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Friendly reminder to stay some what on topic

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stop making threads until OP returns

>> No.7826388

OP here i've returned

>> No.7827938

Fubukis manager on Dark when

>> No.7828458

the roster is so big we are having graduations already

>> No.7828726

So I just finished with this
It is literally my first time using premiere or doing any kind of editing so don't expect anything good. Also I am not sure about the number of the beast Watamage transition but I can't find a better way to arrange it, so there is that

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I fucking love Stack, bros.

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decent attempt man!
although I do find it a bit odd that you have those massive black space around. Premiere has an option you can click that auto resizes all your videos to match the curent aspect ration you're using.

>> No.7829429

i saw the thread on 4chan bans. what happened?

>> No.7829590

how about not making threads during a content drought? it's just weird faggotry

>> No.7830193

Is Dark on today or just on the weekend?

>> No.7830432

not until Saturday, I believe.

>> No.7830552

This, honestly. I even thought the midweek threads were weird back during season 1.

>> No.7832723

Rouge jannie, mods fixed things for us so it's ok

>> No.7832877

Rogue I mean, although he could have been rouge too

>> No.7833291

they weren't so bad, never understood why people complained about them except for the ones wanting one more spot for another drama of the week/egg thread

>> No.7834585

>Premiere has an option you can click that auto resizes all your videos to match the curent aspect ration you're using
Huh I didn't know about that, I should try it

>> No.7835486

Break today, BONUS on Saturday, Season 2 starts next Thursday

>> No.7838024

Thanks. I need to really catch up. My studying reps made me lag behind.

>> No.7839479

Your heading in the right direction with this, just a few more touch ups and less black borders

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I hope OPs been working on those alternate costumes. I want to be horrified by the fat cat wearing nothing but the white shirt and sitting on the others while letting it all hang out.

>> No.7844643

other general passing trough to remind you to link your divegrass page to the /vt/ League page

>> No.7844965

we have our top men working on it

>> No.7846363

Who's the Sting of holofightz?

>> No.7846862

I don't watch wraslin, who's sting

>> No.7847163

Friend maybe?

>> No.7847224

i guess dark op was too burnt for umineko, still think you should stream a bit of it in the future

>> No.7847235

He's a big guy that uses facepaint, has an immutable face, carries a bat, defeated Hulkster and Flair in one night and has been wrestling for over 30 years

>> No.7847398

Fubuki definitely feels Sting-like, but who's the Ric Flair of HoloFightZ?
i'm not off work yet

>> No.7847679

so there is a chance, I'll join after Chamers stream

>> No.7849454

based Haas

>> No.7850080

hfzdark is live

>> No.7850716

someone tell him to look for UminekoProject or 07th Mod

>> No.7851220

Come join the late night kino


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>> No.7854566 [SPOILER] 

>> No.7855492

that table match was fuckin wild
Egg got robbed (kwab spot), but Aloe got SUPER robbed (kino spot)

>> No.7855565

I think I worked out what happened to Egg
>Aloe Sex Bombing Egg
>Artia bumps them, interupts it
>Egg still has "finisher" condition flag on
>Irish whipped into the table
>Table breaks

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Its me, maskler!

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>> No.7862153

No you aren’t.

>> No.7863268

>Dark and META exist
>still no Towa Baby on the roster

>> No.7865196

>he didn't see the nightmare that is Mamaloni
l-lets wait until 2k22, maybe they'll add a pacifier..

>> No.7866819

One more month, bros.

>> No.7866831

reminder that the duck had it coming

>> No.7868885

new logo soon(tm)
for divegrass

>> No.7869490

>only one logo

>> No.7870566 [SPOILER] 

Divegrass logo

>> No.7870635 [SPOILER] 

the one rejected by elfs because it was too kino

>> No.7870661 [SPOILER] 

initial atempt

>> No.7870744

Kinda wish it had a champ belt somewhere in the design.

>> No.7870913

>Too kino
ELFS correct as usual. We're trying to play futbol not kill the other threads.

>> No.7871098 [SPOILER] 

the shape of the belt is pretty awkward to work with. Tried doing it instead of the shield but its a bit strange to work with in terms of vertical/horizontal spacing. did try to make a thing ealrier with the belt instead of the ribbon at the bottom but it just looked awkward.
whatever you say elfschama

>> No.7871227

Couldn't work with it being at the top, replacing the crown and having HFZ shuba's face in it?

>> No.7872546

Looks like the lads at 4cc are doing some sort of garbage week wrasslin in a couple hours, ogey rrat will be representing /vt/

>> No.7872673

Maybe. Main issue is the empty space inside the belt itself. A lot of it is taken up by the extra crown fancy bits

>> No.7873202

What about making the belt parts longer and filling the space with the sides of the crown design?

>> No.7875034

we getting another stream tonight dark-sama?

>> No.7878783

I merely think stack is ok bros

>> No.7879601

I’m sorry you lost to her twice, Eggschama... Third time’s the charm?

>> No.7879769

once i'm off, depends on how long it takes me to finish up stuff for tomorrow's stream.

>> No.7879810

Looks like wresslin is going to start, same channel as divegrass was

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>> No.7880198

click on the c y tube channel

not on yet though, think the guy supposed to be running it is late

>> No.7880575

k now its on

>> No.7881452

OGEY is up

>> No.7883107

what matches did I miss?

>> No.7883484

woody won the ladder match/ ogey lost to dagoth ur

stopped watching after that but ogey will be in the rumble later

>> No.7888595

rumble on rn

>> No.7889743

and... jobbed, fucking discount HFZ pekora

>> No.7890454

very based of you to pick that song but i still want to see it first thing when Team Hell Nah comes back

>> No.7892583

>implying the real HFZ Pekola isn’t already a jobber

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>> No.7894217

Holy fucking shit anon, I can why it got rejected. I almost got blinded by how kino it was. That's a fucking weapon not a logo

>> No.7896123

three fingers...

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are we getting a dark stream later

>> No.7903465

Yeah dark in a few hours

>> No.7903770

Stream Gira Gira!

>> No.7905769

wasn't able to stream last night, but BONUS starts in about an hour and a half. go ahead reply to this post with music requests.

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Obscure eurobeat tunes, onegai.

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starting in 5

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>> No.7910273

This is Gachimuchi. feel free to ignore if it's too yab for twitch, though i wanna hear it for some keks onegai

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>> No.7910766

you should have debuting female oga sooner, shes dimes...

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>> No.7913426

>Orcshitzo gachikoi in darkop's stream

>> No.7914924

you had to be in the poal, man

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>> No.7916346


song request onegai

>> No.7916463

what is the video fucking about?

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>> No.7918035

>that hyper-realistic Grizzly Bear fur on Ankimo
You've outdone yourself today, DarkOP.

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>> No.7920030

Sheets updated, also added a new 'affiliation' stat to the main sheet 'cause I wanted to.
A lot changed today as with all that happened to prepare for a new season:

No Singles:
Bubba, Udin, Denwa(Graduated), Barracuda(Graduated), Rosalyn, M-Chan, Kizuna, (7 total)

No Doubles:
Robosa, Ichimin, Risuner, Civia, Investigator, Shinove, Mamaloni(Graduated), Huke, Koopa(Graduated), Elfchama, Ayamy, Nabi, Stack,
Cirno, Sakuya, Marisa, Reimu, Anemachi, Suicopath (19 total)

None of anything but those:
Melfriend, Pochi, Ui, Ayamy, Nabi, Marisa, Reimu, Anemachi, Suicopath (9 total)

Also Never Won
Bubba, Elfriend, M-Chan, Kizuna, Koopa(Graduated), Nabi, Marisa, Anemachi (8 Total)

Finally, those who have won all their singles matches:
5 Matches: Merakyat
4 Matches: KFP
2 Matches: Pioneer, Brad, Huke, Moonafic, Stack, Miofa
1 Match: Ghostrider, Ika, Gumi, Watamelon, Choco Mate, Echo, Rosetai, Shinove, Ayamy, Elfchama,
Cirno, Sakuya, Reimu, Suicopath
That totals twenty-two perfect singles records.

R.RAT and Egg do end tied for most matches, with Every other anti being graduated, as well as Sun Tempo, Koopa, and MMLN.
Also this episode has shown us the most Debuts since Future imperfect, if you include the teaser match at the end and/or Oga.

>> No.7920103

Forgot to label Ika and Watamelon as graduated in the perfect singles category.

>> No.7920901

Suisei and Anemachi aren't part of DARK, SuRai asked me to air that test match. They're up for the next match of Off-Season.
personally, my favorite Off-Season match so far.

>> No.7921170

Please click and drag this down below the 1.

>> No.7921368

just lookin at the stats before we head into season 2 here
>Luknight and Heimin have the best winrates at 64% and 67%, not including people who have only had 2 or 3 matches.
>SSRB and T3 Deadbeat have the worst winrates at 13% and 14%
>Fandead only wins in special stipulation matches/not 1v1 or 2v2
>Artia and Egg won half of the special stipulations matches they were in.

>> No.7921565

so is there umineko kino later?

>> No.7922264

I think darkop said tomorrow morning

>> No.7922311

no idea what timezone op is in so that could be later

>> No.7922791

Got it, My mistake. Will fix momentarily

top row now locked, thought I had done that before honestly, probably was another sheet

>> No.7922862

first message meant for

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>> No.7929140

tried it. With teh techniques I'm using and the image of the belt I have, I'd have to try rectreating the belt bit from scratch which if frankly a bit more trouble than its worth. Might give it a go later though if it really does look better.

>> No.7935224

more wresslers for hfz

>> No.7935590

6 new wrestlers means 6 new jobbers. I hope he does 1 debut a week if HFZ comes back.

>> No.7939432

Im guessing from the silhouette that either #3 or #5 will soon have a date with Matsuri dungeon

>> No.7943558

DarkOP your not actually graduating booba oga r-right? haha...

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