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Coco Kaichou thread.
Kiryu-Kai is forever!

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I love this bitch.

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Yeah man, me too. No gachikoi though.

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Early Kaichou

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This is one of the few images that makes me relate to the goslingposters.
This one, and the one with her holding her sister's baby while it is sleeping.

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Took me a minute to find it.

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Same, even if she's not the type to go live outside a city, it's comfy to imagine having a second house in a small town where we go every now and then when she needs a break from streaming.

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>Browsing tatsunoko’s twitter
>Keep seeing nips tweeting images with gunplas while posing with fentiman’s curiosity cola and girls in adidas clothes with dyed hair

The influence she has is kinda scary, i think there’s very few holos who managed to achieve this level of engagement, if any.
She was never someone strong in the mass-appeal department outside of her most popular shows, her “normal” streams usually had average or even below average viewers for hololive standards, although her constant choice of debuff games is partially to blame there, but nobody has more committed fans than her, she was the holo with the most memberships for a large part of 2020 and she eventually ended up 3rd after Gura and Pekora, but if you actually think about it, she averaged more memberships than live viewers, it’s crazy to think holos who regularly hit 20k on almost all their streams had less memberships and superchats than her.

She’s not someone who can reliably hit big numbers on her streams, but the % of fans that support her in more ways than just watching her was the highest in hololive and it’s not even close, “%” being the key point.

Looking at her current channel, that trend is still going.
I still have several holo memberships and the amount of likes she gets on her membership posts is kinda surreal compared to some of the memberships i have.

It’s easy to think this is because of the harassment but that’s not really the case, she was already the most superchatted channel in youtube before the taiwan drama and the holo with the most memberships at the time.

Now, the real question is this, what is it about her that generates this? Is it intentional?

I can’t answer it, I don’t think you can explain it, and no I don’t think it’s intentional.

Stuff like the first time she cried when a non-member complimented her for her hard work creates strong bonds, but the key is that it’s natural and feels real, seeing someone show their vulnerable side when they’re trying to hide it is infinitely more appealing than someone who uses their vulnerability as a badge of honor for easy mass-appeal.

For all intents and purposes she’s a strong, smart woman, but is she really? Actions show she is, but does that mean she’s actually strong? Or does she simply have a high threshold for pain?

Can you really call someone strong if they’re actually dying inside but choose not to show it or stop them?
She’s insecure and everyone who has watched her for a while will know that, but she doesn’t let that stop her.

Anyway, sorry for my ramblings.

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I'm not reading that but I agree

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Oh fuck, why did I check this thread.

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TLDR- She's a strong independent female masochist...OR IS SHE?

I don't know, man. I'm just here for the cute woman who sounds like Mickey Mouse.

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You're brave to open your heart to an audience like /vt/ with a heartfelt and smart rambling, so you're a based anon.

I don't know the rest, but for me she feels like a legitimate person and not a gimmick personality, and even when she was/is "in character" you feel the handwork and passion she is putting to it. That got me glued to her. Also she is a funny nerd hikkikomori, that is a win in my book.

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>she’s not someone who can reliably hit big numbers on her gaming streams
Asacoco had +20k viewers every morning for months.

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Is there even a spanish version for MotherFucker? Violadora de Madre??

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That’s what i meant by “popular shows”,i was talking about her usual ARK streams or random kusoges.
I’m not saying that as a bad thing, the idea that her main content was asacoco and her game/zatsudan streams were mostly for her hardcore fans is perfectly valid, if anything it shows how handicapped her last 12 months in hololive were (let’s not act like management fucking her up started with the chinks), being only able to do “complimentary” streams.

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Her broken Spanish makes me feel things anons. It turns all your bad feelings into good feelings, it's a nightmare.

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"Violadora de madre" would be "motherrapist" so no. As a slang the closest in spirit we use would be "hijo de puta", but that's literally "son of a bitch". Maybe "cabrón" o "culero", but those are kinda rooted in Mexico than the rest of Latinamerica.

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I guess that's how the JP people felt when she debuted.

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>Watame releases a song called Good Morning Song
>English Subs available immediately
Call it a rrat if you want, but I believe the Dragon still moves in the shadows.

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She is a natural born cult leader. With her charisma she could have her followers drinking the lethal Kool-Aid. How lucky for us that she just wants to have chill streams and be friends with everyone.

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Coco is made for rape

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I don't know if it was actually her doing it, but I found the way her first model's eyes would open and close slightly out of sync... I came to like it over time, a charm point based in an "endearing scuff", if you will. Maybe it was something about how the Hololive software interacted with details of her original model?
I see it occasionally with other vtubers, but does anyone else agree that it seems way more pronounced with Coco's first model than others, or even compared with Coco's 2.0 and Home3D models?

Either way, it now gives me intense nostalgia when I notice it in older clips.

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It's the reflection on her glasses, she was wearing it all the time.

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The simplest answers are sometimes the true answers.

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I can see that. Doesn't Pekora also wear glasses, though?
I guess it could still be a unique issue, caused by reflections, based on some very specific details of how she has her lights set up. Still doesn't explain why (at least in my memory) it happened less with her newer model and Home3D.

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I think that was the time when she replaced her old glasses with a new one. Her current glasses have much larger lens, maybe it’s easier for the camera to detect her eyes with that.

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They employ some English translators, you know.

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I don't know if she had that at the time, but I think she has lenses with a blue light filter on them (basically to reduce strain on your eye when looking at the screen). Combined with light setup this can make a difference. Also since the hololive software depends on Apple's AR core, any improvements in that would have an effect.

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Hope that if she chose 3D for the Daiko update she asked for hip tracking movement like Coco's had.

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I will forever love this bitch and no Zhang from Inferno can ever dissuade me from this. May the Zhangs continue to seethe as they are autopermabanned for all of eternity.

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There's a reason she's called in TV Tropes terms a "Messianic Archetype". She endured betrayal by Cover, endured a year of persecution by Zhangs (and even forgave them, heck Coco even acknowledged a heretic Chink who akasupa'd her, and talked down /pol/acks like Hololive Historian who wanted to escalate the war), and yet despite all that she remained positive (many holos during the graduation stream commented on her relentless optimism despite everything that happened to her) and finally died on a high note... then the resurrection. And through her Death and Resurrection Youtube was finally convinced to implement the anti-Spam system they've been testing on her, ensuring that the Zhang menace is forever autopermabanned while not disturbing the peace of the vtubing community.

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Sorry, obligatory.

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She's the type to extort and bully me in school. Then I hypnotize her then fuck her like a rabbit

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Protip: Don't mention Tvtropes on 4chan. It went well this time, but other times you're opinion will be auto-disregarded for mentioning it.

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Nah, if Coco was in school she'd be a more agapaic version of Tsundere. Appears to be tough and independent on the outside, but really compassionate and sweethearted on the inside. She may be a delinquent but if fucking bullies (e.g. Le Zhang) harassed one of her friends she will take all the suffering upon herself, graduate, resurrect and get them autopermabanned.

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My Yakuza Princess can't be this cute

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Yes, it felt like 3 days, please stream

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Dorky middle aged wage slave with relatable tastes and a weird but fun sense of humor
Also helps that she comes across as a genuinely good person based on what the other holos have said and how old friends have helped her out.

She's the type to fit into the friend circle of any salaryman with even mild otaku interests.
Also helps that she doesn't just give off a "must protect" feel, but also gives off a reliable strong person-to-talk-to-about-problems feel.

So she's kind of a bro - fun to hang out with,makes you feel better, relatable, etc..

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Yeah, she was obviously not popular at all until 10 months back..

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the closest thing would be chinga tu madre or chingar a tu madre
>Maybe "cabrón" o "culero
theyre closer to asshole if anything

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What the fuck is Kson teaching naive, innocent Japanese viewers about America?

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It's not all bad, clippers just go for the negative stuff

>> No.7803290

There probably isn't a single holo that hasn't shown their "vulnerable" side. People gravitate to Kson because she's unique and interesting. How many American-born Japanese vtubers are out there? Just her? It gives her a unique perspective on things along with the fact that she has had actual real life experiences and wasn't always a hiki.

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>It gives her a unique perspective on things along with the fact that she has had actual real life experiences and wasn't always a hiki.

>> No.7803497

Pekor had jobs you know

>> No.7803614

Ah. I stand corrected. I was under the impression that she was one of the handful that hadn't. From what I know a lot of Hololive has had at least some service industry (e.g. part time) or low-level office work experience. I know that Marine has discussed her former job quite a bit.

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>these images are no longer canon

>> No.7803668

Which is gonna stick with you more, Americans hold the door open for the lady folk or "many of the people I went to school with are dead"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvjZEEManCs
I'm wondering if her dad is haachama dad level of oblivious and stupid. How can you afford to work overseas and travel internationally but you put your kid to school in a warzone?

>> No.7803706

None of her attempts at working sound like they lasted long due to her apparent inability to function in the real world

>> No.7803722

One of my favorite clips from that channel

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800k tomorrow
She also recetly talked about how people will help you if you're getting groped in America while in Japan nobody does anything and ignores you

>> No.7804342

>He doesn't know about the Kocknata

>> No.7804354

She has qualifications to do work with children if I recall.

>> No.7804367

We don't really know about the papadoragon lore before they went to Japan. Who knows why Coco went to an inner city school.

>> No.7804372

racist whore should have graduated last year.

>> No.7804373

She is exaggerating a bit (except about the healthcare costs), but she is correct that America is a hellscape compared to Japan where there is very little theft and violent crime.
Her age range is one of the hardest hit by the opioid epidemic, it's not really surprising that she knows a lot of jailed/dead folks, especially in a poverty filled city. I live in a nice suburb and one of my cousins attends a couple funerals every year.

>> No.7804406

Watame has those too if i remember right.

>> No.7804444

never have been

>> No.7804692

It's really not that exaggerated as far as inner city experience's go. Every so once in a while a fun fact gets passed around that military medics are trained in inner city hospitals since there's an abundance of patients with gunshot wounds. Technically if the hospital is a non-profit you can get your bill forgiven if you're low income but they really go out of their way to hide that fact so they can over charge you for treatments your insurance decides that don't feel like covering.

>> No.7806894

You can just think it's Marine showing off the cucumber she just used when they did that drinking collab.

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>> No.7808594

Oh shit!

>> No.7808605

Oh my god it's happening

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Ah, I wish I could smell her feet after this.

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>> No.7808764

I've prepared for this day

>> No.7809166

That is the shit! LET'S FUCKING GOOO!

>> No.7809432

Looking forward to seeing the Dobumori Switch in action.

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>> No.7809662

I've been waiting for this for so damn long....

>> No.7809765


Blessed post-RFA drinking stream

>> No.7809832

Praying with all I have for a sweaty view

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>> No.7810109

Seems that Kanata going to have some sweaty sex tonight

>> No.7810171

Meetings are going to stop me watching this live and I can already see this VOD getting deleted

>> No.7810468

I wonder if she's gonna wear that sports bra she showed off last time.

>> No.7810745

Depends on if she managed to figure out how the fuck to put it on

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>> No.7811161

>Holy Fucking based. Please tell me it's IRL. Please tell me it's IRL.

>> No.7811185

it is

>> No.7811195

On second thought I hope it's NOT IRL. Too many coomer tier comments in chat. A 3D daikou stream would've been fine.

>> No.7811208

Damn, we finally get to see her put the "sportswear" Adidas to use.
We know how powerful and flexible she is, but her stamina isn't on par.
Think she'll last the stream, or be on the floor panting before the end?

>> No.7811230

fuck do i RFA alongside her or do i just sit and listen

>> No.7811242

She got pretty fit around a year ago in preparation for the 3D stream which was also around the time she did Tifa but this year she's been saying over and over that she's getting no exercise at all.

>> No.7811266

Well... I again call upon God Gundam to provide 2 different angles. A Side view and an aerial Top view. Full tiddie and ass display. I believe.

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pretty accurate

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>> No.7811405

This feels so illegal guys what should I do?!

>> No.7811413

Artists will soon be able to accurately represent Coco with tattoos.

>> No.7811414

Bros I'm ascending into heaven as we speak. I feel like a God. Holy Shit.

>> No.7811425

>not 1080p

>> No.7811432


>> No.7811438

Dem tiddies

>> No.7811442

god damn that's a fat bitch

>> No.7811446

we've been too cocky boys

>> No.7811457

>literally taping it to her

Jesas that's gonna hurt

>> No.7811462

If only she hadn't moved out she could have borrowed one from her flatmate...

>> No.7811479

The fuck are you on about

>> No.7811481

She can't borrow one as she is streaming right now

>> No.7811495

Uh bros my erection isnt going down.

>> No.7811498

Wait, is she using the Kiryu Kazuma account?

>> No.7811514

She still lives with Katana

>> No.7811518

First mildom stream after graduation she confirmed she was streaming from a "different room".

>> No.7811520

I woke up at exactly the right time.

>> No.7811522

>squeezing tits in front of camera
>bending over at the perfect angle constantly
You were supposed to kill the twitch thots, not become one...

>> No.7811523

Damn coco looks like THAT????

>> No.7811530

Quite a nice body she has right there.

>> No.7811532

This stream is kino and all but the other anon in this board gonna bully us from now on

>> No.7811545

Different from her old apartment that she previously streamed from as Kson, retard.

>> No.7811548

Are you dense? It's a different room in their flat, she's been saying she doesn't have a roommate the whole time as well

>> No.7811556

>22 year old cocock

>> No.7811565

She did not move out though, considering her guerrilla appearance during Kanata's stream the other day.

>> No.7811571

She's got a cute belly

>> No.7811573

Bros.......she's in my range...I can SAVE her

>> No.7811574

>caring about opinions of deranged idiots
anon, please

>> No.7811575

fresh enough for me, anon!

>> No.7811576

+9 anon..

>> No.7811588

Lol is tape usually used?

>> No.7811589

Duct tape...

>> No.7811594

For some reason I expected her to be skinnier, but this whole stream makes sense now.

Personally she's mighty fine either way, incidentally I always wondered how intense this is since I've only watched vtubers play this

>> No.7811598

Bitch sits around eats Pizza all day.

>> No.7811602

imagine binding her with tape hahaha

>> No.7811606

No, she lost the actual leg band that comes with the game.

>> No.7811611

>he said that when they are like 10 drama Matsuri threads
roru, meidos gave up long ago

>> No.7811614

>believing her

>> No.7811618

>108 pounds

>> No.7811620

more like 11

>> No.7811621

What's the tattoo? I can't see it very well, looks like a mario 1 up with some random text?

>> No.7811623

I going to have belly fetishes from now on

>> No.7811625

>49 kg
You're strong enough to overheadpress your oshi...right, bros?

>> No.7811627


I could totally bench her at least.

>> No.7811628

she just did a goatse

>> No.7811641


>> No.7811643

So do I and I'm only 69kh at 6.2ft, we're both blessed with good asian genetics that means

>> No.7811647

She’s anorexia by American standard.

>> No.7811652

I was strong enough to pick up my fat ex, 108 is nothing.

>> No.7811656

She's so tiny, just imagine

>> No.7811667

Her stamina really is as bad as i thought.

How does she ever keep up with Kanata?

>> No.7811670

>tfw I'm 100kg and not a manlet
I could probably shot put her

>> No.7811676

and i'm 6'3 and 196 lbs. Granted I've been on a diet and went from 235 down to this.

>> No.7811682

>Big Booty-san!

>> No.7811695

Different room from her birthday stream from 2 months back you newfag.

Have you literally never watched even 1 stream where they talked about their apartment? It's was just two bedrooms with a common kitchen/living room between them. She was not streaming from the living room and there has been no sound leaking even with all the yelling from both streams.

She didn't appear on stream retard. Kanata just posted an audio clip of her saying yummy. Could have been recorded any time.

>> No.7811696

She doesn’t, she just lies there while Kanata does the work, that’s the real reason for her doing RFA, she wants to top one day.

>> No.7811710

If you want to be a weird stalker about her living situation, you could at least go look at an old archive or two and get your facts straight.

>> No.7811721

kson shouldn't even be discussed here, you fags enjoying this stream makes you no better than people who watch Twitch whores.

>> No.7811727

Good stuff anon, kinda wish my skinniness was via hard work, rather I'm just eating literal shit and all signs pointing to me being skinny fat and an early grave

>> No.7811731

ching ching chingy chong twang wang?

>> No.7811737

Ching Chong my friend

>> No.7811741

Holy shit you need meds.

>> No.7811745

Yeah yeah yeah, Here are some of your daily (You). Now shoo

>> No.7811749

Did you got bored of the bait thread faggot?

>> No.7811751

You need to BLOATMAXX, twink.
Start with a gallon of milk a day.

>> No.7811754

>kson shouldn't even be discussed here, you fags enjoying this stream makes you no better than people who watch Twitch whores.

>> No.7811759

I agree fellow mainland countrymen. I will make sure your social credit check is received quickly.

>> No.7811760

shall we discuss our fav moments then and go back in time?

>> No.7811767

>no argument
Kson is not /vt/ related, Coco is. This is a thread for Coco, not some streaming 3D whore.

>> No.7811768

then fuck off

>> No.7811771

Since it got weird, I haven't spoke in live chat yet since I started watching. Should I make a different account to talk compared to what I use for holos?

>> No.7811784

Coco used a 3d model. Not allowed on /vt/.

>> No.7811792

It's not a problem unless you're a retard who named yourself "KFP Pekora inspector" or some dumb shit.

>> No.7811793

It is a 3D tech from 2090

>> No.7811800

>Can't accept that someone moved out of a rental apartment
>tells others that they need meds

How about you do that and then come back.

>> No.7811805

Crazy how Nintendo implemented that heart monitor into joy cons all these years later

>> No.7811807

I recall her mentioning the Holohouse has room for like ten or something people staying over.

>> No.7811810

does any of us give a shit, unless you're melody or ironmouse go ahead just don't be sending her red sc's being a fucking autist

>> No.7811818

I don't see a virtual youtuber on the stream right now, you simp. Nice try, but her stream is off-topic.

>> No.7811825

Uooooh belly erotic

>> No.7811830

Ive never chated in a coco or kson stream, in fact that was my favorite part about hololive. There's no obligation to chat because it's moving super fast and they don't read it. I struggle to watch indies because I feel bad for not chatting but at the same time it's too cringe to chat

>> No.7811832

You seem upset.

>> No.7811833

for reference

>> No.7811836

She's mighty damn fine. My dreams of her playing this high quality game have finally come true.

>> No.7811837


>> No.7811839

when will she get a 2.0?
The current one isn't really that good...

>> No.7811848

Why are you so mad? Did some women beat you up in the past before?

>> No.7811849

what headset is she using? looks like it works wirelessly on switch

>> No.7811853

>ring wedged between her tits
Lucky bastard.

>> No.7811855

Stop replying to the Artiafaggot that is perpetually butthurt because everyone hates his piece of shit of an oshi

Stop replying to the “she moved out” EOP

Just enjoy, attention draws out the subhumans

>> No.7811859

this stream is too dangerous, for my heart

>> No.7811861

Any Bluetooth headset would work anon.

>> No.7811863

Boing boing boing...

>> No.7811865

>he lacks the critical information
there are bluetooth adapters, got a feeling that one might be hooked up to her pc though to record her voice rather

>> No.7811866

Guys, I'm getting dizzy from the jogging. My eyes are starting to hurt.

>> No.7811872

Oh my God. This is fucking better than I expected LMAO

>> No.7811875

I thought Switch don't support Bluetooth headsets

>> No.7811879

I usually just react and I guess for this stream at least, my reactions doesn't need to be expressed. Is cute though

>> No.7811892

they're not bluetooth, it is radio frequency or something like that

>> No.7811894

She's knackered already, bring on the sweaty close-ups when she can't read something without her glasses

>> No.7811900

downstairs neighbors hate this bitch

>> No.7811901

Yes. The apartment complex.
Kanacoco house is just a 2 bedroom flat. She designed it sims and showed it on stream.

>> No.7811908

not directly, needs an adapter

I myself use my ps4 gold wireless headset on my switch, just ram the adapter that lets it work on ps4 and it works on my switch and on amazon I see adapters that let regular BT headsets work

>> No.7811912

I think it's connected to her PC

>> No.7811914

>fucking stomping like big bird having a seizure
She's going to be evicted.

>> No.7811922


>> No.7811930

>> No.7811931

Oh god forbid wanting the thread to stay on-topic rather than behaving like a pack of excited monkeys over some e-whore.

>> No.7811936

You can set it to quiet mode where you squat rather than jog, but that's for casuals

>> No.7811938

I'll spoonfeed you: she streamed from both rooms on mildom. Now you know exactly where to look.

>> No.7811939

>> No.7811944

>gulping whiskey between stages
sasuga amerikajin

>> No.7811950

it's getting better

>> No.7811956

Hey are you OK? You seem upset.

>> No.7811963

Maybe she lives on the ground floor

>> No.7811970

this is more accurate

>> No.7811979

>Imagine wanting to stay on-topic in a 4chan thread
Go back redditfag

>> No.7811982

Dude... Just enjoy, or fuck off. We don't fucking care lol, you seem so upset.

>> No.7811987

Peak content right here. I need more.

>> No.7811989

>> No.7811991

feet bros we won

>> No.7811992

nah don't, saves time switching accounts, and pretty much this >>7811810 anon said. Unless you can handle it then go for it...

>> No.7811993

My lord

>> No.7811994

She's going to take that thin sweater off soon, guys

>> No.7811995

Look at those feet

>> No.7812013

She has a tattoo? WTF? Is she yakuza or something?

>> No.7812016

>moved out of the expensive apartment she's been in for less than a year because she no longer works for the same company as her roommate
Take a step back and at least think about how fucking stupid you sound, anon.

>> No.7812020

booba bros we won

>> No.7812029

These noises she's making. The heavy breathing

>> No.7812031


>> No.7812034

Come on, is the ring really that hard to stretch and compress?

>> No.7812039

always has been

>> No.7812050

the peaks of armpit we've gotten so far...

>> No.7812053

Anon she weighs 108 pounds and is apparently 4’11

>> No.7812059

It's somewhat stiff but I'm basically a twig so don't take my word for it

>> No.7812065

o' lord she stompin'

>> No.7812070

Dude, she weighs 49kg. Of course it is hard for her

>> No.7812072


>> No.7812075

I keep missing it, what is it a tattoo of?

>> No.7812085

What do you mean the neighbors hate her? As their neighbor I absolutely love eavesdropping on their very loud and very SEXy moaning. My favorite pastime.

>> No.7812087

Probably her family name? Get ready boys, this stream is about to be privated.

>> No.7812090

imagine the smell....

>> No.7812098

I love watching your titties bounce but bitch you are seriously out of shape.

>> No.7812113


>> No.7812114


>> No.7812126

>falling over during squats

>> No.7812130

No that one is on her hip.

>> No.7812131

Considering she's doing this mostly for content I doubt she looked up the proper pre workout meal and doing cardio quickly depletes muscle glycogen. It's why it's recommended by pretty much every weight lifter to do cardio AFTER weights.
Also she's Japanese who are fucking weak lmao

>> No.7812132

She sure protected my smile, anon.

>> No.7812133

It's surprisingly stiff, especially for a tiny Asian girl

>> No.7812154

That little jump was really cute

>> No.7812161

Yeah, and so is the ring.

>> No.7812170


>> No.7812173

Does she have a tattoo under her left tit?

>> No.7812179

someone convince her to change the setting to finish exercises even after enemies are defeated

>> No.7812185

people only care about her when she's in her 3D form, sad.

>> No.7812202

How new? She loves tattoos, they’re very yakuza

>> No.7812203


>> No.7812210

no clean your screen newfuck

>> No.7812219


>> No.7812225

Im sorry Ive only ever seen her gunpla building streams to be totally honest.

>> No.7812227


>> No.7812232

>that visible sweat

>> No.7812233


>> No.7812236


>> No.7812238

kson please show your armpits

>> No.7812242

Oh my sweet fucking christ

>> No.7812243

Goddamn I love America and I love this bitch

>> No.7812245

what if kanata just walked in, that'd be crazy haha

>> No.7812246

>dat belly pat

>> No.7812247

I can Benchpress her.

>> No.7812251


>> No.7812261

>tallest model of the holos
>still a womanlet
How goddamn short is Marine then

>> No.7812270

>watching V-Tubers
>gets excited at 3DPD
Kiryu kai was fake fucks all along, Not a surprise.
Literally just coomer manchildren who get happy at a bit of feet or sweat.

>> No.7812272

The jacket is unflattering to how she looks honestly

>> No.7812280

>tummy grab

>> No.7812287

still upset?

>> No.7812288

No fucking way she's 4'11 LMAOOOOO

>> No.7812293

It's all I ever wanted

>> No.7812301


>> No.7812308

I wonder if we'll ever see her cartwheel again like this bros...

>> No.7812309

Enjoy your twitch tier streams coomer.

>> No.7812311

All japs are either manlets or womanlets; or mixed race.

>> No.7812320

It's just reassuring to know that my oshi is hot and not fucking ugly. What's the harm?

>> No.7812321

T-t-thats me

>> No.7812323


>> No.7812335

Are you actually retarded? She moved first because it would be closer to the hololive studio. And she moved again because she now works somewhere else. Why is this giving you so much trouble?

>> No.7812337

We need a math schizo to compare her against the RFA ring's known measurements

>> No.7812340

We love this bitch in every form.

>> No.7812341


>> No.7812343

Now for the footfags

>> No.7812357

>> No.7812358

>> No.7812375

cute feet

>> No.7812379



>> No.7812381

stop giving that retard replies

>> No.7812385

>Camel Toe

>> No.7812388

Can't believe you are still butthurt after so many threads

>> No.7812394

>open Kanata's stream
>Coco can be heard screaming at the background at times

>> No.7812396

where's the creative freedom? She's just being your average twitch whore.

>> No.7812402

>don't look at my camel toe

>> No.7812406

This stream will not be clipped.

>> No.7812416

This is fucking Kino HAHAHAHAHAH.

>> No.7812428


>> No.7812437

>don't make a clip of me making an ugly face

it's ok kson, after watching those chink spammer on twitter go ham I'm accepted you can't be literal perfection every second but you're god damn close

>> No.7812439


>> No.7812448

She's really cultivating the most /v/ twitch audience ever, Well done.
You'll realize no one will watch her when she gets her new 2D live because of all the incels getting excited at some feet and tummy.

The Coco I once knew is dead and a twitch thot is born.

>> No.7812452

Wait can you really? That's great lmao

>> No.7812455


>> No.7812458

>dont look at my camel toe

>> No.7812459


>> No.7812473

>this stream
>don't look at my cameltoe
jesus christ, no wonder why it was necessary to leave hololive

>> No.7812474

God you're insufferable

>> No.7812478

I mean, good for the feet guys. They don't often get free content.

>> No.7812491


>> No.7812501

Don't be weird, she is the same person just missing a giant cock

>> No.7812507

I mean she is very blatantly giving the camera the sexiest possible angles. I'd like to think she wouldn't sink to thottery but it's gonna make her money so...

>> No.7812508

Anon this is how she was before the Coco character was created, she was a known person on the internet before

>> No.7812519


>> No.7812531

then just close the thread and the stream. Like how the fuck you finna be mad about content you can completely ignore.

>> No.7812543

what was that hip raise for

>> No.7812546

that leg spread UUUOOHHHH

>> No.7812547


>> No.7812552

Stop acting like you watched her before Coco, She wasn't like this at all and true fans know this.
She's turning into V-Shojo by the minute.

>> No.7812556

yeeeeeah cause the Dragon was aways 100% super seiso and never shaved something on stream or whatsoever. Have you ever watched her before?

>> No.7812562

> I want to use my teeth to scrape off all the delectable calluses under Kson's juicy feet. Slurp on her very soft toes. Then deepthroat her ENTIRE 21cm foot. I may be a Feet Enjoyer but I am also a Feet Chad.

>> No.7812563

STOP GIVING >7812448 (You)s FFS ! !

>> No.7812582

Am I just stupid or does she have slight abs

>> No.7812591

>Goritenshi buys Switch and RFA as a gift to flatmate as she said she would never buy it.
I see a lot of thanks red SCs going to PPT in the near future.

>> No.7812592

Definitely the former

>> No.7812594

giganigger defeated

>> No.7812595

These are the type of fans she wants, When future streams are a complete cesspit don't be surprised.

>> No.7812601

I was only able to hear once before her stream ended, it was hilarious

>> No.7812604

Watch the Tifa cosplay stream, she definitely had some there.

>> No.7812606

The pose!

>> No.7812607


>> No.7812608

Bros... Is too much for me

>> No.7812614

For ME. ME ME ME ME ME. Thanks Kson. Not (You) by the way. you can fuck off.

>> No.7812629

>Kson fan is a pepe poster.
it really speaks volumes at the amount of /v/ faggotry in this thread.

>> No.7812630

oh shit, all me

>> No.7812631

That's one way to end that argument.

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