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Discuss transforming into Lamy here.

Media catalogue of past threads' works. https://pastebin.com/TKuzj2Ey

Previous Thread: >>7176168

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Thanks for continuing to make these threads, they've really abated my anxieties about my eventual transformation into Lamy.

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Death has come knocking on your door sooner than you expected, didn't it? The clock is ticking.

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Hello fellow Lamys! It's a good day to drink today, isn't it? What bars do you Lamys frequently visit? I can't seem any good liquor around here

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POV: the first thing you see after transforming into Lamy

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W-why does the area between them look like a vagina?

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I don't think you know what a vagina looks like.

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This is very cute.
Thank you for sharing.

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Yeah, maybe i've just seen too much waki manko

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i have to ask what in the fuck prompted this whole transformation thing? and does lamy know about this obsession?

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We still have yet to find the initial post
Not that we know of...

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Do you believe in gravity?

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I've started looking into it by searching "become Lamy" by reverse date and it's filled with posts about Aloe and now I feel bad

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Replying to myself, here is what I think is the "patient 0" https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S28635179#p28640013

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B̼͜e̢̬͙̮̘͕g̖̺͇̯o̸m̤͎̞̝͞e̠͔̥̻̜̞ ̗͔͉̼̞L͎͙̟̤̱͖͇a͉̬̺̜m͎̜̱͕y̝͜

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Another possibility. I remember some form of nightmare posting/Lamy taking over anon's mind too

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And another, looking for eldritch Lamy and searching the hash might be fruitful too

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Lamy's breasts won't stop twitching. Is this normal?

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Only Lamy Prime can answer this

>> No.7574521

... They're alive, what does this mean?

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Wait. HOLY CRAP THEY FINALLY RELEASED NEW MODELS! I can finally make some things that I've been waiting for good models for.

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What program is that? Because man that's giving ideas to me...

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Shhh... Lamy is sleeping

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(here is a story i made up as i went along with it.)

Suddenly waking up, I feel the cold snow fall on top of me, and around my body. I open my eyes to see the cold forest around me, So I sit up abruptly.
I'm lost in a dark forest.. and cannot remember how I got here. I get up and start walking, nothing but trees and darkness for miles. "Where am I?, All i can remember is falling asleep on the sofa an-"
"They're coming.. run..." a voice in my head that is not my own whispers at me, Fearing for the worst I do what it says, also questioning my sanity at the same time, hoping that i'm not going crazy.
As i run, for god knows how long, I start to hear Strange sounds, Sounds that belong to no man or beast. They get closer and closer, until the voice that isn't mine speaks once more. "You're almost there, keep walking..." I'm losing my mind, losing it inside this dreadful forest with things inside of it. And without looking, I smash my face into a tree.
..Upon opening my eyes, I've realized I have been lead to and crashed into a tower. Out of breath and in pain, I try to scream for help, Hoping someone will answer my call. A few seconds, the door opens and i hurry myself inside, The tower is as cold as the outside, and there's nothing but stairs, leading to the top. The voice calls for me. "Come upstairs and meet me..." I obediently listen, hoping the person in the tower will help me get home.
Upon opening the Door to the top floor, i am hit with a wave of warmth. Fire bellows in the chimney, and the helpful stranger is sitting by it. "H-hello? are you the person calling out to me inside my head?" I hesitantly speak, still feeling cold and a bit shocked from the inital fear of the strange creatures outside.
"Yes, and good thing i did, or else you'd be eaten by Them." bewildered by the weirdness of this world, I simply ask "Them, what are them? and where am I?" The figure stands up and turns to me, I cannot see their face, as it's also covered up. "They. are horrible, you cannot comprehend their true forms, but upon wearing special garments you'll be able to fight them off and live peacefully." I scoff, being a fan of H.P lovecraft I could've seen this coming from a mile away. "So, if i look at them i'll go insane right?" It shakes their head. "No, they're invisible, but once wearing garnments, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of them. Open that chest, you'll find some clothes and a weapon that should fend them off till you get home."
I decide to accept, knowing that anything would be better than the tanktop and jeans i was wearing. Opening the chest i find a Blueish coat, It looks soft enough to fend off the snow, but the only things in the chest were a hat and what seems to be a dress. "A-are you sure you're not trying to get me to cosplay? I'm not very fond of crossdressing." The cloaked stranger giggles. "No, it was the only pair of Magic clothes i had." softly blushing, "then, can you leave the room or turn away?." Giggling again, they agree. "Of course." I begin to undress, heavily embarrassed by having to wear woman's clothing, i place on the dress and shoes i found next to the chest, my body strangely feeling warmer already. "w-wow, this outfit is really warm! I guess that's how it works." Finally, putting on the coat and the hat. The figure laughs in a creepy way, They undo the cloak and reveal their true form to me. And I can only stand in shock. "Wow, you were really gullible, but don't worry, you'll become a great Lamy, Your stamina will be put to good use."
I fucking knew it was a trap and i didn't realize it, now I have no idea what this crazy Blue haired elf lady is gonna do to me. "Well how does it feel?" She turns to face me, her eyes are a hypnotic gold and her face is perfect. "W-what are you gonna do to me?" I feel my entire body get warm, unusually warm and mostly in my crotch, thighs and chest. "Well, you'll become our new sister, now relax." My body feels heavy, as if i just lifted a tree from it's roots. I notice my hair getting longer and blue, my chest growing and my thighs thickening, I'm becoming her. "W-Why? P-Please, stop... I just wanna go home." Lamy Giggles again, noticing how cute it is. "Home? this is your home." I nod slightly, feeling my body finalize it's transformation, my memories quickly fading. "Yes Lamy, This is home...."

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that's cleavage lamy.

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Definitely shows the entire stream of consciousness there for being written but the entire idea of the bait is intersting.

My biggest problem I'm noticing is the entire fact that around here the usual goal seems to be going for a Non-con TF and it just doesn't seem to jive with me.

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From meme to a fetish, soon from a fetish to a cult, soon people will be having conventions about it. Scary.

>> No.7582561

Nah we're too spread out for that. And well pretty sure Cover would nuke us from orbit with C&Ds and lawsuits if we did something that dumb.
The Convention thing... not the cult thing.
I thought we were already sorta at cult status according to some. Or is that psuedo-cult.
I mean this really ain't much of a new groundbreaking fetish after all it's a variant of TFTG and Person to Established Character's got legs (just poke them idiots on deviantart for example).
But them Ringos though they're breaking new ground to my knowledge.

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what's a noncon? also, i didn't really want it to be a lamy story in the first place, it just.. kinda happened.

>> No.7582962

Non-Consensual. Meaning becoming Lamy against their will.

Like I get your idea and I love the twist but my own writing Lamy stuff's hit an annoying as fuck wall as I can't narrow ideas and my ideas and I kinda like the idea of willingly becoming Lamy without it becoming too cringe.

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yeah, i think i'll make my own Consensual lamy fic one of these days, i'm not very confident enough.

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None of us are...

>> No.7585829

Man early Lamy fandom was crazy huh?

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I don't want to become Lamy, I just want to trick her rich, spoiled naive ass into breastfeeding me and treating her like her baby. A baby that she's married to and fucks.

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>I don't want to become Lamy

>> No.7587095

Shut up and put your fat tits in my mouth you elfwhore.

>> No.7591167

You'll understand soon enough.

>> No.7592213

boss lamy...I am sorry! Please forgive my of my sins!

>> No.7594514

Non con is what makes it good. The despair and angst as the victim fruitlessly tries to resist their sublimation into Lamy. Delicious.

>> No.7598562

Excellent story Lamy

>> No.7602658

thank you, should i make another lamy transformation fic?

>> No.7602692

Definitely. All OC is welcomed.

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Might you, by any chance, have a title for this, that I may add it to the catalogue?
Please do not despair. I hold no ill-will towards you, my dear Lamy. I only wish to ensure that you understand what consequences your actions may have, that you may endeavour to conduct yourself as a Lamy should.
We needn't fear death, watcher. For so long as but a single one of us remain, we shall continue steadfast against any power which threatens us.

>> No.7603366

"Lamy's demesne"

>> No.7603447

U-Understood! Thank you boss lamy!

>> No.7610723

You Lamys letting the thread slip is pitiful, diligence is what holds you together.

>> No.7611040

What is the motto of House Lamy?

>> No.7612657

>Shirogane milk
>Lamb chops
Raising a healthy family.

>> No.7613485

Wait did Lamy and Botan clone themselves so they could have a family and raise themselves as children?

>> No.7613509

The children take after their mothers more. They just took turns impregnating each other with their futa cocks.

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>> No.7620085

Seriously why does this exist of all the people why did she get that?

>> No.7625915

What happens if a Lamy pulls on a gun on you instead of wanting to convert you?

>> No.7629230

Not feasible, the end goal is always conversion. That weapon was pulled on other Lamys for failure to maintain the thread, not a non Lamy.

>> No.7630369

Hunker down Lamys we got a flood of threads rolling in after KIARA DID SOMETHING!! triggering the eggs.

Stay safe. Keep bumping and BECOME LAMY.

>> No.7632800

what happened?

>> No.7635071

Screw that. I am on my way to slowly becoming Haachama. At the moment I am at the stage where my voice is becoming higher and my features are becoming more feminine. I'll go from being trap to full futa as my hips and breast enlarge and my peen will get smaller and become a nice tight cute cunny as I complete my transformation. Got to make sure I get as much use out of it before then.

>> No.7635158

Don't be fooled Anon! You won't actually be transformed into Haachama. Haachama will just appear by your bed one night to decapitate you and then stitch her own head to your body.

>> No.7639925

There's nothing wrong with becoming lamy and becoming spoiled by lamy at the same time, is there?

>> No.7642333

We hate Kiara and KFP here just so you know. This thread is not a safe space for you, chicken fag

>> No.7646032

I want to consume botan assu

>> No.7646096

I am unironically on my knees right now giving my heart and praying to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I hope you bunch find salvation from your degenerate ways, it's never too late to change.

>> No.7646543

We aren't trans anon. You don't understand the power of hyper conservative catholic lamy poster.

>> No.7646570

There's no need to pray to him, when you can drop to your knees and revel before the Perfection that is Lamy. Poor Anon, may Lamy Prime seek to quickly bleach your soul of your pains.

>> No.7646573

>not a new ip
Kfp poster...

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>> No.7648636

what about an app?

>> No.7648755

>our Lord and savior Jesus Christ
You're American so your opinion about religion doesn't matter

>> No.7649024

incredibly based

>> No.7649539

What is this?

>> No.7649710

Lamy! Be honest! You've been acting like a tease in the writing thread haven't you? Pretending like it's possible for a normal man to buy a Lamy and be dominant over her!

>> No.7649767

Kiara appeared at convention so because she did SOMETHING it set them off again.

>Acquire that Hololive app
>Use App
>Choose Lamy for the AR display
>Get ready to take selfie with Lamy.
>Why is Lamy moving in the image to interpose herself over you?
>Lamy takes a selfie of Lamy

>> No.7649776

TG app

>> No.7649790

It was just a silly prompt! Please don't be angry...

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>> No.7649869

Lamy it hurts me to do this, but I'll have to suggest to boss Lamy to take away a quarter of your booze rations and at least 80% of your Botan cock rations for a little while. Just know that this hurts me more than it does you, Lamy.

>> No.7649883

nice tits

>> No.7649900

She's so beautiful........ radiant even........

>> No.7649943

NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! T-this can't be happening to me...w-w-why?? *sobs*

>> No.7650028

I'm sorry Lamy, but you don't want to be seen as just another one of those whore Lamy's that you find on the street, right? Bonding with a Botan of your own or even settling down with a nice normal Anon is what will make you happiest, aside from trying to be as close to Lamy prime as possible of course. And neither a Botan or Anon will want that if they see you as just some drunk slut Lamy. I'm so sorry Lamy, and like I said this does hurt me more than it hurts you.

>> No.7650127

I-I'm NOT A SLUT!!! i was just teasing a v-v-virign...p-please...

i-i'm s-sorry...lamy p-prime forgive m-me...

>> No.7650215

Lamy you know for a fact that no virgin anon lusts purely after breeding a female. Only an anon that has already tasted the normal pleasures flesh have to offer realizes that true happiness comes from making a woman, especially a Lamy, pregnant. Do not worry about the progenitor Lamy. It is in her nature to forgive those she has blessed to have her same visage. However you must still realize your mistake Lamy. But remember, it's fine having an anon breed you as long as you either choose that anon as your mate, or convert him.

>> No.7650346

wh-what should i do??

>> No.7650392

You need to say 5000 Hail Lamys as well as accept your ration punishments for.......... I guess an entire week. Yes that sounds good. A week with a quarter ration of booze taken away as well as 80% of your Botan cock rations taken away.

>> No.7650415

maou lamy

>> No.7650427

This is getting weird... Like even for this.

Like this ain't the thread for weird ass roleplay like you're doing now.

>> No.7650450

That was a fun stream.

Although really what's the difference between maou Lamy and regular when you think about it outside the horns and voice?

>> No.7650453

what happens when we run out of people to lamyfy?

>> No.7650466

what stream was it? I haven't been keeping track of my lamy streams sadly

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>> No.7650514

Giant Lamy orgy of course.

>> No.7650530

She went to a convention and had a great time.
Leave us be, we ain't hurting anyone.

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>> No.7650563

Posting it here so I can finally erase this from my gallery.

>> No.7650584

I-is this what Lamy will do after she Lamyfies all her friends?!

>> No.7650660


>> No.7650701


>> No.7650731

>referencing mid in the holiest of threads on this board
You aren't a true Lamy......

>> No.7650801

Sorry for being a big stupid, but what would the name of lamy and botan's child be?

>> No.7650872

Whatever that Lamy and Botan want to name their child I presume.

>> No.7650945

hmmm...Good point.

>> No.7651605

It was a while back. Just look for the clip for Demon Lord Lamy.

>> No.7652122

Is this the AGP thread?

>> No.7654180

For the last time the Advance Gameboy Player thread is in /v/

>> No.7657523

No its the Lamy Transformation Fetish thread. We're not degerates.

>> No.7660644


>> No.7662451

I'm kinda feeling sleepy...

>> No.7663866

It's not time to sleep

>> No.7664123


>> No.7664170

I'm already Lamy.

>> No.7668829

So what do we think about Cat Ear Lamys again?

>> No.7671357

don't wake me up again.

>> No.7672884

Are...are you ok Lamy?

>> No.7674263

No i'm tired and no matter how hard i sleep i don't get any better.

>> No.7674877

Has Lamy explicitly expressed an interest in selfcest? If not, then no, because if this transformation fetish is merely assuming her physical form you fags are all small time. It is mentally assuming the role of Lamy, her persona, where the real eroticism lies.

>> No.7674985

Lamy it sounds like you haven't had enough to drink.

>> No.7674991

>> No.7675164

that god damn app idea is killing me

>> No.7675237

so an app that unwillingly brainwashes you into lamyfication? sounds hot.

>> No.7675897

become danchou?

>> No.7676564

You gonna share the completed on the drawthread with a catbox link later?

>> No.7678119

Give me Lamy breast milk

>> No.7678521

That's only for babies and Lamy's to be

>> No.7680878

I'll write a story based on it

>> No.7685543


>> No.7688889


>> No.7689259

instructions unclear, became suisei

>> No.7689289

Tummy made for licking.

>> No.7689344

Wait, what the fuck do you mean 'pretending'? I already put in my order! What the fuck did I just drop five grand on?!
Where the fuck is my money?!

>> No.7691158

I want to see danchou transform into a cow.

>> No.7691185

get outta here with that furry shit

>> No.7691231

Fine, we'll turn her into a /d/orse instead then.

>> No.7691250

god damnit leave that shit outta here

>> No.7693057

I am babu

>> No.7694491

Then let's build up the framework of a story then with the most simple question for the framework

How does MC get the app?
>Friend sends them a link to it
>They find it on their own
>Invited to "CLOSED BETA" of a NEW APP!!

How long does it take to BECOME with the App?
>One Use to become Lamy
>Gradual Lamyification
>>Only a few uses to get there
>>Longer term uses to get there

What changes first?
>Physically become Lamy first
>Mental Lamyification
>Both at same time

Just some very high level options to fill out

>> No.7694527


>> No.7696386

Become Lamy to smack Marines ass!

>> No.7700818

Beatbox Harmonica remix when?

>> No.7704610

So was the Friend a Lamy when sending the message or will the MC at the end go to friend as a Lamy and discover that there's already a Lamy there

>> No.7710254

Lamy bump

>> No.7710569

Rrrrrramy bumping another ramy.

>> No.7711295

anyone wants to rip a iwara Lamy model and make a team composed of 14 Lamys?

>> No.7715635


>> No.7716703


>> No.7717545


>> No.7717583

Sleeping Lamy boobst...

>> No.7721205

>> No.7721826

you failed to heed my warnings, now you shall pay...

>> No.7722561

>> No.7722694

W-What are you doing!?

>> No.7726533

Making you Lamy

>> No.7728878

Listen, you guys NEED to be in the /vt/ cup representing a thread. I want to see the commentators shit themselves trying to differenciate 11 Lamys on the field.

>> No.7731714

Lamy is perfect. The perfect being. The zenith of evolution.

Achieve perfection. Evolve. Become Lamy.

>> No.7732489

But We don't got a manager or a Blenderfag to make Lamy. That said getting them to figure how to sub in Lamy would be hilarious too.

>> No.7732844

>We don't got a Blenderfag to make Lamy.

>> No.7732920

Well holy shit we got one. Now we gotta also dig around for anthem and goalhorn for her. Also uh where's the thread about the topic but nice Lamy there!

>> No.7733351

And Lamys going to an event like that could be fun as well, where's this /vt/ cup you speak of fren?

>> No.7734588

Right now I think it was in the Checking for Interest/number of teams/managers phase. Pretty much pre-pre-planning.

>> No.7740830

Here's a bump for all the participating Lamy in this /vt/ cup. May Lamy Prime guide you to victory

>> No.7740940

Anthem has to be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtMq-Vra7dY

>> No.7742902

That's one way to get our word to reach a wider audience.

>> No.7743857

We got our BECOME LAMY four man tag team in HoloFightz Dark too

>> No.7749093

lamy bump

>> No.7750772

But I don't want to become Lamy. I like being me. S-surely we can come to some agreement? We can be gentleman about this!

>> No.7750859

You will become Lamy. Resistance will be punished.

>> No.7753714

Apotheosis in Lamy!

>> No.7758814


>> No.7759029

These threads are always on life support despite being one of the few places on the board that's consistently comfortable...

>> No.7759448

It's more active in the coming hours than it is currently. It's unfortunate but nothing can really be done. Plus there's been some shitposting recently pushing this thread further down.
Regardless, it's always a pleasure being Lamy with my fellow Lamys

>> No.7766977

Better post some classic transformation scenes like that 4 panel. To give context whenever a tourist unwittingly gets lost here

>> No.7768902

Lamy will prevail

>> No.7771802

Seeking to rent a Lamy to sleep with me at night. No weird shit besides light cuddling. Serious inquiries only.

>> No.7773476


>> No.7774298

Here have this cute Lamy pic, it will help.

>> No.7776253

>file name

a-are you ok, lamy?

>> No.7776264

So with the App based idea I got some framework but still not sure how to transfer from brainwash to think MC is Lamy to BECOME LAMY fully

>> No.7780230

Lamy's considered one of the better dancers right??

>> No.7780920

So this is how one becomes Lamy...

>> No.7781076

Although maybe exposure to Tweeur flowers may cause issues with humans.
Maybe mixing alcohol with Tweeur may cause Lamyification.
That Bartender had a good number of some odd flowers in pots around the bar. Added some real nice ambience to the place. Apparently some special day so she's offering drinks half off and who's gonna say no to that!
The next morning a number of Lamy leave the bar

>> No.7785679

Tweuur flowers are a key component to becoming Lamy now.

>> No.7786916

Have we ever considered a group Lamyification story like an entire group going Lamy at the same time?

>> No.7790505

lamy bump

>> No.7793057

Interesting. Lamy has given us some new lore.

>> No.7796241

Yea we got lore of her homeland's nation, the name of the flower she wears (and that it was a flower her mom loved) and the fact she has older brothers.

Possible path there being Lamy is needing someone to be a replacement for her in her homeland while she's on Earth being an idol.
Good thing she found someone else to live at home in her place. Just use some work and 'Lamy' is going home to live with her father and brothers.

>> No.7798905

The idea of Lamy actually transforming someone into Lamy to have "Lamy" at home to not worry her family is actually pretty neat, we could probably make this the "true" origins of Lamyification.
Unrelated but I think I might become a PESfag for that /vt/ league and make a team of Lamys under the tag /become/. However, I wanted to see if you Lamys wanted the entire team players just to be "Lamy" or have some unique Lamys like Lamy Prime or both, and if so, what should they be for the unique ones that would be medals? or if you flat out don't want one.

>> No.7799101

Oh my God. FUCK.
Will I get this ass when I become Lamy?

>> No.7799147

That's Lamy right there so of course you get her ass as well when you become Lamy.

>> No.7799169

I can feel the Lamy already

>> No.7802327

How do you do, fellow Lamys? Golly gee, it sure would be nice if us Lamys went on a vacation to see that dalamification machine. As a Lamy I think it would be very educational. So why don't we Lamys hop inside just to get a look at it?

>> No.7802456

Aahhhh, I see it, I see it, you're trying to trick Lamy. Hu-n. Too bad.

>> No.7802576

Look, there's a bunch of alcohol in there! I mean, if you don't want it I guess I could have it instead... gallons of sake, whisky, wine, gin. More for me I suppose.

>> No.7802686

This isn't a trick is it, Lamy?

>> No.7802833

Of course not, Lamy. In fact, I'll wait right outside next to the door close button so nobody sneaks up on you to delamify you. As a fellow Lamy, I only have your best intentions in mind.

>> No.7804893

I trust you Lamy, you are Lamy after all

>> No.7805886

I am not a Lamy.

>> No.7807257

Power's on. Give the signal.

>> No.7810028


>> No.7810754

>> No.7811013

You get captured and forced to perform for someone using the hololy app. A new Lamy is created every time someone picks her in the app.

>> No.7812069

So what we going to do about the Goalie? Different costume or just recolor her coat?
Part of me loves the idea of all the exact same just with different number tags (after all need Something to identify them for substitutions. But what would we name the Medals then?

>> No.7813098

We have a live one, Lamies

>> No.7814273


>> No.7818610

Lamy anniversary bump
I was thinking to just recolor coat, but just for goalie, since this a /vt/ only league filled of generals, there shouldn't be any other Lamys on other teams, removing any possible confusion. As the opposite team is only going to be Lamy.
I'm thinking just to name them all Lamys but a number after each one, matching their kit number to help identify. For medals, I was thinking to name them something slightly different like Lamy Prime, Ramy, and then Lamy 11 and Lamy 15 are also medals, as it matches her birthday, unless there are any other suggestions.

>> No.7818636

I think the Anniversary stream had a good number of people wishing they could be Lamy

>> No.7818938

Don't we all?

>> No.7822496

>You wake up
>See this

what do

>> No.7822579

Cry tears of joy.

>> No.7822594

Wonder why I have a mirror on the ground

>> No.7823334

Sounds good so far but I gotta just wonder how we'll choose if we use name variation or not.

>> No.7823554

Wonder if I'm going to be stepped on or BECOME

>> No.7826307

Consider using both fanmade and official models if you want to differentiate a bit, cheap knockoff Lamys and important ones or something
Also the fanmade one works really well if you remove the coat if you want goalie to stand out

>> No.7830310

Lamy bump
Check 4cc page for what I decided on doing. Currently for models it will end up with everyone being Lamy currently, though there was an idea from /vt/ manager to make everyone in varying stages of Lamification. Names and such are always subject to change, this is preliminary stuff.

>> No.7830687

Close my eyes and wait for Lamy to inject me with the transformation serum

>> No.7839294

>tfw started browsing this thread because I thought BECOME LAMY was a funny meme
>read the fics and posted as Lamy ironically
>Lamy ends up constantly in my head
>Imagine wearing her outfit whenever I see her

>> No.7841049


>> No.7841664


>> No.7842875

>Become Lamy. No one really knows how this all this started, all we do know is that we must Become Lamy.

I kinda love it. We do need an icon huh?

>> No.7843004

We do, and I'm partially hoping someone chips in or else I'm making a shitty logo with a circle filled with Lamy images and Become Lamy on the outside of it.

>> No.7843205

Do we got any good side on shots of Lamy we could turn into a Silhouette as my idea is your core emblem part with under it crossed bottles with BECOME LAMY set atop that space.

But for the core icon bit I'm pretty much all thumbs here for how we'd have it being something we can have identifiable for the 25px version of it

>> No.7843565

I don't think there's any decent side profile shots of Lamy, I think I'll take part of your idea with the silhouette of base Lamy and the sake bottles at the bottom, using picrel. Always willing to change if another Lamy comes up with one.
The 25px thing isn't anything to worry about, you can't even discern /yah/'s really.

>> No.7848145 [SPOILER] 

Lamy bump

>> No.7848560

>4cc page
Please spoonfeed me. Where is this page?

>> No.7848836


>> No.7853439

Why is Lamy blue?

>> No.7853492

Why does the website link lead to /vg/?

>> No.7853628

They don't know how to make a website, it's bugged on all the other teams as well, not an issue.

>> No.7853744


>> No.7857207

>> No.7858351

I'd probably be very, very terrified.

>> No.7858741

I remember some of those threads when this first started getting posted so I went digging through some archives. I can't say for sure if this was the first post about it but it's some of the earliest that I found. The context was from a clip where Lamy talked about if Yukimin would still love her if she used their skin to make various items, from there two or three anons started posting about turning into Lamy. Eventually it caught on and others started posting about wanting to become Lamy too.

>> No.7860011

Good to know yukimin have always been insane

>> No.7861195

Man some of those guys make us modern BECOME LAMY people seem tame. The past was kinda wild eh?

>> No.7861264

>The guy who wants Lamy to murder and bite him
What a fucking based individual. Gave me a raging hardon. God.

>> No.7861368

Vampire Lamy would be really hot. Choking is great too

>> No.7863735

Impressive stuff. I can feel the raw emotion of wanting to become Lamy in those posts.

>> No.7863743

We're civilized Lamy here

>> No.7864162

But how different would it be from Demon Lord Lamy?
Like the idea of getting her prey really drunk then sucking their blood with heightened BAC is a nice idea but.... why not just skip the middleman and drink yourself?

>> No.7864275

I'm just really into vampires and not much into alcohol.

>> No.7865690

Vampires are hot but man, the fangs really get me. I hate needles so I can't imagine being bitten by a vampire is much more pleasant. Especially if they have the long, thin fangs; the idea alone is enough to make me squeamish and go weak in the hands.

>> No.7866098

For me it's the opposite, I'm fine with needle and regularly give blood because the feeling of blood living your body is divine

>> No.7866162

Ah, blood Anon, I didn't know you were a frequenter of these threads. Good to see you again, thanks for saving lives for the sake of your fetish!

>> No.7866610

Wait, wtf. Are you me? Everyone looks at me like I'm insane when I say I like giving blood. For me, it feels wonderful, and I can only imagine how incredible it would feel to have a cute vampire girl sink her fangs into my neck while sucking my blood.

>> No.7866701

Not sure if I'm precisely the one you think of but thanks

It's the best, and knowing it helps people only adds to it

>> No.7868845

A bump to guide the thread safely along its path.
Assuming I'm correct, thank you again.

>> No.7868958

This is the shitty logo I designed, wanted to hear any other suggestions to it.

>> No.7868994

I'd enlarge the bottles and cross them harder Like crossing further down their lengths I guess

Also if we're going to go the possible variants high numbers are early stage Lamy except for medals and the Goalkeepers

>> No.7869059

Will note in future attempts about crossing and enlargening the bottles.

The current aesthetic plan is 3 different models, a full Lamy model which is El Ramy and Lamy Prime. Silvers, Lamy 11 and Lamy 15 are going to be Lamy heads. The other numbered Lamies are gonna be a generic PES head with Lamy bodies. It'll probably take a bunch of fuckery to have multiple different stage Lamys, so this is the current plan.

>> No.7869157

Seconding enlarging the bottles as >>7868994 said, make them something like twice their current length. The silhouette also feels a bit weak, maybe have some parts (like her beret/flower) a separate color?

>> No.7869899

>But them Ringos though they're breaking new ground to my knowledge.
What do you mean? What have they done?

>> No.7870142

The alchemy

>> No.7870558

That's not gold they're making...

>> No.7873833

Hi, logo anon here from /nasfaqg/
If you want me to help, I'm gonna need a ouple of things
>Main team colors
>name (that is, the /abreviation/)
>any ecxtra pointers/ideas you want represented

>> No.7874052

Colors are #5bb1f4, #e7fffe, #ffe696 which are blue, blueish white, and yellow. If you don't like the colors all too much, I'm basically selecting them from Lamy's character sheet, picrel.
Since the thread doesn't really have a "/name/" here, it'd probably be /become/, or if matches the mockup.
Just note the ideas from >>7869157>>7868994 where they wanted the sake to be bigger, and give the silhouette more definition, so highlightening the eyes/beret/ahoge is what I imagine.

>> No.7876468 [SPOILER] 

not final, just an idea from what you showed

>> No.7876814

Not a fan of the font and the coloring on it used, however, I do like the general look of it, especially the snowflake and the person on the inside. Looks good so far, I imagine with touchup it will be better.
Other Lamys are feel to comment as well, I won't go through with a logo that I don't have decent confirmation on.

>> No.7876870

Font was a placeholder, don't worry about it, which is why everything is kinda sloppily coloured. Just wanted to check if I was on the right path.

Any suggestion on a font?

>> No.7877184

No fonts really come to mind, it'd preferably be something that's simple but also looks like it could be placed on a sake bottle, so something that looks partially like handwriting at the same time. picrel

>> No.7879040

>Wait, wtf. Are you me?
Of course I am. I'm Lamy and so are you.

>> No.7879285

Hi Lamy, thoughts?

>> No.7879646

Hello, I really like this one personally, only real complaints that I have is the "L" crossing over the shading on the yellow, and then there's only the "B" not properly colored, both of which are minor issues. Otherwise I really like it, and will use it unless any major suggestions come in. There's a decent amount of Lamys in like 7 hours from now who might extremely dislike it but once you touch up on it, I'll probably use it for the time being/permanently after those touch ups.

>> No.7879764

IMO not a fan of the person in the middle with a panic face, making it look like becoming Lamy is undesirable.

>> No.7879778

This is good work, Lamy

>> No.7879903

Actually this Lamy is right about that, should've noted that in the original mockup. Please do adjust.

>> No.7880332

Say no more
thanks Lamy!

>> No.7880349

I like it. It conveys the existential terror of becoming Lamy

>> No.7881200

I really like it, I'll be using it now. Thank you for your help! I'll bug you in nasfaq if I see a bunch of complaints.
What terror?

>> No.7881616

You will NEVER be Lamy.

>> No.7881749

Thank fucking god

>> No.7881972

How would you expect me to reply if you said water wasn't wet?

>> No.7882917 [SPOILER] 

Hey Lamys, I'm wondering if you all have any suggestions for anthems/goal horns/ or anything of the sort. These are audio that's played during when ever a goal happens or at the start of the match. Top players like El Ramy and Lamy Prime generally have their own special goal horn as well.

>> No.7884273

You motherfucker you gave me a fucked up fetish i didn't know i had and now i can't keep my mind out of the idea of being forced to transform into lamy
I will never forgive you for this.

>> No.7884306

Shut the fuck up and take the Lamy pill, Anon. You'll be beautiful, soon.

>> No.7884316

There's a good bit of Lamy writing works to further divulge yourself even more, there should be no regret.

>> No.7884995


>> No.7885087

People become Lamy. Lamy becomes Booze. People drink the Booze. People become Lamy.

>> No.7885535

P-please no... I d-don't wanna drink the Lamy Sake...

>> No.7885663

Down on your knees, look up, mouth open. Deep gulps. Don't fight it. Let the taste coat your tongue, slide down your esophagus, fill you with the warmth of alcohol. It'll give way to a lovely chill.

>> No.7885752

Whats that? You don't want to become Lamy? I must have misheard you, silly anon would never say anything like that knowing how painful it was last time he tried to run away. Now drink your medicine, we wouldn't want another "accident" to happen would we?

>> No.7890012

no... i-i dont... want t-to...

Become Lamy

>> No.7890342


>> No.7891068

Can I buy a lamy to be my wife ?

>> No.7891181

Why be married to Lamy when you can be Lamy yourself?

>> No.7891562

Hmm I'm willing to accept lamyfication If I can knock up my lamy wife first

>> No.7891921

I am willing to accept that and raise a Lamy family with a mommy Lamy and another mommy Lamy~

>> No.7893898

God I wish I was Lamy in this

>> No.7894234

But anon, that would be gay...

>> No.7894269

is it gay if you're Lamy?

>> No.7894366

It's not gay if you're Lamy, y'know. That's part of the appeal. Imagining this being a fresh Lamy and helping them get used to their new bodies is really fucking hot.

>> No.7894377

Not gay if futa lamy

>> No.7894902

Or even better, this being an experienced Lamy calming you down and making you feel nice and comfortable so you don't struggle through the process of Lamyfication.

>> No.7894926

It's not gay if you're Lamy anon

>> No.7895128

It's gay if it's two Lamys. If everyone was Lamy then everyone would be gay.

>> No.7895802

If...it's to your tastes, sure. I much prefer to be the one breaking Lamys in post transformation, rather than the one being broken in to BE transformed...

>> No.7895923

Fair enough, tastes are tastes. I'll always respect a Lamy's opinion, specially when it comes to making more Lamys!

>> No.7897419

I'm straight so if it makes my dick hard it's not gay.

>> No.7898640

I like it!

>> No.7899033

Are there are Lamy stories where you become a cock hungry slut too?

>> No.7899105 [SPOILER] 

Let's write one together, a cooperative effort. You be the Lamy.

>> No.7899354

We could use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAPTWzADr_g For something since it was the song she sang at her debut

For a chant we could have her "Konlamy" with additional uses of it multiplying on each repetition. I gotta try and think of others we could run with

Any clue if that's a clipping for her arm in that image BTW?

Have we got any real distinct voice clips we could pick up? Also are we trying to embrace the joy of Lamy or possibly something more menacing feeling considering inevitability of BECOMING?

>> No.7899606

You grab me by my blue hair, forcing me to my knees in front of you. Staring at your crotch with my golden eyes, I can see a pronounced bulge in your pants, pleading to be freed. I look up at you, your eyes that of a predator looking at its prey; I begin to become wet, my juices flowing down my thighs as a heavy blush appears on my face.
>Well? Don't you want it? Get it out.
You say with a dominant voice as you point to your crotch. I fumble with your zipper, feeling your hard cock through your pants while doing so. Pulling down your pants, I audibly gasp in my cute elf voice, as the bulge shows itself to reach all the way to your leg.
>It's... It's huge...
I say, staring at it dumbfounded. I get back to doing what I was told to do, grabbing your underwear and pulling it down, your cock comes out like a spring, hitting my wrist with great force. There's a trail of precum on my wrist now, but I ignore it as I look directly at the 9 inch veiny cock dribbling precum in front of my eyes. I begin rubbing my elf slit as I breathe heavily onto your dick, captivated by it almost to the point of drooling. You grab my head and press me against your crotch, your huge cock pressing onto my cheek. I take a big whiff, letting myself feel the aroma of sweat and manliness that your member exuded. My toes curl up, grabbing your hip with my hands and pressing myself further against it as an orgasm hits me. I begin spraying into my blue yukata as shockwaves run through my body. You notice that I had orgasmed and slap your thick, meaty cock against my cheek, leaving a red mark.
>You whore, cumming just from that? I oughta punish you.
Another intense orgasm hits me, a pool of my juices forming at the floor below me as I struggle to breathe, continuously inhaling your dick's smell
> I-I'm SoorRyy HNGH!
Through my orgasm, I'm barely able to speak. You grab my chin and force open my mouth. I instinctively let out my tongue, as you position your cock directly onto it. Licking your hard cock, I taste the sweat and salty precum that left your urethra in anticipation. I could feel your dick pulsating inside my mouth as I licked around the head, wishing this experience would last forever...

>> No.7899711


>> No.7899730

LAMY I SAID I WAS JOKING but fucking Jesus Christ if that didn't get me uncomfortably hard. Fucking a Lamy has been a recurring subject in dazed, half-awake masturbatory sessions and that was written well enough to really help convey a clear mental image. However, I also do not want to derail the thread, no matter how close to dead it may be, by continuing this. I will finish with this; 10/10, made my dick twitch will most likely be used as masturbatory material later, probable good fuel for an actual story later down the line in which a Lamy is exposed to the pleasures of a cock.

>> No.7899738

This lamy is submissive and breedable

>> No.7899933

Get that to the /wg/ thread. They'll archive it proper. It's horny posting but not BECOME as the guy with the dick didn't become a Lamy!

>> No.7900007

>not having a Lamy proof suit to fuck Lamy in

>> No.7900084

Tricking other Anons into becoming cockhungry Lamys so we can fuck them has been the plan all along.

>> No.7900164

Shh! Be quiet!

>> No.7901687

You Lamies disgust me.
Please continue

>> No.7903196

>doesn't know about the secret Lamy training dungeon where fresh girls are brought almost immediately after their transformation to be broken in and trained for Botan so she doesn't need to deal with a bumbling scared virgin

>> No.7906181

The things they did to us down there....the horrible horrible things..... I want to go back

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