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Victorian Era edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share, and discuss English-speaking VTubers.

>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!

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Attention all Vtubers! This is your new manager speaking!
Throw away all pride. Throw away all pride and just join Tsunderia.
Minimum qualifications:
>Asian heritage
>Mentally unstable
>Ability to go on hiatus minimum three times a month
>Ability to break containment within 24 hours of debuting
That is my advice. Just throw away your pride and join Tsunderia.
Thank you for your attention.

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Nice Moe OP :)

Shrimp still live with Genshin

>> No.7552278

yam lady is doing a splatoon 2 collab

>> No.7552310

I got warned for talking about a vtuber, I don't understand why I'm literally not allowed to talk about certain western vtubers
Are jannies holoshitters or something?

>> No.7552316

sword autist gremlin is playin' some BotW

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Which one?

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I've seen plenty of doxx posts not removed. Unsuprisingly they were all non Hololive vtubers so yes.

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I appreciate the linkposts. Have some more.

>Pixel vamp and tomboy wolf review toys
>Cute goat Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
>Drunk cybercat chat after Little Nightmares 2
>CEO of Death Trash
>Little murderer Missing Children
>Cyber tenshi and frens Phasmo
>Beer bear Half-Life 2
>Slavbuns Genshin Impact
>Cozy chuuni cat art
>Googly eyes Cyberpunk 2077
>Legally blind bee Okami
>a cloud DayZ
>Side plait Cry of Fear
>Ayy princess and frens Phasmo
>French awoo ASMR
>Cute and funny dragon Minecraft

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Bob ruined the stream so they will be back with another link, i'll keep you guys posted.

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thank you linkbro! it's a bit hard to keep track of everyone and i always feel guilty about linking streams that are already an hour in or so

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That was quick!

>> No.7552487

My favorite GAMBLEIMP and awesome singer.

>> No.7552514

you fucking deserved it
doxxbraps... shaking my head right now

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Sister thread >>>/trash/wvt
Thank you

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i had to leave the neko stream because she was too cute. i can only handle small amounts of that without breaks

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>Tiger finally got me with a chicken sub
It wasn't supposed to be like this...

>> No.7552601

Alice Sawyer Funko Pop

>> No.7552755

Thank you all once again for coming to the stream! Sorry that my headset strap broke in the middle of the workout. We put in the work and the sweat, but at what cost...

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Luddite forest witch practicing calligraphy.


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she found you! run!

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That's very specific

>> No.7553316

Please come watch my favorite mute LATAM fox girl play Paper Mario for the first time.

>> No.7553357

Wrestler is drawing

>> No.7553370

Koopa and Arypie are playing Vermintide together!


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for me its the bat

>> No.7553796

whats up fellow katchad

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>> No.7553987

feels like kat can't stop winning

>> No.7554207

>Raccoomer Ninja Gaiden Sigma
>bread/gun F.E.A.R.
>Greek merc Fallout
>blue cat Back 4 Blood
>that furry animator in a bikini

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Last LATAM mute girl I saw scammed a couple grand from people

>> No.7554265

This one didn't even have to try to get 2k. She's just that based.

>> No.7554564

how do you scam people when they aren't buying anything

>> No.7554639

Little Nigger delete this image from your hard drive, her eyes are too far apart.

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hylo is playing impromptu minecraft with sleepy lumi

>> No.7554946

Thanks to anyone who popped by the idol manager stream! That game is surprisingly hard...

>> No.7554975

Long neck...

>> No.7554995

Your voice gets me surprisingly hard.

>> No.7555043

charlotte's live with some pokemangs

>> No.7555071

>tits hanging out
>eyes drifting apart
>Ethiopian long necc
>hair is a travesty
>Little N will defend this

>> No.7555198

little n wants his dick wet, after all

>> No.7555238

T-thanks, I'll... Keep this in mind I suppose?

>> No.7555273

What is that game like?

>> No.7555408

Long short story, it was a man with a female model who pretended to be a crippled mute girl and tricked people into donating money for "medical expenses". I won't even name him because I don't want that asshole to be remembered.

>> No.7555428

Played it for about two and a half hours, a LOT of that time felt like tutorials. I'll be honest I still have no idea how to play the game "effectively" (ended up in debt by the end of the stream), just spent most of the time doing whatever the game suggested I do next. If you want to "do well" you need to juggle a bunch of stuff constantly it seems, think like those "Game dev tycoon" style games

>> No.7555706

I love this dog like you wouldn't believe

>> No.7556072

opera egg is up with earthbound

>> No.7556087

Opera chuuba failing to start Mother 3

>> No.7556120

Local professor reading The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes in ten!

>> No.7556135

Opera mind

>> No.7556267

Unironically should coordinate schedule so they raid each other.
They share their /here/ audience, althought eggy isn't here openly

>> No.7556320

>eggy isn't here openly
she's not here

>> No.7556394

The analytics button is right there, anon.

>> No.7556445

yoro RE5

>> No.7556493

That assumes she checks it

>> No.7556577

I love her...

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>> No.7556828

There is not a single chuuba in the planet that hasn't checked that button

>> No.7557037

Flakklock playing Necromunda: Hired Gun

>> No.7557203

Everyday until shimada comes back

>> No.7557490

God, Alker is so fucking cute when she actually is having fun and decides to put on a show. I just wish she did it more often, but then I guess it would be less special.

>> No.7557518

Thanks you anyone who checked out my calligraphy stream, it was pretty fun.

>> No.7557699

Feef playing zombie game with other chuubas

>> No.7557754

Didn't watch it but I will watch the VODs later cause that looks dope.

>> No.7557946

it seemed kinda rude to suggest mid-stream, but maybe you could use a camera angle that's a bit closer to the paper? i had a hard time reading the text and ended up just lurking for most of the stream
the text DOES look amazing, though. well done

>> No.7558004

We are all lab rrats for bigger corporations to observe and learn from.

>> No.7558066

Thanks. The camera mount is jury-rigged and isn't easily adjusted, so I compromised with a depth of field that works best with my fashion drawing streams. I've been considering using my Tarot set-up for calligraphy in the future though.

>> No.7558665

Rye is live playing FEAR!

>> No.7558822

Why the fuck is there a !tts function for chatters? It's super annoying to hear that when you just want to hear the music and see the cute anime girl dance.

>> No.7558854

>Niji only secures permissions per game PER individual streamer

What crap is this

>> No.7558897

>posting a link 3 hours into a stream
what's your angle, buddy? i don't even think rye usually streams this long

>> No.7559000

She is now!

>> No.7559088

Tiger is doing a Your Name watch-along.

>> No.7559169

>she's ending stream now
>she's going on vacation soon
Why would you do this to me?

>> No.7559199

Oni continuing Mario Galaxy

>> No.7559249

Related question: Is it weird to join a chuuba's discord if you never watched them all that much? I've only seen a few Tiger streams, including her final one, but she seems like a really nice lady with a cool fanbase who'd be fun to hang out with, so I'm considering it.

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>> No.7559391

Shishou is very accommodating to new arrivals in her Discord and does her best to foster a welcoming environment regardless of how long you've watched her. She genuinely loves to interact with her community and would be delighted if you joined.

>> No.7559404

Just join she will be happy to have more people in it

>> No.7559494

Thanks for the info, Tiger. And the chicken sub. You have excellent taste in oshis, btw.
Okay maybe I will! But this weekend, when I'm not dead tired from work.

>> No.7559564

I'm not her lol.

>> No.7559665

I was teasing you because your post sounded so formal that it sounded like it could be her, anonchama. You can relay certain parts of my post to her, though, if you would.

>> No.7559859

NTA but I sometimes take a lot of time to link Lumi because I run errands at the hours she streams most of the time so I understand him.

>> No.7560154

and what would they observe and learn from 2view chuubas? how to sperg out and twittershit?

>> No.7560335

Pandora snapped

>> No.7560909

she's a bit under the weather today ):

>> No.7561246

May I see your favorite chuubas 3 by 3, /wvt/?

>> No.7561267

Holy fuck! Why didn't anyone tell me Jhonen Vasquez was a Vtuber?

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>> No.7561344

super metroid randomizer with Cadence

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>> No.7561460

mera's on with HOUSE

>> No.7561511

Dumpling ASS Combat

>> No.7561522

Who are the three at the top?

>> No.7561523

https://www.twitch.tv/maroony rrat playing tomato adventure (alphadream game)

>> No.7561687

>my oshi does three streams in the span of ~12 hours
>can only catch the two on each end because of work
It's funny, because I could've caught every stream if I didn't have to work today. I feel like I have let her down, my body also feels like shit after driving a van with failed powered steering for 7 hours. Pic related isn't oshi.

>> No.7561830

Jerma, Macaw and DNO.

>> No.7561881

for me it's Macaw, LordBBH, DukeDonuts, and Goati

>> No.7561907

>I ended up watching a mute DJtuber who I know nothing about for two hours instead of anything else on my Twitch.
Uh? Do I just like DJ music that much?

>> No.7561936

shall we roll for a friday stream boys. Cool summer nights edition. You know the rules.

>> No.7561954

I want her to get super big. I want her to blow up. She’s fucking hilarious.

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>> No.7561998

am i your oshi

>> No.7562019

Based. Loved his MAME Roulette series, sad it's over but glad it happened.

>> No.7562060

But she won't stream until Saturday...

>> No.7562070

How about >>7561460?

>> No.7562087


>> No.7562111

So close...

>> No.7562112

All good things come to an end, it lasted longer than some shows out there.

>> No.7562135

checked trips

>> No.7562155

Where can I find Vamporno?

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>> No.7562169


>> No.7562185


>> No.7562235

Ding ding ding. Also redpill me on this qt3.14

>> No.7562243

are you?

>> No.7562274

Nowhere yet, her only piece of fanart is this.

>> No.7562338

I want to violate her off-color throat flesh :(

>> No.7562378

Whats some good advice on network and getting eyes on your stream for an extremely new male chuuba?

>> No.7562455

gremlin intergalactic mercenary hired as a tank in parties
she has a cute design and decent talking skills but her gremlin noises are hilarious

>> No.7562502

Do you have any talent?

>> No.7562518

Are you good at making friends?

>> No.7562678

she's also unfortunately really stubborn and it's hindering her potential

>> No.7562963

Cadence switched to Omori.

>> No.7563156

Thanks to everyone who came to the Sherlock Holmes reading stream tonight! These ones were a lot of fun, and I got to do some fun character voices.

I wish Eggy was on after my opera stream earlier in the week, would absolutely have brought that audience over. I want to organize a vtuber choir, now.

>> No.7563249

a vtuber choir sounds really fun but also a mixing nightmare!

>> No.7563269

>I want to organize a vtuber choir, now.
Do it

>> No.7563270

Don't be m*le

>> No.7563609

Ah? You are /here/? I thought that someone else linked you...

>> No.7563744

i and another anon have been linkning him in the past when he shared his stream in /asp/ but i think now he's been posting to these threads himself the past few days

>> No.7563776

I've seen other people have dropped my links before (thank you! I am very flattered!) but I do it too if no one had by stream time.

Thank you! I really appreciate it, anon.

>> No.7564436

>> No.7564507

Did the new outfit make you remember Moe? Will you now watch her streams?

>> No.7564653

No, the old outfit was hotter.

>> No.7565092

I always knew Moe but I follow like 200 chuubas pls andastand.

>> No.7565431

late link but the flower ai girl is playing some more RE4

>> No.7565694

there's been way too much menhera and schizoposting around here recently so to put an end to it, please stop by for a nice cheerful time in a nice relaxing resort town, it'll restore sanity and happiness

goin' live with silent hill 2 first playthrough


>> No.7566313

Goodnight/day sweet dream/have fun /wvt/ love (you)

>> No.7566405

if YFU Baby does her talent show another time definitely consider going on it!

>> No.7566446


>> No.7566629

Goodnight, Shimabed

>> No.7566951

posting this because a certain /vst/ might like it. But also because anyone can enjoy it. But fuck me this is powerful autism.

>> No.7567041

Jazz Lo-Fi music production. https://m.twitch.tv/chiselion

>> No.7567663

g'night shimabed!

>> No.7568084

Koopa is shit, SHIT.

>> No.7568217

late link but shota admiral is on

>> No.7568466

Super autistic level of understanding history

>> No.7568472

So, what is everyone doing at 1:30 AM?

>> No.7568512

Sort of, when I’m in a spot where I’m not just stuck with them. Like, I get recognized and added alot in multiplayer games I play alot

>> No.7568514


>> No.7568517

listening to the shota admirals' snake impression

>> No.7568564

watching a drunk dog

>> No.7568581

Eating an entire box of Cheerios dry

>> No.7568716

Watching a drunk attempt to function

>> No.7568870

Tinkering in Live2D

>> No.7569143

Since penmanship counts, you're now my favorite VTuber.

>> No.7569516

Margo during her Karaoke

>> No.7569566

Now I'm watching Odette. She's hyper.

>> No.7570371

at that time there would be many cute vtubers to watch

>> No.7570415

Wasted Peggle in 5 minutes. Follow Koragi, by the way.

>> No.7570693

Smacking ass and slurping dick, taro always keeps it classy

>> No.7570714

Not any different from Nyaru screaming about wanting to be tributed to

>> No.7570734

she said that in public?

>> No.7570766


>> No.7570833


>> No.7570894

not gonna lie
that actually did get me hard

>> No.7570943

Do we have designated tsunderia, cyberlive, and amber glow linkposters? Thinking about following them so I know when they're up even if I don't usually have time to watch them. The ones on youtube are particularly easy to miss.

>Corgi karaoke
>Magical shortstack Silent Hill
>Skinny music dragon Dark Souls
>Catgirl maid with human ears Idol Manager
>Fish princess and a muppet
>Drunk ghost sis Griftlands
>Space elf singing
>Bunny fairy Pokemon Snap
>Imouto princess endurance stream
>Fleshfang DOOM Eternal
>a literal chicken nugget Pokemon Unite

>> No.7571036

for the first time I'm going through the #ENVtuber hashtag on twitter...

>> No.7571073

I have to admit, this dog is quite sweet.

>> No.7571093

I have never done that. What did you see?

>> No.7571163

Everyone reusing the same cringe meme to promote themselves, x amount of likes to reveal full model that looks shit just from the silhouette, horny posting, 1-2 views chuubas "networking"

>> No.7571552

i haven't even browsed the tag and i have seen the same things

>> No.7572051

lateposting to say that vtuber choir would be supremely based

>> No.7572427

Aussie hours aren't all that bad.

>Scarf cat karaoke
>Baka aussie
>Aussie oni Dead By Daylight
>ESL guinea pig LA Noire
>Blue and purple Pokemon Unite

>> No.7572509

Aussie vtuber playing Apex.
Opinions on their voice effect? I don't like it.

>> No.7572584

its not bad just doesn't fit a loli model

>> No.7572603

Halo has such garbage mic settings, people must be starved gfe hard to sit on the stream.

>> No.7572685

I fucking forgot minya.
Back 4 Blood.

I don't think it's terrible, but it absolutely isn't anywhere near ASMR quality. Doesn't really take much for viewers to swarm to any available gfe streamers either, especially at this time of day.

>> No.7572870

unironically we need to pry Skyler out of Jusagi's discord and put her in some other discord that will actually help her network.

>> No.7572964

If twitter follows don't convert to views, how do you make yourself known to new viewers outside of twitch?

>> No.7573049

vtubers chase clouts from larger "twitter" chuubas and you get viewers by leeching off those chuubas.

>> No.7573080

/wvt/ sings when? I'd be down

>> No.7573085

Utilize Youtube ... Clips

>> No.7573127

this is now a moe thread

>> No.7573136

There isn't just one single way to attract viewers. You need to make use of many different platforms that all add up even in small ways. This unfortunately includes reddit, discord, and potentially even tiktok. The most important thing is to try and keep the viewers that visit your stream while you're streaming so they become regulars.

>> No.7573137

i love how i literally said facts about gura being a whore and i got banned, *didn't even post pictures or information.

then I literally post the faces of holo cn members and jannies don't give a shit lmao. guess they must hate holo cn

>> No.7573164

moe is japanese you nigger.

post your holo en in /trash/

>> No.7573242

It's very stressful and wears me out juggling more than a dozen discords trying to fit in as a regular and gain a bit of traction as a chuuba. How do you do it?

>> No.7573303


>> No.7573443

Oh hey I completely forgot about this, and I can actually hear myself! neat!

>> No.7574050

Gladio and Glory

>> No.7574067

So do we know how many she's received so far?

>> No.7574191

how are sneep and seep posters this based???

>> No.7574251

goodnight shimabed!

>> No.7574328

I've seen one so far

>> No.7574365

Only works if you luck out and get a big clip channel to notice you

>> No.7574592

Or if you’re not retarded and learn to SEO yourself correctly with keywords.

>> No.7574797

uh...moe is NOT japanese. she’s from somewhere in southeast asia.

>> No.7575779

LIVE in 20!
My purchase of Outward and its consequences have been a disaster for my docket.

>> No.7575968

She lives in the US, but moved from some Asian country early in her life.

>> No.7576317

Effiez will be climbing in league today!

>> No.7576732

i hope that she gets interested in other games some day

>> No.7577151

Ichigo is so fucking cute, bros... no one is cuter. No one. She's that cute.

>> No.7577736

I'll gauge interest after my karaoke stream tomorrow. I would want to do actual SATB classical music, but would record guide tracks for everyone else to work off of when they make their recordings. Maybe a collab stream where I teach people their parts? I don't think singing in real-time would work, but call and repeat would work. Don't know if that would be too boring to watch, though.

>> No.7577806

That one event with Lumi, Kiara among other euro chuubas.

>> No.7578265

Check her schedule and dont judge when u have no clue what u are talking about! ^^

>> No.7578300

Lumi Kerbal

>> No.7578319

Beat me to it.

>> No.7579708

The company she belongs to is so bad. I hope they all leave.

>> No.7579792

How is she so cute bros...
I'm trying to see what they do exactly.
I know about the screenshots, which paint them as a bit unprofessional, but I haven't seen enough yet to come to a proper conclusion.

>> No.7579826

Beyond the early yabs nothing else happened. It's fine for now.

>> No.7580941

This game looks dope

>> No.7582081

is Lumi(star Lumi) anyone else's oshi? Still on the fence?

>> No.7582142

i don't watch larping corpos

>> No.7582469

I don't really do the whole oshi thing anymore, but I watch her. Her voice is impressive and her taste in games is great.

>> No.7582575

Not my oshi because that place is already taken and solidified, but she's definitely a second favourite of mine simply for her choices of games.

>> No.7583619

eerika's on with little nightmares

>> No.7584241

Took two muscle relaxers and duct taped my headest, no rest for the wicked! Gonna finish this week of squats and play some Knockout League and FitXR in 20 minutes!

>> No.7584638

Rrats on who the collab announced by Lumi will involve? The obvious candidates are the entirety of Cyberlive and Phacon, but those two together aren't enough to reach 14 people.

>> No.7584779

Merryweather, and yes I know that you are talking about cyberlive Lumi.

>> No.7584830

Oh look who's online it's everyone

>Very pink art fox
>Polyglot time girl League of Legends
>Euro militarychuuba World of Warships
>Angel bun Fallout 4
>Beetuber RE8
>Fighting anya ENDER LILIES
>Horny snek, LOUD skeleton, and bat at Mario Golf
>Ditz chimera cat Outlast II
>Spookytuber Identity V
>Cute cat ASMR
>Hag host Ace Attorney Chronicles
>Goat demon Majora's Mask
>Bugchamp Outward
>Slavbuns Stardew Valley
>Loud cat singing probably?
>Norwegian fluffy tail 1k follower celebration
>German engineering Grim Fandango
>Bakery dragon Paranormal Activity
>Bearcat Persona 3
>Green cat Transistor
>Goth bun Hollow Knight
>Magical girl Dark Souls III
>Scott witch PowerWash Simulator
>Greed demon FNAF Sister Location

>> No.7584881

That's why I try not to stream on Fridays, literally EVERYONE is streaming

>> No.7585036

She is so softspoken...

>> No.7585068

Replace Caleb with Carmine, Caleb just ended the stream.

>> No.7585093

how many vtubers do you actually follow? and how many do you watch at the same time?

>> No.7585231

Only relevant stream starts in half an hour anyway.

>> No.7585248

It is!
It's a fantastic blend of hiking simulator, punishing combat and writing that is better than it has any right to be

>> No.7585360

About 100. I keep my multi-stream drifting to at most three. I can't handle more than that anymore. I don't actually follow all the ones I post, but there are some that stand out or have gained some interest from other anons in the past.

>> No.7585586

Shira is cute! Cute! CUTE! And she's playing Grim Fandango, which is based!

>> No.7585741

You sold me on it. Gonna need to pick that up. Thanks!

>> No.7586124

It's starting! On Soya's channel, for those interested.

>> No.7586209

You could even make it a chorus cover like what Niji did with Hail Holy Queen

>> No.7586333

Why didn't you post it? Can you not say her name?

>> No.7586408

Yeah, that would be my idea, but with classical music. I'd want to showcase indie vtubers who can sing. Maybe even a cappella, if I can convince people to try it. I'm still pretty small, so I don't think I'd be able to get too many people interested right now. But it's something I'd like to do eventually! It could be fun to get people stepping outside of their comfort zones with something like this.

>> No.7586506

I've seen your stuff and at the very least you have my interest
How many people are you looking to get before this can be feasibly worked out?

>> No.7586622

Another vtuber with eyes too far apart....

>> No.7586638


>> No.7586694

Don't even fucking start....

>> No.7586697

I'll probably post about it Sunday to gauge interest. I'd be perfectly happy to do it now, so it'll really depend on how many eyeballs it reaches and if people are interested. I have some people in mind that I'll probably DM as well. I think Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus would be a good pick, since it's generally very easy, and beautiful.

My plan would be to provide learning tracks to everyone participating, which would be me singing their part, with the accompaniment, for them to practice with. Then they'd record their part and send it to me, at which point I can mix together everyone's voices, and create the choir. Video editing would be separate.

I would enjoy doing a collab stream where I teach people their parts live, but I don't know how well it would work logistically, and if there would be too much latency for live singing to work.

>> No.7586702


>> No.7586795

Do they not see it? When receiving art you usually approve it somehow.

>> No.7586842

The best part is I made this image, I guess I'm the Eye Distance Guy.

>> No.7586864

PNG shrine maiden making a dinosaur plush

>> No.7586884

does that link even work?

>> No.7586911

It links to 5TB of dolphin porn.

>> No.7586975


>> No.7586987


>> No.7587015

>Cyber cat Muse Dash
>Lion queen Resident Evil 2
>Strawberry imp Resident Evil
>Cozy chuuni cat No Man's Sky
>Blue cat Back 4 Blood
>Rocker ayy and vamp Portal 2
>Unmasked gremlin drawing

>> No.7587046

correction: neko is getting drunk again while playing minecraft

>> No.7587130

Thank you all for joining my stream! Thwarted once more by a most pernicious headset! Atleast we got to 200 squats today! If you missed the post-workout scuffed zatsudan here are the weekly results!

Week 1 Progress (Aug 2- Aug 6)
>Starting Weight
265.5 lbs./120.4 kg
>Monthly Goal
Lose 5 lbs./2.2 kg in the next 30 days
+150 combined minutes of weekly cardio using FitXR, Thrill of the Fight, and Knockout League, with 10-15 minutes of supplementary squats with RealFitVR
261.6 lbs./118.7 kg
>Contributing Factors
Consistency in activity and nutrition helps tremendously, and attempting to rack in more strenuous movements like Reflex Alley in Knockout League. Implementing the kettlebell squats into my workout routine seems to have helped as well. I wish my strap didn't break so I could exercise more though.
I've got the heart rate monitor which seems pretty accurate when worn correctly. The calorie counter I'm not sure of, but we'll let future results speak for its efficacy. When my new VR strap comes in I'm going to incorporate more bodyweight workouts like push-ups, sit up, planks, etc., in my routine using RealFitVR. I'll keep pushing my heart rate level with Reflex Alley until I can safely last around 3-6 minutes without gasping for air.

>> No.7587176

Whoops, should say Week 2 Progress

>> No.7587250

Keep going, fatty cat! You're improving your content and your body at the same time!

>> No.7587300

looks like i have to pick either the chickens or the cats today

>> No.7587444

Domo domo! Thank you so much! That's the plan, haha! Improve my content alongside my body! I want this catty to be a little less fatty, one step at a time!

>> No.7587541

Why does this person have 200 followers? Never seen them before

>> No.7587564

200 is not a lot

>> No.7587604

They're also not very big on Twitter either

>> No.7587672


>> No.7587716

>black companies
what did she mean by this

>> No.7587753

What is she doing?

>> No.7587780

What she do?

>> No.7587841


>> No.7588246

For anyone who missed it, she's leaving Amberglow for what basically seems like an artist co-op who have picked her up to be a vtuber.


>> No.7588268

So she won't be a green hag anymore?

>> No.7588296

STILL Shilling for my LATAM oishi Yuun. She is an orcat and from Argentina. She speaks mostly spanish but can also speak proper english too. Her voice is amazing and I think she has potential to do more. Go give her a smol watch.

>> No.7588330


Kamiyaa Juu is inclining hard. The algorithm gods has blessed this man bigtime. Even his YouTube comments are ridiculous; 500+ comments for most of his new videos.

Kamiyaa might end up being most subbed indie male ENVtuber on Youtube.

>> No.7588341

keep it up bro, we need more faces around here shilling

>> No.7588460

Gonna defeat the final boss of King's Field JP on my terms, then start Armored Core right after! I'll be ending the stream between so the VODs are separate and easy to manage.

>> No.7588493

nothing seems to be happening today so why not

>> No.7588500

I haven't watched it, but I'm guessing she'll be keeping her model. These smaller companies almost always offer a way to buy your character rights/assets out since it helps them recoup some of their losses on you should you leave and they know people continuing activity as an indie don't want to have to restart completely. I'm guessing they're paying for hers since she likely hasn't made nearly enough.

>> No.7588520

Crime cat modded Minecraft

>> No.7588691

the artist group bought her assets for her, she'll still be terumi

>> No.7588722

Looking at his content he just makes funny edited videos.Is this the key to success for a male tuber?

>> No.7588792

not bad but i can't understand

>> No.7589072

Any rich anons out there should buy their oshi's character rights if they're from a company so they have to stream solely for you

>> No.7589101

no vtuber will ever agree to that anon...

>> No.7589102

To do that requires that she wants to break away from the company in the first place.
I am rich enough to do it though.
I think having colleagues help each other out until you get big enough to support yourself isn't a bad thing, per se.

>> No.7589106

it's the key to success in general but it doesn't always directly equal streaming success, which is where a majority of the money comes from. His videos have likely only generated a few hundred bucks if they're monetized. If he streamed he'd probably be making more than that with probably the same amount of effort assuming he edits his own shit.

>> No.7589115

finnish private robs banks in PAYDAY 2

>> No.7589124

add two more zeroes and listen to them change their tune

>> No.7589164

It was just a joke, I'm glad she's getting out of that shithole company. I'm retarded and not really sure if it works like this but I doubt a shitty company would have any problem selling a talent's contract to someone else if the price was right

>> No.7589213

she usually streams in english too, if you speak in english in her chat, she will reply

>> No.7589289

im too scared to do that. no one else in there was posting in english

>> No.7589317

terumi leaving and then shitting on AG hurts her ex-genmates though. leaving is one thing but openly saying things about how bad a company is is never good. just look at cyberlive.

>> No.7589369

it's okay fren, don't worry

>> No.7589372

why do people talk so much about this terumi?

>> No.7589379

She's literally stealing Slugma skit because that brings numbers

>> No.7589394

I feel like it's almost a necessary evil. There's really not much info out there about the interior workings, and this type of information could help a lot of other people in the future. It may hurt them by hurting the company itself, but what's the alternative? Acting like nothing is wrong?

>> No.7589441

miori left myholo without saying anything and people are still wary of the company. terumi doesn't have to actually shit on the company publicly to make people realize that AG is garbage

>> No.7589463

What happened with cyberlive, again?

>> No.7589488

Black companies, once proven, should be broken.
That is the way it has been since Unlimited Corp was broken by the Japanese when Game Club Project was proven to be a black project abusing the talents.
Only problem is, it needs a lot of eyes and people in the West are, ironically enough, less willing to "cancel" things than the Japanese.

>> No.7589512

guess i could at least follow her. her voice is nice and its a nice language to listen to even if i don't understand it

>> No.7589543

Any Big GFE indies with 7/10 roommates I can simp for /wvt/?
I need something to fill the hole in my heart.

>> No.7589547

really good talents but there was drama with the company and now people don't watch the talents because of it

>> No.7589594

Most of the roommates of /wvt/ chuubas are actually at least 6/10s. You can thank all the doxxschizos for this info, ironically. As for GFE, it's kind of a relative concept. You just have to find a chuuba that tugs at your particular heatstrings.

>> No.7589611

Yeah I'm expecting those contracts to be up for grabs in a few months once they start getting deeper and deeper into the red.

>> No.7589649

why do people choose to get into these random companies when they could just be independent

>> No.7589669

They were indies beforehand, but had no exposure.

>> No.7589676

Whats the drama though

>> No.7589743

Look at prism and phase connect. Both are literally random nonamed companies that came out of nowhere with sketchy backgrounds that's doing incredibly well at the moment out of all these startups. Sometimes you win out and sometimes you dont.

>> No.7589756

and how do the companies gain interest that they can automatically distribute to their employees? i suspect that they pay some pajeets to follow and viewbot because companies that i have never heard of before have way too high numbers

>> No.7589763

Exposure, management, having things taken care of for you, etc.

>> No.7589768

Lumi was an asp and nobody ever mentioned her here until she joined the company, so you tell me anon

>> No.7589785

Depends on the company. Sometimes all it takes is getting a few particularly "important" fans who brings/shills you to groups of fans willing to watch your content.

>> No.7589819

Proper advertisement and connections with artists. Just because you've never heard of them doesn't mean they're scams, it means you probably weren't their target audience to begin with. Follow/View botting is pretty meaningless because that doesn't get you any money and leads to dead chats.

>> No.7589928

it might not give you money directly but it can give you visibility if its done right im probably not the target group for anything since the only ads i have seen in a long time are physical mail ads

>> No.7589949

Feef tournament vs Shimada

>> No.7589978

It's not just literal ads, a lot of them advertise via word of mouth with Twitter and reddit being the biggest avenues. Vshojo is probably the best large example of this. I don't recall seeing any actual ads on Youtube about them, but their trailer was shared to death partially due to their status (which a new company won't have) but also because Gunrun has insane connections. Imagine that but on a smaller scale.

>> No.7590021

Furry trash bat playing Death Trash. https://twitch.tv/yari_the_impaler

>> No.7590055

>Can't join because of bad internet
>Can't even watch

>> No.7590138

just move out already. if you used all the energy that you spend on complaining you would have done it already

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