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Wake me up when AsaMoona starts.

Previous thread: >>7663825

Moona Hoshinova:

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Live now!

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>pororo's POV

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Moona lost her hoe. ;-;

>> No.7703543

B-big Hoe...

>> No.7703559

How do you guys watch Moona's stream without constantly thinking of sex with her?

>> No.7703566

based mooner utilizing her ESL pass

>> No.7703570

Let's get a hoe!

>> No.7703629

I am always holding back...

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If Moona has 1 million supporters, I am one of them.
If Moona has 5 supporters, I am one of them.
If Moona has a supporter, it is me.
If Moona had no supporters, I would not be on earth.
If the world opposes Moona, then I oppose the whole world.
Until the last breath, I will support Moona.

Moona Hoshinova Ch. ...

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>she might legit not know the double meaning, and is seeing us giggling at the hoe thing


>> No.7703737

No way a Vtuber doesn't know about the "let's kill the hoe!" clip but... Moona is making me doubt.

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>It's better to come inside

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Turing love might take first place this week.

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>> No.7705174

That's my secret cap, I'm always think about sex.

>> No.7705264

I don't.

>> No.7705318

You're up to 4.5k viewers, now is the perfect time for a snack Moona!

>> No.7705664

>2 AM Okonomiyaki
architectbros... we're still in the game

>> No.7707564

GITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! when's the local dono method will be available for us the Indogs???? you're tearing me apart, Gita.

>> No.7708681

Moona if you're reading this, collab with astel please

>> No.7708866

ask tree rat or alien instead. they love the homos.

>> No.7708978

Fuck off homobeggar.

>> No.7708987

Get a Paypal, and bought some VPN bro, unless your underage indogs ass still uses your mom's credit card.

>> No.7709149

Moona's clip is the most popular, yay!

>> No.7709337

not to undercut moona, but it's a shorter clip and easier to watch and the animator put a little more soul into this than their typical flash animation. It also helps that the eyes that they typically draw work better for moona than any other holo

>> No.7709361

>get a paypal
you still need a cc, no? i dont use cc (never will).

>> No.7709446

Japs think her Japanese is cute
same with EOP's who finds out her accent is cute
the only times being ESL was a buff

>> No.7709662

i mean, they supposed to have it in the first place.

>> No.7710042

> doesn't use cc
> can't use PayPal
> assume dc won't work with Paypal

you didn't even have dc bro, stop lying.
I understand ID bros are poorfag,
but please stop acting like gray names,
you only waste your badge

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Justin failed to push this Idea to upper management please understand

>> No.7710892

i literally tried with my old visa dc last year, dumbfuckchama, IT WONT ALLOW ME. now my bank released a whatever new card this is that Paypal can't accept. i believe some indonesian moonaitos ITT came across the same issue. the only indonesian dc i know that able to use SC with with VPN are cards from BCA (fellow indo ITT CMIIW), i heard it somewhere.
>b-but you can always "buy" from third parties
you wouldnt believe how much fee they're trying to rob.

>> No.7710958

>be Moona
>make automatic sorting jiggamagig
>half finishes it
>starts second guessing the machine and sorting things MANUALLY anyway

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The moon's mass is 7.35 x 10^22 kg, about 1.2 percent of Earth's mass. In other words, one moon weighs the same as 36750000000000000000000 average sized rabbits.

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>> No.7711388

s-sugoi, Is that why Moona is so powerful

>> No.7711855

been averaging 200k views a day, it might reach 1 million by Friday or Saturday

>> No.7711942

nope. we cant use paypal with debit here.

>> No.7712080

Instead of paying Moona directly, why don't you commission artists to draw fanart or lewds to extend Moona's outreach? If you can't contribute directly, you might as well contribute indirectly.

>> No.7712221

how's a fanart extends moona's (or any talent in general) outreach exactly? elaborate. dozo~

>> No.7712505

I wrote a thorough explanation of my logic, but realized I have zero proof on hand to back up my claim. So let me shortcut and say just assume it works the same way clippers grow an audience through exposure of clipped vtubers, only this is through twitter feeds and art.

>> No.7713947 [SPOILER] 

Zombiefag here, ollie will pass Moona soon

>> No.7714367

i always put my money on e wallet, indogs payment system are built for e wallet users anonchama

>> No.7714505

then GET A GODDAMN CREDIT MF CARDS you prehistoric monkey, or open another bank account you believe can make it, there is always a way if you try hard enough my friend, you are just too dumb or lazy to try,
and for whatever reason, you can't make it, it still sucks to be you

>> No.7714512

Song views follow a logarithmic curve not a linear increase.

>> No.7715077

yeah, I'm aware some of you was,

>> No.7715132

true, they have even went that far

>> No.7715646

Lovely Cute Daughter!

>> No.7715647

Moona's Indonesian accent comes out during the rap parts of Tuning Love and it's kinda cute

>> No.7715852

Child labor
but still cute

>> No.7715877

"I'm not cute at all"
Faq u

>> No.7715951

this one is cuter

>> No.7715981

I never think of having sex with Moona.
I always think of Moona having sex with Pekora.

>> No.7715985

Ugh. I felt so bad after writing some nonsense ITT yesterday. Moona. I'm so sorry, I was half asleep

>> No.7716031

What happend with last night minecraft stream?

>> No.7716096

God damn I never thought Ollie singing would be that bad

>> No.7716118

I don't know why it doesn't appear on her channel but it's not private, you can still access it.


>> No.7716169

Got confused too, i cant find it from my Pc. I thought she got yabbed herself again just like the other day

>> No.7716170

it's not listed on her channel, but I checked on playboard and it's there

>> No.7716281

VODs sometimes take a while to process and become visible on the channel page

>> No.7717282

Moona, what are we going to do today?

>> No.7717438


>> No.7717498

Just wait for the schedule

>> No.7717569

Fixing her pc

>> No.7717617

This is late but, archive of Moona's last(?) unarchived utawaku in antibloat encoding:
Don't expect this to be up forever.

>> No.7717656

The same thing we do every night, Shachou.

>> No.7717784

Bro, You can just use Jenius.

>> No.7717903

Thank you, anonchama!

>> No.7717907

>not using the umbrella
Haha, that's our Moona!

>> No.7718382

imagine if moona covering this song

>> No.7718630

CC is haram

>> No.7719930

Ikr, it's either he is a retard or very poor.

>> No.7720142

Bros, imagine moona and irys covering this song together.

>> No.7720236

Damn, this band has some bangers

>> No.7720338

i can imagine myself sucking dick to the beat of this song

>> No.7720448

But which part would you rather Moona have

>> No.7720621

this remained me did she sang unwritten?

>> No.7720919

Do you guys sometimes think about how grateful Moona and Pekora is of each other, Moona even more so. They both really boosted their channels, and gave each other even more exposure to each others demographic. Is that why Pekora has such a soft spot for Moona?

>> No.7721038

I don't think it will be with Irys. However, we can try to request this in the next membership stream.

>> No.7721266

I think Pekora sees honesty and hard work in Moona, and Moona feels kindness and charisma in Pekora. Also, their lore matches up very well. I don't know if this is true, but Moona seems to play by her own rules.

>> No.7721688

Wasn't Moona also the first to break Pekora out of her shell? The "I work better alone" thing? I think it was a similar feel with Moona too

>> No.7721778

Yup, not only moona. Pekora also got a ton of new en fans after their minecraft shenanigan blow up. Probaly the same reason why "hey moona" is her most voted catchphrase for 2020.

>> No.7721805

Does irys have the same taste in music as Moona?

>> No.7723132


>> No.7723242

I don't think so. Her unarchived Karaoke was meh tier. Irys is much better with JP songs.

>> No.7724361


What the fuck that sounded like it hurts so much

>> No.7724448

I got that last week, shit hurt and made my day moody.

>> No.7725160

nope. not a fan of the concept of CC. i would prefer to spend money with the money i actually have.
i heard about this one. something along you can treat it as prepaid vcc. i might need to do my research first before getting one. or maybe some indo anon ITT willing to elaborate further.

>> No.7725281

>simple plan
do you guys like s(o)y?

>> No.7725285

Moona your arm..

>> No.7725301

moona love onions, it makes her tits bigger

>> No.7725376

Just download the app on your phone and it will guide you. Basically, you are just going to make a back acc and then they give you an electronic prepaid credit card.

>> No.7725465

Not exactly. Pekora was, and still is, comfortable around a fairly small group of people. Moona just managed to barge into that group. Even now, Pekora is still pretty difficult to rope into a collab.

>> No.7725499


>> No.7725674

even if it's not, i would rather not to deal with it.

>> No.7725746

I do my best, FOR THE MOON!

>> No.7725763


>> No.7725775


>> No.7725796

>her mic captured the cracking sound

>> No.7725851

KEK. based meidos.

>> No.7725895

but why though? it's not even NSFW

>> No.7726034

Is this Indo only?

>> No.7726098

>Sadly yes, you need an ID.

>> No.7726106


>> No.7726157

>https://youtu.be/ZRCzLtCsIQs [Open]

>> No.7726501

it IS NSFW. the fuck you on about?

>> No.7726538

Pecker's pecker isn't shown at all so how it is not safe?

>> No.7726583

read his post again. this time, slowly.

>> No.7726691

He's implying it's NSFW, I'm implying it's not. Take your own advice friend.

>> No.7726736

>no nipple
>no genitalia
it is Safe For Work.

>> No.7726804

It's safe as fuck.

>> No.7726812

Why do I feel like she's gonna do an 800K special karaoke this week

>> No.7726935

If she is well rested then sure, but is she going to do 80 songs.

>> No.7727347

Probably not, maybe a normal moonutau length

>> No.7727424

you're retarded beyond saving

>> No.7727506

you can post it on /trash/. no one gonna ban you there.

>> No.7727681

put it on the big screen in your office. come back to me and tell me that is safe.

>> No.7727688

>> No.7727909

must. not. pat.

>> No.7728332

My boss complimented my great taste and offered me a bonus if I donate it all to Moona

>> No.7728379

based. Make sure Moona gets that akasupa

>> No.7728509

My boss gave me a blowjob and told me to come fuck her in her office later.

>> No.7728531

Ah, the joy of self employment and a removed rib.

>> No.7728569

dude, i hope moona okay

>> No.7728576


>> No.7728687

About the arm? I'm sure she's alright, just a bad sleeping position

>> No.7728861

Still excited for it then. Can't wait for the day she will do that endurance stream for 1mil or the 1mil celebration stream.

>> No.7728887

How does bad sleeping posture even lead to such a nasty snap like that ? Sometime I strain my neck or muscles but never make a snap like her.

>> No.7728926

this is for your mood moona

she must be really happy

>> No.7728989

Not really sure, but she mentioned that she slept on a bad position last night and her arm hurts, my guess is she was sleeping on the arm for too long or the arm was in an awkward position

>> No.7729015

Me too, I could see the 1 Mil being 100 songs, but she would need weeks to prepare so she doesn't hurt her throat. The biweekly moonutau is good practice for that, she could start before she even hits a million, kinda like a countdown endurance

>> No.7729214

Moona this song pls

>> No.7729249

is it true she has obesity?

>> No.7729293

I genuinely think she should not do an endurance stream like that. Last week she talked about not being able to sing as much as before. Or if she really wants to, she should plan carefully to avoid any health complications.

>> No.7729346

I agree, 100 songs is very difficult, but you know her she would wanna do something special for 1 mil

>> No.7729589 [SPOILER] 

the superior version are better

>> No.7729615

Architects will hate this, but Moona is truely an idol

>> No.7729615,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7730147

You can imagine that, how her sleeping position would be so weird

>> No.7730156

Nah, top 5 for sure maybe top 3 but Violet is gonna take top 1

>> No.7730208

Oh, nevermind that seems like it's just covers. Then yeah, it might take top 1

>> No.7730236


spectrum90 going into over drive mode

>> No.7730353

How pathetic

>> No.7730394

my fucking sides. is he unironically retarded?

>> No.7730411

>most viewed cover song

>> No.7730415


>> No.7730446

Sorry, I don't really watch these

>> No.7730520

the guy's actually one pekomoona away from shoving a 12 gauge down his throat KEK

>> No.7730616

>almost 600K views
100K views in a day holy shit

>> No.7730679

>not visible on 4chan
>no one can reply to him


>> No.7730680

I don't watch this song regularly but I always open it everytime youtube give me as recommendations, I hope I can keep feeding the algorithm with that.

>> No.7730713

I hope moona doesn't become a numberfag like we do.

>> No.7730799

I'm here for my cute autistic kindhearted chuuba, numbers are meaningless to me.
Although it's nice seeing recognition she deserves for her hard work.

>> No.7730833

Based shachou

>> No.7730851


>> No.7730909

Idk man she keep telling us to looping this song everyday, maybe she need to reach some target so the real number fag (rabbit bos) won't be sad.

>> No.7730916

/moon/ was never a numbefag thread until the recent influx of newfags ITT. these faggots can barely have any discussions other than numberfagging and how much they want to fuck/marry their oshi. like, cant we just enjoy things without contantly monitoring on numbers like an obsessed faggots getting high on something?

>> No.7731094

It's basically unavoidable since Moona's getting more and more recognized, we can't really protect her from it

>> No.7731616

Massive weeb Indon here that have seen her perform live in a weeb event, I can guarantee you she is the real deal, and her singing has improved so much.

>> No.7731706

Don't bring up roommate stuff here

>> No.7731759

I don't think she will become one, half the time she barely tell people to listen to a song to the point people here criticized her of not knowing how to market her cover. When the last time you hear her said stream villain, which is near 3 Mil, or her original, or bring it on/kawaii. But I got to admit I want her covers do well in number since her best work can't be on her channel officially, and promoter usually look at the number, I just want her to have more singing gigs and not have to shill shitty game anymore.

>> No.7731810

Are you in the wrong thread ? When did she said that ? Aren't we the one who decided to stream it everyday because it is good and we love her.

>> No.7731835

Not that anon but

>> No.7731853

reading comprehension anon, she said SHE'S looping it everyday

>> No.7731908

ESLchama your reps...

>> No.7731922

Man I hope he post his suicide note when Moona reach a million.

>> No.7731951

Moona should shill turing love 1 or 2 times more. She paid for everything and is proud of it. The cover deserves to do well.

>> No.7731959

he's gonna have a schizo meltdown when it finally happens

>> No.7731995

"I", anon, she said, "I". Please, Moona already has terrible ESL level, you don't need to compete with her.

>> No.7731996

what is that phenomenon called again? where you believe or see things contrary to the evidence based on reality?

>> No.7732024

Nah, she doesn't need to do that. This is already outstanding for her. Asking for more will just make her awkward.

>> No.7732057

Promoting your own work is not awkward.

>> No.7732098

Moona is the embodiment of "awkward"

>> No.7732110

He is already having one everytime Moona breathes, definitely roping himself when she reaches the milestone.

>> No.7732289

Schedule when?
I miss her already.

>> No.7732363

Probably not today since her PC is still getting fixed, maybe tomorrow or the day after

>> No.7732402

Of course he is a 35p

>> No.7732625

What is context? If she said she loops any other song >we would probably want to do the same.
If Mooner says she keeps looping the latest cover at least I will do the same thing she said.

>> No.7732827

Moona's _______

>> No.7732875


>> No.7732907

what context do you need exactly? it's basically one anon claimed that moona KEEP TELLING US to loop the song EVERYDAY and then asked for evidence when did she say that, then some anon with monkey level of reading comprehension linked moona's tweet which has nothing to do with his claim. the convo literally in this very thread.

>> No.7732993

A nip?

>> No.7733075

implying that what you just said is real, why you seem so agitated about it, anon-kun?

>> No.7733219

>twisting moona's word
can we vote this faggot? he seems kinda sus to me. AMOGUS.

>> No.7733423

I know autism runs deep with /moon/, but what I'm trying to say is that social cues exist. If Moona wrote "I keep looping this song" then she invites you to do the same.

>> No.7733537

I know schizophrenia runs deep with /moon/, but you should seek help if you are not already on medication.

>> No.7733546

"I keep listening to a song that I did with my favorite senpai" is somehow the same as >>7730909. What level of reading comprehension is this ?

>> No.7733600

>I painted mural on my house
>We should too !
>I'm hungry...
>We should be hungry too !
>It's bloodmoon tonight
>We should have menstrual cycle too !

>> No.7733629

So if she said "she is lonely" that is a social cue to have sex with her right.

>> No.7733681

>social cues
are you sure it's not just your schizo brain producing something else out of something that is explicit?

>> No.7733715

my fucking sides on jupiter. this one takes the cake.

>> No.7733776

S-stop, I can't laugh more than this.

>> No.7733814

I'm not saying that anon was right, though he was on right track. If I say that I have blue socks on then you're going to imagine blue socks. There's no helping it. The same goes for "looping song" you're going to at least think about it. Everything has it's purpose you know?

>> No.7733856

Maybe. There's no way of finding that out though.

>> No.7733918

Alright, anon, you won. Here's your prize. Use is to cool down your brain.

>> No.7734215

Please Moona use your laptop and post the schedule, we are literally analyzing tweet like it's a 8th grade lit exam.

>> No.7734263


I really like when Moona sings slower songs like this, my ears are blessed. This might be my favorite of hers

>> No.7734398

I'm so fucking embarrassed because of you autists, I really am. Godammit.

>> No.7734521

Yeah, her low is really good.

>> No.7734593

im also embarrassed that you're embarrassed, anon-kun ////// kyaaaaaaaa

>> No.7734612


AsaMoona tomorrow, also cute thumbnail

>> No.7734634


>> No.7734656

I guess we will have pagiMoona tomorrow.

>> No.7734697


Thanks Moona, I'll wait

>> No.7734760

She should capitalize on MC Hardcore wave while it's hot

>> No.7734800

I love you, Moona. Hope your hand will be better tomorrow.

>> No.7734884

Does she even like that form of blocks autism?

>> No.7734895

She should! I'm curious to see how she'll do

>> No.7734983

Wake up!

>> No.7734991

It's like the normal MC but with permanent death. Decent change of pace from the usual autism and it gives something to achieve too, like solo killing ender dragon.

>> No.7736236


>> No.7736237

Jesus Christ, I kneel to Moona's stomach.

>> No.7736320

Moona what the fuck

>> No.7736346

So you are saying you are a sheep that can't think on it's own?

>> No.7736351

We're back boys!

>> No.7736361

how tf is she not fat?

>> No.7736532

What a fucking pig

>> No.7736550

Gotta run around everywhere due to not having a car.

>> No.7736577

I gained 2kg just looking at this

>> No.7736724

She is well prepared for a lockdown if Indonesia does one.

>> No.7736732

Her metabolism is insane holy shit, I mean it's not like she eats it all in one go but still

>> No.7736735

>> No.7736765


>> No.7736768

Drinking stream when Moona?

>> No.7736785

Moona vs. sandmonkeys part 3?

>> No.7736795


>> No.7736832

All to her tits

>> No.7736854

That's is my drawer if you replace the snack with packages of noodle and energy drinks.

>> No.7736884

Now I'm hungry, shit

>> No.7736888

Now it make sense why she so autistic, imagine having msg in your drawer.

>> No.7736889

Holy basado.

>> No.7736904


Any idea why I don't see this vieeo in Moona's account?

>> No.7736978

Based. Dude really likes ID.

>> No.7736999

I'm not sure, It's not appearing on mine too but when I check Holodex the archive is there

>> No.7737002

Based ID clipper.

>> No.7737046

Based. I like this ninja

>> No.7737171

architectbros... the wind is on our backs now.

>> No.7737262

ninja is /moon/ approved

>> No.7737339

that box of kit kat will not survive a week. 2 days max im calling it.

>> No.7737414

>2 days
Less than 20 hours max

>> No.7737508

No Indomie? Pathetic.

>> No.7737630

She traded it for the korean noodles

>> No.7737752

hope someone catches 696969

>> No.7737889


>> No.7738082

Strange, it still show up in history and on my recommendation, I can watch it but not on the channel, must be a YouTube glitch.

>> No.7738222

The usual Youtube weird bs

>> No.7739693

suddenly I want a new outfit for Moona but it seems like we won't be getting any

>> No.7739758

Isnt indonesia day soon, its not time to give up hope yet

>> No.7739852

We can wait to see the 17 August event. I hope it is not only for EN2.

>> No.7739870

ID2's turn.

>> No.7739884

Calm down Pekora.

>> No.7740187

You want numbers? I got numbers.

>> No.7740208

I don't know, seems like it's gonna be ID2 only

>> No.7740214

damn it, i want moona to sing niki lowkey so much

>> No.7740257

oh no no no zombros, we will need more time to pass mooner now

>> No.7740292


>> No.7740338

You can, just go to the archive and reply to him from there.

>> No.7740345

forget it, the strike will cum straight to her stream.

>> No.7740817

1. she needs longer eyelashes
2. those are granny fingers

>> No.7740839

Are they really not going give gen 1 anything ? They literally gave Coco two new outfits and she told them she was going to graduate. Another day another disappointment from Cover and Gita.

>> No.7740893

Coco got 2 probably because she WAS graduating. As of now, there's no concrete news whether we'll get outfits, but let's hope

>> No.7740898

damn it

>> No.7740917

Ehhh Moona was excited about this month so hopefully they all get new outfits.

>> No.7740947

Yeah, everyone was hyping this month too much, if not new outfits something bigger is happening

>> No.7740970

Let's hope then.

>> No.7740979

It's just that shitty Muse collab whatever it is.

>> No.7740990

I hope at least she gets something in those days

>> No.7741096

It's finally done

>> No.7741100

Oh shit, you're right. Those shit drawings kinda turn me off.

>> No.7741108

I don't think so, only Reine and Risu are involved with that

>> No.7741151

Holy crap, abs

>> No.7741152

>PekoMoon will never beat you up

>> No.7741166

Thanks anon

>> No.7741226

Moona didn't join their project, right?
Like >>7741108 said

>> No.7741226,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7741226,2 [INTERNAL] 

Yes leeching is pathetic

>> No.7742619

Mashaallah muna...

>> No.7742861

Damn I hope maybe gita can arrange something since both of them is indonesian

>> No.7743532

That's a lot of chocolate..

>> No.7743577

anyone else feeling the burnout from turing love? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.7743676

Don't worry, leave it to me.

>> No.7743686

Anons... I don't want to die before I go drinking vodka with Moona and pass out on a park bench like a degenerate...

>> No.7743699

only (You). me and my homies still vibing with Turing Love. chuuringu rabu nana na nana nana nana~

>> No.7743804


>> No.7743805

1 month max zombros

>> No.7743940

>> No.7745756

moona is already out growing her again,ollie only really out growed her during moona's end of semester, where the moon barely streamed, if she could not do it at that time she has no hope of doing it now, its all over for you ZomKeK

>> No.7746052

You cannot convince me she doesn't have a tapeworm

>> No.7746515

i want her to smash my balls with that hammer

>> No.7748068

Leave to me anon i will keep these views going

>> No.7751047


>> No.7751160

Good that one of the ID noticed the guy. Hopefully Moona does it too one day.

>> No.7753858


>> No.7753858,1 [INTERNAL] 

Why not post in the thread? We all were having fun making fun of how pathetic you are >>7730236

>> No.7754450


>> No.7754478


>> No.7754550

Apparently oga and shien just got their 3rd l2d, so there is a high chance ID1 also get 3rd l2d next week.

>> No.7754555

>the other pic

>> No.7754625

now ollie will convince this guy to do more zombie clips. she's doing everything she can offstream in order to be the first ID to reach 1 million

>> No.7754683

I'm pretty sure 6 of them will get new costumes next week.

>> No.7754712

Seems like he is here.

>> No.7755544

What kind of costume can they even get?

>> No.7755740

Casual/Roommate clothes.

>> No.7755884

>Roommate clothes.

>> No.7756266


Moona, good morning!

>> No.7756382

Fat Moona makes me coom

>> No.7756685


>> No.7756870

Holy fuck Moona your arm

>> No.7756933

It's cracking

>> No.7757111

moona lube up your throat...

>> No.7757122

I just realized Moona hasn't shared her schedule yet

>> No.7757182

It's sound adorable... :l

>> No.7757808

>KDA project

>> No.7757823

>zomkek begging

>> No.7758006

Her laugh... Is BACK

>> No.7758062

>Invisible Panties

>> No.7758126


>> No.7758161


>> No.7758172

>It made my underwear WET

>> No.7758193

>My butt hurt
This is getting dangerous

>> No.7758206

Her butt... I hope she's fine

>> No.7758228

Okay even her foots hurt... Mooner

>> No.7758311

>ywn see moona's slightly visible bush under her wet panty

>> No.7758382


>> No.7758468

>you'll never get to play the pocky game with Moona
why live?

>> No.7758513

How new are you? She's completely smooth down there.

>> No.7758540


>> No.7758626


>> No.7758630

>Moona played the Pocky game with another girl

>> No.7758653

didn't she said she haven't visited the clinic lately? did i misheard it or

>> No.7758658

>Moona Vanilla

>> No.7758658,1 [INTERNAL] 

I leave the 4ch to pathetic leech worshippers

>> No.7758658,2 [INTERNAL] 

Also lets do it on moonas chat it would be a 100x more fun

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