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>graduates because of management restricting her creative freedom
>has done nothing creative since graduating

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Not getting spammed by asshurt chinks is freedom.

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Yagoo really loves fruit sushi.

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It's almost like that was just a coverup by Cover or something

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>as soon as she graduates everyone is free to have bikinis and talk about sex again


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So she married yagoo right?

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Based Kson, I'll kneel forever if her leaving will eventually give us HoloSummer back. A greater sacrifice than Jesus'.

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Art thread?
Art thread.

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Wow it's almost as if they realized restricting their talents may cause them to quit!

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well dick and pussy jokes are pretty creative if you ask me

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>Marine fights management to get bikinis back
>Marine pushes creative freedom with her wacky anniversary variety show
Is senchou secretly Kson's sleeper agent within Cover?

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People exxagerate her creativity because she was a japanese women openly behaving like a westerner and screaming motherfucker. Nothing she did was that creative, Ame is more creative than her.

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She took the first month off (understandable, considering she marathon streamed every day leading up to her graduation) and has streamed every day of the second. You might not think those streams have been much but she's clearly much happier.

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>Graduates because of management making Zhangs mod in her chat and doing nothing to fix it
>This hasn't happened since graduating

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Yea I don't get it either literally the only thing she's done that wouldn't have been allowed in hololive is showing her face

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More like Marine knows how to fit in instead of being an american bitch and thus can have her way.
Just endure what you must then you can win, Coco was weak.

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get over it and move on "zhang"

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Ame is one of the most creative people on YouTube.

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Maybe you should do something creative, and stop making the same threads over and over again?

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Anon... Just the fact that she have to fight for something so trivial, is not a good sign.

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Probably because that's not why she quit

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Creativity is born out of strife and limitation. She had a ton of restrictions and competition when she joined Hololive, and that's what pushed her above and beyond. She won't be doing anything like that anymore.

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>Work like hell doing crazy 4-5 AM everyday schedules for Asacoco, using English skill to open the doors to a whole new audience
>Reach shoulder deep and pull Hololive out of a niche gachikoi fanbase with ~400k subs tops to a worldwide phenomenon with dozens of 1M+ sub talents, practically by yourself
>Get suspended for a month for mentioning the EXISTENCE of Taiwan, probably a real wake-up call to someone raised in America on how things operate outside of it.
>Instead of being praised and rewarded for your efforts, management hates your guts and does shit like modding your antis ("accidentally") and getting a ton of your memberships banned.
>Watch newcomers like Gura absolutely mog you in viewership and sub count while doing a fifth of the work you did or less.

Yeah I'd quit, and I'd also give up trying to be a creative if all that happened to me. If titty streams make just as much money if not more, why work hard?

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Marine's a smoother operator and used her skills to negotiate and consulted with others (apparently also consulting Watame as well) to find an agreeable compromise

Mean that's what got all the EOPs to follow her.

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>this thread again

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To be fair, if Coco didn't leave, Marine's bikini costume and even her show that premiered today won't even be greenlit. Her graduation gave Cover a bitchslap at how they're strangling their talents with their overzealous restrictions.

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I agree that it's not a good sign, but she already got her thumbnails deleted twice for using fanart of the new costume showing more than the costume itself. The thumbnail for the outfit reveal, showing the bottom part that Cover gave the ok, is still up. It's just really hard to argue against it.
The fact that they're free to share screenshots, videos and fanarts of them in swimsuits, with Matsuri even liking straight up porn, shows that if there was no pushback from Youtube, they would get away with a lot more.
I still wish they'd let them take more chances to see how youtube reacts, but at the end of the day the channels are company property, the talents are hired to stream in them, so it's their call. They don't really have to compromise at all if they don't want to, they just do because they understand now more than ever that having their talents personally pleased is important to keep the business running as usual.

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This is true. She even said that Noel and Lamy were the ones who stopped her from making the shirt more transparent in the FINAL FORM version, so management was ok with it, but she still listened to others and restrained herself.
To management, this shows that she's reasonable and will listen instead of just being stubborn on getting her way. Making them more likely to listen to her requests again in the future.

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I get that the OP is probably just some baiter who's started this same discussion up several times before but just for the record she does say there's at least two big things currently being prepared for this year that she expects will surprise people. Also a lot of the content she's been thinking up is waiting on her getting a new avatar which is still only halfway done.

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Small indie vtuber please andastando.

>> No.7787088

it was a schizo rrat from this trashy board and maybe reddit. did you unironically believe it?

amerimutt sjws often blame everything on japan to hide their woke censorship and bully their heads in the sand. also chinks join it.

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Anon you are too reasonable and well informed for this thread.

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I don't think money has much to do with it. The response you get as a streamer matters a lot.
It used to be bugs + support, now it's dick picks and support. Chotto matte, unlike the Chinese which she was never blaming for anything, she did say she didn't want those...

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11 days have passed and she still hasn't revolutionised the Vtuber world... this fucking bitch.

>> No.7787611

I heard that she was planning an enema stream, talk about innovation! Make it a weekly occurrence and she'll be making bank in no time!

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soon... anon, soon
im waiting for her indie Vtuber ark server, making easier for chuubas to collab.

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you might as well post a link when you are shilling

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not a vtuber

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>not a vtuber CLEAN IT UP

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You’re not wrong by current standards. Coco’s creativity with streams compared to the other hololive streams were as new and innovative as Ame’s are now.
Only Haachama and occasionally Marine would do something other than flavor of the week gameplay or karaoke.

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>she was a japanese women openly behaving like a westerner

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Narukami's rrats were actually true and Coco was his informant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3T57HYEvV4

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>she was a japanese women
ESL please go

>> No.7788701

>her most popular content was directly ripping off a concept pewdiepie popularized including his catchphrase for the show "next meme"
I don't think cover was the one holding her back

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Don't worry anons, she'll start a /vt/ Takes review soon

>> No.7788847

holy shit, you ex-tatsunokos are as delusional as the zhangs.

>> No.7788982

Someone turn off her fucking back lighting

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I still want to believe Ksonfags and her "big plans" she's definitely working on, but if she keeps on being rewarded for doing the same shit she's always been doing I don't think those will get very far.

>> No.7789080

This, fucking factual

>> No.7789086

t. Yagoo

>> No.7789091

This is just another shitpost thread for (You)'s but i'll explain the reality in case there's at least 1 anon that actually cares.

She's very autistic about her character, always was, same with what people expect of her streams.
Not being able to meet those expectations was killing her inside so instead of phoning it in she decided to quit, for her character legacy.

She doesn't have to "prove" anything because you're looking at it the wrong way.
If an actor that became famous for a certain role in a movie rejects working in the sequel because it's not what he wants for his character (the script is shit or they butcher everything good that he did in the first movie) the natural way to react to it is "wow, he actually cares, good", not "UH WELL HE HASN'T DONE ANYTHING SINCE THEN".

Why does someone who left the most superchatted channel in the world have to ""prove"" something? you have someone who's not fake and actually gives a shit in front of you and yet you're too butthurt or dumb to see it.

Kson could stream nothing but ARK for years and she would still be in the right, if anything we need more vtubers who actually care about their characters and less fake ones that are only in it for the money.

"Coco" is dead, you would have a point if she took her character with her and was now streaming as Coco while being an indie, that is not the case.

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I sure do love the third smol ame stream in a role.

>> No.7789134

Mel at least had something to gain from telling him.
Coco didn't.

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I suppose you're right. Lots of posts here that have some very strong opinions while strangely enough at the same time also demonstrating that they have zero clue what she was all about in the first place.

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Asacoco. You fucking newfag.

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Why use YouTube instead of Twitch, which is way more lax? I don't understand this yet.

>> No.7789338

I don't care, I'm just happy for this bitch. She is in a better place now. No more Le Zhang, no more /pol/lution, no more corporate bureaucracy retardation.

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fuck is wrong with her fingers

>> No.7789415

Marine doesn't have dedicated antis like Coco does.
Management may be strict with her, but she's still not under the same rules as Coco was.
Management knew any mistake no matter how small it was would become a problem with so many chinks after her, Marine does not have this problem, it's unfair to judge their actions and what they manage to convince management when they're not under the same scrutiny in the first place.

And no, don't even try to fucking compare a couple of fujos that moved on after a week to the chinks that spammed her channel and twitter tags for 9 months and are still doing it to this day even after graduating, Coco said it herself in her member stream and then in a superchat reading, everyhing got much worse after the Taiwan thing for her and management didn't even listen to what she had to said and even disrespected her, constantly.

>> No.7789454

Youtube allows for ad revenue from finished streams, uploading clips or other non-live things, and has a different live chat culture (this one is good or bad depending on what you enjoy).
That said, for all I know, Twitch also has ads and gives revenue from VODs, but iirc Twitch VODs are less permanent. Or even if that's changed and they are permanent for partners or whatever, I imagine youtube still has the better overall UX for non-live content.

Also, it's not necessarily that Twitch is more lax, they just don't have shit automated nearly as much. They are also fairly biased against anime style art like Youtube is in regards to bans for sexual content, though whether they are as bad I wouldn't know. That could well include swimsuit outfits being a no-go for them though, especially for more petite talents like Matsuri, Rushia, Shion, etc.

>> No.7789481

>no more corporate bureaucracy
You know she's probably still working for Cover behind the scenes, right?

>> No.7789513

nah, i don't think so

>> No.7789530

she's absolutely based

>> No.7789541

>Twitch is way more lax
>Twitch streamers in fear of their channel because they called someone a simp

>> No.7789561

But her assets are independent now. If Cover is going through another retard phase she's safe, though she can still help her old friends from a distance.

>> No.7789570

twitch chat is garbage filled with one emoji spam

>> No.7789585

There's no reason to believe that.

>> No.7789590

I can't remember which talent it was, but one of them talked about their permissions for games being platform-specific, and with music rights being even more of a pain in the ass, I doubt that's any different. Moving to Twitch means beginning from scratch on these things, which they obviously wouldn't want. Some of them do have twitch channels, but they're basically either inactive or only used for Prime Video watchalongs.

>> No.7789628

>Coco was weak

>> No.7789636

That's a good point on VODs. I basically never bother checking VODs on twitch, and this is probably the main way I interact with Hololive except for weekends and days I happen to have off from work, due to timezone differences.

>> No.7789693

>There's no reason to believe that.
There's no reason not to. Quitting her on-screen role with Hololive doesn't mean she had to quit doing off-screen work for them.

>> No.7789703

OK this is true pogchamp sadge omegalul monkaS 5head

>> No.7789735

Stop replying to yourself, faggot zhang.
No-one says "This, fucking factual" to another post here.

Also, Taiwan is a real, independent country.

>> No.7789741

Twitch is better if you're a streamer starting from 0 with no body to help you out in gaining audiences.
Youtube is better for produced content as the videos create a revenue stream over time that adds up. However it's hard for you to grow as a youtube only streamer compared to twitch.

If you're established then youtube is clearly the way to go but twitch is superior in streaming in every way.

>> No.7789776

To be fair, YT chat gets like that too sometimes

>> No.7789855

NTA but
>cried in public
>ran away

>> No.7790008

>cried in public
because her company moded zhangs who banned her members
>ran away.
from the company that literally restricted and did not trusted her with anything she was doing.

>> No.7790022

>She was being bullied for months.
>Keeps going till a scheduled graduation where she goes with style.
Fuck you.

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>> No.7790227

This whole thread is a bait.

>> No.7790266 [SPOILER] 

Let's see; if you can hold the tears in after I fuck your ass for 8 hours straight you are free to keep shitposting, bitch

>> No.7790501

Not even remotely comparable. I'll never defend YT chat but no matter how much you exaggerate it twitch is still literally 100x worse

>> No.7790575

She was already doing behind-the-scenes work before she was Coco, and she lives with two other Holos.

>> No.7790668

oh shit here comes the hype train make sure you hop on if you don't have real money maybe you can spare some bits hey thanks for the gifted subs thanks for the sub thanks for the gifted subs thanks for the twitch prime sub we hit the hype train now I will call my mom and speak in a funny accent thanks for the bits thanks for the dono thanks for the sub thanks for the gifted sub hey thanks for the twitch prime sub speaking of which it's time to renew your twitch prime subs I hope you'll consider me thanks for the bits thanks for the gifted subs hey thanks for the dono

>> No.7790799

Based anon. Go sub to Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN on YouTube.

>> No.7790983

She is very low energy now.

>> No.7790989

She isn’t being restricted by any of her choices anymore.

>> No.7791067

>Wow it's almost as if they realized restricting their talents may cause them to quit!
Also after Cover knew Coco was leaving, they opened up many collabs which weren’t happening before. Coco made a big influence.

>> No.7791103

Are you a DWU's husband?

>> No.7791109

>Nothing she did was that creative
Creative freedom means choice. What she does with it is a different matter.

>> No.7791115


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>> No.7791410

Press X to KSON

>> No.7792533

Amelia Watson
>can't sing
>can't do idolshit
>doesn't care about idolshit
>compensates via "creativity", quirky streams, and being a memelord in general
>plans AmeNews aka AsaCoco 2.0
>actually given the AsaCoco format by Coco herself
>loves Español
Let's face it, Amelia Watson will become the new Kiryu Coco.

>> No.7792721

She literally said she is leaving the company and not working behind the scenes.

>> No.7792725

Ame is Ame and Coco is Coco. They are both different and great. Don't let the crazy people engage in a false dichotomy.

>> No.7792784

If anything Marine is glad Coco left. Less competition.

>> No.7793189

Ironically, the anniversary show was born from creative limitations. She lamented not bieng able to hold another concert for her anniversary because it was too close to her birthday. So how can she make it just as captivating without holding a concert? Dealing with limitations requires creativity.
It's understandable that some would want full creative freedom, but as an end user it won't necessarily translate into better content, and you shouldn't ask for it with that expectation. Many cool things are born out of problem solving, instead of being conceptualized from nothing.

>> No.7793262

She’s dead to me

>> No.7793309


>> No.7793474

Good, one retarded cunt less

>> No.7793575


Are you brain-damaged?

>> No.7795226

Coco's sacrifice had expunged the Zhang, and now the Zhang is banished into Inferno, unable to torment the vtubing world again. Better yet, Coco resurrected, while the Zhang seethes as he continues to be autopermabanned for eternity.

>> No.7795337

Curse the Zhangs, their children too. And their children, forever true.

>> No.7796545

I hope my oshi have sex with her bf when streaming, mmmmmmmh

>> No.7796752

me too , i love ntr

>> No.7796904

You for know she was born and raised in Texas right anon?

>> No.7796977

How do you for know that?

>> No.7796987

Not a single person will become the new Kiryu Coco, she was one of a kind, stop pretending otherwise.
Asacoco was something that Coco put a ton of love into and talked about all kinds of shit, it introduced Hololive to a lot of people that otherwise wouldn't have given it the time of day.

Ame doesn't have the drive do anything like Asacoco, her Amenews thing sounds like some jokey news thing to, it will probably be some one and done shit like Fish Tank was.

>> No.7796989

Ollie aims to please.

>> No.7797052

>Leaves Hololive
>Could easily hit 1m subs by the end of the year
>Still getting thousands of dollars from retards
Why bother being creative, people will give her money regardless.

>> No.7797069

Why does her english sound so bad?

>> No.7797230

She moved to Japan a decade ago and stopped using it in her everyday life. Also she's from Georgia.

>> No.7797317

Based ntr enjoyers

>> No.7797485


>> No.7797702

But can the Holos do Gunpla streams? No. so fuck off.
I love big robots and Kson, and that's enough. I love this BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>> No.7797805

They can:
Definitely a much bigger pain in the ass than just turning on your camera and doing it normally, however.

>> No.7797812

Speaking of Gunpla. Is the kits really gifts from Gundam-ojisan? I saw a clip where she said she bought it.

>> No.7797908

They were gifts but she is looking for other kits. I don't know if she already bought one tho.

>> No.7797952

Damn. Imagine how much scolding would they face, if they show just their fucking fingers lol.

>> No.7798048

>>has done nothing creative since graduating
At least she is showing us her tit...gunpla

>> No.7798107

I actually don't think it'd be an issue. Rushia didn't even edit her VOD in the recent stream where she shows her hand:
The guidelines are probably to not show, but they're also likely not strongly enforced.
I think we'd probably get gunpla building as Coco anyway if not for the graduation. Again, it would definitely be a bigger pain in the ass, but I think she'd be willing to go through it for her gunpla ojis.

>> No.7798117


>> No.7798134

Only a few years ago her English was extremely "American" sounding while her Japanese was pretty rough. Since applying to ____ she went pretty scorched earth trying to improve her pronunciation & fluency and that combined with putting on a character voice nearly every day really influenced the way she speaks.
Very occasionally she'll still slip back into her Georgia accent and generally seems more comfortable with English numbers.

>> No.7798161

You have to be ultra gay to complain about "creativity" when we have this. Or ultra straight if you're a woman? I don't know. A retard.

>> No.7798199

I've been saying this again and again, Coco was a genious because she managed to walk on the edge of the rules, find loopholes, etc that Cover imposed her, but once that stops being a problem what are we left with?

>> No.7798230

gunpla while wearing a bikini and being drunk, onegaiiii

also moaning asmr gunpla too

>> No.7798288

Kson's "stalker" is such a lucky guy...

>> No.7798316


>> No.7798389

take all my money queen!

>> No.7798415

It was Georgia, not Texas.

>> No.7798508

finally some content and plot

>> No.7798645

not gona, lie if kson were this lewd all the time I would buy a membership and redchat her every single stream

>> No.7798692

She wanted to show her 3D self deep down

>> No.7798728

Really? I thought she already edited that out. Because I remember that one collab where Rushia showed her fingers caused so much shit.

>> No.7798779

No matter what type of content she'll do in the future. it will never """"creative"""" in the eyes of you faggots. Go suck Yagoo's dick.

>> No.7798825

Given the streams she's done this month so far, it's clear what she wants to stream is very different to the activities Hololive would've wanted her to partake in.

Karaoke streams, idol dancing practice, minecraft, collab on games with other members that she may not enjoy playing; she probably didn't want to do these things. And that is in a corporate sense of the wording a "creative difference". She's now free from doing those things. Would you not find it strange if Kson continued to do karaoke and play Minecraft? Accept her for what she actually enjoys, not what a company told her to do as a job.

>> No.7798847

I don't doubt you, but I imagine it would be between her and her schizos, and she wouldn't necessarily be scolded. Otherwise this VOD would either be down or edited.

>> No.7798907

>Schizos tried to cancel Matsuri
>No one cares and she doesn't even get a drop in viewers because the ones shitting on her don't even watch her
>Leap to the reliable Kson hate train
You dumb cunts are so full of anger.

>> No.7798920

I really enjoyed her singing Sobakasu. :(

>> No.7798938

>she probably didn't want to do these things
It's called being an adult and having a job. Stop looking at these adult women as if they here delicate children being abused by evil adults

>> No.7798942

Is a shame, I really liked the karaoke

>> No.7798968


>> No.7798983

cope and lie to yourself elsewhere, lyger
this is a grown ups thread

>> No.7798997


>> No.7799004

I don't think karaoke streams are something mandated by the company, just something the girls do themselves to keep their skills sharp since they're technically idols. iirc Lamy has only done one or two non-member karaoke streams so far

>> No.7799020

stfu! kson was abused by management and she hates singing and being idolish! reeee~

>> No.7799021

KWAB and seethe.

>> No.7799159

kuks be like
just ignore his "matshuri did nuffin!" post and dislike all her videos like everybody else is doing lol

>> No.7799204

>just ignore drama bait
If only...

>> No.7799220

>and dislike all her videos like everybody else is doing
JPN bros are the basedest!

>> No.7799278

>everyone is free to have bikinis
Where's Marine's 3D bikini livestream you imbecile?

>> No.7799324

Daiko 3.0 isn't ready yet. The extra dick took more time to model than expected.

>> No.7799631


>> No.7799849

Very cute. And it's almost September again.

>> No.7799860

based, fuck this vshojo-tier whore

>> No.7799864

But /jp/ Holofags likes Ames

>> No.7799877

She did one creative thing, though. Here it is, behold, what Cover wouldn't have let her do:

>> No.7799881

1) She joined Hololive to have fun.
2) The chinese took the fun out of it.
3) She left when it was no longer fun.
Is not rockect science, this is pretty much the fact of the whole thing.

>> No.7800114

here's the rrat
she's planning an agency with members who do both virtual and real streams regularly
didn't say it was a good rrat

>> No.7800339

she played bayonetta without having to ask permission, that's freedom enough

>> No.7800403

>Karaoke streams, idol dancing practice, minecraft
Not idol dancing necessarily but she did say a stream or two ago that she's taking singing and dancing lessons and when it comes to Minecraft she's even considering creating a viewer server. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions, she claims her activities aren't really starting in full till the new model is ready anyway.

>> No.7801394

Based and blackpilled

>> No.7801561

And by "people" you mean Yagoo and basically every single holo member? Do your hololive reps, EOP, we all know you started watching hololive when EN was a thing.

>> No.7801584

I ain't reading all that shit, nigga.

>> No.7805092

But does she still have the potential for creativity? That's the important part.
That wasn't the actual reason either lol it was clearly China.

>> No.7806594

Posting crazy wahman shit on twitter

>> No.7807593


>> No.7807642

Wait what the fuck? Coco graduated? Jesas thankfully I got out of this vtubing shit before it got to this point. Always hated her but hololive must be too corporate now

>> No.7807875

is there a version without the dude?

>> No.7807944


>> No.7807988

they are looking at me!
thanks bro

>> No.7807994

That's it. Without hololive and idol thing she's just a western whore speaking japanese. She's even promoting LGBTQIA shit with a adidas love unites campaign... Western globalhomo agenda is already here.

>> No.7808012

I always considered her a boundary pusher but looking back, she didn't really do anything all that groundbreaking. All she did was forget the rules repeatedly and steal ideas from other YouTubers, during a time when Hologirls were only streaming Ark. I bet she made the other girls feel uncomfortable too, just the whole "boss girl" demeanor yelling at them to wise up if they're crying or scared. idk anymore. Like another anon said, it's weird how all the girls started getting bikini outfits and talking more openly about sex now that she's gone, maybe she was a thorn in Hololive's shoe all along?

>> No.7808146

This bitch is so ugly without makeup. How do you fags simp for this?

>> No.7808168

meh, it's already been done before.

>> No.7808239

tits > ass > face
faces are only for effeminated "males" and lesbians

>> No.7808308

Didn't Kson/Coco grow up in America though?

>> No.7808313

This. asacoco was the only quality original thing she did, and even then was heavily carried by contributions from other holomems especially watame. As good as asacoco was it was more than cancelled out by the other garbage she did like reddit meme review.

>> No.7808334


>> No.7808354


She's gay as fuck and married Kanata. Did you not expcet her to be gay as fuck?

>> No.7808404

Yeah sure man, clearly the entire show was carried by the weather drawing. Come on now.

>> No.7808409

She did way more karaoke than some other members regardless if she was a better or worse singer(mel, choco, botan, lamy, ame, ina, risu, iofi, reine and (until recently) noel)

>> No.7808512

>Reach shoulder deep and pull Hololive out of a niche gachikoi fanbase with ~400k subs tops to a worldwide phenomenon with dozens of 1M+ sub talents, practically by yourself
Delusional. Gura is the reason hololive is popular in the west. Anything coco did would have been done by Gura anyways.

>If titty streams make just as much money if not more, why work hard?
It's called having standards, which is something coco doesn't have evidently.


>> No.7808773

Be more subtle zhangbao an his friends, you circlejerking the whole thread with literally same opinions, add some diversity of you wanna look believable.

>> No.7808908

It'd be one thing if she said she left because she was too stressed due to various factors (chinks included). However, what she actually said was that Hololive grew too big, her humors are on the edgier side, and there were so many restrictions that she couldn't create the kind of contents she wanted.
That's what makes current situation weird / funny. It's not unreasonable that people'd expect her post-graduation streams to be significantly innovative or creative, is it? After all, she's someone who claimed that she left her beloved group / family for creativity freedom. Yet, she has done nothing particularly more creative (than other streamers or her Coco's streams) even after graduation. What happened to her "creativity", then?
For the record, I have nothing against her current streams and I'm happy that she seems to be happy enough (some menhera-ish twitter posts asides). I guess I just had too much expectations because of how much people hyped her up

>> No.7808937

See >>7787035

>> No.7808942


Are you just mad Xiping banned Adidas in your country or something?

>> No.7808948

Do you watch JAV? Shiina Sora ie is lesbo as hell but doesn't want to brainwash you all the fkin time like westerns mf do.

>> No.7808955

Kson is part of Cover's Secret Menu

>> No.7808966


Her whole identity is Adidas, why wouldn't shes do a charity with them?

>> No.7810063

Holy shit. This post screams "I am a retarded faggot". Of course most women looks meh without make-up, what did you fucking expect? lol.

>> No.7810285

dumb eop twittertard

>> No.7810337

Name a single Holo that has done a shisushi review. I'll wait.

>> No.7810354

not really. she did a whole stream calling her fans creeps and weirdos.

>> No.7811364

I'm about to destroy my dick to this RFA stream

>> No.7811452

I wish she'd get a desk and a proper chair. I feel sorry for her ass.

>> No.7811485 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7811490


>> No.7811502

badonkas lets go

>> No.7811507

What's the opposite of Uooooooooh

>> No.7811526


>> No.7811529

I wish she would stop leaning forward It keeps twitching every time she does on reflex

>> No.7811563

What's that tat say?

>> No.7811583

"The South will Rise Again"

>> No.7811615

This is high tier scuffed

>> No.7811634

This is good, right?

>> No.7811651

The fucking duct tape is killing me.

>> No.7811699

Oh shit she does have a tat.

>> No.7811715


>> No.7811716

The Southern accent is slipping out.

>> No.7811723

Yea she also personally scouted, interviewed, and made models for EN.

>> No.7811729

>High Grade
Fucking casual, that disgusts me even more than the fact that it's IBO

>> No.7811738

>Blue hair
>Tongue piercing

This is your queen.

>> No.7811757

>2 active thread for 1 stream.
Cocock too stronk

>> No.7811761

Never got a BJ from a girl with a tongue piercing before, huh?

>> No.7811769


>> No.7811787

respect for women/10

>> No.7811808

It feels pretty great on your pussy.

>> No.7811813

>that high pitched fucking giggle
Fuck, didn't expect to have ruptured ear drums before 7 AM.

>> No.7811834

You can't grow up in Georgia and not have an accent

>> No.7811838

is that all she's ruptured?

>> No.7811882

Oh the webms are going to be amazing.

>> No.7811891


>> No.7811926

Y'all commenting how hot she is when jogging and here I am just enjoying her drink sipping moments

>> No.7811964

Fuck. Okay Cocofags you got me, I am a fan now.

>> No.7811972

being free of chink spammers is enough

>> No.7811990

>tits > ass

>> No.7812021


>> No.7812027

Diamond Dogs/10 but this just reinforce the fact that OP is correct.

>> No.7812035

How many HP does this little bastard have

>> No.7812044

>heavy breathing
>groans of exhaustion
I can only get so erect

>> No.7812095

>knees are dying

>> No.7812096

I swear to God I woke up right when this stream started, "I sense a disturbance in the force" style.
Thanks for making this anti-thread retard OP.

>> No.7812121

Ok unironically watch a stream. Like open any stream and watch it.

>> No.7812149

it had nothing to do with creative freedom, She just wanted to become some sort of hybrid Twitch/VTuber streamer.

>> No.7812205

all things considered if she remained as coco she wanted to push boundries but being constantly told "no" by old geezers would have been annoying

But what did you expect her to do as herself, cut pubic hairs on stream again?

>> No.7812228

she's turned into your average twitch streamer, if you like that then go crazy.

>> No.7812231

It's pretty much her personality before Hololive though.

>> No.7812273

>Ame is more creative than her.
Based Ame stays mogging the rest of hololive. The others have had years to experiment on their model and it never even entered their brainlet head.

>> No.7812404

>twitch streamers bad
What exactly makes chuubas better?

>> No.7812411


>> No.7812435

>hear Kson fucking screaming from Kanata's stream

>> No.7812482

Are you for real

I hopped over to see if this was true but now Kanata's stream is ending

>> No.7812495

I think it loses some of its appeal when it's a real woman making a bunch of goofy exercise faces and not just a rigid anime girl making sex noises. Still fun to watch though.

>> No.7812526

well she had experience in this field, we need more actual nerds to push these boundries

too bad her audience are literal children and she's the tard wrangler

>> No.7812529

so she just wanted to do 3D coomerbait streams for easy money? enjoy.

>> No.7812534

I enjoy watching hilariously out of shape people suffer

>> No.7812537

Kanata wants to watch her too, namsayin?

>> No.7812541

The Zhangs were right about her.

>> No.7812615

That she's hot?

>> No.7812620

Stop living in 2014 fucking /pol/ retards

>> No.7812637

Because Kson stated so before

>> No.7812667

She's a whore.
The 2/10 Asian girl is not going to fuck you.

>> No.7812677


>> No.7812698

Mmm ping pong ding dong wang wang chong chong.

>> No.7812713

qing chong in chong qing

>> No.7812743


>> No.7812745

there is a reason why body builders are willing to fuck whales

it's all subjective, a 2/10 for you is a 8/10 for me, btw your 10/10 is you sucking your own dick cock sucker

>> No.7812764

She's from Atlanta, GA. She even joked about never being shot a few streams ago (a reference to Atlanta's status as one of the most dangerous cities in America).
I don't care that your post is 11 hours old.

>> No.7812783

>being brainwashed because of a shirt

>> No.7812786

bro, you got a timestamp?

>> No.7812803


>> No.7812806

This is your 10/10 Asian girl zhang?

>> No.7812828

imagine being so lonely in life that you know a JAV actors name

>> No.7812832


>> No.7812833

newfag who dis?

better be someone of interest

>> No.7812859

>not knowing good jav actors by name

>> No.7812866

Check the coco thread.

>> No.7812869 [SPOILER] 

Really bitch?

>> No.7812881

Shiina Sora is pretty memorable
Also I don't have the memory of a goldfish, it's no harder than remembering actors, authors, athletes etc

>> No.7812888

I know one, her name is 王前野母

>> No.7812909


>> No.7812917

Not that anon but she is straight up hideous without it, she goes from a 8 to a 4 real quick

>> No.7812931

kek I can't believe there are still anons that believe this hahahahah kys

>> No.7812935

yeah the guy under my reply gave it away but jesus I've seen cuter zhangs

It still astounds me how voices don't always match the faces
I don't know who's being mocked harder here

>> No.7812964

Lotta Seething here. Glad Coco is my Oshi

>> No.7812977

that is what makeup does to EVERY woman
hell you can even do it with men if you know how to do male makeup

>> No.7812986

Do yu realy beleeb it?!

>> No.7812998

Why are chinks so much uglier?
Even the pretty ones are uglier than the pretty Japanese. Is it because of years of inbreeding?

>> No.7813007

You're playing Ringfit to keep up with her too, right?

>> No.7813010

basement dwelling fag lmao

>> No.7813023


>> No.7813035

Hard kek, thank you

>> No.7813037

No, too busy baiting cocofags

>> No.7813059

>>has done nothing creative since graduating
idk if you're shitposting or serious here, but she cannot go from one persona into the other directly and continue on as normal you idiot. she has to rebuild back up into a normal, regular and established persona. there's a reason she's not doing 5000 collabs despite every chuuba in the world likely dm'ing her to ask, and it's for the same reason as not doing anything out of the norm. she has to avoid all that shit for x amount of time before she can do it

>> No.7813095

>she has to
Does she now? Why not strike the iron while it's hot?

>> No.7813101

makeup asside
she is only 22 and already had a bad case of "Chinese moustache" (the two diagonal lines around the mouth that point up to the nose), I know it is more noticeable in Asians, but damn, you can easily reduce that by doing proper skincare and shit

>> No.7813115

who's got time to do that when you can just cake your face

>> No.7813120

>Someone criticizes Coco
Uhhhh... ching ping ming xin pinping uhhh you're chinese

>> No.7813125

Anon, you idiot, she's been 22 for a while.

>> No.7813143

probably a non-compeat agreement upon leaving hololive
I mean, it would be stupid of Cover to not have her sign one and an NDA while terminating her contract with them

>> No.7813146

>she is only 22
Here's your (you)

>> No.7813152

ni hao

>> No.7813159

this thread is 90% slander

>> No.7813163

I honestly did not know she lied her age in the game

I feel dumb now, how old is she really then?

>> No.7813164

She at least shouldn't have to shit her pants to not mention sex, cuz holofags

>> No.7813178

She said she will doing collabs after her model is finish but before that is done is either 3d women or shitty 2d solo streams.

>> No.7813183

more or less +9

>> No.7813184


>> No.7813200

C'mon anon, most people wouldn't have two bachelor degrees and have many years of work experience at age 22.

>> No.7813213

I bet what she meant with being creative and more freedom is opening a onlyfans account

>> No.7813235

Based. Gonna post this on my discord

>> No.7813236

>When you're not obsessed but you study chinese for years just to defend Coco

>> No.7813259

onlyfans isn't only about posting your ass on it, that's just what it's become

I totally see her posting her cosplays on it but if she charges for those we'll never hear the end of it

>> No.7813456

goddamn the power of parasocial is too strong

if I saw this stream a year ago I wouldn't even think twice. now my internal monologue is screaming HAG TUMMY UAAHHH SEEEEEEXXXXXXX and I can think of nothing I want in life more than to impregnate this random hafu puppeteer lady

>> No.7813490

I wish

>> No.7813491

Im already getting tons of recs of kson clips showing off her boobs talking about how shes not wearing a bra and penis and shit. kiryu nignig

>> No.7813493



>> No.7813497

What's the cutoff for that again? 14?

>> No.7813508

She might die doing Ring Fit.

>> No.7813523

i'm not british or a libertarian so my definition is 30

>> No.7813571

I never imagined a year ago that I would be watching a "twitch thot" let alone be entertained by anyone that streams. This vtuber shit is one hell of a fuckin drug. I at least cope by letting coco be the only streamer I watch that isnt a vtuber

>> No.7813573

Why are teacucks like this?

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