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>it's just an act, they didn't love each other
Checkmate, heterofags.

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Who are you talking about, OP? Was kson ever romantically linked to another female?

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She used to stream with her female 'friend', but people keep saying that she have a boyfriend because she's a stacy.

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Does this mean what I hope it means?

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What does an e-girl have to do with vtubers?

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Good vtuber post and video.

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You know Kson's behavior hasn't changed at all since she was Coco. It says something about vtubers that she goes from getting called an idol to an e-girl when she takes off the 2D mask.

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She used avatar and build ∀ gundam, anonchama

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That friend is Megumi and appeared on her streams talking about her divorce and kson told her to get herself a better man then that shitter she divorced

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This is Kanata's girlfriend

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>Obviously saying she doesn't want constant dick pics sent to her

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Why are Cococucks trying so hard to push this "kson is gay" agenda?

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Kanata will be cucked by another female LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mental illness

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Hololive is a cult that takes perfectly normal heterosexual women and brainwashes them into being girl fanatics!

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>call herself a womanizer
Yes, she's a lesbian.

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kson clit getting gorilla gripped....

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No, that was Coco, not Kson.

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Says more about vtuber fans than it does vtubers.
It's the fans that are really just lying to themselves and creating some myth that someone is a completely different and disgusting entity compared to that exact same person but with a cartoon face

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Are you guys okay? Easy on the cope there jesus >>7599292

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>immediately switch browser tab when youtube recommend Kanata video
Kson have secret relationship with Kanata too! Kson and Coco fuck Kanata!

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Good thing this dyke isn't in hololive anymore

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Cuck mentality

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>no no they're all just business gay they want to suck my smelly nerd cock after I sent them the akasupa and jerked to their voicepack
Even if they were all straighter than the "super straight" Calliope Mori it doesn't mean anyone here or in Japan has a real chance

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>Cocofags still paying for her real self without even the new vtuber persona.
That's pretty pathethic, honestly. You might as well simp dump money for Amouranth at this point.

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I never thought I had a chance, I just hate faggots

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everyone is fucking gay holy shit why

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>Yuribaiting even after the graduation
Hololive taught her well

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not many of them are actually gay, just hungry for views and money

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>he doesn't like to watch lesbian sex in HD

>> No.7632865

Yuri doesnt give you any views or money, they're just doing it because they're weirdos

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>random assholes sending dick pics to a woman
What the fuck were you fucking morons expecting? Of course she's she's gonna get mad. That doesn't mean anything, you delusional fuck.

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>Yuri doesnt give you any views or money,

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The "whore of Hololive" Ms C
>I don't need a dick in my life, don't send me dick pics
The "most wholesome Vshojo" Ironmouse
>Lusting after Connor's cock like a bitch in heat
You can't compare it faggots, get Vniggers out of /vt/

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Most wholesome Vshojo is Mel

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Someone tell me this isn't real

>> No.7632961

Mel camwhores herself anon...

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Rushia shows the true avenue for making buckets of cash: GFE all the way to the bank.
At best yuribaiting gets you exposure. GFE is what gets you sustainable bucks

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That says more about the company she keeps than herself.

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GFE gets money and yuribaiting gets views

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standards really are low on this board huh

>> No.7633059

I have no idea if it's still the case, but I remember some of her paypigs being women. Her liking women doesn't cancel GFE for everyone. Quite the opposite for some of her fans.

>> No.7633091

^ this she is in side chest and strong male figures like Kiryu kazuma

>> No.7633093

It definitely cancels it for the majority. There's no way she has more women paypigs then men

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>hololive watcher

>> No.7633124

doesn't she drool over Kiryu?

>> No.7633126

Click on the link and read the store description

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Didn't she got into Yakuza due her ex boyfriend?
Was her ex that bad or was just on hetero experimental phase?

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She is just yuribaiting, anon. Like all of them do.

>> No.7633168

Looks like she was bicurious and gave up on men

>> No.7633184

I don't think she's yuribaiting for money this time, just to get men to stop sending her dickpics

>> No.7633195

Yes, pretty much this

>> No.7633205

I never desired Kaichou, all I ever wanted was for her to find happiness with Kanata, so this makes me happy.

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>gave up on men
Only women who give up on dick are the ones who either was painfully raped or have some sort of mental illness

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>Love Unites Total Print T-Shirt (Gender Neutral) Celebrate diversity. This tee features a colorful patchwork-style print that represents the diverse identities that make up the LGBTQ+ community. The material is made of 100% cotton soft fabric that provides all-day comfort
wtf I'm ridin' with Zhang now??

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Her too? Man, it's been an awful week for straight dudes

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Should I really believe your baseless cope instead of what the vtuber wants us to know her as?
She already closed her DM so telling them that would be unnecessary. Also if she didnt close it she would be bombarded with far more dick pics

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>believing vtubers

>> No.7633319

cocofags will cope by denying that her wearing LGBT shirt means anything

>> No.7633349

cocofags are the ones insisting she's gay

>> No.7633351

>Hololive interview question
>How gay are you?

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>want her to be straight
>but also never interact with men

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But she said it herself?
"女好き" Do you not understand what that means?

>> No.7633402

It's possible she still didn't figure it out back then, but it's also possible that boyfriend was never a boyfriend to begin with, and she just didn't want to make that public in a random cosplayer interview.
It's like when you see how Kanatan talks about these things over time.
>My mother thought I was a lesbian and asked me lol
>I'm not a lesbian, guys
>A girl once asked me out
>Maybe I should have accepted
One day she'll figure out that she's gay and she'll be the only person surprised by this.

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Zhang's were right all along

>> No.7633423

Artia was right

>> No.7633426

That means that she wants her gachikois not to feel threatened by a possibility of being cucked, anon. This is a standard practice among the vtubers.

>> No.7633431

artia was a turbodyke

>> No.7633442

/vt/ is a bunch of retards that want everyone they like to be spinsters

>> No.7633452

We lost Yogiri for this?

>> No.7633474

Ah yes, saying "i don't want a dick for the rest of my life" is a sure way to attract gachikois.

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I can’t believe we had an actual dyke in hololive and we let her go
Now i hate chinks even more

>> No.7633521

Artia (Hecatia, really) said herself that she wants a man who will treat her like a queen and do all the chores while she will play games all day.

>> No.7633538

yeah, she still does GFE stuff too. This is standard vtuber business practice. She was the number one superchat earner for a reason, that being that she was good at manipulating people

>> No.7633539

She won't find a man like that sucking random chinks in the street for 5 yuans

>> No.7633543

>why does this profession that discourages women from getting boyfriends attract dykes
gee I dunno

>> No.7633550

What's up with fags and their insistence on converting straight people into being gay? Is the usual method of child molestation not fast enough for them?

>> No.7633557

Vtubers are lesbians and I guess you guys just have to deal with it

>> No.7633569

Coco barely did "GFE", she got her superchats because her hardcore fans and hololive fans in general knew how much effort she put every day and rewarded her for it.

>> No.7633583

cope more cocofag

>> No.7633589

And now, at best, she's gonna end up being the housewife for some dude. I hope it's a streamer so she has to hear him having fun while she scrubs the dishes

>> No.7633591

But Senchou wants to take hundreds of miles of overseas sexy guys cock
Surely not even she could be interested in women

>> No.7633600

China has a huge overpopulation of men actually so there's a decent chance she could find a desperate slave husband.

>> No.7633607

>threatened and incredibly insecure /pol/tard
Can you stay out of anime boards

>> No.7633612

You will be surprised by the amount of fans in China who will gladly do that for her. Unfortunately for her, she is too picky and bitchy

>> No.7633618

How's life treating Artia? last time i heard she was having a meltdown because she spent all her money trying to get out of america.

>> No.7633631

Good to hear Kanata is eating well.

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>> No.7633671

>everything is about money
you can be better than this

>> No.7633683

Do men like that even exist? Do they do all the work just to get some stinky pussy before sleep?

>> No.7633690

You are not a man if you do all the chores when live with a woman.

>> No.7633708

I think we should stop the cruel and oppressive procedure of making virtual vtubers pretend to be straight to make money off of predatory males.

>> No.7633711

>Anon's dick was so gross and pathetic it turned her into a dyke

Many such cases!

>> No.7633718

I don't really care either way, as long as she doesn't bring her boyfriends/girlfriends on stream.

>> No.7633763

One child policy almost made /r9k/ real in China. Yes, it's THAT bad.

>> No.7633774

In 5-10 years almost all of the vtubers you gush about being gay will be happily married to a man. Hell, many of them might be married right now. You probably though Tamaki was a dyke lmao

>> No.7633791

>Gril says "i love women"
>NO NO she must be lying it's yuribaiting!

What is this mental illness?

>> No.7633831

some brave man needs to cure her of this illness by raping her

>> No.7633869

Something you can only ever witness in the biocontainment of the internet called 4chin

>> No.7633883

Tatsunokos (or what's left of them) must be on suicide watch.
Anyways, https://twitter.com/Hana_Macchia/status/1329044583259377674

>> No.7633910

"Heterofag" sounds like an oxymoron

>> No.7633918

>we had an actual dyke in hololive and we let her go

>> No.7633941

That's why it's funny, retard.

>> No.7633947

chuds be gone, this is a norman board now

>> No.7633957

I wouldn't mind doing that, just do chores for my wife and bang her at night, rinse and repeat.
But I fear those kind of people are the most prone to cheating.

>> No.7633965


>> No.7633969

>m-muh pol
Rent free

>> No.7634006

The people who want their SO to only do chores, i mean.

>> No.7634040

It has been show in a number of studies that almost all women exhibit more sexual attraction to other women than they do for men

>> No.7634099


>> No.7634164

Coco is a whore

>> No.7634170

source: bro trust me

>> No.7634184

Nope still just business gay
Showering together for business
Sleeping in the other girl's clothes for business
Keeping Kanata awake with loud sex noises for business

>> No.7634238

Aki is literally married retard

>> No.7634262

I'm tired of dykes, can you guys recommend some confirmed straight chuubas?

>> No.7634264

>Married women can't have sex with other girls because i said so
Holy cope

>> No.7634276

Coco is a WHORE

>> No.7634284

Why would you need 200k viewers if GFE gives you 100 consistent paypigs that would give you more money than any of those 200k combined

>> No.7634302

to yagoo

>> No.7634312

I think you need to look into the holostar department

>> No.7634324

I don't get it.
She waited until leaving hololive to come out as gay and people are still doubting?
Wouldn't coming out while being in hololive be more beneficial? why wait until leaving?

>> No.7634354

Why would you want less numbers when getting more viewers is as easy as claiming to munch carpet?

>> No.7634415

Use yandex.

>> No.7634419

IMO, the best answer kson could have come up really is just reply with "I dont need your dick pics, mine is waaay bigger than yours!". She only opened a can of worms and now everyone is arguing about her sexuality for some validation points.

>> No.7634430

She didn't "came out". People were spamming her with dick picks and she just said that she doesn't want to see them.

>> No.7634445

yeah, to me

>> No.7634447

>come out
Let me explain to your anon, the concept of "coming out" doesn't really exist out of modern western culture. Saying "I like girls" like this is something you do casually instead of making a big announcement, because identity politics doesn't exist there. Coco just said it because she felt like it and it would be to no one's surprise. No one is going to treat this as an actual event.

>> No.7634458

She said she doesn't hate men, just that she likes women instead.
I understand being an EOP but not even watching the end of a clip is just a farce, come on.

>> No.7634477

Choco, but she says she wants to get married and for the husband to provide while she takes care of house chores. She doesn't want to work as a married woman. Don't Gosling too hard because she's leaving the moment she finds a man.

>> No.7634491

Only people treating this like an even is /vt/ because they need to be angry at something

>> No.7634538

>opened a can of worms and now everyone is arguing about her sexuality for some validation points
Uh no, that didn't happen. The only thing people here are "arguing" against are copes like this >>7634430 which are indistinguishable from low effort trolls.

>> No.7634545

Like half of all women are mentally ill to some extent

>> No.7634557

This is pretty much most if not all of the girls. Most of them are good looking, have internet status, and can make money often times with their own schedule (events barring). This pretty much makes it so only the best looking, most rich, and high status men will ever satisfy them at best. Though at that point a man can't satisfy a woman's needs.

Look at the requirements Tamaki needed for "him" to get married. That is pretty much shared among all the girls unless they were already lesbians or became one out of necessity.

>> No.7634566

choco has sexually harassed every single member of hololive

>> No.7634573

like half of humanity is mentally ill to some extent

>> No.7634578

2d =/= 3d

>> No.7634581

STFU everyone. Have some Kson reaction pics.

>> No.7634595


>> No.7634599

She is alright currently on break. Good for her.

>> No.7634614

Except her chat has been teasing her to just say it fir a good while already but she always either didn't adress it, joked about it or left it open for interpretation.
This is the first time she's ever been clear about it, so in a sense she did "come out" even if it's not a big deal.

>> No.7634691

Why did Yogiri have to graduate just to keep this dyke whore around to infect hololive with Reddit shit? It’s not fair, I want Yogiri back!

>> No.7634698

Holobronies simp for this?

>> No.7634734

Will you faggots get over yourselves? She was never going to fuck you whether she is gay, bi, or straight. Does it matter? At least she doesn't have 20 different piercings sticking out of her face and shouting about trans-issues or whatever other faggotry Amerisluts bark on about these days. I'm a Coco/Kson fan from before Hololive, and I never gave a shit before or since. Why do you guys go grab your tiny captchas, beat them off, and have a good cry?

>> No.7634758

I hate fags

>> No.7634777

literally e-thot

>> No.7634803

2D and 3D are different matters.
She said so herself that she was confessed to by a woman and turned her down specifically because she had no interest in women. And she said this as Choco, no roommate shit involved.

>> No.7634804

She wincing at your tiny syphillic duck.

>> No.7634865

I NEED to make Choco my wife!

>> No.7634906


>> No.7634956


>> No.7634977

kill yourself

>> No.7635025

Miko is openly lesbian and even jokes about hating men and nobody gives 35P shit for simping for a lesbian so i don’t see the issue here.
I agree

>> No.7635063

miko is a 2Dcel animesexual not a cringe lesbian get it right

>> No.7635122

migo WILL rape your oshi, whether you or them like it or not

>> No.7635141


>> No.7635148

(You) first.

>> No.7635152

If she said she likes dicks you would have called her a whore, there's no way to win with you fags.

>> No.7635191

Did she rape Marine during that sleepover? I hope so.

>> No.7635211

Miko raped Pekora
Shion raped Marine

>> No.7635223

what would you have done if you were her

>> No.7635227


>> No.7635249

I'm curious, why was she in America to begin with?

>> No.7635253

Fighting like monkeys over the sexuality of an Asian woman who streams videogames. 4chan and this board just keep getting worse and worse with every passing year.

>> No.7635281

Blame the mods for not deleting a thread that has an IRL clip in the OP
Report the thread if you want to help the board

>> No.7635285

Thats literally not what this says though.

>> No.7635292

Lesbians don’t even exist.

>> No.7635294

seeing 3D women here feels weird

>> No.7635314

Yeah everybody knows lesbians can be cured with enough dick. What a silly thing to fight over.

>> No.7635331

Shion was too much of a pussy to go past groping her boobs, unfortunately.

Oh my fucking God, wearing this with that gigantic ass should be a crime.

>> No.7635337

think she regrets saying that?

>> No.7635359

Good looking lesbians don't exist. There is a lot of fugly dykes out there.

>> No.7635395

kson is good looking

>> No.7635401

Miko looks pretty cute

>> No.7635438

Towa is bisexual and she's good looking

>> No.7635442

Yes, and they both are getting dicked.

>> No.7635454

Please note that discussion should pertain to a VTuber's streams and content, and should not pertain to their real lives, relationships, or appearances ("IRL").

>> No.7635465

Mods are asleep

>> No.7635475

towa doesnt like men

>> No.7635479

Matuli is good looking (now) and she still thirsts for Sara

>> No.7635490


>> No.7635500

what did anon mean by this

>> No.7635513

based Marine, but I just have a flat fetish and that's why Matsuri is the best one of the two.

>> No.7635525


>> No.7635530

Bisexual women doesn't count. I'm talking about pure lesbians

>> No.7635555

Only EOPs are surprised, like 1/3rd her fans are women

>> No.7635563

Fuck she's an uggo

>> No.7635594

Mods, you have all the roommatefags, homofags, antihomofags and Ksonfags locked in this thread. Pull the trigger and BTFO the cancer of this board

>> No.7635608


>> No.7635717

>I don’t want any dick in my life... now.
>I don’t want any dick for the rest of my life
>rest of my life
OP, these are things a dick-widow says. A dick recently left her life, and now she’s saying she doesn’t want dick. Yeah, right. Until the next dick knocks the hair off her pusy.

>> No.7635819


>> No.7635824

The corret translation is "i don't ever want to see a dick in my life", the clipper is a retard.
"Womanizer" isn't correct either, 女好き means "woman lover" or "being attracted to women" but it doesn't have the same implications "womanizer" has.

>> No.7635866

This anon gets it

>> No.7635888

>making a serious reply

>> No.7635928

Kanatan's fist >>>>>>>>>>> Dick

>> No.7635933

I'm bored and waiting for the mods to kill this thread.
Let me be...

>> No.7635954

Not him, but it somewhat supports what he says. While gay women are predominantly attracted to women, straight women are not predominantly attracted to men. In effect women are bi or gay, but never straight. It explains why women rarely, if ever, give men compliments while they constantly shower eachother with compliments.

>> No.7635980

No one is going to be excited for unsolicited dick picks from creepy losers.

>> No.7636124

Lesbian here.

Just a reminder that we are taking over. The fact is women have NEVER been attracted to men: we needed them for protection, economic support and procreation, and sex is what we traded for those things (or they just raped us).

But now? First-world men have been totally domesticated, so no need to worry about violence. We're taking over the work force too, so we can provide for ourselves. And medical science has made procreative sex totally unnecessary; we can just buy the sperm (with our superior earnings) and have it cleanly injected without getting within ten feet of a penis.

Women are naturally more attracted to other women. Who wouldn't be? We're beautiful, soft and smooth and curvy, basically the opposite of hairy oafish ape-like men. And we know how to please each other like no man ever could. Lesbian sex can last for hours.

Every day more and more "straight" girls are being turned. The world of the future is where a small number of strong men act as our designated studs and the rest of you losers are eunuchs designated for manual labor exclusively. Deal with it.

>> No.7636218

One thing we know for certain is this bitch is smart, and I think she's just using everything she learned as Coco, which includes yuribaiting is profitable and safer because its less likely to chase away simps than admitting you like men.

>> No.7636271

You are the funniest person on the planet.

>> No.7636278

do you losers have nothing better to do than post low IQ drivel on a board for discussing youtubers. Your "schizo" rambling isn't funny and you're off-board

>> No.7636286

One paper does not a proof make, have you heard of selection bias? Or the fact that their methods could be flawed and the sample size too small or corrupted, how do they measure size of stimulation anyway between males vs females, it's not like just because your brain fires more that it is something you are more attracted to fucktard.

>> No.7636335


>> No.7636346


>> No.7636397

Shouldn't you be off making psycho Tik-Tok screaming Drumpf is Hitler Reincarnated because he shitposted some 4chan worthy tweets that made your vag go all a-flutter?

>> No.7636416

I wonder if it's because globohomos such as yourself try to convince your straight friends they are gay and fucking molest them and shit?

>> No.7636423

thanks for reminding me

>> No.7636454

all vtubers are gay, cope more

>> No.7636457

"I don't want dick" is what females say to guys they friend zone, you fucking retards.

>> No.7636458

Look at all the incels seething.
Good post

>> No.7636544

Americans... posting like you are mentally ill or deranged doesn't make you look more aggressive. It just makes you look like a mentally ill incel.

>> No.7636558

I can't believe aspies are falling for this copypasta

>> No.7636580

>ITT /u/schizos go after goslingschizos completely oblivious to the fact that they're all faggots who no one likes.

>> No.7636594


>> No.7636622

I want to fuck Flare's chocolate ass

>> No.7636639

I'm not surprised she hates men, she grew up in the Atlanta ghetto being fetishized from her pre-teen years for being Japanese.

I'm happy Kanatan is there to give her sexual satisfaction from the touch of another woman.

>> No.7636644

*White chocolate

>> No.7636673

Posts with Mea, the whore that called my Patra a whore.

>> No.7636704

This pasta dates back to 2013 and people don't recognize it?

>> No.7636727

There's no such thing as /u/schizos, only fans who love their oshis for who they are

>> No.7636747

>I'm not surprised she hates men, she grew up in the Atlanta ghetto being fetishized from her pre-teen years for being Japanese.
Isn't this kind of what happened to Noel to make her hate men, as well?
>Get fetishized
>hate the people doing it
>realize there really is no escape other than locking yourself in your room

>> No.7636751

>calling out asmr whore is bad

also whore knows a whore

>> No.7636752

sorry kiddo, the only one Kanata gives sexual satisfaction to is me, a 7 foot tall chad with a two foot cock. If you ask nicely I might upload a video of it

>> No.7636753

It would be weird for a lesbian raping a guy but ok, hope Rikka enjoys it

>> No.7636803


>> No.7636823

post a pasta from 2019 and 90% of people on this board wouldnt recognize it lol

>> No.7636853

>There's no such thing as /u/schizos

Spoken like someone who never lurked /u/.

It's great, ain't it?

>> No.7636940

>literal 4chan /u/ board
>a board that allows 3DPD and w*stern abomination
why do you do this to yourself and why are your surprised

>> No.7636958

Watch streams.

>> No.7636986

Did Mea actually say that vtubers who do ASMR are whores?

>> No.7636991

Sounds more like it was Japanese train molesters and not Americans

>> No.7637007

Because there was a time it wasn't complete trash. Like this board, DESU.

>> No.7637037

Yes, based of you ask me

>> No.7637075

This is literally a schizo containment board because Hololive fans couldn't control themselves
This place was trash from day one

>> No.7637079

No, she said that Patra is a whore. Patra specifically, nothing to do with asmr.
This nigger doesn't watch streams.

>> No.7637101

Wow Mea sounds like a cunt

>> No.7637105

Noel doesn't hate men

>> No.7637126

To play devils advocate, that's her schtick, being a cunt.

>> No.7637153

Oh yeah, I'm hiding this one. Thanks for letting me get dopamine from saging and hiding shit threads. Phew... inb4 b-b-but sage announce *GRABS YOU FROM SHIRT COLLAR* Shut up, you disgusting freak. *SPITS*

>> No.7637169

Sorry I confused Mea with Hoshikawa. Hoshikawa unironically called girls who do asmr as prostitutes one time, which was especially strange considering her friends do that nonchalantly

>> No.7637229

And I am very happy she does

>> No.7637244

I also remember Mea saying she wants to see some other vtuber being gangraped, which is very based if ask me

>> No.7637302

>calling someone a whore

>> No.7637321

This changes the chances of anyone here fucking her by precisely 0%

>> No.7637377

I'm a cute girl and I demand to be fucked by Kson.

>> No.7637404

tits or gtfo

>> No.7637785

You just need to be dicked by a flesh rod, that will cure your illness

>> No.7637800

this is the standard response when a girl gets hit on by a guy she doesn't like. only coping retards believe this shit.

>> No.7637831

excuse I but how does that change anything in the context

>> No.7637874

read the thread retard I cant even

>> No.7637974

More or less but I wasn't sure about it

>> No.7638008

holy shit she's ugly

>> No.7638030

ah yeah if a woman doesn't like random dick picks she must be a lesbian

>> No.7638044

Watch the end of the clip

>> No.7638058

She was a vtuber before anyone in this board even knew what a vtuber was.

>> No.7638084

this but unironically

>> No.7638181

the problem is the cocks aren't big enough, someone with a giant girthy cock needs to send her a picture of it

>> No.7638307

bitch women claim to be lesbian whenever they want to get rid of annoying pursuers. they also promptly drop it once someone they like hits on them

>> No.7638328

Keep coping, incel.

>> No.7638416

keep coping, tranny

>> No.7638461


>> No.7638573

Straight or lesbian, no one on here ever had a chance so why the fuck do you care

>> No.7638600

It triggers the anti-/u/ schizos and /r9k/tards

>> No.7638604

Sure she was Anon.

>> No.7638633

how the fuck would that help an incel to cope, retard? the fact that you're getting turned down because you stink and not because "mah sexual orientation" is anti-incel. literally brain damaged, as anyone believing in lesbians has to be

>> No.7638644

And she probably has older vtuber streams on her nnd accoount

>> No.7638650

>Checkmate, heterofags.
Another /u/schizo, its all so tiresome

>> No.7638680

Just because you don't have a chance doesn't mean the rest of us don't, Anon.

>> No.7638706

lol we get it, you hate women and how they treat you, go back to /pol/.

>> No.7638720


>> No.7638723

Nobody on this board has a chance regardless of being super "woke" or super "based"

>> No.7638724

Yes no one was a Vtuber before 2018.

>> No.7638843

I have a girlfriend unlike you tranny because you'll never get one

>> No.7638847

>Nobody on this board has a chance
Nice projection you got there, loser

>> No.7638889


>> No.7638891

Are you sure about that? She's said before she feels anxiety around them because of teasing/harassment when she was young.

>> No.7638897

Read >>7638058 again

>> No.7638931

Look at the trannies that want to be a woman seething

>> No.7638939

She's obviously uncomfortable around them but she doesn't hate them

>> No.7638980


>> No.7638988

Incels think girls can't be genuine lesbians and they are all manipulative bitches who drops her sexual orientation the moment she meets chad (read: normal people who they thought they could compete against and who are not bitter virgins). Of course the girls would rather choose other girls instead of you. This is peak incel.

>> No.7639000

She's also a huge slut

>> No.7639021

Keep crying tranny

>> No.7639034

Well, good luck Japan bro/girl...

>> No.7639040


>> No.7639052

This post is what woman want us to think.

>> No.7639057

Just say girl, Kson is a lesbian

>> No.7639074

This guys is a falseflagging Miko anti btw, he's been doing this for a while. He is not 35p. Do not fall for it.

>> No.7639089

she aint never had real dick
those weak ass japanese little boys cant satisfy a woman like kson

>> No.7639140

>[EN] Kson: In mildom, the streamer can see who joined. So I join random cute girls' streams to hear them read my name.

From yesterday's stream on mildom

>> No.7639141

She hasn't gotten good dick since she lived in america. She needs a western man inside her before she goes full lesbo.

>> No.7639221

Unrelated but from a psychological/statistical perspective, women will reject 85% of the men they meet regardless of their status.

>> No.7639306

Imagine samefagging this hard. Try to make it less obvious you dumb falseflagging nigger. We all know you're a tranny here bud
Of course. I just prefer to call him out on this bullshit while using the options area. Tellin trannies to seethe hard and not bump? Seems like a win

>> No.7639337

What a meltdown

>> No.7639364

your samefagging is still incredibly obvious

>> No.7639371

>Tranny trying to act like a female
Try harder next time, I can see through your bullshit

>> No.7639374

See >>7639021
Take your meds

>> No.7639398

You are not funny and you are not making anyone mad. Just stop and learn how to troll properly, this is embarrassing.

>> No.7639415

This is a great aditivo to the LGBTQ+ community, she can represent us way better to these homophobic racists Japaneses.
I hope she encourages her friends to do the same in Hololive. These girls are clearly being pressured to use these avatars and pander to these ugly weeb men that sees them as just objects.

>> No.7639436

this but unironically

>> No.7639456

This man gets it
Boohoo nigger who fucking cares? Btw you're here forever
Kill yourself, preferably by 12 Gauge buckshot

>> No.7639471

anon, your reading comprehension reps...

>> No.7639493


>> No.7639498

That's fucked up, I wrote that bait in English and yet Windows changed some words when I pasted it, wtf.

>> No.7639570

This thread really is full of samefagging and bait holyshit. Gay's truely were a mistake, more toxic than thallium

>> No.7639687

Im just being all inclusive... lol

>> No.7639750



/u/chads LITERALLY cannot stop winning

>> No.7639802

/u/schizos LITERALLY cannot stop samefagging

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