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This is the writing thread, for all of your fanfiction needs and desires. Check the archives below for everything the thread has put out so far, ranging from SFW to NSFW, fluff to tragedy, small literary works and shitposts alike!

Collective works so far are available in the archive:

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?
Previous thread:>>7611231

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>Do you have a story like you'd like to see written? Reply to this post with it! Try to be as clear and concise as possible; the better you describe your idea, the more likely it is to be picked up!

Consider forwarding your prompt to the prompt archive to keep your idea safe and alive forever! No information is gathered - it's all completely anonymous. Use the form below:

Curious to see the prompt archive? Check it out here if you need a little more inspiration!

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cute bug, THE CUTEST

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don't bother posting them, just let this general die. you all deserve to burn.

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what the fuck is this place
what the fuck are you doing to beri
who are you people

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autism is gonna happen to the bug

>> No.7651745

source on the image?

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I have her in my basement right now, she is still chained up but recently she's been more obedient. Usually she refused to even eat the cum for her plate, but now she eats it straight from my cock; and Beri sure learned how to get her food quickly, I'll tell you that. Her throat is basically made for wringing me dry at this point. Blowing load after load of my hot and sticky baby batter in her mouth shuts her up real good for a couple of hours. I don't even hate to whip her anymore, which is good because her screaming could attract some unwanted attention (I was even considering cutting off her vocal cords or her tongue, but she is a smart girl so as soon she realized it, she stopped) . I've been considering making her help with the dishes, what do you think? Should I trust her already?

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are you writing porn fics about western vtubers?
every time i glanced over this place it was holos
i don't see a single one of them about any chuubas from /here/
where are you hiding those
is the mayor behind this? who else is in this?

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Writeanons write about what they want. Sometimes it's other chuubas but its almost all Holos. If you want something written consider submitting a prompt or writing it yourself.

>> No.7651964

You have to keep the whippings regular, everyone knows that.

>> No.7651969

but there are no google docs for western vtubers?
I recall the yoro ones back in March 2020

>> No.7652036

Go on the rentry link and just control f the names of any chuubas writing you may want to see. If nothing shows up that means nothing has been written for them. So submit a prompt about them and a writeanon may pick it up. Or as I said consider writing it yourself.

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The only non corpo I'm seeing there is Beatani...

>> No.7652315

Lily Hopkins.

>> No.7652602

what's /ss/

>> No.7652828

sex sex

>> No.7653064

So is someone going to write fics about Beri or you just put her there for no reason

>> No.7653078

I don't fucking know, Anon. Whoever is making the threads now just uses fucking whoever they want. I'm sorry to disappoint you.

>> No.7653108

It's dead hours for this thread. But as has been said before. Submit a prompt or something. I apologize like the other anon though for the OP, he's been holding this thread hostage for months now and we are powerless.

>> No.7653121

I'm gonna beri my dick in your ass if you don't provide a prompt anon

>> No.7653195

How can you say you love her if you don't whip her?

>> No.7653231

Ok but it is the first time I ever done this so be patient

>Beri was having a sex orgy with her 1000 mods
>anon came into stream very worried
>Beri you cant have so many mods it will drive viewers away!
>But Beri said: But anon, you are the mod
>And then Anon was a sword


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Okay shit prompt but it's a start. Think of a certain situation you'd like your chuuba to be written in. Then just reply that post to the first post in the thread (the one that looks like a bulletin board). Remember, the more interesting the prompt is, the more likely someone will write about it. Look through the prompt archive we have to get sort of an idea of what a good prompt is.

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sex sex

>> No.7653390

nta but something like finding a ladybug sized girl in your garden and feeding her cum to make her grow so you can have sex might give someone ideas

>> No.7653806

Help, I'm losing confidence in writing this long-ass new project I started. It feels like nobody even cares to read it and I in-turn don't care to continue.

>She ran her fingers down Gura’s face lightly, wondering if it felt the same all the way around. The sleeping girl made no indication she’d woken, not another noise escaping her mouth. So Ina cupped her hand over one small cheek. She rubbed down, then up, feeling an odd roughness against her palm. It felt both strange yet fascinating, Ina wanted to play with this new sensation for as long as possible.

>So she grabbed a cheek with her finger and thumb to push and pull, stretching it out to see how far it could go without applying too much pressure. The stretching revealed more of Gura’s pointed teeth, small yet evenly aligned. Then Ina remembered what happened last night. How these same fangs cut into a body freshly killed. Gura’s eyes opened then, not unfocused like a waking person would look. Gura was peering directly into Ina’s eyes. Ina should probably release Gura’s cheek, but she didn’t. Despite how improper she was being to her gracious host.

>Gura extended her hand to touch Ina’s cheek in turn, her thumb ghosting over Ina’s lips in a silent request. Ina did not voice her permission but didn’t move away either. So Gura moved her thumb to pull up Ina’s lip and exposed some teeth, then with the same finger, she moved down to touch Ina’s fang. The touch felt light and exploratory, as if curious how something could grow out of a normal human. It felt odd, this feeling in her chest stirring. She doesn’t know what to think or feel in this moment, but she thinks she might like Gura’s touch. Then Ina stuck out her tongue to lick the finger.

>With a sharp inhale, Gura pulled her hand away quickly, pink color tinting her cheeks.

>> No.7653850

You're right, I don't care enough to read shipping garbage. That being said, why do (you) care what I have to say? Anyway, worst case scenario slap a unfinished tag on it and release it to the world, but if this was something you wanted to create out of your heart, I doubt giving up will be a good idea.

>> No.7653890

Why do you care who reads it? You shouldn't write just for other people to read it.

>> No.7654030

Damn, you mother fuckers make a valid point.

>> No.7654241

sorry, dude. i almost steer clear of anything with EN in it.

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>> No.7654933

unbelievably erotic fox

>> No.7655269

Imagine being friends with an certain arctic fox that teases you at every turn until you finally snap

>> No.7655640

hot hot hot hot

>> No.7656761

the usual question for the thread; what's cooking in the oven, writeanons?

bonus question: what's a moment in any of the stories written so far you felt really impacted you(whether it be a gosling moment or something you never fail to nut to time and time again?)

>> No.7656981

i'm normally turned off by anything and everything that even hints at minors being involved but then ride flipped a switch. probably only because it's fox

>> No.7657256

>what's cooking in the oven
sex scene for Ride

>> No.7657371

is it fate?

>> No.7657448

Slowly trying to get back my motivation for writing. Maybe continue working on a Shion reverse rape fic that I dropped in favour of other stuff.

>> No.7657768

zilch at the moment. i accidentally bought a new game and accidentally started playing with friends and this accidentally obliterated all my free time

i think if i opened up notepad now it'd be like staring at a wall with all my earthly failures scribbled on it

>> No.7659632

>Shion smugly dominating you with her weak arms and loli strength.

>> No.7660102

fox sex. first time i write smut and i am glad it's about fubuki
to whoever is maintaining the rentry.co page, all you need to do is rename "Ride::extend" to "Ride", link is the same
as always, please be rough.

you're in luck anon

>> No.7660155

aha forgot to include a fubuki pic aha
fubuki's armpits smell like flowers!

>> No.7660905

hehehe writer's block go brrrrr

>> No.7660919

yeah, i nutted hard. the comforting angle struck exactly the right cord. great job, anon. only one question i gotta ask is the line at the end; "you muster the strength to say the words you have wanted to tell her for so long."

he met burgerfox like hours ago, didn't he?

that's literally the only criticism i can give apart from length, and even then that wasn't an issue. the first half makes you feel hard and the second half makes you get hard, all managed in like 2 pages

>> No.7660943


now i really want to write some more fubuki stuff, but i'm totally over butt stuff

>> No.7660999

i made another mistake
im the worst sorry anon
ill go fix it right now and then picrel

>> No.7661045

no that's fine, it happens to everyone
if you read my first work, "fucking fubuki in the ass", you'll notice no mention of her tail despite it being an anal story
that's because i fucking forgot she had one right til the end

>> No.7661113

i have not read that one, guess i'll go cum to that one now, 1 cum for 1 cum

>> No.7661229

by all means, i'll be happy if it brings you even a tenth of the enjoyment i got out of ride

fucking oath. staring at notepad right now and all i want to do is close it and bang my head against the desk

>> No.7661333

How many Fubuki fics have you cummed to in your life?

>> No.7661453

how many grains of rice have i eaten?

>> No.7661460

That's some real good shit anon. A bit too short for me to cum, but still hot as fuck.

>> No.7661733

tysm anon!
i'll try to write longer stuff next time haha, but i'll need to sharpen up first. my vocab isn't even that great anymore now that i haven't really used the language much for the past couple of years; hopefully reading other anons' works more instead of just cumming to them will help

>> No.7661856 [SPOILER] 

>> No.7661915

Why does Calli have the hands of a seasoned plasterer?

>> No.7662171

amemori bros are probably cumming already

>> No.7662177

I'm really excited for it. Ina and Gura is an interesting dynamic which I'd like to see explored more, especially with the implied edgy lore. Please keep up the good work.

>> No.7662281

Double clothed paizuri from Moona and Reine

>> No.7662658

>that cameltoe
>mio gets to eat that
it's not fair bros

>> No.7662688

i prefer to think of it as at least the tongue of someone i like is keeping it warm

>> No.7662906


>> No.7663015

I want to bury my face in these jugs.

>> No.7663104

Whoops! I accidentally raped Shion!

>> No.7663168

That was no accident.

She asked for it.

>> No.7663193

Huh, I never realized that the two of them wore the same kind of shirt(?)

>> No.7663240

I just want to hit her for being so dumb, and then put her in her place.

>> No.7663286


>> No.7663308

isn't there a fic where you're Suisei and you beat the shit out of Aqua with a nice and high quality belt because she slit her own wrists?

>> No.7663319

>gaslighting Aqua by pretending to be schizo and not remembering that you beat her and taking care of her injuries and asking who did this
>She just quietly takes it all cause she thinks that that's the real you, the one who loves and cares for her

>> No.7663333

What? Where? I need this

>> No.7663393

Oh, you sick fucking freak. That's beautiful. The agony she'd go through every single day as the man that holds her tight at night and whispers sweet nothings in her ear violently beats her in fits of apparent psychosis. That's like a drug.

>> No.7663401

It's the Gloves Off entry in the sentry.co page

>> No.7663419

God bless. Reading now.

>> No.7663554

I just want to have nice babymaking sex with Aqua and bury my face and fall asleep on her ridiculously huge oppai.

>> No.7663758


>> No.7663835

Oh, fuck, that was great. It wasn't the kind of one-sided hurt and abuse that I was expecting, but this twisted kind of mental manipulation is something else.
I would've liked to see Aqua blubbering a bit more, but otherwise this was a great fucking read. If the author is still here - fantastic. I applaud you.

>> No.7664030

This is like the duality of man right here.

>> No.7664086

>babymaking sex with aqua
imagine having aqua as your mother. fuck bro you'd probably get weaned on red bull

>> No.7664180

source on pic?

>> No.7664194

I want to live in this autist's sex dungeon and stay willingly because she was too dumb to lock the doors.
I want to have sex so wild she passes out and I have to nurse her back to health.
I want to impregnate and raise a family with her that I have to do by myself because she's too big of a womanchild to meaningfully contribute.

>> No.7664233

>she's too big of a womanchild to meaningfully contribute.
well, as long as you live frugally, you'd probably never have to work what with the amount she rakes in

>> No.7664249

>feeding the baby Red Bull instead cause it keeps biting her nipples
>makes the baby squad up with her in Apex, it somehow does better and she cries
>brings the baby to the pediatrician only to panic when the doctor starts asking HER questions

>> No.7664292

Fumhimiko, the mans a god.


>> No.7664324

anon your typing reps

>> No.7664346

tfw I'm writing a fic where Shion purposely riles you up so you actually manhandle rape her because it's always been her fantasy. Aqua joins in the near future and they're both addicted to hardcore manhandling sex

>> No.7664385

Who the fuck are you kidding? I wouldn't waste 10-20 hours of my life if I thought nobody would read this shit, it'd just remain a daydream in my head. C'mon, guys.

>> No.7664400

He really shold learn how to draw cum better tho

>> No.7664441

oh you decided to go with that idea? it sounds fucking swell, dude, shion and aqua are unbelievably erotic
for different reasons, but still

just his faces in general
with this guy 90% of the picture is amazing and then it's a 50-50 chance the face will be a complete turn off

>> No.7664465

Sorry, distracted by Migo-chi

Yeah, it does tend to look more like soapy water.

>> No.7664777

>doesn't want to change the baby's nappy in the middle of an apex game, forgets to do so afterwards
>baby gets a horrible skin rash, dies
>she tries for another
>baby is weaned on red bull because of mommy's sore nipples and the difficulty of going to the store and having to interact with cashiers for formula
>major nutritional deficiencies with a deadly surplus of calories
>baby balloons so quickly it can barely move anymore
>trips, falls, rolls down the stairs and dies
>she tries for another
>baby goes walkabout unsupervised because mommy was busy getting decked in her favourite shooter
>finds the kitchen sink cabinets
>finds the bleach
>she tries for another

>> No.7664778

Your chuuba of choice catches you cheating on her and she rapes you into submission

That one Korone and Okayu story is similar, but we could always use more yanderes.

>> No.7664802

>aqua dies in childbirth

>> No.7664846

How do you cheat on her and how does she catch you?

>> No.7664979

They caught you chatting in another girl's stream despite you declaring that they were your favorite in a superchat.

>> No.7665169

>chuuba watching one of her genmates streams
>all is well until she notices you superchat them
>You get 30+ DM's out of nowhere
I know Mr.Koro stresses that her viewers shouldn't watch other streams, but does she stalk them like some of her friends do theirs?

>> No.7665284

I may take this up, but from what I've got playing out in my head, it doesn't look like it'll be the yandere angle

I am so unbelievably wistful right now I want to swan dive into a woodchipper...or just write a hurt/longing fic, I suppose

>> No.7665300

I'm imagining this as the more extreme case of Rushia's valentine's day clip:


Your relationship is fairly standard. You two haven't done much more than go on dates and held hands if you were lucky. She keeps asking to ramp up the pace, demanding more from you, but you don't feel comfortable giving in because you two haven't been together for that long. She prepares a special gift for you, going far as to come to your home personally to see you spending time with someone else that isn't her. If it's your sister, cousin, relative or secind girlfriend, it doesn't matter to her. In her delusion, the reason why you didn't want to go any further with her is because you've been dumping your love onto someone else, so she decides that she's going to take you and keep you to herself.

An alternative is that you wanted to go further, but she refuses, wanting to take it slow. You keep trying but give up and put your love onto someone else who more properly reciprocates your feelings. You spend less and less time with your oshi until she starts wondering if you stopped being interesting in you, so she snoops around to see if there's something to make you happy. Instead, she finds out that you've been falling in love with someone else and decides you give you what you've always wanted by taking you home with her.

>> No.7665577

Blessed. Feel free to do whatever you want with the prompt. Good luck, write anon.

>> No.7666099

I am also taking suggestions for the scenarios, so lay it on me on how you would like to fuck the garlic onions

>> No.7666207

Uhh, fuck. Tough. The context is hatefucking for Shion, right? Is it still hatefucking her after the first time? Even after Aqua gets involved?

In any case I'd appreciate some throatfucking, the kind where you thrust with wild abandon into the depths of her throat, and then force your whole shaft into her gullet as you fill it with semen, with no thought to whether she can still breath. Slapping her and holding her jaw shut as she hacks, coughs, and tries to remove the offending substance, telling her "Don't you dare spit it out."

>> No.7666227

Pressing down on her tummy to show her how deep your dick is, teasing her about how she'd look pregnant, resting your dick on their face and not letting them do anything.
Things of that nature.

>> No.7666602

>resting your dick on their face and not letting them do anything.

I'm picturing Shion tied and gagged looking furiously up at a very smug Anon towering cross-armed over her, with his elongated schlong draped across the right side of her face.

>> No.7666729

I mean like, they want to suck your cock but they can't

>> No.7666748

You ever feel difficulty in pinning down where you want your story to go? The direction for my fic has changed three times and I only started writing an hour ago.

>> No.7666769

It was a genuine hatefuck the first time, but she demands more and (very easily) pisses you off so that you continue hatefucking her, even when you both know this is what she wants.

As for Aqua, it was curiosity in the beginning but soon she gets mindbroken and begs you to manhandle her. Think Fumihiko for this.

>> No.7666958

i read it, nice and cummy, definitely clean plate club
i did notice 1 thing tho
blowjob after anal? sounds kinda insanitary

>> No.7667084

Rewriting something I picked up... A while ago. If the Amelia fart anon is still around, tell him I'm alive and rewriting his stuff! Writing while deathly ill isn't a good idea. I'm glad I haven't posted that.

>> No.7667145

yeah, the eroticism is supposed to come from the fact that you've got a girl so horny and in love with you she's willing to suck your dick after it's been up her pipes just to get you off

just ignore the fact her kisses at the end probably taste of farts and semen

>> No.7667193

Weirdanon? I was wondering where you went. Did you pick up the Wu Flu? Either way, glad to see you back bro.

Haven't heard from the fartfag in a while, so either he has completely assimilated, in which case good on him, or he has departed.

>> No.7667208

>her kisses at the end

>> No.7667378


>> No.7667427

nta but i'm working on another so bend over and take it like the bitch you are

>> No.7667439

Not the weirdanon... I guess. I see you all refering to someone else as "weirdanon". I haven't posted anything in here, the Amelia story will be the first I share.

And no, that wasn't the cause of my illness, but thanks for worrying.

>> No.7667471

Oh, my bad, sounded like you were the weirdanon rewriting the amebraps story.

>> No.7667491

The weirdanon cut ties with the fartfag because he was being a major fucking schizo, after being given an inch he tried to take 10 miles, and you should REALLY avoid trying to please him. I have no idea why you're even trying to bring that piece of shit here again.

>> No.7667554

Who hurt you?

>> No.7667559

Because I enjoy the prompt. He apologized to me for being a sperg on previous threads. I don't mind if he's no longer around to read it, maybe someone else will also enjoy it like I do.

>> No.7667914

Have you ever eaten bread?

>> No.7667921

That guy privating the story after he started shitting up the threads asking for another story every like 25 minutes was one of the funniest things to happen in these threads for me.

>> No.7668014

No, never.

>> No.7668095

He wasn’t asking for another story every 25 minutes, he was asking as nauseam when this anon that just re-emerged was going to finish his story. Yes he’s retarded, but you’re making it sound like he was begging weirdanon for more stories after he got one from him. I’m sure I’ll be accused of being him, but I’m just another Teamate who covets Ame brap/scat stories.

>> No.7668152

>covets scat stories.

>> No.7668171

Listen to this anon and never complete one of his requests under any circumstances. He will harass you for you more or ask you to change your story. If that is not reason enough, he is quite genuinely autistic. I speak from experience after having the misfortune of having interacted with that bonafide mouth-breathing schizo: a mistake I hope I learned from.

I am not the content police obviously, post and write as you will, I simply felt it was my duty as a fellow (and concerned) writeanon to give you fair warning with what you will be dealing with. Good luck with your stories.

I did it once and I'll do it again. The thoughts of an autist reading my stories makes my skin crawl.

He was tripfagging, blog posting, derailing, macro posting, (all before bump limit I might add) and more.

>> No.7668192

>I’m just another Teamate who covets Ame brap/scat stories.
So an equally worthless individual, got it.

>> No.7668258

Don't forget the 9gag memes he made himself about waiting for more Ame brap stories which he posted thrice per thread.

>> No.7668278

>The thoughts of an autist reading my stories makes my skin crawl.
Weirdanon... you know where you are, right?
This is the board where grown men simp for women hiding behind anime avatars, and you're in the thread where people write fucking fanfiction about them.

>> No.7668370

>I did it once and I'll do it again. The thoughts of an autist reading my stories makes my skin crawl.

Aren't you the guy who wrote vomit and diaper stuff? Who do you think is requesting that kind of shit? LOL

>> No.7668378

>The thoughts of an autist reading my stories makes my skin crawl.

>> No.7668466


The way I see it is that there's nice autists like the majority of readanons and writeanons (myself included probably), the likes of which you have described, and then there's people like him; bad autists. There is a distinction, I meant the latter. Most of the people here are cool if somewhat unhinged.

>> No.7668554

>there's nice autists like the majority of readanons and writeanons (myself included probably)


>> No.7668802

Still here, hello. Thanks for keeping up the good work even after my rampant autism fits a few weeks back.
I’m still excited to see what you end up putting together, anon. Again, thanks.

>> No.7668842

for what it's worth i appreciate the fact you've learned from that and present yourself accordingly

>> No.7668944

What I did was wrong, definitely, and it’s not something I’d care to do again.
Not sure what weirdanon thought up there saying I was tripfagging, though(I’ve never used a tripcode and have only ever heard of Lamys doing that around here), but eh, I’ve been accused of worse.
Once that anon posts his take, I’ll probably shut my mouth about braps entirely. I’ve done enough damage around here, I think.

>> No.7668991

Being put in the hospital was divine punishment.
Maybe next time you have to get sent to the morgue for unleashing this retard.

>> No.7669044

settle your social autism, jesus fucking christ

>> No.7669361

ame anon i'm your big fan please go drink some water mwa mwa

>> No.7669503

i still want to see mio filled with eggs by giant alien spiders

>> No.7669636

If you already have the initial Shion hatefuck part done, then here's a selfish list of desires/things I'd do to those two:

>Double blowjob where you force them to kiss, unwillingly initially but releasing their inhibitions the hornier they get and sticking your dick between their lips. Having them fight for (your) cock if one of them takes it into her mouth.
>Have Aqua lay down on top of Shion and smother her with her tits while you alternate fucking them both.
>Ride Aqua's face while fucking her tits from above while she gargles on (your) balls or eats out your ass if you're into that.
>Full nelson Shion, anal of vaginal it doesn't matter.
>Orgasm denial Aqua for so long she breaks down begging to be dicked.
>Make one eat the cum off the other's holes.
>Cowgirl position with one girl while the other stands in between so she can get licked both front and back.
>Prone bone Aqua and have her huge ass quake under the power of your strokes.

I have thought about fucking these two quite a bit...

>> No.7670991

I want to get date raped by a hag and forced to take responsibility for the ensuing pregnancy.

>> No.7671213

Boy is Kintsugi the story for you!

>> No.7671247

Already read it.

>> No.7671551

You collapse to your knees, tears streaming from your eyes. You couldn't take it anymore. Every day, every goddamn day you'd go to class and she was there to torment you. Mocking you, teasing you, bullying you. You tried asking her to stop, asking her why she was doing this to you, what you did wrong to her, but she would just laugh in your face and prance away.
It was too much, it was all too much. You didn't want to face it anymore. You made sure the makeshift noose was nice and tight on the doorknob before slipping the other end over your neck.
You could feel the sleeping pills kicking in. Just once you wish someone had been nice to you, but it's probably for the best that you end it here. Clearly the world hated you, so all you could really do is leave it all behind.
You feel a tightness around your throat, but don't mind it so much as you drift off to sleep.

Your limp body hangs silently in the room. It would be hours before anyone came looking.

>> No.7671695


>> No.7672315

It was 3 days before the school announced the passing of a student. The name was withheld at the request of the family and all classes observed a moment of silence at the tragic loss of a young life.
Fubuki stared at the empty seat. She had never seen him hanging out with anyone and always looking glum, which is why she did her best to interact with him. And now he was gone. If only she had been more open? She wondered how it happened, maybe she should take flowers to the family...

That night she was lost in thought, thinking of how she'd never see him again, how fragile life was, every moment precious. Her childish daydreams about him confronting her, asking her out, romantic dates and stolen kisses. All of it, smoke blown away in the breeze. Then in her pointless web surfing she came across a news story. "Young Student Commits Tragic Suicide."
Were things really that serious for him?

The following day the school held an impromptu assembly.

"Hello everyone. My name is Kathy, and I'm here to talk about bullying. Has anyone here been bullied before?"

>> No.7673406

done. thank you

>> No.7673518

The stream starts. She shakes the thoughts of the past from her mind as her loading intro plays. Some days were harder than others, and she knew that was true for her audience as well. To bring respite to their weary lives, to give them a smile. To pay penance.

She shakes her head again. Dwelling on things doesn't change them. One can only move forward. She switches from the loading screen to her room and greets the viewers warmly. Chat responds back kindly, bringing a smile to her. Donations with greetings come in, wishing her well, asking how her day was.

"Will you be my wife today?" one asks, and she reads it out.

"No, no, no, no wife..."

I don't deserve love

"...only friend! Friend!"

Please be my friend...


>> No.7673671

Ouch anon, this one hits hard

>> No.7673842

since we have not enough Kurokami prompts...

Your constantly friendzoning childhood friend Fubuki introduces you to her new roommate - her cousin from far away, Kurokami Fubuki! She seems cold at first, but theres something about her that draws you in... as if she's promising something that the arctic fox refuses to give... A week later, Fubuki peeks through the crack of Kurokami's door, and makes awkward eye contact with her, currently riding (you) like a race horse.

Fubuki reaches a breaking point from constantly having to fix the other Holomems messes and turns into her alter ego, Kurokami - not giving a fuck about anyone or anything anymore. It is up to you and your willy to show her that she is not just needed, but loved, too!

Alternate spin on the first one: Your friend Fubuki has a secret: she really wants to get into your pants, but is too shy and pure to actually go for gold. She tries to game the system by cosplaying as her *cough* supposed cousin, Kurokami, and seduce you that way. Shenanigans ensue, as she tries to uphold the character while impaled on your massive member!

>> No.7673846

I didn't realize I was writing for the song until I finished. God I love that song so much.

>> No.7673953

> First Summer Memories (Flare, Fluff, SFW, amnesia/lost memories)
Whoever wrote this, any plans on a continuation...? I'm a sucker for these types of stories.

>> No.7673984

he said last thread that he was working on it

>> No.7674116

Found the comment you mentioned, thanks for the heads up.

>> No.7674283


>> No.7674853

This hurt me, Anon. It hurt me good. I hate you.
Great job.

>> No.7674950

What song is that?

>> No.7674960

I mean Aqua eating cum out of Shion's holes would be the obvious choice but there's something about forcing Shion to slurp cum out of Aqua's ass while she herself is getting fucked in the ass that makes me diamonds

>> No.7675015

>tfw only want to finish this story I'm working on since I announced it in public like an idiot

I haven't written anything serious in awhile. Lost all hope after 2020.

>> No.7675041

I believe in you writeanon. Finishing a story is probably just what you need.

>> No.7675079

Same boat at the moment. Really lost all enthusiasm in the past week or so. Hope you can do something with it either way. If not, feel free to drop it. You're under no obligation to continue.

>> No.7675086

When I made that post I had in mind that Anon would rape the fox.
That's what I get for not specifying.
Nonetheless, a pretty great story.

>> No.7675224

This please!
Writeanons onegai

>> No.7675380

One has to be specific when using phrases like "finally snap"

>> No.7675454

Hey, I would have written it that way too myself but I don't know if the author is into anal play as much as I am.

>> No.7675683

King Gnu - Hakujitsu

Matsuri did a good cover of it

and Risu did it well during a karaoke

but I still prefer Mio's voice for it

>> No.7675845

It's funny because that was my exact impetus.

"Snap you say? Well, everyone faces life's challenges differently..."

>> No.7677649

>> No.7677898

Sigh... ENfags really do believe their branch is the best don't they?

>> No.7677913


>> No.7678136

only thing cringe I'm seeing is someone typing out "sigh", fuck off with the pseudo asterisk speech.

>> No.7678215

Kanata finally gets her hands on one of those TENGA things that Holomems keep mentioning to her. She examines it thoroughly but can't quite figure out exactly what it is for. (You) decide to help her understand how it works by making her clumsily masturbate you with it.

Alternatively, Kanata is a futa and decides to stick her dick in the enticing hole, and experimenting around with it.

>> No.7678274

Both of those are good.

>> No.7678357

Making your Oshi your sex slave!

>> No.7678384

Making this anon's oshi a sex slave

>> No.7678396

Becoming your oshi's sex slave!

>> No.7678411

Fuck I forgot the image

>> No.7678441

*Becoming your oshi's cheap Filipino love slave!

>> No.7678479

Goddamn it can't we wait until like, 250 posts in before we start with the hornyposting?

Trust me I'd like nothing more but threads are moving way too fast because of this.

>> No.7678483

Making your sex slave into your oshi!

>> No.7678518

Making the anon who's annoyed with hornyposting into your sex slave!

>> No.7678527

Ah ok, I know the song just never seen the English translation

>> No.7678551

>making your sex slave debut as a vtuber
I can dig it

>> No.7678577

Turning an anon into my Oshi and then making them my sex slave!

>> No.7678580

that's what sodafunk did

>> No.7678786

honestly surprised that Russia hasn't done this yet.

>> No.7678958

Hanging out one on one with *insert chuuba here* and spiking their drink with an absolutely insane amount of aphrodisiacs

>> No.7679044

Reading the label wrong and instead using "afro"-disiacs, now your chuuba is black as all hell. Shiieeeeeett, nigga! Watcha gunna do bout dis!?

>> No.7679415

Mori I'm not going to write about you being turned black.

>> No.7679790


>> No.7679899

>Spent 5 hours calculating fair market value for real estate inheritance, getting absolutely buttblasted by this.
>Futures market opens, my main investment tumbles like a fucking rock.
>Expecting a 25% drop in stock portfolio tomorrow morning.

Well I guess there goes my motivation to write today.

>> No.7679958


>> No.7680025

Yeah, Coco's graduation hit pretty hard for me so I became a little bitch, but have since returned and written a few more things.

>> No.7680118

It hit a lot of us hard anon. Some people left vtubing behind altogether because of it. Glad to still have you though.

>> No.7680220

Yeah, I was referring to someone else. I'm glad you're around either way. Glad anyone still is, really, given how fucking miserable the state of existence has been in the past month or so. It's really killing my desire to go on.

>> No.7680673

>An actual whip would be a bit too much
Hardly. Just look at this dumb brat.

>> No.7680700

Stay motivated, writeanons. We're all gonna make it.

>> No.7680741

Thanks man.
It hasn't been great, but honestly as long as I can continue sharing my stories here for people to read that's enough for me. Whenever the thread goes to shit I just close it and focus more on my writing, which has actually helped.

>> No.7680794

haha why is she so small

>> No.7680894

Closing the thread is probably a good idea. It's just been draining me I guess. Always something going wrong, it feels.
Whoever has been kind enough to link all the stories from the thread previous, should you be around; thank you again. It's made archival work much easier. Remind me to put the Fubuki story listed earlier into its own document, though.

>> No.7681014

Aqua makes brilliant plans in an attempt to make your heart skip a beat, but she horribly fails their execution and ends up looking like an idiot

>> No.7681201

Made for breeding.

>> No.7681300

Archiveanon, no matter how bad things get we will always appreciate the work you do. This thread will survive, don't worry.

>> No.7681365

Play in the rain and you'll get wet bonus chapter is kinda like this.

>> No.7681366

Come on dawg, it'd be funny bro

>> No.7681393

this gif made me extremely horny for Nene. I NEED to breed this retard!

>> No.7681501

Single mother Mio! Came to Japan to find a good husband (and she's a weeb) but got knocked up by some businessman who works in the city! They're still married, but she hasn't seen him in months! Doing her best to raise lil' Taiga on her own, but what about her needs!?

>> No.7681670

when i started posting those story lists it honestly never crossed my mind that it would make your job easier. I mostly did it for people who didn't want to go check the archive.

Glad it could help though, I'll do my best to keep it up.

>> No.7681980

Do you have any other dark edits, anonchama...? I need them for reasons.

>> No.7681982


>> No.7682076

I'm just putzing around because I'm bored. I'm sure there's plenty out there, somewhere.

>> No.7682164

It's you again

>> No.7682501

Because it’s ultimate Mio

>> No.7682662

Well now it's even smaller. Now what?

>> No.7682684

Holy shit

>> No.7683155


>> No.7683274

hot hot hot hot
hot hot hot hot

>> No.7683619

>> No.7684271

>Having to kill Mel because she wants to conquer the world and destroy humanity
>Noel is Belmont
>Shion is Sypha
>*insert chuuba here* is Alucard
>You are against the three of them and think you can save Mel with the power of cock

>> No.7684635

"What is a man? A miserable little pile of supachas."

>> No.7684677

>"But enough talk."
>"Have at you!"
>Mel violently tries to rip off your pants and suck your dick

>> No.7684786

only one man can stop her now... manager-san

>> No.7684802

> Literally sucks your dick
> Your limp and useless dick can't win against her
> Get face raped for hours on end
> Becomes a Nosferatu sex slave

>> No.7684858

>Mel grants you immortality only so she can have a constant source of cum
>You're locked in a little room when she isn't using you
>At least she let's Choco come and have "meetings" with you too

>> No.7684991


>> No.7685109

So like I ain't into feet, right? BUT I don't know guys.....there's something about MEL's feet that just...does something...........

>> No.7685470

Mel' s feet strike a good balance between showing you your place beneath her and "holy shit she can make me cum with just her toes, what can she do with with the rest of herbody?"

>> No.7685697

Which chuuba would most likely flick her bean to these stories?

>> No.7685734

easy answer: Matuli

unlikely yet believable: Risu

>> No.7685742

That question has been asked many times, the general consensus is the ID girls + Marine and Matsuri. No need to derail this any further.

>> No.7685769


>> No.7685811

I want to believe that Risu has shlicked it to the archive.

>> No.7685824


>> No.7685865

Don't ask me how I know, but she most likely probably maybe possibly could have perhaps masturbated to at least one work written from this thread.

>> No.7685885

I would put money down that she's jilled it to Late Night Nut Delivery. Not a lot of money, mind you, but some.

>> No.7685928

god the number of times ive blown a load to that story is higher than id like to admit

>> No.7686011

I don't think women blow loads, Risu, but good to know my intuition is correct.

>> No.7686220

the story was so hot that my shlick blasted out like a bullet

>> No.7686255

Maybe not your women but mine do.

>> No.7686294

>Risu watching Risu dick down Risu

>> No.7686392

What would be good to know about risu to write a fic about that?

>> No.7686566

It should be important to note that Risu is nothing at all like Late Nut Delivery, but people don't watch her so they can wank to that one just fine. Mischievous is her main trait, her English is ALMOST good but not quite, she forces laughs in between sentences a lot, she is quite lazy (though that may be due to her depression), she isn't direct when it comes to sex stuff, but she knows her stuff. Basically being good at giving hints without being too rough about it. This all of course applies to Risu, as per Ayunda, it's a whole different story...

>> No.7686761

I like to imagine that it was ayunda in late night but delivery

>> No.7687712

i thought Kiara and Haachama would be obvious
haachama because she likes looking at lewd drawings of her character
and Kiara because she likes herself

>> No.7687931

Kiara doesn't like second person because it's "You" and not "Me"

>> No.7687939

This is one of if not my favorite clip of Haachama https://youtu.be/w-oAv6tO9Js and I honestly think she is too on the innocent side to actually go for fanfics. As per Kiara, I can see her reading some TakaMori gay shit but not much beyond that.

Are we not gonna mention how most of the fics here really aren't suited for females at all? The chances of a female chuuha getting off to this male fantasy writing we do is nearly null.

>> No.7688246

Yeah but if someone were to write female fantasy shit for the tiny possibility that a female chuuba would get off to it they'd be and idiot

>> No.7688542

>Are we not gonna mention how most of the fics here really aren't suited for females at all?

We write what we enjoy. This is stress relief, remember, not community service.

>> No.7688645

Yeah for real if there is a female chuuba that has shlicked it to fanfics they've probably done it to the stuff at AO3 rather than the stuff from here.
I still want to believe that Risu has actually come here though

>> No.7688666

The fluff hits hard regardless of gender, though

>> No.7688724

well yeah, that's what makes the question a joke, and deserving of joke answers
the only way a girl would find this stuff sexually stimulating is if they were a hardcore masochist and found the abuse fics that actually put a spotlight on the girl's suffering

for a more serious thing about Kiara
I'd say she look through fics about herself, more out of curiosity than anything else, as a way of seeing how people perceive her and what they like about her

>> No.7688741

>Are we not gonna mention how most of the fics here really aren't suited for females at all?
There are plenty of rape fics though.
Also, can the Rentry owner separate SFW from NSFW into two sections? You can't search by tags, so any kind of easy binary split is helpful for narrowing things down, instead of maintaining a single increasingly unwieldy list.

>> No.7688791

isn't AO3 mostly ship shit? The only one I can imagine potentially getting off to that is Reine

>> No.7689006

Yeah I'm still working on it, I was actually trying to make it a shorter chapter than previously because the first one was supposed to be split into two but decided against it

Of course being the idiot I am I somehow made the next one EVEN LONGER than the previous one cause I couldn't find a good place to stop, not to mention the government mandated nanomachines fucked me up for a while

>> No.7689171

>I couldn't find a good place to stop,
>flare begging you not to stop
>being unable to stop thrusting you hips into her silken folds, glistening with a combination of both your bodily fluids
Yeah, that's good, Anon.... yeah...

>> No.7689202

Yeah but it's shipshit written for women... probably. Yurishit doesn't interest me but I do know that ao3 has a shitload more fiction written by and to a female audience.

>> No.7689213

don't worry so much about it being too long. Think of it as good practice for more writing, and readers get more content. But do take care of your own health as well.

>> No.7689276

just get really really immersed in a Lamy rp and write stuff that makes your pussy feel good

>> No.7689294

>can the Rentry owner separate SFW from NSFW into two sections? You can't search by tags
You can, just Ctrl + F it. And if you're on your phone click on the share button then "find on this page".

>> No.7689472

It becomes an issue when dealing with a multiwork thing that could be SFW in one instance and NSFW in the next. I think I'd need o add tiny citations that go to its sequel/predecessors in that situation, which sounds like a lot more work. I WOULD like to be able to differentiate the two main categories like that, but I can't find a good way to do it that wouldn't potentially lead to later fuckups, in the same way I can't sort by chuuba because of stories that feature multiple.

>> No.7689485

When it rains, it pours one supposes. Sorry you're having a bad time of it still.

>> No.7689576

When I'm looking for a genre or character tag, I specifically want to be able to separate the ones that are smut and the ones that are not. Sure, I could mentally filter It, but that's something that a spreadsheet could do that the current format does not handle as well. Call me lazy if you want, it's just a suggestion on behalf of convenience.

>> No.7689669

Yeah. You can lift your arm and accidentally elbow a Takamori fic.

>> No.7689682

>Expecting a 25% drop in stock portfolio tomorrow morning.
jesus christ anon i hope you're okay
it's only a temporary loss, as long as you're not at rock bottom you can still make up for it with a little bit of good luck

>> No.7689699

I dunno, that's never been a problem for me. I just use ctrl F and go down along the list, and if it has SFW/NSFW I just skip to the next one. Sorting them would probably save 2 seconds max, in my opinion anyway.

>> No.7689710

you're lazy

>> No.7689749

not the archive anon but i've been spending my free time recently to make a custom archive site (hosted on github) that has built in search and some other features

the basic functionality (searching, etc) is already done but it'll probably take another week or two to put the finishing touches together, transfer existing archive into it (gotta do that manually fml) and send it all live.

>> No.7689771

To the anon that dropped 'fucking Aqua in the ass' I picked it up but since I don't know what the fuck you were going for with Anon jerking it to bestiality I took some liberties.

I'm not doing making a horse fuck Aqua I just gave anon a horse cock

>> No.7689788

the fuck

>> No.7689801

Wow, really? Rad. That's actually really funny; I was looking into github stuff recently for the archive with Rentry being a sort of middleground in the meantime for the sake of accessibility. I can't wait to see what you come up with, then. If you need anything that I could somehow help with, lemme know.

>> No.7689811

Actually or metaphorically?

>> No.7689821

go for it, anon. the intent was not to introduce aqua getting fucked by a horse, it was to illustrate the fact that anon is a bit of a tosspot

fun fact: when i thought of how to characterize anon, i decided to model him off you lot

>> No.7689827

It is my belief that series that start off NSFW will remain so in their entirety, but series that start off SFW should just get smut chapters marked (the reverse can still apply, I just doubt it would happen very much). All series should remain together no matter what, based on the status of their first entry.

>> No.7689844

Bestiality disgusts me Bongchama...

>> No.7689863

literal so he won't be able to fuck Aqua in the ass sadly

>> No.7689887

but why

>> No.7689915

maybe not, but a bunch of degenerates with sick fantasies living in the postmodern equivalents of a fucking cave fits the bill just right


>> No.7689922

Now we do this.

>> No.7689951

If he's got an actual horse cock, he's much more likely to be able to fuck her in the ass than in the pussy, anon

>> No.7690004

If I got rid of the horse aspect there'd be no reason to work off of horsefuckeranon's fic

idk if Aqua's ass would appreciate that kind of stretching.

>> No.7690059

will do. once its about done i'll send you an email with details and such. (I'm hoping you'd be willing to keep it updated after it goes live)

>> No.7690066

You know the difference between male and female smut? Point of view. Alot of the stories that people put on their "top" list have all the same trappings, all they need to do is write it from a female point of view.
Read a dimestore paperback or two, it's fucking funny how similar it is. "And then he took her in his arms, the heat and sweat rolling onto her made her weak. His musk filled her nostrils as arms bulging with muscles, muscles earned through hard work in the fields, held her tightly. Even as she mewled out her disapproval of the situation, his turgid member screamed to be released from it's denim prison, to attack her, overwhelm her and show her what a man's passion really was."
Toss in a bit more backstory about how mundane the female MC's life is and how sex with this dude is the ultimate escapism and a gateway to a better life.
Also: >>7688666
Everyone loves sappy stuff.

>> No.7690075

It's more a case of physical possibility. The average vaginal depth is like 4-8 inches, so what you're really going to do is pound straight into her cervix and send her into pain shock, possibly knocking her unconscious

>> No.7690101

I get what you're saying now. There won't be penetration.

>> No.7690142

This is a pyrrhic victory

>> No.7690177

That solves the other question I had, then. If you provide the framework and don't mind me inevitably bumbling with something (I'm no github professional but I'm sure I can't fuck things up that severely) I'll be happy to keep doing it.
So if the first entry is SFW it'd be categorized as SFW with a warning listed in the later parts of that particular entry being NSFW? Wouldn't that mean it could be glossed over if someone just jumps straight to the NSFW section?

>> No.7690182

ahahahahahaha why is she so small

>> No.7690246

>gives anon literal horse cock
>no penetration

but y tho

>> No.7690289

>You're going to love this, trust me.
>What you're seeing now is Mio's normal state.
>THIS is tiny Mio.
>And this. This is a tiny Mio that has become even tinier than a tiny Mio.
>Or, you could just call this tiny Mio 2.
>What a useless transformation, she became tinier, so what?
>Hahaha just wait.
>Has Anon really found a way to make Mio become even tinier than super tiny Mio? Is that possible?
>Anon must be bluffing. I mean, what would that make her? Double tiny?
>Eh? W-what's he doing?

>> No.7690310

the way i have the framework built up theres luckily only one file that needs be touched to keep things updated and it can be messed up with minimal issues

and dont worry im no github expert either. luckily if something does get messed up rolling back to a version is only a few clicks

>> No.7690318

She's approaching a size comparable to Anon's penis!

>> No.7690328

Why not jut give him a normal cock? How did he get this cock? There are so many questions but above all I have just one, why?

>> No.7690426

Don't mind these people, anon. I think a fic in which you have a dick so big that you literally can't fuck any girls can be quite creative if you play around with it.

>> No.7690464

this way you won't have to think of any gross vaginas and can concentrate on the beauty of the penis exclusively, right?

>> No.7690479

but why can't it just be a normal massive cock?

>> No.7690487


>> No.7690522


>> No.7690575


>> No.7690592

because the anon that dropped the fic added a scene where the mc jerks off to a woman being fucked by a horse. No more questions please just wait for me to finish it

>> No.7690599

The tragedy of being cursed with such perfection.

>> No.7690638

Holy shit

>> No.7690670

Perfectly reasonable and rational conclusion. Certainly not because MC is a lazy otaku neet who has grown bored with regular porn. Must be a horsecock. But I digress, carry on my wayward son.

>> No.7690671

>because the anon that dropped the fic added a scene where the mc jerks off to a woman being fucked by a horse.

whoa buddy i just mentioned he chose bestiality porn for his morning wank because he's a sexual deviant, i didn't describe horse sex

>> No.7690700

>writeanon's horse cock preference comes to light
the plot thickens

>> No.7690713

I still don't understand your thought process

>> No.7690718

There won't be any peace here when anon is done, though. Quite the opposite.

>> No.7690757

Well since there's no smut, we can lay our weary hands to rest, and our dicks will cry no more.

>> No.7690782

the ONLY possibility i would ever even come close to accepting the presence of a penis other than my own in my sexual fantasies is if it were on fubuki, and even then i'd be disgusted and she'd be raping me

>> No.7690783

he never said there was no smut, just no penetration

>> No.7690813

it'd be pretty weird for there to be no smut in a story called "fucking aqua in the ass"

it's actually weird enough that there's no anal sex, come to think of it

>> No.7690822

Lost? So am I.

>> No.7690846

Much like the meaty rod of justice... or rape!


>> No.7690848

not anymore, anon. you're home, you just haven't realized it yet
take off your pants and come on in

>> No.7690859

New thread

>> No.7690895

just remember that everything prompt/fic/anon in this thread is subject to the monkey's paw. you are NOT safe from it.

>> No.7690953

yes, that is becoming quite apparent and i'm not sure how to feel. but hey, if someone else has fun with my dropped work, in the end i'm happy

>> No.7691090

Characterization question. In a normal relationship, I'd imagine Coco would be her normal self, maybe leaning more into the caring/tender side in intimate moments yet also still fuck like a tiger. I've no trouble with that. Yet the story I'm writing has her helping someone who has no idea what sex is through their first time. I'm leaning more towards "trying not to be too rough with it but still prone to dirty talking and teasing". That sound right?

>> No.7691134

Honestly, I'd imagine in such a situation she'd have fun with exposing her partner to all new sensations and laughing at their reactions.

>> No.7691143 [SPOILER] 

This image coupled with the other one where it's standing on top of her really got me horny back in the day. I hadn't known it was from Berserk so I got disappointed when I was told the horse immediately gets killed after that.

Unrelated but this also reminds me that I got hard af from seeing Matou Sakura from fate in that pit of worms when she was younger, cause it was heavily implied that she constantly is being raped by them through every hole, so I tried searching for porn of that but unfortunately nothing good came up.

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