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I don't think Cover would let the most superchatted character in the world keep streaming without them getting their cut. It would honestly almost benefit Coco if she got released but could keep her avatar.

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No, the avatars are their property

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what about Fubuki?

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pretty sure cover owns everything. the channel itself, the avatar, the "lore" etc. only with their permission they would be allowed to exist. if someone graduates in bad blood, they will be gone from the internet.

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Coco would keep Coco Kaine because, as of right now, Cover doesn't own that

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All the charas are property of Cover with Suisei probably being the only exception, depending on how her contract was written up.

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Big brain. I didn't think of that. Can you imagine if Coco Kaine randomly showed up?

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WHAT about Fubuki?

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Cover doesn't own Smol Ame

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They most likely own her Hololive outfits

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actually, they do.

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They don't own any lore that fans create nor do they own any fan-characters. Meaning if any Holo were to use any fan character, and it became a big part of that Holos identity, Cover wouldn't own that.

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how does that work?

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They own Amelia character, any variations is "Amelia character"

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What about Suisei?

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Artia and the CN people didn't get to keep theirs

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We would need to know if she gave them the right when she signed up.

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It's written in the japanese side that if you post anything on the art tag they don't own you anything and can use it how they please.

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Who owns Haachama?

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Does Cover own this outfit? Or any outfit design that artist post on their talents art tags?

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they own the lore and the name etc. whats so hard to understand about this.

sure you can make an avatar that looks similar. but youre not allowed to use the name or the detective stuff. it would be a new avatar.

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Does Cover own the Fubuki Chainlink edits?

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If it was posted on ameliART they are legally in the right to use it how they please, but that's morally wrong so everyone would dogpile on them for it if the artist didn't get anything.

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if they own it, it's canon right?
COVER officially endorses Chainlink, BUY BUY BUY

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I think there's a misunderstanding here. I'm rereferring to the outfit specifically.
If an artist designs a new outfit Hololives characters, for fun as in not commissioned by Cover, but uses their hashtag. Does Cover own that outfit design?

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Awful bullish of Cover to use two characters to promote LINK

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Sorry didnt see this >>760189

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Is this a Cover thing or Japanese law thing?

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Japanese law, Comiket survives because they turn a blind eye, if Cover wanted to sue the dude that did the shion doujin they could, there's no fair use there, transformative content legally isn't the property of the person that made it until stated otherwise by the owner of the IP.

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what happens if you just happen to make a fan outfit and upload it on your website or whatever, but SOMEONELSE posts it with the ameliart hashtag, is that your problem as well?

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Most definitely not. All characters belong to cover. Would the talent retain their fans. For the most part yes any fans lost are recouped by not having cover gouge 30% of your supers or railroading you with weird manager shit.

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To this day, Azuma Lim is the only one that got her character back after leaving, but it's really fucking hard and took many months and courtroom cases, so many that people thought she retired.

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Go back to >>>/jp/

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They own the copyright for the characters', designs', lore, etc. They could sue anyone making a derivative work for copyright infringement, it's just that they aren't american (or Nintendo) and they understand the concept of free advertising so they won't do it

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