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What the hell is this? https://youtu.be/9BAz3-E96fs posted on her official channel. And the new outfit reveal? Fucking coomerbait

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Marineschizo go visit /hlg/, they miss you

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Did Lamy even agree to this?

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Its purityfags getting dabbed on

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my rrat for what she's been doing the past few weeks is that she's trying to whore herself out as much as possible to get as much donations as possible. not sure how anyone other than coomer paypigs can enjoy this or even justify it

its not even funny

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It's actually very funny and you're a little bitch.

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Why her eyes like that doe? Marinefags oh no no no no...

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Sorry, I don't see how Lamy spanking Marine while they make lewd faces is funny. I see literally no entertainment other than "sex lol"

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OP is a fag and a nigger

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>What the hell is this?
It's a 20 second video of Lamy smacking Marine's ass repeatedly.
>And the new outfit reveal? Fucking coomerbait
It sounds like you're new, because this is very basic and commonly known information. I'd recommend continuing to lurk a little longer before making a new thread. Perhaps watch more streams.

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Its Marine, why are you surprised? This isn't even news.
Looks nice though.

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Marine is Catholic so she's based as fuck.

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>I see literally no entertainment other than "sex lol"
yes, what's the problem?

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She doesn't have an ass!

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I dont follow

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Go fuck yourself.

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It sounds like you need to do that first, coomer

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Yes she did, and if fact she was fantasising about a few weeks back

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u gay

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im fucking cumming!!!!! ffffuuuuccckkkk!!!!!!

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God I wish I was Lamy
Not necessarily to be smacking Senchou's ass, I just want to be Lamy

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It's funny how all Hololive "regulations" and the fear of YouTube are for other people. When it comes to Marine she gets a free pass

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It's almost like Marine spent months going back and forth between management and artists making compromises and negotiations just to get this much while putting her own money into all this stuff and the other girls just make excuses for being too lazy to do that.

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she had to wear that top because they are worried about youtubes ai.

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Marine herself doesn't care that much about demonetization, or at least she didnt in the past.

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Marine knows how to play the corporation game, that isn't a fair comparison

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>Marine knows how to play the corporation game
just like my oriental erotic paintings

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Ramy is just getting back at Marine for the sexual harassment.

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Marine is literally a manager you retarded newfag

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Peko chan!

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People like (You) clutch their pearls over it. That's what is funny.

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fucking hot, i hope she does more slapping

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Lamy said herself that Marine asked her if it was ok before making it and ran the video by her for approval too. She was fine with it.

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Based Marine

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is this how one becomes Lamy?

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that's uncomfortable as hell to watch, what the fuck.

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What did she mean by this?

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How new?

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Marine made this video for Lamy because she said she wanted to slap her ass so yes

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OP, Help me. I've coomed at least 20 times to her last stream.
Yet I'm still hard. I want to lick that cameltoe. I want to stick my head in her wet top and motorboat her fat titties. I'm so fucking horny. Send help.

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Marines current extreme coomerbait puts anything vshojos ever done to shame. And I say that as an avid watcher of both.

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What's with this daily faggotposting?
"Hurr durr coomerbait"; yeah whatever Veibae.

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>I'ts okay when a JP girl does it.

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Her eyes reflect the sunset over the open ocean.

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nothing wrong with being an M. Most women are M.

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I can't believe people here think it's okay for marine to do this garbage but not other girls
The mental gymnastics marine fans go to is hilarious

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>vshojo does anything
>hololive/marine does this

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I don't care if other girls do it, anon. I just love my oshi. I hope you have fun with yours too.

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Every holo member knows she is an unlovable hag in real life so her hitting on them becomes an obvious joke, similarly her sexual stuff also gets a hand wave because being a 35+ year old virgin is so sad they cant help but feel sorry for her.

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OP replying to himself for hours every single day crying about how no one likes vshojo is just starting to get sad.

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I love Marinin so much

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This but unirronically.

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You fucking heard me

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Coomerbaiting is her entire identity. That's all she is and ever will be, and it's the only reason her numbers are so high. Without coomerbaiting, she wouldn't be where she is today. Simple as.

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>marines official channel

Lmao, its over

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What is wrong with marine holy shit

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Ironically enough, Projekt Melody is one of the few big western vstreamers that seems to understand on some level that one of the most important parts of the product they're selling is narrative.

She literally streams (her avatar) whacking off on chaturbate, something none of the other girls do (that you know of anyways), and yet... How do i analogize this? It's kinda like, the difference between presenting as like a pile of gold on a hill somewhere, waiting for someone to come take it - vs presenting as like a pile of gold that's already in someone's basement somewhere.

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there's nothing wrong with being lewd

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Everybody that is not literally new to Hololive or is some reddit/tweeter tourist should know that according to statistics Marine's audience is composed mainly of 25-30yo males, mainly because Marine herself is pretty mature and as mentioned few times during streams, worked a lot as white collar wageslave . A bit of fanservice for a tired office worker coming back home if normal and healthy, especially if said office worker is living alone.

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