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Okayun drew us from the front!

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I love the big fat doog tits

>> No.7711520

holy sex

>> No.7711547

Caillou lookin ass motherfucker

>> No.7711772

Fuck the dog

>> No.7712205

I kinda like it

>> No.7712854

DO NOT fuck the dog

>> No.7713531

is okayu aware that we are famous

>> No.7713602

She wants to be sexy... like her gf...

>> No.7715262

Too big.
Not canon.
Too big.

>> No.7716078

I do NOT want to fuck the dog.
I like her for different, obvious reasons.

>> No.7716245

Me too. I'm just thankful her streams are helping me through a tough stint in my life. I wish for her to find love and happiness. I don't want to fuck the dog

>> No.7716773

Agreed, I am purely entertained by the dog and find her funny.

>> No.7718293

I will marry the doog and I'm glad I have no competition.

>> No.7720480

when you search for lewd art

>> No.7721273

actually the doog fucks you

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>> No.7722377

The dog is not for fuck
The dog entertains us and is deserving of respect

>> No.7723197

I want and I will lewd the dog. I want more eat licking and comfy talk.
deal with it.

>> No.7723384

This is actually really good

>> No.7723716

Listen, it's not for me to judge you for your crimes. That's between you and the Lord. I just want to see to it that you don't burn in Hell. I am concerned for your soul.

>> No.7723943

with her bbc

>> No.7724211

my eyes keep darting over each detail of this drawing
its a really surprisingly well composed drawing

>> No.7724683

Call me a white girl, but I'd fuck the shit out of this dog.

>> No.7725682

I always tell my buddy and think to myself that Señor Koro has a charm of a cartoonist. Her little doodles are so livid and creative.

>> No.7725964

Would you cuddle with Mr. Koro?

>> No.7726546

Reminder to all in this thread, that "lesbians" are fake and are a meme females use to turn down lesser men (i.e. uglies or manlets).

I believe that Korone and her fatty friend do this yuribating not only to appeal to /u/rinefags, but to also turn down their 30 year old virgin audience.

Now, imagine this guy approaches our socialy awkward Korone, do you GENUINELY believe that she would stay for her fatty lesbian? Obviously no. Because lesbians are fake and a meme.

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Yes. After sex.

>> No.7727906

Let me help you

>> No.7728408

i dont like FAT korone
stop it

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>> No.7729298

My new desktop wallpaper

>> No.7729333

Same. It's like having your daughter's doodles as your wallpaper.

>> No.7729358

nah you are gay and you want to fuck him

>> No.7729482

A glimpse into Mr Koros mind

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hai dozo

>> No.7733269

>>7709333 (OP)
i really like FAT korone
keep it coming

>> No.7733299

here u go my nigga

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inu doko

>> No.7735794

All I have left are Koro-san streams... Koro-san.... please stream....

>> No.7736357

Must either be real busy or fallen asleep, it's unusual to not hear anything by now. Gives me more time for my rreps at least.

>> No.7736556

I am too excited for the Sonic Adventure 2 stream.

>> No.7737275

I'm glad we get to see her fat puppies jiggle around more nowadays!

>> No.7737534

Señor Koro, dónde?

>> No.7737673

Here's a little something I made, now relevant in absence of Mr Koro

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>> No.7738053

That's pretty much how it feels like, I haven't been doing much these last 2-3 hours but waiting for any notice. Probably shouldn't make this a habit though, it's not exactly healthy...

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>> No.7740811

That is a big dog


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please tweet something atleast...

>> No.7741843

Whenever Korone is not on screen, Koronesuki has to ask "Where is Korone?"

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>> No.7744037

Mr. Koro waking up at 3am to let everyone know that she's sleeping

>> No.7744347

And whenever she's on screen, they say "go to sleep"

>> No.7744456

I think she should take the day off and have a nice good sleep

>> No.7744558

otokonoko doko

>> No.7744573

Why 23?

>> No.7746356

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvhaNaO5lFw 5am Apex...

>> No.7746369

You know Mr Koro, instead we get an early morning apex stream in about 30 minutes. Hope you didn't plan on sleeping

>> No.7747057

What the hell is wrong with this woman?

>> No.7747142

The best thing about my time zone is that I'm always awake when she is streaming. As long as she doesn't breach noon JST at least.

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>> No.7747325

Okayu seems to join as well, why the heck are both of them awake at this time.

Same for me, its very practical

>> No.7748497

Koone isn't half bad, think she played more to have it ready for some potential collabs or smth? It's one of the games everyone seems to play at some point.

>> No.7748555

Señor Koro has the habit of just randomly tweet an hour, and the Koronesuki were brainwashed into understanding that that's when the stream is going to start.

>> No.7748691

I know when she was talking about picking a game to play with Nene, Koro would prefer a game that isn't competitive like Apex. The reason being that she feels bad if they lose because of her. I assume for longtime friends she's more willing to play those games but if she's less comfortable then she shies away from that sort of game.

>> No.7749008

I guess it would depend on the person. If they are at a competitive level it's understandable that you don't want to end up being some dead weight. Kinda the same reasons she didn't want to stream MH even though she was playing it.

Personally I just want to see the interactions with others and couldn't care less about skill levels. Give doog all the collabs she wants please

>> No.7749087

Nene Korone warioware collab onegai. Then again, probably not viable due to chinkflu.

>> No.7750115

I don't know what apex is.

>> No.7750584

I don't care though since its Mr Koro

>> No.7750989

>Nene Korone warioware collab onegai
i'm pretty sure that'd cause a singularity or something

>> No.7753463

You know what truly is going to brake reality?
Nene x Señor Koro Super Mario co-op collab

>> No.7754908

>MaxNeneMax & Sr.Koro Super Mario collab
>they decide to make a punishment game to make it entertaining
>5 pushups to whoever loses a life
I could see it happening

>> No.7760069

I will not lewd the dog.

>> No.7761269

Why do you call her Mr Koro?

>> No.7762652

Google-san's translation.

>> No.7762666

I thought Korone was taking care of her sleep? Why is she streaming Apex at 5 AM? Worse of all, she's dragging cat into it as well.

>> No.7763363

are you for real?

>> No.7764280

Are YOU for real?

>> No.7764502

It depends on what time she went to sleep, though, doesn't it? 5 AM is not absurd.

>> No.7764826

She slept all afternon, woke up at 3 AM and decided to play Apex at 5 AM

>> No.7764870

Gangimari Korosan actually scares me for real, yamete ne.

>> No.7765019

A dog after my own heart.

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>> No.7765738

That anon is right, you and the one that he quoted are fucking gay. I mean, you came to some thread
about a streamer that you don't even watch nor know her preferences just to post your beloved male, that's some dedication.

>> No.7765836

The "one" that he quoted and I are the same person btw. Also calling me gay doesn't disprove anything I said. Cope

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>> No.7767946

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>> No.7768496

Let's face it lads, you either have to look like this, be a famous baseball player or be Okayu to even have a chance with Señor Koro.

>> No.7768631

You forgot Yutti and grizzled pot bellied overseas oji-sans.

>> No.7768656

Oh, and this fucking penguin.

>> No.7768819

I'm in boys lets fucking go

>> No.7769086


You think we have enough memes to be able to make a team for the upcoming /vt/ divegrass tourney? We would need between 15 to 23 players

>> No.7769148

Time to learn baseball no

>> No.7771357

Do you faggots actually believe her everytime she tweets something like this?

>> No.7772077

With her pulling some allnighters and regularly attending early morning meetings I was just waiting for it desu.

>> No.7774171

Dont die on me

>> No.7774192

Calm your tits she'll be fine
Oh.. Are you talking about the thread?

>> No.7774668

As if anything could kill the dog

I'm actually surprised about the lack of concernfagging this time around, kinda expected them to come crawling back in masses like last time. Did they finally give up?

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>> No.7779495

>> No.7782940

sex with doog!

>> No.7783621

Humongous penises making her feel good!

>> No.7784116

You people are depraved.

>> No.7784206

You mean her humongous penis feeling good?

>> No.7784237


>> No.7784440

Knotless males need not apply

>> No.7787420

>> No.7788563

>> No.7788657

Fuck then love the dog

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>> No.7790744

Finally watched Okakoro Apex
>Okayu asked the Koronesuki if they got worried too because Korosan didn't say anything at all the day before
>she wrote her but didn't get a reply at all the entire day so she went to bed worried but thinking it'd be nice if she got a reply when she woke up
>but then she got a nightmare about how everyone wrote her on discord and only Korosan was missing
Look, even the Cat is concernfagging this Dog

>> No.7792763

cute but also kek

>> No.7794931

>> No.7797891

holy fucking cursed

>> No.7799028

>we wish her love and happiness

>> No.7799137

Can do that and still want to fuck her. Is a natural reaction to something so sexy

>> No.7801017

Korone... don't make your gf worry...

>> No.7802256

Korone has no mouth and she must scream

>> No.7804121

Why doesn't she just buy a mouth?

>> No.7805501

fucking shitposters

>> No.7806484

Korone to have a new live soon-ish in the future. Someone didn't want to keep the secret lol.
Judging by dates and prep time to get it rolling, probably her birthday stream?

>> No.7806727

>nigger cant shut up
why are these people like this
why are body movements copyright'd

>> No.7807056

>hololive members can't even move their body without the fear of copyright
What in the world

>> No.7807561

Dance moves don't have copyright but entire dance routines are. Also isn't it obvious you're supposed to keep this stuff a secret before the live?

>> No.7809582

Korone looks upset in this picture.

>> No.7809671

Instagram thot in dire need of public appreciation, why am I not surprised?

Would've been way better to share once the dance has been done by koone officially and then give a shoutout or something.

>> No.7810424

Korone looks proud of you in this picture.

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>> No.7814368

>> No.7815237


>> No.7815516

she finally became happy

>> No.7815708

Just finished my nihongo rreps, time to not understand anything again!

>> No.7816028

so we have to type usual stuff in chat and it appears on the bingo board?

>> No.7816121 [SPOILER] 

The rules!

>> No.7816255

>> No.7816352

This is fun

>> No.7816481

we did it bros

>> No.7816747

Finally a game that fits risuna-sans age

>> No.7816807

70+ years

>> No.7818402

Who wants to bet which number is おかゆ ?

>> No.7819047

Excuse me koone, please stick to the script

>> No.7819748

>sorry I'm late to your stream Korosan
>it's okay you must have been busy.

I don't think I can watch her anymore. I didn't sign up to be treated nicely.

>> No.7819814

holy fuck what have they done to her

>> No.7820049

AssCreed Valhalla Paris Siege DLC tomorrow as sponsored(?) stream.

>> No.7820053

> AC DLC tomorrow
Fuck the shilling contract

>> No.7820361

She gets money and we get her making funny sounds. What's bad about it?

>> No.7820551

last AC shill stream felt kinda soulless desu

>> No.7820606


>> No.7821372

kek. Bitch should have stayed silent.

>> No.7821658

Why is fan work that portrays Korone as her correct, canon height of 156m so rare?

>> No.7823143

I jumped realities, Ame you fucker, where's my abusive dog

>> No.7825529

>> No.7825609

My dog sometimes sleeps like this

>> No.7825755

>My dog sometimes sleeps

>> No.7826164

>My dog

>> No.7828690

>> No.7832248

>> No.7834180

What's not to like about stealthy ASSASSINU kills.

What I take from the little chat earlier is that she had some reservations about properly representing the game last time - it being sponsored and all. People reconfirmed that she should just play however she likes though so it's going to be good I think. Best case would be if the game takes place in locations she was at irl and we get some storytime or something.

>> No.7837526

did her roommate tweet about the Nip win over the US in 野球 for the gold?

>> No.7842509

how to get laid 101

>> No.7842615

how to get lady 101

>> No.7842810

She sure does, anon.

>> No.7844061

Korone’s gf sure is smooth

>> No.7846240


>> No.7850683

>> No.7850744

What could possibly be Señor Koro's scary story, that Subaru was so scared that she outright denied her the chance to tell it on her horror stream yesterday?

>> No.7851258

Yes hello I have come to steal your God Doog lewds. Thank you for your contribution

>> No.7852895

>> No.7855345


Baseball dog

>> No.7855469


>> No.7856717

>Mr Koro has a knee brace

>> No.7857053

>Botan for the Lions

>> No.7857212

these turned out real good

>> No.7857217

Can we talk about how Korone is literally the only Holo fit for baseball?

>> No.7857362

>Kanata and Korone on the same team
They wanted to go watch baseball together
>the only
I'd add Nene as well

>> No.7857405

Imagine a fight to the death between Korone and Nene

>> No.7857462

Korone looks like she can hit cleanup.
Also Kanatan is super cute. I'd pay up for a tapestry with their baseball uniforms.

>> No.7857503

Shame it's the Pacific League so she couldn't be on the Tigers but still very cool

>> No.7858028

What's that thing Marine has on her left leg? Is that some sort of robotic leg?

>> No.7858042

Shin braces

>> No.7858069

Korone's life for Aiur in this picture.

>> No.7858072

Korone is the only one who looks like an actual baseball player, the other ones all look like cosplayers or cheerleaders.

>> No.7858116

Botan looks pretty good, too. Same with Noel and even Rushia.
I hate that they put skirts on the majority of them. Like why did they do it?

>> No.7858127


Watch dog stealing baguette.

>> No.7858197

What is this audio we're getting?

>> No.7858220

Oh is rain pretty nice

>> No.7858240

>2 hours
she's gonna do 4, isn't she?

>> No.7858258

Hon hon hon.

>> No.7858287

I can't believe Korone's runby soloed an entire mineral line.

>> No.7858376

what makes her like the assassin creed games so much?

>> No.7858400

Her high tolerance for bugs and repetitive bullshit.

>> No.7858413

Pandering to EOPs

>> No.7858424

It's a certified kusoge which is right up her alley.

>> No.7858473

I don't think there's a game she actively dislikes desu

>> No.7858480

actual fucking outsider art

>> No.7858575

>those loading times

>> No.7858711

because she has good taste

>> No.7858894

Is she playing on 720p or something? Even the font looks incredibly pixelated. Thought Ubisoft would want to flex their tech for a showcase like this.

>> No.7858940

I imagine she is planning to stop for Nene's 3D live at 21JST.

>> No.7859083

She's playing on ps4 even though she has a 3090

>> No.7859087

i hate the way fr*nch people talk

>> No.7859179

Probably the copy she was given was from before she had the 3090 so they gave her a ps4 one. I do remember her old pc being pretty mid range but i could be wrong

>> No.7859195

Her old PC was a 2080 Super and a i9 9900KS which is way above mid-range if you ask me.

>> No.7859212

Yea thats super above mid range, must have misremembered and thought it was another holos specs cuz of memories of her old pc mic and using a speaker.

>> No.7859351

How many games in her backlog that she still hasn't beat beside this and R-Type?

>> No.7860350

>Nene 3D Mention

>> No.7862533

>> No.7863010

OkaKoro Les Mis when

>> No.7863969

Those socks stay ON during sex

>> No.7864447

>only streamed 2 hours

>> No.7865399

Isn't there usually a time limit on the length of sponsored streams?

>> No.7865556

She was supposed to stop in time for Nene's 3D stream. Was a couple minutes late though.

>> No.7865643


I agree we need that on a t-shirt

>> No.7865737

>さびしい(ё )))

Whenever I think I'm in a good and healthy place mentally she's posting things like this and turns me right back into a gosling

>> No.7866958

There’s probably a limit for what they’re getting paid for but that didn’t stop Korone from 100% the saga remake.

>> No.7866999

She should get over herself and move in with Okayu then.

>> No.7867427

Okayu said no because Korone needs her space or becomes a bitch eventually.

>> No.7867981

They just need a big enough house or apartment but
>real estate prices in Tokyo

>> No.7872221

>> No.7872646

>you will never witness 100% pure okakoro tete

>> No.7875304

>> No.7878509

I haven't had a chance to catch her streams for a while now, will be binging some tonight desu

>> No.7879379

she didn't even need to use her roommates account she did it on main

it'd honestly be more surprising if she did use her alt, she hasn't touched that account in ages

>> No.7880321

Well she accidentally tweeted about baseball on the Korone account and deleted it, but then relented and just decided to tweet about baseball as Korone.

>> No.7886763

ah I never saw the deleted stuff

>> No.7887580


>> No.7887782

smart move, moving in with someone is the fastest way to hate them

>> No.7888140


>> No.7890420


>> No.7890501

gorilla strim

>> No.7890676

isn't this a pretty unusual time for her to be streaming?

>> No.7890871

Yes just enjoy it fag

>> No.7890923


>> No.7891039


>> No.7891148

So what is the story with using jingle bells as bgm? I must have missed her explanation before.

>> No.7891240


>> No.7891249


>> No.7891986

Because Ko'one.

>> No.7892131

I wish koone drew more, her amateurish style is oddly satisfying

>> No.7892135

It’s a weird mash up of Jingle Bells and Silent Night. I hope she keeps it through New Year’s

>> No.7892919

I will have vaginal intercourse with this canine.

>> No.7893511

Koone should do drawing stream more often. She has a very unique style. Her pokemon drawing streams were a riot.

>> No.7893959

w-why is listener-san always light skinned? :(

>> No.7894061

according to some weird youtube recommendation it's because she regrets killing santa-san in that assassin game

>> No.7894488

Head-on listener is cursed.

>> No.7894562


>> No.7894680

Korone's rendition of it is less cursed than others.

>> No.7894690

Me at bottom left.

>> No.7894842

Needs more raging listener-san erections

>> No.7895320

Wish she uses that voice more often.

>> No.7896181

>sudden chest pain and dizziness

Korosan please don't make me have to conernfag you.

>> No.7896498

To paraphrase, she essentially explained it as how it's hard to not feel happy when Christmas music is playing.

>> No.7896546

Her roommate is a much more talented singer than Korone gives her credit for and it's a shame that Korone holds her back the way she does.

>> No.7896626

this is definitely the best rendition I've seen

>> No.7896641

Perpetual Ritsuna-San Energy Machine

>> No.7896651

she said the thing

>> No.7896700

Just woke up what the fuck did I miss

>> No.7896720

wtf I got my yubi back

>> No.7896797

soulful drawing stream

>> No.7897249

>> No.7898413

why do people come to a simple thread to shitpost

>> No.7901283

Lucky fucker

>> No.7902440


>> No.7905277

I'd be surprised if she weren't after the guerilla fanart stream.

>> No.7905676

yeah, pretty much this

>> No.7907806

MariKoro tomorrow

>> No.7907932

Why would anybody voluntarily want to be a nigger?

>> No.7911243

Holy fucking shit I want to bang Dagger so goddamn bad

>> No.7911369

You remind me my 12 years old self

>> No.7916511

>> No.7916643

I will never forgive Marine for beating Korone at homo schmup and Kirby.

>> No.7917004

did she get lost

>> No.7917018

I just want them to swap bodies again

>> No.7917624

I need every kamen rider x doog art you got

>> No.7918159

The Daguerreo elevator puzzle took a lot less time than I expected

>> No.7918282

Do you guys think Korone wipes sitting down or standing up?

>> No.7918446

She's japanese so standing up

>> No.7918622

Guess FF9 will take a couple more weeks. And I have a trip coming up in 2 weeks. Guess I'll have to catch an unexpected cold.

>> No.7919325

pure soul

>> No.7919364

If Quina eats my fingers she's only going to learn "shitpost"

>> No.7919391

>Korone Ch. 戌神ころね : 爪ENDでした

>> No.7919421


>> No.7920143

I can't believe we were on green light during the entire stream

>> No.7921906

Pretty slow going today. All she managed to do was Gulg Volcano and Ipsen's Castle.

>> No.7923652

some ff9 nerd said it's better this way because next time she will get a full arc of something

>> No.7924212

>noooo, don't shitpost on my 4channeruuuuuuu

>> No.7924747

That nerd can go fuck himself. But I'm glad she's enjoying doing side stuff.

>> No.7929162

>> No.7934296

>> No.7940235

>> No.7944483

>> No.7944649

>Canadians are allowed to fuck this
It's not fair.

>> No.7947266


>> No.7948041

I'm Canadian, but I don't like fat.
No thanks.

>> No.7950394

Yup, boning this doog tonight

>> No.7951796

Koone got her revenge in Rockman 2 at least

>> No.7952416

Bros I fucking love Koro-san

>> No.7952461

Me too

>> No.7954697

>okayu asmr overlapping with marikoro
Please push it back 1-2 hours.. I'm begging you...

>> No.7954759

Is pretty common for them to stream at the same time

>> No.7957776

It has started!

>> No.7957957

Korone's somehow worse at this than at tetra master

>> No.7958157

>good in tetra master
lol lmao

>> No.7958226

I implore you to do some reading comprehension practice

>> No.7958272

I just realized after posting.

>> No.7958382

Time to pull out Candyland so Ko'one can get a win.

>> No.7958450

>koone got 21 but she still lost


>> No.7958686

Can Korone realistically win at any of the games besides mario party?

>> No.7958741

>playing mario kart with assist
I don't expect her to get second place, but at least we'll get funny moments

>> No.7958971


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