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Amelia Watson appreciation thread
This thread's for Ame, an adorable, dorky, wonderful detective
Last thread: >>7767818

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What's your favourite drawing Ame's done?
Are you going to buy the Bubba plushie?

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Ame in the AM sounds like it could be kino though a part of me just wants Shark Tank to come back (not specifically for Amesame, I just like the format)

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Why is this thing so cute

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Teamates I don't know if this is taboo, but is there any way for a new fan to get the birthday voicepacks?

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which rat race movie is it? is it this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dsgQb3jkk4 or the one with mr bean?

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they should be on nyaa torrents

>> No.7842962

The latter, from 2001 I think

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Thank you mate

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>favorite drawing
The one she drew for Anya for her birthday
>bubba plushie
No, I want merch that features Ame, not her dog. Plus I saw that shipping costs more than the product itself.
Those are the same movie

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There will surely be some footage from the event. I'm sure someone will record and upload it.

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I just got back from vacation. Is Ame not taking her vacation next week anymore?

>> No.7843389

Haven't started yet

>> No.7843423

Just realized I forgot IRyS…

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>kiara posts the gartic collab drawings that feature only herself on twitter
>irys posts the gartic collab drawings featuring only herself
>ina posts the gartic collab drawings featuring only herself
>gura nothing

>Ame posts the gartic collab drawings featuring only Mori
>Mori posts the gartic collab drawings featuring only Ame
Yeah. I'm thinking they're based and unselfish.

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And ID. I’m incompetent.

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don't buy a ticket to a con if you can't make it. there's no stream

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Well, "most" is kinda skewed by who streams the most. My second go-to is always Gura but maybe she'll put out less shit than the others. Helps that I'm never busy when she's on though.

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don't buy a ticket to a con even if you can make it
fuck cons

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>what's your favorite drawing Ame's done?
Gura and Bubba underneath the desk
>are you going to buy Bubba's plushie?
Already did

>> No.7843758

They could have made Bubba's color a little bit more like what it's supposed to look like. But it still looks nice. As much as I'd like to I won't be buying it because 13000 yen for a plushie is extortion.

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Be a good schizo and take your meds.

>> No.7843983

I don't think it's that, I think it's because THEY ARE!

>> No.7844048

Ame fleets??

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She's so fucking cute

>> No.7844246

Cute sisters that need to collab again.

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Where do I find a cute nerdy girl with fat tits and charming personality?

>> No.7844285

Fucking adorable sisters

>> No.7844315

Is that even possible?

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ames autistic sister is also cute!

subscribe to this vtuber named "Amelia Watson"

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cons but they might be ugly

>> No.7844417

>Amelia Watson
Exactly what I was looking for. wtf I love Amelia Watson now

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I used to go to cons but I have not been successful in finding a gf. So I think I fucked up.
Do girls like Ame really exist irl?

>> No.7844524

too cute!
unironically cons

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Well not exactly like her, Ame has some pretty niche hobbies and interests, also her creativity when she's trying is really something else, but its your best bet, I'd say playing online games but the chance is really small.

>> No.7844650

chat's open for some reason

>> No.7844695

Not anymore

>> No.7844794

You need some luck too of course. Since you're describing someone who is thin, while most con girls who go there by themselves and don't already have boyfriends are landwhales. Your only real alternative are Discord servers, if you're willing to degrade yourself. And that's probably even more difficult since creeps who have the same idea scare them off easily.

>> No.7844831

So it sounds hopeless is what you're saying

>> No.7844906

Shoot for the stars. You'll get lucky one day. Maybe.

>> No.7844916

in general most anime girls are either on the chubbier or fujos so its a matter of picking your poison desu

>> No.7844935

i wouldnt say its hopeless, just requires you to have plenty of hope yourself.

>> No.7844985

Is there an eharmony for weebs?

>> No.7844997

*chubbier side

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Its funny that the takos are exactly like us right now in their thread.
We are all doomed

>> No.7845115

What do you mean?

>> No.7845146

This >>7844760

>> No.7845194

I understand now then.
They're not so different...

>> No.7845218

kek I know some fujos that are skinny tho

>> No.7845235

Girls with Ina's personality and interests are easier to find by a mile.
There are plenty like her playing MMOs like FFXIV.
Artsy asian girls that spend a lot on gacha, discord culture and are pretty reserved.

>> No.7845288

Takos in Ina's split are at least sensible. The numberfagging ones that show up in /hlgg/ leave a lot to be desired though.

>> No.7845293

>There are plenty like her playing MMOs like FFXIV.
>Artsy asian girls that spend a lot on gacha, discord culture and are pretty reserved.
This is the second time today I've heard that FFXIV is a way to meet girls. That is to say you play it and find people to meet, not just going in and literally go "buying gf" or something.
I don't want to stray too off topic though, if girls like Ina are playing games like that then that's an option for Takos I guess.
While girls like Ame are apparently at cons, but are also apparently taken or fujoshis.

>> No.7845356

youre not so different, you and i...

>> No.7845412

Yeah I personally knew a bunch of Ina-esque Asian girls when I was still in college. Meanwhile most of the cute white girls couldn't be further apart from what Ame is beyond some of the standard commonalities you'd find between white girls.
Although I'm sure in the mind of a tako they'll want someone exactly like Ina and all her mannerisms and tastes which is tougher, you can't really ask for everything like that.

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So who's going to the con tomorrow?

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>> No.7845876

A close friend of mine met his current girlfriend in FFXIV. She's an honest to god cutie and really sweet. It's like every nerds idle fantasy. Lucky bastard.

>> No.7845920

I guess I've gotta get into FFXIV...

>> No.7845980

It'll be harder now that its THE most played MMO, WoW is dead on water.
At least from my experience at least half of the midcore or casual raid statics had at least 1 girl.
That'll probably be different from now on.

>> No.7846033

/wat/ - gamer girl pickup strategies

>> No.7846093

Rrat race in an hour lads.

>> No.7846165

gonna be awkward when she asks what got you into FFXIV and you go
>so I could find a anime gamer girl gf

>> No.7846377

Chances of Ame playing minecraft after the movie?
Would be nice to see her finally get the goddamn enchanted shovel and finishing the community center before she goes on vacation

>> No.7846413

It would be nice. But i don't think so

>> No.7846487

where can i watch the movie
for free of course

>> No.7846572

5 bucks and I'll tell you

>> No.7846616

I won't be going to any. So I'm hoping for some based Teamates to record their visits and upload them on YouTube.

>> No.7846665

I’d say she’ll play it during Amedley, but is it realistic to expect that stream to actually happen? Since she slept all day and can’t sleep at night, the only way it probably happens is if she goes on a caffeine bender like her debut day and stays up from now until after her panel tomorrow. Otherwise she’ll sleep through Amedley.

>> No.7846724

HBOmax or pirate it

>> No.7846770

I'm sure Ame will get her sleep! She knows she has an important panel tomorrow and will definitely make sure to be rested for it!

>> No.7847048

cons, but she would be fat in places other than just her tits

>> No.7847116

Her ass and thighs hopefully, nowhere else

>> No.7847202

The /hlgg/ cytube is hosting it as usual

>> No.7847397

>using /hlgg/
>not torrenting the movie
>using cytube for anything other than the 4cc

>> No.7847473

Anon asked and I offered a solution

>> No.7847755

bros i just found this and i'm dying

>> No.7847779

Bro girls flock to ffxiv its actually insane

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>> No.7848118

So are we watching a movie with her or watching her watch a movie

>> No.7848132

Let's go Ame time

>> No.7848167

how new?

>> No.7848189

Our oshi is now immune to the coof.

>> No.7848222

I thought Ame was smarter than that.

>> No.7848268

I love that she commissions new stuff every few weeks.

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>> No.7848353

Guys it's so hot how little she gives a fuck about supas

>> No.7848372

I'm glad she is using her new outfit in her streams today, feels like a long time since she last used it.

>> No.7848384

She probably had to to travel wherever it is she's going on vacation.

>> No.7848429

I for one enjoyed Marines new song and MV.

>> No.7848486

I just realized "we" are pirating this viewing of rat race.

>> No.7848502

Taking it just because she wants to go somewhere for her vacation would be even more retarded.

>> No.7848515

I want Ninomae's Pina-nuts in my mouth

>> No.7848634

Ame is showing us one of her favorite movies, this is more GFE than GND and I love it.

>> No.7848684

Feels pretty good man

>> No.7848756

I wish Ame watched 12 Monkeys, i should do it too as i havent seen it since it came out but i remember it being quite the mindfuck.

>> No.7848788

I miss when seth green actually acted in stuff instead of voice acted.

>> No.7848795

>you will never have a sizzling 3-way with backdoor action with Ame and Haachama

>> No.7848834

whoopie goldberg

>> No.7848838

Ame already time traveled with Haachama to me when I was 12 and did so then.

>> No.7848909

I hope you're into femdom because with those two you never know when they'll whip out the strapon and give you some backdoor action of your own.

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>> No.7848952

It was the best three days of my life.

>> No.7848975

How are you just gonna describe my own ideal night to me like that

>> No.7849093

Mr. Beanbros, we're in...?

>> No.7849103

I fucking LOVE Rowan Atkinson.

>> No.7849133

Do you think we can make Rowan Atkinson greet Ame for her birthday?

>> No.7849169

I also fucking love John Cleese.

>> No.7849215

>Mr. F

>> No.7849367

>Who let the Dogs Out
God the early 2000s is hitting like a truck

>> No.7849392

Me too

>> No.7849469

Bros... this movie will probably be a bit silly but hearing Ame's giggles is so blessed.

>> No.7849473

12 monkeys would be perfect for ame

>> No.7849536


>> No.7849708

movie released less than 2 months before 9/11, I remember watching this movie with my mom in late '01 and the scene in the control tower where they cancel the flights made her cry. Shit was so crazy then...

>> No.7849717

I'm not even watching the movie, just Ame giggles.

>> No.7849812

>massive insurance fraud
>Mossad false-flag to sic US onto their enemies in ME again
>Satanist illuminati human sacrifice
>clearing the expensive land for renovation
>blackhats stealing NESARA/GESARA funds
Pick your poison.

>> No.7849849

Man, I never got things when I watched this when I was young.

>> No.7849968

the hell is he talking about

>> No.7849994

Jesus Christ

>> No.7850022

kek did she not know

>> No.7850024


>> No.7850047

>I thought this was a children's movie

>> No.7850084

The big dude's facial expressions are pretty funny

>> No.7850219

That girl reminds me of Ame.

>> No.7850295

God this movie's so dumb
Ame's having fun though, and some scenes are kinda funny

>> No.7850393

Easy to swear without swearing lol.

>> No.7850413


>> No.7850526


>> No.7850769

kek she laughed at that

>> No.7850777

>a talking cow

>> No.7850785

I'll tell you right now that this is exactly what watching a movie with a girlfriend is like apart from not cuddling on the couch together.

>> No.7850819

I'm not sure I get it but I think I feel it

>> No.7850930


>> No.7850956

fucking KEK

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>> No.7851104

Same Mr. Bean, I am completely alone too.

>> No.7851127

Yes, its real.

>> No.7851188

It's like an F-Zero machine

>> No.7851235

Yes Ame, it's REAL

>> No.7851275

Yes, the jaw is real.

>> No.7851285

I figured out who the chubby dude is, he's from the Critic

>> No.7851291

Of course it's real, Ame. How do you think they got it on film?

>> No.7851299

He IS the critic.

>> No.7851314

Yes, the disorientation is also real.

>> No.7851322

Even better

>> No.7851420

>40 Amelia cosplayers watching me get naked
Yes please

>> No.7851454

SS in the parking lot!

>> No.7851498

>ywn be flashed by Ame as you're driving down the road
Why even bother

>> No.7851511

I dont think this movie could take place in any other country

>> No.7851539

>Amelia with tons of piercings
I didn't know I needed this imagery

>> No.7851544

I dunno I could see a cross Europe version of this.

>> No.7851600

im talking about with all the specific imagery and shit. Monster trucks, random redneck mechanics, and all the other culture related shit

>> No.7851622

Oh yeah, this is a very American movie

>> No.7851791

Woah! It's Smashmouth!

>> No.7851793

If this movie couldn't get even MORE early 00s

>> No.7851910

Someone's working on a Gosling edit of the tongue piercing dude and the piercing chick I'm sure

>> No.7851992


>> No.7852006

kek this movie

>> No.7852060

Another incredible ame viewing experience

>> No.7852121

It was very funny

>> No.7852129

It was so dumb but it was good fun
And Ame was VERY cute

>> No.7852168

>ever since Shrek came out Smash Mouth has been demoted to a one hit wonder band

>nobody even knows the song was first featured in Mystery Men because the movie flopped

I like "walking on the sun" better.

>> No.7852178


>> No.7852213

I remember mystery men. That was a fun movie, I loved the guy that threw cutlery.

>> No.7852347

The Blue Raja, pretty much all the heroes in that movie were interesting. One of these day's i'm going to get balls deep in the MM comics, then Flaming Carrot comics and maybe the Tick comics even though it might be too diferent from the Tick Cartoon.

>> No.7852458

....Did she just say "ogey rrat race" or are my ears failing me even more today

>> No.7852470

>ogey rat race
Fuck you containment breacher.

>> No.7852539

Yeah read a superchat

>> No.7852646

at least it wasn't as bad as the guy from tuesday

>> No.7852675

God I wanna kiss Ame so badly

>> No.7852692

>less than 10 days

>> No.7852711


>> No.7852734

It took you the entire movie to figure that out.

>> No.7852749

Ame said it'd be 2 weeks but it'll end up being less than 10 days if she'll be here on 24th (probably for the TTRPG?)
I'm gonna make it

>> No.7852822

Forgive me, I was just kinda focused on watching the movie and adoring how cute Ame was

>> No.7852981

RenPC is a lucky fuck, I wish I had DMs with Ame...

>> No.7852987

Man how I love Ame's soulful sketches
And ReNPC is based for bringing this to life, same with all the other backgrounds, their work si great

>> No.7853063

>Amedly is about 2 hours
>maybe Bridge game tomorrow
>maybe Overwatch
God I cannot WAIT for bridge game
Building a bridge without a single glitch, of course

>> No.7853095

Florida is too far for me...

>> No.7853101

do your art reps

>> No.7853134

I can pretty much guarantee that she won't play Overwatch, not with Blizzard imploding.

>> No.7853146

Same... I hate cons so much

>> No.7853152

She's already played overwatch with people making cosby room jokes, anonchama.

>> No.7853191

That was before Blizzard got a lawsuit from the state of California for bullying a girl until she killed herself. Or it's made up, I haven't seen any evidence. But these days it's guilty until proven innocent.

>> No.7853218

bruh she played OW during the weekend even after Blizzard was having staff walk outs

>> No.7853247

No, she's played it very recently.

>> No.7853248

I mean you can't go much further down from getting caught for having a bathroom camera.

>> No.7853360

That was a really cool watchalong Ame. Thank you

>> No.7853367

Shit that stream I didnt watch because I wasn't home that night and I saw valorant so it wasn't on my "must watch" list.

>> No.7853393

Need the clip of ames half life vr stream where she yells its a rrat

>> No.7853398

She was so cute today

>> No.7853419


>> No.7853448


>> No.7853469

it was a pretty comfy desu

>> No.7853498


>> No.7853537

Its 100% real?

>> No.7853560

I really didn't want that stream to end. I was having such a good time.

>> No.7853601


>> No.7853679

This confirms the pastebin anon

>> No.7853701


>> No.7853770

In all fairness
Didn't she literally read an SC that said ogey rrat race

>> No.7853771

but the timer must have round number you have to understand

>> No.7853838

Why didn't she just go to 3 hours? Wouldn't that look way cooler? Come back Ame...

>> No.7853840

Chat was literally spamming "rrat" everytime mr. bean said it.

>> No.7853855

Yeah she did, plus chat breaks containment all the time it would be hard not to see a wall of text saying rrat. She probably does visit this place from time to time though.

>> No.7853885

She did but what's the significance of rrat outside here? The one rrat I want to be real is that they all lurk/post here with Gura being the containment breaker.

>> No.7853894

ogey rrat had its origins here, but it's pretty mainstream at this point, in the hololive community. which is why she felt safe posting that. she's definitely here.

>> No.7853960

The community at large believes rrat is just Pekora saying rat funny. The only thing truly endemic to this place is the notion of rrats as narratives and that ending said narratives is to kill the rrats, which Mori said in her Night Delivery.

>> No.7854073

It's just simple
rrat is a funny word

>> No.7854124

That's a good breakdown. Didn't realize rrat was used so often outside of here. Still I can feel the memetic energy meaning she's here

>> No.7854136

She is always playing on the edge of doubt. So many little coincidences, non concrete posts over the months, that only a lifeless teamate like me, having the tab open 24/7, notices. She is very smart, and I'd rather have people who think she is NOT here to keep this dynamic going

>> No.7854218

Hi ame

>> No.7854238

Ame post Ame post

>> No.7854308


>> No.7854325

Ame makes me so happy. My heart gets filled with warmth when she's in a good mood. Hope everything goes ok in the convention, she'll probably be nervous handling it alone.

>> No.7854331

We know, Ame.

>> No.7854380

Hi Ame

>> No.7854430

>> No.7854470

The streams where she plays/watches something that's one of her favorites are the best. Portal, Outer Wilds, this movie. She's cute as fuck in all of them. I missed her watch along of her favorite movie (Hunt for the Wilderpeople) many months ago and am excited to finally watch it during her break. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

>> No.7854478

>> No.7854501


>> No.7854555

How do we convince Ame to do a stream on her typical rich anime girl accent.
I want her to do that laugh again and treat me like trash for being poor or something like that

>> No.7854577

for the love of gromit take your meds

>> No.7854792

how will redditor holo viewers react when they realize that "rrat" became a meme because of /vt/?

>> No.7854939

even discords have taken the gosling shit and ran with it, same shit with rrat.

>> No.7855093

>Tries to pull some of the attention the ID have towards herself
Kiara is always garbage because she is a selfish obnoxious whore who can only think of herself and only ""helps"" others when it's actually for herself in the end

>> No.7855155

Here's a long haired Ame, bros.
I really just wanna hold her hand, man.

>> No.7855167

Really hope her next outfit has a bunch of different hairstyles like Towa's.

>> No.7855176

It will take sixth trumpet tier event to take place before plebbit stops using memes that originate/pushed here. Think of what happened to Pepe something similar.
Kiara is a sweet girl who wants to be an idol pls no bully

>> No.7855190

It's been asked a few times but I like breaking this image out.
Which one's your favorite, teamates? I like wavy, braids, and long.

>> No.7855224

I don't, they feel very unnatural. Other hairstyles are great, but not changing the length of the hair like Towa or Subaru. It's weird

>> No.7855281

I like ponytail and wavy

>> No.7855284

I know this is bait, but still
RAINFOREST BROS [email protected]

>> No.7855319

long and wavy

>> No.7855365 [SPOILER] 

The only ones I don't care for is bun buns and the last one. Now Ame with some big feathered hair, on the other hand...sorry I don't have an actual pic of her with that hair style so I'll spoiler it.

>> No.7855390

Wavy, long and ponytail

>> No.7855419

Wish they’d finish the Tango game. Or play Apex or something since they can’t continue Halo.

>> No.7855724


>> No.7855909

Said it in the last thread, they gone fuck.

>> No.7855960

I think that being this cute is criminal.

>> No.7856131

A shame they don't collab more, so much potential. Ame takes the best parts of Gura and Kiara (Gura's autism and Kiara's teasing nature) so she gets on well with Mori.

>> No.7856331

So this is how you cope after getting BTFO’d? Sad!

>> No.7856651

Damn, what a horrible bitch someone should give her a good ass fucking to straighten her out . . . that would be me ofcourse

>> No.7856870

K, Fuck her Pooper
…hey wait, this is the Ame thread! Let’s at least try to keep things on-topic.

>> No.7857308

Good idea
This is on-topic

>> No.7857653

One of the cutest things I've ever seen

>> No.7857666

Please play Oblivion tomorrow, Ame

>> No.7858503

I hope mori makes a surprise visit to ame when she goes to the states

And then bang of course

>> No.7859093

Mori "carpet muncher" Calliope

>> No.7859250


>> No.7859404

gura, mori, and ame having a literal fuckfest while kiara and ina cry in loneliness?

>> No.7859453

No anon, ame's harem is all welcoming
They will all (yes including IRyS) have an orgy in the name of unity

>> No.7859672

Wavy is so sexy. This one gives off a gyaru vibe

>> No.7860929

guys... please help with #amenews... there're so few submissions....

>> No.7862327

The Top Gear one is pretty good.
I hope Ame can use Jessica for the opening.

>> No.7862880

Why is nobody using it? Seriously though, what's the reason.

>> No.7863159

teamates only watch ame?

>> No.7863585

Getting bonked the first Amenews stream wouldn't be a good idea

>> No.7863688

...i've been suspended by Twatter for years and I'm not giveing them a phone number just to unsuspend.

>> No.7863878

you can use email...

>> No.7864390

I forgot, is Ame in the a.m. the same thing as amenews? Or are the 2 different projects?

>> No.7865813

Same thing #amenews is the tag to submit topics for Ame in the A.M.

>> No.7866430

What's Amedly?

>> No.7866565

I think the worst part is dumb ass clowns used the tag to spout retarded shit instead of what ame wanted

>> No.7866669

I think Ame in the A.M. is gonna be more of a variety show thing so even if the #amenews tag doesn't have that much stuff I'm sure Ame has other shit planned

>> No.7866972

Please respond. Is this user-submitted holonews review or something?

>> No.7867013

What if you read the description of the video pal?

>> No.7867288

What video?

>> No.7867342

Are there any watchalong movies still on the queue from the member's voting stream? Or was Rat Race the last one?

>> No.7867435

Lupin was the last one. Rat Race was a movie Ame wanted to watch.

>> No.7867549

She is just going to play and do whatever she wants, not locked into one game and not misleading people with a thumbnail and title. Every one so far has included a shooter and minecraft, but the one today she said she wanted to do bridge constructor portal and overwatch. It will be a short stream though because she has to get ready for the convention later.

>> No.7867626


>> No.7867633

and honestly Ame watches more varied holo streams than the average viewer. You can replicate most user-submitted news by just grabbing the titles from whichever videos are popular with clipfags this week

>> No.7867703

oh okay thanks, I was hoping there'd be a window between Ame and Gura streams today so I can doomride a bit

>> No.7867726

>Teamates still don't have an excuse for why their Oshi is gosh darn cute

>> No.7868308

Some things just can't be explained, Anon.

>> No.7868408

>Are you going to buy the Bubba plushie?
I want to but I don't think they ship them to my third world country

>> No.7868478

Whats up teamates?

>> No.7868564

Are you going to secretly record the pannel?

>> No.7868567

Lucky bastard…

>> No.7868648

Nice. Please record or take notes or live report.

>> No.7868670

please protect Ame from schizo fuckers who might ask weird question.

>> No.7868860

I'll never forget how badly she treated Nier fans.

>> No.7868957

As a Nier fan, she can do whatever she wants to have fun. Don't be a shit disturber.

>> No.7868973

At least wait a couple of hours to post the same bait you post in /hlgg/ kek.

>> No.7868974

Yeah, but we were done wrong, weren't we?

>> No.7868984

Screw the bastards who say no cameras. Hide it beneath a buttoned shirt or something.. Anything!

>> No.7869019

If it looks like bait, it's probably bait. Don't respond to b8

>> No.7869024

No >we weren't, she didn't want to play the game on stream and that's fine.

>> No.7869032

She didn't want to play the game at all. If that was the case, why lead us on?

>> No.7869045

Sorry man I just woke up and haven't had my coffee yet. I'm not firin on all cylinders yet.

>> No.7869073

Stream delayed. At least it wasn’t cancelled.

>> No.7869075

Anon called it

>> No.7869076

If you suspect that something is bait, ctrl+f on /hlgg/ some keywords. Everytime those retards are farming (You)'s with the same shit there. It's pretty funny

>> No.7869101

>Con visiters get jwu Ame
Life aint fair.

>> No.7869128

Amelia Breakpromiseson

>> No.7869139

Expect Mario to be delayed as well since it’s at the same time.

>> No.7869154

Probably longer stream this way

>> No.7869163

She only streams there 1 day.

>> No.7869185

She's not actually present at the con though right? Just streaming from home like AX?

>> No.7869216

Chances are anything that's strictly negative and not critical is just bait.

>> No.7869247


>> No.7869301

>it's REAL

>> No.7869333

What's the situation with the TTRPG? Is Ame still going to participate in the next session?

>> No.7869339

Seems Ame's stream won't be for another four hours.

>> No.7869351

>giving me more time to do my self-employed reps before the stream
Thank you Ame!

>> No.7869370

If Ame didn't want people shitting on her then maybe she should stop scheduling at Hours she endlessly fails to stream at.

>> No.7869375

sorry for ESL but dose this mean
>she'll stream at 6pm est
>the Orlando starts at 6pm est and she'll stream hours after that?

>> No.7869425

You know, now I'm actually not sure. Maybe I'm ESL too.
It might be the latter though because it sounds like if she was going to stream in an hour like intended then she would have only been able to stream for two and a half hours or so like she said, which would be in time for the panel at 6 PM EST.
So I think she's taking the time to get some rest, do the panel at 6 PM, and then once it's over we'll get a stream at like, maybe at like 8 PM EST or something.

>> No.7869493

ok that makes senses. Maybe I can find some time to sleep.

>> No.7869509

>Ame's probably resting up
>you're resting up
Bro, you are

>> No.7869514

Why would they do a session without her?

>> No.7869527

The best part is that she rarely cancels streams, she reschedules, or replace them. Most other holomembers simply cancel the stream for the day. Teamates are really a spoiled fanbase. Its true that she should schedule things for other hours, its clear that until she fixes her sleep schedule, these hours will not work.

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