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This is a thread where Hololive and Nijisanji fans must get along.
There are no Holobronies or Nijiniggers here, only friends. Discuss both groups accordingly.

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Do you think Selen's Apex collaboration is with Ollie?

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Kanikama is based and redpilled.

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Both are neat I guess

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Based. Luv vtubers.

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I like both but I'm not sure what to ever talk about in unity threads. I wish there could be more group collabs

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My oshis:
Holo JP: Pekora
Holo EN: Ame
Holo ID: Risu
Niji JP: Kanae
Niji EN: Selen
Niji ID: Zea
Who’s yours?

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there are no friends, only pomu

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Only Pomu.

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Okayu, Ina, and Reine when I can catch them.
Mayuzumi, EN is all nice but I don't have a favorite, Don't really catch many ID streams but Reza and Hana are nice.
Remi (VR) is a great singer.

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what is the context here?

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>only friends
I don't know if I should post Gosling or fubuchad

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I really hope to see a Pomu-Kiara collab after Pomu gets back from hiatus from her surgery. They would definitely get along well, want to hear a lot of idolfag talk from those two.

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Anybody know when Finana said the "wagey wagey" copypasta?

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It's definitely with Bora and/or Chihiro. Your ENjo kosai better not use either of them to try and break into the comfy Apex scene.

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Through dick, unity

>> No.7751243

I want to see a collab with Mori and Kuzuha

>> No.7751295

no way she would willingly subject herself to carrying that handless noob, Selen is a real gamer and deserves a decently skilled collaborator for Apex like Amelia

>> No.7751392

I also watch several of the notorious singers of each company like Suisei, Sora, Melissa, Toko and Chima

>> No.7751517

No, keep holowhores stay away of my dragonwife

>> No.7751532

She said after that that she had more collabs with "exciting people" so maybe

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Holo : Subaru
Niji : Emma

>> No.7751561

HJP: Matsuri
HEN: Kiara
HID: Anya
NJP: Ange
NEN: Selen
NKR: Siu Lee

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I would say starting from here would be a good spot
From 2:25:00 to 2:26:45
Hana talks about collabing with her kouhais but brings up that she's shy. At one point she decides "Let's keep it in this stream alright? No snitches." and someone in the chat says "NO RATS", which she goes along with.

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You want us to make a truce with yall nijinigger's hell nah not in a million years after all damage yall did to hololive.

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Hasn't Ollie given up on Apex? If she hasn't, well, it depends if Selen even wants to play with a backpack filled with rocks.

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I hope the stream ends with Selen flaming Ollie to death and telling her to grind Osu cause she fr got no hands

>> No.7752020

Good for them I guess. I'm not watching lmao.

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Hololive did the damage to themselves. I don't want to hear the excuses. Cover hired some rejected idols and their crazy fans followed. Nijisanji didn't need to do the damage when Cover was dealing it to themselves.

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lol, no, her collab next week will probadly Bora from nijiKR, HoloID begga can fuck off

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>Average Selen enjoyer

>> No.7753385

Hololive and nijisanji are shit

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Here lies true unity

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Holo JP: Korone
Holo EN: Ina
Holo ID: I don't watch ID
Niji JP: Sasaki
Niji EN: Elira
Niji ID: I don't watch ID

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Okayu and Polka are the only decent ones from holo
t. chubby-chaser

>> No.7756101

HoloJP: Roboco
HoloEN: Calliope
HoloID: Reine
NijiJP: Dola
NijiEN: Pomu
NijiKR: Hada

I’ve not watched enough of NijiID to make a decision but based on designs alone my favorite would probably be Hyona

>> No.7756199

kuzumori rap battle when

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This is a truce thread, only peace and comfy unity is allowed here

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I am surprised Tokomachi supremacy hasn't taken over this thread yet.

>> No.7756812

If it's not she's definitely collabing with Ollie soon. Both of them teased it.

>> No.7756876

I love whores

>> No.7756878

Holo JP: Rushia
Holo EN: Ame
Holo ID:
Niji JP:
Niji EN: Rosemi
Niji ID:

>> No.7756916

To be honest the lack of unity between is because of Cover's stupid walled garden. Back in 2018-2019 this was not an issue. Cover seems to be opening up more now but it's still sad to see the contrast between now and a few years ago.

>> No.7757036

I don't have a problem with either group really, my beef is with the collab beggars at vshojo and the discordfag apologists who seek out threads to damage control in

>> No.7757073

Luv Haachama
Luv her friends like Sara
'Ate China
Simple as

>> No.7757259

Holo: Pekora
Niji: Pomu

>> No.7757265

I genuinely want to see this.

>> No.7757417

I'm still not watching it I have a hate boner against MOBAs and don't particularly watch rbc or ratan

>> No.7757947

Got it.

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Holo JP: Fubuki, Shion
Niji JP: Furen, Toko
Niji KR: Roha Lee
(+ VOMS and various indies)

I haven't watched the EN branches aside from some clips, but Ina, Elira and Selen's designs are great, and Petra is completely adorable. I know even less about the ID branches, but I'll name Reine and Hana for posterity.

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Holo JP: Suisei
Holo EN: didn't watch lol
Holo ID: didn't watch lol
Niji JP: Mito
Niji EN: Finana
Niji ID: Hana

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Now this is a thread I can get behind!

Here are my oshis:
HoloJp: Botan
HoloEn: Ina
HoloId: Reine
NijiJp: Inui
NijiEn: Selen

>> No.7759903

HoloEN: Kiara
HoloJP: Nene, Botan
HoloID; ollie i guess
Ninji EN: Finana, Selen in small doses, Petra if I want to go to sleep
VOMS: Pikamee

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Holo JP: Nene
Holo EN: Gura
Holo ID: N/A
Niji JP: Crossick
Niji EN: Selen
Niji ID: N/A
Bonus: Mazono Akira

>> No.7760183

nice thread.
Holo JP: Twap
Holo EN: Ina
Niji JP: Amamya
Bonus: Ui mama
I don't watch other branches. used to watch Miki though

>> No.7760501

Holo JP: Roboco/Aki
Holo EN: Ina
Holo ID: Reine
Niji JP: Chigusa
Niji EN: Pomu
VOMS: Pikamee
VShoujo: Ironmouse
Indie: Saltydayo

>> No.7760668

Holo JP: Pekora
Holo EN: Ame
Holo ID: Ollie
Niji JP: -
Niji EN: -
Niji ID: Hana

>> No.7760823

I’m Pomu, who are you?

>> No.7760913

HoloJP: Pekora
HoloEN: Gura
NijiJP: Lulu Tomoe
NijiEN: Selen

>> No.7761743

Holo JP: Suisei
Holo EN: -
Holo ID: -
Niji JP: Tomoe, Toko
Niji EN: Elira
Niji ID: -

>> No.7761984

That's your dick talking anon

>> No.7762427

>Holo JP: Marine
>Holo EN: Ame
>Holo ID: Ollie
>Niji JP: Hoshikawa
>Niji EN: Elira
>Niji ID: -

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Through victim unity.

>> No.7762901

To those posting their oshis, do you feel like there's some connecting factor behind your choices, aspects and features they share with each other despite belonging to different companies?
Or do you prefer them for the differences between them, their company culture etc?
Do you oshi any vtubers who you recognize are drastically different, even potentially collab-incompatible with each other (personality, energy, seiso, dedication to RP etc.)?

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>> No.7762988

Is there any shot for a NijiEN HoloEN clllab?

>> No.7763068

Kiara and pomu will likely happen once she comes back from her break
I don't think any other pairing with holoEN will happen, but ollie is definitely going to collab with everyone at some point

>> No.7763214

I can easily see a collab between Elira or Pomu and Kiara and whoever else she manages to pull with her
some people in twitter say "hahaha Ame and Selen should play Apex lol" but that would honestly be kinda embarrassing to watch, at least Selen has a fun dynamic going on with fish but idk how she could work with Amelia

>> No.7763240

>11 years old

>> No.7764501

Fake fan.

>> No.7764716

Unity will never be accomplished.

>> No.7764926

yeah, I can name his name even I don't give a shit about nijiID

>> No.7765033

Selen would roast Ame who would end up quietly seething the whole stream

>> No.7767630

>decently skilled at apex

>> No.7767692

don't watch

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>> No.7768617

Holo JP: Okayu/Marine tie
Holo EN: Amelia
Holo ID: Risu
Niji ID: Hana
Niji EN: Selen
VOMS: Pikamee
VShoujo: Nyanners
Indie: Mushi

>> No.7768636

Holo JP: Towa
Holo EN: Ame
Holo ID: Risu
Niji JP: N/A
Niji EN: Finana
Niji ID: Zea

>> No.7768705

I fap to both Hololive and Niji hentai regularly. Do I count as a unityfag?

>> No.7768740

those who don't watch nijiJP but watch other branches: why? is it just the language barrier or is something else filtering you?
you're free to do as you please by the way i'm just curious.

>> No.7768760

I watched Holos first. That's it.

>> No.7768901

I don't watch IDs but
HoloJP: Suisei
NijiJP: Used to be Lulu...
HoloEN: Calliope
NijiEN: Elira

>> No.7768906

Literally me

>> No.7768940

Language barrier and clips being harder to find
I like picking someone who catches my eye first and then scouring for translation content but nijis are many and I don't really know who to watch

>> No.7768960

the correct answer is always chaika

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>> No.7768993

Kiara and Pomu, since they've interacted, on messaging terms on discord, and both very much idol otakus. Really, Pomu can fit her temperament to accommodate anyone (look at the Melody collab) so it'll be interesting. The rest of HoloEN doesn't seem interested in Nijis.

>> No.7769179

If you gonna blame somebody, blame it on Nijisanji after they dropped Hololive like a sack of potatoes because of that Taiwan yab thing.
Then backtracked when they realized that they needed Holos to leech off of their EOP audience by paying clippers/react fags.

>> No.7769495

>The rest of HoloEN doesn't seem interested in Nijis.
Ame follows (only) Pomu on twitter for some reason

>> No.7769516

>look at the melody collab
I wish Melody hadn't been zoinked off her mind for it but it was its own sort of kino.


>> No.7769537

She's Pomu!

>> No.7769562

Toko, barely watch Mito and Deron anymore but they used to be my favorites
I don't have one yet. I like watching clips of Pomu and Selen though

>> No.7769614

She's following Selen as well now.

>> No.7769636

No, i'm gonna blame it on Cover for trying to erase past collab history with Nijisanji with their holocaust "accident".

>> No.7769664

Sister Claire

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>> No.7769748

She follows Selen now too.

Current EN/ID followed list:
Pomu: Calli, Kiara, Ame, all ID
Elira & Finana: Calli, Kiara, 4/6 ID (no Moona/Anya)
Selen: Ame, 3/6 ID (no Iofi/Moona/Anya)
Rosemi & Petra: Only Risu and Ollie

On the JP-side, I only see Polka following Pomu, and Matsuri following Petra.

>> No.7769769

Language barrier and barely any clips

>> No.7769773

Holo JP: Rushia
Holo EN: Ame (2020)
Holo ID: Reine
Niji JP: Yorumi
Niji EN: Pomu
Niji ID: idk
Niji KR: Hari


>> No.7769843

Finana is more interested in hololive than her own company...

>> No.7769847

I did but Elira and Selen keep overlapping them

>> No.7769867

Wait I read that wrong. But still, FINANA HATE anyways.

>> No.7769894

>Matsuri following Petra

>> No.7769904

Don't forget about Vshojo too!

>> No.7769917

It's loli cunny

>> No.7769943

Holo JP: Suisei
Niji JP: Toko
Niji EN: Elira
Niji KR: Hari Ryu

>> No.7769964

Matsuri followed Petra's past life back in the day too, probably knew it was her. Why did Matsuri follow Petra's PL? Not sure, maybe the two of them were in some big collab way back in the day.

>> No.7769969

Finana is loyal to POMU now. Not to Nijisanji, but to Pomu. Pomu is probably her first true friend

>> No.7770073

You can say the same about Matsuri

>> No.7770101

not how you do it shillfag
just list your favorites and play along

>> No.7770151

Chaika is always based

>> No.7770236

So many people who sleep on NijiID here.
Oh well, I love eternally cursed to be smol-time ghetto Indonesian chaos-drenched family.

>> No.7770863

Kuzuhastacies look like THAT!?

>> No.7771282

HoloJP: Marine
HoloEN: Ina
HoloID: Reine
NijiJP: Hoshikawa
NijiEN: Pomu
NijiID: Zea
NijiKR: Hada

>> No.7771473

Holo JP: Subaru
Holo EN: Ame
Holo ID: Reine
Niji JP: Ange
Niji EN: Selen
Niji ID: Layla
Niji KR: Hada or LeeRoha

>> No.7772193


rosemi's fans are pretty based indeed


>> No.7774916

I mean yeah there are probably a couple Rosebuds here

>> No.7777218

That one was obvious from the start.

>> No.7777301

>Holo JP: Aki
>Holo EN: Mori
>Holo ID: Reine
>Niji JP: Ange
>Niji EN: Selen/Elira
>Niji ID: N/A

>> No.7780843

Holo JP: Roboco
Holo EN: Mori
Holo ID: Reine
Niji JP:
Niji EN: Rosemi
Niji ID:

Sorry Nijibros for being such a tourist. I've been trying to do my reps. Chaika and Yashiro seem based.

>> No.7780945

Holo JP: Watame
Holo EN: Ina
Holo ID: shifts between Reine and Moona (MoonUtau is based)
Niji JP:
Niji EN: Finana
Niji ID:

I'm a tourist and ashamed, but I don't have that much spare energy to explore these days. Am at least aware of Hana Macchia and Ars Almal, though; both seem good.

>> No.7781046

Holo JP : Mio
Holo ID : Moona
Niji JP : Toko

>> No.7781184

Holo JP: rushia
Holo EN: ame
Holo ID: moona
Niji JP:
Niji EN: pomu
Niji ID: azura/zea/nara

>> No.7781224

cute holobros mwah

>> No.7781282

Holo JP: Mio
Holo EN: Ina
Holo ID: Reine
Niji JP: Hayase (mostly her utawaku)
Niji EN: Selen
Niji KR: Bora
Niji ID: None.

>> No.7783870

I feel bad for her because she's a huge Hololive fan I think she's the one Hololive EN will avoid/ignore at all costs. Kiara even ignores Finana.

>> No.7784082


>> No.7784653

My oshis:
Holo JP: Anya
Holo EN: Ollie
Holo ID: Ina
HoloStars: Mori
Niji JP: Petra
Niji EN: Miki
Niji ID: Noor
Tsunderia: Rosemi
Indie: Ria
VOMS: Magnet
Prism: Kana
Amber Glow: Idol Hopeful
Vshojo: Kson

>> No.7785142

Holo JP: Polka
Holo EN: Ina
Holo ID: Reine
Niji JP: Mito
Niji EN: Pomu
Niji ID: Hana
NijKR: Hada

>> No.7785293

Keep Selen away from that yab machine
t. Holofag

>> No.7785378

My favorite chuubas are Ina and Pomu tbqh

>> No.7785514

That quote is 11 years old now?

>> No.7785600

HoloEN: Gura
HoloJP: Watame
HoloID; Reine
Ninji EN: Pomu
VOMS: Pikamee

>> No.7785920

HoloJP: Noel
HoloEN: Mori
HoloID: I've only ever seen Ollie because of this board, and Risu's singing because of this board so one of the 2.
NijiJP: Mito
NijiEN: Pomu
NijiID: Taka

>> No.7787695

based and pekora

>> No.7791014


>> No.7791373


>> No.7791399

How can KuzuFujos even compete with 35p?

>> No.7791491

Holo JP: Miko
Holo EN: Gura
Holo ID: Risu
Niji JP: kek, would never watch
Niji EN: kek, would never watch
Niji ID: kek, would never watch

True Unity

>> No.7791595

based surface level anon

>> No.7791855

Holo JP: Don't watch, maybe Fubuki and Aqua
Holo EN: Don't watch, probably Ina, I liked Violet
Niji JP: Rion-ojou.
Niji EN: Finana, Petra

>> No.7792447

gonna start fapping to the thought of 35p lesbo and kuzufujo having sex

>> No.7795354

Based unity yurifag,

>> No.7797089

you don't need to clarify that you're a holofag, everyone knows how ollie is

>> No.7797402

do people genuinely get along in this thread?

>> No.7797935


>> No.7798075

y-you too

>> No.7801547

Holo JP : Marine
Holo EN : -
Holo ID : Risu
Niji JP : Ritsukin/Rion
Niji EN : Pomu
Niji ID : Zea/Rai

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