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I love Ina!

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I fucking love Watame

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got my plush bros

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Nice! Hope you rike it

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>we will never get a Mel x Haachama offcollab ASMR
Man they could be so good together

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this one

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Recycling is good

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I'm one of her larger contributors (about $400 per month). I can't speak for anyone else but for me it's the probably false fantasy that I have that if I stopped donating she would notice that I had stopped. So it's kind of a sunk cost fallacy where I have to keep up my donation momentum or else I'll feel like I'm letting her down.

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What did Kiara say about the TTRPG?

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Does it come with a hole on the bottom?

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I love Rushia!

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I'll post Gura then

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say no more

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>there will never be porn of Pekora breaking Watame sexually until Watame gives up

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Nice tako sack

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What's the matter my dude?

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>Enter Anya's stream
>Say dor
>Leave Anya's stream

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i now ask for your ogey-est anya

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I miss Ina...

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sadly, no specific phrase tied to it so I'm not gonna go looking for it

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That she ruined it and every holo from ID to JP agreed.

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I can't tell if this is cringe or based.

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Which Holo hates their fanbases

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We have...Risulings?

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I love Mori!

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Do you still enjoy her content?

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Melfriends are okay with that

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Kiara please, dont let the normalfags dictate your RP...

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Me, and you are my fanbase

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Hitomi Chris

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Wait what did Kiara do wrong with the dogs?

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you dare tell me to not post my oshi?

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2 months hiatus is better than up to week break every other month

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Only you

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>Kiara justifying her atrocities
True to her heritage

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very cute

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you bitch!

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You just know

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Post the SEXIEST dagger you have

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beginning to suspect Kiara will drop out after the first season :(

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I didn't watch the TTRPG and now Kiara is talking about beastiality.

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Always have

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She will.

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>justifying killing indogs on stream
I wonder what Reine will think about that.

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This is an Anya neighborhood, "boy". Keep walking.

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HxH vs berserk

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It's not only that, she also felt like she was missing some hints that mori was giving regarding the direction she wanted her to take

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so they deus ex machina'd to drug the dogs who were about to rip watoto to shreds
she wanted to detox them

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Get a life if you have that kind of money to piss away every month, jesus christ.

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It's funny how Mori timeloops start as soon as she gets to SC reading
They're as punctual as a Swiss clock

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>Chat backseats literally everything
>Mori is fucking retarded and lets her reactions change effect how the girls play
That's what went wrong

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The only fuck up they did the whole ttrpg session is splitting the party.

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T u T

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It can be pulled off and I think it wasn't actually as much of a problem in yesterday's session as people make it out to be and even lead to a pretty good moment with the walkie talkies but there are a lot of downsides to splitting up in TTRPGS.
Handling the timelines when multiple things are happening at once is a headache, it's annoying for players not to be able to participate for longer stretches of times and you have to avoid metagaming by keeping in mind what the different groups of people do and don't know, just to name a few.

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Live now


Live in four hours


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Is there a Holo that DOESN'T have Goslings?
No seriously, any of 'em? Anya I guess?

>> No.7499933

If I have to say something, would be she trying to kill them despite Watoto trying to tame them

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Don't worry I can just post Risu

>> No.7499938

Tiara is now evil aligned due to killing a pacified dog.

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Mori coughing too much in this stream. did she caught the coof?

>> No.7499944

based cinematic shields saving Kiara

>> No.7499946

Haachama's feet are out

>> No.7499948

Ame stunned/charmed one with her "noise gun" Kiara broke CC by shooting that one instead of finishing off the injured one.

>> No.7499949

use next months allotment to buy a gun and kill yourself

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First season? They’re doing more after this?

>> No.7499952

It’s almost like there’s overdramatization of every little thing because people push drama as if they make money out of it in these threads

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She's smoking

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Does ID2 have the most collabs together?

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I'm not ready bros, I miss Ina

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Anya doesn't have bondage art so there is nothing about her in my folder. Also, fuck that rigger

>> No.7499965

Alright, someone post THAT.
I don't have it saved. But please post THAT image of Anya.

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[EN]:H: What did you did throughout the day today? did you just think of me all day?
[EN]:H: there, there, good boy good boy
[EN]:H: I bet you're even thinking about me when you're working hehe
[EN]:H: do you want me to kiss you..?
[EN]:H: The kiss is for later okay?
EN]:H: there, there...
[EN]:H: am nom nom nom.. yummy yummy
[EN] H: ah, it's all slimy
[EN]:H: It's became sticky all over the place...
[EN] H: you calmed down? i'm happy
[EN]:H: you feel good? I'm glad
[EN] H: do you want a GF like me? I'm not your GF. I'm your bride
[EN]:H: you're naughty boi huh
[EN]:H: naughty bois gets punished

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There are at least two of those fags for Anya.

>> No.7499972

Even if she was really enjoying herself, it would be the only way to include IRyS and any of the IDs. Mori already has to wake up really early because of her, it's unreasonable to ask even more people to do so because of Kiara

>> No.7499973

Nothing. Ame was being retarded and had to get bailed out by a literal coinflip from Mori.

>> No.7499975

Me too!

>> No.7499980

There's only three of em lol

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>Live in four hours
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua6udlJdsKE [Open]
I miss her...

>> No.7499985

No please Anon it’s gonna look so cursed on Anakin

>> No.7499986

>fuck that rigger
Stop that.

>> No.7499988

Anya gets marriage proposals every now and then.

>> No.7499989

Why are Zelda characters always so androgynous?

>> No.7499990

Deadbeat, that's very sad. I'm sure she couldn't give less of a shit as long as you are still in chat. How about you make yourself useful/interesting in a way that's not sending "chad" superchats to a girl that's already rich.
t. deadbeat

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Yeah and mori confirmed that it'll be more than 5 sessions and she wants to stop when the narrative feels right

>> No.7499995

Same bro, same...

>> No.7499996

What did Kiara say about the TTRPG?

>> No.7499998

I suspect
>Ame will leave
>Kiara will leave
>Gura will remain
>Ina will remain
>IRyS won't join
>Reine will join
>Ollie won't join
>Anya will join

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Me too!

>> No.7500000

i liked yesterday's stream a lot

>> No.7500001

I'll never understand you people that use offtopic ebic reaction images. Surely you must have enough hololive related ones by now?

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>Moona nursing Iofi

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>> No.7500009

>moona nursing iofi
>no breastfeeding

>> No.7500014

>[EN] Sora: I had pudding today. I have a knack for eating pudding.

She's multi-talented!

>> No.7500018

I really want Anya and Gura to be in a season together

>> No.7500021

Seriously, who is this succubus again?

>> No.7500022


>> No.7500024

they're japanese

>> No.7500025

Never before have I wanted to smack some sense into that chicken as much as right now. She's approaching Mythbreakers and TTRPG with the completely wrong mindset.
I seriously hope someone clips that part and shows it to Mori so she can guide her into the right mindset in private. Everything her chat is telling her is correct, but it's not getting through at all.

>> No.7500027

that sounds like a kino combination

>> No.7500028

The novelty seems to be wearing off for most of them already.

>> No.7500029

>My ultra shit-tier job picks our vacation time for us
>BOTH of my vacations have been during Ame's only two breaks

>> No.7500032

firs uwawa get on the board....
on /hlgg/....

>> No.7500035

That's the idea

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>> No.7500043

She though killing the dogs would be wrong because of chat.

>> No.7500044

He wanted someone to put them on that image…
Based get

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>> No.7500050

Jesas Kiara, don't catch the tryhard blues from mori. Ames also doesn't know what she is doing, but understands that her GM will make everything alright in the end.

>> No.7500051

>waking up at 6 am like a normal human is """""""""""""unreasonable"""""""""""""

>> No.7500052

thanks bro, I just open it in the middle of meeting

>> No.7500053

You know, if you were one number lower i'd have agreed with you.

>> No.7500056

tell me what chicken said this time

>> No.7500062

I'm a deadbeat

>> No.7500065

How so I don't think that at all

>> No.7500067

>watching streams
Based, even if that's just kind of the bare minimum

>> No.7500069

>Forma de mouse
alright show yourself fucker

>> No.7500070

>s per usual, she doesn't think that she did a good job at reading GM hints and RPGing

>> No.7500071

5 more sessions X 2 weeks each is 2 months, EN2 will be around by then which will make it even messier.

>> No.7500072

Are you actually retarded enough to think Kiara will leave? Ame too???

>> No.7500073

>forma de mouse
that was one of you wasn't it

>> No.7500074

She feels it's hard to RP in English because she doesn't have the words.
She doesn't know what to do in many situations and doesn't know "what Calli wants her to do" (a sad misunderstanding, the DM isn't writing the story...).
She feels like she did a bad job yesterday.

>> No.7500076

urara from tsunderia, aka slugma

>> No.7500077


>> No.7500078

first chammer art I've seen where she's not grotesquely thick

>> No.7500087

I like how the only soundposts in this thread are anya related

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>> No.7500090

Mori is in a GOOD MOOD because SHE had SEX on VACATION with ME

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>> No.7500094

Sora eating sweets happily!

>> No.7500095

what's slugma?

>> No.7500096

I'd love to see Anya try to play a TTRPG. Especially one where Mori is giving her the most obvious reactions possible to nudge her in the right direction and she still continues to do the most pointless stuff possible and fail at it.

>> No.7500098


>> No.7500101

Based streamwatcher and enjoyer

>> No.7500106

>feels like it's difficult to roleplay in English
>doesn't feel satisfied with the direction her character was taking
>thinks she was missing mori's hints
>backseated by chat

>> No.7500112

I made this post
t. Me

>> No.7500114

I made this post.

>> No.7500115

That sounds like a (You) problem

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>> No.7500121

Peker... The merakyats are laughing at you

>> No.7500123

steve jobs

>> No.7500129

Huh weird, I'm not even a big fan of Kiara and I thought she did fine yesterday. Only thing I disagreed with is interrupting the gm to say I FIGHT SHIT before she was finished explaining, but other than that she did great

>> No.7500131

>Fuck Apex
why did nobody tell me Anya was so based?

>> No.7500133

Kiara, you do badly when you start thinking from a metagame perspective instead of what you/your character would do... Calling the other group on the radios after you got to safety was perfect.

>> No.7500134

retarded if true

>> No.7500139

>Kiara feeling bad about RPing in character
>all because some nogame faggots from chat
how do I save her bros...

>> No.7500140

>look at Rushia's member stream that started a few minutes ago
>huge scroll list at the top of endless akasupas and pinks

>> No.7500143

Kiara should stop listening to thread schizos and just focus on doing what she feels like her character would do. That's the true essence of RPing

>> No.7500144

Babymaking sex with Kiara followed by lots and lots of kissing and cuddling and telling her I love her!

>> No.7500148

Kiara you gotta ask specific questions about TTRPG or Mori is just going to give praise as motivation

>> No.7500149

She's talking about how she feels like she's doing really badly at the TTRPG. How she's making too many "wrong choices" and doesn't want chat yelling at her during the session.

>> No.7500152

>you are on vacation
>Ame is on vacation
The face, you say?

>> No.7500153

Ame was only being retarded because Kiara reaggroed a dog that wasn't going to attack them.

>> No.7500155

I wouldn't say "Ame was being retarded", Watoto was being retarded, but its in line with what Watoto would try to do (try to tame the dogs instead of killing them).
His approach could be better, but he had a backup plan that Mori used to save him (throwing the mushrooms).

>> No.7500159

deez nuts

>> No.7500161

>implying they went beyond kissing

>> No.7500163

Please, PLEASE do not post Hags. God i'm so tired of seeing hags. They're annoying. If you want to make me angry, you will post a hag, but why would you do that when I specifically said that posting them is pure anguish for me?

>> No.7500165


>> No.7500167

If only she would close chat during it

>> No.7500168

>>>>>>>>>>>>Ame and Kiara leaving
>Irys not joining despite literally saying she'd like to
>The biggest Hololive fangirl NOT wanting to join a Hololive project
Why did you even make this post anon

>> No.7500170

Huh, i don't remember making this post.

>> No.7500171

Okay someone post the IRyS Anya one

>> No.7500172

My justification is based on timezones and I've held this opinion ever since the first session. I'd be glad to be proven wrong at the end of the season, but I don't see it happening

>> No.7500176

Imagine it like if Enma was also a Hololive streamer while being manager.

>> No.7500183

>> No.7500185

What yab/menhera breakdown is Kiara going through now?

>> No.7500186


>> No.7500187

>She doesn't know what to do in many situations and doesn't know "what Calli wants her to do" (a sad misunderstanding, the DM isn't writing the story...).

>> No.7500189

The simplest and correct answer, yet you know it won't happen

>> No.7500191


>> No.7500192

Chat panel should be off for the girls during ttrpg so they can't see the back-seatting and meta gamers

>> No.7500198


>> No.7500200

That’s my wife you’re talking about, pal.

>> No.7500201

#218 on the National Pokédex

>> No.7500206


>> No.7500207


>> No.7500209

Hey, me too!!

>> No.7500212

If you got quints I'd agree with you

>> No.7500213

With Kiara it never matters what her friends or the 3.5k people watching her think, if she says that she didn't do a good job it will stick in her head for weeks.

>> No.7500218

Isn't it Pokemon #591?

>> No.7500220

Chicken is dumb and puts too much blame on herself. She doesn’t have to carry the stream, she can let the others pick up the slack when she doesn’t know what to do and Mori is there to support with hints if they really get stuck.

>> No.7500223

>menhera breakdown
You retards have used these words so much they've actually lost all meaning. Now everything is a "yab" or a fucking "breakdown", jesus christ

>> No.7500224

she just had sex with me and is still dizzy

>> No.7500226

This is true. I'm not there to watch the chat roleplay, I'm there to watch the girls roleplay.

>> No.7500227

Fuck off please, you don't even know what yab or menhera means, you retarded dramanigger.

>> No.7500228



>> No.7500229

Everyone is gonna say they want to, it would be rude to say "nah fuck that shit" when it's what your fans want, even if you're not interested.

>> No.7500230

You won't get me

>> No.7500231 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7500232

How have you not seen us before?

>> No.7500235

She just realized that it's pronounced "tomato" and not "tomato"

>> No.7500240

I mean Kiara did make a lot of really stupid choices. She tried to fight a sniper with a revolver for god's sake, and aggro'd a dog that was already disengaging. If it weren't for Mori going easy on them that's two mistakes that could have gotten both Tiara and Watoto killed.

>> No.7500241

>Ame thinks RPing is cringe and didn't even announce an official design publicly
>Kiara openly said she feels she's doing the worst at RPing and has trouble with timezones
>IRyS, despite saying she wants to, will almost certainly become busy with songs by the time a new session arrives
Ina is already in the session too so I don't know what you mean by this one.

>> No.7500242

Kiara you were definitely not the worst player last night...

>> No.7500244

This post seems pretty yabai, anon, are you having a menhera breakdown?

>> No.7500246

i know that number by heart
just like i know scp-5167

>> No.7500247

The one guy in chat who said not to treat it like a video game has the right idea, she seems to think that encounters are puzzles that have to be solved in a specific way otherwise she's doing it "wrong" when that isn't really the case.

>> No.7500248

Oh yeah, sure thing dude, no problem

>> No.7500250


>> No.7500255

I bet people who pronounce it "tomato" also think it's a vegetable.

>> No.7500263

Yeah, that would be Mori of the Calliope.

>> No.7500266

She has been on a roll tardwrangling her chat lately. She should continue to spite them or at least ignore them.

>> No.7500272

I think Ina will leave just because her and Ame love self-sacrificing. She'll drop out so others can play, even though she really likes it.

>> No.7500275

She needs to just not read the chat during the stream and focus on the game. Mori is already keeping an eye on it to make sure nothing goes wrong.

>> No.7500276 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7500278

still wild that Risu retweeted that
She really is here

>> No.7500279

Yea, that was their GM for going so soft on them.


>> No.7500282

here you go, m8

>> No.7500284

>I mean Kiara did make a lot of really stupid choices. She tried to fight a sniper with a revolver for god's sake
Wont hold that against her, Kiara is truly clueless when it comes to guns, so she wont see what the issue with it.

>> No.7500285

So am I

>> No.7500288

It's legit bizarre to watch this. Her member stream's chat is faster than most normal streams of others and the amount of SC... this is ridiculous

>> No.7500290

literally all she has to do is to realize picrel is how RPGs work

>> No.7500291


>> No.7500292

There is no upper limit though. It's something that was specified ages ago when the question of more guests appeared.

>> No.7500293

You know, it's weird listening to Mori saying that she loves streaming while everyone here says that she hates it

>> No.7500294

we live in a polciety

>> No.7500295


>> No.7500299

Wasn't that due to the white flowers?

>> No.7500301

Mori isn't a player, retard.

>> No.7500302

First is headcanon and you don't watch Ame. She said multiple times on her streams that she was excited for the TTRPG after the first group session.

>> No.7500304

As it should be.

>> No.7500306

I'm sorry to tell you this but last night me and Kiara...

>> No.7500307

>didn't even announce an official design publicly
Except she did make a design anon>with timezones
She LITERALLY didn't say shit about timezones. Are you even watching the stream???
Ollie anon, it's Ollie. And there's no way in hell she'd turn down an offer

>> No.7500312

Ironically, this post was closer to a menhera than what passes for a menhera on /vt/ these days.

>> No.7500313

They have definitely fucked
Call me a rrat
Call me a /u/schizo
This is evidence beyond a doubt that they legitimately are a couple of carpet munching dykes

>> No.7500315

Highest earner in hololive

>> No.7500316


>> No.7500318

Can I have uhh default Mori with GurNya's face nyaa?

>> No.7500323

They were actual bullets that didn't affect Kiara because of the flowers. It didn't come out of nowhere

>> No.7500325

But you're a retard, retard.

>> No.7500329

>A bigger fangirl than Ina

>> No.7500330

People mistake what we say about Rushia as a meme. Rushia will make you fall in love with her. You will subscribe to her. And you will donate.

>> No.7500332

Kiara's decision to attack a hostile supernatural animal while it was vulnerable and her partner was in apparent danger wasn't an unreasonable move. If Ame didn't luckshit her way out of that situation, people wouldn't be so on her case about it.

>> No.7500335

>Kiara is truly clueless when it comes to guns
Little did you know, she was actually just too advanced for our thinking

>> No.7500336

bro, its GFE

>> No.7500337

She also tried to use sniper bullets on a revolver and Mori made fun of her because of it.

>> No.7500341

I still don't know why Mori put them in that fucking hedge shit when we could've had a kino scrapyard brawl

>> No.7500344

Is there a rhombus version of this?

>> No.7500345

>balls touching

>> No.7500347

Ah yes, GFE, which stands for....

>> No.7500348

Holy fucking shit you don't even need to watch streams to know this retard

>> No.7500351

Jesus Christ please stop reading chat

>> No.7500357

go feck 'erself

>> No.7500358

Sexy retard

>> No.7500368

I can only afford memberships and feel so out of place watching all these people drop reds like it's nothing

>> No.7500369

Ollie literally skips her classes in school to stream and watch JPs and ENs stream anon. This + staying up until early morning

>> No.7500372

ligma balls

>> No.7500379

>Mori makes the retarded decision to make real bullets non-lethal
>Doesn't explain it at all
>Watoto makes the retarded decision to go BACK to the dog-like things after being attacked
>Despite failing, Mori makes them be drugged and makes them guide the girls to the Sniper hut
Everything on Kiara and Ame's side was pretty fucking retarded

>> No.7500380

Gluten free entertainment... newfag..

>> No.7500381

Guras funny excretions

>> No.7500382

Good Friend Experience?

>> No.7500385

5 min after she wanted to Animal Care the briardogs to cure them of the mushroom effect

>> No.7500386

Kiara is EDGING right NOW

>> No.7500387

In theory yes, but realistically a GM can only tard-wrangle so many players before the campaign becomes a shit show. 4-5 players is a sweet spot that allows for the GM to be both intimate with group individually, but also allow for a larger cast to interact with each other and the story. If it was a GM and group of experienced players that understand how to tell a story between themselves, a larger group could work, but holoEN is anything but that.

>> No.7500388

Good Fucking Egg

>> No.7500390

Mori made that up after the fact

>> No.7500394

it isn't gay if i want to fuck them

>> No.7500400

Most memberships are just like a way to support a holomem you like and watch a bit of extra content. A few are places for a girl to menhera in front of her obiters as everyone else watches on in varying levels of concern and discomfort.

You're gazing into the siren's trap anon. Turn back now.

>> No.7500403

>Despite failing

>> No.7500405

To be fair though by the time a new session arrives they'll have a better grasp of how to handle it. I doubt more than one or two will join for a possible second session too so 7 players and a GM isn't too unwieldy .

>> No.7500406

Ame didn't fail, retard.
Is the concept of coin toss really foreign to people?

>> No.7500407

>Another post proving anon doesn't watch streams
Does anyone even watch Hololive here?

>> No.7500409

>magic flowers
>in character since he's a dog lover
>only because she won the coinflip
I swear you fucks have the memory of a fucking goldfish considering how many times I've seen this shit explained

>> No.7500410

And yet her hololive knowledge is shallow...

>> No.7500411

Gotta Fuck Em'all

>> No.7500414

[Bad News] Reine wants to fix her diet

>> No.7500415

That's okay! Eventually you'll get a job/get a better job/get a raise and choose Rushia over improving your standard of living.

>> No.7500418

Enjoy this shitty edit

>> No.7500425

I'm 90% sure you don't know what "yab" or "menhera" mean, newfag.

>> No.7500429


>> No.7500432

She's an honest to god succubus. The more JP reps I do, the more I have to catch and stop myself from falling in love with her.

>> No.7500434

>her hololive knowledge is shallow
Get better bait and watch streams

>> No.7500435

Magic flowers don't explain how real bullets got stopped though.

>> No.7500437

Most of them barely watch a single holo and their collabs which is still a lot more than outside of here.

>> No.7500439

When the fuck is Mori gonna get rid of the recorder Jesus fucking Christ

>> No.7500443

>Despite failing
Ame fucked up the command. She rolled a d2, and succeeded with a two. She SHOULD have rolled a d10, but Mori really didn't want Watoto to have his throat ripped out in the first two sessions.

>> No.7500444

I have a supplement.

>> No.7500448

Sora is so fucking cute. I love her.

>> No.7500450

Salam merakyats mother feathers

>> No.7500455

>"I don't watch Ollie but I know how much Ollie knows"

>> No.7500457

Goldfishchama... Your memory reps...

>> No.7500461

I really like these indogs.

>> No.7500462

classic bird brain mistake of "this thing wasn't working, let me flip 180 and try the exact opposite". She probably felt that since combat seemed like the "wrong" approach she should do the opposite and "help" them.

>> No.7500463

I'm a motherfeather

>> No.7500464


>> No.7500465

Still disappointed this is a Takamori pic
and I’m a Takamorifag

>> No.7500468

Giara Fugg Ebin :----DDDD

>> No.7500473

People should have paid closer attention, but I recall Mori audibly reacting to the wrong diceroll input that almost made it seem like it actually failed

>> No.7500474


>> No.7500475

Please watch streams...

>> No.7500476

>Goodbye motherfeathers
I fucking love... this bitch?

>> No.7500477

It's hedge magic I ain't gotta explain shit

>> No.7500482

seethe trinity...
i still dont like rose no matter how much you meme it

>> No.7500486

Reine joined!!!

>> No.7500488

It's magic. I aint gotta explain shit. I swear i've seen this exact interaction before in these threads

>> No.7500489


>> No.7500490


>> No.7500493


>> No.7500494

>Hi! How's it going? I don't want to talk to you!

>> No.7500498

So it's better to avoid learning any JP so I can withstand her powers

>> No.7500500

ain't gotta explain shit

>> No.7500502


>> No.7500503

1 more indog

>> No.7500507

Calli is dad!

>> No.7500508


>> No.7500511

We are just a broken record of retardation.

>> No.7500512

Damn Reine barely finished her stream and she already joined Anya's stream

>> No.7500514

They're in a fae realm, the rules of the real world don't always apply.

>> No.7500517

What does she do that draws men and their wallets in?
No seriously how does she do it?

>> No.7500519

>Wrong choices
I think Gura also suffers from this as well since ttrpg really amped her indecisiveness. Mori need to smack some sense to them that there aren't "wrong" choices, only the consequences of your actions

>> No.7500520

wait does this mean Rushia (and most of holos actually) are undercounted since there's a sizable chunk of member SCs

>> No.7500523


>> No.7500526


>> No.7500527

Even better.

>> No.7500528 [SPOILER] 

>> No.7500531

Does anybody here actually watch streams?

>> No.7500532

I mean, people don't even realize the flowers stopped it the bullet they just see Mori being stupid and babying the girls. Mainly due to never explaining how the bullet got stopped in the first place

>> No.7500533

If you value the contents of you wallet, yes.

>> No.7500534

She really wanted to be in the collab. I bet if it wasn't a member's stream she would of canceled it

>> No.7500540

Mori dad

>> No.7500547

>> No.7500550


>> No.7500551

Context: They were all talking before Anya started streaming, and all wanted to collab on Anya's stream. Reine did her member's stream and joined after going through her donations.

>> No.7500554

>no passion for learning bugtalk

>> No.7500558


>> No.7500560

She referenced how protected the flowers made them feel no less than 2 times before Tiara got shot

>> No.7500564

Kiara is very cute!

>> No.7500566


>> No.7500567


>> No.7500569


>> No.7500570

While we're still on topic of TTRPG, a quick reminder for the nogame folks: there are no bad decisions and doing stupid shit is half the fun. Trying to backseat how someone is having fun is beyond retarded.

>> No.7500571

Very potent cocktail of demure yamato nadeshinko, housewife experience, eclectic memory, yandere lite, gfe and kawaiiso

>> No.7500575

I do, Mori is being cute now
okakoro stream was really comfy and ended with teasing
sushit review was surprisingly nice

>> No.7500581


>> No.7500584

And like that, she cemented the joke into Hololive culture.

>> No.7500586

>Open stream
>"Do you speak Cantonese?"
Why do people do this

>> No.7500588

*casts spell that makes (you) feel happier about life*

>> No.7500589

People seem to like how genuinely nuts she is. Like genuinely obsessed over her top fans. She fucking lurks their Twitter to see if they like another girls stuff. Apparently yandere (if you can even call it that) GFE makes beaucoup dinero.

>> No.7500590

I love these Indonesians
>OMG Reine is leaking membership content

>> No.7500591

Kiara literally mentioned it at the end of the encounter, in-character. Like..twice.

>> No.7500596

Can't imagine why anyone would want to learn Chinese these days other than to work with shitty bugmen.

>> No.7500597

I watch Kiara on background and sometimes look at anya

>> No.7500599

no, too busy cumming on other anons

>> No.7500600

Anon, your actually watching the stream reps...

>> No.7500602

I'm talking about Kiara's stream in my posts, but talking about streams isn't as juicy as bait, apparently.

>> No.7500606

Kiara what the fuck are you going to use Korean for? Fucking Ame has a bigger Korean following than you

>> No.7500608


>> No.7500609

Yeah Gura taking off her pants for no reason was great. She could have just used her hand but where’s the fun in that?

>> No.7500614

Of course

>> No.7500615

>Tenchou singing K POP soon

>> No.7500616

I don't care about how (you) would play since I'm here to see what the girls choose

>> No.7500618

Kiara herself mocked the nonlethal bullet though. The only explanation we got for the flowers is that the guy hunting them didn't like it

>> No.7500619

>Fucking Ame
Believe me, I'd love to

>> No.7500620

Being stupid just to be stupid can be annoying. That's the classic "I punch the king" guy. None of them are doing that, but it's not unheard of.

>> No.7500621

>Kiara: tries to get away from dogs
>Kiara: shoot dog
>Ame: hello doggie we be fren?
>Kiara: kill dog
>Ame: mushroom frens:DD
>Kiara: oh okay we'll be friends with the dogs
Outside of firing a revolver at a sniper she was in the right

>> No.7500622

For fun?

>> No.7500626

there's not much to talk about in kiara's stream axcept that she's cute

>> No.7500628

I want to take Mori to see penguins at the aquarium...

>> No.7500631

I just wish Tiara and Watoto talked about her shooting the pacified dog. The whole sequence from Watoto trying to get up to drugging the dogs was just dice rolls and talking to Mori. Understandable for new players and I hope they learn from it (among the other things to learn).

>> No.7500633

>> No.7500634

You ask this about to anyone who knows near native english anon. It's for fun.

>> No.7500635

>it worked
thanks watamage!
I actually have been happier recently now that my reps are paying off

>> No.7500637

This chicken really is cute isn't she

>> No.7500639

She let her chat guilt trip her into changing her approach.

>> No.7500643


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