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Akai Haato/Haachama
Unmedicated Haaton cursed cake thread
Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC1CfXB_kRs3C-zaeTG3oGyg)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/akaihaato
Red Heart: https://youtu.be/A9HY4DsRTCg
Infinity: https://youtu.be/9mj2QJE-UOI
Previous stream: https://youtu.be/RAzc3ITPKnE
Previous Members only stream: https://youtu.be/VAK0z9WUV3Y

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>English very stronggg

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WOOPS Forgot pic

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>big big minecraft
the japanese goals sounded a bit more eloquent

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Schizo part 3?

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>one million and thirty subs

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Comments are open on the bday stream now btw

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Chammers please go to bed


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>echi echi asmr

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We all know it'll be her trying to "bully" the watcher and it'll come off as a cute little sister more than Domchama again

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very summer stream, im interested

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Anyone have info about how to make a haaton hood?

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Yeah, I guess the H ASMR was her best attempt at spicing up her ASMR from the reactions it got. The funny thing is she put that one in her lore playlist instead of ASMR playlist. She's been doing the girlfriend/wife lies in bed with you to make you sleepy routine for like 3 years, at least. I don't know if she realizes that she is so cute and fuckin weird that some people can't see her as sexy no matter what. Dunno what she has in mind now but I will laugh and hope she doesn't do something over the top that gets her in trouble.

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please help bros

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This isn't humbling, you need to seek help. Stop being a manchild

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Learn to take care of yourself bro. How can you support Haachama if you can't even support yourself?

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She is too fucking cute

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>1.30m subs
I think it's almost unreal because until the end summer remaining 20 days.
Haachame still needs to be recruited 90k subs.
Maybe good boost can help, but i donno

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Anon why are you like this? Seriously just make it yourself.

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She's MOTIVATED. That b-day video had a strong effect it seems.

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Haachama has already said she's the type who has to set goals for herself to get anything done. Her horror arc that took her to a million subs hadn't even been planned until AFTER she made a tweet about a super-secret plan to reach that milestone. Her making a to-do list is a very good sign.

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Coffee shop Red heart. Would you Haachama's special brewed coffee?

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Jesus christ unironically take your meds

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The person that made Red Heart Fan MV is planning to make infinity MV as well! It's probably for her video contest

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Why are you sperging out at your mom like that jesus fucking christ

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>When you're 30 and you live with your Mom

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The fake emotion over the video was a bit too transparent on her part. She is not a good actress.

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Even if she was hamming it up, she was clearly impressed enough to run it a third time even though the stream was getting pretty long.

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Haachama date with hoshikawa now

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And if you know anything about her, you'd know all her to-do lists in the past have been utterly worthless.

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no supocha no apex collab today i guess

>> No.7769459

I wonder where they're going today.

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>> No.7769518

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Papakatsu in Harajuku.

>> No.7769776

The spacha stream is still up though. So it's probably still a go.

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It seems haachama & miko collab will be on Saturday

>> No.7770389

supocha not supacha.

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I honestly felt bad for laughing at her when she fucked up at the last step. Even so I couldn't stop myself from cackling like a dumbass.

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It hurt in more ways than one.
Yes it's sad to see all that effort come to this end but also I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. As always, as soon as I saw the ambitious task she had set for herself with that drawing, I knew that something bad would happen to it before the end.
With her though these mishaps don't feel scripted, it's just a cosmic quirk that leads to the optimal amount of hilarity.
It's why I love her cooking streams as out of all the chuuba streams I watch none of them have antics that make me laugh so much it hurts, at least none that do so consistently.
Even her pizza simulator stream elicited the same reaction as if she were actually cooking with all those breaking plates and culminating in her throwing the pizza she'd spent 3/4's the stream preparing out the window she'd opened in the first 5 mins of the stream to see whether or not the windows were functional at all.
Sides in orbit.
I needed all the laughs I could get then too, so it was a welcome relief.

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Come and listen to Haachama screaming for 30 minutes.

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Welp Spacha will be moved again tomorrow.

>> No.7772375

Of course it will, see >>7770473

>> No.7772441

She says she wants to do something else?

>> No.7772469

>With her though these mishaps don't feel scripted, it's just a cosmic quirk that leads to the optimal amount of hilarity.
The shit that happens to her is the optimal combination of endearing and unintentionally hilarious. Every time one of them happens I laugh my ass off like a moron for 5 minutes while wanting to give her a hug and tell her everything will be ok.

>> No.7773612

Apex with Hoshikawa maybe

>> No.7775518

Apex is really inevitable.

>> No.7777504

SC reading

>> No.7777739

i hope she prepared for the motion sickness.

>> No.7777855

She was fine when she played with Migo. She should drop the texture pack.

>> No.7778590

Haachama on MioShuba stream right now!

>> No.7780765

It was Haato who got motion sick, this is Haachama

>> No.7780885

Haachama and Hoshikawa bought matching pajamas and might do a sleepover.

>> No.7780989

Oh man, I dipped to watch Irys. I'll have to catch the archive.

>> No.7781391

Matuli... Don't look...

>> No.7781556

>fake emotion
I would call it as ''I have watched already that video'' I'm sure her first time she got really touched but is just that the second time and third doesn't have the same effect in you

>> No.7781756

Festival just can't win. She brought this upon herself.

>> No.7781757

This BGM always remembers me about The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.
It was a good movie

>> No.7781758

Comfy minecraft stream started~

>> No.7781760

New Minecraft skin

>> No.7781761

Please tell me this is fake

>> No.7781794

> joins pre-stream
> asks "Is this going to be Haato or Haachama?"

>> No.7781860

i know this is fake because people this pathetic don't exist even on here, so here take your (you)

>> No.7782030

>i know this is fake because people this pathetic don't exist even on here
Oh anon, welcome to the desert of the real

>> No.7782051

It was dropped on Twitter a while ago.
Basically a red school swimsuit, to match Miko's white one.

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Shion, Hoshikawa and Haachama. The old twitcast アニカテ cast.

>> No.7782145

Hoshikawa abandoned the plan to go to spoccha with Haachama. Shion also invited her so she chose Shion instead.

>> No.7782154

>Get jealous when your friend hangs out with other friends apart from you
Do females really?

>> No.7782225

Haachama fucked up. Hoshikawa and Shion have not interacted as vtubers beyond those 2 times on twitter so she probably wasn't supposed to talk about this. Shion and Hoshikawa were super close in real life.

>> No.7782245

Yes, this is pretty common for women sadly...

>> No.7782370

Those that interested with the roommates already know about it anyway, while those that don't will just ignore it

>> No.7782388

>Haachama's oshi is Harley Quinn

>> No.7782402

>Harley Quinn
>The DCEU version

>> No.7782441

Shion and Hoshikawa being close isn't something you would know about unless you've been following them since before they wiped their twitters and twitcast last year. Certainly not something the likes of seanigger historian and his posse of fags would know of.

>> No.7782503

A lot of japanese & chinese sites already compiled all of those. And most of the english audience probably don't know what's Haachama talking about currently anyway

>> No.7782620

>More EN streams
Management will allow her finally?

>> No.7782660

She's not banned from EN streams, she most likely didn't have the motivation because of background shit because I refuse to believe that cover is that retarded when they allowed the shitty duolingo stream spams.

>> No.7782685

Isn't this the reason why Hoshikawa went mad during that stream? That Haachama went before with her friends without telling Hoshikawa?

>> No.7782726

>I refuse to believe that cover is that retarded
Anon, I...

>> No.7782760

That's exactly why Hoshikawa gave up on going with Haachama. Now that Shion also invited her she can get payback.

>> No.7782779

I refuse to believe it because it makes no goddamn sense.

>> No.7782795

Blueprints, AWAY!

>> No.7782838

You're retarded. She can do English streams. She can't call herself Hololive EN because she's not.

>> No.7782880

Oh this story again. She got mad at a classmate for having the same lunchbox as her.

>> No.7782898

>She can't call herself Hololive EN because she's not.
ENMa please, she and Coco are Hololive EN 0

>> No.7782904

Haachama didn't notice Sora on her streamer

>> No.7782908

She will never be EN.

>> No.7782924

Now I want Hoshikawa, Haachama and Shion collabs, that would be fun

>> No.7782941

Shion can't collaborate with Hoshikawa for the same reason Polka can't collaborate with Tamaki.

>> No.7782968

ENMA AWAY! Chammers already defeated you when Error came to be.

>> No.7782981

Blame old schizo fans for this...

>> No.7782994

Error doesn't involve Haachama.

>> No.7783011

Why? People throwing tantrums or what?

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>> No.7783032

Would (eat) eat Haachama's cooking?

>> No.7783042

So they prevented her from doing her horror lore, just to steal and rebrand her idea with another name?

>> No.7783080

I would eat Haachama out while she's cooking though.

>> No.7783092

No, there were concerns it would run afoul of Youtube since it depicted decapitations and/or self-harm

>> No.7783104

god damn I'm retarded

>> No.7783107

It's nothing to do with the fans. They know each other too well to pretend to be newly acquainted now. Haachama and Hoshikawa got around this by interacting a tonne on twitter right after Hoshikawa debuted. Shion and Hoshikawa have spent years not interacting so collaborating all of a sudden and having to pretend that it's their first time would be almost impossible.

>> No.7783110

For the same reason as people went to kson channel to talk about ''a certain yakuza dragon'' or people going to c*nan channel to say the same type of things about ''a certain boing boing knight''
People are VERY retarded

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>> No.7783328

She stole all that wood from Lamy's forest.

>> No.7783458

>Toga and Hisoka

>> No.7783838

Stronger idol

>> No.7783961

I was watching this stream laying on couch and dozed off for half of hour. Too comfy.

>> No.7784115

Has anyone drawn art of Haachama in an actual kindergarten yet?

>> No.7784143

One of Haachama's university friends is auditioning to be a vtuber.

>> No.7784160

Hoshikawa don't look!

>> No.7784255

>still talking about schizo shit
Good thing the seanigger translators didn't pick that up.

>> No.7784366

That's the shekels currency right? That orange SC that looks like some aztec ooga booga.

>> No.7784571

Do you think she told her she is vtuber herself or even that she is 1.3m subs vtuber?

>> No.7784695

She has told 2 of her high school friends in Australia before but she's a lot more cautious about shit like this now.

>> No.7784822

Did all the posters in here die? Oh right, it's because it's a simple zatsudan stream with no gimmicks like schizo shit. Of course the EOPs wouldn't be interested.

>> No.7784943

I had to dip out for a meeting about 30 minutes ago, what have I missed?

>> No.7784968

>Rain with classical music

>> No.7784976

i hope she has lightning protection.

>> No.7785020

How do you tell when a "Japanese" message is sent by an EOP using machine translate? It uses first and second person pronouns. Dead fucking giveaway.

>> No.7785033

Comfy babel-making and some bit of talk about wanting to be at a yandere novel, resistance to horror games and wanting to play Little Nightmares, and un-idol talk about color of pantsu.

>> No.7785136

>yandere novel
Is that what your seanigger translators made out of that? She said she wants to voice more yandere visual novels like the one she did for Utsuro Nikki.

>> No.7785147

i love how crooked and uneven Babel's walls are. really adds to that "Haachama Quality"

>> No.7785202

I like how she pronounce "Yosh"

>> No.7785417

Man, this is top comfy, I'm working and dozing off. Shame the rain stopped.

>> No.7785826

How high is the server's build limit?

>> No.7785981

Guess we'll find out soon enough as long as she plans on spiraling up as much as possible

>> No.7786054

Which shows how she is following the painting well. It looks like that

>> No.7786442


>> No.7786484

God, she's incredible at comfy
It may not rack up the numbers, but the occasional stream like this really does mean the world after the more whacky ones.

>> No.7786529

She has a very calming voice.

>> No.7786570

>almost 3 hours now
She really wants to finish babel this stream.

>> No.7786808

>it's raining again

>> No.7786902


>> No.7786910

>good morning everyone
>3 AM in japan

>> No.7786915

one stream she did before she took a break had haato hanging from a noose. it was the stream before or after the fan game.

>> No.7786933


>> No.7786996

Would the tower being struct by lightning and burning down be peak Haachama?

>> No.7787038

is not peak Haachama if she doesn't do it herself

>> No.7787102

The "Happy Birthday" on the last image really is the icing on the cake.

>> No.7787306

thanks, I hate it.

>> No.7787335

That was fast, what the hell...

>> No.7787351


>> No.7787359

Charged rifle.

>> No.7787367

Why she is so cute today?

>> No.7787378

how so? i was waiting out in the hall mouth agape

>> No.7787523

Shes ovulating

>> No.7787719

She's building high enough now that her wall is almost touching the view deck of the center tower. Also she's the only holo currently streaming at this time. Late nighters Watame and Aruran already finished theirs.

>> No.7787721

relaxing/cooling down with minecraft after her hoshikawa date?

>> No.7787965


>> No.7788291

>> No.7788326

It looks like those Escher engravings

>> No.7788343

If it ever get set on fire, is it going to propagate to the whole tower or will it stop burning?

>> No.7788397

your parents are asshole boomers

>> No.7788429

update your buzzword output array NPC

>> No.7788459

If it's a thunderstorm that starts a fire the rain should put it out before it becomes too bad

>> No.7788467

Learn how to do things yourself

>> No.7788486

it'll burn out before wtecking the whole thing. Fire got nerfed hard back in beta because a single flint and steel strike would take out entire forests and crash your game.

>> No.7788505

Oh shit I didn't know there was some SC bug. Well RIP SC reading stream I guess.

>> No.7788515

I think it's most likely that the whole thing would go up in flame but it can theoretically stop burning on its own from random chance, especially in the rain.

>> No.7789013


>> No.7789435

she always was en

>> No.7789463

can pekore collab with miko

>> No.7789469

here we go

>> No.7789509

I know the kind of person who watches hololive all day isn't exactly the most mentally mature, but good lord

>> No.7789606

boomers going to boom. why retire if you want to do things for yourself

>> No.7789622

who are you talking to mature boi?

>> No.7789631


>> No.7789701

I want to believe is fake... Fucking manchild

>> No.7790511

I think I know which post was that. I blame the mother, must absolutely be a single mom because if I showed that level of disrespect towards mine she would whoop my ass before getting my dad to threaten me with an worse whopping if I talked back

>> No.7790669

who cares about muh respect to boomers. if they want respect then they shouldn't have allowed out job market and real estate market to go to shit while the country is over run with foreign invaders

>> No.7790813

No Haachama for you for a week!

>> No.7790895

tell me to go to my homeland instead

>> No.7791188

Sorry Haaton, both the pool and Indonesia are closed because of the coof.

>> No.7791512


>> No.7792033

The faggot's dad is in the fake/gay group texts. He's the one posting boomer memes

>> No.7792102

he might not be the father. just the moms boyfriend if you understand me.

>> No.7797684

>> No.7800632

Miko and Pekora didn't spend the first 2 years ignoring each other. That's the difference.

>> No.7800818


>> No.7800982

What did she mean by this?

>> No.7802704

>> No.7804665

Chammers is back to being obsessed with GOD again. You remember the last time she was like this? This can only mean one thing:

Schizo part 3 confirmed

>> No.7804678

>> No.7804802

or maybe he's joking with his family and they're playing along

jesus christ do you people really have families that beat each other over some capslock? The guy name dropped fucking Umaru and haatons with no context. It's obviously a joke.

>> No.7805251

>> No.7805570

not even that, it's easy to spoof a phone number with apps and you can just name your contact anything

>> No.7806819

>> No.7806916

>big big minecraft
Imagine if her tower of birch gets struck by lightning

>> No.7806961

Just have someone tell Haachama copper rods are a thing now.

>> No.7808095

give her a break, if she finds out about copper she'll want to make a statue of liberty

>> No.7809026

God I fucking hate Matsuri. I was indifferent towards her but after her reaction to Haachama and ripping off her idea I don’t blame haachama for wanting nothing to do with her.

>> No.7809107

>dressing up as a minion

>> No.7809603

>ripping off her idea
what idea did she copy?

>> No.7809635

With Gusto!

>> No.7810301

I don't think Matsuri is malicious, just mentally unstable and an idiot. I just hope that she can get whatever help she needs.

>> No.7811654


>> No.7812084

she said she really wants to finish Babel the day after tomorrow. didn't know she wants to do it today. probably shifted her schedules around because the superchat glitch is still there so she can't do readings today.

>> No.7812094

Keep seething EOP.

>> No.7814081

>> No.7814667

stop before some evil fan artist makes a minion/haaton unholy mashup

>> No.7815036

I will clap so hard if true

>> No.7815646

>Starting with a playthrough of the Haachama Ware game

>> No.7815718


>> No.7815932

>Redbull again

>> No.7815953

Haachama takes over the Babel-making so she can claim she finished the tower.

>> No.7816019

man, Babel is so fucking huge

>> No.7816025

the tower of babel is really impressive, how are the construction companies gonna cope with getting beat by an autist with too much time on her hands?

>> No.7816043

I'm glad we're back to the minecraft arc.

>> No.7816064

The sheer size of babel can rival your average autist build on 2b2t

>> No.7816197

So did she have someone plan this out for her or is this just pure autism at work

>> No.7816237

She's been building this for 8 months already, which also makes this one of the longest Holo projects in minecraft. I believe it's only second to Fubuki's sakura tree.
She's planning to build it up to the limits of the server, which i believe is 256 blocks high.

>> No.7816250

She saw a painting of the tower of babel and that's it.

>> No.7816270

Autism it is

>> No.7816326

Chama is a Herochad

>> No.7816386

>Shows an animation of HoloEN on the last stream just before Babel is completed
Is it true, bros? Is Babel going to be the gate that connects the JP server with EN?

>> No.7816454

She said she wanted it to be the connection, not sure if management will go through with it.

>> No.7816477

it would have to be done within a decent timeframe of 2-4 months so i don't know about that one

>> No.7816487

It would be kino, but after Kiara revealed they were ordered to shut up about the merge, i believe the merge would never happen in the first place, which is pretty disappointing.

>> No.7816533

>but after Kiara revealed they were ordered to shut up about the merge

Fuck's sake, QRD?

>> No.7816589

>they still haven't fired the managers sabotaging the talents
A-Chan pls

>> No.7816594

forgive the spic speak, but this is the only clip of it i know that exists.

>> No.7816620

I give up. Cover may actually be that goddamn retarded.

>> No.7816660

best remix from this guy so far, hope chama uses it as bgm soon

>> No.7816676

damn that would be so fucking dumb

>> No.7816678

Cover ffs

>> No.7816763

I guess the only chama kensetsu project that turned out kinda small was that gundam that was supposed to look menacing behind shubagellion.

>> No.7816844

>build first, think later
sasuga chammers

>> No.7817016


>> No.7817376

King of Hearts and the Tower of Babel are the only chama builds I remember, how many more has she done?

>> No.7817440

The two part death coaster that goes around the entire server

>> No.7817444

Based. Fuck EN contamination.

>> No.7817644

well anon are you 5 or 89? choose wisely

>> No.7817649

She built a massive treehouse around the end of 2019 and then built a church for herself and Watame to roleplay a wedding in around early 2020.

>> No.7817680

>Haachama House (which burned down)
>Tree House
>Watch Tower and Church
>Sky Castle
>Hotel Haachama (located at TTT)
>Death Coaster
>Ferris Wheel with giant Haachama pixel art
>Haawata, Polka, Haachama Cooking, Gangimari Watame pixel arts
>three Potato Yagoos scattered throughout the server.
>sky railway system
some of Haachama builds i know so far.

>> No.7817711

oh is that the floating church ollie and coco got married in?

>> No.7817892

At this point I believe than a bunch of fans would do a better job than the actual management...

>> No.7817899

Does haachama have a construction co? I thought all her stuff has been solo

>> No.7817969

Haachama Black Company which consists of Haachama and Akai Haato

>> No.7818014

>Akai Haato
bitch didn't show up to work today what a lazy cunt

>> No.7818155

haachama blew the salary account on feet pics, black company pls understand

>> No.7818168

>I'm a moody woman who wants to be left alone at times
So, an average female? Kek.

>> No.7818253

>i think you guys are gonna commit actual crime
only if you ask, wifechama

>> No.7818256

There is nothing bad about it desu

>> No.7818302

Yeah pretty much. She just think she's gonna be annoying when that's just how women actually are. Plus yeah relationships can be a pain.

>> No.7818305

right, i think this was the first thing i saw her do on-stream
>>7817649 >>7817680
lots of that is news to me but i remember the church, ferris wheel and pixel art now too, thanks for the reminders

In other news, it's raining in Holosaba and Chama's broken out the classical piano piece again - anyone remember the name? I thought it was Clair de Lune but just searched it up and that was very much not it

>> No.7818364

I wonder if chama will recruit anyone

>> No.7818398

Gymnopedie no 1

>> No.7818423

She said she doesn't want to since she doesn't have blueprints and just builds whatever.

>> No.7818441

Almost everyone has recruited by another kensetsu, and the ones who didn't got recruited doesn't play minecraft that much, maybe after the merge some EN would join Haachama, but idk

>> No.7818513

>I have been holding my homework till now. I'm actually the one taking the most electives in my class. i took like 10 courses

Oh nonono hiatus incoming

>> No.7818527

>A fuckton of electives
No wonder she felt burnt out. She really is trying to speedrun.

>> No.7818548

Makes sense, she’s always been pretty independent and sporadic when it comes to stuff

>> No.7818586

Jesus Christ Chama, that’s so many

>> No.7818593

Fair enough, she wants to finish her college quickly

>> No.7818630

The multiple hiatus and low energy makes so much sense now. Goddamn Chammers.

>> No.7818665

Then again, electives tend to be pretty easy. But still, that's a lot.

>> No.7818685

You fucking morons, she was talking about the time she chose 10 projects for her summer homework in her 3rd year of elementary school and ended up not submitting any of them. Did your seanigger translators fuck up again?

>> No.7818704

>oh don't tell me.... right before i complete this... it'll get struck by lightning. surely that wont happen

>> No.7818733

The storm has passed. For now.

>> No.7818764

This. It's no wonder there's so much fake news about her. It's the blind leading the blind.

>> No.7818891

Any idea how close she is to the height limit now?

>> No.7819027

>i want to make an actual sized babel one day. im too intrigued
I want this madlass to study architecture and build the first space elevator

>> No.7819035

Thanks for the clarification

>> No.7819073

No. She said she wants to build Tokyo Tower in minecraft one day. Seanigger translators fuck up strike 2.

>> No.7819125

i figure she's approaching y180ish or so, just eyeballing it

sasuga seamonkey-tachi...

>> No.7819159

>tokyo tower
Coco don't look!

>> No.7819336

She liked this a week or so ago so this might be her next project.

>> No.7819404

With colorable concrete that stuff's immune to lightning right? Man that's gonna be a monster production to do. Or is it gonna be another Woolie structure?

>> No.7819485

>redbull past 11pm

>> No.7819511

if she knows about the lightning rods, she could probably just put it at the tip of the tower and possibly lightning-proof the whole thing.

>> No.7819555


>> No.7819799

Could always superchat her about it

>> No.7819943

>> No.7820004

Nice specs.

>> No.7820013

Damn, a 3070 on what is basically a Minecraft machine
I'd feel bad about backseat gaming

>> No.7820062

ah, i was wondering if i heard that right
glad she's at least aware of the build height limit - pondered if she already knew and just decided to keep going as she has regardless, which would be fitting for the Tower of Babechama

>> No.7820154

I wonder if she’ll do a Watame collab anytime soon

>> No.7820234

she finally fell from the tower kek

>> No.7820290

I really hope so, Watame is such a sweet girl.

>> No.7820351


>> No.7820415


>> No.7820461

Is this the largest structure in the holoserver? If so pretty awesome that Chama built it herself

>> No.7820921

did she really? that must have taken hours of chopping and replanting

did she ever explain why she chose to use wood for the tower, and birch specifically?
with the sheer size of the build, wood makes the most sense but it also hardly feels like wood
maybe it's just with the painting in mind but this feels more like it's made of limestone bricks or something like that

>> No.7821030

>> No.7821295

did someone say VACATION TIME?

>> No.7821298

Pretty sure that's just because birch is easy to prepare than any other material, and i think birch has that pattern that makes it look like a brick structure.

>> No.7821446

she did originally but i think she uses her own forest on the bottom floor now?

>> No.7821582

God I want Haachama to kill me

>> No.7821743

have moona and chama ever interacted much on stream, twitter, etc? i feel like if not for the (thin and shrinking) language barrier, they could get along really well

>>7821298 >>7821446
oh yeah, i forgot there she had a forest down there 草

giving your BIG RED HEART to Godchama!

>> No.7821782

She said hi to Moona in Minecraft once

>> No.7822111

I remember that she bullied towa with moona once

>> No.7822476

>> No.7822519


>> No.7822545

Nice bit of progress, a bit overambitious to have expected to finish it tonight but it looks great.

>> No.7822749

Oh wow, she is still larping that EOPs are people?

>> No.7822751

English-only Gartic Phone soon!

>> No.7822767

EN Garlic phone! SCs still broken. SUSAN HATE!

>> No.7822794

>>7821782 >>7822111 >>7822519
ah yes, jork

i'm glad she's not finishing it yet, it would feel too quick

>> No.7822836

Lovely stream as always, can't wait for the ASMR and Gartic Phone streams.

>> No.7822938

She plans to make a city inside the Babel (she was preparing the ground below for a canal), so it's not really finished yet even if the tower is complete.

>> No.7823102


>> No.7823164

Based chama this will be fun

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