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Towa Thread
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Watch her Birthday Live if you've missed it! Jam-packed with guests!
Archive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuOJhtBC7R4

Upcoming events:
[08/12] at 20 JST Maruyama Game Shop w/ Matsuri
[08/01-08/15] Hololive SummerFes Atre Akihabara Pop-up Store
[08/22] Vtuber Saikyou Ketteisen w/ Noah, Ars, Uruca (Coach)

Radio program/Twitcasting/Spaces/Videos archive: https://pastebin.com/9tt48x5E
Gifting FAQ: https://en.hololive.tv/contact

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(Birthday 2021) https://hololive.booth.pm/items/3118698
(1st Anniversary) https://hololive.booth.pm/items/2885961
(Overseas) https://shop.geekjack.net/collections/tokoyami-towa
[Until 08/31] Summer Festival Voice Pack

Solo Original:
(MV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud73fm4Uoq0

Group Originals:
(MV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7cpjmkc1Rw


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Toi is my oshi

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Iove Towa I hope she has a good day
and that she releases a new cover soon

>> No.7779873

No cover anytime soon. She's gonna release an album

>> No.7779919

I hope if she releases something big she advertises it at a big event first.
I really want her hard work to be rewarded.

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Towa is becoming stronger by the minute...

>> No.7780091

This lobby kind of just feels like Gorilla's team's shooting gallery
Is this his revenge for getting stuck in Landslide?

>> No.7780115

Pretty consistently good considering the level of opposition here.

>> No.7780257

I hate it.

>> No.7780299

You're not a real kenzoku until you've been mindbroken into Apex like the rest of us.

>> No.7780378

I don't even really care about APEX but it's fun watching Towa and her teams are usually a lot of fun.

>> No.7780401

that vacation guys sure knows how to do rotations, they always got high placements with less fights.
perfect playstyle for carrying less skilled teammates in a preds lobby

>> No.7780495 [SPOILER] 

This will beat that Sio card

Nice card effects

>> No.7780842

im horny for this devil like you wouldnt fucking believe

>> No.7780901

Towa has been a greater presence in my mind since short hair reveal. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with these feelings anymore.

>> No.7781052

Towa really has become more powerful.

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I see a Towa but I don't hear a Twoa...
I want to hear toaw's dumb laughs and angry yells when she's playing apex!!!

>> No.7781171

I mean this is a pred and master lobby with some pros mixed in. The fact that Towa hasn't gotten randomly picked off in any of these engagements shows that she's able to keep up with the pro at the very least.

>> No.7781189

59 damage...

>> No.7781274

I want to hear her yukkuri...

>> No.7781400

I'm glad Towa has so many friends

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>> No.7782022

her pierced belly button turns me on

>> No.7782174

Is this what kenzoku brits look like?

>> No.7782538

D-did she go to sleep? Is it safe now?

>> No.7782637

luv me twintails
'ate short karen hair
simple as

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>> No.7782911

She literally woke up right before her Apex stream, there's no way she went back to sleep.

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Since we're heading into another tournament, what's your favorite Twap tourney team?

>> No.7783353

Is there any other answer than Purple Women? Even my Capcha agrees.

>> No.7783370

Purple women love.

>> No.7783398

YKP followed by TMS, though my opinion on Matsuri has soured a little, I really really wish Towa would play with Sumire again.

>> No.7783425

More Sumire and Nose collabs...

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>> No.7783855

I wonder what Towa will do tomorrow...

>> No.7783898

I hope Towa can get closer with Noah, Noah seemed a bit shy today.

>> No.7783944

ToNoBo...Towa and Noah fight to the death for Bora's love.

>> No.7783950

The team was still a lot of fun today.

>> No.7784033

Noah is コミュ障 after all

>> No.7784058

Miss the Nose collabs, they only have time to do them about once a month now.

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All of them are to an extent.

>> No.7785316

Towa banana will prevail

>> No.7785349

This is no longer the cuck thread

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>> No.7785462

That's Matsuri's domain now.

>> No.7785479

Towa sucks

>> No.7785522

I miss Towa...

>> No.7785524

I think anon sucks.

>> No.7785529

...My tabacco dick everyday. Yes.

>> No.7785549

Towa sucks my banana.

>> No.7785626

Towa will play with Botan again soon.

>> No.7785707

I hope Twap and Button play more fun co-op games too.

>> No.7786540

Which one of Towa's friends is your favorite? Why is she the best of Towa's friends? Shitposter excluded.

>> No.7786618

It's hard not to grow a bit attached when she has been around Towa for so long.
Within hololive I think either Subaru, Okayu or Botan since they have the best collabs.

>> No.7786699

Nose by a long shot.
One of her first friends outside of holo (thanks to virtual voldemort) and is almost the same vibe as her but Nose is in the messy NEET department.

>> No.7786813

The NEET queen Nose...

>> No.7786848

I've been watching Super Sumitan since TMS, she's a fun airhead

>> No.7787315

Met love.

>> No.7787435

Post bibi

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>> No.7787614

Maybe Bibi isn't a fat fuck after all, he just squishes down to hide that he's actually a long fuck.

>> No.7787668

This stupid devil captured my heart and I WANT TO BE RELEASED

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>> No.7787750

You should have known better when making deals with the devil. You are now forever in her grasp.

>> No.7787805

I never want Towa to let me go.

>> No.7787857

I want to hear her voice...

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>> No.7787911

holy shit how is he that long

>> No.7787917

Ars. She's a mochi ball personified. Very cute.

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>> No.7789968

I miss the Roboco and Aki collabs, it's nice that Aki was there for her latest 3D event.

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>> No.7790124

All the snacks and ice cream...

>> No.7790255

Is more Towa to love a bad thing?

>> No.7790299

I want this stinky neet to become my wife...

>> No.7790550

>> No.7790557

Her loud snoring after a cute ”おやすみ" is a HUGE turn on for me.

>> No.7791390

I wonder if she actually did go to sleep after the Apex scrims, been no activity since then...

>> No.7792076

B: “You haven’t done an endurance stream for a while, have you, Towa? Well here’s tonight’s challenge, no Apex until you make me come.”

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>> No.7792131

This is way too horny anon. Come back to us in like 30 minutes.

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>> No.7793808

Maybe if I get good enough at Apex Towa will become my friend!

>> No.7793825

Or a hag...

>> No.7793855

Towa, Roboco, and Mio are my favorites, so Roboco and Mio are my favorite friends!

>> No.7793920

>> No.7794732

What happens when Towa finally wins a tournament?

>> No.7794782

We drink to celebrate

>> No.7794788

We post "Towa..."

>> No.7794791

Towa can finally return to a normal sleep schedule.

>> No.7794819

She'll finally announce our relationship.

>> No.7794837

Bora please...

>> No.7795044


>> No.7795283

Twap is awake, who knows if she went to sleep already though...

>> No.7795340

Towa horny posting in the morning

>> No.7795387

>> No.7795431

I guess we'll see if she tweets again within the next 6-8 hours

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>> No.7796263

Amelia watson

>> No.7798186

I wish Towa would spend time with us forever!

>> No.7798228

I wish Towa could be eternal...

>> No.7798306

Towa is eternal!

>> No.7798344

Rip and Towa...

>> No.7798379

What's the deep lore behind Towa? Why does she want to pretend to be a devil?

>> No.7798412

What do you mean? She IS a devil.

>> No.7798452

But she just admitted in her latest collab with Botan that she isn't a devil (yet). What is her angle?

>> No.7798485

That's her devilish trickery trying to convince us that she isn't a devil. Truly devilish.

>> No.7798511

no angle, towa debiru

>> No.7798666

something something trick something something devil something something didn't exist
but Towa does like plushies a lot and that scene may have been pulling at her heartstrings a lot, even I felt bad for the poor thing

>> No.7798768

Towa playing with her plushies at a tea party...

>> No.7799391


>> No.7799879

One of those plushies got something ripped off too...

>> No.7800050


>> No.7800318

Chuuni Twappi is cute!

>> No.7802143

Soon she will get hag buff for extra cuteness!

>> No.7802187

h-hag s-sex??

>> No.7803756

Oh , what great timing for today's maruyama.

>> No.7803786

I wonder if today was a Maruyama recording day. Would explain why she seemingly went to bed after the custom and hasn't been active since she woke up.

>> No.7803897

I don't care for Matsuri nor her antics that much but how dare the antis shit up a Towa 3D appearance. They deserve only death.

>> No.7804874

If we can make it to a timeline where we get hag Suisei and Towa being dorky hags together that is when we reach true enlightenment.

>> No.7804969

In that timeline hag Nose would’ve been put into a coma due to trash bags blocking all the oxygen from her room...

>> No.7805340

Is she still anemic?

>> No.7805431

i actually want towa to do twitcast with nose like she did with subaru, imagine a scene where she visit nose house to help her clean up and after all thing done towa borrow nose bath then they're lying together in bed whispering giggle into our ears...

>> No.7805469

Twitcast ends when Nose... whispers to Towa '入れてて'.

>> No.7806855

does towa do the birthday gift stream? if she does i wonder will we she stream it soon.

>> No.7806873

i want nose to invite towa..

>> No.7806949

Forbidden one...

>> No.7807027

She has had one birthday and she did a gift stream then. So with a sample size of one i would answer: yes.

>> No.7807089

Towa followed @kiritampopopo the 3d girl in the yellow shirt on twitter a few weeks back... iiiiinteresting

>> No.7807213

I need to see Towa exposed to Beni and her pure sex power.

>> No.7807443


>> No.7807886

>> No.7808019

just learned that this event is apex relay stream, not a scrim or tourney...
im sorry for sharing wrong information

>> No.7808272

It's possible Towa is still involved, she appeared with Sumire and Nose during one of VSPO's previous Apex relay.

>> No.7808621

Members are already choosen

>> No.7808654

That just means she'll be an unannounced special guest

>> No.7808685

Towa always shows up where you least expect it!
In fact, she keeps showing up in my brain unannounced!

>> No.7808763

>> No.7808835

If it's Maruyama day like I suspect it is then we're probably getting either nothing or they might make up the Marine/Shuba/Towa collab that Towa missed out on.

>> No.7808839


>> No.7808897

Not sure, they usually mention when they have recording days. None of them have been active today, but Marine is a guest in Lamy's 3D live in a few hours, it doesn't mention if it's pre-recorded or not though.

>> No.7808912

It legally has to be, because of the lockdown, unless it ended in the past couple days.

>> No.7808923

Well, there's only 4 of them (assuming only the guests in the thumbnail appear). It wouldn't be any different from recording Maruyama.

>> No.7808945

Jesus, I just opened the Maruyama premiere, what a shitshow.

>> No.7809187

There's a ton of antis but the EOPs responding to it like they're the most holy thing in existence are just as retarded. Probably best to just close chat for this one.

>> No.7809308

I use Chat Selector and set it to members only so that I don't have to look at any chat (since there is no membership on the main page) and still chat to react and stuff for that engagement and shit.

>> No.7809415

towa zone..........

>> No.7809480


>> No.7809518

That's actually a great idea, I think I'm gonna have to use that for this kind of shit.
Thanks, anon.

>> No.7809693

Every zone is Towa zone because she is worldwide.

>> No.7809720

Towa is not allowed in the Tow zone

>> No.7809842


>> No.7809919

Herro kaig- *cough cough* -ai ni - *cough* -ki from thisu w- *violent cough* weirdoro leddito. Tooday towa ga stopu *dry cough* s-smoking

>> No.7809962

why is it that when im on holiday towa will always goes silence entire day, fuck its like im getting uppity again but at least there's still that game show thing

>> No.7810183

>> No.7810752

Some guy in the maruyama chat peacocking and bragging about how he will make Matsuri look like Sio. He said this on a video that isn't even at 500 dislikes. These antis are weak as fuck.

>> No.7810770

>trying to win against virtual voldemort

>> No.7811050

I miss her...
That Twap...

>> No.7811136

She liked a rant on Twitter about listeners spoiling games for streamers, I wonder if she feels like people are backseating her too much in Hollow Knight. She said she wanted to finish it this month but hasn't talked about it again at all after her first stream.

>> No.7811257

Nah, she doesn't seem to get too upset about Holowknight , she still asks chat for advice when she gets stuck. But she understands the backseating issue more from her apex play than anything recently, that is still fresh in her mind, she actually complains about that. So it makes sense she liked it on twitter.
She doesnt complain about the HollowKnight backseating. It doesn't seem to bother her much.

>> No.7811349

She is really in no position to say anything about Hollow Knight considering her first time streaming it was in May of 2020.

>> No.7811392

I miss this girl like you wouldn't believe.

>> No.7811400

Why the fuck does this short hair suit her so damn well, and why didn't Rurudo grace us with it sooner fuck.

>> No.7811429

Looks like it took Bora a few days to set up 2pc. I just can't help but think that Towa will have x100 more trouble with it and just never do it.

>> No.7811437

Just ask Botan...

>> No.7811447

Even the autistic onion has a two PC setup going, Towa please...

>> No.7811449

Why is Twap so dumb?

>> No.7811478

I remember that time she got really upset about minecraft backseaters but as far as I remember she just seemed more on edge than usual and it felt like she went off for some really minor backseating

>> No.7811531


>> No.7811562

That was the week where something felt really off in general (especially with that members post) and we couldn't figure out why
and then Coco announced her graduation.

>> No.7811572

I really wanted ponytail, but I don't even care now because this just suits her so well.

>> No.7811600

Towa really loved Coco.

>> No.7811619

What's the source for this image? Reverse searching doesn't turn up anything and I don't think it's in the TOWART tag

>> No.7811629

Towa really loves hags.

>> No.7811657

Towa has good taste.

>> No.7811689

Thanks to Towa we got to see a mere glimpse at Mio's true power.

>> No.7811694


>> No.7811753


>> No.7811766


>> No.7812289


>> No.7812498

>Sorry for telling the truth
Thank you Towa.

>> No.7812565

I find Towa bullying Matsuri in this situation even funnier than normal.

>> No.7813026

Not much Towapi, but an OK episode I guess.

>> No.7813248

I miss Towa...

>> No.7813290

There are quiet days like this too sometimes. But that's ok, we will be fine.

>> No.7813318


>> No.7813335

>> No.7813362


>> No.7813496


>> No.7813598

Guess it’s safe to go to sleep...

>> No.7813605


>> No.7813800

Somebody has to be a sacrifice

>> No.7813828

Sleep anon. Yes.

>> No.7813835

My heart

>> No.7813971


>> No.7814168

Rent free Towa!

>> No.7814214

We'll get a Hollow Knight guerilla stream tonight

>> No.7815323

I rate Towa a towa out of towa

>> No.7815506

I would give her at least towa

>> No.7815528


>> No.7815726

Thank god for Bora or else I was gonna start menheraposting...

>> No.7815825

Purple women love...

>> No.7817288

I need Towa...

>> No.7817381

I always wondered, has Towa ever ego searched tw様? I wondered what she thinks of the one artist who constantly tweets out his Towa ntr fantasies with tw様. Well today he posted with トワ様, so she might end up seeing it anyway.

>> No.7817481


>> No.7817689


>> No.7818051

I just really really miss Towa...

>> No.7818118

You know Twap browses this thread.

>> No.7818150

Can confirm, am Twap.

>> No.7818163

please tweet...

>> No.7818172

Towa please tweet something cute...

>> No.7818193


>> No.7818209


>> No.7818221

Towa baby...

>> No.7818418

Towa... Where...

>> No.7818479

bet today towa just found out about what happened on festival and got herself distracted with it...

>> No.7818544

I doubt it, if anything Towa would show up in her stream then. More likely than not she's just really busy and/or asleep as she hasn't even been on Apex today.

>> No.7818566

Highly doubt she somehow missed that shit storm over the last few days, JPs are bigger drama vultures than the shit posters here.

>> No.7819200

ntrfags truly are the worst scrum of humanity.

>> No.7819257

can you guys post these cursed pregnant memes

>> No.7819296


>> No.7819306

go ask global

>> No.7819329

yes you can, I believe in you
if you put your mind to it, you can do anything

>> No.7819348

Only time I'll be posting about pregnancy here is after I finally do twap proud and impregnate Mio.

>> No.7819362

Towa baby: the prequel

>> No.7819410

now THIS is pregnancing!

>> No.7819416

Hol' up, bucko, because that'll be me.

>> No.7819436

Towa would be a cute mama.

>> No.7819554

I hope Towa is fixing her sleep schedule.

>> No.7819612

it's hopeless at this point, even if she fixes it it'll just break again next time she gets an opportunity to do an all-nighter with someone in Apex again

>> No.7819654

Getting groomed by Bora...

>> No.7819794

I want to run my hands through Twap's hair and kiss her on her forehead!

>> No.7819891

I think she fixed it for one night lastnight. But that's how it is lately with Towa.

>> No.7819962

I remember when there used to be constant radio silence like this regularly.
Those were less fun times. Towa has spoiled me...

>> No.7820072

It seems like for at least a year now Towa has generally been very good at being active on twitter which is nice.

>> No.7820338

I really really really really really love Towa!

>> No.7820403

I feel like I remember the exact point when her twitter activity became a lot more regular.
It was like right after she got Kotarou and that earthquake hit, but she just went radio silent while everyone else checked in. I think it was shortly after that where she started to post on twitter basically every day. But who knows, I could be wrong.

>> No.7820537

しょーにゅー is refilling his Towanium by watching archives.
(You) should do too if you want this uneasy menhera-ness to stop.

>> No.7820541

From what I can remember it's very rare for her to go more than 24 hours without tweeting.
That's when my inner menhera starts acting up.

>> No.7820613

She did send some tweets out earlier in the day but those were mostly thanks or congratulations. I really think she's just busy.

>> No.7820642

I really wonder what she was doing today, I kind of wonder if it was just something unrelated to work. She usually says when she has work days, and I don't think it was Maruyama recording today since neither Marine nor Subaru talked about recording, and they both streamed today as well (Marine in Lamy's 3D, which I believe was live).
It's a little unusual that she didn't comment anything at all though, usually she'll at least say she's taking a day off, even if she doesn't specify for what.

>> No.7820646

I think so too, I'm happy she tweeted about Lamy.

>> No.7820715

A few of the girls seem to be getting busy with lessons right now.

>> No.7820770

That could be it, I noticed she never really mentioned recording or lessons for anything related to her birthday live, but obviously they were still going on in the background. I guess she didn't want to spoil or hint anything until she was ready to announce it.

>> No.7820813

Maybe she's busy, maybe it's just a rest day. It can be good to get away from social media every now and then.
Although, knowing her even if that were the case, she'd probably still be egosearching constantly...

>> No.7820882

I want a Towa GF...

>> No.7820909

She actually spent the day with me guys, I took her out on a beautiful date and treated her like a queen. I even walked her home afterwards and when I kissed her on the hand as I left her at her apartment she laughed at me like a fucking dork. It was around this part that I woke up and decided I need to order her dakimakura.

>> No.7820946


>> No.7820959


>> No.7821012

You guys aren't gonna do weird stuff with her daki, are you?

>> No.7821057

I'm going to kiss it and there's absolutely nothing Towa can do about it!
Every single day I'm going to give it a big hug and kiss it and fall asleep with it in my arms!
Nobody can stop me!!

>> No.7821079


>> No.7821095

What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.

>> No.7821098

I'm going to kiss it and post about it on twitter so Towa knows!

>> No.7821127


>> No.7821199

We all do.

>> No.7821217

I'd settle for a kenzoku gf.

>> No.7821248

I'm a dude tho.

>> No.7821425

Just put on the wig.

>> No.7821593

Guys guys. Come on. Stop being such fags. Nene announced a collab with Towa (and Marine and Korone) ... but its only gartic phone, and it is half a month away. At least that's what these tweets say.

>> No.7821633

Towa will unleash her artistic skills once again

>> No.7821674

Hopefully someone tells her drawing on her monitor with crayons isn't how the game works.

>> No.7821725

Wish, I could dream about towa too...

>> No.7821773

Towa wig

>> No.7821816


>> No.7821871


>> No.7822423

Where Towa?..

>> No.7822470

I hope she's sleeping!

>> No.7822514

Whenever Towa is not on screen, all the other characters should be asking, "where's Twappi?"

>> No.7822527

Well Towa does attract lots of femzokus so there's a chance.

>> No.7822547

What odds they are all hot like 35p seem to be?

>> No.7822595

have you seen all the cosplay she's been getting recently, most of them are cute at least

>> No.7822615

All I know that FemIchimis are hot

>> No.7822656

wasn't some anon posting some pictures of femzokus posing with her picture in akihabara

>> No.7822718

i only have twain my mind..

>> No.7822817

>> No.7822820


>> No.7822897

Mark Twap...

>> No.7823032

Adventures of Twap Sawyer...

>> No.7823529

Is being a vtuber the ultimate cuckoldry?

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than being a chuuba. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are motivating, supporting, entertaining and rearing your viewers from your debut to graduation solely so they can go and ravage or get ravaged by another viewer.

All the hard work you put into your chuba activities -the streams, the concerts, the events, bantering with them. All of it has one simple result: you will never be able to be with them.

You supported your viewers and motivated them to become a better person. They stopped being neets and perfected themselves for you, their oshi. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random person who had nothing to do with them and how they got better thanks to your streams. This person gets to enjoy your viewer every night instead of letting them watch your streams and buy your merch. They get the benefits of their sweet and kind personality that came from the way you supported them.

As a vtuber, you are LITERALLY dedicating your precious time and money for another viewer to get stolen by someone else. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically...

>> No.7823555

3D Twap!

>> No.7823659

Even if it was true (and not some hilarious leaps of logic that assumes the premise that >everything is for sex)... in their position, I'd still be happy. Every person I've changed for the better is one more person that lives a better life than before, and that's enough.

>> No.7823691


>> No.7823788

That's a copypasta, the original is about being a father to a daughter I believe. Anyway just post more Towa.

>> No.7823861

Fuck, I took bait. Have a Twappers as apology.

>> No.7823870

>> No.7823910

Now that I think about it, Bora also has a deeper voice that she usually doesn't use unless she's feeling pressured or it cracks out. I wonder why.

>> No.7823927

>> No.7823935

Short hair Towa has me in a state of constant fucking diamonds. It's a problem and I need help.

>> No.7823978

You anons hoping for any rare Tortellini collabs?

>> No.7824010

I think deeper voices are generally not seen as very cute.

>> No.7824018

I really want a Towa Lamy 1 on 1 collab

>> No.7824032

That's because they aren't cute, they are hot as fuck.

>> No.7824045

I made this post a year and a half ago. I am glad I am not the only person who thinks this.

>> No.7824105

Towa Flare karaoke...
Or GTA5 that would be funny as shit

>> No.7824124

More Towawa and Polka.
Towa is great with 5th gen.

>> No.7824125


>> No.7824156

I can't even begin to imagine what this collab would be like

>> No.7824174

what about towaqua

>> No.7824178

They had some cute interactions on twitter around about when they were both playing with flowers, I'd like some more.

>> No.7824222

pokemon unite maybe we could get something like rbc fbk towa okayu shion

>> No.7824258

Mega collab with every hag at once for true hag unity.

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