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Coco Kaichou thread.
Kiryu-Kai is forever!

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That was a fun stream today.
Pablo's got a body made of steel.

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I hope her ARK server works out, she loves ARK and being a driving force of indie vtubers networking with each other seems like her dream scenario

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Ark and Minecraft.

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Sounds like fun. Can't wait.

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She has zero misses in terms of stream content and quality this week. All bangers. Fun and chaotic. Sometimes with an added dash of comfy thrown in to the mix to balance things out. I feel blessed.

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Sushit & Lego on mildom are the highlights for me, her superchat reading stream is up there too.

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looks like someone finished the duck potty she had been working on too.

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Had a good laugh today at that Pablo wire connecting part where he just moved his hand back and forth without grabbing the thing.

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Think she'll ever play Smash?

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She enjoys showering so no.

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I wonder if she'll ever go back to the Monster Hunter games, since she's a long time fan. I wouldn't be surprised the roots of her Dinosaur Otaku nature come from playing MH back on the psp. As much as I liked Rise I think Gen Ultimate would be cooler to see since there's more monsters and other content

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give it a rest

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Why is the tip of the buttplug wet?

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I'm a little worried of potential drama forming between some of the indies, but i'll trust her

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they are tired for a reason

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You only put a towel on the couch when you have sex.

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God I wish that were me

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>indie vtubers
did she say that's her next plan?

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I just want to say, I'm simply happy for this bitch. She is in a better place now, free from political bullshit or management retardation.

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It's very comfy isn't it? she doesn't need anything else but us to be happy.

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She say she want to cosplay Bayonetta and play smash

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>she wants to cosplay bayonetta and smash

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I hope Coco and Watame still talk!

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Do you have the one mocking how the characters of Animal Crossing?

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How they speak?

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many thanks

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Cringe whore

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It seems that a huge conflict has started in JP Kiryu-Kai

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Ah she gonna show those DMs

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Holy shit a DM review stream

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The balls on this woman.

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I wonder if these are gonna be handpicked by Papa Dragon or ones she picked out herself. shame I won't be awake to see it live

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Better yet, I wanna see a DM review featuring papa doragon reading all the horniest dms. Her reading anti shit would probably be hilarious but it would be a cause for antis to dm more out of "she's noticing us!!1!!"

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I think this is as close as a 4chan review that peeps are talking about

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To be fair she can probably do something like that. Even Pewdiepie did something similar and probably the funniest bit was not even mentioning this website's name since the caps were obviously from that 4chan caps subreddit.

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one question... did anyone one of you on this board send a DM to her?

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It would be 200iq move to not feature any anti’s at all, just weird stuff from obvious fans. Certainly would knock the winds out of their sails after investing so much effort to try and get a rise out of her like that infamous stream. Also would encourage fans to send more weird stuff to her to review.

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Just found a KanaCoco fan art retweet account today: https://www.twitter.com/kanacoco_TT_Bot
Kind of surprised how much fan art is still being released given that one of them quit a month ago.

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This'll be cringe. Sounds like fun.

>> No.7570148

No, I'm not a creep.

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More likely from 2ch.

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Feet pasta?

>> No.7571512

Feet Connoisseur.

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No, because I'm nowhere in her league so I don't even consider it.

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I love her too much to coompost directly to her

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Coco doko...

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No, because I don't use Twitter, but even if I did I certainly wouldn't DM anything that would be stupid enough to end up in a review. Similar reasons to >>7572396.

Stream starting, daikou lying down on the floor, Hyper 3D technology with Adidas shirt today.

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>Love Unites
>Loves Unite

>> No.7572676

>No more DMs
But... i never asked your dad for your hand in marriage...

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She's probably only closing them to non mutuals

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>"I don't need any dick in my life."
Based as FUCK.

>> No.7572896

>i dont need any dick in my life

>> No.7572900

>I don't need any dick in my life!

>> No.7572937

>people hitting her up for money

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Holy dyke

>> No.7572963

I actually felt like someone drove a stake into my heart when she said that.

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she said 'for now' after in japanese so there's still a chance

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Oh thank god.

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>I have a hard life, give me money, here's my dick

>> No.7573051

Any broke gangs in here?

>> No.7573053

>for now
Did she, I'm not sure

>> No.7573094

Me. But I never beg for cash outside of 'PLEASE HIRE ME TO WRITE SHITTY FANFICTION' from my circle of...tastes.

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This anon is lying

>> No.7573145

Stop lying lmao

>> No.7573183

what the fuck does that even mean lmao

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>Kson my dog just died LET FUCKING GOOOO
but in he DM

>> No.7573212

>asking a steamer to go to your school (event)
do gen z's really?

>> No.7573238

I can't even guess what no 1 gonna be

>> No.7573246

I snitched on a shitty "clip" channel.

>> No.7573265

guessing its them "whyd you retire/graduate" type niggers

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Collab beggars

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called it

>> No.7573304

fucking bugs at it again lmao

>> No.7573306

Yeah you call it

>> No.7573309

Winner, winner.

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Sasuga. I can see it being an umbrella category, a combination of >>7573275, random spam-tier "LOL U SUCK GO DIE" messages, and politely-worded but mean-spirited shit.

>> No.7573391

doesn't sound like zhangs. she's talking about schizos that get aggressive when they dont get attention.

>> No.7573396

>Dick pics aren't as bad as being asked to the prom


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Damn, that mic looks like it's going to knock her out if there's an earthquake.

>> No.7573453

Great, she said mommy now.

>> No.7573473

For some reason, I can't enjoy her as much now that she's not Coco. I like her, but the one I loved was Coco. I guess it's finally starting to sink in that she's really gone.

>> No.7573489

Nobody cares, have a good life.

>> No.7573491

Just what I needed, more motivation killer for working out.
Feel like I should just stop trying.

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Reminder that Kanata is streaming now behind that wall

>> No.7573508

Coco isn't dead, anon.

>> No.7573509

She said "for now and from now on" basically

>> No.7573526

There's a living room behind that wall, then Kanata's but anyway. Ofc she is. They'll both have dinner after the streams.

>> No.7573542

Kanata's got that pussy DOMINATED

>> No.7573553

Yup, there goes the last bits of hope in my awful life.

>> No.7573557

It just makes sense to schedule them at the same time, no chance of accidentally doing something on the others stream and getting to hang out before/after. They probably bounce ideas off each other

>> No.7573562

She needs your money though.
Always need that.

>> No.7573578

I don't understand that way of thinking. Either you already accepted that you had no chance with her, or you're not going to stop at what she says

>> No.7573580

You had no chance to begin with.

>> No.7573604

She's not, but I doubt she'll ever stream again as Coco. I liked the mix of Coco and her voice actor. Watching her voice actor doesn't feel the same, and Alternative or whatever won't be the same too

>> No.7573607

I don't get it.
Did people here actually get into Vtubers of all things, because you thought you had a chance?

>> No.7573626

Nah that has nothing to do with it, they both lock their doors before streaming, it's literally impossible for one of them to show up on other's streams by mistake.

>> No.7573630

You never had a chance with her or any online persona to begin with.

>> No.7573642

nah i just like watching cute anime girls do cute things.

>> No.7573654

You underestimate how delusional some people are.

>> No.7573660

Being a whore without honour or morality is different to being a modern day entertainer.

>> No.7573672

What are you talking about?

>> No.7573701

I had more of a chance than I do with Western Women who demand Master's and PHDs from men or automatically think Man=Evil

>> No.7573711

On any other board I’d think this was a deflection. Considering how many third world mentally deficient subhumans infest this board I actually believe you are this stupid.

>> No.7573719

What? Japanese girls are well-known golddiggers

>> No.7573753

Hahaha sure.

>> No.7573756

Yeah sure. You might want to look into "to" and "from" and how to use them before talking about other people

>> No.7573826

>I had more of a chance than I do with Western Women who demand Master's and PHDs
What on earth? In most developed "western" countries, only around 10% of the population have advanced degrees. Mysteriously, somehow, more than 10% of men are capable of "having a chance" with women around them. So your statement is mathematically falsifiable. You should try actually meeting women some time instead of believing shit you see on the internet, especially from women on the internet.

>Did people here actually get into Vtubers of all things, because you thought you had a chance?
A vocal subgroup did, and will continue to. That's true of all places on the internet where women have at lest a semi-celebrity level of fame, and even modest attractive qualities.
As for me, I just like enjoy having some background noise in my life that isn't a television show.

>> No.7573843

>T-Shirt I'm wearing today
She is wearing pride shirts again

>> No.7573856

>That's true of all places on the internet where women have at lest a semi-celebrity level of fame, and even modest attractive qualities.
It's not specific to women, BTS/One direction/the current thing getting girls wet has exactly the same thing going on

>> No.7573866

>not a western woman

On her twitter "From Atlanta".

>> No.7573877

Love this gay bitch

>> No.7573883

this is a Coco thread anonchama

>> No.7573889

Apparently people weren't having a laugh when 'pretending' to be mentally ill.

>> No.7573893

What is this?

>> No.7573910

Strange that you're discussing a Kson stream then, Anon-chi.

>> No.7573919

her twitter and the store description for that shirt

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>> No.7573939

Is this a shitpost or is she actually one of those? If she is, I'm glad she's gone and I'm sad I was too late to join the antis.

>> No.7573955

Coco is a western dragon

>> No.7573977

booba unites

>> No.7574000

Fuck this traitor,

>> No.7574049

Imagine ever thinking she wasn't bi

>> No.7574088

No Dick in her Life.

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>> No.7574229

Proud of this gay bitch

>> No.7574349

I live in NJ anon, the bad part.
Only thing I'd find if I walk out my door are walking petri dishes.

>> No.7574379

>I don't need no dicks in my life
>promotes gay tshirt
I can't believe Kanata fucking won

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>> No.7575085

When is ARK 2 suppose to come out anyway?

>> No.7575307

He's probably one of those people who fell for the 'You don't need some college degree' she said during her time as dragon.

>> No.7575333

Kanata won. Gachikois lost. Self die pending.

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>> No.7575514

>People want Genuine Gamer Girls over SJW Harpies
Shocking, I know

>> No.7575997

You can be gay and not SJW you know

>> No.7576022

I think you're grossly misinterpreting what I meant.

>> No.7576057

I don't get how watching someone because you think you'll have a chance someday has anything to do with gamer girls or SJWs either.

>> No.7576351

Why does kson provide stronger GFE then coco. With coco I can watch all her streams where she kiss me and says she love me and feel barely nothing. But kson membership vods fucked me up so bad I had to take a break before I become a gosling. This chick is dangerous.

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>> No.7576455

Because it's cute seeing her do everyday stuff like cooking and eating, it's easier to connect that way.
No reason to resist it either anon, just let it flow.

>> No.7576500

What does that mean?

>> No.7576567

>He never :gata::gata::gata:'d waiting for asacoco

>> No.7576627

Background chatter in a film or something. Check the intro cutscene on yesterday's Locobike stream for why this is a stamp.

>> No.7576652

I see, thanks

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>> No.7577152

She's like a kid in a candy store

>> No.7577364

>With coco I can watch all her streams where she kiss me and says she love me and feel barely nothing.
For me that meant everything. But I guess everything she said as Coco was a lie meant to accumulate more gachikoi. Now I'm starting to miss Coco. I reveled in those lies. But now as Kson, she's too honest that I feel dead inside. Kanata NTR stream will break me.

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>> No.7577492

Every time she streams she gains like 3k new subs.

>> No.7577706

This BGM is a bit mindnumbing.

>> No.7577829

it would be better for Minecraft

>> No.7577959

Reminds me of Aqua's BGM lol

>> No.7577965

Ark Chads don't know how to lose huh. Except me because I'm not an ark chad.

>> No.7578067

That one melted my brain so many times

>> No.7579109


>> No.7579343

>> No.7579408

She has great taste in purses

>> No.7579544

>promoting Addidas shirts
Did she legit get a sponsorship from them? Good for her if so, probably the easiest sponsorship of her life.

>> No.7579551


>> No.7579574

Nah, she didn't.

>> No.7579586

I doubt it, she would have announced it.
This is either her going full "yes, i'm gay" or just showing it off.

>> No.7579654

Likely the latter since being an adidas fangirl has long been part of her characters

>> No.7579706

She was just talking minutes ago about how she's not sponsored by Adidas.

>> No.7579743

Yeah, she's sponsored by Fentiman's Cola not really

>> No.7579794

Trash spotted in the freechat

>> No.7579816

Clearly you mean "T"

>> No.7579869


>> No.7579927

>Eats something on stream
>LOL mukbang stream XDDDDDD in the chat
No you fucking asshole, she's not stuffing her face like a pig so it's not mukbang.

>> No.7580013

Is someone timestamping her burps or should i do it? i have one from a previous stream saved and she just burped twice again.

>> No.7580208

She don't care about it's Agenda, Adidas always a trend to chase for "cool kids" in Japan plain and simple. They just don't give a fuck about meaning behind it.

>> No.7580276

I thought Kson's girlfriend is Megumin and Kanatan is just a little sister.

>> No.7580302

Megumin is (was?) married

>> No.7580366

Yes, she broke up because Coco's tongue was longer than her husband penis.

>> No.7581166

>Kson conditioning japanese kids to open their borders and assholes for Achmed cockmed

I guess I should have visited Japan before it gets totally ruined.

>> No.7581210

/pol/ please leave

>> No.7582554

How long do you think it'll take for her to start virtue signaling? I mean. The signs are already apparent so...

>> No.7582591

>I don't hate men, i just like girls
Well i guess that's it, there's no "debate" to be had here anymore

Next time you should listen to me, if it barks and has 4 legs it's most likely a dog.

>> No.7582764

I never doubted them.

>> No.7582864


>> No.7582874

denial is not just a river in Egypt, it turns out

>> No.7582933

you know, addidas should have been a massive gay flag

>> No.7582990

You know she had a boyfriend before right and they only say they like girls to relate to their audience and not piss them off

>> No.7583011

This is so sad. It seems that she was always lesbian from the beginning. Her saying "from now on moving forward I don't want any men" is probably her affirming that notion. It was all an act. WWE style. Now more than anything I miss Coco. But I guess Kumichou will be my copium.

>> No.7583071

Yeah I had a girlfriend too, that's what I say to everyone.

>> No.7583094

maybe they broke up because she figured out women made more sense for her.

>> No.7583104

Coco deserves rape.

>> No.7583105

But anon she was sayng she doesn't like 3D 4 years ago on twitter when she was making no money from streaming, had a job and was only doing it for fun.

>> No.7583108

This is cope

>> No.7583174

>Used to like men because that was "normal" until she realized she actually doen't
>Was in an abusive relationship and that scared her away from men
>Was lying in that interview and was/is still a virgin
Pick your option, you can't just use something she said before as a fact and then deny something else she said as a lie because you feel like it.

>> No.7583272

I know your pain anon maybe more than you do. I'm just so tired of searching, it seems so pointless to keep trying anymore. Especially as the types of girls we want are becoming a dying breed thanks to progressive nonsense and normalization of nerd culture, and with the pandemic sealing us all in our homes.
It's all so tiresome, and there's no end in sight.

>> No.7583319

Don't worry anon-kun. Kson is now in her honeymoon phase. Pretty soon all the romantic emotions she has for Kanata will stabilise and eventually she will come back to us. Like nothing ever happened.

>> No.7583392

>Her only "confirmed" boyfriend was in American high school and he introduced her to a game that apparently made her abandon 3D and flee the country
I wouldn't really say that's strong evidence for straightness personally.

>> No.7583500

>an American high-school student was responsible for creating kson as we know and love her
Just think, that man singlehandedly set off a chain of events that would completely alter the state of vtubing and he probably does not even know it.

>> No.7583529

>You know she had a boyfriend before
maybe the boyfriend was a girlfriend

>> No.7583757

Cope cocofags she just does not want to see your tiny wee wee

>> No.7583945

Is that a real quote?

>> No.7583948

But that was when she was a kid

>> No.7583986


>> No.7583988

Here comes the clipnigger

>> No.7584006

from today's stream during the dick pic part. Someone in chat joked that it made her hate men even more and she replied she doesn't hate men but likes women more

>> No.7584072


>> No.7584083

Yea I just found it. Nice.

>> No.7584117

This is massive, humungous cope

>> No.7584324

Don't feel bad cocofags your just not the type of guy she into to. She wants someone strong, muscular, intelligent, confident and kind. Someone like kiryu kazuma the opposite of a 4chan user and most Japanese males. That way I do my workout reps everyday for my kiryu cosplay I'm even getting his dragon tattoo on my back. Then instead of a dick pic I send her a dm of my kiryu cosplay.

>> No.7584331

You can see her closing her eyes for a couple of seconds after saying it, i don't know if she planned to come out and was relieved about saying it or it was more something that just came out without thinking and she's realizing what just happened.
Either way i'm happy she was brave enough to say it.

>> No.7584723

>I don't hate men, i just like girls
All those dickpicks will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

>> No.7584774

The instinctual desire to sit-back and sip on your drink after saying something dangerously based in front of a large audience. Everyone does it from comedians to politicians.

>> No.7584793

Don't post IRL faggot

>> No.7584846

I'm a kfp bro and saw this thread and I know what yall going through. I just want to say yall get used to it .

>> No.7584911

I mean Kiara's roommate is flat as a board it's and easy loss.

>> No.7584912

This was not the first time she had done this.

>> No.7584922

But i'm happy that she's gay

>> No.7584972

this but unironically

>> No.7584977

She kept all the clit pics.

>> No.7585312

>6 days, 11 streams
feels good

>> No.7585688


>> No.7585790

>Never sang "i kissed a girl"

>> No.7585985

Damn this is so high quality. She's so beautiful man. But why did things have to turn out this way. She really came out as gay. All those clips of her shitting on Kanata were just jokes. I don't know how to feel.

>> No.7586110

>not dreaming of Kson and Kanata furiously scissoring each other

>> No.7586191

Thread is being real cringe as expected

>> No.7586236

Some of us want more to life than just to coom. Some of us just want a member of the opposite sex to play vidya with and hug to share the love or stop the pain

>> No.7586280

Abandon hope, embrace coom.

>> No.7586322

Now we know why Towa visits the KanaCoco house frequently, and all those tweets about Aki and her bathing together...

>> No.7586340

>P*mu, Korone, Ogayu, and now this

They're falling like lesbian dominos

>> No.7586350

>Abandon hope, embrace cope

>> No.7586406

I can't even do that, thanks to China and SJWs taking over gaming and killing all the waifus or sealing them in trees

>> No.7586477

>or sealing them in trees

>> No.7586493

Then you should go look for that person, there was never any chance it was gonna be a streamer who probably lives on the opposite side of the planet as you.

>> No.7586646

I dunno if I feel like trying anymore. I'm so old that by now even if I find a girl it'd take so long to reach the point of having sex that I'd be dooming whatever child I have to high level autism.

>> No.7586671

I hope she told this before to the holomembers she took a shower with like Aki otherwise it would be really weird.

>> No.7586792

Where's the fun in that?

>> No.7587578

Agreed. I don't get why this is such a difficult concept for folks. They fail 100% of the attempts you don't make, and they're not making any attempts with such a shitty outlook. There is no "believe and you will achieve" in life, but there is a "don't believe and you're guaranteed to fail" rule.

>> No.7587651

>They fail 100% of the attempts you don't make
Ah, typo: "They fail 100% of the attempts they don't make."

>> No.7588000

Because some of us are college dropouts and bought into what she said about someone not needing it to qualify for her husband.
In today's day an age not having a college degree invalidates you to 99% of the female populace. Others just want a gamer girl who doesn't just play exclusively the flavor of the month or Apex/Minecraft 7 days a week.
Some of us want girls who actually look attractive so their kids don't get 100% shit genetics and have to suffer crippling loneliness for 32 years like they did.
I could go on, but you'll just say 'just keep trying bro it's that easy wtf' like it's nothing.

>> No.7588135

Coco deserves rope.

>> No.7588416


>> No.7588465

Welcome to the dyke club
Yes you can still gachikoi for a lesbian, there’s nothing wrong with it

>> No.7588494

Forgot image ;_;

>> No.7588508

>not having a college degree makes you invalid for hotties
Not true, but being successful without a degree is the difficult part. I know people who never graduated but got successful and rich thanks to business sense luck, and connections. Some somen are also drawn to the "bad boy" confidence that many safe-side office guys lack.

>> No.7588533

*meant women

>> No.7588573

Is Coco the first ever KOIKATSU vtuber in the world? How did she manage to get a koikatsu avatar for herself and even better, to make it work? How did she do it?

>> No.7588695

I've been incel posting a lot throughout this thread. But after receiving my post nut clarity I have to say. Today's streams were good even though they shattered my very fragile soul. Coco always radiated Chad energy and I'm happy that I got to know where exactly she was channeling it from. Looking forward to whatever she does tomorrow.

>> No.7588735

Far from it. Illusion themselves even jumped on the fad by putting out this thing named V-katsu which is just the character creator without any of the sex stuff and advertised as an avatar making software for vtubers.

>> No.7588751

>business sense luck, and connections
Which I don't have either.
And I'm too old to take the Boxing/MMA pill and just punch out Logan Paul for money and clout

>> No.7588812

Her current model looks completely different compared to the ones she used for her southern english classes. The older model had more costumes like bikini's and sailor outfits. Any idea behind the downgrade?

>> No.7588920

The old one (Daikou 1.0) has its movement completely controlled by VR sensors, so I think she has to wear shit on her head and arms/hands to use it. The newer one she uses now (2.0) uses webcam tracking like 99% of other vtuber models so it's more comfortable to use. Or I think that's what she said at least, nihongo is hard. She talked about it in that deleted mildom stream.

>> No.7589068

I don't think she mentioned the specifics of why she changed it but she was very critical of the current one herself, calling it stiff and saying it only looks cute from very specific angles. Hope it won't be too long before the update is done.

>> No.7589758

I've never met a straight girl who likes adidas, it's always seen as not girly & cheap here.

>> No.7589762

This whore is dead zhangs were right all the time. CCP won after all!

>> No.7589792

She hates men and you keep throwing money at her lmao

>> No.7589826

Her channel was removed from most Vtuber sites.

>> No.7589881


>> No.7589933

ogey chinchon

>> No.7589961

Still, how did she even get Koikatsu and also made it work?

>> No.7590010

Not like this numberbros... who cares

>> No.7590045

She literally has a stream on her channel where she makes an avatar.

>> No.7590054

I mran with Kiara's history, I wouldn't be surprised. Just glad she found success while walking on a tightrope.

>> No.7590091

Tied to the bed, asacoco (Horny potion) injections.

>> No.7590101

I meant to say rape but shibari rope is also okay

>> No.7590121

Well, she is not 100% vtuber. Maybe she will be included again when she debuts her new model

>> No.7590155

Majority of the videos on her channel are streams with an avatar though.

>> No.7590162


>> No.7590172

My God, man. The Adidas obsession was weird before, but ok, whatever, as long as it looks good. But actually seeing all of the adidas clothes... They're hideous! What the hell is wrong with her?
I should have suspected the moment Kanatan said she began using Adidas as well.

>> No.7590203

Adidas does have some good clothes... but yeah most of the stuff she wears is fugly as fuck.

>> No.7590233

she did say it's a guy repellant when theygo out

>> No.7590249

they get away with it because they're a famous brand. Clothes that would be considered tacky are now avant-garde

>> No.7590266


>> No.7590320

>In today's day an age not having a college degree invalidates you to 99% of the female populace
maybe in their criteria.
you should keep in mind criteria changes. have you ever put in too many restrictive tags while looking for good doujins? have you ever decided, just to check, removing those filters and finding something really good that you would've never found if you kept those filters? relationships are similar.
it makes perfect sense for a girl to want a college degree, at-least decent income, and healthcare. if they can find someone they love with all this they're safe.

but do you think love is really that simple? the answer is no. we may consciously know we should get a partner who is financially stable or even financially accruing, but the complexities of a person and their potential ruins such filters when we choose something as important as a partner.
also, of course, experience changes desires. people can go their whole life never discovering the real personality type which makes them tick.

some funny stories about the 20th century include recollections of old women being surprised some women actually liked sex as anything more than a way to please someone you think deserves it, your partner. that should really tell you just how many people throughout history have failed to find people they actually really tick with. and be inspiration for you to pursue women and prove yourself, of course not in a forceful disrespectful manner, and make some woman happy.

>> No.7590445

i'm betting, which means i'm really just trying to get attention by making a statement meaningless in implication yet disguised by an important concept that makes me sound more serious, that she is into guys in a heterosexual sense but she's shy to some degree or has a very specific type and 99.99% of men will never fit that criteria.
just think of tomboys or those shy girls who hate their breasts and general 'femininity' so they try to hide it. obviously those people often don't want forceful big guys who make them feel weak. or even the vast majority of men, who'd be unable to navigate such a minefield.

i could 100% see her past relationship as having been dead enough to make her give up on trying to find a guy she likes.

regardless of the outcome i firmly believe there is a penis in this world she could like.

>> No.7590584

I'm...not really sure why the topic of her sexuality's a big deal. I mean it's not mike it's gonna put a dent on the coco/ks hentai production.

>> No.7590671

it's incredibly interesting.

when you spend time watching people and considering them, it becomes very very very good exercise for the mind to try to deduce things about them. atleast for me.
i don't actually care about her sexuality beyond proving or disproving my assumptions. i think upon my past views of her and what rhyme/rhythm there is to it all.

maybe it's a bad habit but i really like people and i really like writing. being able to understand people is important to me and my dao to understand life.

>> No.7590734

oh also with someone as successful and loved as kson understanding her matters even more to me. i want to understand the thought process and personality of someone who brings so much happiness to other people, especially when they do this in such a unique way.

understanding how inteligent/caring/successful people work is an interest as old as time.

>> No.7590782

She has said she doesn't like women without tits or ass and every time a man asks for advice to attract women she tells them to get muscles.
I don't think you can argue she likes men anymore, she either did at some point or she realized she never did in the first place.
What i will concede is that she seems to have a very childish view of sex appeal, "muscles, big ass, big tits" it sounds like what a young kid would say.

>> No.7590801

None of what you said makes me feel any better.

>> No.7590927

being molested and/or shy and/or bullied and/or rejected will fuck up your views of sex. just look at incels.
it's not uncommon for women to believe, with good reason, that they can't love any men. i mean if you get an anxiety attack from looking at penises or masculine features you're kinda in it rough, yeah?

but the problem with that is it's a dualistic on/off view of life, which is too silly. you can be scared of something and still be aroused by it. i don't think there is always a way to 'fix' people, even if there technically is a sexual desire buried under everything, but i think incredibly sensitive and well matched men are often capable of doing such a task.

i take care of somebody with ptsd, anxiety, history of being abused, mental issues, depression, etc, and it's far from easy. sometimes i have to let them do things i know will upset them later, because otherwise they'll feel they have no control. there are no easy answers. the mind is incredibly odd. he does not understand what he really wants and honestly neither do i understand what would really make him happy.
even if i did i wouldn't exactly know the way to it and it might require things to happen outside of my control, either through luck or something else.

>> No.7591245

>In today's day an age not having a college degree invalidates you to 99% of the female populace.
Do you uh, hang out with any other dudes without a college degree? Like yeah i'm a neurotic asocial incompetent so i sure as can't manage it but other guys without college degrees are managing to get with women just fine

>> No.7591548

I don't hang out with anyone after the people I considered my friends stabbed me in the back simply for asking help to get a girl 10 years ago

>> No.7591656

Well this is going into blogposting territory.

>> No.7591741

Bump limit soon, just roll with it.
Now that i don't watch hololive i don't mind reading walls of text here, it's the only thread i use.

>> No.7591946

It's to be expected when at least 250k dreams get shattered in an instant.

>> No.7592033

>I don't hang out with anyone
fix that

>> No.7592114

These threads are /u/ territory from now on by the way, just letting you know that.

>> No.7592159

so this is no longer akemi territory but actually ack territory? what if we ship crack?

>> No.7592193

always has been

>> No.7592217

yuri is fine but lets at least try to be less cancerous than that shithole

>> No.7592241

Fuck off don't even joke about that

>> No.7592318

what if im not joking

>> No.7592346

Kanatafags pls, some anons are in mourning right now.

>> No.7592426

no please

>> No.7592512

>she seems to have a very childish view of sex appeal, "muscles, big ass, big tits" it sounds like what a young kid would say.
It's because she's not actually interested in real romantic relationships. She just wants to put on some porn/open a romance novel and flick the bean once in a while and then get back to playing video games.

Also to all you people saying you have destroyed dreams now, she's been saying she's not interested in dating dudes for the past five years.

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