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Remember that everything you love can and will disappear one day. Cherish it and archive everything.
Remember that unless you have absolute ownership over everything, it can be taken away at a moment's notice. Own all your resources and IP if you want to be a VTuber.
Trust no one.

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They could have at least done it after the anniversary. Or would that be worse

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A whole month away. Would be reasonable to consider it a cover-up and them as accomplices to whatever happened if they did that. And fired right after everyone kumbaya-ed on the anniversary stream? There's no good way out of this.

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Yeah, whatever. Pikamee for EN2.

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Nigga I been on that archive shit since the permissions apocalypse

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>implying GYARI fired her eagerly or frivolously
The disasters involving the Gamebu and Ai cemented that the person behind a vtuber cannot be replaced; if the VA can't do the job any more, then the character necessarily needs to be retired too. As such, there is zero incentive to fire your VAs. If it happens, it's because the VA was guilty of such serious misconduct that the company could no longer look the other way. That's undoubtedly what happened with Monoe.

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It's so fleeting, and there's always a possibility that they simply never come back.

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>no more utawakus with her deep voice
>no more tabletop stuff
>no more SCP readings
>no more fun sudden collabs like with Pika and her SM64 stream

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this very easily could have happened to haachama or coco if holo had decided to cut them to save their chinese branch. also, it happened to the holo chinese branch

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This very easily just happened today and it sucks anon i fucking hate it


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then rebel against the company

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then rebel against the company

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>she is either dead or in jail

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Not gonna bring her back...it's about moving on and creating a new persona, like aloe's roommate did.

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nah make those fuckers pay

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>then rebel against the company


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thats cringe you should rebel against the company

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>Hurt to see one of the trio go

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finna learn chinese and rebel against hololive

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>>no more utawakus with her deep voice
new deep voice magnet

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nah rebel against china because it should be nuked fuck off chang

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i really like her design though

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>the company
you...you are aware voms "management" is literally one dude right

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then rebel against him

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So, what was the "serious breach of contract"?

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anon dont remind me....

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Unless it was something spectacular then it's probably substance use or breaking the non-compete agreement. Whatever it was they've known about it for a while.

There's also a rumour that she was dating some celebrity but that sounds like a stretch.

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Pika already hinted that she could be going indie. If you really like her it shouldn't matter if she's with a company or not. I mean both Artia and Civia just had successful reincarnations so I have no doubt Monoe could too.

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Sometimes it's better off to reincarnate when you work for a black company as well. Glad Artia is doing better after what Coco did to her.

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What do you mean, "What Coco did to her?"
Are you genuinely about to say that off-handedly mentioning that Taiwan is an independent country is somehow morally wrong?

Lick Chang's boot a little deeper. Maybe if you get the whole thing in your mouth Winnie the Pooh will give you some hunny.

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>what Coco did to her
And a ching chong to you too, Zhang.

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I've heard you can lose social credit points if your bait is too weak. Is this true?

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>Pika already hinted that she could be going indie.

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Ching chang chung san, go suck pooh's dick

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Pika said in her announcement which is hard to watch that she hopes that if we find her again that we could support her.

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>Are you genuinely about to say that off-handedly mentioning that Taiwan is an independent country is somehow morally wrong?
She didn't even do that. She just read her youtube analytics, which has Taiwan listed as a separate country. It's 100% on google.

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Please let her join a corp so we can get more than 1 stream a week.

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Why are Coco fags triggered so easily

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It's not even good bair, come on fags

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Wait how the fuck

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>say something extremely ignorant and unfounded, very representative of being a Chinese anti
>get spotted and called out on it
>"haha why le coco fag angery?"

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The beauty of trolling is if that if they get called out on it, they still "win" in their mind. They only lose if they're literally ignored, which never happens.

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It's not fucking fair, bros.

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Who ever told you life is fair?
Look around you, everywhere
the cruelty of nature is displayed!

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Learn how to use YT DL and save your favorites ahead of time before it happens again, which is always just a matter of time for all of them

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literally already sent GYARI death threats from a dozen sockpuppets what more do you want from me

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Have another (you), on the house

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This. Also youtube will delete your private playlists if too many videos you saved to it are offensive or whatever.

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dear lord someone get all of pikas and tomoshkas member stuff along with the full archive, I havent seen a shred of monoe member stuff out there and its probably gone for good now.

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i dont remember much premium content anyway just the valentine one and the drawing

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The membership content wasn't that good according to actual magnetbros who were members, the only think I have seen is that EVERYONE believes some JAV level shit happened in the valentine stream or in some other member stream which wasn't even properly archived some months ago.

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doesnt matter to me if the streams were good or not, the elimination of content forever off the internet, whether it be streams, anime, video games, comics, books, music or what have you bothers me. If i had a fuck load of money i would be a data hoarder.
Its the same reason why things like digitally owned video games rub me the wrong way.

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the end of the valentine stream mentions a 3-4 minute valentine voice clip for members and teases a near-nude picture with it, but i'm not sure if anyone's uploaded it. nothing else happened in the stream.

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I never watched any of them but it still kinda hurts to some extent. Just the feeling of losing a friend.

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I stand with this, I hoard data even though I am not rich, but this shit will be necessary in the future to understand how people got there, otherwise is gonna be as vague as those books who were never added to libraries and are forever lost, specially newer stuff like videogames, visual novels and other shit now that the barrier between the east and western markets seems to be getting thinner by the year.

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That sounds kinda like OCD my dude, but I have it too so I big agree.

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not as easily triggered as chinks eat shit china

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ignoring never works

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carry them out of course

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after VOMS disbands, I don't want to inconvenience Pikamee or TMSK

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It never works because you idiot think like this and never just do it

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>Remember that everything you love can and will disappear one day.

I never stop thinking about that.

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FYI https://twitter.com/GYARI_/status/1362971050447831040

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>SCP readings

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And become another slave to Cover corp? Fuck no, let her swear like a sailor and do weird collabs forever yeehaw

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this shit hits me too hard

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damn chang calm down

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