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Touching cow udders of all things. No, not hers.

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God I wish that were me

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God i wish she slap my dick

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oh baaaaby look at that technique I wish kson-chan would milk me

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this should be an Ark minigame

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I wish I was the one being milked. Cows don't deserve rights.

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Is this achievable natty?

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So what is Kson fan name called?

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glad to see her having fun. Wish kson general became a regular occurence here, unless it already is whenever she streams and I'm too newfag to notice

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these threads are more helpful than youtube notifications.

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Can't believe there dick on stream

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How do we get Kson on the Holodex?

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f that guy

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4chan have been always better at giving you news, anon.

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10/10 stream

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>Blew up his oshi as easy as he breathed
Tatsunoko are the strongest race.

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literly vshojo

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>this few replies
Guess the honeymoon phase is ending early...

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Open voice chat seems kinda yab but it's all good so far

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Okay Zhang

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indie now so virtually untouchable.

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There are 4 threads about her.

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This stream is hilarious

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She cut his head just like these muslims.

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Zhangs current plan is to hard dox, rape and kill her

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This is so fucking dumb.
I love it.

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Yeah they said that a year ago.

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They wish

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gotta wait out covid

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Well, she's currently massacring them on stream!

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bugs, it's your time to shine!! you can play as yourself!!!!

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Bugs are too busy dying to fucking water kek

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Well that's definitely a slav game. "Пoчтa" on the previous map and now that typical kitchen.

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Zhangs won...

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So that's why someone in chat said in Russian that he personally know the devs of the game.

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Kukie_nyan is a treasure.

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Bug genocide best day of my life.

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She said sushi review.

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She's gonna cook fruit sushi and review it

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>cook fruit sushi


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Chat told her about it and she spent like 30 minutes laughing

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The only noticeable difference between VShoujo and Hololive is the company's name.

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I get all my news and facts from 4chan exclusively

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You dumbass

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It was a good question actually

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Kousein (family member, in yakuza terms) - subscribers regardless of memberships.
Memberships are Kambu (i don't really know what that means)

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does she stream in english or Japanese now? or both?

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She uses both, majority of the time japanese but she's using more english than Coco used to, it all depends on the chat.

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Yes but that's not the name of her fandom. I think in the mildom stream she resolved that question.

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You were replying to >>7450725 which only asked, he didn't provide any name. So I'm not sure how
>that's not the name of her fandom
makes any sense

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Her discord fans are capped kson-gumi but thats the only fan name I've ever heard.

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Too busy disowning their own athletes just because they didn't win gold medals

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https://youtu.be/OHQafDT4_zg can we finally consider her to be a whore

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Collabs when?

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She said once she gets her new model

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You're just too autistic to understand jokes.
You should also consider learning japanese instead of relying on clips subbed by SEA people, could save you from embarrassing yourself again in the future.

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Live on mildom

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don't post orcs here

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Is the Discord member only?

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The shills aren't awake yet. So they've gotta continue to spam out for MUH COCO because of EBIL CHINAMANS. It's just at this point you just point at them and laugh because they're even more pathetic than the gosling fags

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Seethe whore-lover

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Kson is playing some shitty lego game. The most peaceful stream so far. I feel blessed.

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Nobody is forcing you to watch her, you know

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No but you need an invite. It's not official so she's not there or anything. It's fanmade.

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Seethe? about what?

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This seems like one those therapy games. Pretty chill.

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I wonder if it's any better than regular coke.
I should probably buy some.

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>This stream is hilarious
I laughed out loud.

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>not hers
why even live?

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They make a simulation game out of anything huh

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Holy shit that last puzzle needlessly difficult to understand.

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Do you think one day we'll get Pika X Kson collab?

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Pijm8ka would be overwhelmed by chinese trolls

>> No.7463980

I wish she did it early last year as Coco but I think she's scared of getting mogged by the Pika

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Pika would be overwhelmed by chinese trolls

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She said she'd collab with Melody of all people.

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Her stream, nigga. Someone asked about collabs in the future and she named dropped Melody.

>> No.7464498

Her Membersonly stream.

>> No.7464990

superchat reading stream (not members only)

>> No.7465026

yes we will, many of them I understand.

>> No.7465208

If that happens, would you be upset about it? Do you think people would become antis for doing a collab with a vshojo girl?

>> No.7465321

She was friends with Melody even before Vshoujo existed.
Moreover Melody is probably the best shoujo girl

>> No.7465636

I don't really care, she can do whatever she wants but it would be a very boring collab.

>> No.7466122

there will be flames everywhere, assuming its just melody from there it'll be fine. endless spam though for sure. look forward to it.

>> No.7466185

>If that happens, would you be upset about it?
Not upset. I'm not hyped for it, but I wouldn't be upset. I tend to really enjoy her collabs, so I would give it a chance.
>Do you think people would become antis for doing a collab with a vshojo girl?
I'm sure MANY people would claim to "become antis because of" a collab like that, but the majority already were. A few people will truly, legitimately change their mind on her, but most posts (here especially) will be using it as a chance to act out the hate they already have or harvest (You)'s because that is their hobby.
At this point, anyone who knows about vtubers beyond a surface-level, knows how they feel about Coco, one way or the other.

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There is legitimately no reason to dislike Coco so when someone says they do i just assume they are either a chink or trying to get (you)s, it’s common knowledge at this point.

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Can't really say she's the best but she made a lot of camwhores seethe so she's pretty based

>> No.7467459

The only thing I can thing of is how she basically held all of the Hololive cast hostage for a month and they were forced to show how compassionate they are. I bet a lot of nerves were shattered during that time.

>> No.7473278

This post is just screaming "I'm a dumb SEAnig, who can't get sarcasm".Go eat fruit sushi LMAO

>> No.7474174

A lot of nerves were shattered way before, the girls are under a lot of stress from all the fame and work they got.
I would be surprised if they didn't end up screaming out of frustration at each other every now and then, leading to some of the clear break-ups we've seen.
Even if it was on good terms, Coco leaving definitely created more tension.
That seed of doubt was planted in all their minds. Getting everyone back together in good spirit for all their August celebrations helps alleviate some of that though. Kson included.

>> No.7475319

I'm happy seeing her do whatever

>> No.7481880

Why does Kson have to stream when it's time for me to go to bed ;_; Who is watching vtubers at noon Japan time on a weekday anyway ;_;

>> No.7481917

You think management had nothing to do with that?

>> No.7482030

When is she getting a better Live 2D? I wonder if she has enough dosh to toss at her old Papa.

>> No.7482105

Kson shouldn't have a good live2d. Looking derpy just increases her charm. The worst thing they did to Coco was upgrade her live2d so she became a moe blob instead of a dopey dragon girl who always had her mouth open and tongue out with no nose.

>> No.7482582

>how she basically held all of the Hololive cast hostage for a month
This would be a retards take though, All of Cover knew 3 months in advance about the retirement viewers only learned the last month. Despite that the only collabs we say in that total amount of time were ones that were allowed (mainly to keep zhang spam at bay) and ones Holomem generally wanted to get in before she left: Reine, Ollie, Ame, Calli etc.

You can't say the entire group was "hostage" when certain members still avoided her like the plague before and after the fact (Ayame).

>> No.7483248

>Brazil has some weird shit
Anon, you don't have to donate to say that, please, don't embarass me anymore

>> No.7483346

Oh no, did we get too cocky Zhang bros?

>> No.7483415

No, melody is fucking sweet and have interest in learning current memes, perfect to teach the boomer yakuza

>> No.7483438

Don't talk about uncle Phil like that faggot , he was cool.

>> No.7483457

>I love vegan people BUT

>> No.7483474

Yeah I could use some coke too desu, or an RC...

>> No.7483706

>Frushi ah gross
>Mochi yes please
both Japanese people and westerners

>> No.7484017

i like this cute woman

>> No.7484024

I'm proud to say I advised him to draw more cheek-squishing and he listened.

>> No.7484063

kukie_nyan is a she

>> No.7484143

what the fuck is sushi?

>> No.7484204

a miserable pile of rice and seaweed

>> No.7484233

What if you had this sushi on DMT

>> No.7484297

at least it's not the cooking simulator
so I can be KALM

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>> No.7484392

Kson and Haachama joined together for their love of strange food

>> No.7484721

>their love
Chammers likes tarantula pieces in ramen because it tastes chitinous like shrimp. Kson-chan hates fruit sushi.

>> No.7484932

Turns out it's impossible to screw up banana and chocolate, who knew

>> No.7485325

>11,274 watching now
She's doing pretty well, does this make her the most popular indie?

>> No.7485360

wouldn't that be hal?

>> No.7485444

IIRC The Most Popular Youtuber In Japan Straight Up has begun dabbling with vtubing, which makes him not only the most popular indie but the most popular vtuber altogether

>> No.7489003

is she done using webcam now? she looks way better than her model so the model feels pointless

>> No.7489168

the awkward model is good and adorable. you dont know shit. without such a vtuber avatar, shes just a boring youtube streamer.

>> No.7489190

Not really, what makes a streamer is the personality. The kuso model is just kuso

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>> No.7489222

She'll probably still do cam streams especially for membership streams (even though the braless thing she said was half a joke) but it's easier for her to just use the avatar because makeup is tedious to apply.

>> No.7489228

Mildom is primarily webcam content while Youtube is primarily avatar content. The current one she herself is not happy with either but a higher quality model is in the works.

>> No.7489396

It's a shitty koikatsu model with 0 expression, I love her nonetheless but she really needs an upgrade.

>> No.7489448

probably ui is the most popular indie vtuber. kason is the second.

>> No.7489630

i dont give a shit. she could ask some professional illustrator and modeler to make her new avatar but i guess she doesnt really want to because shes so introvert she doesnt have such a relationship with anyone. oshio might be possible since shes so close to kanata.

>> No.7489677

Do your reps.

>> No.7489762

So why did she quit again? Her content hasn't changed at all. The only difference is now she has a different character. Is she wanting to nude nude private streams or something?

>> No.7490412

to free herself from constant "no, you can't do that"
i don't know if you even watched her streams, but when she explained why she is quitting, she literally said that even if her stream idea was vanilla as fuck, management was constantly suspicious and was asking mundane questions, what are you gonna do with that? what do you mean by that? etc.
they clearly didin't wanted her in their "ideal" hololive, and they did everything in their power to reinforce her decision to leave.

>> No.7490427

They might have asked too many questions but they didn't enforce shit. Or was everyone just asleep when she shaved her snatch TWICE live?

>> No.7490448

"I'm setting up an ARK server with a new map.
Also, a certain overseas VTuber suggested that I set up a separate server for only active fellow VTubers. It'd help get a large variety of ppl together and be lots of fun. I think that sounds great, but what about you guys?"

Which overseas VTuber do you think she was talking to?

>> No.7490463

Anon, she did it every month.

>> No.7490531

Oh anon...

>> No.7490541

is this still available to watch?

>> No.7490559

Unless it's a PVP server, it's gonna be shit.

>> No.7490560

None of her streams were taken down so they should be.

>> No.7490593

i found them. She’s bot actually showing her pussy. Very disappointing

>> No.7490604

Well you didn't think she'd have a live stream over her cunt, did you?

>> No.7490606

I'm actually curious what they told her she couldn't do when they let the pussy shaving streams go ahead.

>> No.7490607

>they didn't enforce shit
they enforced her to not do streams her fans would like/expect

>> No.7490625

it's not like you see anything, RFA streams are more sexual with all that panting and moaning

>> No.7490641

Honestly? I'm kind of enjoying her new model.

>> No.7490649

I'm well aware she isn't straight up showing anything on stream, I have watched them out of sheer 'what the fuck am I actually listening too' curiosity. It's just really curious what management were saying no to if they weren't stopping that.

>> No.7490661

I wouldn't be surprised if Coco asked if she could show the process. She doesn't strike me as the easily embarrassed type.

>> No.7490671

it's old model, but i somewhat agree it's pretty chill and not overdesigned, no flashy hair, colors and god-awful heterochromia

>> No.7490690

>She doesn't strike me as the easily embarrassed type.

>> No.7490716

>god-awful heterochromia
Take that back, nanora.

>> No.7490719


>> No.7490738

>god-awful heterochromia
Take that back, overseas sexy guy.

>> No.7490741

Well yeah, what’s the fucking point otherwise?

>> No.7490750

The point is to make Marine sweat.

>> No.7490759

Asacoco, all her other show ideas,

>> No.7490765

I won't, my ocd makes me want to punch the monitor

>> No.7490766

>EOPs get fukt

>> No.7490829

i wish she had an onlyfans. i could take my simping to the next level

>> No.7490845

>eats fruit sushi on stream
>fucking dies

>> No.7490871

>it's old model
To be precise the current one she's using is a recent update that she first showed off in June. Tech-wise it's actually a downgrade from the first one but it's just a placeholder till the next one is finished.

>> No.7491484

>I can't wait to get my hands on it.
>I can't react to the camera because I'm too worried about the picture.
>I wish I had more confidence in myself.
Talking about being eager to get her new avatar to upgrade from the old one and being self-conscious about normal webcam streams it seems.

>> No.7491644

Didn't she say something about intentionally not wearing a bra during members only streams because she thinks her paid viewers deserve nip?

>> No.7491675

I understand that to be half a joke. But to add context she also said she prefers to use an avatar because doing makeup is too much work.

>> No.7492534

How long until Kson does a pussy shaving stream?

>> No.7492795

I'd say based on this picture, probably a week at most

>> No.7492825


>> No.7492869

That's an old pic

>> No.7494707

Live again:

>> No.7495027

Are we allowed to mention Coco?

>> No.7495139

If you do, she rapes you

>> No.7495145

She seems like she speaks a lot more English post hololive.

>> No.7495149

No Coco, no Hololive, no Hololive members names.

>> No.7495174

No. We will continue playing make-believe and pretend the obvious isn't the obvious and there's some value in pretending Clark Kent isn't Sups.

>> No.7495175

Now i wan't to breake the rules.

>> No.7495221


>> No.7495327

I wonder if we can ask about Kanata as her side account name?

>> No.7496003

>A R M P I T

>> No.7496076

Kson is unbelievably hot, what the fuck

>> No.7496100

please kson feet

>> No.7496120

Guess what I'm jerking off to tonight

>> No.7496128


>> No.7496165

why do i have to be working

>> No.7496216

God, her feet are really nice.

>> No.7496223

remember she has like TINY kid size feet....ooo... oh my. I know what takes my time today too.

>> No.7496248

incest cartoons

>> No.7496523


>> No.7496631

does she speak any english in the mildom streams?

>> No.7496661


>> No.7496719

she doesn't give a shit about EOPs. stop donating to her.

>> No.7496745

Some, but just like in pretty much any of her streams it depends on how much English is in chat and Mildom chat has less kaigai nikis.

>> No.7496787

Cool beanz. I didn't remember that.

>> No.7496997

Kson community is going to be awful after she collabs with VShitters

>> No.7497144

740k subs already. My queen blazing through every low tier vtuber like their nothing. Ollie? Mito? Kanae? Yup. I humbly kneel. 1million by month end.

>> No.7497213

Holy shit she's been gaining 10k subs literally daily ever since she came back 4days ago.

>> No.7497479

>showing feet
>eating weird shit for attention
>celebrating completely random “milestones”
Kson basically just a desperate ethot now

>> No.7497694

We all know, right?

>> No.7497799

he was part of the WAHHH, zug zug

>> No.7497840

Hachama !?

>> No.7497935

does she have more than that bitch sora?

>> No.7497936

>Thank you for watching the stream!
Something that wasn't so good might have been shown on-screen for a brief moment, so I'll be editing it out first before I make the VOD public again.
>Ah, it's not visible at all. But I guess it did give everyone a bit of a scare
dang it, what did I miss?

>> No.7497986

She tweeted that something no good was shown so she has to edit it put. Wonder what it was.

>> No.7498127

My dick approves of this

>> No.7498151

Her address was visible on the package. But it was pretty far-away and blurry,

>> No.7498159

>I think she showed her address by accident >when she unpacked the Bayonetta package...

You can't see anythng, even with software, but better safe than sorry

>> No.7498243

>> No.7498400

I wanna use my teeth to scrub off all the calluses under Kson's feet. Slurp on her very soft toes then deepthroat her entire foot.

>> No.7498438

im praying to Allah for an OF

>> No.7498558

Nah, that'd make me way too happy to be a real possibility.

>> No.7498964

>she almost doxxed herself, Kanata, and Suisei

Thank God for shitty cameras. We almost entered the final yab

>> No.7499627

She did what now?

>> No.7500068

Hal isn't an indie.

>> No.7500118


>> No.7500181

Do you have the VOD of this webm?

>> No.7500249

>the final yab
It actually would've been true for once.

>> No.7500281

>she said she's chubbier before
Damn, is she a walking stick right now? because 157cm and 45kg means she's underweight according to her BMI, right?

>> No.7500309

She did recently say she lost her boobs

>> No.7500311

No, she just pretends she doesn't have a roommate and also pretends she's in the states right now.

>> No.7500319

With upd8 dead he is.

>> No.7500428

Well, he's still using shibuya hal, it'd be a different story if he reincarnated into a different model after upd8 died.

>> No.7500484

Not really? Anyone who was still with upd8 got to keep their existing characters when they shut down.

>> No.7500506

She is 49kg not 45. She used to be 52.

>> No.7500522

Makes her hotter.

>> No.7500535

That's good then.

>> No.7500574

they didn't even change

>> No.7500647

Why you gotta kill me boner like that?

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