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Last thread >>7228504
Korone ch https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChAnqc_AY5_I3Px5dig3X1Q
Korone twitter https://twitter.com/inugamikorone

Itadakimasu Norimaki-kun

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Is she actually in a homosexual relationship with cat?

>> No.7440372

They love each other, anon

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Why do you care? They just do what they want and feel

>> No.7440843

I'll never confirm or deny that

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when is Mr. Koro going to stream more sonic?

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Last thread was ruined with that schizo bickering. Bad anon

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I think she's played all the good ones and the decent ones, all that are left are the terrible ones

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Wjo knows, there was a 4-month gap between Sonic 3 and Adventure

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Sonic Adventure 2 is kino. Cringe kino, but kino. I can't fucking wait. Also in terms of raw gameplay, far superior to SA1. I can't wait.

Also you're forgetting Sonic Mania, and I hear Sonic Generations is pretty good.

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Okayu is the ultimate Ecchi vtuber. Never outright sexual like Marine, but an absoloute master of teasing everyone.

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They’re just really close friends

>> No.7445180

Friends that kiss eachother in the mouth and touch eachother's boobs

>> No.7445591

And nibble on each other ears.

>> No.7445725

they were together even in their past lives

>> No.7445838

I think it would be adorable if she was, but I certainly hope there is room for a heterosexual friends with benefits relationship with me as well

>> No.7446248

Yeah, that’s what really close friends do

>> No.7447110

hopefully she play Unleashed at some point yeah i know you guys are always shitting on this game but you can't disagree that day time stages was 10/10 Sonic game

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>cucked hard two days in a row
Suddenly the listener-san abuse isn't as funny as it used to be.

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I mean, does it matter? are you asking out of curiosity? if you are, leave it up to your imagination. It's not like they'd ever confirm or deny it while active as vtubers, so you can just have your headcanon solve that question for you. If you're asking b/c if they are it ruins your GFE, then pretend they aren't if that really hurts your enjoyment of either of their content or stop watching if it's really that big a deal breaker for you that even the slightest possibility makes you upset. If you're asking because you want to confirm your yuri ship, then take what they've said and how they've acted in collabs at face value and run with it. No one on this board definitively knows or probably will ever know as long as they are active vtubers.

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They are very close friends irl

>> No.7448198

You dont kiss your boys?

>> No.7448351

It's very important to differentiate between tame lip smooches and full blown making out.
Until I know which one they did I can't decide on the nature of their relationship.
They better demonstrate on their promised ASMR collab

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do you fags don't watch the streams or something?

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Fuck the dog

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I wish to make use of my large genitals to pleasure this doog!

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OkaKoro marshmallow stream tomorrow. Any questions for them you desperately need an answer for?

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if someone asks about them kissing i will cut my cock off and eat it

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Just SA2 when and does she plan on playing any more Sega Saturn games.

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I need to know when are they going to have a collab like the Cuphead one, that was fucking amazing

>> No.7454040

Risu Metal Slug co-op collab?

>> No.7454234

Doom Eternal fucking when

>> No.7454330

Did Okayu forget about the ring?

>> No.7454697

This WILL be asked, but it's up to them if they will actually read the question publicly

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Anon no one on this board watches non-event streams we are almost all clip fags

>> No.7455535

girl bestfriends literally act like they're a couple

>> No.7455630

Speak for yourself.

>> No.7455682

Amazing projection, now go back from when you came

>> No.7456040

No I speak for everyone
I was here before you, I can assure you.

>> No.7456252

I mean your home thread(s) retard

>> No.7456490

I was responding to a question

>> No.7456510

Ikki Eternal and DOOM online doko?

>> No.7456533

burned out hag. I'm expecting a vacation of undertermined length any day now.

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>burned out

>> No.7457864

Okayu has said she wanted to move in with Korone but decided against asking because Korone needs her personal space or some nonsense. I feel like they’re on the cusp of being romantically engaged but they’re both too conscious of eachother so the whole thing has stalled in this weird nether area where they make out but pretend they’re just friends.

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They are bros that occasionally touch titties, nothing gay about it, nothing lame about it

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>Korone needs her personal space or some nonsense.
Doog is crazy, pls andastd.

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They should just get a big place like KanaCoco. Separate rooms so they can have all the privacy they want.

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Just like >>7455535 said girl best friends always act like lesbians when together. Like they both are straight as fuck and even have boyfriends but when they're together you always see them holding hands or even kissing.

>> No.7458514

I hate /u/tards so much. Even with the last Okakoro collab, there wasn't as much shit like this but the last couple days had been "No trust me, they're in a romantic relationship, I know they are".

>> No.7458623

They weren't, M- isn't Okayu. They knew each other before that but they were never vtubing together till Hololive.

>> No.7458645

Korone has to look after her grandma so that's also another reason she isn't really considering it.

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Does "hamuhamu" IRL sounds the same as when they do it in the ASMR mic?

>> No.7458829

>blaming /u/tards
>not the fact that Okayu talked about actually seriously kissing Korone
"They kissed so they fucked" is retarded but "Gal pals kiss each other on the lips all the time, trust me - a dude who hasn't interacted with girls since high school" is just as retarded. They're probably not actually a couple but they're definitely not just platonic friends.

>> No.7459483

Im not saying that "they are just friends" and doing mental gymnastics to cope with it. I am saying that after Okayu said "yes, we kiss but it's more like when I feel like kissing", dumbasses are blowing out of proportion.
I just don't want people to turn Okakoro, into something like Noefure with the boyfriend and girlfriend shit.

>> No.7460036

Anime mind poisoning in action, folks

>> No.7460086

Reading comprehension, the movie

>> No.7460221

That's not going to happen because Okakoro is way better than Noefure faggotry

>> No.7460268

He is saying they are not lesbians/have boyfriends how is that anime brain

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survive before the damn stream starts

>> No.7466087

although it's exaggerated in muh mongolian cartoons, plenty of girls in hs would be very physical in their affection w/ their best friend. I don't think it's that weird or out there in 3DPD land but I also don't think you can kiss someone of the opposite sex and claim you're straight or claim someone else is straight when they do that.

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Seems like a punishment stream is in order

>> No.7469094

Nevermind, as soon as I post she's starting

>> No.7469981

>blessed enough to live near a family mart in the US
>still no korone hi chew
do I just kms?

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>> No.7471029

Freezing in the cold with my oshi!!!!

>> No.7472196

I honestly love this kind of stream

>> No.7473038

Eating cereal with my oshi!

>> No.7474778

Me too anon, I'm from Spain and I go to sleep with a warm feeling in my heart, it's great

>> No.7474869

Us Euro Koronesukis just can't stop winning, can we?

>> No.7475437

Her stream times are just perfect for us, well, good night guys

>> No.7475577

I know, right? In my country, her streams start around 4-5 PM which is literally middle of the day which is just perfect.
Good night, bro!

>> No.7477336

Not really. My sister and her best friend were like that, both are engaged to guys now.

>> No.7478416

Anyone have a link for clip related?

>> No.7482250

/u/tards need to go back to their containment board

>> No.7482383

Beginning with the collab where Okayu felt her up and Korone kissed Okayu and nibbled her ears, and continuing now with this penguin stuff, Korone is now officially the NTR holo.

>> No.7483571

Somewhere in here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dsI1b_d3fI

I cried with Koro-san multiple times the firfst time I watched...

>> No.7484774

Don't think it's in there sadly. It looks like she said that at the title card.

>> No.7485124

Found it

>> No.7486569

Why is she doing this? Did management put them up to this? It's starting to feel cruel.

>> No.7486844

This is the video that got me hooked on hololive and made me look into it further than just catching a minute clip here and there

>> No.7487039

smart move. moving in with someone is the fastest way to find out what you really hate about them.

>> No.7487358


>> No.7487834

I love all of these animated videos of Holos telling stories.

>> No.7488215


>> No.7488454

Dog of empathy and kindness...

>> No.7488900

Based NTR Stacy. Korone knows her audience. They probably all watch NagaToRo.

>> No.7490483

Only the lowest test males feel "ntrd" or cheated with anothe girl, true alphas only see a threesome

>> No.7490668

It's an M thing. Personally, I enjoy the imagination of devoting myself to a woman who has no regards for anything but her own pleasure.

>> No.7490795

Idk man I never understood ntr or cuckholding and I probably never will

>> No.7491184


>> No.7492134

why is koronesuki always outside? Does Korone lock him out?

>> No.7492140

the fact that she puts on a yandere act and tells us not to watch other girls is the icing on this shit cake

>> No.7492723

Simply put, good NTR causes intense emotional pain and is sexy at the same time.
Being an M is about finding enjoyment in pain, and the mixture of arousement and feeling like you should just die has an addictive taste.

>> No.7492840


>> No.7493777

t. never had contact with a female.

>> No.7494583

I was considering replying something similiar but in the end I just felt bad for that anon.

>> No.7494666

don't hold back on these types my friend, their parents never raised them right, and most other online spaces nowadays are whitewashed as hell. So 4chan is the only place where such folks might even get some idea about how people think of them, and we shouldn't hold back on that, because no one else will tell them to straighten up.

>> No.7494690

That's extremely depressing, and I say that as someone who takes immense pleasure in verbal degredation. Please seek therapy.

>> No.7494746

>Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ
>はじめて新衣装でのコラボ!ちょっとだけぶっちゃけちゃおっか… コチラからマシュマロ募集してます! https://marshmallow-qa.com/nekomataokayu?utm_medium=url_text&utm_source=promotion


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>> No.7494832

>> No.7494834

if she doesn't like us then WHY is she smiling in here??
and WHY are we happy??

>> No.7494835

Sex cat has now removed all of her limiters

>> No.7494868


>> No.7495614

kool aid in action folks

>> No.7495679

Okakoro is a money laundering front...

>> No.7495835

This is clipfag gold right here

>> No.7496079

Well, Korone, it’s been sixty minutes.

>> No.7496098


>> No.7496105

>only an hour

>> No.7496272

>Question is "frankly speaking have you done something besides kissing?"
>"Eh what do you mean besides kissing? I hold her hand and give her hugs"
>"Doesn't this question ask for something above kissing?"
>"Should I say?"
>they delete the marshmallow
>"We'll leave it up to you"

>> No.7496392

Does this mean that they ACTUALLY fucked and are too embarrassed to tell us or are they just disgusted at our horniness?

>> No.7496408

The marshmallow came back up later, and by god, they might not be fucking but they sure act the part.

>> No.7496431

>> No.7496526

hot if true

>> No.7496529

>> No.7497223

Cringe questions but it was pretty certain that it would come up. They play it off really well though.

>> No.7497452

yep, they've fucked

>> No.7499061

I love Korone.

>> No.7503028

Non shitsubs

>> No.7503388


I knew it. I fucking knew it was going to happen.

I'm glad the dedicated translators are not trying to fuel any rrats

>> No.7504755

Translators are pretty reasonable for clippers. Most of the time they just want to share their love for their chuuba so they don't make complete clickbait shit like the regular clippers do.

>> No.7505556

Finally had time to watch it
>"Koronesuki just fell off the mic"
>"Korosan has been carrying the keyholder Koronesuki around lately..."
>"Koronesuki, did you know that Korosan always takes the keyholder around on her bag..."
>"...and when something happens she makes keyholder speak, like "Waaaah" and moves the mouth"
>Korone dying in the background

>> No.7505748

I'm telling you, it's like the book Lolita, except instead of it all happening in Korone's head Okayu is just like that.

>> No.7508207

Are there any active chuubas with similar content to Mr. Koro? Asking for a friend. A very desperate friend.

>> No.7509392

Well, there's this one small indie vtuber, a real hidden gem. Her name is Inugami Korone and she's part of Hololive!

Jokes aside, why would you want to watch another chuuba with similar content to Ko'one when you can just watch Ko'one?

>> No.7509518

Watame has also been playing ff9 lately and she does long streams frequently if those are the similarities you want, not sure who would be similar to Korone's personality

>> No.7510362

All these freshly hatched Listeners getting excited about 2 girls kissing... I guess we all started from eggs at some point.

>> No.7510701

I feel loved

>> No.7512569

With all the stuff that's happened lately, I'm going to take a break from Señor Koro and maybe vtubers in general. I've blacked out from a car accident before and waking up in the hospital not remembering anything was seriously less disorientating for me than what's going on here.

Thank you, anon, I'll be sure to check her out.

>> No.7512855

I'm terribly sorry I had to do this but...
Jokes aside. I hope everything is well for you. Good luck anon!

>> No.7513418

get your shit together
even tho it seems like mr koro don't take a lot of time to follow you can do sleep reps and watch vods no problem

>> No.7515359

LOL okay Lyger, they're actually just obsessed stalkers who want to do damage control for whoever they're obsessed with.

>> No.7516200

>All that's left are the terrible ones
>Sonic Adventure 2

>> No.7516474

Sonic Adventure 2 would be the worst game I ever played if I hadn't played Sonic Adventure 1.

>> No.7516482

One of the only translators I can watch and not worry about the accuracy of the translation. AND it's all Okayu. If heaven exists this man has a special spot just for him.

>> No.7516729

I guess not everyone can have good taste...I'm just playin, I completely feel you. Sonic Adventure 1 definitely hasn't aged well but I still have a lot of love for it. Watching Korone play it was like playing it for the first time as a kid again. I am super excited for when she plays Sonic Adventure 2!

>> No.7521439

I wish Señor Koro gets one too. I've following Jshay and while he covers much of Señor K, their subs can be a little off and contextless

>> No.7523139

I'm new to vtubers, but I've recently discovered Korone and think her content is tremendously entertaining. She seems really talented. Are there any others among the hololive group that are as great as she is?

>> No.7526204


>> No.7529984


>> No.7530126

You would make a great historian

>> No.7530876

i want to enjoy the rabbit because she seems to have a great personality, but her shrill half-shouting voice filters me every time, i can't listen to that shit for an entire stream

if you like hag korone, try hag botan. hag love.

>> No.7536107

>> No.7536180

What do you like most Korone? The fact she plays a lot of retro, different and actually cool games? Long streams? Her ability to playfully tardwrangle chat in a way that's extremely entertaining? Cute noises? Cute English? Obsession with Okayu? Her patience? Creativity? Her ability to find fun in almost everything? The fact she genuinely loves streaming? If you tell us your 2 - 3 fav things or link a clip you particularly like, maybe we can find something for you.

>> No.7538417


>> No.7540246

no dog today
it's time for archive reps
rewatching okakoro stream after reading this really helps

>> No.7543026

Didn't Korone say her mom watches her streams sometimes?
I wonder what their parents think about their daughters dyking it out with each other.
Korone said her mom really loves Okayu so maybe she already has the approval?

>> No.7543268

Your are acting as if she's 13 years old and wasn't just messing with us on stream. I get it, there is currently precious little blood north of the equator, but I'm sure you know how to fix that.

>> No.7543753

Meh, nobody cares about lezzing out. Japs even see it as nothing but a normal phase you grow out of.
Also, given the nature of close female friendships (especially in Japan), it's basically impossible to tell if they're actually a couple or not. I mean, no two straight guys would (regularly!) kiss eachother on the mouth and cuddle in the same bed.

>> No.7543831

>he doesn’t kiss his homies on the lips and sleep with them in the same bed

>> No.7545261

korones mom might think that korone is a bad influence to okayu lmao

>> No.7547592

all girls are bisexual

>> No.7550332

>Japs even see it as nothing but a normal phase you grow out of.
These women aren't in the age range where they just grow out of things. Especially not Korone.

>> No.7552934

how can girls fuck if they don't have dicks

>> No.7554609

/r/ing that art of Korone kissing the listener please. I forgot to save it.

>> No.7554804

She is. Okayu is young and impressionable and she can easily be led into a degenerate life style.

>> No.7554871

What rrats?

>> No.7555034


>> No.7558198

>not kissing your homies in the mouth
What are you gay?

>> No.7560140

Trying to find a clip of a very early Korone stream when she still had that shitty mic.She was playing some point n click flash game puzzle kind of game where she had to remember some color combination or something in one of the rooms that is needed for another room and she never remembered it and you could hear her taking a photo with her phone in the end

Does anyone know what stream/clip I'm talking about? Just randomly thought about it because it was one of the first Korone clips I saw

>> No.7561307


>> No.7565153


>> No.7565550

>some color combination or something in one of the rooms that is needed for another room and she never remembered it

>> No.7565994

Love this Skyline art she used in the Mario Kart thumbnail.

Reminds me of the time she said the Evo VI was her favorite car in Gran Turismo.

>> No.7566558

damn so korone and okayu are now confirmed to be the yuri (see: tranny's) choice? yikes, I'm sticking to kiara from now on

>> No.7567636


>> No.7567964

>> No.7569547

What collab was this supposed to be?

>> No.7569569

Gartic phone with
Miko, Haato, Okayu
Noel, Marine, Luna
Lamy, Polka


>> No.7569792


Fuuuuuck, I hope she can make it in time

>> No.7570021


>> No.7570807

The type of human who likes Vshojo sluts.

>> No.7570877

What kind of recording is she doing and why does it always take so long?

>> No.7570974

Oh right I preordered her spiritale figure and I really like it so now I have to pretend my opinion of her didn't sink like a boulder this week. Woohoo! Go doog!

>> No.7571002

I'm going to put Okayu's figure right next to her when she gets a good one and there's nothing you can do about it!

>> No.7571102


Korone's cute flappy ears

>> No.7571607

We can only guess. There's always things coming up that need recording like Marines celebration party, Mikos 3rd anniversary. We will only really know when they actually drop the info.

My personal guess would be the 1-year celebrations for the 5th gen members that should be coming up soon.

>> No.7571988

The only Gen 5 that is also off today is Nene (Botan just got done streaming like an hour ago, Lamy and Polka are participating in the collab). Just saying.

>> No.7573034

Korone looks upset in this picture.

>> No.7573057

That was it. Thank you

>> No.7573174

Ah, I forgot they are sisters.

>> No.7574836

no dog...

>> No.7577969

>> No.7580011

This guy must have been such a big influence for Korone. Now I wonder if Arino actually knows about her and what she does.

>> No.7583446


>> No.7585119

I keep thinking about this and I appreciate okayu dropping that info on us. Not only because it's adorable as hell but it also another example just how much she treasures her viewers even off-cam.

>> No.7588358

>rrat is when something is heavily implied but I desperately dont want to be true, even though it wouldnt fit the context at all
Oh so the korone thread is full of... this? It's sad because I thought threads for individual chubbas would have people of higher quality

>> No.7588773


Korone’s dad is abusive which explains why he was out of the picture until mama korone became hospitalized

>> No.7590860

these people were on okayu's thread some days ago
hence why she almost quit lmao

>> No.7591525

No wonder, from the few stories she has told about, he seems like a hard person to be with... Maybe that's why Señor Koro is such a bully sometimes

>> No.7591934


>> No.7595474

>> No.7596978


>> No.7600256

>> No.7604436


>> No.7604851

Surely it's just banter?

>> No.7610854

>> No.7612123

Why is Koosan crying
>captcha DYGAY

>> No.7616054


>> No.7616144

Stream at 11 PM JST

>> No.7616468

She is a bitch and she wants that pussy, yes.

>> No.7621759

I'm sure today will be more cheerful in terms of FF9 story development. Korone will have fun with the card tournament and nothing bad will happen.

>> No.7621797

She's terrible at the card game. She needs to take lessons from Watame, but without applying the save scumming.

>> No.7621878

FF9 really is "And then it got worse" The game ain't it?

>> No.7622063

Isn't she around the time when Alexandria gets destroyed and Dagger loses her voice?

>> No.7622830

man FF9 OST is just a hit after a hit and a hit
no miss

>> No.7623234

utsukushii yo

>> No.7623874

can you even beat this stupid book?

>> No.7623929

you just need to be smart to beat it

>> No.7624011

Of course. But it's a puzzle boss.

>> No.7624450

Fuck. I forgot about the book in my playthrough. Does it even give you something for beating it?

>> No.7625527

Is this an anti-semitic character design?

>> No.7626129

Boots that let you equip auto-haste.

>> No.7627740

The way she found the Lagoon was so organic and not at all preplanned...

>> No.7627830

Noticed that too. Hasn't she played this game already though? In previous life or something.

>> No.7627860

Didn't she mention at one point she had watched her dad play it when she was a kid?

>> No.7628388

I wouldn't be surprised at all if she were using a guide for the side stuff.

>> No.7628409

There isn't really anything good storywise left at the last 2 cds.

>> No.7628427

Is it just me or has Korone changed? Like in the past she used to be much more hostile to us when we mentioned sleep, but like a couple of seconds ago someone donated saying they're going to sleep and she told him "Good Night!" instead of something like "Don't Sleep!"

>> No.7628484

She seems tired and low energy today? She didn't even bother to cry when Alexandria got nuked.

>> No.7628512

in which part of the story is she

>> No.7628546

>She seems tired and low energy today?
I don't think it's only today. I recall she mentioned that during her drinking stream and that "It isn't because of her not going to the gym anymore, but because of her sleeping problem"

>> No.7628556

After Alexandria got destroyed and they got boat.

>> No.7628571

oh yeah, this is where they after Kufa right?
So next comes Kuja castle, Olivert and all that shit

>> No.7628729

Yeah. I personally find all those late game dungeons boring. Especially after all this stuff happening earlier.
I wonder if she will try to finish all those stupid sidequests. Especially the Chocobo digging game that can take longer than actual game if you are unlucky.

>> No.7629317


>> No.7630082

I can't get enough of Korone's Kuja voice

>> No.7630939

Generations is really good but short af. She can probably beat the game in one sitting since it's a 5hr game

Also I honestly believe Unleashed is not a bad game and yes, I'm also including Werehog. Unleashed biggest flaws are FPS due to game engine, Werehog battle theme, few Day stages and Eggman Land.

It's kinda funny that like 80% of Sonic Team left SEGA after Generations and worked for Nintendo in BotW and Mario Odyssey so I really blame Iizuka for Sonic's decline of quality, not the devs.

>> No.7631152

> there's no consent with an animal in the eyes of the law
This is the same law that says a four lane rural highway is considered a residential zone and you're only allowed to do 25mph on it because of one damned farm house which sits back from the road about half a mile.
The law and the nature of man and beast directly conflict in certain areas. It states an animal cannot consent. I contend otherwise, but my objection is derived from personal experience.
> inb4 the moralfags screech about having intercourse with a dog
Deal with it, there are worse things that occur across the globe on a daily basis, I'm a molecule of water in that ocean.
Ever had a bitch in heat paw at your crotch because you were the only male around/on her life? Ever had her nuzzle
and lick your junk through your pants incessantly even after you've shooed her away dozens of times? Ever had her turn around in front of you and throw her tail over her back while looking back at you and giving you a low whining growl that all but says, "Hey dumbass, come slide up in this, I'm horny and want to fuck."?
You know absolutely shit except what you wish to believe or what the majority of society says you should believe. Experience some out of the ordinary shit like the above, then tell me if they can't consent.

>> No.7633192

I'm actively watching, not multitasking while I do something else, WATCHING Korone play FFIX even though I don't understand japanese. Am I retarded?

>> No.7633264

No. But it would be a good idea to learn japanese, specially since the vocabulary she uses while gaming is quite basic.

>> No.7633288

are we done with this boring shit game yet

>> No.7633343

I'd say it'll take two more streams, enjoy!

>> No.7633561

No. See you next week.
It's really going to depend on how wild she goes with optional content.

>> No.7633978


>> No.7635247

>I want to play Doom

>> No.7635254


>> No.7635383


>> No.7635910


>> No.7636117

Yeah she was asking what to do next a couple streams back and said she will do it "in the neat future". Pretty excited for this since these clips are what brought me into hololive.

Can confirm this. Am at around 500 words in Anki by now and can pick up a decent amount. Should probably work on some conjungation next since those still tend to confuse me sometimes.

>> No.7639915

>Am I retarded?
No, you are being based and your brain is helping with your reps for once.

>> No.7641191

Señor Koro... Onegai... Bring the DOOG back...

>> No.7642490

Nice. Then we'll be able to wait another year for the DLC.

>> No.7644611


Man, to hell with the DLC. There is no good reason for her to play it; if she wants to play the DLC is fine, but I'm afraid it would be even worse than with R-Type

>> No.7650621

Do you guys think she'll be on Towa's birthday 3D live later today?

>> No.7651131


>> No.7651239

OG Doom and Doom II?

It was during superchat reading. Stream is over at that point.
Don't mind that the listener was probably the blue one in the rain.
He slept FOREVER

>> No.7651361


>> No.7653333

I'd be happy nonetheless but if, that would be hilarious

>> No.7653452

Big Sleep got to her

>> No.7657784

>> No.7658324

I'm so happy more artists are drawing them bustier

>> No.7658734

Just stick Koro or you are going to suffer.

>> No.7660184

inu doko...

>> No.7660479

You can even learn to read some kanji with the help of chat!

>> No.7661706

No, that's the way. Learn the basics of Japanese and watch a couple hundreds of hours of streams and you'll understand Koone in no time.

>> No.7662251

Still waiting for some more awkward koone / aqua non-conversations.

>> No.7663999


>> No.7664263

Member stream, get in here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvKvfTupv7I

>> No.7664519

>She didn't post in the community
Stupid dog, I need to fuck her to teach her a lesson

>> No.7665276

Is it worth membering her if I don't understand japanese?

>> No.7665687

I'm not an EOP so I can't say for sure. She doesn't do a lot of member streams, they are usually watchalongs, sleepy zatsudans, or (funny) ASMR. You won't get much from the discussion, the ASMR is hardly a pull, and the watchalongs I feel depend on knowing what she is saying to a degree (dog noises are certainly a part of it though).
If you just want to support Korone, I'm sure you'd get some enjoyment from the streams but if you are looking to get it purely for the member streams then maybe not. Not sure if there any EOP members here to comment.

>> No.7665998

Sounds about right, I stay subbed to her because I like hanging out in her streams and want to support my oshi but in terms of pure value I don't think you would get much out of it.

>> No.7666098

Thanks for the replies. I'll keep with my nihongo reps then.

>> No.7666591

Have to admit though, this "just talking" has turned out unexpectedly endearing.

>> No.7666674

My favorite part was the kaigainiki appeal after the JP nikis kept making fun of her kanji skills.

>> No.7667621

That and surprise karaoke was really nice.

Kanji are a bitch though, they are probably what halts my progress the most.

>> No.7671223

>> No.7673179

I was kinda hoping Korosan would call Aqua's totsu stream. I'm still holding out hope for a surprise collab before this year ends.

>> No.7674734

Why do you want to see Korone and Aqua collab?

>> No.7675196

It looks fun. Korone usually does well with younger Holo (Subaru, Shion, Lamy).

>> No.7679993

I feel like it's more about they don't understanding each other autism.

>> No.7681571

Korone and Lamy still haven't had a solo collab, right? Though they get along well during the call ins that they've done. Meanwhile the two Aqua/Korone calls were some of the most awkward I've seen in hololive.
There are a lot of holos Korone has promised 1 on 1 collabs with that she appears to get along well with before getting to Aqua.

>> No.7681692

Korone is just young at heart despite being a hag

>> No.7681806

Doggystyle with Mr. Koro!
She likes it rrrrrrrrrRUFF!

>> No.7682714 [SPOILER] 

>Saying she slept a lot
>When she's actually been playing apex since 4am
I don't mind buying into your lie Korosan but please don't die on us 5 years from now

>> No.7682866

I hope it's not that disease where you stop sleeping and dies.

>> No.7688555

korone is also too old for some shits and that bugs some zoomers

>> No.7689444

Korone's not THAT old

>> No.7690187

You mean this?

>> No.7691124

Huh. Then why is it only showing me this?

>> No.7691631

Singing in 4 hours

>> No.7691725

Korone, your voice resting reps...

>> No.7693370

>Koone is lying to us
>She's going to die for lack of sleep
>She needs to rest her voice for no reason whatsoever

Where the fuck do you people even come from and can you go back please?

>> No.7693765

The first one isn't true??

>> No.7693778

Korone is a compulsive liar but the rest are dogshit, yeah

>> No.7693875

I love how every time she tweets something like "おやすみ!!” all the normal fags fall for her bait, thinking that she's ACTUALLY sleeping when in reality she probably won't hold her eyes closed for more than 5 seconds at best.

>> No.7693914

Last week to buy Korone's figurine.
You have bought or are planning to buy it, right?

>> No.7693973

I already bought it and I'm waiting to buy the full set of gamers

>> No.7694239

>Sonic Unleashed
>Day time stages 10/10
I know this is nearly a week old, but I agree the day time stages are great...until Sonic Team decided to make every single Sonic game after completely lift it's format with almost no changes...that's kind of soured it for me a bit, but I still love the game (even the night stages too, honestly...and that soundtrack, oh man). I would love for Korone to play it some time, assuming she wants to. But man, am I excited for her to play Sonic Adventure 2. If she cried over Gamma's and Big's story, I can't even imagine how she'll react to the ending of SA2. Hopefully chat keeps things spoiler free this time around. Either way, it's going to be fun!

>> No.7694289

Does the koone merch ever get a rerun if demand is high enough? Should be able to afford all of her stuff about next year.

>> No.7694347

Probably so yea, she was already saying that she was pushing for multiple sizes for the tshirts other than XL.

>> No.7694477

Why does she keep lying to us, bros? Everyone knows the truth she doesn't have to hide it.

>> No.7694522

Look sometimes it's REALLY tempting to watch another stream before you're going to bed...

>> No.7694625

>She needs to rest her voice for no reason whatsoever
You know, I'll agree that Korone probably knows her limits best and it's stupid that her chat tries to mother her but it is absolutely a thing that you can strain your voice in a career like this. People whose job is to basically talk fast and talk often (casters, radio personalities, streamers, etc) do have to watch out for voice strain.

>> No.7694676

Preordered on amiami

>> No.7694916



>> No.7695124

Should we really believe this? I mean it's pretty badly made screenshot and it doesn't even show her IGN.

>> No.7695261

Korone definitely has a very distinguished taste for her karaoke streams, don't think I've ever heard these songs from someone else.

>> No.7695383

I don't think there's any Holo that would sing Doraemon song and Kyari Kyari Pyamu song in one stream. She introduced me to some really good songs.

>> No.7695544

she's gonnna say bye bye one day...

>> No.7695576

>suddenly singing Secret Base
what does it mean?

>> No.7695585

Forgot how well her voice fits that song...

>> No.7695734

i want to tongue korone's anus

>> No.7695746

Don You EVER fucking say that, you shithead!

>> No.7696000

my doog has no nose

>> No.7696001

Just added that togetsukyou-something to my playlist too, was pretty chill.

Also looks like she's having fun so we gonna be here for a while longer

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