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Why can't Nijibros and Holofriends be kind to eachother?

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Nigs on /jp/ were absolutely abhorrent 2 years ago and that bitterness has been ingrained into the culture.

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Give us pomu, then we'll talk

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I will never forgive holobronies for what they have done to the old vtuber thread on /jp/, bolobronies are cancer to this community

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Yeah that checks out

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Holofags are proud anti-gatekeepers because they value numbers more than a decent community and have perpetuated a narrative that Nijifags are le evil elitists for trying to prevent their community from being infected with their AIDS.

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tribalism always prevails
live with it and embrace it

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>close /vt/
there, now holofags and nijifags live in peace and mutual prosperity

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Hoshikawa is a slut.

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were friends everywhere but /vt
newfag holobronies use /jp as an excuse even though they were never there and it was YEARS AGO children are born in that time jesus
and then there's elitist nijis that are upset that vtubing became linked to idols even though we should be glad that hl blew up since were getting way more traction than we would have gotten without them because nijisanji are literal whos in the west
also console wars or whatever is short both nijisanji and hololive are great and elira is god

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all the tribalfagging in this thread should answer your own question
unless you can change the nature of 4chan users you'll never get shitspoting-free discussions

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Holoniggers get the rope. The actual livers are good, I really like Subaru, Marine and Suisei.

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She's everyone's idol.

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Tbf Subaru, Maine and Suisei's livers don't have to work that hard compared to someone like Lammy or Gura.

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Marine used to drink A LOT on stream anon.
And i don't think she works out.

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One side knows japanese and the other actively refuses to even learn. Conflict is inevitable

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Fuck off, nijinigger

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Why should we? I enjoy shitting on Nijiniggers even though i watch a comparable amount of both hololive and nijisanji, for the simple reason that they are insufferable.

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So you're saying if the Niggersanjifags stopped being self-pitying EOPs, we'd be able to live in harmony?

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You want to know why. All that I have seen from Hololive is shit posts, ratts, and numberfagging. All that I have heard is chink, chink, gura clone, gura clone, and whatever other shit is on the grifters docket for the day.

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You sound kinda chink-y.

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Actual holofags are fine it's spics and SEAnigs who are behind all the shitposting but unfortunately they're outnumbering the real ones

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>Holofags are proud anti-gatekeepers
Holofags completely chimp out whenever one of their chuubas even glances in the direction of a non-holo, while Nijiniggers get hard at the prospect of Vshojo collabs. What the fuck are you even talking about?

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You know, for the nature of this board, this excuse works for Hololive but not Nijisanji. 90% of this board is Holo content so you would have to actively cover your eyes while browsing to have this opinion.

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Marine has drinking streams anon and gets drunk randomly
Can we just ban every single SEAnigger?

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I love Pomu and I love Fubuki.
I will forgive you both for your terrible behaviour, if only you forgive each other and tolerate each others presence.
Your oshi would want this.

imagine how much more content we could have on this board if we got rid of all the tribal war threads and posts.

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