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>Unarchived Karaoke Archive



【IRyS】GHOST / 星街すいせい【COVER】
【IRyS】Palette / 常闇トワ【COVER】

>Original Music
【Caesura of Despair】 AMV
【Caesura of Despair】 full ver.
【Caesura of Despair】 attaca ver.

Previous thread

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Stream in 10 minutes!

>> No.7563161

HOPE for the Penguins

>> No.7563217

her design is right on the edge between cute and uncanny valley other wise i like everything else about her

>> No.7563245

>[YouTube] HERE COMES HOPE (embed)
>Various Artists - Topic
When will she get a proper music channel?

>> No.7563297

her model sucks lol

>> No.7563367

>canon E cup

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>> No.7563480

asmr soon, boys.

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>> No.7563527

I won't count on it for another month. ASMR microphones are fucking expensive.

>> No.7563580

she actually gets a lot of support from Cover, so they may buy it for her. But anyway I wouldn't hope for ASMRs before memberships which will be in a month

>> No.7563581

Practice time with Noel senpai oengai

>> No.7563633

She'll use her current mic without the cover/not-really-popfilter. Purchasing a proper mic was mentioned, will depend on response to her first stream of this format.

>> No.7563667

Is her pop filter off?

>> No.7563689

>I had to look up what NTR meant
I don't understand how this woman became a vchuuba. She cute, I like her, I'm just confused.

>> No.7563751

She was an utaite for a long time. Is knowing what NTR is a requirement to being a chuuba? There's people that aren't coomers.

>> No.7563870

I guess I'm just thrown off since I'm expecting most of the EN girls to be huge weebs, but she's literally the most normie, basic vchuuba I've ever seen. She has a cute voice and personality, it just feels like Irys is the one normie popular girl that wandered into your animu club and is having a good time.

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>> No.7564068

Gura is still streaming.

>> No.7564146

Kusoge. Only watching because I'm a Gosling.

>> No.7564153

> numberfag
of course

>> No.7564162

I don't know. It's time to PANIK

>> No.7564263

Oh god, the numbers! What do they mean?!?!?
And when will she realise that she can wait in a room along the way?

>> No.7564266

This. It's not an interesting game to watch. If she wasn't so cute, there's no way I would watch this shit.

>> No.7564393

I love this deer

>> No.7564439

im watching her stream and her face is way scarier than the game she's playing right now

>> No.7564589

It'll grow on you, or not. There's others you can watch. It's OK to be filtered by her L2D if it is that important to you.

>> No.7564604

Fucking kek

>> No.7564633

I like her face

>> No.7564684

Is it bad that since she's so sweet and wholesome and traditionally "seiso" unlike the rest of EN, I'm partly watching just to see what ultimately brakes her and causes her to show her true degenerate inside?

>> No.7564706

>I don't even know what language this is
......IRyS-chan, you speak the language!

>> No.7564758

Embrace tan nephilim supremacy!

ESLchama, stop projecting.

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>> No.7564873

it's somewhat endearing at how fucked her face is, despite the deformity she still look somewhat cute. the same feelings you got when looking at cute girl with side face burn.

>> No.7564902

>horror game
>irys is the monster

>> No.7565042

>side face burn
Hold up motherfucker, is this a goddamn Katawa Shoujo reference?

>> No.7565104

>has never seen a Boken or Katana
>Lives in Japan
IRyS your socializing reps, go outside touch grass you cinnamon roll

>> No.7565159

um, maybe.

>> No.7565229

Why have you forgotten about Two face himself anon?

>> No.7565315 [SPOILER] 

Gura killer if she had this model

>> No.7565362

She knows how to hide her power level

>> No.7565378

> Loli

>> No.7565407

>be you
>approach a burn victim on the street
>bro epic reference!

>> No.7565410

The clothes/hair are cute and the color choices are cool but I don't like the face/head shape

>> No.7565416


I default to weeb shit because this is a weeb board.

>> No.7565468

>Cum! Cum on me!
Don't mind if I do!

>> No.7565496

You didn't even watch her when she looked like that.

>> No.7565529

I'm not a fan of loli or moe

>> No.7565551

>/ksg/ is getting close to their 4000th thread
Jesus Christ

>> No.7565570

kek, have a (you).

>> No.7565580

she’s swearing a lot more this stream

>> No.7565592

> Vtuber debuts

>> No.7565615

>Lady and the Tramp
Honestly makes me feel uncomfortable how these vchuubas that are around my age are approaching cake/hag tier

>> No.7565655

>Lady and the Tramp

This hag...

>> No.7565687

Nah, voice and personality doesn't match that uwu moe loli model. What made Gura work so well was the combination of her model, her voice and acting like a kusogaki. Irys's current model at least fits her voice and personality much better.

>> No.7565703

So the best tier?

>> No.7565710

literally pink hoshikawa

>> No.7565915

The hag love thread is over there, this thread is strictly cake territory. >>7534066

>> No.7566040

delicious cool cake!

>> No.7566064

redjuice is a hack

>> No.7566069

>i love it when you make that face
my hardest experience yet from her stream

>> No.7566235

The one good thing to come from this is hopefully she gets to produce a song with Egoist or Supercell.

>> No.7566657

>doing something so wrong but so good at the same time

>> No.7566660

IRyS is cute, but rather dumb...

>> No.7566725

Gura said she wants to prank call IRyS. I’d love to see how that goes considering how hard she dropped her spaghetti talking to Ina of all people.

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>> No.7566909

The fact that she thought of a bunch of different ideas (luring them away from the rooms, trying to hide in the toilet stalls, check the upper floor) without being able to figure out the (seemingly) very obvious solution is making me questioning myself whether there was any issue with that solution...

>> No.7566972

Unironically quitting watching Irys' stream because this pic is making me too horny and I gotta jack off now.

>> No.7566997

Then I got just the thing for you, anon.

>> No.7567100

Based, thanks anon, brb

>> No.7567164

Not that guy but you could have fucked me there. I opened the last link, thought it was safe and didn't actually checked it. Went to toilet and only found out what it was after I returned. That'd be hard to explain if my kid went into my room and took at look at my monitor
I should've known better knowing where here is and the context of that reply, but still...

>> No.7567188

> do you guys still see me as mama material?
she needs to stop

>> No.7567207

>Pink Panther theme

>> No.7567236

God she knows what she's doing

>> No.7567258

Don't mind me, just posting the actual Gura killer (if she was in hololive)

>> No.7567583

She truly is the hag amongst hags

>> No.7567676

>I didn't expect two of them to cum!
>those noises

>> No.7567754

IRyS responds by laughing uncontrollably at the situation

>> No.7567846

>> No.7567899

>> No.7567905

ZombiRyS successfully escaped the containment

>> No.7567938

Why is her chat all grey names? Where are all the members? Where are all the superchats?

>> No.7567951

I unmembered her earlier

>> No.7567954

cover hasn't set up her membership yet for whatever reason, i'm still waiting

>> No.7567962

We pay Irys under the table, taxation is theft.

>> No.7568018

Speaking of membership, she mentioned tiers last stream. How is Mori these days with getting T2/T3 streams out on time?

>> No.7568069

Is her stream getting shadowbanned like gura's? I remember gura getting hit like a lot

>> No.7568116

Her streams were still showing up just fine for me, so probably not. She occasionally got kicked out of YT for some reasons, though

>> No.7568201

>kicked out of YT
I'm not familiar with this. What's happening in this situation

>> No.7568240

Another game for her clear log and only 27 days in, she is powerful also horny post from the general maybe a little too big IRyS?

>> No.7568246

probably logged out of her account

>> No.7568254

IRyS no say sike right now

>> No.7568273

After 1 year anniversary she's removing the tiers.
t. deadbeat

>> No.7568275

Most of the time, she just had to log back in so it's not a big deal. She couldn't log back in after Doom stream, though, so she had to end the stream without reading SCs. I was just bringing it up since I rarely hear about other Holo getting hit with the same problem (being kicked / logged out of YT mid-stream)

>> No.7568323

>also doesn't eat the pepeloni
she's perfect bros

>> No.7568324

Nothing, just log in again. For some reason her browser isn't holding onto the login cookie very long. Perhaps she's using Chrome and has more than one profile set up, considering she has more than one channel she's probably doing stuff on, and she can't make use of the feature that allows multiple YT channels tied to the same google account because IRyS Ch. is managed by cover.

Streaming works via PSK, so being logged out of Youtube doesn't affect her stream at all.

Seems sensible, thanks!

>> No.7568444

>trap lover
>shota lover
This faux-hag...

>> No.7568450

Your post made me thirsty.

>> No.7568551

It's only a matter of time, onee-shota doujinshi imminent.

Unrelated, horny posting will get worse, all the Goslings are waiting for ASMR or RFA to unload.

>> No.7568589


>> No.7568610

IRyS, what's with that sex noise in today secret ending...?

>> No.7568621


>> No.7568638


>> No.7568649


>> No.7568659

it seems like IRyS has mighty needs

>> No.7568678

I ain't complaining


>> No.7568725

Do you think as a nephilim she has one demon boob and one angel boob?

>> No.7568730

Stop taking pictures of me and my wife, you creep.

>> No.7568745

I’m sweating now, you FUCK

>> No.7568749

what would a demon boob look like

>> No.7568770

Spiky? Or maybe just a darker color.

>> No.7568790

Would those come with a pink and a dark nipple? Could be hot.

>> No.7568817

Stop asking those questions I'm so fucking horny now

>> No.7568821

>T2/T3 streams
why they even do this anyway? seem really greedy to me.

>> No.7568846

can't say for everyone, most JPs tier 3 subs are just little meme videos and tier 2 is where extra spicy shit like haachama ASMRs go

>> No.7568887

Can't speak to rewards outside actual zatsudan streams but smaller audience equals a more personal viewing experience, filtering poorfags is usually a good thing.

>> No.7569013

smaller audience so the vtuber feels more at ease

>> No.7569080


>> No.7569247

I primed the thread with ero illustration and subject. Just according to keikaku.

>> No.7569395

One nipple is dark and inverted, the other is pink but normal

>> No.7569815

If art anon is in this thread, give her a bar piercing on the inverted nipple only

>> No.7569835

>she has a nipple piercing on her angel tiddy

>> No.7569881


>> No.7570087

Guys, I'm really enjoying IRyS lately. Seems like she's starting to find her groove.

>> No.7570101

Welcome, fellow IRyStochad!

>> No.7570274

>2 IRyS streams in 1 day

>> No.7570447

anonchama...just make a habit to lock your account at all times whenever you leave your computer unattended around people.

>> No.7570558

Win+L, make it a habit.

>> No.7570654

Feels good. IRyS is truly spoiling us with streaming as much as she has.

>> No.7571186

Hey Anon, I just wanted to say thanks for enriching my IRyS experience! See you in a few hours!

>> No.7571456

What are you on about she's probably the most weebish out of whole Holo EN talking about animu she watched recently and even got into a bit of trouble because of liking "traps".

>> No.7571480

>got into a bit of trouble because of liking "traps"
Did she actually? Wasn't it just a couple fags sperging on twitter?

>> No.7571487

She's so based. I wish I could be a shota in her care so we would bathe together...

>> No.7571499

That's why it says "a bit". Go back a few threads to see the fallout in all its tiny glory.

>> No.7571538

Ah, i've seen it. Just though i missed something

>> No.7572221

Subnautica frame is up, tho she didn't tweet it... IRyS you pon...

>> No.7572334

>streaming three times in just about a 24 hour period
Holy fucking based.

>> No.7572402

IRyS, what were you thinking...?

>> No.7572458

Holy shit, I thought her stream was supposed to be an hour before the Gartic Phone collab. Guess not.

>> No.7572459

Oh. Right in the middle of the collab....aye aye aye....to be fair, if the collab is longer than an hour and she isn't available until then, it doesn't matter.

>> No.7572465

Yeah, the clash sucks. Would be less bad if it wasn't a big collab, but it is what it is. Not the first time, won't be the last time, even among JP, and also

>> No.7572520

I hate this mindset.

>> No.7572525

The collab will last for one hour, because i see chama scheduled Minecraft right after that, hope IRyS can get the scattered viewer after collab

>> No.7572540

>doesn’t let a big collab stop her
I, for one, appreciate that.

>> No.7572618

nigga shut the fuck up and stay the fuck out of this.

>> No.7572639

It's arguably a bad move for her numbers, but the times where viewers take umbrage with overlapping are over, except for graduations maybe kek. Also helps to not be a numberfag.

>> No.7572660

I'm going to multi-view this one. Marine and Irys for me will do for POV. Irys has been the perfect POV for experience games since she is such newbie that almost everything looks entertaining to her. That penguin game was only bearable because she was so eager to finish the levels and was essentially setting up limits for herself in the end. Plug and Play was funny af. Subnautica will probably be an interesting stream since there are monsters there that might potentially scare the shit out of her.

>> No.7572661

Oh man...it's even one hour before her usual time. It's like she's purposefully trying to get low numbers.

>> No.7572699


>> No.7572702

Events and announcements are still a no no to overlap. The streamer will have to say to her audience that she was okay with the overlap.

>> No.7572713

JP don't schedule their streams it's just her being unlucky

>> No.7572743

I have never seen Irys actively numberfag anything other than using her song as an ED but that's just common sense. It's a great MV

>> No.7572793

JP and EN don't give a fuck if they overlap. If anything, EN works around JP because they respect the hako/their senpais and something was scheduled. This gartic phone collab wasn't announced until a few hours ago, IRyS schedule is 5 days old. How many JP holos were live during TTRPG, and did anyone care?

>> No.7572813

Imagine numberfagging for IRyS.

>> No.7572823

And that doesn't even boost the numbers on the actual MV

>> No.7572840

Numberfags only have one purpose: Numbers

All bets are. A number of them don't even watch streams.

>> No.7572931

That, and money was spent on that MV. She better use it.

>> No.7572932

Big events are scheduled months ahead. So all girls know even EN or ID to not stream at that time. Why else do you think 10 girls are streaming at 8PM JST on a Friday? 8PM JST any day is base hour for any Holo Event. The only thing that would be unscheduled will be announcements but people will reschedule their streams for those as well. They were all probably taught to check scheds routinely. Even if it is EN or JP, they all check the holosched for the day. EN doesn't overlap because they don't stream at the same time zone anyway. Irys and Mori does. Mori usually schedules her streams mostly at 10PM JST way after any events would happen. Irys was probably notified that there are no events happening on this hour of day so was given the green signal.

>> No.7573022

The only thing that I think where overlap happened was for Mori's new costume reveal. She did it at her usual time and 2 costum reveals already happened. I don't think it would be common sense to delay streams to 11PM JST just so that everyone can watch all JP and EN do their shit. I remember Watame and Coco doing a watchalong

>> No.7573176

That was zhang bait

>> No.7573502

Nope. Coco and Watame were doing watchalong of Calli's costume reveal. This is the same stream where she revealed that she does in fact talk to the EN girls offline

>> No.7573569

Watching the VOD and i can only imagine how autists will analyze her health when she gets a heart monitor for horror streams.

>> No.7573614

Ah my bad, I thought it was like her NYE watchalong, which was zhang bait.

>> No.7574145

I’m hoping the EN Gartic Phone collab isn’t a bunch of spilled spaghetti, but somehow, I wonder if it might be better that way.

>> No.7574419

Kiara will invite her Twitter friend again

>> No.7574435

What spaghetti there is to spill between EN + IRyS?

>> No.7574749


>> No.7574966

god I hope she has or someone tells her about the mods that make crafting less retarded. this game is borderline unplayable without them. and makes it much less interesting to watch.

>> No.7575011

She's fine

>> No.7575012

She's already vibing to the music, this will be a kino stream.

>> No.7575015

well then, I hope she gets through this fine.

>> No.7575051

Aurora sounds like an interesting name for a future holomem.

>> No.7575089

Might have problems with permissions. I don't see cover doing shit to get them for mods+to play the game in modified state.

>> No.7575098

>Fills inventory with acid mushrooms
Ah yes, the usual

>> No.7575280

>tfw irys goes the entire game without changing the setting to keep the goggles off under water.

>> No.7575360

Every fucking time

>> No.7575377

>if there is a food-like object in the game, she will try to eat it
I need to see this dork play chef in SS13

>> No.7575412

Is there a precedent for a modder striking a vod, or is cover just being retarded with perms?

>> No.7575418

>I need to see this dork play chef in SS13
Will never happen, and if it by some miracle happened without her chat crashing the game for the foreseeable future she wouldn't figure out how to leave her seat. I would still watch though.

>> No.7575422

>any chuuba, ever
Anonchama, I...

>> No.7575530

>scrolling through blueprints while underwater

>> No.7575620

I open chat and, first thing I see is IRYS LOOK AT CHAT. Tf are these retards

>> No.7575654

Cute noises overload, god damn it woman

>> No.7575667

She's frozen bros aaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.7575672

IRyS you pon. Your L2D...

>> No.7575732

Knowing IRyS, her "fixing" her L2D is worrisome despite all the safeguards in place.

>> No.7575744

Oh God I'm schizo now. I'm hearing Irys' voice in my head.

>> No.7575760

>I look a little dumb dumb

She knows

>> No.7575817


>> No.7575867

>Humans aren’t necessarily very delicious
Uh, IRyS....?

>> No.7575908

She's mentioned cannibalism in like half her streams. She definitely has a taste for long pork.

>> No.7575937

Tribal islander, please understand

>> No.7575949

>It's a stalker, really?
>I thought it was a nice guy.
>Now comments on peeper
She knows

>> No.7576008

still don't look the part tho

>> No.7576072

Wasn't that the name in the holoAlt letter?

>> No.7576128

>she thinks the lifepod is what is going to explode
lol. love this cute dork. she's likeEN nene+sora

>> No.7576152

Japan sizes are a little different

>> No.7576182

ffs someone tell her spacebar goes straight to the surface

>> No.7576383

Does the ship always explode at night?

>> No.7576922

Haven't played subnautica, the game looks really fun. My wife has great taste.

>> No.7576938

>Give me your fluids, NOW!
I'm no bladderfish, but i would give everything to be one.

>> No.7576955

A Japanese E cup is smaller than an American one. Would be considered a D here.

>> No.7577114

It's got a really nice early to middle game, especially if you mod it. Once you get into the late and endgame it kinda loses cohesion and gets annoying hunting for story elements as there's no map and no real questline info.
>she's swimming manually towards the life pod
oh you naive cutie

>> No.7577158

jesus christ why is her chat so fucking cringe

>> No.7577180

>it's hard to plunge inside the whole
>she's trying to get through the locked glass top instead of the hole in the side
what a dork

>> No.7577206

Because they post in English.

>> No.7577216

the first 3 months are going to be like this, everyone's trying to force their fan memes before irys culture solidifies on youtube and reddit

>> No.7577230

Isn't every popular streamer's chat like that?

>> No.7577242

EN chat has never been good.

>> No.7577519

>mesmer didn't do its thing
Absolutely wasted opportunity

>> No.7577694

Ring Fit soon! fellow IRyStocrats!

>> No.7577726

Does anyone think that the mix up between Penguins Dogma and Dragon's Dogma might have opened the gate for some holos to play it?

>> No.7577749

Do they have permissions for it?

>> No.7577800

It's the publisher they need to get perms form right? In that case Capcom.

>> No.7577858

I don't think even they know who does and doesn't have perms, they just flip a coin every morning

>> No.7578299

Capcom policy changed in March so they don't need permissions any more for youtube, as long as it's not a member stream.

>> No.7578357

Mori literally is doing away with tiered streams and said her manager said she wasn't allowed to change the setup before the 1 year anniversary

>> No.7578746

I'm wondering if it's something with my brain damage that makes IRyS so relatable with everything she does.

>> No.7578937

Is she supposed to have a seamoth at this point?

>> No.7579034

No, seaglide+rebreather is enough.
she has had mats for both, but kinda wasted some on the mobile vehicle bay

>> No.7579118

She has a what?

>> No.7579151

I love that she's just unapologetically guzzling softdrinks every stream. It's refreshing in a way I didn't think was possible. Pun not intended.

>> No.7579197

A cock, anon.

Also, damn that was close...

>> No.7579435

I want Irys to call me cute and savor and eat me.

>> No.7579928

She's so cute!!

>> No.7579940

I hope she figures out you can take multiple air tanks with you.
She probably needs an air bladder too.

>> No.7580076

I want IRyS to bear and raise my children.

>> No.7580157

she's going to drown again isn't she.

>> No.7580161

ngl she's actually pretty cute and I will say her model's mouth movements are pretty expressive.

>> No.7580183

this is one of the top 5 comfiest en streams I've seen.

>> No.7580196

Almost like they made it for a vsinger...

>> No.7580199

why is this dumb hag so loveable?

>> No.7580247

I wonder if they use something like stick on trackers for the mouth?

>> No.7580261

Irys is putting in some good work, bumping off the meme games quickly and then doing long gamer streams. When she plays something real she puts in more than 3 or 4 hours guaranteed.

>> No.7580284

I think she went a bit over when she planned to end it, hopefully no one in chat mentions it.

>> No.7580299

>goes to surface
>doesn't refill the oxygen the whole way
>goes back under 100 meters into a broken ship
>runs out of oxygen again

>> No.7580317

>When she plays something real she puts in more than 3 or 4 hours guaranteed.

>> No.7580341

She mentioned wanting to continue Doom, but so did Mori. Let's see what happens.

>> No.7580354

How likely is it that she will eventually eat you? considering she is not human and how interested she is in devouring everything in multiple games, is a little worrisome

>> No.7580387

I cannot think of a more fitting way to go.

>> No.7580419

Irys can't swim?... That seems suspect

>> No.7580443

Pretty high. She talks about eating human a little too much for it to be a coincidence. It's enough that I wouldn't risk a blowjob.

>> No.7580452

I never liked vore, but it sounds oddly compelling all of a sudden

>> No.7580491

Just keep your dick on her angel side

>> No.7580494

That would be such a pain in the ass that no one would do it after the first week. Maybe high contrast lipstick, but thats pushing it. You really don't want to depend on physicl addons for multihour streams, esp. stickers on lips when you are supposed to sing. Most likely just detailed instruction sets for synching lip tracking and sound analyzing.

>> No.7580538

lipstick was the other thing I thought about
>and she's dead again

>> No.7580578

She has fangs on both sides. Her entire mouth is demonic. It's her lower mouth that's angelic.

>> No.7580675

>didn’t die for once

>> No.7580827

I have a thing for being bitten playfully, those fangs look like heaven to me, as long as she can open her jaw wide enough.

>> No.7580908

How close is she to the Sunbeam getting shredded by the orbital defence cannon scene? That would be a hell of a moment to end on.

>> No.7580935

Kek, didn't know it shows a timer...

>> No.7580953

>they're coming already
>you said this was a long game

>> No.7580990

That'd be so kino if it capped off this stream

>> No.7580994

She's starting to not get scared of the animals...

>> No.7580997

Newfags, a whole sea of them.

>> No.7581044

Also no slow-mode, so her chat is going to be faster than the other girls with comparable numbers.

>> No.7581072

>bitten playfully
Nibbling and soft bites are the best. I like harder bites on collar bones though.

>> No.7581077

And so am I.

>> No.7581084


>> No.7581098

Kino ending denied....but still a great stream.

>> No.7581103

>kino denied

>> No.7581141

>I don't want you to become sleep deprived.
I'm a Watamate in Australia so I'm up an hour later than however long Watame takes to finish...

>> No.7581237


>> No.7581920

I wish there was more art of her fangs, they are cute

>> No.7581995

Jesus, woman, you should know better than to give all the seaniggers the time of day for pennies on the dollar.

>> No.7582121

SC endurance chat featuring SEAniggers

>> No.7582425

>she likes mushroom
oh no

>> No.7582441

>she's a mushroomchad

>> No.7582511

>Traded SEAniggers spending their monthly paycheck for ultra-kino Subnautica ending.
Was it worth it?

Anyway, bring it in, rate the stream, bros.

>> No.7582654


>> No.7582803

Fill with Hope/10

>> No.7582872

Entertaining enough considering it's Subnautica/10.

>> No.7582882

50 more minutes / 10

>> No.7583039

I came hard / 10

>> No.7583099

IRyS a cute/10
Glad she enjoy the game, she was fun, cute and weird the way I like her

>> No.7583521

as long as they donate something is fine by me

>> No.7583666

my internet just came back and i found the stream is offline

>> No.7583847

That happens when the countdown hits 0, would have been a great scene to end on indeed.

>> No.7585313

>Grape Soda

>>7579151 had a point

>> No.7587286

no IRyS tomorrow, but at least is likely she will post the next schedule and I believe her next stream will be a Karaoke unless I heard wrong

>> No.7587588

You're right. Schedule will be released tomorrow. Archived karaoke stream the day after. Also don't forget her last Hololive cover.

>> No.7587886

watching the vod for the subnautica stream now. it's nice when chat isn't literally sitting on her shoulders and telling her which way to go.

>> No.7587898

It genuinely triggers my autism when schedules don start on Monday/end on Sunday

>> No.7587938

oh boy, you've given chat too much credit too early.

>> No.7587962

as in, when they can back off and let her play the game, it's nice. not that they haven't been backseating at all.

>> No.7588037

>they told her about the aurora explosion instead of letting her panic when the pda announcement came through
god damnit. i want to punch all of you.

>> No.7588271

well don't look at me. This is the first time that I've actually sat through a Subnautica stream instead of zoning off and quitting streams a few minutes in. I don't know much about the lore of the game except for the ghost levy-athan and the ending where clipfags spoiled it while Marine was playing it.

>> No.7588430

I really love Subnautica, so if a holo streams it I'll tune in- I even watch the JP streams of Subnautica despite being an EOP.
That said, the game is largely about exploration and discovery, even when most people will tell you it's a survival game, and people just telling Irys about events in the game kinda spoils it for everyone.

>> No.7589484

I want to bury my face In Irys's cleavage and fall asleep to her singing

>> No.7589558

That's fine, I'll take her lap pillow instead.

>> No.7591491

>> No.7591663

>Irys softly humming while falling asleep in her lap

>> No.7592264

>> No.7592337

>Irys will never speak lovingly about you before cooking and eating you
why even live?

>> No.7592380

>it’s only one day without her
>her role will likely mean she’ll have many days of being occupied

I know that feel...

>> No.7592671

What are the chances she gets a new model? All the art she uses and retweets look nothing like her horrifying visage. She’s gotta hate it too, to some degree.

>> No.7592859

Are you talking about the art or her rigging?

>> No.7593081

Even if she does, she'll almost certainly have to wait a while.

>> No.7594783

Damn, Here Comes Hope is so good. Thanks Jarod.

>> No.7595275


>> No.7595372

If it happens, it'll take as long as it did for Flare. And I think everyone would agree in that scenario, IRyS would never, ever use her original model again; just like Flare.

>> No.7598101

overall I think this was a nice week, looking forward to the next one and the likely full EN collab

>> No.7601234

Yeah, I’m looking forward to double singing (karaoke + the cover) on Sunday, as well as the Gartic Phone collab. I’m pretty sure I’d tune in to IRyS if she were just watching paint dry, though.

>> No.7601454

i missed the subnautica stream bros...

>> No.7605173

Any predictions for the karaoke stream? I’m hoping she sings something that’s slow tempo.

>> No.7605334

She’s getting more and more comfortable as the weeks go by. can’t wait until we see what she’s like during collabs :)

>> No.7605470

You missed IRyS talking about fluids

>> No.7606248

I hope she sings something from her EP

>> No.7606369

it was good anon, give it a watch whenever you can

>> No.7606563

Are IRyStocrats going to be a gosling fanbase?

>> No.7606687

>t. Gosling-in-waiting

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