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Mamaloni in the bushes watching Mori and Kiara at the beach...

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I love Ina!

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Roboco love!

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cute sora

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Guba soon

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Takos, how are you holding up?

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I think Ame should get some rest

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Gura's going to stream today, right? Right?

>> No.7741927

I love Ame

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Live now

>Noel membership

Live in three hours


Live in five hours


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I like this chicken!

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Gura is back! I'm so happy!

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I'm not

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Mori Rabu

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imagine the doujins

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So why do deadbeats claim that Gura is Moris best friend when chemistry wise it’s clearly Kiara?

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Is there an actual reason for that? Did I miss something? That's a pretty high dislike ratio for a relatively normal stream.

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I love Rushia!

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so, did gura just give everyone the finger and gone off do her own thing

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First Anya of the thread!

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I want to have sex with Kiara…

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I miss Ina...

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Choose your fighter

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Mori is too autistic to have real friends

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Hag. Love. Marry. Mating press. Pregnancy. Family.

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I guess you could say the festival is over

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Forgot to add her, she's with Iofi and Roboco

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I love Mori!

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Yeah it's because your mom will be raped tonight if you don't reply to me

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Either one would be fine to be honest.

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What are you talking about? She's right here

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>competitions for best friend
are you LITERALLY twelve?

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A game of pretend.jpg

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Me too!

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My oshi is a cake but I feel the same about her

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>10 hour stream
Koronesukis are so spoiled

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that's just the tip of the iceberg

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Schedule soon

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I think Gura is Mori’s strongest collab partner online (off collab chemistry not seen yet) but Kiara is definitely Mori’s closest friend and their off collabs are my favorite.

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That was incredibly cute and made me smile hard.

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>Brotherhood is 11 years old.


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>That art

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is there an actual reason ame did this? seems completely unmpropmted. it's like she wants to destroy hololive by inviting the lowest of the low

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will she be able to defeat mothman?

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Why was the Bloodstained stream private?
Did something happen?

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Tell me about Friend, why doe she likes Shin-chan so much?

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I can just imagine what causes the models expressions to go from neutral to that in real life.
Mori you did good.

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>twelve year old female gossip poster

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>stream begins
>Ame appears with a sonic muzzle prop, keeps it on for the entire stream
What do you do

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can you download a clip from youtube at max res without fetching the whole video?

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I mean Gura and Moris friendship is superficial as fuck. It’s just Gura goslinging and being genuine and Mori going “haha yeah cute little sister bro”
Like, Mori already likes Irys more than Gura

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>Kiara's reaction

>> No.7742061

You're already watching Hololive though?

>> No.7742062

Isn't this a bit yab after...you know...that?

>> No.7742063

Game crashed. Mori had to edit it out to appease the devs.

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this one

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Reminds me of when Korone did this.

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Reine..why are you so bad at apex..

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Hey, me too

>> No.7742076 [SPOILER] 

With one simple trick.

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For those that missed it.

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>Irys stickman stream was over 4 hours
Damn sun, I definitely would've passed watching it live

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Just finished the collab. Why tf are they only allowed to read 2 chapters?

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>[EN] Comment: Would I be able to sing this in karaoke? / Marine: Ah, it'd be impossible.
>[EN] Marine: This is not a song that's normally singable. Even I wouldn't be able to sing it live in a concert.
what did she mean by this?
what kind of song is not singable on karaoke/concert?

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Makes me smile everytime I watch it.

>> No.7742095

No the fuck it's not. Sonic Mania is a good game, and it shouldn't be shunned because of THAT.

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Their bait didn't work in the split threads of all places so they are trying it here

>> No.7742104

Someone please use this as a thread OP.

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dang, I remember seeing someone wanting to make this OC last night
Good shit anon

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*lanches a massive load over your tiny body*

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How do we save lyger?

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Kiara's tracking is absolutely godlike, bless you Keffiy
look at how fucking expressive that reaction is

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>Moving the mouse can be considered manual labor meant for peasants and not for ojous

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Wait did Ame already sleep or is she still awake?

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Rate the date.

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Because they might have fucked on stream

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Maybe it's a very difficult song to perform live that requires many takes on her part

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How do we save (you)?

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oh they can’t give bans?

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Wait, why not recycling Shien OP? It's already on more than hundred posts.

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denpa song?

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Nothing to save. He will win in the end and he will get his oshi as his wife. It's only a matter of time to cull the competition.

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Childhood nostagia

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Horny alien cute robot hag love/10

>> No.7742141

there's no saving him

>> No.7742143

Lyger... you deserve better...

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>he will get his oshi as his wife.
Oh no no no no....

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You can't ban people on youtube?

>> No.7742152

>Dumb woman glaring at her phone screen with her dogs making a ruckus and her new kitten trying to eat her face wondering why she can't sleep.

>> No.7742157

Still awake ruining her sleeping schedule again and eating bread.

>> No.7742158

speak nip accomplish shit/10

>> No.7742161

Lygers are done for
abandon ship and choose someone else

>> No.7742162

Probably means it's a duet of some sort

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I only watched the tail end of it. The interactions were cute. It wouldn't be fair for me to rate it however.

>> No.7742165

You can ban them from chat but not comments I believe.

>> No.7742166

Imagine being a Filipino and not having Towa as your oshi...grim...

>> No.7742173

So will she just try to stay awake until her stream?
Or will she oversleep?

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>Mori not wearing panties
Why was this tagged "TakaMori teetee?"

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I think this Takamori collab once again proves that Mori’s best collabs are when she does something other than play a game. Not that all her game collabs are bad, some are even great, but her variety collabs are consistently better.

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Based. I would kneel if he gets them banned. Hopefully, a company wide ban on all holo channels because this isn’t their first time.

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honestly I feel a little bad for him...

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>> No.7742190

Roboco is boring

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Yeah. Hope you can use the command line: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/282413

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> it's like she wants to destroy hololive by inviting the lowest of the low
say that to Fubuki

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Ame would be good as a voice in a sonic dub

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>> No.7742212

I think it needs to be matsuri who blocks them.

>> No.7742213

It is teetee!

>> No.7742216

Astel, don't look...

>> No.7742217

I'm going to cuck Matsuri's boyfriend and she is going to go along with it happily since she is an attention starved woman who loves NTR.

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>> No.7742220

red gura karaoke

>> No.7742221

so it's him working overtime that keeps deleting my comment.
fuck him

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Why are chumbuds so cruel to each other...

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An almighty presence has entered the thread.

>> No.7742231

Holy shit

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>> No.7742236

Oh fuck, she still didn't finish DMC3?

>> No.7742237

>solo Apex

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>> No.7742245

>> No.7742249

but why

>> No.7742254

>The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Lyger happy.

>> No.7742256

>replies unironically in support of l*ger
This is how you know reddit has taken over

>> No.7742259

A fucking PEX

>> No.7742263

>officer gura
it's police simulator isn't it? that's a yab

>> No.7742264

That's too sweet

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>> No.7742267

she wants to get closer to Ame

>> No.7742269

Gura is pretty cool. Are we cool?

>> No.7742270

Looks like chumbuds are eating well this week. Have fun!

>> No.7742271

She got stuck on vergil 2, remember?

>> No.7742275

He was still wrong.

>> No.7742276

ohhhh bait-chan, shouldn't you be at ***** school by now? *licks big, disgusting lips*
keep posting, whore. that's right.

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>> No.7742279

that design would unironically be insanely popular in the sonic furdom

>> No.7742281

Please for the love of god tell me she isn't going to be playing that stupid police simulator game.

>> No.7742284

I want to be happy again..

>> No.7742285

She really doesn't know what to play
Frustrated Gura should be fun

>> No.7742286

that requires downloading the whole video first

>> No.7742291

Collab with Little T when?

>> No.7742293

its time

>> No.7742296

I feel like people don't talk about how fucking hot Akira's art is enough.

>> No.7742297

I hope they can meet in person again, that was too sweet.

>> No.7742298

She got the splitter? Which means she might have gotten the controller? So maybe RCG will be back soon too?

>> No.7742300

>officer gura
Is this that police simulator that Subaru and Miko were playing?

>> No.7742302

>Couldn't get Ame to play Police Sim with her.
Ame you suck.

>> No.7742304

I'm so happy for chumbuds... their oshi is back...

>> No.7742306

>solo apex / minecraft

>> No.7742307

APEX should be a collab

>> No.7742308

Are you happy now /v/fags

>> No.7742310

Please watch streams, this isn't the first time

>> No.7742313

Some anon in back in the /jp/ days explained
"youtube-dl link -g" for both video and audio then you paste the link into ffmpeg as a input and cropping the time from where yo uwant your clip to begin.
if you paste that quote in the archives I'm sure you'll find something,

>> No.7742314

but she never left?!

>> No.7742317

Probably, she talked about playing it a bit ago

>> No.7742319

>Gura starts her own schizo arc.
Is...this a good thing?

>> No.7742321

So where are all the people who said DMC3 was dropped and Gura wasn't gonna play it again?

>> No.7742323


>> No.7742327

You can't marry Watame, but you can watch her streams!

>> No.7742328

She and Kiara are kinda crafted from the same tree.
If a game causes Kiara to think too much she loses all her language skills and panics.
If Mori plays a game where she is too focused she seems to have hard time doing anything else and provide "meaningful communication" which some watchers want from a streamer.
So much for the women multitasking fable

>> No.7742329

The splitter was an excuse.
And no one is reminding her of the controler so she can keep using it as an excuse

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>> No.7742332

apex legends too

>> No.7742333

What's wrong with Gura and baiting v/pol/ acks??!!
Last week it was /v/tranny now continued with BLM!!!!

>> No.7742335

Currently coping

>> No.7742340

I kneel oracle-sama...

>> No.7742342

Gura is doing APEX to collab with Roboco down the line. We might even get a Ame, Gura, Roboco collab. Search your heart, you know it to be true.

>> No.7742343

Mori translated WAP to Japanese just for Marine, but Cover nixed the idea.

>> No.7742346

she was gone for 3 days though

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>> No.7742351

GawRyS APEX soon?

>> No.7742352

probably in-line with the people claiming that Mori forgot about Doom Eternal on the suicide forrest.

>> No.7742353

>Gawr karaoke
>Officer Gura (whatever it is)
Great week, fuck my sleep schedule.

>> No.7742354

Gura why.. and there's a break day right after, fucking hell.

>> No.7742357

Hey guys

>> No.7742358


Where does Gura find these games

>> No.7742360

For haglovers enjoy.
Back to making soundposts.

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>> No.7742363

wasn't garlic phone on the 13th?

>> No.7742366

Will Kiara and Gura overlap with Minecraft? pleasepleaseplease.

>> No.7742369

>gura police simulator

>> No.7742373

Are you feeling down since there's no Sheep stream today or for other reasons?

>> No.7742376

As much as i hate lygger i hate any person trying to hurt a holo.far more

>> No.7742377

She literally said she wanted to play MC in the last couple of streams

>> No.7742378

Anya cute

>> No.7742379

>karaoke on tuesday
But why?

>> No.7742381

>> No.7742382

I wish Gura played more rhythm games.

>> No.7742383

Damn, that's really good.

>> No.7742386

Yeah I didn't even notice that at first.

>> No.7742391

thats normal

>> No.7742392

Kiara definitely recognised that and her suggestions for future collabs seem to take that in mind

>> No.7742394


>> No.7742395

JENMA has all the list of playable games..

>> No.7742396


>> No.7742399

Do the capitalization correctly, or my filter won't find it.

>> No.7742401

5 hours of Kiara mc that late? Unlikely.

>> No.7742402

No it doesn't. The youtube-dl command is only for fetching a link that ffmpeg can use as input. Ffmpeg will only download the parts it needs.

>> No.7742403


>> No.7742404

Antis are the number one enemy.

>> No.7742405

This looks like a game Mori would play

Also I think devs have been giving VTubers keys for the game, I know they gave one to mi-chan

>> No.7742406

On Covers big list of kusoge permissions.

>> No.7742407


Is this the beginning of split personality arc?

>> No.7742409

Permissions bro

>> No.7742410


>> No.7742412

She watches the god gamer who is am expert in playing the shittest games

>> No.7742414

Seeing as Deadbeat doesn't have the Tako Killer whip I have to assume they fight with Bone Toss

>> No.7742418

Pekora's bio: No kissing, no speaking, no eye-contact. Just fucking, peko.

>> No.7742420

>Mori finally returns to Doom as promised
>Gura finally returns to DMC3 as promised
Based promise keeping Bone Bros

>> No.7742421


>> No.7742426

>I don't like this person so they're always in the wrong regardless of context
Go back to /pol/ you stupid faggot.

>> No.7742429


>> No.7742430

unlikely, Kiara has to read SCs today

>> No.7742434

False Information. I can and have done both.

>> No.7742435

>but she never left?!
y-yes,... in the beginning we said the same thing...

>> No.7742436

Gura wants to get the Blue Axolotl if anyone is wondering what she's gonna do today.

>> No.7742437

Does this trigger you, snowflake libtard? Yes? Then go watch Black males fucking smoking hot white babes

>> No.7742441

No way, it's at 2 am for her. Additionally, she didn't manage to read superchats yesterday because of youtube being shit so she'll also have extra motivation to stop playing earlier than that

>> No.7742442

Fucking deadbeats.

>> No.7742445

Kiara is so considerate. Yesterday when she was talking about the meet & greet and how when someone would appear flustered she'd say "do you have something to say to me or do you want some help?" and then if needed she'd ask them questions to get them to open up, it really drove home how good she has gotten at building rapport with people. I don't know how much of it is because of Hololive and how much of it is just what she brings to the table in the first place.

>> No.7742448


>> No.7742449

I seriously have no idea what the fuck Mori has planned for that stream, should be kino or a fun mess either way.

>> No.7742452

All I remember from Lyger is 2019 stuff back from /jp/, and /jp/ was fucking trash, but no matter if I like him or not, he's not wrong

>> No.7742453


>> No.7742455

Taiwanese anon make another Hololive animation

>> No.7742456

she's going to cancel at least half of these

>> No.7742458

lol what the fuck

>> No.7742460


>> No.7742461

So collecting sand and turning it into glass comfy zatsudan. Got it.

>> No.7742462

She ragequit at Vergil 2 and people convinced her it was the latency from playing through OBS so she refused to play it again til she bought a HDMI splitter which she probably doesnt need since I think her card has passthrough?

>> No.7742463

You can only look from afar and wish her happiness, anon...

>> No.7742464


>> No.7742465


>> No.7742468


>> No.7742469

Ayame wife.

>> No.7742472

>Cover now introduces a rule saying if you cancel or postpone too many streams, you face suspension
How fucked is your oshi?

>> No.7742473

Oozora police collab?

>> No.7742480

Barracudas coping now

>> No.7742483

>Buba and Ame doxx

>> No.7742488

Name the last time this happened, retard.

>> No.7742490

>> No.7742491

is APEX REALLY fun game?

>> No.7742493

Anya is more than that!

>> No.7742494

How are we feeling Vergil Chads?

>> No.7742495

Yeah, there are plenty of reasons to dislike and make fun of Lyger. Him doing his job as moderator is not one of them, especially when it is a feature Youtube desperately needs.

>> No.7742496

Rip Gura

>> No.7742497

When was the last time this actually happened though? Most I can remember is 1 or 2 in the same week.

>> No.7742498

I was hoping I wouldn't have to see that shit again today. After a really good collab and a great schedule from Gura I was hoping that the schizos would've been driven off for a while

>> No.7742499

>she leaves hololive

>> No.7742500

It's so weird to me that Vergil 2 filtered her so hard. Sure I haven't played it myself but it looked like he did the same divekick every single time you hit him so all you seem to need to do is bait it out then slap him around until he turns on DT then you turn on your own DT and start going unga bunga to overcome his regen?

>> No.7742501

She got black gloves and an electric grill, she’s gonna do like Kiara did for the chocolate making and have a live cam where she grills yakiniku. Then she’s gonna play Doom not sure of the order though Doom might come first. Oh and she’s probably gonna have beer.

>> No.7742503

Waking up to Ayame cooking food for the whole family!

>> No.7742505

he fought for a holo and maybe hololive as a whole. It's worth supporting him.

>> No.7742506

>Ending the week with Gawr

How would chumbuds feel if all next week was Gawr and ended with Gura?

>> No.7742508

THAT? There's a couple of things I'm thinking THAT could be, but I'm not sure which one it is. Does it involve zapping to the extreme?

>> No.7742517


>> No.7742520

Her feet are great too

>> No.7742521

Furry art is always yab

>> No.7742522

Instead of dealing with the underlying source of the vast majority of her problems Ame will just stop doing schedules and collabs so she can never be late for anything.

>> No.7742524

BBQ while wearing gloves? Her hands are gonna be so sweaty

>> No.7742526

god you wish that were you?

>> No.7742529

So how much do you want to bet someone told them to do that collab because of Bird's one sided ship

>> No.7742530

Completely unfucked.

>> No.7742531

maybe Mori's sweetest move on a collab ever.

>> No.7742534

Depends on what "Gawr" is going to be

>> No.7742535


>> No.7742537

Look Sonic Mania is an amazing game, no one is disputing that, But I mean come on, it is a bit... odd, after THAT

>> No.7742538

She got tired, anon. Not much rage was involved.

>> No.7742540

between antis and Lyger, I'll support Lyger 100%.
It helps that he's not wrong, Youtube needs better mod tools.

>> No.7742541

Watch streams. She has two different controllers, she just doesn't like to use them

>> No.7742547


>> No.7742552

Has Youtube unfucked itself yet though?

>> No.7742555

I'm kinda hyped for whatever her setlist is gonna be.

>> No.7742556

Sounds like cap.

>> No.7742560

Who's going to be affected by this anyway?
Mori's ironically fine, she's not doing it frequently.

>> No.7742563

I think she was planning on wearing a ski mask too…mmm sweaty Mori.

>> No.7742571

It's really frustrating if you play with input delay like she has been.

>> No.7742575


>> No.7742576

who the fuck is gawr

>> No.7742580


>> No.7742581


>> No.7742583

>Where does Gura find these games
Or some other kusoge cahnnel

>> No.7742586

Gawr is HER, literally, acording to gura, the crude, rude, no limiters on side of her.

>> No.7742588

The timing is funny as hell, wouldnt be shocked if she knows...I mean the shit is everywhere

>> No.7742590

that's a very good question. unfortunately TeamYouTube's english translators are off duty and won't be able to read his tweet.

>> No.7742592

>RELEASE DATE: Aug 2, 2021
are these indie devs just giving them keys and permissions

>> No.7742594

Yes, she talked about playing it before Subaru or Miko ever played it.

>> No.7742595

Has any anon watched a SC reading today yet?

>> No.7742597

chances she shows up with another model or the mv for reflect

>> No.7742599

>> No.7742600

The latter. She once talked about advanced planning what to say to her oshi during hand shaking events and how she knows that even something as small as a smile from them is enough to make a fan’s day which is why she tries very hard to reach out and interact with hers.

>> No.7742606

Why are there so many of these posts today? Am I timelooping?

>> No.7742610


>> No.7742612

H-has anyone checked on Mamaloni...? I'm worried...

>> No.7742616

You know it is. She loves meme simulator games.

>> No.7742621

Soulful art

>> No.7742622

it's going to be a HER stream.

>> No.7742624

>Finally making a special Gawr stream

What are the chances she was able to acquire the Red Eyes for her model?

>> No.7742625

>inb4 she still didn't get a splitter for DMC3

>> No.7742626

>Me tell the one Anon that Ame is a furry after Gura said she liked the sexy deer
>Anon legit thinks she's not because she shitted on them once but even later apologized because she did it out of a joke
>Anon goes full autistic and can't believe Ame ever would
Ahhh, I love when things come back full circle

>> No.7742627

I think the second one is supposed to be part of an entire doujin, but apparently it was only released physically.

>> No.7742629

>cancel or postpone
they never schedule anything so they'll be fine

>> No.7742630

He's not wrong. I hate lyger since he's a stuck up retard who thinks the world needs to revolve around him ,especially during his power overdose phase of 2019. He also puts many of the schizos in these threads to shame and has extreme delusions.
Saying all that, at the end of the day he really loves chuubas and does his best to support them. I hate him as a person since I had the displeasure of interacting with him, but I will not be against him over stuff like this.

>> No.7742631

I just realized Irys has no last name...

>> No.7742635

>Mori has a reflection yab
>It's blurry, so it just looks like she's wearing blackface

>> No.7742638

This looks like a new panel in tails gets trolled

>> No.7742642

Ina's fine.

>> No.7742643

Post THAT clip

>> No.7742644


>> No.7742645

I am, because that retard was completely wrong about everything

>> No.7742646

Just wait and see

>> No.7742647

t. didn't watch the breakdown of Reflect

>> No.7742650

But she does?

>> No.7742651


>> No.7742652

Her last name is my last name, soon.

>> No.7742653

thats because we will be offical next month
She's going to take my name
Sorry about that you just have to wait :)

>> No.7742656


>> No.7742659


>> No.7742663

Hello /reddit/!

>> No.7742667

This clip unironically turned me from a Kiara anti into a Kiara appreciator a long time ago.

>> No.7742668

Neither does Rihanna

>> No.7742669

It's starting.
Gura will learn Apex and she will get as good as Ame.
They will play together and will reach predator and as celebration they will kiss each other and have sex between themselves.

>> No.7742671

I'd marry the tanned one

>> No.7742676

>physical only doujins
Fuck, that always hurts to see, many artists I love only sell physical

>> No.7742678


>> No.7742684

>Hololive downfall
hearthy kek

>> No.7742687

>She's been practicing the entire time offstream and she comes back actually doing stylish combat
I can only hope.

>> No.7742689

All me, fag

>> No.7742691

The upcoming 25th falls on Friday the 13th. And with EN2 possibly being around the corner, you just know something bad is going to happen

>> No.7742692

Anon, it's a song about accepting yourself and not being schizo

>> No.7742693

I'm the tako dressed as ina

>> No.7742695

The cube shit is her last name reveal

>> No.7742697

Friendly reminder that Calli HATES Kiara and has only gone on vacation with her twice because management FORCED her to. She was also forced to sing Wah Wah World with her and is absolutely livid about it! Furthermore she is forced to retweet takamori art and to talk about Kiara against her will almost every single stream, and was forced to dedicate one of her emotes solely to Kiara (something no other holo has ever done before!) Calliope Mori who has railed against the management on outside collabs and game permissions is FURIOUS about being forced to be Kiara's friend!

>> No.7742699


>> No.7742700

Attention libtards! I will take your oshi to my Pro-Bass fishing shop and rape her in the pussy. You can stop this if you watch Black man on white babe porn and jerk off to it!

>> No.7742703

Her last name is "Vsinger of Project Hope"

>> No.7742706

I did, she say Gawr would be rude to chat and curse more.

>> No.7742707

>Gawr takes over
>plays Pex and Minecra
I want Gura back, fuck Gawr, I bet Gawr's a numberfag

>> No.7742715


>> No.7742716

>Gura got the splittter
>Gawr stream
yeah, you could say I'm feeling M O T I V A T E D

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