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Kumagai Chisato (Beatani) is retiring on the 17th of august.
Check her twitter for more details.

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she finally snapped

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hey that's on my birthday

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At least we get a goodbye, I wasnt even expecting that much..

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All that's retired is tangerine

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"please wait for her"

Holo EN2? The timing is exactly right.

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About time

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it's your fault

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holo japanglish?

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>it's real

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>cord-eating rabbit retweeting Beatani fiyahworks
>It's real

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Take your bets, which of the big 3 did she decide to sign up with?

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Is your name Indonesia?

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>changing twitter back to beatani instead of tangerine bullshit
>retweeting/commenting on hashtag posts again
>planning a discord roast stream
do you feel it?

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There's a 20% chance it's a Beatangerine stream.

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B-But she said the very concept of graduation is completely retarded for independent creators...

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You're beyond gullible if you're getting your hopes up at this point

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she's completely changed in the past few weeks

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Thank you
Sorry anon, that's not me

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But why, Indies are objectively superior.
Why she rejects her freedom?

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she obviously joined eilene's h live.

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>planning a discord roast stream
No. The zatsudan channel is trash and I'm perplexed why she thinks it would make a good stream. All this does is reward the people who shitpost there.

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I beleeb in the bear.

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Kek I've never even watched her and I knew this was coming.

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I know it's all wishful thinking, I'm just hoping to inspire confidence in people that are still watching

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Clearly it will be about the fruit channel. The S tier fruit will be her next persona

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I just finished writing my letter, I'm sorry for my handwriting... but I'm sure I'm sending it to the wrong place, so whatever
I love you bear

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What is with the weak ass rrats lately? Is this being thought up on Discord?

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How come?

Capcha: PPGAG

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No, discord is not that active.

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Then where is coming from? Why do we have these larping faggots acting like she is graduating

>> No.7454809

~the inner circle

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Explain it for the retards in class, what is going on here?

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>go to Hololive
>instantly get +100k subs
>do mandatory year of service
>go back to beatani
>get 75k new followers

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The OP is literally Beatani

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Fair enough. Maybe I'm too cynical thinking she has an ulterior motive to everything she does, even if it's seemingly a positive direction she's taking

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>Missed a tilde
Welp, it's not so ominous anymore is it

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Some Discord fags trying to shitpost for shits and giggles.

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ohnononono stop leaking

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Discord bait is a positive direction? Remember when she said she wanted to share her music with us?

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>Discord gets created
>Discord starts raiding 4chan
Many such cases

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>somehow make more money that she was at Hololive

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Yagoo gets to break her in

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I guess circle jerking around the clock would get pretty boring rather quickly. Hopefully they try something more subtle and believable next time.

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Rrat: the constant discord offtopic has robbed many dads of motivation. Right now they waste their time taking about nascar and other asinine shit. But before this arc if dads wanted to talk to each other here they had to think of something good (or bad) to say about Beatani. So we had an immense amount of energy channeled into the thread and Bea content which is now wasted on offtopic zatsu.

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Pippa made Bea an offer to join PhaseConnect, she accepted. Minecraft collab on the 17th.

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"stealth" /yah/? "Stealth" /yah/

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You forgot the part before discord was created where discordfags shat up the thread for weeks to make it unreadable. Then after the discord was created they shat up the minecraft channel to make it unreadable.

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All according to keikaku.

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>changing twitter back to beatani instead of tangerine bullshit
She is most likely doing this for her networking reps
>retweeting/commenting on hashtag posts again
She usually does this, this past week was the only time when she didn't do it that much, maybe she was busy or just wanted to rest a little from us
>planning a discord roast stream
Maybe she is worried about some anons still thinking that they are missing content if they don't join the platform, so she will give them a quick tour to show them that there's only off-topic trash there

These past few weeks have been pretty rough for everyone. I don't think Beatani has changed her way of thinking, but it feels like she is making an effort for us.

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I love fucking this bear!

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To be perfectly honest /yah/ turned me off from watching Bea a month or two ago. I'm still membered and all that but I skip almost every stream now.

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>I don't think Beatani has changed her way of thinking, but it feels like she is making an effort for us.
Probably so

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i love this fucking bear

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me too

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What the fuck I woke up today somehow knowing that there would be a D stream and it's actually there when I check the schedule.

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built for nadenade

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phase connect gen2 confirmed?

>> No.7455321

It's better. I'm hopeful but still will wait to see if it lasts.

>> No.7455341

I still don't know what phase connect is but I don't trust corpos so please no

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Or do an Aloe, you just have to do 2 streams and suddendly you have an audience who will follow and support you everywhere.

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It's literally open and you can check for yourself that it's not true

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See you again in HoloEn2

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He didn't say it happens on the official server, the coordination happens on group DMs.

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Wait are there people who unironically believe the OP?

>> No.7455437

I'm pretty sure it's just a minecraft stream, OP

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Even though I was busy grinding in Minecraft and couldn't follow along, I felt some genuine nukumolity during the Risunapple stream (the tutorial portion of it anyway).
I hope she can do more streams like that in the future.

>> No.7455464

Clearly she's joining whatever Kson is setting up...

>> No.7455473

yes they are schizos what do you expect from them?

>> No.7455478

I'm sure she is just reusing everything from other stream

>> No.7455488

For some reason they want people to go to her twitter. Same game they play trying to get people to join at oil balon level.
I don't mind it when it's clever stuff but this retirement larp is just embarrassing

>> No.7455499

She forgets to change the description all the time. Remember all those Omori streams? Me neither.
This stream has been in the works for a long time.

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>Groom Bea
>Get close to Kson
>You have now access to the holohouse
>Marry Kanata

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Putting my PP in tenshi

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>> No.7455612

This but unironically

>> No.7455631

Heimen are so desperate they are trying to leech sub 100 viewer chuuba threads

>> No.7455646

why am i so hard right now...

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Sorry not me I'm only pretending

>> No.7455689

give me idea for solo lewd art please

>> No.7455704

Apple reps

>> No.7455723

bea smashing glasses on the floor with her foot while looking down with a dominating look on her face

>> No.7455724

she is... inserting the risunapple?

>> No.7455748

She is rubbing the risunapple against her cunny

>> No.7455790

Futa Bea cumming on a bowl of apples

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We need more art of Futani

>> No.7455811

Bea lying naked in a cart full of Risunapples (like korbo)

>> No.7455835

HOLO EN2 confirmed

>> No.7455837


>> No.7455861

this but with bear

>> No.7455899

I wonder how Bea would react to a drawing of her face fucking Risuna or she getting face fucked by Risuna

>> No.7455995

The first good, the second not so much

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wonder if this would satisfy you horny fruitsposters

>> No.7456043

thats some high quality shit

>> No.7456088

Maybe a banana too

>> No.7456101

anon, she only has one hand

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are you ready to get to know the discord dads?

>> No.7456171

I want to cover that tail with my semen

>> No.7456186

Never watched this guy, what jade then so popular on vt?

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What did she mean by this?

>> No.7456223

why is she quitting? she got bored? or one of you schizos crossed the line?

>> No.7456229

Shes unironically pregnant

>> No.7456233

she is transitioning into an apple

>> No.7456235

Dads are mendokusai and she already met the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

>> No.7456236

Sorry, she told me to be careful but I cummed inside by accident

>> No.7456256

Just because she's got a big dick that doesn't make her a guy.

>> No.7456257


>> No.7456278

Nijisanji EN Wave 3, or Hololive EN Gen 2? Place your bets!

>> No.7456283

You had no choice after she leg locked you

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i dont know how it will come out but sure lets go. someone told me that they thought the r18 hashtag didnt have enough and sent me the artists link. i really don't know many h artists

>> No.7456332

Literally who?
Also the faggot never deserved a roster spot on the 4cc team.

Ahh the Kson Hustle

That shit I never understood. Or is that because she's like the ultimate saviorfag wet dream?

>> No.7456343

Because these warning signs are crazy easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. She very clearly wasn't enjoying her fans or community and was trying to change it and when that failed she lost all motivation.

>> No.7456417

You missed the second link

>> No.7456422

yeah, i just noticed... oh well

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>in an anti thread

>> No.7456613

yes i forgot to whiteout the link i get it im retarded
for the lazy: https://sta.sh/01yqikawjqjy

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I can't believe max was the tranny poster all along.. I'm sorry, I've been misgendering you all this time.

>> No.7456660

Crazy that once you put "graduation" in an OP all these other faggots from other generals pop out of the woodworks

>> No.7456687

graduation isnt in the op though

>> No.7456689

2 doxxed discord dads in as many days

>> No.7456714

You're right my bad

>> No.7456726 [DELETED] 
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fixed it for you

>> No.7456730

I tried to warn people but I was called a schizo so I gave up.

>> No.7456739

Retirement might as well be graduation in this context.

>> No.7456773

That would be cool

>> No.7456795

I'm mostly just surprised deviantart is still a thing

>> No.7456824

i never used it before, when i started looking at skebs i saw people used it for references. theres nothing there but chara refs.

>> No.7456908 [DELETED] 

Its funny but this account is definitely just to up bea cunny reference pics so the data is certainly all fake.
Yab would be if he accidentally a real account.

>> No.7456953 [DELETED] 


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>> No.7457060


>> No.7457317

site's a zombie which get progressively worse UI without adding basic QOL shit like "Here you can list your Twitter account here" it's like it's stuck in 2003 and just keeps making itself a more and more bloated mess.

>> No.7457573
File: 104 KB, 234x318, 38304D89-1167-491B-A16A-E8C786234EA8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 518 KB, 1031x1500, 1f54513eda5e7ab6d48ee53860d6c995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like this art

>> No.7457687

salmon collab rrats dead? I want to see salmon get bullied by the bear. watching her stream now and that's what it's missing.

>> No.7457703

Because you need that prison yakuza dick?

>> No.7457716
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>> No.7457841

looks very based
who made it?

>> No.7457863

Not really, they are still talking on the chat
Maybe not soon, but I can see it happening this month

>> No.7457953

eko chama

>> No.7458011

based eko

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>> No.7458214

It's too bad Beatani wasn't really spectating the minecraft war because we don't know/see if some epic battle or funny event took place. Tho I guess properly casting it would take some effort and to be able to teleport to a player quickly if something is happening.

>> No.7458458

I've done that kind of spectating before and there are a few nice tricks, but I feel if I send those in a DM or email she will ignore it or laugh at me I imagine she's not that serious about it

>> No.7458509
File: 128 KB, 2000x2000, grey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bea's armpits

>> No.7458555

high quality art

>> No.7458558

I had an idea to swap the assets in one of these games to have it be beatani. Which one do you guys think would work the best? Some of these games you fight the girl, others you just select dialogue boxes


>> No.7458615
File: 365 KB, 1109x1435, 1602974390879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love our artdads

>> No.7458700

You can ask her first whether she's interested.

>> No.7458702

cunning girl

>> No.7458778

She missed the burger airmen suiciding after their planes never got off the ground and the anon who wrote that post she copied to the history channel didn't mention it.

>> No.7458893

Oh nononono Salmon is shilling her own D now. It's over dads.

>> No.7458940

how new

>> No.7459036

>the anon who wrote that post she copied to the history channel didn't mention it.
Sorry, I read about it after writing the post
Even if she didn't want to fight there's too much shit happening at the same time to show everything, the best way would be to have at least an spectator in every team to follow the conflict and send the feed to her stream

>> No.7459057

My heart sank for a second...
Ogeying this rrat

>> No.7459067

I'm sure she would be interested

>> No.7459075

Her English isn't anywhere near good enough to be an EN girl.

>> No.7459120

Bea and Salmon jerking off each other's D...

>> No.7459297
File: 232 KB, 1405x2048, 1603280422919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he does good stuff

>> No.7459429
File: 29 KB, 720x473, 1622291816476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7459552


>> No.7459587

>and send the feed to her stream
It's a project too big for just one chuuba, it would be easier if she had at least the support of a couple more of vtubers to comment the war while she is fighting

>> No.7459642

#HoloEN0 with Haachama cooking. Too bad it will never happen. I'd totally watch a whole generation of ESL JPTubers.

>> No.7459722

happy birthday!

>> No.7459843

What agency picked her up?

>> No.7459896

At least now she has the chance to start anew without pandering to pedos and channers. Or she can fuck off forever, that works too.

>> No.7460030

>Or is that because she's like the ultimate saviorfag wet dream?
This plus ultimate coomerbait. Pretty dangerous combo if you ask me

>> No.7460606

What's your guy's rrat on why she is streaming at 5am?

>> No.7460648

she is trying to fix her sleep schedule - wake up early and ssttream then go to real work and end the day by going to sleep early so she can wake up early the next day

sadly the last part isnt working

>> No.7460652

I could see the coomerbait but there are sexier designs even within her generation. I mean Botan AND Lamy exist in Gen 5

>> No.7460673

A peace offering to angry euros tabun

>> No.7460687

euros are emo not angry, big difference

>> No.7460706

Ok to emo euros then

>> No.7460716

So you fools are going off a cryptic message from Beanon to claim she is retiring? Can you stop acting like plan trusters for a moment and actually post where she confirms any of this shit?

>> No.7460723

Why not? It's not a bad time actually, it's still watchable in the afternoon for burgers, it's pretty good for europeans too, and maybe indians can catch it, at 1am there
It only sucks for Japan but she said she didn't really follow normal sleep schedules so for her it probably doesn't matter

>> No.7460757

It's not us, it's Beatani who made this thread to push a rumour

>> No.7460806

So we should expect nothing to change and this is just her way of getting attention, thanks for clarifying at least anon.

>> No.7460809

we are in the dark as much as you
hopefully nothing too serious and if she reincarnates w would probably know.

>> No.7460841

no it’s real, she’s joining ksons new group

>> No.7460881

>4chan finds a thing it likes
>4chan destroys that thing

you're all sick in the head

>> No.7460901

She's tried a few at that time and said it made her too tired. Maybe the fix sleep schedule idea means >>7460648

>> No.7460929
File: 324 KB, 590x621, 1D625371-AB68-45E8-B0A9-18C7F70088F2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i’m. mourning my oshi graduating fuck you and don’t call me the s**** slur that’s hurting

>> No.7460935

Almost certain that when she said that she was talking about the other timeslot, the 22h JST (not cet)
Pretty sure it's the first time she ever stream at this hour.

>> No.7460959

Shit got too real too fast so she ripped off the bandaid. Collab arc inbound.

>> No.7460962

She tried a couple of times (the too fast RPG stream was one of those), but she gave up because it was too much for her

>> No.7460975

the blue oni streams were at that time

>> No.7461034

If you wake up earlier you can stream longer and drink more beer before work. Win win.

>> No.7461036

did one of us get her pregnant?

>> No.7461060

I've been nervous about that... I might've fucked up

>> No.7461081

The Risuna orgy was pretty wild, we're waiting on the paternity test. Running 50 of them takes awhile.

>> No.7461092

beary long schlong

>> No.7461095

She's not the one getting pregnant in the relationship

>> No.7461407
File: 701 KB, 680x1024, 1622337800969.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7461417

If she always streams at this time I will never be able to watch on workdays.

>> No.7461523

Me too

>> No.7461535

So it makes sense she got back to replying to arts on twitter and checking tag, it's her way of having one last nice interaction like old time before parting ways
It reminds me my friend who - usually a shut in asocial - suddendly went to see each of his old friend and was surprisingly smiling more than usual, just before killing himself the next day.

>> No.7461547
File: 159 KB, 463x453, 1610927478355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did one of us get pregnant?

>> No.7461585

Its just today's stream scheduled at this time. I hope she sticks to 7AM JST, but I'll continue to support as best as I can.

>> No.7461653

Well thanks to that I can finally watch

>> No.7461694

kek the second burgers get a slightly atlered time they're of course coming out of the woodwork
and the same people will still say the EU should never complain

>> No.7461718

It's a very very good time for me, usually can barely catch the first 30min, now the full stream, and for once indians people can also catch it.

>> No.7461738

Euro cope. Beatani already made her choice. Better luck with the next chuuba

>> No.7461751

I'm not complaining really, just stating a fact. Ideally she would have a variety of times.

>> No.7461765

>Indian people
You mean person?

>> No.7461813 [DELETED] 

How can I gently tell Anomalous Raven he's not as funny as he thinks he is?

>> No.7461839 [DELETED] 

I guess you just did

>> No.7461872 [DELETED] 

Is this some discord shit?

>> No.7461905 [DELETED] 

Indeed. It's not a big deal, I'm just getting an uncomfortable level of second hand cringe

>> No.7461929 [DELETED] 

by telling him in discord

>> No.7461962 [DELETED] 

No shit. I need to know a gentle way that won't make him feel bad or worse, make him double down

>> No.7461995 [DELETED] 

Just be up-front, it's better to strike autists down before you give them too much power.

>> No.7462008 [DELETED] 

the majority of /vt/ users are discord-using zoomers and their groomers

>> No.7462096 [DELETED] 

It's better to set a good example than to criticize a bad one.

>> No.7462098 [SPOILER] 
File: 153 KB, 1642x1232, 1628016516262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"nothing important on the discord" shills AWAY
I kill your rrat now.

>> No.7462129 [DELETED] 

He was always like this if you followed his Twitter. Every time he posted meme edits to his Twitter, people liked it. The sense of humor is the same, like it or not. I feel like this is just another example of trying to find slightly cringe things in discord and use them to tear the community or post things out of context. But if he's really bothering you, I'm sure he read your comment.

>> No.7462146

this is minecraft related

>> No.7462188

the times great for me as well it’s beenawhile

>> No.7462208


>> No.7462218

Throw rotten fruit at them too

>> No.7462226


>> No.7462259

The fucking meidos are trying to move dads to the discord

>> No.7462332


>> No.7462344

No, often if one thing is deleted all its replies get too for some reason

>> No.7462395

seems like mentions or screenshots from the discord will get you a potential warning/ban
t. guy who got warned for posting a screenshot

>> No.7462407

I guess it was the names

>> No.7462466

>Please note that discussion should pertain to a VTuber's streams and content

>> No.7462479

i'm guessing someone reported it
hard to imagine a meido is babysitting this thread since name dropping has been common in /yah/ for a long time

>> No.7462499

>Discord tour
Now what?

>> No.7462505

It's her official discord, which she is doing a stream on today. It's totally relevant.

>> No.7462536

to be fair it was only a 15 minute ban and it's unrealistic to expect meidos to know everything about what every chuuba is doing

>> No.7462539

Technically who says what in the discord is related to the Vtuber "stream and content" since it's literally what she'll be streaming today, which could even include things said right now

>> No.7462570

how is it relevant if she hasn't started the stream yet you nigger

>> No.7462573

This was a legit great moment

>> No.7462582

mods are going down pretty hard right now after yesterdays doxx
if you post frequently outside of /yah/ i might suggest taking a temporary break, else you risk getting banned sitewide over something stupid

>> No.7462592

sorry, with her work, and me
she has no time for losers like you

>> No.7462594

Found the faggot

>> No.7462646


>> No.7462670

Huh, discord becoming cancer on anotehr community
Who would have thought?
lmao, I thought you faggots were grooming her, how did you think this will lead to anything good?

>> No.7462672

It's relevant to her stream and content, as it will feature things that are being written right now in the discord
It doesn't matter if the stream starts later, just like we could talk about Risuna rigging before and after the stream she did about it.

>> No.7462715

>grooming her
Well it's easier on discord than here

>> No.7462748
File: 1.36 MB, 480x360, 1627270141430.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't mind me, I'm just cleaning up after the balon offpako.

>> No.7462773

yeah bea really did a number on us all
i didnt think she would have enough stamina

>> No.7462863

is she actually quitting?

>> No.7462871

4chan review when?
Not /yah/, not even /vt/ since that could get her in shit with other vtubers, but randomly going on blue boards.

>> No.7462903

>blue boards

>> No.7462908

>/a/ review
That would actually give her a good boost on subs

>> No.7462917

Yes, she is quitting birth control so we can finally start the family that her mother wants. Don't worry she'll still stream as often as she can.

>> No.7462928

so no?

>> No.7462932

That sounds like something a /wvt/ chuuba would do.

>> No.7462954

So no. She hasn't seriously indicated that she's going to quit. The OP might be a bear shitpost to make anons check her Twitter.

>> No.7462966

She quit being a tangerine.

>> No.7462968

i hope she's actually leaving forever and never comes back so she can be safe from you obsessive freaks
/here/chuubas don't work

>> No.7462987

You got it all wrong, she's grooming us.

>> No.7462988

Just because she has no fear of Susan doesn't mean we should increase her chances of showing windmills of peace or bare booba.

>> No.7463020

weird because it sounds like a good idea

>> No.7463023

Seriously a good decision.
>End of the month
>Period raging on and pissed at dads
>New month
>Period over and she mellows out, stops being a fruit, and acts nicer
That's how it goes.

>> No.7463027

>Just because she has no fear of Susan
yet, wait until the first strike

>> No.7463031

I bet AR would do it.

>> No.7463042

Temako viewed her own thread a lot on stream

>> No.7463049

Her long is her period?

>> No.7463057

Yeah but it's no fun if it's done by someone literally from here instead of a tourist.

>> No.7463059

Yeah he seems to give no fucks. Based.

>> No.7463060

Unironically would be funny to do as a "pretending to be a normie discovering this weird 4chan site today" as everyone pretends those posts are by some weirdos we didn't know about

>> No.7463066

every thing has highs and lows.
such is life, and that becomes amplified by 1000 with weaponized autism that is as unstable as chernobyl’s reactor.

>> No.7463082

Usually about 4 days

>> No.7463126

Period cramps must have been pretty rough

>> No.7463137

Too short

>> No.7463145

Tomorrow's the last day to submit the groomer forms.

>> No.7463160

So if Beatani ever goes 1 month without that angry phase, we can assume she's pregnant for good?

>> No.7463167

I totally forgot about this
I'll think about it tomorrow, I'll submit it if I have a good idea

>> No.7463184

Fuck I didn't even start mine and has no idea which way to take it since I'm unfortunately tied to that term

>> No.7463201


>> No.7463227

Pregnancy hormones are a whole different level of crazy. I would watch for signs that's she's stopped drinking beer and has odd food cravings.

>> No.7463232

Idk, in the past it's just turned into anons spamming dicks while others angryposting about it.

>> No.7463233

Most of us think hes annoying especially after his retarded minecraft plan like its wargame, the sooner he gets told to shut the fuck up the better

>> No.7463248


>> No.7463277

Probably 0 good outcome for his, either you do it too seriously and creep people out, or shitpost it look like a disappointing fool .

>> No.7463307

Oh no I meant checking things already posted like a zoo, not streaming he live comments

>> No.7463320

Maybe 8

>> No.7463321

Did anyone use the email to send their forms?
I sent it yesterday but, she hasn't replied back.

>> No.7463340

She'll probably check it at once

>> No.7463351

>I sent it yesterday but, she hasn't replied back.
>Expecting her to reply

>> No.7463352

I sent mine that way, but I just sent it a few minutes ago.
I wouldn't expect a response.

>> No.7463369

Yeah, I keep sending her DMs but I've long stopped expecting her to reply to them

>> No.7463390

I'm gonna use email but that's because tweeting it would break kayfabe, I'm not going to sign it under my name, I have a plan in mind.

>> No.7463394

She usually responds to confirm she received it.

>> No.7463433


>> No.7463438

Getting a little burnt out on meta streams.
and now apparently dads are off topic so...

>> No.7463462

Looking forward to the APEX arc

>> No.7463479

can't wait for dwarf fortress arc

>> No.7463496

Mine too

>> No.7463504

Just wait until you see the grooming stream.

>> No.7463534

MC war wasn't that meta, it's her doing a zatsudan with minecraft in the background

>> No.7463546

Coco was the godess of /vt/ and got (((graduated)))
Beatani took her place as the matron of this board and got (((graduated))) too
They want to take away from us every single thing we love

>> No.7463556

I unironically like that stuff, I hope she can become a meta-only streamer, even opening an army of sub-streamers she manage from above with each their own meta project

>> No.7463579

i want someone to unironically just shitposter and play fortnite or valorant or cargo or something not meta played just for fun.
Unironically csgo.

>> No.7463593
File: 105 KB, 300x168, d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7463606

*i want beatani to unironically play and shitpost

>> No.7463647

What does "unironically play and shitpost" mean, doesn't that contradict each otehr?

>> No.7463676

Making Clover Corp real

>> No.7463680

Sounds more like you want an excuse to get her to sream your shit game honestly

>> No.7463707


>> No.7463718

I just got off LINE with her, after this stream she going to be a full time Zachtronics streamer. Enjoy this stream, she is sending it off with a bang.

>> No.7463749

See you at 5:35 JST Bea!

>> No.7463805

unironically playing, and to shitpost while playing.
I don’t actually care or play these games just think it would be funny to stream outside of the vtuber cliche games, that’s how it’s shitposting.
ever seen a vtubers play csgo?its shitposting by basically going against the meta.
so i unironically want her to play these games as a shitpost cause it would be funny and weird to see her navigate through these.

>> No.7463864

In that case I want Beatani to play League of Legends
She would insult her team so hard the stream would be privated right after
Plus JP servers are full of chineses and xenophobic slurs are constantly thrown there

>> No.7463919

If she could make that an actual project, like featuring people she think are worthwhile to give a try as content creator or something, if Bea gives her seal of approveal on something I'll check it at least once

>> No.7463945

Yes please
I need to snipe her and make her live hell

>> No.7463963

Why are the attention whores posting hand pics? What's the rrat here?

>> No.7463975


>> No.7464004

No feet no care

>> No.7464042

She probably did that because she made the model and is really proud of it. I doubt he asked her to bring it up on Twitter.

>> No.7464066

Please... I'm still mourning the loss of Risuna. Can we not bring it up for awhile?

>> No.7464105

We will see

>> No.7464107

If more idiots start doing this vtuber companies will just have them sign 10 year non compete contracts so that they don't waste money on giving avatars to leeches.
And then everyone on here will start calling them black companies for protecting their investment.

>> No.7464139

They made that avatar money back 100 time over at least.

>> No.7464169

This one is more about the model than anything else really, not the personality of talents of the person who paid it, I was more talking about creatives that Bea think are worth checking

>> No.7464195

But here is the thing, if it was known and an actual person that has some experience and talent then sure I'll listen to what Bea has to say and give it a try once to see, but of course I'm not gonna check someone up if the only thing about them is that they donated money, that's not really something I'm interested in unless the money is for me

>> No.7464235

Sorry, it's bound to be reopen often as it's still here in our face

>> No.7464239

>stream chat now looks like the discord
yeah, this was a mistake

>> No.7464248

She should pay Dota 2 instead

>> No.7464268

Probably just keep an eye on her Twitter follows. She saw Pippa, liked her video and followed her. Now there's probably going to be a collab.

>> No.7464287

I'm tired of seeing the same guys everywhere

>> No.7464291

Discord is the cancer that's killing this community

>> No.7464311

I understood why people didn't want discord but why were people so against collabs in the early days?

>> No.7464318

Fantasy dream game for bear is anything in the total war franchise. Outside of Empire of course.
if it ever happened I'd likely empty a good chunk of my savings. Thankfully this is not a possibility. Bears can't into tactic and logistics

>> No.7464338

To prevent a leach and drama

>> No.7464345

I agree. She should disable chat now that we have discord

>> No.7464361

People thought others from different generals were dragging their oshi into /yah/ threads. Most wanted Bea to collab with people she wants to collab with on her own volition

>> No.7464369

prechat has always been cringe i don’t know how you all just noticed and blame it on the big bad d

>> No.7464372

I don't what the fuck is going on with my brain

>> No.7464389
File: 23 KB, 400x400, FEET.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bea disgusted by feetposting
This is the final yab for me. I will never massage her sweaty feet after a long day of pulling weeds. I will never suck the stink off every delectable toe as she squirms from the tickling. Why even live? I would suck her toes like they were the last drops of water on Earth, but she would just be disgusted. It's over. I can only hope that my soul returns to Beatani to be trod upon by her divinely blessed feet. Maybe I'll be reborn as a weed on XP Hill.

>> No.7464394

They're newfags attracted by the flashy OP

>> No.7464408

I don't know if most dads were. A lot of it was Bea saying she didn't want to do them yet so collab suggestions were considered managerfagging. Others might have though other chuuba's "normie"/reddit/discord audiences would mess up the culture. That bridge has been crossed already, and burnt down.

>> No.7464437

she was also generally against colabs in the beginning.think she was put off by not knowing someone and then them offering to colab without knowing her and her content either.
now that’s seared off a bit.
also could be she is not confident in her english speaking skills conversationally, although hypothetically it could still work.

>> No.7464447

It's time.

>> No.7464479


>> No.7464512

Her voice sounds deeper. Definitely pregnant

>> No.7464534

All me

>> No.7464542

Sleepy bear morning sickness voice.

>> No.7464595

I hope she doesn't show the zatsudan channel right now

>> No.7464615

Do it. Expose them!

>> No.7464649

>why were people so against collabs in the early days?
Just because Bea herself was.

>> No.7464657

Expose these retards.

>> No.7464706

They are just doing it for the attention, they will love it

>> No.7464708

Wow beatani has some crazy paypigs now.

>> No.7464717

in russian rupees

>> No.7464757

I might just be grumpy from lack of sleep, but I hate how these superchats brought the stream to a grinding halt

>> No.7464778

Me too, but they are giving money to the bear, so whatever

>> No.7464779
File: 183 KB, 590x621, 9E646CAF-6E81-433B-A68A-420228BADEF8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7464813

We were duped. This is a SC reading stream.

>> No.7464859

I live my life by flexi-schedule and even I think you're a fucking baby
Expecting such rigidity and strictness must be such a boring existence.

>> No.7464875

Bea's sleepy voice is made of pure sex. Too bad it lasted for a whole two minutes.

>> No.7464876

Poor remote kid

>> No.7464883 [DELETED] 

I hate salmon so much is unreal

>> No.7464891

Thanks new IPchama

>> No.7464904

kek why? She seems totally harmless

>> No.7464924 [DELETED] 
File: 3 KB, 173x33, si1Mevd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What form of autism is this?

>> No.7464927

Wait, really? I was sure I had posted in here earlier. I must have forgot to, it has been a busy day.

>> No.7464974

Imagine getting cucked by a fish

>> No.7465000

Salmon is a honorary green, imo.

>> No.7465019

*a faggot

>> No.7465050
File: 2 KB, 332x61, Q4PWQv1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bea threads aint what they used to

>> No.7465064


>> No.7465074

They're posting hand pics on Discord these days

>> No.7465076
File: 138 KB, 463x453, 1621544909329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saw this the last stream and thought it was some sort of coincidence. Jesus Christ

>> No.7465111


>> No.7465122

What did they mean by that?

>> No.7465145
File: 428 KB, 640x622, Mutual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is not a faggot, she is Beatani's mutual!!

>> No.7465155

Meido doesn't know Nivi is a vtuber tabun maybe

>> No.7465157

Deleted? What the hell? Is salmon a janny?

>> No.7465205


>> No.7465224
File: 448 KB, 416x517, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even when pixelated, I love Beatani!

>> No.7465239

I miss pixelated Bea.

>> No.7465249
File: 1.68 MB, 355x390, Rare_Bea.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7465255

>Starts shilling discord
>Susan shuts off the stream

>> No.7465256

>goes to check discord
>stream dies

>> No.7465275

>> No.7465279

lo-fi bear

>> No.7465290

Bea should just do the stream on Discord

>> No.7465320
File: 2.47 MB, 500x312, Gosling in the rain.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7465324

Why does she shill the discord so hard if it's just for off topic dad banter?

>> No.7465366

Probably to quell the tensions on both sides.

>> No.7465381

easier for her to archive data on us all as part of her social experiment she's running on us all.

>> No.7465403

>never mentions /yah/
>shills discord
How is that going to quell tension?

>> No.7465411

Guys, we need to post something EPIC on the discord

>> No.7465416

oh shit

>> No.7465425

last month if you told me beatani would be doing a discord review stream i would have laughed at you and told you to fuck off

>> No.7465431

It's better to not mention /yah/ too much.

>> No.7465469

Quell tension by moving everything there?

>> No.7465477

Well, considering she's the one who made it against the wishes of half the dads, it's likely the "Ssh... just accept it..." type of tension quelling.

>> No.7465492
File: 54 KB, 266x302, Cool....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7465518


>> No.7465543

Rubbing their faces in it doesn't seem like a good idea if you want to quell tension

>> No.7465577

"Nobody will be mad if everyone just shuts up and becomes a Discord tranny!"

>> No.7465637

it’s to show people it’s for minecraft mostly and offtopic, not to the detriment of threads.

>> No.7465648

>those niggerhand emotes
I see what you did there

>> No.7465677 [DELETED] 

>oh no a discord review stream i HATE IT
>one dislike
at least pretend to be offended

>> No.7465713

How about we let her explain her purpose

>> No.7465756

Fuck off. Nobody wants to upset her, it's mostly just disappointment.

>> No.7465767

that’s literally what she just said

>> No.7465803
File: 89 KB, 424x368, BC30A479-C90F-445D-B924-2187F2F40810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7465831

That minecraft video seemed nice but I'm not on the discord, anyone have it? Maybe should be posted on the tag or something

>> No.7465852
File: 49 KB, 342x217, 1605043863583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>called my hands a girl's hands...
b-bros... i-is this what getting groomed feels like... s-should i take the pink pill...?

>> No.7465895

Meido doens't know that Nivi the Salmon is a vtuber

>> No.7465899

just manually copy the link. It's on the stream

>> No.7465901


>> No.7465967

so how long until cliques form in that off-topic channel? or has it already happened?

>> No.7465971
File: 318 KB, 700x819, 1621768324662.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7465983

Even if he wasn't, what's the difference?

>> No.7465989

Long ago

>> No.7465992

if there aren't we should start the first one anon

>> No.7466000

I think the channel is the clique for now. It's not until bad blood builds up that you will see any real splits.

>> No.7466003
File: 18 KB, 234x318, 58FC4FE4-C9E9-4019-9057-FD8489C61B51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sees possum
>vt autism

>> No.7466004

Thank you, Beatani, for letting me to easily identify the attentionwhores I need to block on this server.

>> No.7466061

I like it sorry I can't help

>> No.7466079

What the fuck is going on in this thread?

>> No.7466094

This is how I feel about this retarded bear's antics at this point. If only the retirement stream was real.

>> No.7466100

It's surprisingly high effort

>> No.7466134

sad innit

>> No.7466138


>> No.7466165

>open NSFW drawing channel
>show it on stream
>freak out when it has NSFW

>> No.7466167

It was a thing long before the discord, basically what made the replyguys get to know each other and start in jokes, don't think it just started with discord

>> No.7466168


>> No.7466182
File: 334 KB, 461x418, 1615563668569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone archive that! Quick!

>> No.7466200

>freak out by scrolling to other parts of the NSFW channel

>> No.7466209

Fuck yeah, I was getting sick of this chink whore wasting good thread.

>> No.7466233

>She gave up

>> No.7466235

Well this is going well

>> No.7466260

except now it's official and encouraged
it shouldn't exist

>> No.7466328

Dumb bear

>> No.7466331

It's like the same 5-8 people replying to each other for 400 pages.

>> No.7466345

so /yah/?

>> No.7466355

the discord is generally pretty chill (if autismal as fuck) when she isn't streaming it live
it's almost like shitposters deliberately join it just to give it a bad reputation when they know others are watching or something.

>> No.7466366

Shut the fuck up, I want my posts to be noticed on the stream

>> No.7466370

Yeah, it's pretty much the same as these threads.

>> No.7466394
File: 2.31 MB, 2430x4149, Yah breaking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7466396

First time seeing the stream and the vtuber. I'm having a blast. Subbed.

>> No.7466402

That's how conversations work dumbass

>> No.7466407

>98 IPs
>421 posts
guess you're blind

>> No.7466409
File: 47 KB, 548x741, 1614882977987.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reported. I came here to watch a cute and funny vtuber for fucks sake not gay porn.

>> No.7466411

>Also the faggot never deserved a roster spot on the 4cc team.
Obligatory Indie spot

>> No.7466416

>no true discordnigger

>> No.7466452

to confirm this is true I would have to join the discord, and I'm not doing that
psyop denied, tranny

>> No.7466473

>he doesn't like shotas

>> No.7466517

If she started streaming this thread you'd do the same thing lel
You're both faggots

>> No.7466538

Very high and unusual amount of IP desu

>> No.7466540

Lending avatars to golden geese, you mean.

>> No.7466582

It already happened with that Temako chick when she streamed her threads kek

>> No.7466583

I mean I don't identify as either, I'm part of everything bea discord 4chan I don't care

>> No.7466587

hopefully this ensures there won't be another "discord review stream" anytime soon. not like i watch her anymore anyway so it's doesn't really matter

>> No.7466592
File: 247 KB, 900x504, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you could have prevented it

>> No.7466604

No, I'd tell her she's a retard for doing it...

>> No.7466649

It's always the same few guys in prestream, discord and twitter replies

>> No.7466650

She could easily make it so only members can post during a discord stream but I doubt she will botehr

>> No.7466688

No I couldn't have. The only thing I could have done was turn into a raving schizo and that could have just put Bea off streaming in general. I'm not an earth scorcher anon.

>> No.7466702
File: 52 KB, 596x112, 1604606008969.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone got the sauce for this btw?

>> No.7466713

Probably not that easy

>> No.7466718

I mean you don't have to read it you know, now is an exception since she made it her content, but usually you can just not having it part of your existence and live happily

>> No.7466771

Not really, I wasn't a twitter guy at all but I post a lot on the discord, I feel it gives it less importance on discord so it's just thought ramble with no meaning

>> No.7466788
File: 380 KB, 1013x584, Dumb bear missing the action.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7466833

sniffing Bea's peach...

>> No.7466842

It's almost as if she is a small indie vtuber.

>> No.7466859

I mean at least that guy took the burden of adding Bea face to his porn spam

>> No.7466864

just use reverse image search retardchama

>> No.7466874

>I love Japanese cherry
>I love sniffing peach
Is she doing this on purpose?

>> No.7466899

No, she is just sleepy

>> No.7466904

Yeah, but there's no names at least

>> No.7466912

Yes, this is a small indie vtuber, so it's a small audience and thus, the same people

>> No.7466936

the discord offtopic channel is more fun than this thread right now

>> No.7466952

>reverse image search a 108x67 pixel image

>> No.7466966

I mean the spammer just made burn accounts for it so it's not changing much

>> No.7466967
File: 629 KB, 707x1000, D716DBB8-CBA2-4115-9E4E-D8AE40F2BB0D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't believe I was the only to post shota during a discord livestream. Dads really are all just talk about discord hate, huh?

>> No.7467011


>> No.7467015


>> No.7467066
File: 16 KB, 171x59, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7467101
File: 102 KB, 714x831, yRCNxHQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you ARE a retard

>> No.7467122

Green apples are so shit they may as well be considered not food.

>> No.7467165

everything bea does is sex

>> No.7467225

>tail plugged into butt in one view, but grows from the back in another
shit art tbdesu

>> No.7467227

I am unironically all talk, I don't want to go too far. The most I'll do is leave when it gets too bad.

>> No.7467258

I think discord is huge a mistake destined to cause problems but I respect Bea enough to not fuck up her streams

>> No.7467288

Wait until you notice his fucked left upper arm.

>> No.7467306

You are subhuman

>> No.7467414


>> No.7467420

Well I hope she's learnt her lesson anyway, a discord stream is probably the most hypocritical thing she has ever done.

>> No.7467476

>bea remembered how to say "i got goosebumps"
I'm proud of my daughter

>> No.7467622

>anyway, a discord stream is probably the most hypocritical thing she has ever done.
She never said that she would never do a Discord review stream and any jokes of Discord hate were just based off of other's opinions of the site.

>> No.7467640

This discord is the biggest nothing burger I've ever seen. It's just minecraft and typical autism

>> No.7467761

It's fun talking with Beatani when she shows up, but that's about it

>> No.7467795

Which is never

>> No.7467812

they all start that way

>> No.7467819

Discords start great and end horribly in my experience.

>> No.7467902

yeah people shouldn't waste their time on a place dedicated to a single vtuber that starts out nice since it'll just turn to shit eventually after all.

>> No.7468024
File: 170 KB, 615x644, 1610895088237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn be childhood friends with bea
>ywn climb trees with her
>ywn eat whatever you fruit you find up there
>ywn help bea safely get down from the tree
>ywn put a band aid on her knee after she falls down anyway
>ywn raise silkworms with bea
>ywn go out of your way to find the highest quality leaves for them
>ywn take the jar of moths outside together with bea and free all the moths at once with her
>ywn turn and look at bea watching the moths we raised together like a proud parent
>ywn gather up your courage to kiss her on the cheek as she turns to you
>ywn run away in embarrassment after doing so
>ywn leave her there in the field stunned with the wry feeling of letting her "children" go and the warm feeling of getting kissed on the cheek by her crush
>ywn kiss her goodbye on graduation day, knowing that is the last time you see her
>ywn run into her years later
>ywn hit it off with her that same day and remember all the fond memories
>ywn go on dates with her and feel your teenage love rekindle with a greater flame
>ywn propose to her and live happily ever after

>> No.7468066

I will watch her streams, though.

>> No.7468242

The biggest drama I had with discord was when a group I was in for a game had a mod who ran a lot of the bots and his bots nuked the server.
So one day a different guy is cleaning up roles, tiding up channels we didn't use and he temporarily removed the role of the guy who ran all the bots. The server was immediately nuked by one of the bots as a dead mans switch and it automatically messaged all the leadership and members on why this happened. I do not trust bots.

>> No.7468445
File: 572 KB, 680x1024, angry thoughts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7468482

Beatani est bien...

>> No.7468590

Some small corpo.

>> No.7468610


>> No.7468743


>> No.7468861

why is she like this

>> No.7468868
File: 61 KB, 640x127, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who is this retard and why does he post a clover emoji before every message?

>> No.7468968

It's cute. Just a susan hate joke.

>> No.7468981

It's in his nick retardchama, the bootleg membership.

>> No.7469048


>> No.7469054

Bea, your kayfabe reps...

>> No.7469075

Salmon gets a pass because she actually likes watching Bea and doesn't leech

>> No.7469104
File: 5 KB, 220x85, s6tm1Fd[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7469177

seems less cute and more autistic to me

>> No.7469180

she lives on the internet so hardware issues are easy enough to justify as "connection issues" or something

>> No.7469189

I hate her too

>> No.7469191

>Salmon gets a pass because she actually likes watching Bea
The best sign that this Salmon is fucked in the head and should be avoided.

>> No.7469252

One of us

>> No.7469316
File: 97 KB, 408x266, Screenshot from 2021-08-03 17-12-06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does this count as a corner bear?

>> No.7469373

edge bear

>> No.7469457

edging bear haa... haa...

>> No.7469462
File: 7 KB, 178x39, OMz32Lv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what did she mean by this

>> No.7469514

It's a randomly generated name newfagchama

>> No.7469529

Pngtuber bear

>> No.7469545


>> No.7469573

>merely pretending

>> No.7469628

Bea laying eggs uuoooohh

>> No.7469682

are you autistic or are you desperately trying to save face on an anonymous board?

>> No.7469737
File: 24 KB, 325x184, retard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7469751

Genuinely thought you were just another outsider who wondered into this thread because of the OP

>> No.7469817

I'd say not recognizing "what did he/she mean by that" for an obvious joke, old and beat-up as it already is, makes you the one who's retarded.

>> No.7469865

I spaced out for a bit and have no idea what bea is talking about and it's like some kind of fever dream

>> No.7469944

Her friends wrote down Bea's sleep talking.

>> No.7470013

and there it is

>> No.7470137

Boyfriend more like it

>> No.7470148
File: 70 KB, 407x320, 1604091833958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7470154

Would you drink her pee?

>> No.7470203

Like a fine wine

>> No.7470217

straight from the source not spilling a drop

>> No.7470222

Would I!

>> No.7470247

She said it was with her female friends, not her male ones.

>> No.7470263

Sorry, what was the question? I was busy drinking Bea's pee

>> No.7470292

>and there it is

>> No.7470298
File: 3.51 MB, 1899x1123, shaders.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always said this, I don't wanna pollute this thread with my minecraft autism so it's better for everyone if I contain most of it to there

>> No.7470352

you're a dumb faggot

>> No.7470357

I'm sure nobody cares either here or there.

>> No.7470376

Like the 98% female audience

>> No.7470440

Please post your rawtism in here it's so lonely with all the schizos

>> No.7470443

Yeah but if Beatani had a boyfriend it would be an animal and she'd be arrested

>> No.7470447

did i upset your emotional balance?

>> No.7470512
File: 275 KB, 895x897, ouina2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7470562

You upset the gene pool with your dumb faggotry

>> No.7470584

Wrong, I care!

>> No.7470784


>> No.7470830

Bea dreams are really cute....

>> No.7470927
File: 1.27 MB, 1200x736, polkaz.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, here is a Giant polka circus I built on some Polka server
With a redstone controlled Light show and noteblock musics under it https://streamable.com/xof5ik

>> No.7470930
File: 14 KB, 203x209, the hell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>striped sky
>living on a belt conveyor

>> No.7470935

you have to remain a cute boy anon

>> No.7470956

it's a dream, you don't need to worry about the why so much

>> No.7470978

wtf dude

>> No.7470992

Legitimately impressive anon

>> No.7471053

Oh right, haven't seen you connect in a while here frog

>> No.7471108

anon I unironically kneel

>> No.7471112

> making knockoff 4chan in discord

She wants to kill us so badly doesn't she.

>> No.7471133

>anonymous channel

>> No.7471195

it won't be anonymous to the admins so it's pointless

>> No.7471221

If it was only to bea I'd be fine with it but yeah

>> No.7471263

She joking, don't worry

>> No.7471291

NTR: The Stream

>> No.7471332

Ok maybe not

>> No.7471385

She was only joking about making the server at one point

>> No.7471403

>there are people posting in the server during the stream

>> No.7471438

This bitch is done for.

>> No.7471491

I think she has good intentions.
I don't think she really understands why some of us are so against discord and won't use it no matter what wrinkles are added

>> No.7471516

ahah, people don't get down that easily

>> No.7471534

the stream pretty much ruined the server whenever it was on-stream

>> No.7471548

Bea is the last person I want to know my name for my rrats.

>> No.7471569

Bea, do you want me to make you a Discord bot for anonymous channels? Do you? Do you really? I will if you want me to.
I'd rather not learn the Discord API, but I will.

>> No.7471599

Why does she want to push it so hard? I no longer believe this just happened on a whim.

>> No.7471607

Don't even fucking joke about it.

>> No.7471610

I mean right now not when it was shown.

>> No.7471624

Using that site is actually a good idea to manage the rrats for the war, it's easier than following the threads now that we have so many schizos

>> No.7471640

so she can freely groom dads, duh

>> No.7471680

> ruined the server
Implying there was anything to ruin. The server is actually ruining yah.

>> No.7471686

It's a creative solution. I don't know if it's the best idea but I'd be willing to try it.

>> No.7471687

shut up gyro

>> No.7471736

xpbot already has that functionality. Everyone gets their own channel and a bot mirrors messages, images, replies, reactions, edits, deletions, etc to all of the other channels.

>> No.7471737

Why is it necessary?

>> No.7471739

It's a new toy to her.

>> No.7471773

We can host our own version too, I can host it alongside the minecraft server

>> No.7471779

onegai dad chama, please make anonymous server

>> No.7471807

I'm sure her original idea was using the threads, but I understand if she prefers an alternative solution

>> No.7471863

It's her new toy unironically, she discover something, obsess over it, then get bored and next

>> No.7471898

She wants a place to contain all the war rrats. If you want it to be anonymous but you also want them to persist longer than a thread, it's not bad idea.

>> No.7471904

We also have the eternal /yah/

>> No.7471979

They're not real rrats if there's specifically a containment area designed to collect them. What a retarded idea. Rrats need to see the outside world to grow strong.

>> No.7472013

facebook group then?

>> No.7472014

>infested with trannies

>> No.7472025

>Who stole the diamons?
They are rrats inside the minecraft server, not the usual ones

>> No.7472030

Sometimes I think she's actually retarded.

>> No.7472046

hopefully it can fluctuate from there to another place

>> No.7472075

I still don't know what diamonds and tropical fish she's talking about

>> No.7472112

nani the fuck?

>> No.7472145

What's the point of this?

>> No.7472164

Oh, OK it'll just be for Minecraft. Where have I heard that before?

>> No.7472178

No idea what's been going on for the last 15min

>> No.7472214

Foster the minecraft community

>> No.7472285

how new?

>> No.7472287

Exercise, meditate, sleep, and eat 350 grams of vegetables.

>> No.7472319

Someone stole valuable items from everyone on the server. Another person forgot to name his tropical fish, so when they despawned he thought someone stole them.

>> No.7472333

I love this goofy bear and her tangents

>> No.7472358

>OP mentions retirement
>112 IPs

>> No.7472383

say your prayers and eat your vitamins, brother

>> No.7472403
File: 37 KB, 600x614, 502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7472419

The highest in a very long time actually
Her stream had 90~100 people before she dropped to dreams and japanese shit too

>> No.7472486

I don't want her to disappear, I'm just not enjoying her current content, micra is such a filter for me

>> No.7472491

euro boost?

>> No.7472546

showing the discord tabun

>> No.7472808

Unfortunate, it's the best arc to me and I hope it last as long as possible OR just it an occasional stream every now and then

>> No.7472918

Terribly wasteful idea. Better to make a client-side mod and a bot combination.
Client-side mod will detect if the channel has the bot and will replace the chat box with a DM to the bot. This will have the ability to disable it if it is a temporary role mistake, but if the channel is read-only it won't matter.
Send message to bot, it appears in the channel like normal, just anonymously. Some information could be passed on with each message, like number of images posted overall, unique images, unique posters ("IPs"), etc and hidden away with the client side script in some nice UI similar to 4chan-esque panel down the bottom.
The client-side mod can be made a mod for the Discord client as well as a userscript for those that don't use the client (like myself, fuck clients and fuck voice chat)
It's a very simple script so it's not going to be capable of hiding anything malicious in it. Literally a search and replace, can't get any simpler outside of basic maths.

>> No.7473121

Bear paws made this thread

>> No.7473308


>> No.7473358

>draw... draw... draw... draw...people, draw people
she was trying so hard to not say drawfags lmao

>> No.7473401

You don't understand how many discord trannies are itoddlers

>> No.7473408

It's better to have a more complicated backend then to require a client side mod. Most people will not bother installing a client side mod (especially since it risks your account getting banned). It's very convenient for it to look and function just like any other channel on the server.

>> No.7473414
File: 80 KB, 806x318, (you).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7473444

What's an itoddler?

>> No.7473456

than to

>> No.7473462

Bear herself

>> No.7473486

It's a trivial cosmetic mod, Discord don't care.
They only go after cunts using automation to spam.

>> No.7473504

iPhone user

>> No.7473516

She is talking about the discord without realizing it

>> No.7473559

No, she probably realizes it. That's why she ignores most of the channels.

>> No.7473625

there's a reason she has everything but the minecraft channels muted

>> No.7473986

I don't understand wahts going on
can I get a qrd for dumb people?

>> No.7473990

... the fuck? This is exactly the back side of my groomer application

>> No.7474097
File: 558 KB, 1000x676, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit.

>> No.7474124

She's trying to justify the fact she only want to deal with people in way she controls and can't be bothered with basic human interactions

>> No.7474151
File: 425 KB, 1378x1508, 1615136773642.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She got angry during the fake bear paws arc because people were more focused on talking about dumb DM rrats than the art

>> No.7474166

She is saying how she doesn't like when discussion turns from discussing your hobby into discussing the relationships of people (in the group).
Just look at how much name dropping in the threads has been happening lately compared to discussing Beatani.

>> No.7474204

she doesn't like when a community is formed people begin to discuss more off topic stuff rather than the thing that the community originally formed around

>> No.7474219

I bet hanabi did this

>> No.7474240

she's just talking about her dreams, nothing that important

>> No.7474264

So many mixed signals. Creating the discord enables exactly that

>> No.7474269

But it's a stupid simplification
Everything in life, hobbies or anything, is always a balance of both, you don't have people talking about something without having a bit of their own identity mixin
Wanting all or nothing on that is beyond retarded and unrealistic in any community even artistic focused ones

>> No.7474284

what a chad

>> No.7474287

she's so horny I can smell her ovaries

>> No.7474289

I think it's less "off topic stuff" and more specifically inter-community shit. Like the difference between two fans of Anime A asking each other what they think of Anime B would probably be fine but them talking about what they think of person C in the same group when he isn't around is annoying.

>> No.7474293


>> No.7474308

fags posting their pictures wearing woman clothes here or fags posting their hands on discord, it's all the same and both places are shit yet you guys insist shitting the threads with jealousy

>> No.7474321

I understand it, I hate it when I meet a group of friends to talk about something and they end up talking about their relationships

>> No.7474371

>Bea is too dumb to understand inside jokes
>she gets angry when its not all about her

>> No.7474389

Honestly I disagree a bit on her view here, very making it sound all or nothing, when in reality any community has some degree of it and it's part of the experience, as long as it doesn't become just meta-talk about themselves it's usually fine

>> No.7474400

Her actions are opposed to that though, which is funny.

>> No.7474428


>> No.7474485

So she made the discord so she could quarantine your schizophrenic breakdowns and just look at cat pics and minecraft.

>> No.7474522


>> No.7474535

Not the worst reason to make a discord

>> No.7474540


>> No.7474551

she's trying to justify why is she so socially awkward and how she doesn't know how to manage her community well, that's why she seems to seek to distance herself every few weeks, twitter unfollowing, less activity, less streams, discord, etc

>> No.7474553

Then I don't blame her. Reading these threads makes my head hurt

>> No.7474585

>I watched your drawing stream
she literally doesn't care about us at all, she only wants to interact with other vtubers now

>> No.7474649

People do care though.
It's extra steps for end-users, and 'installing a mod' is a big one at that.

>> No.7474658

Don't try to manage it. Her trying to exert more and more control is killing it.

>> No.7474814

>I should stop overthinking
She's getting the hang of it.

>> No.7474818

I'd like to amend mine, but it's mostly correct. I'd have said it differently if I knew how she understood communities so I hope the message isn't lost.

>> No.7474962

>worried about interacting with salmon on her main
this bear is adorable

>> No.7475048

I'm surprised that's a weird way of thinking. But maybe it's just the chat that thinks so.

>> No.7475120

tell her not me, I just know most of the meltdowns here wouldn't have happened if she wasn't as awkward / clumsy with managing communications with their own community and most of the guys here were less fags and crybabies attention whore schizos, the trap posting picture of himself here is unrelated to Bea, a guy making an excel of replyfags is unrelated to the topic, this is a mess because both sides have faults, but I don't blame Bea for trying to distance herself from this shitty place that jumps any other day from doomposting, unrelated shit and hornyposting.

>> No.7475204

I think it's just that she sees it as interacting with a vtuber while chat and most people see it as networking. If she doesn't want to do the latter then it makes total sense to be worried about feeling like you're giving the impression you're just in it for artificial reasons.

>> No.7475237

I think she's more afraid that someone is waiting for her to show up on a salmon stream

>> No.7475264

>wikianon did not reply to Bea
where is he now anons?

>> No.7475285

He was here the other day

>> No.7475318

I don't think everything you listed is an issue and I know for a fact some of it was liked by Bea herself but of course there's a balance to find

>> No.7475376

He's in a better place

>> No.7475447


>> No.7475476

>> No.7475477

One time high efforts of those are totally fine by me, it's only an issue when it's constantly as it's just another day

>> No.7475480

I've been wondering the same thing. I'm considering being a vtuber but I don't know if I should let anyone know what my name is. I don't want to seem like I'm leeching off Bea but at the same time it would be kind of weird to pretend not to know her and artificially make a new relationship.

>> No.7475561

No, you should probably keep it to yourself, or at worst only tell her your new name and not other people

>> No.7475611

even if you kayfabe, someone else is gonna post your channel, and then people are gonna start thinking you're shilling yourself.

>> No.7475623

>the trap posting picture of himself is unrelated to Bea
ok I will stop posting them then, I thought she and some dads like it. sorry for the inconvenient.

>> No.7475659

don't listen to that guy I liked it.

>> No.7475661

Keep posting on clover club yah

>> No.7475671

I like the band rammstein, but that doesn't mean I'll enjoy it if you start posting their songs all the time here

>> No.7475675

She didn't read my donation
Not that big of a deal but I wonder why, it wasn't anything special

>> No.7475677

what's this about traps

>> No.7475687


>> No.7475697

Shilling on your twitter account is fair game.

>> No.7475715

why? she literally says she just blocks everyone on d*****, so why would we bother talking about her here?

>> No.7475718

That was Bea's longest stream yet.

>> No.7475730

last one? I'm sure she didn't see it, it also happened in the members' stream with a couple at the end

>> No.7475752


>> No.7475777


>> No.7475783

Bea's cute and funny parts on stream/10

>> No.7475784

1 hour stream / 10

>> No.7475788

Honestly I don't mind them as Bea aknowledged it into her lore kinda during yakuza stream, but just thought it's better if it's a rare thing and not "my everyday pictures "

>> No.7475795

This one was a minute longer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F4nz2gysWA

>> No.7475807

And it was about fucking Discord. Kill me onegai

>> No.7475811

Paralyzed corner bear/10

>> No.7475836

giant nothing burger/10

>> No.7475852

To be totally fair, only a very small portion was actually about discord, the rest was fruit and internet communities and social interactions in general which is interesting

>> No.7475886

i like them too -paddlechama

>> No.7475895

This latest one was 2 minutes and 8 seconds longer than that one.

>> No.7475910

After that do I post in stream chat as old name or new? Both sometimes? This would be a new channel and Twitter not just a rename.

>> No.7475948

Avocado and green apple are veges/10

>> No.7475974

I agree with her sentiment, I can never stay in a community for more than like a year or two; I don't expect to be in this one by Christmas. I'm just an autistic internet nomad, moving from interest group to interest group.

>> No.7476023

tell me how is that related to vtubing again?
the board have rules for a reason, but if the others like you posting for all means and purposes keep posting your off-topic anyway I haven't reported it even once even though I should, for me it comes off as blogposting honestly, and is a derailment of real discussion.

>> No.7476136

I'm just hoping I can make a few friends here in the meantime. If not, at least I've done some reps and can continue being a nomad as a better person.

>> No.7476272

I don't like to cut ties because it feels like letting some parts of my life die, it's fun to get back with an old friend you didn't see or talk to in 3 years have a beer and tell each other what's been happening

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