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>Listen to Risu sing for the first time
>She's actually really good

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talent is stored in the nut

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Risu is proof that miracles are possible.

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The only things good this unironic whore has is singing Kong

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Hi Risu.

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What are Risu's best streams? I'm thinking of watching her tarot readings because that just sounds really comfy.

You can't fool me Risu, I see through your bluff.

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Risu hands typed this post.

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Cus she has great voice and probably learn how to sing.
Also she is super cute as well

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vvery sweet of you anon but i am not a cute squirrel anime girl with an incredible voice range , i am just another guy

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>risu calls herself a whore on /vt/
starting to like this tree rrat

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most likely a church choir solist

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>Samefagging both sides of the argument
She's high level, don't underestimate her.

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Risu I'm having love troubles. How do I seduce the woodland critters?

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show them your nuts

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She sings good, but i prefer Moona

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/k/ knows the way

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As an Australian, I use to hold extremely racist views towards Indonesians. However, after watching Ayunda Risu, that racism has subsided and replaced with an intense desire to fuck Indonesian women.

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That's because she's a whore for her bf

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Who? That indog son wukong?

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Does Risu pray five times a day? If so I will send a fat akasupa

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She's a kafir

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>What are Risu's best streams?
Her Nier playthrough is honestly the best one for English holos

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...at any moment, any one in here could be Risu

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It's not me, she's nuts dude!

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she can sing in Risu and Ayunda’s voice and she’s the only one with a good KING cover
>humu humu

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I love her 1st sleepy stream. I think its the best one.

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risu you narcissistic bitch

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>humu humu humu

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nice rrat, see you next month when she does 4AM ramadhan qur'an recital streams

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Aria of Nuts

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Fuck off treerrat.

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You fuck off anon

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why does she keep telling me to take my meds?
why is her sideways face so funny looking?

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The sideface is soul

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I'll crush your face if you can't shut up

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I literally can't tell who the fuck in these threads is a subhuman seanigger muslim purity faggot and who is larping as one.

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Surely no one chose Risu as their oshi.... right?

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I didn't choose her, but she became my oshi regardless.

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>/SEA/ shanty genes

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You don't choose your oshi, your oshi chooses you.

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My dick chose her as my oshi after her NNN series.

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The coin counting stream is pretty kino. Right combination of relaxing and funny. Second the other anon who recommended her ongoing Nier playthrough too, the game's OST complements her superior treerat vocal cords well.

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I think because unlike the other English Holos she actually enjoys the game and doesn't have connection issues
She also harmonizes with the OST really well

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hold this rrat

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Her past before ID basically proved that she could, it's why she's tallented at more than just singing too, it isn't a surprise to Indonesians only people that found her through Hololive

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Tree rrat is on

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Will she find the answer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFgqG0W6aEw

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Remember guys

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Because she hides her powerlevel
People that sing more show their flaws more
Risu is very protective of her deeper singing voice and rarely uses it
She doesn't mess up infront of you with it and all you hear is her heavily produced songs, which masks her lower technical level

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>heavily produced songs
>she mostly does acapellas

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she's talented but the question's "when u do karaoke stream again risu?"

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More like "Why can't JP holos sing"
You would think that everyone in a company where the job description includes "you have to sing" would be able to sing.
Also, as a 6'3" powerlifter, I want to carry Risu around my house and find things to fuck her on. That is all.

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That makes no sense

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I see you are a virgin

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Risu marriage proposal thread, when?

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how do you know it's Risu

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i want to pat Risu lewd tail

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You can be a slut for your SO but you can't be a whore for them, it literally makes NO sense retard

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buy her voice pack.

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>He doesn't know

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Prisuners, warden is starting

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Risu's English is improving

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Keep it in your pants Risu!

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This fucking tree rat keeps staring at me through the window. How do I get rid of her?

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Show her your nuts and devour her doughnut

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watch it

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Fucking lazy tree rrat refuses to do proper karaoke and just wants to play games. Still love you desu.

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I wonder if Risu watches wrestling

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First time I've watched one of her membership streams, and it was really nice.

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henlo tre rrrat

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Shes a princess

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Lost in translation you dumb fucking nigger

If you spoke more than one language you would understand coming up with ways of explaining things in another language can be missuderstood

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The question is how could she NOT be your Oshi?

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she bites

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That's even more reason for her to be your Oshi

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Remember that anyone who posts in a Risu thread is Risu. She's like Kafuka from SZS.

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>supporting the person who STOLE Moona's piggy bank and LOCKED her door to prevent Moona from stealing it back

How can Hololive sweep this under the rug? Have they no shame?

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That's not true. I'm not Risu.

>> No.803698

She just wanted to smell the coins.

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Yeb hehe...

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>botan doko???? botaaan-chan-sa... doko???
incredibly kino

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>unironic whore
how do you become an ironic whore?

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>mfw the indos actually had a Holohouse back when it was just a /hlg/ rrat that Coco and Kanata were gonna room together back on /jp/

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Damn, that's high level shitposting.

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What did he mean by this

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You sign up for Vshojo.

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what the fuck is it with /k/ and deer
like if I go buy a gun right now will I instantly gain an intense desire to fuck some deer?

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She's alright but after hearing Reine and Ollie talk her accent and overall English definitely could use work if she really-really wants us as an audience.

There are plenty of early adopters who like her as-is but if she sounded less weird to us, she'd definitely get a bigger audience. Her english isn't at the so-bad-it's-good stage (which is literally what Haachama is), but just sounds like she's trying to talk with a mouthful of nuts. Her slow deliberate talking kind of implies she's not really super-confident in her English either - Haachama just speaks her full-retard dialect very confidently, which is in large part what makes it so funny. So basically accent work and also sounding more assertive / sure of her words when talking is what I'd recommend for her.

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Whoops disregard this post, I suck cocks

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one of the gayest opinions i've seen on /vt/ yet

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>accent work

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Power of eating many NUTS

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Wow, she understands that degenerate fucks do watch her and tells them she is ok with it as long as hey don't go schizo on her. What a bitch...
In all honesty, this makes me appreciate her even more, because she talks to her chat like real humans and not like retarded babies like others do. Being truthful to you and others is always appreciated.

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Listening to Ayunda is like masturbating in a public park. It should be obvious to everyone who is best singer, but somehow nobody ever notices.

>> No.825280

Listening to Ayunda sing an Aria is like using sausage grease from your country breakfast to masturbate to Aunt Jemima. It's the perfect end to an already arousing experience.

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Such faggotry holy shit. Fuck off.

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Her accent is extremely cute

>> No.825332

She has a lot of talent, ID has some pretty strong singers. Wish we could say the same about Coco and EN...

>> No.825527

Oh wait. Wrong post. Meant >822801

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Sings more treerrat. Holy shit, there’s a limit of how long you can take a rest from doing karaoke streams and you’re already way past that limit. Damn you.

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ID gen 2 is pretty lacking comparatively though.
Ollie is really basic, probably the worst of gen 2.
Anya needs to learn how to control her voice especially on longer notes.
Reine needs to learn proper breathing technique while singing live.

>> No.831315

Cover probably decided that singing is not that important for ID since gen 1 don't seem to do it even tho they are top tier

>> No.833566

I am sorry wut? Ollie has one of biggest sub rise. She will probably beat Moona and a lot of HoloJP in few months

>> No.833614

What does her sub count have to do with her singing ability?

>> No.833788

Oh you just mean singing. THan it's my bad Anon, I thought you mean them in general. Carry on than.

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Have you heard Risu's adopted daughter sing? She is also good.

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I like Risu's voice and deliberate style of speaking and accent is cozy.

>> No.834033

Risu 3D model when?

>> No.834066

I want Risu 3D for solo purpose of see her in Holo no graffiti

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Pretty based.
If I had to rank them, Risu and Moona are waaay up there with Suisei, and the rest of HoloID are among the middle-bottom tier.

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