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Hololive Global

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I love Gura!

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I love Mori!

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I love...lamp

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I love Maririn!

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Haachama did nothing wrong!

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Haachama did everything wrong
But in the right way

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*casts a spell causing Ame and Gura to call in*

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>Am Elephant has more views than the SSS IRyS cover

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This isn't a threat.
It's a promise.

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Who do I have to suck off to get a Holo to play NEO: The World Ends with You?

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enter lamy

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Aqua is cute

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BDay totsu not her outfit reveal

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It's ok, Ame, Towa ignored Subaru too...

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would be kino when she finally snaps and does a karaoke with nothing but rebel songs

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Does hlgg love towasama?

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I can feel myself transforming...

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Aqua has friends!

>> No.7663486

I know Mio was playing the first a while back, she ever finish that?

>> No.7663489

this kinda makes it look like Ina has a mustache

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>watched end of Ame VOD
>saw her thanking the SC credits at the end
Credits are still scuffed right? Pretty sure she got way more SCs than what was listed.

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She promised to call in for Aqua

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she just didn't get to them in time before the live started and she hasn't started again yet

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man why the fuck is roboco so cute

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>Put it on loop
>+1 every 20 seconds
Pity views.

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Why does this Lamy look like a Disgaea character?

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>Gets unironically mad at Ame for thinking Zombie was a song actually about zombies

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i want matsuri to live between my legs

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It's shitposting mostly, Aqua's eigo is so shit, that only the JP speaking EN's would call.

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Been Out The Thread the past few days did I miss anything

>> No.7663512

So we're going to beat up a nakirigumi if Ayame doesn't call in right

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>Ina has a mustache
That's not Ina, that's, uh
Linda! Yeah, Linda. Linda has the moustache, right?

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>She promised to call in for Aqua
When did she do that?

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When are we getting a Scottish holo?

>> No.7663527

I love this home appliance like you wouldn't believe.

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>randomly humming a song while playing a game
>"what's this song? It sounds familiar" in chat
>'Oh, it's just a song from my homeland called ''kinky boots"

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Did she actually promise? I had her stream last night on background so I might have missed that.

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We will tie them up shibari style and parade them around in public

>> No.7663539

Shouldn't the expectation be that she isn't going to call?

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>all of gen 2 showed up for Aqutan
So sweet and wholesome!

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She's busy with moving, you prick.

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Towa didn't reply, but she liked Ame's tweets.
She replied to things after Ame posted, and she liked some of Ame's posts.

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In my dreams

>> No.7663547

Shizo threads mate, no big yabs for now. Well Terumi quit her company but continuing as an indie...

>> No.7663548

New Orchestral cover of RIP!

>> No.7663550

>Tfw Swedish Holo.

>> No.7663553

You can try

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I want a welsh holo only if she sounds like dub Nia from XC2

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Holy shit it's Mel!

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I love my corporate mandated unity!

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In the t2 members post yeah

>> No.7663569

And rape said nakirigumi afterwards, yes.

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Please make a soundpost of this one too.

>> No.7663581

Tomorrows ASMR is gonna kill me.

>> No.7663582

Yeah, we will beat her up with our dicks

>> No.7663583

It's a reference to her dropping NieR:Automata after promising to play it and some resident Schizo whose name I keep forgetting saying that in response (then apologizing after sleeping over it).

>> No.7663584

Miko is singing and cute

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Her with a black rose reminds me of a certain doll.

>> No.7663593

She can't collect SC's from this stream, she isn't calling in

>> No.7663594

I love Rushia!

>> No.7663597

>all of gen 2 showed up for Aqutan

>> No.7663599

Can you gossipy women shut the fuck up already

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I want Towa to give me a bj...

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>She even saw the screenshots

>> No.7663608

I want the next ASMR to send me. Finish me, Moririn! Bring me to your side!

>> No.7663611

man aqua please I wanna sleep

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>4 leaf clover

>> No.7663627

Oh it really is Ina's drawing from the Nabi collab

>> No.7663630

>she only replied because she saw my post exposing her
Maybe I have become too powerful...

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This is why HoloEU would be amazing
There's like 50/50 chance that anyone they would pick would have a patriotic bone to pick
Imagine the banter between bit and French holos!
At least imagine it two decades ago because they would be jailed for nationalism nowadays lmao

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>> No.7663643

>all the girls leaping to join minecraft day after tomorrow with akua
it's so sweet...

>> No.7663647

We already have ID

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What the fuck it's true

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>> No.7663660

Stop reminding me that Nerine exists. She's long dead, or dying.

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So what has lead Towa out of all holos to this site?

>> No.7663670

We're gonna strip Ayamefriend, beat the shit out of her, and tie her to a pole in a public area

>> No.7663672

Aaaaw, she's just nervous.

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Why are takos like this?

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>> No.7663682

*cums on you*

>> No.7663684

If only KFP gave a shit about Roboco's new cover.. I watched Kiara's songs.

>> No.7663685

She's both my oven and fridge because she warms my heart and keeps me cool when i get angry

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>> No.7663689

Polka and Watame post here daily, she probably learned from them

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>> No.7663691

Its because IRyS doesn't know about the premiere function in youtube. Or how to market her songs at all

>> No.7663692

*cums on you*

>> No.7663695

I know you're funposting but it's actually crazy that her fans believe her when she says she's busy moving for like 4 months

>> No.7663700

That's why she should cover English song, what a missed opportunity.

>> No.7663701

me too...

>> No.7663702

you have a very weird view of Europe m8

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>> No.7663711

tfw Ina is not on vacation, but working extra hours for a chink shrine, destroying her sleep schedule

>> No.7663715

Yes, she got more than 2k dollars that stream
>USS Liberty Incident, thank you~.

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>> No.7663718

Hey I did watch it

>> No.7663720

It's probably more about them being pretty boring
Doesn't change lyrics or remix just plain holo covers and not even the fun songs

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>> No.7663724

When will Ame do a True Detective watchalong

>> No.7663725


25:12 if the timestamp doesn't work.

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>> No.7663729

my cute wife!

>> No.7663731

>open aqua's stream
>hear Mel whisper "daisuki dayo" to me
>close stream

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>> No.7663736

I think their new cope is that her ISP fucked up so she has no internet in her new place.

>> No.7663737

*dodge your cums and cums you back*

>> No.7663739

It’s in my Holosong playlist for what it’s worth.

>> No.7663740

Its p. cool

>> No.7663741

Oh no!

>> No.7663742

>has time to stream but ignored her genmate
add it to the list

>> No.7663743

Akukin coming back together just before EN merge. naruhodo.

>> No.7663745

t. burger

>> No.7663748

roboco's getting gangsta

>> No.7663756

Come on Ayame...here's your chance to call in!

>> No.7663759

Weird looking microphone, is it broken?

>> No.7663761

>> No.7663762

Honestly, I prefer them now, since at least their cucks aren't constantly spamming this thread with off topic shilling every fucking day

>> No.7663763

>it's over

>> No.7663764

Roboco is being really cute

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>> No.7663769

Will any EN do a totsu for their anniversary next month?

>> No.7663773

ayame didn't call.

>> No.7663778

Why do you all pretend you watch and enjoy HoloJP again? I thought we were all in agreement that HoloMyth was the most high spec gen to date, everything else is just filler.

>> No.7663779

It's an obvious 2016 /pol/tard

>> No.7663781

ame doko..................

>> No.7663783

>1:36:33 [EN] Aqua: I'm really thankful for everyone who come to my call-in. There are a few people who couldn't join.

>> No.7663786

Ayame didn't show for Subaru's one million, why would she show for this?

>> No.7663787

I've Pavlov'ed myself to only cum towards Lize if I'm fapping to vtubers

>> No.7663788

what are you guys talking about, Ayame's on screen right now!

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>> No.7663794

>dangerous sexy roboco

>> No.7663795

If Gura does one she's going to realise she didn't make any friends.

>> No.7663797


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>> No.7663803

most likely this

>> No.7663804

Rather see her watch a nature documentary or Kemono Friends.

>> No.7663807

Oh hai /hlg/ falseflagger.
Don't you have streams to watch?

>> No.7663810

dangerous sexy girl....

>> No.7663812


>> No.7663813

dangerous sexy karaoke robot very cute

>> No.7663814

Ayame does all these things and people still try to tell me it's not okay to dislike her
It's not like it's a one-off with her. She does this shit over and over, time and time again.

>> No.7663815

probably not

>> No.7663817

Sometimes she's vocaloid, sometimes she's idol, sometimes she's Lo-fi, sometimes she's gangsta

>> No.7663818

god damnit

>> No.7663819


>> No.7663820

past a certain age a man without an oshi can be a bad thing.

>> No.7663821


>> No.7663831

>> No.7663832

Kiara will

>> No.7663833

>next month

>> No.7663834

>Towa saw flip's nails

>> No.7663838

they all debuted on the same day,they'll do a collab (Ame's investigation results?) and then everyone will probably react to their debut. Gura will review porn of herself

>> No.7663839

I'm not a falseflagger. There quite literally is no point to watching Roboco or any other meme Holo when Gura, Ina and Ame exist. Prove me wrong. Name a single JP that can do what they do but better.

>> No.7663842

half of this thread watches towa.

>> No.7663844

>> No.7663848

The robot is drunk I want pet her pussy NOW chacha is too cute

>> No.7663849

Someone please make that roboco rap into a soundpost or just upload it in streamable

>> No.7663851

Dog coming to a stream near you (soon (17minutes))

>> No.7663854

how bad does aqua smell

>> No.7663858

EN would be the only one's calling, plus Ollie

>> No.7663859

>Carcosa scene with the vortex at the ending

>> No.7663863

>le epic falseflagger man

>> No.7663865

She smells like bubblegum.

>> No.7663867

everyone who replies after me is a faggot, but not the funny kind like teamates

>> No.7663870

What is totsu and JK? I don't see them enough to pick up on the meaning through context.

>> No.7663874

I want Gura to do a totsu. It would be either the ultimate rrat slayer or ultimate rrat generator

>> No.7663875

Probably uses 5ch and sees the posts talking about this place and found her way here.

>> No.7663877

Everyone everywhere watches towa!

>> No.7663878

Only one i can tolerate from both JP and EN

>> No.7663879

I hope Miko still plans to do Elite English streams with the EN and ID girls. We could be on the brink of great cross-cultural streams if Mori does EN teaching streams too.

>> No.7663884

Ame (probably)

>> No.7663886

mountain dew+frito lays

>> No.7663887

hanase the nihongo

>> No.7663889

Remember that all talk of Ayame being a whore, that she does enjou kousai with fat, old, men, that she's constantly taking breaks to get stuffed by her boyfriend's cock, that's all rumors and can't be proven. But there sure are a lot of rumors and she sure takes a lot of breaks. Legend says if you get enough money and gain enough weight, if you walk down the right Japanese back alley at night, you might encounter her. Her ass is definitely loose just like her pussy. Gaping. She probably drips old man cum from every orifice.

What can be proven is she doesn't care about Hololive. She streams the bare minimum, when she streams at all. She never thanked Ina for the drawing. She never welcomed back Miko after her months long break. She never said anything about Coco's graduation. She doesn't congratulate Holos on milestones or birthdays, she doesn't even respond if Holos comment on hers. She wasn't there for the Usaken Summer Festival. She wasn't there for the Summer Festival afterparty. She ghosted Coco for a year regarding Asacoco. She didn't show up to Subaru's Birthday/One million stream. She didn't call into Aqua's 3rd Anniversary. Her first tweet after Coco's graduation was about airpods. She'd much rather play LoL with her male friends or go out on Christmas dates with her boyfriend. She's a bitch in both the Western and Japanese definition.

>> No.7663890

>Members only
No thank you

>> No.7663891

Pekora can stream and that already makes her better than Gura.

>> No.7663892

anya would call

>> No.7663897

Western Europe really did go to the dogs huh

>> No.7663901

Robocco... Uh... Anya? Uhhhh.... EN?
Ollie and Gura's "collab" at the MC festival was fucking amazing but I don't think that's enough confidence reps for Ollie to call in

>> No.7663902

Why do you want me to be a falseflagger so badly? Please, I'm begging you, point to a single (one) Japanese Holomem that can draw as good as Ina, or sing as good as Gura, or be as creative as Amelia.

>> No.7663907

There are too many anniversary/birthday concerts.

>> No.7663918

Someone brought up Miko as a possible guest when Mori seemed receptive to the idea of having JP guests on for her eikaiwa streams in the future (Suisei as well).

>> No.7663919

It is ok to dislike her, as long as you understand that it's a bit weird and obsessive to dislike her for disliking other people. The schedule criticism makes a lot more sense.

>> No.7663920 [SPOILER] 

I am a faggot
You got me

>> No.7663923

atsui, samui
atsui, samui
pi pi pi pi pi

>> No.7663926


>> No.7663927

Well, Ayame was busy, guys. She has to get everything ironed out for her next stream and mentally prepare herself to release that one cover.
A Nakirigumi will still have to pay the price, though.

>> No.7663928


>> No.7663931

everyone who replies after me is a deadbeat, but not the funny kind like teamates

>> No.7663932


>> No.7663935

I actually do. I have a playlist with the most recent songs/covers when I play vidyas. I don't know if it there is a limit for views from one ip but at least I tried.
t. KFP

>> No.7663938

this is true!

>> No.7663942

Me too!

>> No.7663944


>> No.7663947

5 per day is the limit

>> No.7663949

It's a shame, really. Ayame has an adorable voice, a great model, I like her laugh and she is cute.
But I just cannot ignore how often she's now pulled shit like this.

>> No.7663952

So Nousagis are just Gura antis? That's another reason to never watch.

>> No.7663954

>wakes up 10 seconds later to do everything in reverse

>> No.7663955

This robot is kind of cute...

>> No.7663959

Get your ass over here, Ayamefriend.

>> No.7663962

Personally I just barely consider Ayame a core part of Hololive these days. Haachama is going the same way.

>> No.7663970

I personally hope their Anniversary is just them collabing for over 5 hours, rewatching all of their debut cringe together and laughing/crying through it all.
I know Gura already bit the bullet and did that for her 6 month, but doing with a group would be a hilariously painful roast of each of them.

>> No.7663972

Riddle me this anon
>You push the RED BUTTON
What happens next?

>> No.7663974

this is just like one of my Egyptian mythology series!

>> No.7663977

Mori frame to be delivered

>> No.7663980

I can't fucking believe >we had to wait a whole fucking year for EN2. Fuck you cover.

>> No.7663986

Kam on chicken please do a guerilla stream I know >numbers and all but there's nothing really exciting on after all these anniversary streams..

>> No.7663987

everything ejects off of the body
>no arms
>no legs
just lying there

>> No.7663990


>> No.7663993

Time for Round 2 Deadbeats

>> No.7663995

That's fair.

>> No.7663996

She actually plans to have EN-teaching collabs with ID and EN this summer.
Also: Don't forget Minecraft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryyb6tn9F4A

>> No.7663998

Pretty sure shes not back yet

>> No.7664001

Are you a Nijinigger? Why are you trying to push quantity over quality? Go back.

>> No.7664002

>off topic shilling
It was all homegrown shitposting.

>> No.7664005

Everybody loves Towa now I'm so happy!

>> No.7664006

Fair enough, I don't expect people to member to my oshi.
Enjoy your stream(s)!
O HA YO~~~

>> No.7664007

She activates her horny protocols and proceeds to break the hips of any man that comes close to her

>> No.7664014

Everyone is getting angry with eachother again so I'm going. Please watch Aqua tommorow as well!

>> No.7664015

50/50 a dick comes out or she explodes. Nobody wants to try

>> No.7664019

Your mum is a nijinigger m8

>> No.7664021

She has to be the least deserving Holo ever. There are plenty of Holos who worked much harder that aren't at 1 million yet. Yes her voice and laugh are very cute, but she's also carried hard by one of the best designs in Hololive. And design matters a whole fucking lot. Just look at debut Flare, or Irys. Look at the difference between how Hitomi Chris is remembered and how Aloe is remembered.

>> No.7664023

Ahhh I miss her

>> No.7664025

>no head
>exposed neck hole

>> No.7664028

>Gap between ID1 and ID2: 8 months
>Gap between EN1 and EN2: 11 months and growing

>> No.7664031

You will regret hoping for these comfy times to end faster

>> No.7664032

Mori please. I can't take these fucking hours. That stream starts at almost 9 AM and I haven't slept yet. I only slept 3 hours yesterday... Who knows how long this stream is gonna last... I can't take that two days in a row...

>> No.7664033

Don't go...

>> No.7664034

Go back.

>> No.7664037

Didn't realize this before but Aki's voice is pure sex

>> No.7664043

Why do people pretend to care about what Ayame does or doesn't do so much.

>> No.7664044

that song reminded me of this video

>> No.7664048

I really like ShishiTowa
>B: Congratulations!
>T: Thanks! Where's my present?
>B: How about we play together as your present?
>T: Sounds good!

>> No.7664050

Best joke I heard all week

>> No.7664055


>> No.7664056

I was agreeing with you until the last part. I don't think Chris or Aloe have anything in common outside of both graduating almost immediately. Completely different situations.

>> No.7664060

>> No.7664061

Go back to /hlg/, dogfucker. YWNBJ.

>> No.7664068

>no legs
>exposed leg hole

>> No.7664071

She seems to be streaming a whole lot lately... is there something she won't tell us?

>> No.7664080

Today was an amazing day. Goodnight hlgg, thanks for coming to watch Towa today! Let's watch her birthday again next year!

>> No.7664082

Chris was an awful fucking design and thus nobody gives a shit. Aloe was cute and so people mourn her.

>> No.7664083


>> No.7664084

Arousal button, touch-activated when you tenderly caress the back of her neck and bring her close for a passionate kiss before intense lovemaking.
Releases her internal lubrication function

>> No.7664087

Kiara love

>> No.7664092


>> No.7664099

the 1 year mark approaches
and with it, the holoEN graduation
she has to make the most of it

>> No.7664100

Needs more money

>> No.7664108

>comparing Hitomi Chris vs Aloe

>> No.7664109

everyone who replies after me is a retard, but not the funny kind like teamates

>> No.7664111

>belly dancer
>cute voice

She is literally sex incarnate

>> No.7664116

AZKi doing another gaming collab tonight! It's with Sora! It's fucking Overcooked 2!


>> No.7664126

Which is weird since this stream doesn't have SCs enabled.

>> No.7664127

Well Mori ruined her sleep schedule allright

>> No.7664128

Are you forgetting the part where Chris literally slept her way up

>> No.7664129

>> No.7664130

Why do you encourage dogfuckers to post in the GLOBAL thread?

>> No.7664131

Wasn't Mori going to release an original song every month? It feels like ages since she has.

>> No.7664135

That's some spooky fanart.

>> No.7664138

everyone who replies after me is a furry, but not the funny kind like FBK

>> No.7664146

and lust https://files.catbox.moe/xskeca.mp4

>> No.7664149

You're ignoring some very crucial context for those situations. The significance of Hololive in the industry, its overseas growth, what exactly the two were accused of.

>> No.7664151

Desu I prefer slower threads like they are nowadays but I miss the early rapid pace when we have gone through thread under a hour every time

>> No.7664157


>> No.7664158

roboco is fucking cute holy shit

>> No.7664159

Didnt she stream until 6am while trying to finish everhood? Her sleep schedule is as fucked as ame's

>> No.7664161

what is everybody drinking for the cute robot karaoke???

>> No.7664162

Reminder that Aki could have much better visibility and sub growth if she actually had "Aki" or "Aki Rose" in her channel name somewhere

>> No.7664164

Imagine the kino moments, the clips and the numbers that'll generate, It'll be probably be enough to trigger another boom like the EN debut.

>> No.7664166

Yeah but the majority of people don't know that. Remember outside of 4chan, people aren't interested in doxx.

>> No.7664178

watame loves gura-chan! I wish they would do more collabs with jp senpais...

>> No.7664179

Literally never what she said, she said she'd have a song a month (either cover or original). Which she's more or less held to, and she definitely has more songs than months in Hololive.

>> No.7664184

vodka and apple juice

>> No.7664185


>> No.7664186

Yes, but reading a 10 hour stream worth of SC at 1am isn't gonna help.

>> No.7664187

She was underaged and an adult man who brags about sleeping with vtubers and ruining their lives (he's a notorious Holoanti by the way, just look at his Twitter) fucked her over. Her demonization when the guy who got her fired is a hebephile who hates Hololive is bizarre.

>> No.7664195

lust indeed

>> No.7664196

Nothing because i realized too late that she was streaming

>> No.7664198

>outside of 4chan, people aren't interested in doxx

>> No.7664199

Bros, I think we should get this kitchen appliance drunk more often. She's like, at least 50% cuter than usual.

>> No.7664201

God, I wish I would be worthy of being Sora's friend

>> No.7664204

She should also put English in her video titles. The JP holos that do this are much more successful.

>> No.7664207

Feels kinda nostalgic, they've been doing overcooked collabs going way back. I'm pretty sure an overcooked collab was my first exposure to AZKi's personality outside her music.

>> No.7664208

>Watching IRyS karaoke.
>She shits on isekai.
Kinda based tbdesu.

>> No.7664211


>> No.7664218

Overcooked is not a good stream game but I'll watch anyways because AZKi cute and Sora cute.

>> No.7664220

That’s on you faggot.
t. Went to bed early to catch the stream

>> No.7664222

>5th gen anniversaries this week
>Aloe never got to have a Towa-tier comeback story
It's not fair...

>> No.7664224

I made a Sidecar when i saw Roboco was having drinks.

>> No.7664228

Kiara schedule doko?

>> No.7664229


>> No.7664232

She's getting back to originals, but she's consistently been releasing a healthy mix of songs and covers each month, and a whole new album in April.

>> No.7664234

I mean, she can just go full circle and stay up all day until 9pm and sleep until 10am

>> No.7664237

>"Show your legs"
>Shows them anyway

>> No.7664239


>> No.7664240


>> No.7664250

The majority of Redditors and Hololive fans in general don't know, don't care, and don't want to know.

>> No.7664254

hella cute robot

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