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Hololive Global

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If Ame is so cute then why doesn't she have have solo cover of Hajimete no Chuu, huh?

>> No.7638892

Gura likes her nendo too much. Makes me wonder if it makes up for her not getting anniversary merch like everyone else.

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someone post RATT.

>> No.7638905

I love Ayame!

>> No.7638922

ame please be my girlfriend I have full rune

>> No.7638924

He was fucking right.... Runescape is not to be messed with you bitch!

>> No.7638927

why doesn't ame just play csgo again?

>> No.7638928

I love Ina!

>> No.7638933

Mutual masturbation with Amelia Watson!

>> No.7638935

Joseph calm down bro

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Is this Ame's latest master plan to get people to stop giving her money?

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What the fuck, I can't believe Kiara would do this

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why do people play valorant, it looks boring as fuck

>> No.7638948

>no runescape

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from last thread seems to be a combination of being griefing, streamsniping, and that one containment breaker

>> No.7638957

>The best singer in holopro Moona letting the most mediocre singer Pekora hold her back like this

Still it was cute and she wanted to do a collab with her friend so I guess it's ok.

>> No.7638958

How do we get Ame to stop playing Valorant and instead get her to play Minecraft or just have a nice comfy zatsudan where she talks about her Dowgies and Fwishies.

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>> No.7638962

If valorant stopped existing right this moment it would be nothing but good for humanity

>> No.7638963

I love Rushia!

>> No.7638964

Don't worry our boy Henry will make her pay

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She wants us to do weird things to the nendo... I love her...

>> No.7638973

I love Reine!!!

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Who are these indies?

>> No.7638975

Kiara you're fucking over 99% of your audience...

>> No.7638976

How was the meet and greet done?

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Gura monke

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i want to make love to rushia without her consent

>> No.7638999

It's csgo for zoomers

>> No.7639002

>/jp/ loves you
feels so long ago now

>> No.7639004

Ame play Paladins pleaseeeeeee

>> No.7639005

Do you remember Tom Green when he was famous? He's like the Kroger-brand cola version of Tom Green. Or he was, lol.

Still not as funny as that Jackass founder who wrapped his car around a tree and was incinerated down to some gristle and bone in the firestorm.

Valorant and Apex both feel like fake video games you see kids playing in a movie made by a 60-year-old director.

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I wanna play bongos on Gura's fat ass

>> No.7639008

I found this little guy while I was cleaning my room yesterday

>> No.7639011

the Dutch East Indies

>> No.7639013

Oh sup. Is it my time or are you just here for your bento?

>> No.7639014

>Dokomi was a complete success and exceeded everyone's expectations
>Packed crowd
>She even made them do the fucking wave
Proud of my chikin

>> No.7639018

Do you think ame will watch girls und panzer with me?

>> No.7639019

>Kiara is fucking over 99% of her audience
Wow what a whore

>> No.7639020

She's actually getting more than usual, probably because she had them off all week.

>> No.7639023

No she doesn't. She isn't aware of what happens to toys in jars.

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Kiara wore a giant chicken suit

>> No.7639027

Reine's MV outfits are all 10/10

>> No.7639030

God Kiara is so cute

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>Ame stab

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>> No.7639038

*Casts a spell to make your Oshi take a break for a month*

>> No.7639042

man I cant believe I got 10 hours of her today, ima happy skrellington

>> No.7639045

do they like seeing real people or would voice only be better?

>> No.7639048

don't you have things to do Gura?

>> No.7639050

I remember when /b/ had a running gag of fucking with his show back in the day by calling in. Those were the days.

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>> No.7639054

nyo thoughts

>> No.7639055

Giant tv screen that you would talk to her on.

>> No.7639059

Daily reset in 20 minutes!

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>> No.7639062

Jokes on you, Gura already streams less than anyone.

>> No.7639067

I fucking hate default Mori. I hate most of the default images actually. Cover sucks shit.

>> No.7639068

I can't wrap my head around Kiara being so genuinely happy to interact with the absolute spergs that consist her fanbase, but I guess it's just another indicator that she is truly a pure and kind soul inside

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>> No.7639072

Shes the only one who takes the ENGLISH in Hololive English seriously

>> No.7639075

Guys, where is Kiara's meet and greet stream? I was at work

>> No.7639077

Based Kiara

>> No.7639087

t. doesn't watch streams

>> No.7639093

is that rat okay, it looks a little sick

>> No.7639096

>Thinking Tom was funnier than Trevor
Do people really??

>> No.7639099

Gura is fully aware of literally everything she says and does. She has never once done something lewd on accident

>> No.7639104

Stop talking about Kiara in /ameg/

>> No.7639105

*casts a spell that makes gura stream negative hours*

>> No.7639106

At my house.

>> No.7639107

So another 3 day break from Gooruh?

>> No.7639109

*Casts Doomsday on the 25th without wearing Shadow null/absorption gear*

>> No.7639110

She's dealt with much worse in her life. KFP actually love Kiara so i gotta think she's pretty happy

>> No.7639113

I want to steal Ame's monocle hairpiece.

>> No.7639114

*Counter spell to give you diarrhea for a month*

>> No.7639117

God I love her so much. I seriously want to go to the next one. Hopefully it's in the US.

>> No.7639123

I used to think Tom Green was the most hilarious shit back when I was like 12~13 or so

>> No.7639124

Miko having another baby...

>> No.7639126

>Leaving a like and subscribe? Hell yeah dude!
>Watching stream? Nah.
I don't get western viewers

>> No.7639131

You know what I'm thinking

>> No.7639132


>> No.7639136

*Dispels your spell and Silences you*

>> No.7639137

How the fuck did she know that I'm watching the VOD

>> No.7639145

Valorant is about to be Valogone in 5 seconds.

>> No.7639146

And this is why it will never be allowed for EN.

>> No.7639147

Ame is making bored out of her mind yawns...

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>> No.7639150

Too far

>> No.7639157

>something that takes 2 seconds
>something that takes hours
what a mystery

>> No.7639158

Probably. Better than burnout.
Both Ame and Gura have severe ADHD and zoomer brain.

>> No.7639161

>Yo wassup my dog. Man I tell ya.. I.. let me tell ya, you're my favorite bench on campus. Way better than that other one, that uh, that one outside the gym, on the left. The left one.

>> No.7639162

Do it Bossu

>> No.7639163

I don't understand why she bothers with this game, even overwatch looks infinitely more fun.

>> No.7639164

Tom Green was much funnier in his glory days than Trevor, and you also wouldn't have Trevor without Tom Green.

Fucking xenon of all people called in asking him to do a barrel roll.

>> No.7639165

why are you discussing normalfag celebrities in the hololive thread

>> No.7639169

She did magnificently well, can't wait for monday when she blabs about it for 6 hours.

>> No.7639177

Lesbians can't have babies

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>> No.7639180

Anon, why do you assume KFP is composed from losers?

>> No.7639181

>Tom Green discussion
Okay boomers isn't it past your bed time??

>> No.7639188

Go Ame go!

>> No.7639190

>She has never once done something lewd on accident
She actually does do this on occasion, but it's really obvious afterwards that it was an accident because her reaction is totally different.

>> No.7639191

*casts a spell causing Ayame, Shion and Mel to become extremely active and stream for well over 100 hours per month each, while Watame, Pekora and Korone become very rarely seen streamers*

>> No.7639192

she gets weirder every stream now, it's fucking amazing

>> No.7639193


>> No.7639196

Ame is playing valorant.

>> No.7639199

Pretty much like every other meet and greet, through a giant tv screen that showed her model. Don't know why there was people acting as though it was going to be the final yab.

>> No.7639202

He's doing ogey

>> No.7639209

Does Irys make the lewd comments on purpose too?

>> No.7639211

It's the youtube bug
Trust me bro

>> No.7639214

How does /hlgg/ deal with the loneliness?

>> No.7639217

Ame's spray...

>> No.7639222

She's actually preparing for her 3D debut.

>> No.7639223

Being able to act excited to interact with your autist fans is a vital tool from the idol skillset

>> No.7639226

I watch vtubers

>> No.7639230

Ignore it

>> No.7639231

Okay, but imagine if she sold it as merch!

>> No.7639232

Private room with a screen of kiara on it and you get to do anything for 1 whole minute

>> No.7639233

next month it'll be a year
wonder what she said in response but we'll never know

>> No.7639238

*Casts a spell that makes you cum immediately*

>> No.7639242

I cleaned my apartment for the first time since the pandemic today.

Sweeping the floor was practically a spiritual experience..

>> No.7639245

watching holo streams
lurking /hlgg/

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>> No.7639250

Every fanbase is. I genuinely cannot imagine an extremely successful person going to one of these.

>> No.7639255

Kiara WILL take over the indie scene whenever Cover wants it or not, she already got agent in form of MomoJelly, the wheels are in motion and they can't stop it

>> No.7639256


>> No.7639257

*Casts a spell that Someone will graduate from hololive by the end of the year

>> No.7639258


>> No.7639259

tummy hort

>> No.7639260

Tummy hort

>> No.7639264


>> No.7639266


>> No.7639267

*Beats up your Oshi and takes their Phoenix Down*

>> No.7639269

My tommy hurts...

>> No.7639270


>> No.7639271

Tummy horts

>> No.7639272

Ame stop eating bread!

>> No.7639273

tommy hort

>> No.7639276

It's ok, Kaoru looks like a girl

>> No.7639278

I keep my mind occupied

>> No.7639280

I thought it was just a matter of time before something in Overwatch pissed her off and caused her to switch to Minecraft.
I didn't even consider she'd go back to fucking Valorant.

>> No.7639282

When it gets too much I fuck some random whore on Tinder and then go back to being happily alone for several months, repeat.

>> No.7639283

You dont even need a spell for this one

>> No.7639284

The idol industry is full of even worse forms of autists.
She deals with Germans every day anyway so that makes it even easier.

>> No.7639288

I've learned to enjoy it

>> No.7639291

Kiara is not doing what she does even a little bit ironically.

>> No.7639293

just listened to violet and i think it's my favorite hololive english original yet, even better than reflect and i'm a chumbud. also the bible verses were pretty based, i'm surprised cover let her do that considering the FFRF crybabies.

>> No.7639298

Do you have anything to add?

>> No.7639299

I don't think so. She seems too derpy for deception

>> No.7639300

And you guys used to worship this nigger.. What a fucking infant.

>> No.7639301

i surveypost at the beginning of threads so i get a lot of (You)s

>> No.7639303


>> No.7639304

That'd be cool

>> No.7639309

Anon, she attracts the same sort of people that Ina and Coco attract

>> No.7639311

I miss Ina

>> No.7639313

I try to ignore it and post here all day

>> No.7639315

And after that?

>> No.7639317

I just live with it

>> No.7639319

You do realize it's a condom

>> No.7639320

Why do you think I'm here watching cute GFE anime vtubers

>> No.7639321


>> No.7639323

*casts a spell to make anywhere between 3 to 17 anons shit their pants violently*

>> No.7639324

I wish I was able to be as extroverted as she is.

>> No.7639325

*beats you in a bare-knuckle beatdown until you cry*

>> No.7639328


>> No.7639329

I don't watch streams.

>> No.7639330


>> No.7639331

Kiara is not judgmental and actually seems to genuinely love interacting with people in general. If you randomly met her on the street she would probably be happy to strike up a conversation with you. She still wouldn't fuck you though.

>> No.7639332


>> No.7639335

damn, that's kinda based.

>> No.7639342

Getting ready for Haachama Sunday and IRyS karaoke and THEN getting ready for Towa's Anniversary and Ayame's cover song!

>> No.7639343

I just shat my pants 17 times in a row, what the fuck?

>> No.7639344

Ame is on top of K/D, she'll get cocky now

>> No.7639345

Whenever I feel lonely, I take a nap

>> No.7639346


>> No.7639347


>> No.7639350

I don't think I'm capable of feeling lonely.

>> No.7639352

You go numb after awhile it's pretty cool

>> No.7639360

I'm surprised Yagoo doesn't hate Coco considering it's her fault he had to take a pay cut

>> No.7639363

Is this stream pre-recorded?

>> No.7639365

Which ones were accidents?

>> No.7639366

>Hoocha! You’re now reading this in Gura’s voice!

>> No.7639367

She'll get sloppy

>> No.7639368

Anon, she's only "extroverted" by holo terms.

>> No.7639370


>> No.7639373

He did publicly acknowledge that his behavior was inappropriate and childish, which is more than certain people will ever do.

>> No.7639378

This is legit the main reason I'm doing my /fit/ reps.
So I can go to a future Kiara meet and greet with my head held high and not look like a fat idol otaku

>> No.7639380

Who's the hottest in this picture and why is it Ina?

>> No.7639381

If for some reason I am alone without any other living being I can contact and nothing I can do I can just imagine stories in my head anon
All you need to do is lay down, relax and create stories with yourself, after all nearly no human is alone for human isn't a single being

>> No.7639382

Always prerecorded

>> No.7639385


>> No.7639392

>You guys
I didn't. I was always against the faggot worshipping posters.

>> No.7639402

I want to give Ame a hug

>> No.7639403

She seems to have a knack for finding a good chemistry with almost anyone she interacts with, even when she gets paired with some random non holo she always manages to make it interesting and keep it from getting awkward unlike most holos I've watched.

>> No.7639408

Loyal, well-heeled fans with a lot of money and sincere love for their oshi?

>> No.7639409

>only "extroverted" by holo terms
What does this mean?

>> No.7639413

eh sorry i didn't hear her

>> No.7639416

I'm not gonna go dig through hours of video to find an example, but her reaction is totally different when it's on accident. She usually gets annoyed at chat and defensive.

>> No.7639417

What do you want to offer to take her place or something it's happening whether you like it or not.

>> No.7639418

I've barely talked to anyone for the last year and it's my birthday. You just sort of deal with it.

>> No.7639419

Is it pronounced SMOK or SM-OK?

>> No.7639420

Let's say hypothetically I accidentally fell in love with a holo, where do I go from here?

>> No.7639423

I need more light S from Ame

>> No.7639425

>アイソスタシー ¥1,000 This is the first SC to you! I’m interested in you since Deep Sea review. And I was so fascinated by your birthday voice salty situation that I can’t help learning English to understand your stream!
New JP gosling.

>> No.7639427

Guys, what if every /hlgg/ thread was just pre-recorded?

>> No.7639429

don be chip

>> No.7639433


>> No.7639434

Have Rushia & Kiara interacted much?

>> No.7639437

Happy birthday!

>> No.7639441

>Ayame's cover song!

>> No.7639442

Ame is kinda powerful.

>> No.7639444

Like SMOKER HERE but without the ER HERE

>> No.7639445

hey we have the same birthday anon

>> No.7639446

Man... I would have been her friend all through out elementary-highschool easily. I know a gal whos exactly like her...

>> No.7639449

Maybe not exactly well-headed but well-meaning for sure

>> No.7639452

>Gura liked this
I love her

>> No.7639453

I love to see it.

>> No.7639454

Ah, another one has forgotten....

>> No.7639458

Happy birthday fag

>> No.7639459

Devote your life savings to her

>> No.7639460

Anon they straight up had a collab.

>> No.7639461

This is literally a fucking timeloop.

>> No.7639463

She got cocky

>> No.7639464

Ame is carrying.

>> No.7639465

I don't have autism, so no.

>> No.7639468

Has any holo streamed Solatorobo before?

>> No.7639472


>> No.7639475

Doesn't look machine translated. If that's a genuine JOP those are some impressive eigo reps.

>> No.7639476

I think it means that she only appears extroverted on stream. Some of her personal habits are pretty introverted

>> No.7639480

This is the most popular video on Marine's channel (other than Ahoy!)
How does that make you feel?

>> No.7639485

>ame wants to live in the pod

>> No.7639487


>> No.7639488


>> No.7639489

>> No.7639491

Happy birthday Lebro.

>> No.7639492


>> No.7639495

IRyS is also uploading her last cover in 1 hour

>> No.7639497

Yeah, me.

>> No.7639500

Marine's been shitposting a lot recently with those clips of her getting slapped.

>> No.7639502

I think ame should stream rainbow six siege

>> No.7639504

ame wants to have a plantation with teammates as the workers?

>> No.7639505

Ame is so kind...

>> No.7639506

Would you live in Ame Fields?

>> No.7639507


>> No.7639508

Ame fields....

>> No.7639509

I think portable only games are generally excluded since they're a pain in the dick to stream and if you use an emulator or CFW to do it you're begging for a copyright strike like Mio got.

Astel was playing that game from the same dev that came out recently though.

>> No.7639512

can only hear it in HER voice

>> No.7639513

Yes! And if it doesn't happen again then that just means I have to be more patient. Whatever she puts out is going to be absolutely amazing so I'm always excited to hear my oshi singing. I really wonder what she'll be putting out this time.

>> No.7639516

>another one caught in the web

>> No.7639517

She doesn't like it

>> No.7639521

Ina's gigantic ass...

>> No.7639522

Send your superchats, pay artists to commission art of your oshi, and bitch here

>> No.7639523

will ame be purchasing a Steamdeck?

>> No.7639524

>20k smelly nerds in a shipping container
Isn't this the plot to Eden of the East?

>> No.7639526

my cute wife was to collaborate with dominos...

>> No.7639529

>open ame stream
>Ame streaming
>keep ame stream open

>> No.7639530

>another japanese song from the EN chuuba

>> No.7639531


>> No.7639533

>You have to pay rent

>> No.7639534

They had a collab, and were planning on going to a cat cafe, but that was back when Kiara was still in Japan. From what Kiara said, she really liked Rushia and wanted to spend more time with her.

>> No.7639543

I was bored and booted up Holodex's music tab.
Holy shit Suzy sasu-fucking-guh I kneel.

>> No.7639548

Looks like DeepL

>> No.7639549


>> No.7639550

That's not Ina...

>> No.7639552

Kek why is she like this, that's kinda sad

>> No.7639556

Fuck it worked hot

>> No.7639557

She only accidentally liked it, she didn't realize you see her cameltoe

>> No.7639562

wants* to
i am way too tired

>> No.7639563

>play Valorant
>suck at Valorant
>switch to W
>suck at OW
>play Valorant
>good at Valorant

How does she do it?

>> No.7639564

Ooh cor blimey I'm bursting with hype, I'm sure it will be another hit!

>> No.7639567

Shion's gigantic ass...

>> No.7639568

Is she the quintessential daughterwife?

>> No.7639572

tummy hort

>> No.7639574

Was that an atempt to bait SC, Is Ame learning?

>> No.7639577

current enemy team is garbage compared to the previous one.

>> No.7639578

>Maybe I'll eat some teamates nom nom
please do

>> No.7639579


>> No.7639580


>> No.7639581

what the fuck ame

>> No.7639582


>> No.7639583

She's only been gone for three days...
Did you already forget what she looks like, takodachi?

>> No.7639584

Would you eat your own flesh?

>> No.7639586

That's pretty cool, but why did you have to put boots on

>> No.7639588

Ame is gonna eat me

>> No.7639589


>> No.7639590

What the fuck Ame

>> No.7639591

Ame sounds hornier than usual today

>> No.7639593

Reminder that this is sort of fashion Risu finds really cool and wishes was more popular
I do too desu

>> No.7639594

Well my oshi talks to benches so I might try that,

>> No.7639595

Yeah why not

>> No.7639597

Performance anxiety and better team.

>> No.7639598

Cannibalism time

>> No.7639599

Wait what about my flesh? What did she just say?

>> No.7639603

is it raw?

>> No.7639605

depends on where it was taken from

>> No.7639606

Didn't Ame ask this flesh cube question before??? I'm sure she has. Is this stream truly prerecorded

>> No.7639608

this doesnt seem right. tgrials and violet would be up there

>> No.7639610

>20000 containers
>1.37M teamates

Ame will make you pay for the privilege of living in a box full of other teamates while she secretly films it!

>> No.7639612

>another cover with no own spin on it and no emotions or soul

>> No.7639614

>Polka has every single holo in her featured channels list
Now this is unity, she's got the whole tent full of em!

>> No.7639616

Would (You) live in a home made out of shipping containers Ame made for you?

She said rent is cheap!

>> No.7639620

Does she have any other cover songs? I'd like to give them a listen.

>> No.7639625

I already do

>> No.7639628

Me too bro. Just 30 more pounds.

>> No.7639630

Holodex's music tab is fucked by the way because it's missing a BUNCH of music that should be up their in weekly and monthly views. Also this.

>> No.7639633

She's not sleepy & moody anymore.

>> No.7639637


>> No.7639638

>> No.7639640

>> No.7639642

ive slept in shipping containers before and theyre kinda comfy desu

>> No.7639643


>> No.7639647


>> No.7639652

One more hour until IRyS moggs another holo

>> No.7639653

She wasn't moody earlier.

>> No.7639656

>Ame thinks she can get away with eating me
Jokes on her, I'm not gluten-free

>> No.7639657

irys irys irys...

>> No.7639659


>> No.7639660

what would happen if I whipped my pants off and started jerking off?

>> No.7639662

>> No.7639663

I don't trust decisions made by Ame.

>> No.7639664

Would you eat 0.5 cubic inch of your own flesh for a thousand dollars?

>> No.7639668

what the hell is this shit brian tsui

>> No.7639669

The pride of hololive

>> No.7639673

That's ~69 teamates per container, there's been 60+ people found in smuggling containers before. It might be doable!

>> No.7639678

I'll just imagine this is short hair Ame and save it in my Ame folder.

>> No.7639682

>> No.7639683

When has that ever stopped her before?

>> No.7639684

I would probably do anything for money, Ame. As long as it's legal, won't harm me and doesn't require any physical effort.

>> No.7639685

She has yet to mog anyone with anything she sang

>> No.7639690

She sang King and Goodbye Sengen which you can catch here.
She also did a cover of Ai Kotoba III but that was privated during the Holocaust and has never been unprivated. This is the best version that I can find.

>> No.7639694

>> No.7639695


>> No.7639696

holy fuck this image is SEX

>> No.7639699

She's a self admitted hikki who finds most of her company from her cats, she only really leaves her house to go places with one of her friends I guess you could count Jenma one of her friends in this case. She admits that she's pretty shy when talking to people as well. There's more, but that would be going into territory that she hasn't said on stream.

>> No.7639702

To be fair, though Kiara likes basically every holo. Her relationship chart didn't even mention Rushia.

>> No.7639703

These cases usually included kids that died during transport m8

>> No.7639704

Who is this genshit character

>> No.7639706


>> No.7639717


>> No.7639720

You just better finish before your 1 minute is up

>> No.7639724

I’m gonna stuff this bird! Stuff her full of love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket!

>> No.7639725

Yes? Is that somehow different from the case at hand?

>> No.7639728

collab when

>> No.7639729

Survival of the fittest.

>> No.7639730

>20,000 containers
>70 teamates per container
That's also only one container ship worth of containers.

Would you join Ame's Outer Heaven?

>> No.7639734

was it just one minute each at dokomi? How many did KFP did she do?

>> No.7639736

Here's risu's reaction to 1k today btw.

>> No.7639742

I thought it was 3 minutes for 15 people

>> No.7639746

>business partner

>> No.7639752

Cute feet!

>> No.7639753

extroverts call "being hikki" spending 1 week at home. She's an idiot if she really said that

>> No.7639755

korone love

>> No.7639756

>Actually singing

>> No.7639757

I'm not gay, bro.

>> No.7639758

Ina is second in command at KFP.

>> No.7639760

Would you eat a popsicle made of your own cum for a 1000$?

>> No.7639765

have you started watching gura this week? She always takes a break after she finishes her schedule for a couple of days

>> No.7639769

Which Hololive should play Dark Messiah of Might & Magic?

>> No.7639770

>> No.7639771

Tako Bell and KFP have a strong relationship, Ina is second in command for KFP establishments

>> No.7639776

>God friend who I think about sometimes
Didn't Kiara admit that she found Matsuri attractive one time after meeting her in person?

>> No.7639777

>Has shit taste in music
Sadly common

>> No.7639782

Ame jumped on MY head! Stay jealous.

>> No.7639783

Ame is the vtuber and nobody can deny it

>> No.7639785

>Ame is actually carrying
Teamates you told me she was trash

>> No.7639787

Why is towa like this?

>> No.7639789

some holos have talk about it before, for what i understand there's a bug that resets you channel tab randomly so a lot of then let it empty or add a small amount of holos so i won't give then too much trouble to put then back.

>> No.7639790


>> No.7639795

She mentioned getting 70 letters in the stream reservation she set up as a dokomi chatroom so at least that many.

>> No.7639796

I can't believe it's been so many months and people are still in denial of Gura's tastes.

>> No.7639799

Also TakoEats is canonically partnered with KFP.

>> No.7639801

rolls right off the tongue

>> No.7639804

Thoughts on this dudes latest update to his Futa Gurame doujin that he deleted for some reason?


>> No.7639806

Ame is 150cm

>> No.7639807

Anon, she literally spends months just staying inside her home. She mentioned that she onl

>> No.7639808


>> No.7639810

I'm convinced the chumbuds ITT are actually just a revolving door of a newfriends. It's the same exact timeloop every week when she goes on her 2-3 day breaks.

>> No.7639811

do you think its minecraft or "minecraft"

>> No.7639813

Kiara, game isn't hard, has fun interactions and hot girl
She would like it and probably score 90% headshot rate with bow

>> No.7639814

I'm so sorry she's not singing MCR emoshit for you anon.

>> No.7639815

Ame is incosistent, she has the mechanical skill but her game sense is a mess, and she plays once a month.

>> No.7639816


>> No.7639820

Alright, what is community center code for?

>> No.7639821

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