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pic: Twintails IRyS!

RFA rescheduled, so we’re gonna wait a little longer for nephilim sex noises.
Mascot (drawn by Ina) coming soon!

Next stream: 8/10 Henry Stickmin finale

>Unarchived Karaoke Archive




【IRyS】GHOST / 星街すいせい【COVER】
【IRyS】Palette / 常闇トワ【COVER】

>Original Music
【Caesura of Despair】 AMV
【Caesura of Despair】 full ver.
【Caesura of Despair】 attaca ver.

Previous thread >>7628672

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I really like IRyS, find her voice super soothing and her streams entertaining.
IDK why but something about her just instantly clicked with me during the debut, despite there not being much at the time

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>not including new cover in OP
Please think before you post.

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i’m posting from phone and didnt see a general, pls understand.

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I wonder if the first question this girl thinks of when seeing something new is "is this edible?"

>> No.7705863

I like how she gets excited about random things, like trying to taste every animal she can

>> No.7705880

Please tell me that you aren't the same guy that double embedded all youtube links, at least. I'll stop being autistic now, just take care when posting a new general, they stay around for a while unless it's micra.


>> No.7705900

I'm an animal she could try tasting.

>> No.7705947

starting the vore RP early this time, I see!

>> No.7706008

What I'm implying is me and her should skate through the city to the electrical box at the city park, hold hands and taste each others lips gently when the sun sets

>> No.7706388

Beat it, loser! I bet you can't even ollie into manual!

>> No.7706448

I actually can, but it doesn't matter even if I couldn't because she can't either

>> No.7706526

Irys is going to try to eat Gura when she finally meets her.

>> No.7707017

Prechat is up

>> No.7707211

She has two dads.
What did Cover mean by this?

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/vt/ needs more IRyS reaction images, so I'll continue to create one per /HiRyS/.

>> No.7707358

gotta clean it up a bit but caught this one from the last stream

>> No.7707399

I really appreciate it anon, more IRyS is always good

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>> No.7707889

Current Inochi race:
IRyS "Inochi" 452k (over 3 weeks) vs. Azki's "Inochi" 580k (over 2 years).

She might beat it this month but my likely guess is that she'll have more views than the original next month.

>> No.7708078


In any case, this could help promote AZKi's music further. Gotta make sure all Vsingers are doing well.

>> No.7708222

no anon, that double embed guy was me, not OP. I've learnt my lesson and held back after making that thread.

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>> No.7708860

Mixed feelings about that one. AZKi is my oshi so seeing her overtaken by a cover is difficult to stomach but the healthier perspective I'm going with is that her original is reaching more ears that way.

Ah! Glad to see you're still browsing!

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At least IRyS did Inochi justice. I think its easily the best of her covers. AZKi herself really liked it to.

>> No.7709069

Oh, you don't know IRyS? Let me introduce you to this adorable Nephilim! She's got a really sweet and clear singing voice and like to say dorky things during her long gaming streams. I think she's really funny and watch her all the time.
If you wanna chat about her, feel free to drop by in /HiRyS/ anytime!

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I wish she looked at me like she looks at spaghetti with meatballs

>> No.7709388

Or horse meat.

>> No.7709722

I wish she would ride me as passionately as she did on that horse.

>> No.7709923

I'm also a fan of AZKi, but even if her original get a tenth of the views than the cover would get i would still be happy that it gets more recognition.

>> No.7710039

stop eating everything that moves, your hag

>> No.7710067

She also eats stuff that doesn't move, at least anymore

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>> No.7710372

based and floorpilled

>> No.7710780

irys falling into kiara's hole was so funny.

>> No.7710885

I've finished watching the minecraft VOD recently and I found it hilarious when IRyS mentioned that she would give each holoEN a blue axolotl before knowing the odds of getting one.

>> No.7710927

She might get lucky. Once you get one you're set.

>> No.7710990

The only thing stopping her is her ability to procure large amounts of exotic fish, I can see her getting pulled into axolotl gacha...

>> No.7711021

Did someone say axolotl?

>> No.7711129

I don't know if she'd be willing to do all the prep work associated with blue axolotl farming.

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>> No.7711366

She 100% will eat the third one.

>> No.7711618

I can't wait for the Chama'rys exotic animal cooking collabs

>> No.7711647

It’s not Botan that Watame should fear. It’s IRyS. I’m also amused by her willingness to fight enemy mobs in Minecraft instead of just running away. Though she should learn not to try and manage her inventory when enemies are so close.

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>> No.7711692

Finally. Time for IRyS to collab with her REAL senpais

>> No.7711732

>makes a shield
>never uses it because she speedran armor and learned she can tank most hits
she's too powerful

>> No.7711743

When are they going to fix her wide-ass face?

>> No.7711861

when you change your screen resolution to 4:3.

>> No.7712023

Isn't that going to make her EVEN WIDER on a 16:9?

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>> No.7712839

ENTER Irys' stream:

>> No.7712942

Her face is the cutest, isn't it, Anon? Her features are proportioned and positioned with perfection! Her big glistening eyes, a single glance and my heart begins to flutter. The eyeshadow and eyeliner are just right, with long and beautiful eyelashes to top it off.

And her nose is the most adorable little thing! Her nose and ears... Oh my god, did you take a closer look at her ears? What I wouldn't give to gently caress the tip of her nose with mine and run my index finger over her lovely pointed ears while gazing into her eyes all day long.

Her cheeks fit my palms perfectly and are incredibly soft to the touch, her light tan adding just the right amount of exotic allure. Not to mention her best feature, her mouth! It's so expressive, with moist, sparkly lips that catch the light. They are so incredibly soft, there’s no words to describe the ecstasy I feel when she places hers on mine.

When she smiles, her lips reveal her lovable white fangs that seek to rip into the next cute thing she sees, and when she laughs, all her features soften even more and I feel a sense of relaxation wash over me instantly.

It's her face that I want to fall asleep to every night.

>> No.7713252

the way she remorselessly killed that horse was truly something or well in general the way she kills and devours everything she can get her hands on, I wonder if her lack of empathy is a Nephilim thing

>> No.7713338

everyone's talking about DmC but she's a diablo nephilim, the secret's out

>> No.7713898

I think we have to look at it in a positive light because that is how Azki is looking at it. She's excited that there is another Vsinger in Hololive. She's supportive in every cover she releases. I hope they get to sing together. I hope they get an original duet and a cover together. Their voice is so beautiful together. Inochi became 2x more emotional at the end with them singing together. Like damn. Irys's voice also brings out Suisei's voice so well too.


This nephilim is not fooling me. She murdered those dolphins with no hesitation.

>> No.7714197

Dios mio

>> No.7714228

Absolutely based.

I want to see more of her carnality peak through.
>the first time she realized she could eaten rotten flesh in-game, she did so without hesitation
>everything she calls cute is then compulsively murdered right afterwards
Santa better watch out..

>> No.7716779

so how far how is more likely to kill and eat her followers if the need arise? Gura or IRyS?

>> No.7716989

IRyS would probably devour Irystocrats and chumbuds

>> No.7717409

She could eat all of her senpais followers except the deadbeats and teamates...
They're a walking buffet.

>> No.7717480


>> No.7718220

God i hate that game

>> No.7718261

She's not exactly the first.
Even in EN Kiara has both hukepapa and keffyipapa

>> No.7719939

tough time slot today

>> No.7719949

Reminder: your oshi is terrifying

>> No.7720090

30 minutes to go, not exactly my favorite game, but I'm sure IRyS will make it entertaining again

>> No.7720164

it’s fun seeing what references she gets

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>> No.7720735

Indeed, hence why I love her (among many other reasons).

>> No.7720804

>> No.7720869

i love hags

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>> No.7721059

I wish she sit on my face!

>> No.7721100 [SPOILER] 

too skinny, fixed

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>> No.7722739

I fucking love this dork

>> No.7722821

I love fucking this dork

>> No.7722919

>She hasn't played skyrim
I can't believe there's someone who has dodged Todd's clutches
I think she'd have fun just eating every ingredient she finds and experiencing the effects

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>> No.7723695

>> No.7723732

She's really enjoying this I'm glad

>> No.7724007

>> No.7724056

Irys is CUTE

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>> No.7724183


>> No.7724207

She likes this walkthrough too much...

>> No.7724255

I love she is having fun

>> No.7724262

Love her

>> No.7724270

Endless Eight Minutes

>> No.7724309

Her giggles are cute and they are healing my soul
I just love her

>> No.7724612

It's nice that she's someone who isn't familiar with memes and internet culture playing this game because you can tell all her reactions are genuine

>> No.7725489

IRyS a Cute!

>> No.7725551

>Chainsaw Massacre
She was looking forward to that one

>> No.7725558

Irys is racist

>> No.7725569

Based and hot.

>> No.7725575


>> No.7725582

Incomparably based.

>> No.7725610

>It feels good to have a guy behind y-

>> No.7725613

>I feel so good having a guy behind me

>> No.7725659


>> No.7725717


>> No.7725734

irys is so innocent she’s always accidentally dropping double entendres

>> No.7725757


>> No.7725815

she knows what she wants, you just have to give it to her

>> No.7726048

are they ever going to fix her face?

>> No.7726081


>> No.7726228

Chill out, Saint Nick.

>> No.7726369


>> No.7726446

Her crying expression looks way too hot...

>> No.7726524

>I hadn’t noticed the tears before now

>> No.7726593


>> No.7726743

I want to cum in Irys's hair.

>> No.7726907

She's so cute.

>> No.7726942

You'll have to be more specific

>> No.7727002

This is going to look ridiculous in 3D if they keep it arranged like this. I hope they don't.

>> No.7727102

I have a hunch that redjuice drew her hair like that for stage presence, and I can imagine it would look amazing if executed well. That's a big if, execution really is everything here.

>> No.7727140

IryS comfy momma

>> No.7727145

I just like twintails that is all.

>> No.7727190

Irys your vision reps

>> No.7727206

this pon is so cute

>> No.7727426

is the lack of intelligence an act

>> No.7727427

>beat five games in four weeks

>> No.7727533

susan... my scp

>> No.7727536

>calls out susan
>dark mode user

>> No.7727537


>> No.7727572

She is going to watch looped walkthrough scene alone and will giggle like a retard for probably 20 minutes again
And I will not be able see that

>> No.7727580

imagine using light mode

>> No.7727591

If it is it's a good one then, i hate when it very obvious shit like
>aaah 2 and 2... equals... 5!
I just leave the stream

>> No.7727620

RFA 14th!!!

>> No.7727653


>> No.7727675

but burichan is a cool theme

>> No.7727706

closes eye when she things

>> No.7727721


>> No.7727848

>IRyS will never leave claw marks on my back

>> No.7727910

Extremely fucking based
Extremely cute autism
Built for SEX
I-I think i'm in love with IRyS bros....this stream made me laugh so much unironically gave me hope

>> No.7727914

>RFA rescheduled to saturday
>instead we are getting ASMR
We just can't stop winning
>says that she closes her right eye when she is thinking
>closes her left eye to demonstrate
This was good stream and my day has been blessed

>> No.7727928

This is IRyS and i've only known her for a little under a month now but if anything were to happen to her I would kill everyone in this board and then myself ( in minecraft).

>> No.7727941

>>says that she closes her right eye when she is thinking
>>closes her left eye to demonstrate
She said she does the left eye if she's deliberately winking.

>> No.7727949

Well the Live2D is mirrored just like when using a webcam. She needs to work on her kayfabe reps.

>> No.7727953

That’s immensely based.

>> No.7727971


>> No.7727991

Inexorably based and nephilimpilled

>> No.7727993

I didn't expect IRyS to be so into the idea of doing ASMR and RFA. It'll be an interesting week.

>> No.7728003

Every stream I watch I'm more and more surprised by just how dumb she is. I mean that in a good way though, she is cute as fuck and I think I'm in love.

She barely understood any of the references and that just made me laugh more, lol.

>> No.7728014

She's not pretending to be stupid, Most of her mistakes are really just her not paying attention. She keeps ups basic game mechanics and is a quick learner. She's very patient as well. All of the facts she doesn't know seems to me more of her not paying attention when she was still at school. Like that ovary factiod. It cracked her up really good. I have seen some pretend to be stupid. You can tell because right before saying the stupid shit they are about to say, they will look at chat and try to defend their statement as if they know they said something stupid. Gura does this a lot. She roasted herself before about acting too stupid before.

>> No.7728024

Life is not fair

>> No.7728079


Some of her streams have went long simply because she lost track of time. I think she is legit dumb but that only makes me love her more.

>> No.7728152

Everyone loves PONRyS!

>> No.7728166

Gura should host a stream where she just talks about all of the weird shit she knows about plants to Irys. Irys will probably laugh her ass off. It's too easy to make her laugh. She's like a baby

>> No.7728200

>She’s like a baby

>> No.7728205

Do nips like her

>> No.7728268

There's a decent japanese viewerbase judging by supas and the flood of kana when she says something in Japanese.

>> No.7728372

What does PON exactly mean? I saw people spamming it for a month now but still don't get it.

>> No.7728403

pon is short for ponkotsu
A ponkotsu in japanese owarai often makes mistakes as their character trope

>> No.7728410

Airhead. Clumsy

>> No.7728414

Ponkotsu, aka clumsy, unreliable, useless. People use it in endearing way, of course.

>> No.7728427

Oh ok thanks

>> No.7728549

Love the umaIRyS name for her horse. uma, umai and IRyS. Perfection.

>> No.7728652


>> No.7728681

Fukken saved!

>> No.7728728


>> No.7728736

I love how she casually slips into Japanese.

>> No.7728974 [SPOILER] 

>endearing way, of course.

>> No.7728992

That's the wrong eye though

>> No.7729065

She said right eye, didn't she

>> No.7730278

That's some damn cute art this guy draws

>> No.7730918

>You think all stickfigures look the same?
>Yes i do.
She is based.

>> No.7731107

I never watched season 4

>> No.7731246

Can someone please post the original? I forgot to save it last time.

>> No.7731269


>> No.7731469

Thanks, my dude

>> No.7732130

I'm kind afraid that IRyS's coming fanart will awaken a vore fetish for me like the other fetishes within hololive.

>> No.7732212

What other fetishes have vchuubas awaken for you, anon? I find IRyS's insatiable hunger for flesh amusing, not sexy.

>> No.7732511

To me, is also just for laughs. I watched a fair amount of haachama and haven't caught feet fetishism either. Yuul B. Alwright.

>> No.7732669

Feets and armpits, i'm embarrassingly easily convinced when something is slightly sexy. Also, i'm speaking of the coming fanart, the Gura X A-chan almost caught me.

>> No.7732724

Hahaha, good old wakimanko, I forgot about that entirely. Well, best of luck to you, Anon.

>> No.7733302

>Wait.. did i have some meat on me?

>> No.7734220

Why is she such a compulsive carnivore? We should have seen the signs, she wouldn't shut up about making a beef farm when she started playing Minecraft.

>> No.7734326

She wanted to filter all the vegans. Remember when she said she liked traps? That time, she filtered all the discord trannies. Good move, pretty based.

>> No.7735143

wait until she learns setting animals on fire before killing them cooks the meat

>> No.7735194

>> No.7735804

Get your wallet ready IRyStocrats.

>> No.7736179

membership confirmed?

>> No.7736327

NTA but no, no membership confirmed. He probably meant 1m anniversary.

>> No.7736413

"1m" threw me off more than it should have.

>> No.7738165

For a second, I thought I traveled into the future.

>> No.7738364

I'm really looking forward to IRyS membership and Ina designed Mascot

>> No.7738389

have they fixed her model yet?

>> No.7738591

Read the thread, retard


>> No.7739335


>> No.7741676

Bask in the various beautiful faces of hope incarnate

>> No.7741995

Counting from left to right, top to bottom, the fourth (4th) image and eleventh (11th) image look identical to me

>> No.7742096

it's also missing the murder face, her most important one

>> No.7742567

it's redjuice reference art, my dudes
And yeah, the sad faces with tears look the same to me, too.

>> No.7743186

>she only ever murders with the intent to eat afterwards
Holy shit, the Penguin's Dogma stream makes so much more sense now

>> No.7743377

1 month anniversary today, hard to believe it's been a month already

>> No.7743458

Penguin's Dogma awakened something within her.

>> No.7744743

I wish she had dropped a billy madison reference, gotta ask her if she's seen it when a marshmallow stream comes up

>> No.7745881

It is sad how she had 2 collabs 1 hour each in two weeks
Do holoEN hates her? I hope she finds friends elsewhere...

>> No.7746139

shitty bait but 1 hour being the standard for holo collabs is stupid, after unnecessary introductions and tardwrangling there's barely time for actual interaction

>> No.7746176

One was with Ina, who likely was already mentally prepared to go on her break.
The other was with Mori, and that wasn’t as awkward as I thought it’d be.
The only scenario I fear would be a straight 1 on 1 of IRyS and Goomby, solely due to circumstantial matters.

>> No.7746224

Ina was in her break, Kiara was the one organizing the big Gartic collab and Mori already collabed with her twice
Not sure about Ame and Gura but maybe they are just shy, no need to start rrats this early
With that said, I'm looking forward to seeing what collabs come next week when her ban is fully lifted, I'd love to see her getting along with SorAzki or Reine, they seem like they'd get along with her

>> No.7746262

Irys will be goomba's big sis. mark my words irystocrats

>> No.7746388

shark meat

>> No.7746484

>collabs likely mean no secret ending due to how they end
That’s okay..One must make sacrifices of the self so that others might enjoy their happiness...

>> No.7746553

I have to believe she'll talk Ame into staying for a secret collab ending, my dick demands it

>> No.7746699

>such is a possibility
Oh dear heavens...

>> No.7746728

I'd love to see the goorah collab and friendship happen, but I don't think the latter is very likely. Mori strikes me as bestie material and potential first off-collab partner. They can learn micra together, and Mori has no local holofriends, hasn't had a single off-collab with JP branch I know they have had repeated lockdowns but come on yet she is positioned perfectly for it.

Big true, I'm happy to not have one and it's not like I'll be busy cooming to her ASMR and RFA for the entire next week if that means she makes connections inside hololive.

Would be purest kino but I got the impression that she was rather embarrassed when Mori mentioned it, yet she said she was happy that her viewers enjoyed them etc... Not really sure how she herself feels about them. I can only assume she wants it to be a thing to build an army of Goslings.

>> No.7747042

>army of goslings
all part of the plan, at 1M we march on the north pole

>> No.7750562

>gura is a sperg.
>ame is still salty about the amesame ship
>kiara doesn't want to boost more competition

>so that leaves calli who will always stay at the top because of her music
>and Ina who just enjoys streaming and doesn't care that she could end up being the least popular holoEN.

>> No.7750633

really cute, thanks anon

>> No.7750898 [SPOILER] 

I don't see ame or kiara holding out that much longer, especially once ame sees there's another decent gamer now. There's only one EN that can really match Irys' power level though

>> No.7752094

I want to see IRyS and Haachama going full Ouroboros with each other, jokes aside and kind of related, cute kouhai got cute senpai response

>> No.7753023

>ywn be IRyS' bishonen weeaboo Bryan bf and feed her weird things while watching anime together

>> No.7754741

anything unique about IryS that isn't her wanting to eat every animal on the planet?

>> No.7754987

The only hag in the EN branch. idk if Ina is a cake or a hag though

>> No.7755104

she kind of oblivious to a lot of tech related stuff and internet culture, she has a direct and sort of cute way of expressing herself, also and more important she is cute and I love her!

>> No.7756270


>> No.7757325

IRyS is a cake, not a hag.

>> No.7759593

anon she's a few days older than Kiara

>> No.7762738

It's probably because she was just so focused in hustling. I mean her roommate released so much stuff. A good portion of it are works she did with other people too. You don't see them on her channel. She's a workaholic. Even now, she juggling streaming and her vsinger duties on the side everyday.

>> No.7762897

Thanks for reminding me

>> No.7762921

Nothing against people who have her as their oishi, bur shes only the first holo chubba i havent even checked out, her design and roomate turn me off so much

>> No.7763007

I wish meidos made frogposting a bannable offense again

>> No.7763023

Hi Santa

>> No.7763156

no need to out yourself as a retard this early on, santa

>> No.7763173

>her design and roomate turn me off so much
Why are you gay?

>> No.7763493

Whose santa? Im just some broski with a beer and an opinion

>> No.7763662

Santa-chama, think about your liver...

>> No.7763672

go watch a stream

>> No.7763937

Anon i respect you brother but i cant, getting plastic rn and her design just hurts to see, let alone hear. If shes your oishi though i hope u enjoy her streams dont let me put your chubba down

>> No.7764105

She has the most pleasant voice in EN aside from Gura if that's your thing.

>> No.7764418

fair game brother no beef cya

>> No.7765321

>Mentioned voice over based cunny

>> No.7765420

irys doesn't attract the cunny crowd purease andastando

>> No.7765424

redesign when

>> No.7765425

shut up jay

>> No.7765447

A lot of hate for her design probably comes from her debut stream where she had it at like 240p. She's pretty cute.

>> No.7765450

never, get filtered

>> No.7765515

is she chinese

>> No.7765535


>> No.7766050


>an opinion
And like your asshole it stinks and no one want to see it, how can a design "hurt" you close your eyes fatty turn the PC off stinky.

>> No.7766247

I personally don't know what's so "ugly" about her as some people say, every time someone post an normal pic of her face she seems cute to me, but who knows maybe I simply got use to her, I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder

>> No.7766290


>> No.7766294

How can someone stink to you if their online? Cmon anon bro gotta use your head, no offense of course im sure ur a good person.

Heres a happy chubba image to make you feel better!

>> No.7766398

It's only a matter of time until pic related

>> No.7766403

>> No.7766425

Is there any art where she's on-model?
They always draw her face way too pretty

>> No.7766433


>> No.7766476


>> No.7766485

>he's not subbed to her t4 patreon

>> No.7766556

she is mean to be pretty, so naturally she will be pretty

>> No.7767167

>t4 patreon
I know you're joking but since you brought it up, I certainly regret not discovering her sooner, and after the tier removal and persona change this year, it feels like I'd be intruding on a community that existed for years and that I don't really belong to, so I think I'll stay away.

>> No.7767231

Well I only said that because her youtube memberships are not open yet. But yeah I feel that same way. Looking up her previous life did make me appreciate her more though.

>> No.7768057

can't wait for the first month celebration, looking forward to many more

>> No.7768609

What if IRyS streams naked?

>> No.7768664

I don’t think my brain or cock can handle that, so I shall now envision her streaming in a full suit of armor.

>> No.7768688

>Looking up her previous life did make me appreciate her more though
same! When the kamitsubaki fans I speak to started malding, I knew she's someone special.

>> No.7768746

i miss her

>> No.7768781


>> No.7768791

the tribute is almost ready, i just have to figure out how to get rid of all this glass

>> No.7768800


>> No.7768911

>original image
Neat. Needs some cleaning up, but saved!

>> No.7768956


>> No.7769488

there we go

>> No.7769506


>> No.7769510


good job

>> No.7769563

Same here, anon.

>> No.7769724


>> No.7771376

Tweet it to her and/or cum on it

>> No.7771444

gotta finish the survival build first, also irys town on /vt/craft soon

>> No.7771724

Ask your questions anon. Now is your chance to say stuff to her

>> No.7772410

4.5h to go, please select good questions and skip all the gushing... onegai

>> No.7772659

Did you draw it yourself anon? I can't find it anywhere in IRySart tag

>> No.7772693

Time to ask anything 00's in general to prove her inner hag.

>> No.7772768

I did not. An artist on twitter drew several stickers on a single image and I've cleaned them up and separated them into individual images. It's by bachunawa on 28/7

>> No.7773058

Ok thanks

>> No.7774251

i love this dork

>> No.7774405

I love that she used that as the thumbnail, very based.

>> No.7774726

Jej, I hope we see more like this.

>> No.7775737

Is it too soon to expect news on upcoming originals? Covers are nice and all but originals are the bee's knees, and the only ones cranking them out are AZKi and Mori. Time for /our/ girl to match the pace, innit.

>> No.7775746

She has 3 originals you know

>> No.7775856

Yes, and your point is?

>> No.7775909

That she does already have originals.
And given her specific position new ones will come out whenever cover can be bothered to fund them

>> No.7776525

inb4 funding frequency is like INNK for Sui.

>> No.7776584

Unlikely given she already got an EP and 4 covers paid for.
Now the real question is what NUMBERS cover was expecting for her muisc.

>> No.7777673

>Irys is a cheesecake chad

>> No.7777939

Holy FUCKING based, the madlad did it.

>> No.7778140


>> No.7778421

Positive PR!

>> No.7778682

she is so cute!

>> No.7778733

Nice of her to share these behind the scenes moments with us. I wasn't clamouring for an explanation, but it's still appreciated, and of course she's being incredibly cute in the was she lays it all out. 3rd time's the charm.

>> No.7778859

Is she talking about Constantine?

>> No.7778875


>> No.7779293

Irys giggles are very cute

>> No.7779355

>It's been 50 minutes can I get some cake?

>> No.7779558

>starts eating cheesecake
>has been cutting down on sweets
Mixed emotions.

>> No.7779559

How was the cake, IRyS?

>> No.7779801

she is so Cool

>> No.7780552

>I'm not a heavy person
I'm so sorry >>7779558

>> No.7780631

My inner Architect loses, but my Gosling wins, because that means her RFA will be less huffing and puffing and more moaning from getting those reps.

>> No.7780659

the duality of the Nephilim.

>> No.7780701

nice numbers

>> No.7780786

strong and cute Nephilim with high metabolism

>> No.7781015

nice joke

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