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>realizing pekora literally just wakes up, eats breakfast around lunchtime, then streams all day long until she gets tired and goes to sleep

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She also has sex with her boyfriend (me) before she goes to bed.

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She (allegedly) goes shopping sometimes.

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She is with her mom, right?

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She is basically a no lifer that cuts all her dead hours of the day to actually make money.

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She is completely fucking retarded and an attention whoring neet I love her

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She watched XQCs GTA stream and saw that he had been streaming for 10h+ and she is mimicking that in order to become number 1 female streamer same as xqc is number 1 male streamer

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>Wake up and play videogames all day
>Collect money so long as you talk to yourself and sometimes reply to chat
Best Life

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What a neet.

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You know this goes directly against Coco’s advice of experiencing life to have more things to talk to listeners. How does the rabbit not run out of things to talk?

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She's witty and a quick comedic thinker. Memes aside, her tsukkomi game is out of this world.
Life experience is a cool bonus, not a necessity.

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What the fuck is an autistic rabbit that is afraid to go to konbini even with mom gonna do other than stream?

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Living the dream

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It's really smart, honestly. She knows this shit ain't gonna last. So she's gettin as much cash as she can before the money train stops. The ones that aren't milking this shit for all it's worth while the gettin is good are the stupid ones.

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>Doesn't stream 12 hours a day, every single day

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>Your job lasts 5 years at most
>10 if you can pull a pewdiepie
>No healthcare or dental benefits
>Maximum Japanese taxes
>Have to make a shit ton of money in that short amount of time in order to retire successfully without getting another job or being forced to marry

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>experienced life

Coco's experience is sucking cocks, then eating pussy.

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She lives and breathes streaming.

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Play off the chat and keep up the kayfabe talking about being a rabbit and her chibi-rabbit chat friends.
You can also go into details about what you see on the internet
Or more easily, you can go into more details about characters from games you played that you didn't have time to talk about during stream.

Give me enough time and I can writefag an hour long monologue about why the final fantasy X laugh is peak comedy. Its all bullshit, but I can stall for time easily.

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>No healthcare or dental benefits

Cover gives them a salary, I'm sure there's some options there. Maybe not a lot since the pay might be modest.

I know Korone used her SC money to pay for her mom's covid hospital stay

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Eh I was talking streamers in genera. But you might be right with Cover maybe giving benefits

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In japanland you pay 300 a month and get "free" healthcare, at least for stuff that doesn't require a specialist. It's not considered a tax.

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>No healthcare or dental benefits

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>plays Final Fantasy for 6 hours
>stops for 20 minutes to appear in Towa's prerecorded birthday live
>back to Final Fantasy

>> No.7659707

shame that FF is a garbage game

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Have you heard her schizo rants about aliens and flat earth? Being a former NEET weirdo is all the experience she needs.

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Wtf I love pekora now?

>> No.7659893

she'll eventually play the only good FF (IX) later

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She's addicted to streaming. She's more in for other people's validation than for money.

>> No.7659911

This is how I feel about people like Ame that endlessly dick around with turning off their superchats or not feeling like streaming and that kind of crap. Yeah, you make more money than you ever made before. RIGHT NOW. In 5 years you might be back making jack shit from your internet job and living in a trailer or a dirty apartment again. Or maybe in 2 years. Or 1. Internet fads move at an incredible pace. You don't have to stream every moment and kill yourself or be a shill and piss your fans off, but make money while you can. Be smart.

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IX is reddit tier shit.

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as much as I absolutely LOVE FF9, idk man too man Holos already played it. some other entry would be refreshing to watch. if it's PS1 entries, only FF8 remains though that game is a bitch to stream with the grind in it

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God it sucks only knowing English and a little of another language. I wish I could listen to her schizo chatting.

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It's an extremely common attitude towards money I've seen from North Americans under 40. They get a good job? Somehow they manage to spend every red cent and have to borrow rent money. It's not even "they think the world is ending so they're living" it's "they are fucking retarded at money, hands down". I knew a guy who was getting paid like 120,000 a year and apparently his plan was "yeah put like a thousand in a savings account lol" like that was some fucking genius move and not "where is the other 99% of your money going".

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Pekora's so cool

>> No.7660164

>dedicated and hard worker
wow what a bitch maybe she should be roasted over spit dumb rabbit.

>> No.7660171

She just repeats the same things all the time, adult japanese that still have their sanity left dont watch her anymore, she does have a horde of neet completely brainwashed by her BGM though

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Vtubers have taught me a lot about japanese. For example did you know "sugoi" "kakkoii" and "kawaii" make up 50% of the japanese language?

>> No.7660746

>She just repeats the same things all the time
EOP i swear

>> No.7660780

what's the other one? Mine is a shitty SEA. Just start repping nihongo bro, it's so worth it

>> No.7662142

apparently she also watches some soccer

>> No.7662253

>xqc is number 1
Feels good to be a juicer

>> No.7662331

Mine is shitty Spanish. I want to like some Spanish vtubers but one I was watching always did an annoying scream which I think was her thing. No, I don't want to hear el grito every couple minutes. Then another one filters me due to content choice. Waiting for better games before I tune into her.

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If you think that's bad, Watame probably doesn't even see daylight

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She's literally me.

>> No.7662604

This. I listen to her BGM on daily basis for hours.

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It's literally me. But I don't stream, I'm not a cute girl and I go to job.

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