 [DELETED] 

Rushia's discord dms appeared on stream recently and she had a popstar JP guy on top of her dms. She's probaly fucking the guy for years. Fandead ignored it, some unicoens got filtered.

>> No.7411281

Don't give credit to that retarded faggot from before for my decision to make a post describing the experience of true non-normalfags.

>> No.7411283

Now it's too obvious you're baiting. You already lost.

>> No.7411295
File: 135 KB, 243x266, 1627250637426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think he got u bro..

>> No.7411296

>popstar JP guy
All women are whores, big surprise.

>> No.7411354
File: 48 KB, 384x384, 162654239588649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girlfriend Experience is peak vtubing. Watching as my oshi reads all my superchats is the most gratifying thing I've ever experienced in my life. I live for GFE.

>> No.7411387
File: 858 KB, 1003x1080, 1618171070912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah yeah you are right now get in this the hotel room you are going to fuck her in

>> No.7411403

>I bet I'm more based than you.
>then just parroting things other incels say

See you have a mental disability
The ONE thing you call me out for its the first thing that you commit
Youre literally have mental retardation

Dude i dont even know why i bother trying to talk with mentally disabled persons like you, its actually laughable the level you shitscums are, and not aware of it

>> No.7411406

All hololive members have had sex by now.

>> No.7411419

Yes, with me

>> No.7411425

Kill yourself faggot

>> No.7411450

My dick is working overtime

>> No.7411477
File: 2.22 MB, 220x220, 1626140130943.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

https://youtu.be/O5STxNb0vkQ All I can do is laugh at you at this point
You've lost, everyone here is laughing at you and nobody is on your side. It's time to log off the computer and book an appointment with a therapist. I'm done here with you my hands are tired from typing. Good luck incel.

>> No.7411583

>You've lost, everyone here is laughing at you and nobody is on your side.

Kek what the fuck are you talking about

Holy shit i swear you have christ chan levels of reasoning, please kill yourself

If youre above 16 i feel really bad for you

>> No.7411637

Anon.... mousey literally has a daughter she got before her giga aids kicked in.

>> No.7411638 [DELETED] 

Certainly correct for Ame, but Gura is a mystery in this regard. She said things that would point to her actually being one. Or maybe she's that good an actress.

>> No.7411646

>everyone here is laughing at you and nobody is on your side
you're like a fucking woman holy shit

>> No.7411657

>giga aids
Still believing that, huh.

>> No.7411664

Stop samefagging, at least change your typing style

>> No.7411681

You're also a coward who wants to avoid facing consequences.

>> No.7411691

There should be no consequences to anons exercising free speech you fucking communist faggot.

>> No.7411706

why are you still trying anon

>> No.7411708

Don't care about the past but if they do it right now during their vtuber job then I'm out

>> No.7411780

This thread proves that incel is a state of mind. Assuming that he didn't lie about fucking whoever that poor, and most likely drunk, girl was.

>> No.7411784

>women over the age of 20
>most are talented, have good personalities, or are entertaining
N-no way they ever had sex!!! They're all lonely NEET virgins just like me!!

>> No.7411809

Schizophrenia is also a state of mind and she begged to take my v-card for 6 months before I let it happen and I was the one with regrets, not her.

>> No.7411840

I was under the impression that this field has its share of shut-ins and schizos as talent as well. Yagoo is not called a savior figure for nothing.

>> No.7411859

finally he admits it

>> No.7411883

I do not have schizophrenia. I'm saying the "state of mind" that makes up the incel mind is a tangled up yarn ball of mental trauma, anxieties and insecurities and you don't just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get better just like a schizophrenic doesn't just get better. Everything is a "state of mind" you fucking double digit IQ mongoloid.

>> No.7411915

you just keep making your hole deeper lmao

>> No.7411922

Do try physical exercise.

>> No.7411944

>Harass and send death threats to her and anyone who collabs with her
>Harass the company if she's affiliated
>Doxx her and find her address to amp up the harassment
>Force her to graduate
>Drive her into suicide
Do anything less is a disservice

>> No.7411958

I've never done any of this myself nor do I see myself ever doing any of it.

but this is undeniably based, it must be said

>> No.7411974

No, but don't try to pretend you're not here because you can say shit and just get out of it for free. You can keep making retarded posts and then just keep making more without consequences, in any other part of the Internet you'd get ignored or ridiculed on sight like you should, pathetic buffon. You will never make a good post.

>> No.7411979

>destroys the cucks.

>> No.7411980
File: 504 KB, 1182x785, 1626838634435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A reminder that anyone who unironically wants their oshi to be a pure virgin is mentally ill and should not be taken seriously, ever. Do not reply to them, it's a waste of time. Do not give them your time, it's better spent doing things that make you happier. sad to see some anons didn't get that
pic related

>> No.7411995
File: 237 KB, 400x400, изображение_2021-08-02_125659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She did have sex just ten minutes ago with me because she is my girlfriend

Captcha: nvs0y

>> No.7412010

>in any other part of the Internet you'd get ignored or ridiculed on sight like you should
The entire purpose of 4chan is to avoid this because posts should be judged entirely on their content not on the poster or their posting history you fucking NEWFAGGOT REDDITOR. I've been here since 2005 suck my fucking dick and I wish I had herpes just so when you did you'd get sores on your faggot face so everyone would be disgusted with you and ridicule you on sight IRL, like you should be.

>> No.7412020
File: 190 KB, 413x208, 1626263516075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he keeps quoting himself
Why does he do it bros?

>> No.7412041

It just keeps getting better
That's not something to be proud of lmfaooo

>> No.7412045

>The entire purpose of 4chan is to avoid this because posts should be judged entirely on their content not on the poster or their posting history you fucking NEWFAGGOT REDDITOR
>I've been here since 2005
>goes full schizo mode
If you were not an awful newfaggot you'd know that a shitposter remains a shitposter, no matter what, there's no moment in their life where their post suddenly miraculously improves in quality. Just look at you. Not a single good post in the entire thread.

>> No.7412066

I can't tell if he's shitposting or being serious anymore

>> No.7412091

her roommate was groomed by Japanese businessmen in the music industry when she was still underage

Possibly same case with Cali

>> No.7412153
File: 1.08 MB, 1283x2071, 1625636347744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Possibly same case with Cali

>> No.7412172

IRyS' face shopped on to Anya.

>> No.7412176

is this really her
pls be honest kek

>> No.7412186

She's only 5'6 or something so doubtful. It's just a funny image.

>> No.7412200

[desire to pound]

>> No.7412209

>everything is smaller in japan
imagine calliope mori towering over everyone and everything

>> No.7412307

Watame is the lynchpin keeping me from suicide and/or muder

>> No.7412340

Well this thread was hilarious to read through. You're all faggots for replying to that schizo, though.

>> No.7412353

>You're a faggot for laughing at the monkey making the funny faces
Then don't put her in the zoo.

>> No.7412372

>having sex with anyone but herself

>> No.7412386
File: 113 KB, 1080x1080, 5pfbj56bzkh51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was fun though tb h. It's fun to laugh and mock the lowest of the low society has to offer

>> No.7412406

Someone is projecting here, and it's not us =)

>> No.7412442

I hope a schizo kills you.

>> No.7412459


>> No.7412460

What is it is abusive relationship?

>> No.7412909
File: 989 KB, 1280x720, 1624549956597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have sex with her again

>> No.7412979

the irony of you thinking you have some sort of moral high ground when it's people like you who breed school shooters and then complain when they go up and shoot em up, and then you dare to come online and show everyone you're the same kind of scum they claim to be because you agree with the groupthink that they're valid targets so it's okay to demonize them
and "lowest of the low"? nigger there are plenty of people roaming about who have actually hurt others physically and emotionally, and some guy venting his frustrations in here is what you consider the lowest? this is why we hate normalfags here, you're so self-righteous despite being just as bad it's nauseating

>> No.7413069

don't try and act like you're any better you fucker. cope

>> No.7413129

not the "schizo" you spent the entire thread arguing with
just telling you to pipe the fuck down and know your place, you're no better than anyone here
in fact you may even be worse

>> No.7413130

>he thinks people care about morals here
Go away moralfag

>> No.7413174

NTA, in what universe does deciding "lowest of the low" not involve some sort of "moral" judgment call?

This poster >>7412979 is entirely correct.

>> No.7413213

You may be right, but I still don't care. I'm going to shit on him regardless. I do not like schizos, especially "muh purity" fuckers.

>> No.7413253

I…wouldn’t care because that’s a perfectly normal thing for young adults to do? Oh wait…

>> No.7413290

At least that anon doesn't think women should be virgins and only love him

>> No.7413526

Those are literally just rrats anon, you can't possibly believe what schizos on here and retards on reddit says.

>> No.7413556

I wasn't born that way, I was made.

>> No.7413598

Back to r/virtualCCPtubers you disgusting newfaggot

>> No.7413621

Unironically yes, I have my talents and plenty of friends online that spam me with invites. Yet I haven't met a person irl outside of shopping in months.

>> No.7413646
File: 32 KB, 486x429, 1627809963761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bro just fuck a teen then. Problem solved.

>> No.7413777
File: 3.17 MB, 1283x2071, Big[Calliope].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7413818

Hey buddy this is a mental illness board not a well adjusted to society board get out of here with that good reasonable mindset.

>> No.7413845

This is why giving money to streamers is a mistake

>> No.7413945

jerk off while imagining it

>> No.7413973

this is why my oshi is from the ID branch because Muslim doesn't have sex before marriage therefore im 200% certain that my oshi is still virgin

>> No.7414054
File: 550 KB, 758x513, 1613063246676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yubi yubi is indeed a valid method for retaining virginity

>> No.7414258

my fucking sides, purityfags telling people to touch grass is probably the funniest thing i read this in this board

>> No.7414336

Anon, atleast 33% of teenage in indonesia have a penetrative sex, also ratio of AIDS in teenage in indonesia is quite high
source indonesian news :

T. Indonesian

>> No.7414361

What that hell is this thread

>> No.7414390

sexually active SEA chuubas and AIDS rates in SEA countries

>> No.7414394

and also dont bring up about religion here because indonesian muslim here is not like the one that you found in shitholes like mideast, we are pretty liberal here

>> No.7415715

I'd feel nothing as I usually do

>> No.7415758

She probably already did so I don't care. I'm just a nobody on the internet following a girl larping as an anime character.

>> No.7415963

All these useless posts and yet nobody said become sex itself.
Takeshi is disappointed in all of you

>> No.7415986

If it was with a man, drop her. If it was with a woman, donate more.

>> No.7416155

This anon gets it

>> No.7416204

Having sex is fine but I'd be pissed if she touched grass

>> No.7416373

Where do people find these things, seriously you guys are scary sometimes.

>> No.7416574

>being the first to take her virginites (anal oral and vaginal)
now anon is it in THAT particular order?

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