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Towa Thread
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Watch her Birthday Live if you've missed it! Jam-packed with guests!
Archive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuOJhtBC7R4

Upcoming events:
[Thursdays] at 20 JST Maruyama Game Shop
[08/01-08/15] Hololive SummerFes Atre Akihabara Pop-up Store
[08/22] Vtuber Saikyou Ketteisen w/ Noah, Ars, Uruca (Coach)

Radio program/Twitcasting/Spaces/Videos archive: https://pastebin.com/9tt48x5E
Gifting FAQ: https://en.hololive.tv/contact

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(Birthday 2021) https://hololive.booth.pm/items/3118698
(1st Anniversary) https://hololive.booth.pm/items/2885961
(Overseas) https://shop.geekjack.net/collections/tokoyami-towa
[Until 08/31] Summer Festival Voice Pack

Solo Original:
(MV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud73fm4Uoq0

Group Originals:
(MV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7cpjmkc1Rw


>> No.7707698

Good lord...

>> No.7707766


>> No.7707857

Towa will be even cuter from now on!
The hair is so impressive in motion.

>> No.7707876

I can't wait to see what message she write on my postcard...

It seems like Bora is getting a 2PC setup for streaming, maybe Towa will finally set hers up once she sees Bora using it.

>> No.7707993

cute and talented beyond belief!

>> No.7708125

Towabros thoughs on the new hairstyle? I personally find it very cute especially when she uses her glasses.

>> No.7708220

guchico's tanned towas... i love them

>> No.7708230

The cutest.
The hair in motion is incredible.

>> No.7708269

was hoping for stupid cat ears, or some more elaborate props but it's a very nice style that fits Towa well and because their was no buildup i wasn't expecting too much.

>> No.7708359

perfect for my personal tastes

>> No.7708370

I'm a fan of shorter hairstyles and enjoy this one a lot, specially love how much it moves from side to side even when she does small movements it follows along with her, they put some good work into the rigging
Towa also seems to love it from how much she was showing off it's movement, beyond happy with it
I wish it could be used on her normal costume along with bibi, maybe it can and she didn't show it or will get it done later on

>> No.7708387

I'm glad Towa has such a loving マミー...

>> No.7708480

I like it with hat on and no glasses. Reminds me of good ol cardcaptor designs with big hats.

>> No.7708788

My own handwritten postcard..

>> No.7710071

Twa has been so good to us these past few days...

>> No.7710098

Twap is spoiling us...

>> No.7711299

I really like it with the hat and glasses

>> No.7712145

Love the new hairstyle, kinda hate her style of glasses

>> No.7712361

Very cute. Suits her perfectly.

>> No.7713414

>Dear anon please take your meds you massive schizo with love Towa

>> No.7713899

what happened to kotachin?

>> No.7714434

Got too uppity and not so smug after Towa sorted him out.

>> No.7714469

Is Kotaro a munchkin?

>> No.7714551

Honestly feels like it wasn't that long ago

>> No.7714595

Time with Towa always goes so fast.

>> No.7714687

Looks like it. Regular kittens wouldn't be so stumpy.

>> No.7714710

It's so gr8. I r8 8/8.

>> No.7714730

>> No.7714797

>> No.7714944

Suits her great and the rigging is impeccable and super cute. We're going to get so much kino art of it.

>> No.7715436

I seriously can't get enough of Towa's Unravel.

>> No.7715702

Hasn't Towa been growing a bit too powerful lately?

>> No.7715730

1 step closer to getting a pixie cut Towa onegai

>> No.7715749

I feel like it suits her more than the long hair.

>> No.7715780

I hate short hair.

>> No.7715859


>> No.7716056

Pixie cut is maximum dyke shit, so please don't.

>> No.7716083


>> No.7716091

I just want a hime cut...

>> No.7716186


>> No.7716257


>> No.7716294

Love that artists, he makes great Towas

>> No.7716426

heard u talking shit about towa

>> No.7716542

Towa is chinese

>> No.7716755

Towa is korean

>> No.7716926

If she ends up out tomboying Subaru, what will Subaru have left?

>> No.7716964


>> No.7717598

Towa will have korean children, Boraoji will make sure of that.

>> No.7718227


>> No.7718705

I'm glad Towa is getting closer with Pekora

>> No.7718719

I don't watch Towa like at all.

But I can at least say that she looked better with short hair.

>> No.7719125

I love Towa!

>> No.7719433

Wow, what a coincidence, me too!

>> No.7719621

She looks so cute, but mature in the same time.
Love it.

>> No.7721047

The 6/20 episode is now up on 文化放送V&R.
6/13 (Ep 11): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osfy-eOgU_c
6/20 (Ep 12): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EMjlVjYYiE

>> No.7723002

Morning Twappi!

>> No.7723136

Towa wants one more hag in her hag collection...

>> No.7723380

I just lost my virginity to this song

>> No.7723558

Towa is a master of forcing me down the menhera path

>> No.7723681


>> No.7723861

This girl is sure cute...

>> No.7724017

her pierced belly button turns me on

>> No.7724203

Twa is so cute...

>> No.7725227

I miss Towa...

>> No.7725246

Oh wow, Towa changed her YouTube profile picture

>> No.7725320

>Towa's enemy

>> No.7725592

>> No.7725678

Towa is so strong that the lower-level menheras are able to keep it together now!

>> No.7725797

Why is it her that gives off the strongest maternal instinct vibe among the members?
Why are her healthy and energetic limbs and belly telling me the message that we’ll easily be the winner of natural selection once we get mated?
Is it because I am genetically superior to others so that I can sense another superior gene out of people, and hence she is feeling the same impulse to ME as I do to HER?

>> No.7725845

>Why is it her that gives off the strongest maternal instinct vibe among the members?
But that's Miosha.

>> No.7726492

>> No.7727762

It Takes Twoa at 22

>> No.7728551

Changed to 23

>> No.7728603


>> No.7728634

wheres her belly button ring?

>> No.7728644

it's good to have you back

>> No.7728650

I wonder if it's to avoid overlapping with Haato's birthday stream. Would be kind of ironic.

>> No.7728751

I want to cum inside Tokoyami Towa.

>> No.7728771


>> No.7728779

its good to be back

>> No.7728810


>> No.7728866

it's obviously that and its fucking piss me off the way she being nice and care for other schedule but not the other way around when it come to herself this is why im watching less and less other holo and watch her outside friend more else im going to turn into a schizo soon

>> No.7728911


>> No.7728921

I like that she does it. It makes her look good but also satisfies my passive aggression.

>> No.7729402

>> No.7729446

I get where you're coming from but at the end of the day it just makes me appreciate Towa more. Not only does she conduct her stream in a way that avoids just about everything I find skeevy in vtubing but she proves herself a wonderful person and prioritizes her relationships with others over number chasing which in the entertainment industry is better in the long run. What she does builds a loyal and solid fanbase as well as a robust support structure inside the industry. Which has borne fruit with her incline in Japan over the last half year with further evidence shown from being joint top 5 in sub gain the last week, tied with IRyS.

>> No.7729498

Just listened to Peko/Moona Turing Love cover, what a good song. What if Towa also covered it, who would you want her to sing it with?

>> No.7729745

Short haired twap singing it with Subaru would be nice but any duet with twap would be pretty nice

>> No.7729898

That's a tough question for me since I'm torn in two ways. As a song I'd like Subaru or Aki or Nene. The other way to enjoy Turing Love pulls me in the direction of Bora or Botan. Mio would fit both criteria so she'd be my best answer. Hag love!

>> No.7730008

I like her new haircut but glasses is meh

>> No.7730030


>> No.7730237

I wonder how long ShishiTowa will go tonight, they still have like half the game left.

>> No.7730283

*boots up APEX*

>> No.7730300

It can't be helped, Towa is a good girl.

>> No.7730373


>> No.7730393

Leopi or Nenene.

>> No.7730466

subaru has such a distinctive strong voice. a towa duet would fucking own

>> No.7731046

>> No.7731048

Towa sensei please Spank me...

>> No.7731079

Balls cut

>> No.7731178

>> No.7731236

Cute boy.

>> No.7731453

I hope Towa and Botan play late into the night, the delay looks like it will limit them...

>> No.7731497

Towa's been staying up until like 5AM every day recently, so she definitely has time. Botan usually stays up pretty late as well, so I hope they'll play for awhile.

>> No.7731655

Towa's streams are 1 to 2 hours normally , expecting more is a recipe for disappointment

>> No.7731668

She seems to want to finish the game though, so they might have agreed to go longer this time.

>> No.7731705

Towa's average stream is about 2 hours long and after the first stream where they just kept on going it makes me hopeful for more.

>> No.7731852

Towa will probably be here?

>> No.7731974

i hope so, she hasn't tweeted about it tho. So i am worried.

>> No.7731990

She did say she would be on it yesterday, but yeah, no followup tweet, so plans could have changed.

>> No.7732152

Well she IS there.

>> No.7732157

Towa is here...

>> No.7732163


>> No.7732190

Towa's reading my mind...

>> No.7732204

Oh no.
She knows our menherahornyposting, too

>> No.7732211

How many times does it have to be proven that Twap actively browses here?

>> No.7732252

Towa...! stop reading 4chan! It's unhealthy!

>> No.7732274

We have a psychic connection to our demon lord.

>> No.7732296

Or maybe she browses the 5chan equivalent of this thread.

>> No.7732314

is towa actually a kenzoku..?

>> No.7732368

Don't worry she hornyposts about herself too.

>> No.7732376

Towa could even be you...

>> No.7732432

Debil is anxious about getting a good spot.

>> No.7732679


>> No.7732826


>> No.7732905

Tokoyami Towa , conversation rank: predator.
I like that Towa has very much become a fixture at these sort of events. She does herself proud and represents hololive well.

>> No.7733007

She definitely shows off hololive as a company of entertainers.

>> No.7733189

I'm really happy Towa has such a fashionable mama.

>> No.7733436

Your tama get taken
You get infinite Towa kisses

>> No.7733496

so, is this a good place or...?

>> No.7733605


>> No.7733778

This is a good place to declare your love for autistic purple women.

>> No.7733800

That's a relative question. What is your standard for good?

>> No.7733818

Given recent events involving dramarrats trying to use towa as a cudgel remember not to respond to bait.

>> No.7733844

Need to make a Towa baby first or Abe will cry.

>> No.7734223

A day with Towa and Botan is a great day.

>> No.7734763


>> No.7734848

Remember to thank matsuri for making an even bigger yab than Towa

>> No.7734901

Narukami and his slimy hands just covered the issue now.
Knowing that he's a Twap supporter makes me at ease.

>> No.7734933

Towa is getting a lot of cosplay these days.

>> No.7735023

>> No.7735027

Thank her? Towa already overcome her own yab by putting in the time and doing her best to win people back. What are you talking about?

>> No.7735047

I'll never forget him BTFOing the /jp/ Towa schizo live on stream

>> No.7735117

Hag love.

>> No.7735118

I always found this pic funny.

>> No.7735186

Matsuri has so many yabs I can't keep track of them anymore.

>> No.7735226

Fair and balanced

>> No.7735307

>> No.7735378

Short hair Twap sure does have a lot of likes.

>> No.7735401

Towa is a hag magnet.

>> No.7735592

everyone agrees Towa is an attractive devil

>> No.7735680

Do I walk the path of evil if I fall in love with a devil?

>> No.7735702

Devil? Where?

>> No.7736229

Towa-sensei with her cute flowing short hair laughing with Botan...

>> No.7736387

The fact that Botan and Towa are stepsisters somehow just adds to their dynamic. I wonder if Towa is even aware of that bit of meta or if this is just their natural relationship.

>> No.7736561

She just like hags.

>> No.7736642

Sexy Mion...

>> No.7736665

literally me

>> No.7736834

it takes twoa starting!

>> No.7736927

Botan please save her...

>> No.7736952

Towa please just set up 2PC already...

>> No.7737066

Is Towa aiming with keyboard or how does it seem so hard?

>> No.7737082

Yes she is.

>> No.7737127

But why?

>> No.7737181

Does she even own a controller?

>> No.7737283

Pretty sure she has a switch pro controller but I'm also pretty sure she has no idea that she can use that with steam.

>> No.7737631

>Botan fixes the issue in literally 5 seconds
All you have to do is ask Towa...

>> No.7737739

Yeah seriously, just invite Botan over to your house for a couple hours, she'll sort out your PC setup and OBS settings.

>> No.7738217

carry that dumb devil

>> No.7738340

Twap has read/watched a lotta Harry Potter huh.
What a nerd.

>> No.7738440

Towa becomes dorkier every day...

>> No.7738620

When Botan sneezed, I popped a fat one.
This hag is powerful...

>> No.7739499

Thinkin about hags...

>> No.7739544

Twap please don't post while streaming...

>> No.7740210


>> No.7740396

It's always great watching Towa and Botan have fun together.

>> No.7740455

Fubuki knows what she wants

>> No.7740500

Unfathomably based friend

>> No.7740585

Too fast...

>> No.7740642

Well at least there's going to be more ShishiTowa.

>> No.7740643

Ah that was cute and they played well, good progress. Also hopefully not such a big gap until the next stream of it.

>> No.7740646

That was a very nice playthrough, I'm really glad they did it.

>> No.7740665

I hope they organize something quick after they finish this, these are great streams.

>> No.7740686

Some may ask me "anon, is it hard always being right about everything?" I say no, it's quite reassuring and relaxing. I loved this stream , as short as it was. Will they ever finish it? who knows.

>> No.7740753

I hope artists listen to Friend...

>> No.7740824

FBK's herbarium...

>> No.7740849

Towa has almost done it multiple times now.
I still believe.

>> No.7742199

Twa swimwear...

>> No.7742679

Towa will become the strongest.

>> No.7742778

Twap playin with gifs again.

>> No.7742804

Twap playing with her gf again too...

>> No.7743549

Don't look Towa.

>> No.7743862

Almost forgot that she's playing with Noah and Ars tomorrow

>> No.7743905

It should be a very fun team.

>> No.7743937

>changed her name back to Yume_towa to match Bora

>> No.7744051

Will we get Yume_noa though...

>> No.7744768

>> No.7745023

Purple women...

>> No.7745220

private training sessions with Bora...

>> No.7745314

Feels like a lot of people have been talking about Towa lately. Makes me happy that she's so well loved.

>> No.7745364

APESEX Legends with BoraOji.

>> No.7745379

She's worked hard for it.

>> No.7745753

Would you rather a Toi or a Torre

>> No.7745790


>> No.7745798

I can't believe Towa said she wanted to kiss Botan on stream...

>> No.7745929


>> No.7746281

Drew some Twap

>> No.7746312

Very nice!

>> No.7746523

nice Towa, very good we'll defined tummy

>> No.7746571

>You will never be a cute Korean high school girl that Towa falls in love with

>> No.7746604


>> No.7746641


>> No.7747656

Damn, she's in my strike zone now. That hairstyle, combined with her voice/personality is yabai.

>> No.7747839

Bora is ruining Towa's sleep schedule even more...

>> No.7747874

Are they still playing?

>> No.7747893

Towa-sensei stays up all night with Korean school girls...

>> No.7747912


>> No.7748015

We need a collab so we have more art of just them together.

>> No.7748039

I kind of wish there was literally any art of just Towa and Bora without Selly.

>> No.7748072

That's what I mean, not that I don't like Selly. There's nothing to post when it's just Towa and Bora together though.

>> No.7748127

Oh, somehow I missed the "just" in your post, you said exactly the same thing I did.

>> No.7748140

I do wish Towa would play more casual games with friends, like Minecraft with Nose...
It Takes Twoa has been a lot of fun.

>> No.7748410


>> No.7749495

>> No.7750257

>Late night ranked with Towa Gib and Bora Seer
B: Towa, isn't it funny that we're playing these characters?
T: What do you mean?
B: Well, both Gib and Seer... you know, they're both into the same sex.
T: wwwwww you can't say something like that! Isn't it embarrassing?
B: I've already admitted that I love boobs to everyone. Big boobs, small boobs... or variable boobs...
T: Ehhhhhh???
B: You're going to be with my wife tomorrow, Towa. I want you to get along with her very well. Why don't you put your dome down right here and I'll show you just how the two of you can get really close.
T: Right here, out in the open? Everybody will be able to see!
B: I know, I want them to see.
T: いや~~~ジブじゃなかったら結構いいんだよな~~~~~~~~~~~~

>> No.7750319


>> No.7750349

Boraoji is grooming Twap again...

>> No.7750362


>> No.7750420

Bibi, why are you so fat?

>> No.7750589

I have come up with an ingenious plan. I’m going to double up my Jap reps with Korean reps, I’ll grind my ass off and get real good at Apex while using a purple woman avatar. Once I get good enough to be noticed by twap I’ll slowly make my way into the friend circle. From there it should be pretty easy to make Selly my wife.

>> No.7750603

Selen no...

>> No.7750644


>> No.7750683

Based if true

>> No.7750790

man with a mission.

>> No.7750865

I hope you don't mind the smell of tobacco

>> No.7750877

Doesn't Selly have a gf or something? That's what I assumed from that person with the selly heart in her bio that keeps making the Yumekyawa art, since everyone in CR follows her

>> No.7751665

I miss Towa...

>> No.7752149

fat fuck!

>> No.7752493

towa is nemu. karada odaijini...

>> No.7754784

>Variable boobs

>> No.7754991

Twap likes to claim that her twops can change size...

>> No.7755073

Rurudo said it in her Marine collab. Towa took it and ran with it.

>> No.7755075

But it's true?

>> No.7755136

>> No.7757679

If it's this artist then they're just a Japanese girl(?) that just really likes Selly.

>> No.7758890

another sleepless day...

>> No.7758904

Towa... your sleep...

>> No.7758976


>> No.7759171

...she booted up Apex, didn't she...

>> No.7759511

she's not this stacked, this is fake news

>> No.7759651

Fool! The devil is as stacked as she pleases!

>> No.7759720

I'll need to see her Hololive Summer outfit to evaluate properly.

>> No.7759770

She has been playing pretty much until now. She must be really trying to get ready for her first meeting . Hope she doesn't tire herself out

>> No.7760321

Well the meeting is at 6, so pretty early.

>> No.7760393

Looks like she's finally going to sleep... Towa baby...

>> No.7760887

Just trust her mama, she knows best.

>> No.7764674

I know this is a very menhera take, but I'm kind of annoyed she keeps tweeting in the morning like she had just woken up, and everyone tells her "good morning", but in reality she's just going to sleep. It feels like lying by omission.

>> No.7764878

I don't think she's trying to hide anything given she made a random tweet about Gib at 5am and also Bora tweeting that they were playing all night.

>> No.7764894

Menhera kenzoku... Your meds.
If Twap says she woke up, she just woke up.
And you will greet her back with トワ様、おはやっぴー!

>> No.7765054

You forget that in Japan even if it's 5pm and they see someone in the office or college for the first time that day they say good morning.

>> No.7765956

Are you a girl?

>> No.7766204

You menhera, she's wishing people a good morning. Makes no difference if she's woken up or not herself.

>> No.7766887

Loud girl is being cute again...

>> No.7766973

You should be thankful she takes the time to say good morning, she could just as easily not do that and then you would just go "towa doko" after 8h of no tweet

>> No.7767029

Ayame's fans know radio silence too well and I don't want that.

>> No.7767488

Towa should do another space stream...

>> No.7769492

>> No.7769620

he's not fat, he's big boned

>> No.7769898

Does fat fuck have bones?

>> No.7769921

yes he does

>> No.7771065

>> No.7771286


>> No.7771295


>> No.7771311

That's not Powerful Penis Tenshi.

>> No.7771343

Nose wife...

>> No.7771464


>> No.7771758

I want Nose wife...

>> No.7771895

Are you going to become Towa?

>> No.7772248

I'm Towa...

>> No.7772358

I must and then give her the Towabanana.

>> No.7772554


>> No.7772633


>> No.7772719

Links for today.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdjgOrABFjQ Towa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGLs6Yx5VV4 Ars
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1ffD8mAapo Noah

>> No.7772758

I hope Towa continues running a train on Vspo members and we get some Towa/Beni at some point.

>> No.7772785

I wish Towa would run a train on me...

>> No.7772800

Join Vspo and your dream can become a reality.

>> No.7772817

imagine cs with nazuna

>> No.7772926

>Short hair

>> No.7772946

Hopefully Twa doesn't have to carry the conversation too much.

>> No.7772957

I kinda forgot how awkward Spring Trolls was since we only got a couple streams out of it

>> No.7772982

Matsuri on this week's Maruyama.

>> No.7773144

>wake up
>see this
>"hey kenzoku, your sleeping face looked weird haha"
>"i already cooked you breakfast since you keep eating cup ramen"
>"im surprised you still slept through while kotaro was on your face"
>"hurry up and eat since we're gonna play apex! i want to show you how ive improved with gibraltar's dome!"

>> No.7773155


>> No.7773170


>> No.7773174

Aw bruh

>> No.7773236

Alright lads i know none of you might believe me, but i sometimes have these unintentional premonitions (lack of a better term) where if i think of something say "ars hasn't played with towa again, i hope she does" there's most of the time a high chance that it can happen within the next 2 weeks. because thats just what happened, 2 days ago i saw an ars clip and it thought that it would be nice if she collabed with towa again. and here we are. note that it doesnt seem to work if im aware of this ability while thinking something. as it happens unintentionally. it has happened a lot in the past decade that im not really surprised anymore.

>> No.7773259

Anon we've known her VSaikyou team for weeks now...

>> No.7773272

This, your autism had no effect here sadly.

>> No.7773284

Amazing, you predicted something that has been announced for over a week. Must be a devilish power.

>> No.7773300

Sounds pretty on-brand for local devils honestly.

>> No.7773314

Kenzoku really do take after their oshi and have become dumb.

>> No.7773401

wait she did? I honestly dont check twitter a lot. The last tweet i saw her made was a cat emoji and thats from my feed. its fine if none of you believe me, i have layed out my secret and im just gonna live with it. sorry for wasting your time

>> No.7773424

it's in the OP

>> No.7773461

Pro gamer Twap...

>> No.7773474

Holy shit since when towa move so well?? The reps are kicking in

>> No.7773501

The late night sessions with Bora seem to be taking effect.

>> No.7773520

Towawa is so cool...

>> No.7773524

So that is her true grooming plan.

>> No.7773581


>> No.7773746

She's playing quite smoothly, it's great to see.

>> No.7773780

Time with Towa and friends is the best.

>> No.7773866

towa's sweating so hard...

>> No.7773868

Cute boy...

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