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Koopa thread! Hurry up the stream is starting soon!

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troopas i've had a revelation since the last thread

what if koopa dreamed everything up and we're a figment of her imagination, but she's too dummy to realize it

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need a tanline edit

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>Trackball mice

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Caramel mommy

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there you go

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How can a man resist a tan Koopa?

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You're welcome, kids.

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I kneel!

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So are the "troopas = exiled takodachis" lore still in effect?

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First I heard of it

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is it me or are there more new viewers today?

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thread made during koopa's live2d debut mentioned it a bit
I miss that time, I think it was the first thread outside of /hlgg/ to reach post limit

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Thank you grandpa

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he said tanLINES you fool

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Ok, who is gonna make a life sized Koopa doll?

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not life-sized but i do have something similar in the work

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One Troopa made the life-sized cut out so somebody will probably get around to that

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Koopa armpits!

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I want to cum between Koopa's tanlined titties

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Koopa tanlines, Koopa arpmpits, erotic, uoh...

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Koopa erotic

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Did someone do a shout out for the raiders?

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Can someone do me a quick run down on Koopas colors and their differences?

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Koopa is lactating RIGHT NOW

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koopa = the one you know and love
fortuna (pink) = crazy aunt and the only person to love pinks
bloopa = the COOLEST out of all 3 and currently under represented

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The baby

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I want to give Koopa babies

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What does Koopa armpitpussy taste like?

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probably weird because of the medications and hormones.

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Using grape-kun's rock for a Koopa photoshop is over the fucking line and whoever made it ahould feel terrible

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>it's literally oozing female pheromones
Dear god I'd cum

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She is so cute, i love Kwappi

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Sorry Koopa but you can't say that, that's their word, you can say jigga tho

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Why'd the bitch move to Twitch?

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Youtube kept screwing her over

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I'm still looking after that and it's still in great condition. I was half tempted to replace it with a 2.0 based on her new model, hopefully less scuffy now that I have experience making cutouts, but I made an oath to look after and cherish the original so it will have to stay.

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It's not just her, Youtube has become a really crap platform for vtubers so you won't find many small indies there anymore.

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I used to enjoy Koopa early on, but there's nothing that'll make me go back to that shithole of a site(twitch).. Pien

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>late again

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That pig grunt was really fitting.

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Accept it Anon, Koopa is a sub.

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all women are and whoever tells you otherwise are DUMB

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Well...Koopa isnt that bright

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But Koopa just said she works out at the library

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Only a small one!

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comm finished today:

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>tanned koopa
Is it finally happening? Is this the start of Koopa's gyaru transformation?
Posting the rest of these that I made a while ago.

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all of this effort and no painted toenails...please consider footfriend troopas in the future.

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So is this that one whore who went to California to fuck another vtuber?

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Is it true that Koopa got bullied off 4chan for being a used goods roastie?
Is it true she is married irl?

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no that was me

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You're Spacer?

>> No.7638977

Who's breeding these mutant rrats?

>> No.7639079

Who knows? We need the formerly-teenage mutant ninja troopas to fight them

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Koopa roommate is married with a child sheesh dumbass

>> No.7639243

Who is spacer and why did he get to fuck Koopa?

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Feels bad to see schizo's attacking Koopa.
Her career is already dead.
Leave this whore alone schizo's!
She only cheated on her husband because she was horny!

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Is that why she made a >discord?
So how does it feel being a Troopakek?
Do you cope with your oshi being a literal cock hungry slut by pretending it didn't happen?

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I dont think that screen tastes good

>> No.7641364

But have you tried it?

>> No.7641388

If my screen needs to be cleaned. I don't think the taste will be all that great.

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If your screen needs cleaning, then you need to clean your screen either way Anon.

>> No.7641455

Maybe Koopa will clean it...while naked.

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Thank you guys for coming today! What kinda streams would you like to see next week?

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Just fuck me up senpai. I enjoyed the streams this week, if you have something in mind, just go for it.

>> No.7644113

Thank you for the stream! I am excited to see Henry get beat up for his lunch money, but I don't know if that could fill an entire stream

>> No.7645234

A watchalong stream might be nice. Don't feel like we've had one of those in a while, and I enjoy them.

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Streams later in the afternoon or evening, I miss a lot of your streams due to work :(

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Readalongs and karaoke are my favorite, I love your voice Kwaps, could listen for hours.

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What will Boomerpa do in the future

>> No.7652079

meme review submitted by troopas or a cooking stream if the angle permits
come on koopa show us your cooking skills

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I want Booma Fortuna and Scene Arypie to just talk old memes at each other to the utter confusion of all zoomers present in the audience.

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Where are the stocking tanline?>>7638228

>> No.7655925

It cuts your live viewer count in half for no reason, for one thing

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I remember you mentioning you wanted to try Rule of Rose ages ago, is that still on the cards?

>> No.7660693

POV: Koopa just saw your pink troopa

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Spacer edit when?

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Chill out, Draygon poster

>> No.7665013

How about you suck spacer's dick live on stream
Troopakeks are into ntr

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Pinks are worst boys!

>> No.7667695

Pinks are the best for beating up with a baseball bat!

>> No.7668277

>No bulge
Come on, anon. Pinks are the most powerful for a reason!

>> No.7668661

why would she wear stockings at the beach?
i kneel

>> No.7670741

>why would she wear stockings at the beach?
It's called fashion, honey

>> No.7671253

Koopa in a full body stocking!

>> No.7671927

No Koopa today, so please consider coming to Kitanya's birthday stream if you're not already there

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I like that edit

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Just clear out an entire room in your house and fill it with different kut-out Koopas

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>Koopa comes on
>Immediately start jacking off
>cum when she screams at monsters

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based and pinkpilled

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Where do blue Troopas stand on the issue of lewding Koopa?

>> No.7678717

We dont trust the blues. Too close to looking like BLACKS!

>> No.7679554

Schedule soon

>> No.7682779

Such a room sounds like it would be horrifying to guests and heaven to me, so I will definitely get right on this once I actually own a house. Thank you for the idea!

>> No.7683417

Each Koopa more ROTUND than the last!

>> No.7686768

>rotundfag is back
Even worse than architects.

>> No.7687390

I don't believe he ever left.

>> No.7687893

Schedule is up now! Sorry for the delay! Wish granted >>7652079 memes will be submitted by troopas.

I was going to do a reading this week and was very torn, but decided to go with memes for now. I'm really considering starting a reading stream of either Spice & Wolf or the English Gundam novel. Although I'm not sure if people would like that since it would be longer term. I think short stories probably do better.


I think a watchalong is definitely coming up! I have to think of a movie. Perhaps something like History of the World... Many choices.

It most definitely is! I do really wanna play it. I think after RE8 I'll start.

>> No.7689862

recreate the Joi hologram scene from BR2049 when?

>> No.7691265

as a dedicated blue i have to say that as long as it's tasteful lewding there's no problem with it

>> No.7693971

All of them koopa! Marathon the metroid series!

>> No.7694063

Zero Mission would be a good starting point if you're completely unfamiliar with Metroid games

>> No.7697315

>Although I'm not sure if people would like that since it would be longer term. I think short stories probably do better.
It's less of a problem when there are different kinds of streams in between. If it was nothing but reading one book for a month, that would get a bit difficult, especially if someone missed a stream. But if it's an occasional thing or a weekly "Korbo Khursdays" or something that would probably be fine.

>> No.7698377

If koopa does get around to playing the metroid games. When prime comes around would prime hack be a good idea?

>> No.7700223

If she ends up enjoying it then I don't see why not

>> No.7700465

I still want her to kill herself. I don't forget.

>> No.7700537

Juan, what did we just talk about?

>> No.7701104

Morning, /wvt/!

I would say I'm pretty unfamiliar. I played some as a kid casually, but I have not touched a Metroid in years.

>> No.7703085

Anyway, zero mission is your best bet. After that i suggest the prime games, samus returns, and then fusion. THE GAME THAT SHAL NOT BE NAMED. Is basically not canon at this point. Could play it as a morbid curiosity.

>> No.7703230

Good afternoon, Kwappi
>I would say I'm pretty unfamiliar. I played some as a kid casually, but I have not touched a Metroid in years.
Zero Mission's probably the best choice then, it's the first game chronologically and is designed with beginners in mind so it eases you into things more than some of the other games do. It's also short even by Metroid standards, so it can easily be finished in just a couple of sessions.
Between Metroid, Rule of Rose and NMH2 I'm really looking forward to the next batch of games. A totally tubular line up.

>> No.7703290

sasuga kwappi, but more importantly when were you gonna tell us about the merge

>> No.7703456

Play more Deus Ex.

>> No.7703831

So what was Covered up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKzOP5g-mMA&t=614s

>> No.7703886

>he doesn't know

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>> No.7704025

it's for the best. the troopa who saw it turned into a pillar of salt.

>> No.7704376

No wonder salt has been so cheap lately

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>> No.7705692

I have been saying from the start that koopa was a succubus!

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>> No.7710778

Imagine liking this land whale whore

>> No.7710923

you know something we don't anon?

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>> No.7712237

What will Koopa's next outfit be?

>> No.7712543

>mfw 16°C and heavy rain

>> No.7712590

>> No.7712597

first off it's gonna be bloopa, an almost nude model with the spiked choker and bandages covering the tits that are spilling out and a small loin cloth not able to cover the massive bush. that's it, that's the whole model, and it's only for bloopa

>> No.7712615

koopa shid herself...

>> No.7712756

Pinks are the most powerful!

>> No.7713011

She's finally gonna finish NMH, lads

>> No.7713249

Unless she blows it...

>> No.7713549

dozo, excuse the rough edges

>> No.7713708

leopard print looks a little strange but I like it

>> No.7713759

my photoshop-fu is weak, if any other anon wants to pick up on it i encourage them

>> No.7713891

The real final boss is technical difficulties

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>> No.7713941

Do I just silence the guy being annoying about backseating?

>> No.7713984


>> No.7714011

koopa really be too kind with these kind of people

>> No.7714325

What was he doing, was late.

>> No.7714552

this guy was going "kopa, kopa, kopa, can I help now kopa" every 2 minutes.

>> No.7714602

Cringe, yeah if we was spamming i would say go for it. She had a convo about it last week about backseat gaming saying it's fine just don't go crazy.

>> No.7714640

i don't think you should insta silence him, at least give the man a warning so you don't look like a cunt

>> No.7714699

tbf it says in the rules no spamming but yeah, give him a warning first.

>> No.7714723

Koopa sell your joycons to us.

>> No.7714725

do you really expect mouthbreathers like him to read/respect rules? that's for the rest of us

>> No.7714756

Good point kek.

>> No.7714823

you can actually hear the frustration in her voice lmao, kam on koopa body this fucker

>> No.7714883

Fucking Nintendo

>> No.7714919

Reminder people give Nintendo a FREE PASS for bullshit like this

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>> No.7715194

>Koopa pefers to go nopan
Greenbros, I don't think I'll make it. The pink in me is too strong...

>> No.7715291

For whatever reason, people think the Nintendium era continued past the GameCube. Even the Wii was 50/50.

>> No.7715295

Pinks always win baby!

>> No.7715304

Never forget: Greens are just as lewd as pinks, it's just that Greens choose when to let out their lewd thoughts instead of voicing them whenever

>> No.7715491

She started this game over half a year ago and now it's finally done

>> No.7715553

Absolute madlass

>> No.7715727

Koopa is a turtle so she takes things a bit slow...

>> No.7715982

Slow and steady kills motherfuckers.

>> No.7716584

Look at those numbers!

>> No.7717027

Rate stream

>> No.7717073

joycon scuff made the henry fight more fun to watch but i do hope she fixes it for the later streams

>> No.7717099

Painfully focused Koopa is cute, CUTE!

>> No.7717190

Good! We must send Koopa out Joycons so she can jerk them!

>> No.7717202

End of an era/10

>> No.7718856

I missed it again

>> No.7720798

Thank you everybody for coming!

Remember...JOYCON HATE

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>> No.7726218


>> No.7729458

If you pray to iwata yoir joycons will fix themselves.

>> No.7730189

This is true, but you have to do it while you have both joycons shoved up your bum otherwise it won't work

>> No.7730625

You know it works when iwata comes down. Does his famous pose and says "you understand"

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>> No.7733845

Come here and give your mother a kiss

>> No.7734402

Who sat on her face?

>> No.7734713


>> No.7735055

The other koopa did

>> No.7737911

>The other Koopa
Which one?

>> No.7738265

All of them

>> No.7738482

Nice cosplay, koopa!

>> No.7738847

Good morning, thread!

I'd be swallowed whole! O-okay. Great edit though!

It's me!

>> No.7739614

Impressive ass hair

>> No.7739750

>ass hair
>not coming from the muff
come on now anon

>> No.7741208

Ita actually the afternoon!

>> No.7745339

Nina is live frens, might as well tune in since Kwappi isn't streaming today

>> No.7745651

When i get home!

>> No.7747896

https://twitter.com/Koopachaneru/status/1425189019327946752 What did Koopa mean by this?

>> No.7747971

She wants the ol' panini press

>> No.7748044

What about a baguette banging?

>> No.7750251


>> No.7750337

got a whole loaf of white bread right here, no nutritional value whatsoever and no taste

>> No.7750408


>> No.7751664

Wonder bread

>> No.7751679

Dont make me remember that...

>> No.7752313


>> No.7752342

gonna giver her the ol hoecake hammerin

>> No.7752351


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