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El jefe

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Previous thread. Thanks for choosing this thread

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>this thread

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This one.

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Anti gay measures, ON

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This one, because it is funnier that way.

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ios this the penis live thread?

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Special agent Oga-chama...

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I'd say Fubuki has pushed that line quite a bit with her "UWAAAA ROBERU SO SHY SO CUTE" moment before.
Towa has her weird Apex moments and I feel like I've seen her imply that shit happens off-stream(kinda must with scrims scrims scrims scrims out the ass to practice for tournaments)
In general, "very controlled" to me is locking all interactions of any significance between the idol and the guy to the time in front of a camera, with no sense of flirting or thirst for one another.

Fundamentally, the practices of the IRL idol industry makes their employees a lot more trustworthy just because we see a lot more. Vtubers gain the benefit of a safer medium, but it makes it easier to lie to viewers so obviously standards of trust may end up being higher.

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I'm watching Oga's stream and I'm hard. Does that make me gay?

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Oga looks so cool

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So cool

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>three threads
Jesus Christ

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Why does he look like some background enemy from final fantasy?

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We can’t lose to the homoposters, gents!

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None of them are gay anon, it's literally all women pretending to be gay men
God help me, I don't know WHY they pretend to be gay men, it seems retarded to me but whatever

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I want him to fuck my wife so bad

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He's president of Shinra

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This is just Men in Black.

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your friend*

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if i take his horn off will he die

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>Subaru hand on stream.
Damn more and more members feel comfortable with that recently huh....

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So how much do you betthat they was told to this by someone higher up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZshHgTtCJag

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See /u/fags who want to be little girls

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Looks like ame won

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>oga got three outfits in one
What the fuck, this is not fair for shien

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But both sides are the same...

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Ame hasn't tweeted anything about shien

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Just let me live my fantasies anon. Using a strap-on only gets me so far.
Must be nice to have a dick.

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>No gun

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Wasn't Kiara fielding suggestions for yuri manga months ago?

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Is Ame awake?

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Kiara had been mentioning about wanting to a yuri manga readalong collab since like last year.

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Yeah we cool! Wait, you weren't asking.
No, but he will be in a lot of pain.

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Oga's head is small...

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>hornypost as male
>get called gay, life continues
>hornypost as female

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But we bully them all the time too...

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Yup this exact stream was suggested a long time ago.

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80s shoulderpads are back baby

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Busy masturbating in the tub

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Hey...this is too...damn cool...

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she's literally masturbating RIGHT NOW

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>Implications and personal opinions
That's not a great definition. Also, IRL idols mantain the same level of trust as Virtual Idols because they spend the same amount of time (or even less) with you, the fan.

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>this happens
>lmao I'm not gay though
fuck off Yuu

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At most you get like 3 LONDONposts and then everyone moves on, its not really that much different from just getting 3 posts calling you gay.

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>Niggers using this thread that was made 200 posts early and linked in the old thread
Shame on you

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I hope you get to peg the anime boy of your dreams with a futa cock someday femanon

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The other thread was also early.

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Jeez shien why do you get to have 4 outfits?

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Wasn't the other one linked too? What's the difference?

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There is nothing to derail, LONDON posting is as brainless as gayposting at this point

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To be fair outside of OP it has better posts

>> No.7733940

The difference is that there's a MALE here and that triggers some posters here.

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I for one encourage both male and female anons to post their genitals.

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Better gay than trans

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If this is true will I now be free to post about Shien putting puppies in me?

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she is just horny, pls andastd

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So what is Suba gonna blow up with this batch of plastic explosive?

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Please stop, I'm begging you

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Oga looks super cool in his summer outfit

>> No.7734030

Which homos are getting costumes next?

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The sound mixing in the anime adaptation was underrated. https://youtu.be/cGXqx3O9kCQ?t=28

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Rushia is getting golden showered...

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Why does kissing get girls so horny?

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Anyone has art of holos, similiar to this?

>> No.7734071

That's it. MaFia were the only ones without a summer outfit.

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Kissing is so damn hot

>> No.7734074

They all have summer outfits now

>> No.7734079

Same reason why boys kissing gets me horny.

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There's a deep intimacy in kissing. It's hard to explain.

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Subaru continues to do creative content while EN only watchers still think Ame is the only holo capable of being creative and not do the same things like Mc/Apex every stream.

>> No.7734091

In an alternate timeline, she's the second extrovert EN we all needed.

>> No.7734092

cuz you can't show them fingering each other on a prime time anime

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Shienbros…we’re losing this thread to a hag…

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the whole art related shit is underrated

>> No.7734115

Man what the fuck were they thinking for choosing that easily-misinterpreted stage

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I want to beat Watame up

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Teamates understand it anon, it's the other EN fanbases who freak out because they aren't used to it from their oshi. But Ame regularly talks about the JPs she's inspired by,

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And then give her love and care after

>> No.7734158

Go back to the chuuba bully thread

>> No.7734161

Happy birthday to my wife

>> No.7734183

You know, I realized a while ago that I'm unironically happy to share a thread with fujos and yumejos if I'm being honest. Cuckposters, collab beggars, and shipfags are what actually irritate me, and when that comes from an idolfag like me I think that probably means something(?)

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You cant tell me that ever person here that rants how creative Ame is during her 3d streams for example are not teamates.

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You've never kissed someone, huh

>> No.7734244

I've taken a complete break from /hlgg/ to the point of filtering it sometimes so it's weird to read this after clicking on the rare Shien OP. Have the threads really lightened up?

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Does this trigger you, snowflake libtard? Yes? Then go watch Black males fucking smoking hot white babes

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Rushia did scratch offs today
I'm actually really impressed by the Holo girls for doing all of this IRL hobbyist stuff "lately"(meaning the last 2 months or so). A lot of that type of content used to be dominated by cooking streams if my memory is correct.

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>Ame and Bubba doxx

>> No.7734296

I think you got the wrong thread. Here, let me help you.

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>Eigo SC saying "Have my breakfast money"
>Rushia reads it
>THANK YOU!!!!!!

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I have, but I always got the impression that my girlfriend enjoyed it way more than I did.

>> No.7734350

I wish that was me...

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I realized that my worry was always with my oshi having a boyfriend, catching feelings for a male chuuba during a collab, or interacting with them off-stream. None of which are guaranteed just because male chuuba simply exist. I'm happy to share space with people who want their fantasy here if they don't threaten mine. Unironically, people who used homos to shitpost/collab beg/etc gave me a dirt poor impression that rode with me until I got to see more femanon UOOOOOH

So basically, femanons UOOOOOOOOHing helps people get over their unfounded insecurities
UOH harder

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Collab beggars should be shot in the street. I'll just let you know majority of /stars/ hates beggars since every thread that's made for begging lists retarded streams that would never work and would hurt both sides.

>> No.7734733

Then there's the ones who over appreciate a collab, those make me cringe the hardest

>> No.7734823

>those fucking redditors that would want to join a hypothetical holostars en just to be closer to their oshi instead of wanting to be a male idol

>> No.7734827

There is literally nothing wrong with /jp/

>> No.7734931

All of these suck. I just want to appreciate the boys in whatever they're doing and everyone has to act like faggots (non gay kind) that ruins their reputation on the board.

>> No.7734977

but it’s actually common to genuinely despise the reddit plebs because yjk they don’t actual watch the homos like us.

>> No.7734994

You misunderstand, I'm calling the redditors faggots too

>> No.7735035

ah naruhodo ne

>> No.7735091

The most recent example is ARCSTAR becoming a team. There were the usual ytsaviourfags shitting up Roboco's pre-stream chat and they were none to be seen in Astel's chat when the group's streams started. There's no pleasing these niggers.

>> No.7735190

That's a fucking shame, I've enjoyed the ARCSTARs streams. They have some really good banter and chemistry to the point where I actually want to watch APEX streams because it's them playing together.

>> No.7735199

They cry "the bois are so underrated XD the girls need to save them" and then you never see them in a single homo stream.

>> No.7735218

>the only holo capable of being creative
That's like saying Ina is the only holo capable of drawing. Most creative is different than the only creative.

>> No.7735242

I use holotools to have all 3 streams running without chat in sight. It feels great.

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>> No.7735650

Why would she?

>> No.7735797

She usually does and did real time gosling posts over his 3D stream.

>> No.7735864

Shit for real? I don't really follow Ame, don't her fans get furious over that? I thought she does the most GFE out of the ENs

>> No.7736023

She's a fujo & super into Shien x Roberu x Astel.

>> No.7736044

>I thought she does the most GFE out of the ENs
The most out of en? maybe. But not gfe at all imo. And she is a straight af and also fujo

>> No.7736055

Isn't Inanis better at Japanese than Mori?

>> No.7736083

>he's never had a gf sperg over some male celeb before
thats the 2021 gfe

>> No.7736742

nah her fans just kinda delude themselves into thinking everything she does is GFE

>> No.7738213

Mori is cute

>> No.7738229

why the hell there are 2 threads

>> No.7738237

>> No.7738249

The other thread doesn't have a subject line. This one wins.

>> No.7738270

heh, you lost cuck :)

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>> No.7738304

Current thread:


>> No.7738305

wait, they're doing YagaKimi?
fucking based

>> No.7738333

>No subject line

>> No.7738354

this is absolute cringekino

>> No.7738356

>No Subject Line
Fuck that thread

>> No.7738388

there are three.

>> No.7738402

>only discussion going on here is about the other thread
Yea, the other thread is where it's at. Later virgins.

>> No.7738423

>all those free image slots
Don't mind me.

>> No.7738481

Bossu's thread is going to die...

>> No.7738521

Cucked you faggots so hard, what a rush :)

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>> No.7738595

You leave that shota alone cow!

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>> No.7738818

Why's the thread so dead?

>> No.7738838

people went to the other

>> No.7738859

There's another? Did the retards not put the subject in?

>> No.7738877

Pulling a /hlg/ and rejecting a thread with the "wrong" picture

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>> No.7738914

Fucking newfags.

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>> No.7739075

Surely now that Marine has a swimsuit for her live2D, Noel could get one too.

>> No.7739176

I want to believe, but my hopes are low.

>> No.7739339

Motherfuckers... Marine's tits are still covered!

>> No.7741645

[Terrible News] Ame has a sonic version

>> No.7741682

I love Ina!

>> No.7741862

What happened to the Bloodstained stream from last night? It's private now?

>> No.7741912

The Second /vt/ war was a conflict that lasted from mid 2022 to early 2023. It involved a majority of board generals, including /hlgg/, f

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>> No.7741928

>Catching up on my Ame vod reps
>Title says it's Dead Space
>She's playing Minecraft

>> No.7741940

Do you guys think Gura ever goes into /hlgg/ and sees what the last posts are before it hits post limit, and then feels a little bit happy when one of you manages to post I LOVE GURA as the last post? I like to think that she does that

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>> No.7741996

I hope she doesn't come here because then she would've seen how many cumbuds want to mating press her.

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>> No.7742047

Unironically REALLY fucking cute.

>> No.7742069

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>> No.7742091

Wait a second, is she still awake or again?

>> No.7742784

>don't her fans get furious over that?
I think most of her fans aren't SEAniggers or Japanese so no

>> No.7744527

Too bad the Enma arc is long past us

>> No.7744758

>gay thread stays up
>I get banned by nousagi-meido for this


>> No.7745179

amechu let's GOOOOO

>> No.7745469

>No, but he will be in a lot of pain.
He's a big guy.

>> No.7745730

>> No.7745744

>Open /hlgg/
>Post Matsuri
>Keep /hlgg/ open and continue posting Matsuri

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>> No.7749805

So uh, why did this global never get used? We’ve had a stars op before.
Are fags finally migrating from /jp/ or some shit? Do we need to teach them unity chads run this shit?
Considering this thread isn’t deleted and other globals that get made are, it’s quite clear the mods are on our side with this.

>> No.7749854


>> No.7749887

It’s quite interesting really, it’s like they can’t take the hint.

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