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Live now


Live in one hour


Live in three hours


Live in four hours


Live in six hours


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ina cute

>> No.7874234

onegai choose me

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I love Roboco!

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I love my Mori

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>no one plays this game enough to notice if I change anything in town. This is literally my kingdom to do with what I please. I own this server and am rightfully able to do whatever I want to anyone's builds

Okay, Ina.

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I love Ina!

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Conceptualize the softness, the warmth.

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Ina why didn't you put it in an actual shrine in your house...

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>You will never be Mori’s little brother.
>you will never grow up with Mori in the same house.
>Mori will never use you, her little brother, as a substitute boyfriend to know the boyfriend experience.
>you will never cross the line between brother and sister with Mori and have sex.
>You will never move to rural area to raise your unborn child with Mori in peace.
Why are we even here? Just to suffer?

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American cuisine sounds delicious, but also like it would kill me

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I love Ina too!

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Luna is my favorite chuba but I barely watch her content outside of electone (previously piano), karaoke, and collab streams.

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Hey /hlgg/, have you heard of the Hololive member named Ninomae Ina'nis? She's really damn cute you know!

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I can finally post hags again

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I love Rushia!

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I love Gura

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Uhhhh, based department?

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If you can't hatch the egg what's the point of harvesting it?

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Ina is a flightless whore

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Has she played Pokemon Unite? If not, I'm not interested

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we could be having an ame stream right now, but fag conventions robbed us of another stream

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NY and Chicago style pizza
Philly Cheesesteak (and a bunch of other sandwich variants)
Grilled Cheese
Clam chowder
Sweet potatoes in general

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I'm glad teamates fuck off, I missed you Takos but can't say the same for them. Hope they just stay in their split when Ame comes back.

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When is Mori leaving Underworldian Japan?

>> No.7874309

38~ hours until the cums day

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Unison and Getcha are the two most sexual songs Hololive has ever released.

>> No.7874311

Ina is a weak copycat of Nino and I'm tired of pretending she's not.

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I heard somebody ordered a shark. Please take good care of her, and be careful- she might bite!

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Whatcha watchin?

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Sorry for the late reply, she said poggers last solo stream and it's not the first time

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*cums on you*

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>driving with the radio on
>biggie smalls comes on
>I can only hear Big Akas
>start chuckling like a dumbass

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I got your proof right here!

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If IRyS ends up doing good ASMR with a real ASMR mic for members I might get her membership

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I love IRyS!

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Is this the bondage thread?

>> No.7874345

you claimed one soul you will not claim another

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Is the chat fucking with Ina? The egg is nothing but a trophy.

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She hasn't said, though it's probably the last week of the month or the first week of September.

>> No.7874357

I understand what you mean
this also can make you hard in a different way

>> No.7874361

I miss her...

>> No.7874364

That's what they told her so I'm not sure

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I imagine shes gonna stay ambiguous to keep schzios from camping the airports

>> No.7874371

I never thought about this from this point of view bat the more I think about it the more I agree with you.

>> No.7874372

You think mamaloni is going to draw a design for Kiara's mom?

>> No.7874375

I sure am looking forward to seeing you post this every day she's gone just to bait faggot responses to derail the thread.

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>90 minutes in
Lets start preparation for the END exploration

>> No.7874377

Is the robot still climbing the ranks? Cat's almost in Ultra now.

>> No.7874378

But she streamed today...

>> No.7874379

I thought you needed it to summon another dragon

>> No.7874382

I missed the first hour and a half, what's Ina done so far?

>> No.7874383

Please andastan Ina cute

>> No.7874384

Who among all of Hololive can match Ina in Gartic Phone?

>> No.7874386

I missed my mark, >>7874264
My bait is worthless now...
Please post more dark Inas onegai

>> No.7874387

>SOUL food
I wish Noel could do a stream where she ate southern cuisine. I think she'd love shrimp and grits.
It's extremely easy to gain weight here if you're not careful. Have you ever seen My 600 lb Life?

>> No.7874389

I feel like she already did in a doodle

>> No.7874391

Yeah and it's been hours since then... I miss her...

>> No.7874398

farmed exp to mend her tools

>> No.7874402

*plays apex*

>> No.7874404

Marine mogs her

>> No.7874409

this is me when i see kiara

>> No.7874410

She wanted to fix her pickaxes and bow and spent the first 90 minutes doing so while talking

>> No.7874411

I want to fill up this vampire with my seed

>> No.7874413

Good lord, I hope so.

>> No.7874414

I forgot to put her name, but Gura is the one streaming in three hours

>> No.7874415

brown not found

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Please no don't tempt me I just trimmed my memberships

>> No.7874421

That cover give me a refined hardness. Like I want to put a tiny monocle and top hat on my erection.

>> No.7874424

>Chuubas can actually know who is subbed to them
Oh shit
I'm scared of subbing to certain holos now

>> No.7874426

>I'll never get back home and stand in front of my door and hear Risu's ʰᵉʰᵉʰᵉʰᵉʰᵉʰᵉ laugh from outside, knowing that my loving squirrel awaits me with a hot meal, humor and wild sex

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What the fuck I didn't make this post

>> No.7874438

Summer Dress Ayame.
Stream her cover of Hana ni Bourei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGfyyU9qouA

>> No.7874440

That reminds me... time to see if she did any good new ASMR..

>> No.7874447

Funfact: People receive notifications for specific people whenever somebody members OR unmembers.

>> No.7874449

Many artists will provide an image of Mamatori.
In the end Kiara will choose the one which is canon.

>> No.7874450

>It's been 2 months since Mori last streamed
>5 months of her break left to go
I miss her...

>> No.7874452

I was planning on joining IRyS' members but okayu's sounds too good to pass up on even if I don't understand her...

>> No.7874453

It's super-sweet girlfriend ASMR, anon! Shit's gonna get real.

>> No.7874456

What is that noise she makes at the beginning of this clip?

>> No.7874459


>> No.7874461

If there's any one thing Mamatori does on the server, I hope she builds them a proper storage room/building so they don't feel compelled to keep hoarding their fucking dirt in random chests in their houses. Or at least insults it enough where Kiara does it on her own.

>> No.7874462

A dick to impress Capillary Mori

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>> No.7874468

I feel the same way with Kiara and Hitler speeches.

>> No.7874473

sounds like regular squirrel crying noises to me

>> No.7874475

Hell if I know, Unite streams mostly happen when I'm asleep

>> No.7874480

>whenever somebody members OR unmembers.
Well looks like I'm membered to some holos for life. The idea of Rushia knowing I unmembered her would haunt me for the rest of my life.

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>> No.7874489

>he doesn't know that Rushia checks the subs and twitter follows of every member she has

>> No.7874490

I like all-caps anon. He always makes the hard-sell.

>> No.7874493

So what are the perks of this hags membership?

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>> No.7874495

High spec robo-waifus are the future.

>> No.7874496

i would definitely like to see a gastric phone collab with hololive's top artists

>> No.7874497

But really, where is the EN2?

>> No.7874499 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7874501

Blessed content.

>> No.7874505

I love Ollie!

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>> No.7874515

>IRyS has been tossing away the cobblestone that she dug out

>> No.7874517

Ina was sandbagging in Gartic Phone. She actually moved a little quicker on the pillow fight drawing since she realize she was running out of time but she was doodling at a glacial pace even compared to a regular drawing/chat stream.. Same way people were amazed that Huke's art sucked in his Gartic collab.

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>> No.7874523

anons I went to cook and eat food for an hour, why is she still not in the end?

>> No.7874527

I like this treerrat's accent

>> No.7874528

>eventual Mamatori zatsudan comes around
>she's got a thicker accent and a lower voice

I'm going to become Kiara's step dad.

>> No.7874529

If hag is smart, she'll put ASMR streams behind membership.

>> No.7874530

>the biggest vtuber is playing a police game
kek acabs btfo'd

>> No.7874531


>> No.7874534

>Hololive top artists garlic
>Hololive worst artists garlic
Both of these would actually be amazing.

>> No.7874535

better than the original, and even that meme design transposition isn't as bad

>> No.7874536

You'll feel like you'll enjoy her content more due to sunk cost!

>> No.7874539

Eh, she might be a bit evasive but I think she wants to avoid the situation of people lewding mom.

>> No.7874540

Please andastan Ina is cute

>> No.7874542

Do you really want them that soon?
One of them is almost guaranteed to be a twitchcunt who's only in it for the money and who never heard of hololive until the news of how much money the ENs made reached her

>> No.7874543

It can I only eat my area's food once a week even then I'll get the itis and be shitty for the rest of the day

>> No.7874545

Mori actually held her own pretty well yesterday, her speed drawing is very good

>> No.7874546

would it be a Ina minecraft stream if she was?

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>> No.7874551

Are the Calliposters gone?

>> No.7874554

Does she even speak English? I always assumed since Kiara's English is great for someone who never lived in an English speaking country but I don't actually know.

>> No.7874558


>> No.7874560

Are you talking about the image or the singing

>> No.7874561

Yeah, me.

>> No.7874562

And why should I? What do I get out of it?

>> No.7874564

Free cubes.

>> No.7874567

Why is Mori so fucking sexual?

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>> No.7874571


>> No.7874573

I went to listen to the cover
>Psh, this guy's a weirdo
>Ah shit

>> No.7874576

Can't think of anyone else

>> No.7874579

Does anyone have the EN server END map? Wanna see what Ina is expected to find if she goes North.

>> No.7874581

How is anyone worried about this when someone like Irys was hired?

>> No.7874582

yeah, deadbeats bullied the Calliopeople and calliposters off the board

>> No.7874585

Who knows about her exact skill level but she does speak it. Also I'm not sure all the PC Games shes mentioned mama played even had German translations.

>> No.7874586

How do we get this game to Korone?

>> No.7874591

Still no word if the cube is just IRyS lore or something bigger?

>> No.7874593

She does, but she probably has a more pronounced accent

>> No.7874596


>> No.7874598

Fine, I'm fucking weak.

>> No.7874601

IRyS is just 1 vsinger
EN2 will be 5 people. Odds of 1 of them being like that are kinda high after ENs crazy success.

>> No.7874602

Ina is jumpier than usual today

>> No.7874604

>22k votes
>11k viewers
Susan chama??

>> No.7874606

I'd say Kiara was better at least for gartic.
They're regular styles are kind of hard to compare

>> No.7874611


>> No.7874612


>> No.7874614

It could be a suisei situation where mamatori is better at english than her daughter and roasts her for it

>> No.7874616

>chink game
yeah right

>> No.7874619

Good to know they can do something right

>> No.7874622


>> No.7874625

All me

>> No.7874627

Irys doesn't know the slightest thing about Hololive is that anon's point

>> No.7874630


>> No.7874631


>> No.7874634

I thought I missed Ina but this stream is making me realise I really don't care for her.

>> No.7874642

Stop being a bot bitchboi
Though it cutting good 50% is new, I thought it was around 30%
Maybe holos are still growing but so is growing the cut?

>> No.7874644

s-so they all know I remembered to them in ARS???

>> No.7874645

You better not be lying

>> No.7874647

I opened the video, voted, then closed the video. I did this 11,000 times.

>> No.7874648


>> No.7874649

Mori is dead. Mori remains dead. And we have killed her. How shall we comfort ourselves, the reaper of all reapers? What was cutest and coolest of all that Cover has yet owned has bled to death under our shitposts: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What ritual posts of atonement, what soundposts shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become Lamy simply to appear worthy of it?

>> No.7874650


>> No.7874654


>> No.7874655

That might be true but at least she isn't a garbage twitch pick of that kind.

>> No.7874656

No, Kiara's english is pretty damn great.
I don't remember any that didn't have a german translation

>> No.7874663

>half on EN2 will be accused of being leeches
>other half will get accused of not caring about hololive
Sounds fun

>> No.7874667

ogey or rrat?

>> No.7874678

Is there gonna be a stream for megacon orlando?

>> No.7874687


>> No.7874689

She barely knows anything related to anime in the past 5+ years
As long as they don't act like Vsohujo and don't have a dogshit history they could hire anyone.

>> No.7874690


>> No.7874692

last I checked rrat was winning by a considerable lead, but the site is gone now

>> No.7874699

I miss ame

>> No.7874701

>eventual Mamatori zatsudan comes around
>she calls Kiara "meine süße"
I'd be melting

>> No.7874705

Isn't it great?
We get to see her getting brainwashed into idolhood in real time!

>> No.7874713


>> No.7874715

Same, I thought I care about her but for whatever reason I chose Mori's POV yesterday and feels more entertaining. Her break actually make me realize I don't care about Ina that much.

>> No.7874720

send her an aka

>> No.7874722

So, the usual for any new gen?

>> No.7874728

Kiara doko...

>> No.7874730

HoloEN 2 will just be clones of Kiara, Mori, Ollie, Coco, and Matsuri. Please enjoy

>> No.7874731

Don't forget the yabs post-EN audition too.
It's a little rough to think about but really, how many passionate girls just didn't bother after getting soured by all the stuff that happened last year? How many of our girls would even be here if all that stuff happened pre-EN1 audition?

>> No.7874737


>> No.7874745

Do people ever share voice packs from merch anymore?
I haven't found the recent voice packs of say Aqua, Noel, Lamy, Roboco, Miko, Aki etc.

The only ones people seemed to share was the EN ones and then also back when there was a glitch with the site and people could download everything

>> No.7874748

>> No.7874752

Irys is also boring and forgettable so

>> No.7874757

>> No.7874760

Don't even joke like that

>> No.7874766


>> No.7874769

hlg 'usual' place not their thread.

>> No.7874771

This, but in the literal sense.

>> No.7874774 [SPOILER] 

Don't open.

>> No.7874778

Could probably throw in Iofi and Reine. I don't know if Iofi's ability translates, but Reine drew very similar style chibis as Ina in her gartics

>> No.7874779

Golly, these threads are making me dizzy!

>> No.7874781

dyd you check nyaa

>> No.7874782

An EN version of Matuli would be cancelled in a heartbeat. Though it would be fun to hear an EN chuuba talk about wanting to rape and murder people.

>> No.7874783

>3/5 are amazing
Way better than expected.

>> No.7874787

I would like an Ina 2. Like actually an Ina 2, not IRyS who people keep saying is like Ina.

>> No.7874792

Jesus those chins could break obsidian

>> No.7874796

Please no.

>> No.7874797

Even offstream? Well I'm sure most of them disable those notifs.

>> No.7874798


>> No.7874804

>Family dog is being put to sleep tomorrow. If you and chat have a pet handy. Give them a hug for me.


>> No.7874806

when will En had a CoD collab?
the Jp have many CoD collabs and most of the Jp (outsite botan) are very bad at FPS or videogames in general

>> No.7874808


>> No.7874811

You won't regret it.

>> No.7874812


Ina no

>> No.7874813

do any ENs currently watch anime or talk about what they're watching?

>> No.7874814

Sounds pretty awesome, sign me up.

>> No.7874817


>> No.7874820

Ina.. what elytra?

>> No.7874821

we still timelooping?

>> No.7874823

>running errands, buying groceries
>hear "MY HEART'S A STEREO" playing
>try not to laugh like a mad man because of the fucking pregnant Towa posts

>> No.7874825

that's almost as cursed as that one picture of kiara

>> No.7874827


>> No.7874831

Ame and Ina

>> No.7874835

Maybe the real Ayamefriend is the friends we made along the way

>> No.7874838

i don't think ina's funky enough to play stand-up bass

>> No.7874842

Mori was watching Macross upon Kiara's recommendation

>> No.7874847

how fucking dare you

>> No.7874851

Ina does. She talked about Slime Isekai and Shadows House.

>> No.7874853

So when Ina spends nearly two hours preparing to enter the end, the thread is totally fine, but when Kiara spends maybe 20 minute setting up her Garctic phone stream we get non stop bitching?
I fucking hate takokekniggers. I seriously hope you all fuck off with your retarded double standards.

>> No.7874855

I want to hug Ina close and hold her flat chest against mine and feel our hearts beating against each others

>> No.7874859

Miko, Reine, FBK, Nene, Mel, Iofi and Flare could hold their own as well, they all have cute artstyles. You could also include Towa for comic relief.

>> No.7874861

Have you already forgotten last night's talk about body counts?

>> No.7874862

what is happening in this picture?

>> No.7874863

I should have listened...

>> No.7874866

>not screaming the lyrics out loud

>> No.7874867

>> No.7874868

Risu, why did you shoot Lee Harvey Oswald?

>> No.7874876


>> No.7874878

EN hates playing games together.

Ame and Ina are tryhards and hate how Gura and Kiara suck at every game they play. Ina secretly hates how despite Ame's irritation at others being bad at the games they play, she's not much better. No one enjoys playing with Mori, period (including Mori herself).

>> No.7874882

What if I haven't made any friends?

>> No.7874883

What do you call musicians who band together?

A band

>> No.7874884

look, she just said she wasn't funky enough for jazz. i am vindicated

>> No.7874886

Masks help hide my stupid grins to shit like that

>> No.7874889

Ina doesn't really have hate watchers the way say, Kiara and Ame does

>> No.7874891


>> No.7874892

am I allowed to post Ame?

>> No.7874893

Reminder that the takocord is bigger than the guracord, and much bigger than the rest.
Literally discord fanbase.

>> No.7874894

Ina watches a surprising amount of current shows but only talks about them whenever people specifically ask her about it.
I guess it makes it way easier to keep up when you can actually understand nip and don't have to focus your attention to read subs, she probably just watches while working.

>> No.7874898

>wanting a stream where Ame is cranky and bitchy due to convention nerves

>> No.7874899

Hey KFP, did you guys make a minecraft skin for Mamatori yet?

>> No.7874901


>> No.7874905

post proof in the next thread

>> No.7874906

Some literal who japanese clipper has managed to show me ads of their channel on youtube.
Is this kinda shit ok?

>> No.7874910

>He's trying to start the timeloop out of nowhere
Fuck off eggnigger.

>> No.7874916

Well maybe if a certain someone asked where all the friends are at we wouldn't have this problem

>> No.7874920

I haven't seen one yet

>> No.7874924

beach vacation

>> No.7874925

Ok, I'll play some APEX, since you asked nice Robosa.

>> No.7874927

it shows your desktop and webbrowser page because "muh meta"

>> No.7874928

Isn't Ina's chest a bit too flat?

>> No.7874930

Take me to DC and I'll tell you

>> No.7874933

If you're asking if youtube vets what ads they broadcast then no they dont give a shit

>> No.7874934

she has the biggest artfag fanbase and all artfags are discordniggers

>> No.7874935

*Cums on you*

>> No.7874942

I thought we were your friends….

>> No.7874943

This one needs the shoulder freckles

>> No.7874948

*rolls eyes*

>> No.7874949


>> No.7874950

Sorry, no whores allowed.

>> No.7874957

I just got home from work and am doing my VOD reps and I must say this weeks gameshop Maruyama is fucking dope.

>> No.7874959

Risu....why are you glowing in the dark?

>> No.7874960

Which is weird, because Mori and Ame have way more followers than Ina on Twitter, but their discord is 5-10K smaller

>> No.7874962

More freckles!

>> No.7874966

Wow there are more shitposters against Kiara during SEA/EU hours? When the majority of her antis fall into those two groups? This is an amazing discovery.

>> No.7874967


This thread is going to be a shitshow isn't it?

>> No.7874969

you are required to post ame

>> No.7874971

I'm not asking what youtube thinks. Why would I ask that on /vt/???

>> No.7874973

Reposting, vote for who you think our 4 medal players should be alongside the anthem and voice any comments you have about roster.


>> No.7874977

>> No.7874978


>> No.7874982

Gura will play all the simulators.

Flight Sim when?

>> No.7874983

So can IRyS collab with JP now?

>> No.7874985

Then whats the question

>> No.7874986

well it's a Gura stream

>> No.7874987

Why do i need a reminder for this again?

>> No.7874991

we can still have sex

>> No.7874993

What's stopping you?

>> No.7874998

damn, i wanna lick those boobas

>> No.7874999

Vote faggots, vote

>> No.7875003


>> No.7875004

Long and sweaty foot rest sessions with me
What gets drawn next I need more practice

>> No.7875006

Are you retarded?

>> No.7875007


>> No.7875009

No food tonight, you little shit

>> No.7875012

Inner, your brain juice...

>> No.7875014


>> No.7875017

Farming Simulator when?

>> No.7875026

Fuck no.

>> No.7875029

Yeah Risu and RRatman making up the RRAT forward pairing would be perfect vote for that

>> No.7875032

>can't walk down the stairs

Who the fuck made ethis garbage

>> No.7875033

I'm pretty sure americans and chileans are bigger kiara antis than europeans considering you know, she's european

>> No.7875038

IRyS wants to do anime watchalongs for her memberships

>> No.7875041

After she plays Euro truck simulator

>> No.7875044

Huh? I must've missed that.

>> No.7875046


Maybe I'm just overly-sensitized from the recent clipper shenanigans. I dunno.

>> No.7875049

Ame iirc since she thought you needed to go back using that specific teleport

>> No.7875051

Nah, Towa would mog everybody too hard.

>> No.7875058

cover could sue

>> No.7875059


>> No.7875060

Aloha snackbar

>> No.7875064

Look at this sprout!

>> No.7875065

I'm pretty sure this is /hlgg/ specific?

>> No.7875069

Chileans are also Mori antis too

>> No.7875070

Only if it's hornyposting

>> No.7875073


>> No.7875074

that some dude pays money so he can hopefully get more people to watch his channel? why would I give a shit

>> No.7875078

No point trying to make sense of it, people go where they wanna go. Like 4chan anons disproportionately following Ame.

>> No.7875079


>> No.7875082

Nobody hates Europeans more than other Europeans, Anon.

>> No.7875088

I was referencing eggcord in particular, aka g*rmans.

>> No.7875089


>> No.7875092

>all europeans love all other europeans
Anon your world history reps

>> No.7875093

Took my 2nd fat shit of the day. God I love bbq. Spoonfeed me what Ina has done between fucking around in PPP and End.

>> No.7875094

Nevermind, I just saw the cuts.

>> No.7875097

alhamdulillah sister

>> No.7875098

Good shit
Now make an ayamefriend ogey

>> No.7875103

She's preparing to begin her journey

>> No.7875106

The actual twist is I don't feel anything for any fetish I post about I only enjoy drawing.

>> No.7875110

>/morig/ is making a team
I need A Deadbeat to score against them, it'd be too perfect

>> No.7875114

Ame's panel starting in 10 minutes.
I'm gonna meet Ame!
See ya losers

>> No.7875118

35° with 40% humidity at night, no ac.
INGMI eu bros...watch ina get her elytra for me...

>> No.7875123

now it's just the MEMEME dance

>> No.7875126

>25k votes
>47% North

>> No.7875129

You're standing face to face with your oshi's killer in front of a police station. You have no proof but you do have a gun on you. What do you do?

>> No.7875130

oh nyoooo

>> No.7875131

You might meet Ame, but I will be the one to meat Ame.

>> No.7875132

Ok now what

>> No.7875134

Isn't that where she went before?

>> No.7875144


>> No.7875146

>waking up 9 fucking am on a sunday to coom

>> No.7875148

What the fuck does our opinion on it matter if nothing can be done?

>> No.7875151

I made this post

>> No.7875152

That's almost freezing temperature. Why would you want AC?

>> No.7875153

Shoot up the police station.

>> No.7875156

>25000 votes on a poll
>only """11,000""" viewers

S-sasuga youtube

>> No.7875158

She went west then north. I guess she's gonna go directly north now

>> No.7875160

just kill him, what is the police gonna do? They probably won't even notice.

>> No.7875164

>40% Humidity
I'm at 63% and I have AC, fuck leafland

>> No.7875165

>Kissing a slightly tipsy Mori's neck
>She's playfully reluctant at first, but quickly starts to change her mind
>Her slightly raspy voice lets out a hint of enjoyment, as if she's becoming lost in the moment
>She becomes dominant and starts to aggressively make out with you
>She's clumsy at first, but becomes more proficient and passionate as it goes on for longer
>She breaks her hold of you for a moment and looks at you seriously, at a loss for words while her eyes wander in very slight embarrassment
>Smiles wide, calls you a gay bitch and lets out a tomboy-ish laugh

>tfw this will never be you
Fucking kill me

>> No.7875169


>> No.7875170


>> No.7875173

>ina with hl2 sfx

>> No.7875177

Why are takos retarded, she should have gone where kiara went

>> No.7875178

>our fanbase is bigger than your fanbase!
Do people really care about this shit? Can people not enjoy a streamer if they know there's a streamer with a bigger fanbase out there?

>> No.7875179

is he black?

>> No.7875180

Hijabs are cute. It should be mandatory for women to wear them.

>> No.7875182

step away from the mirror store

>> No.7875183

she north yea. people saw the seed and know theres some northwest so theyre trying to push her there again probably. They told her to go that way at the end of the stream last time and she went southwest instead

>> No.7875184

Do you rely on /hlgg/ for all of your ethical views?

>> No.7875185

Yea I hate bridges in the end

>> No.7875190

Unless there's some fancy spellings with @ and $ and whatnot that I'm unaware of right now then yeah, can't find it there
oh well

>> No.7875191


>> No.7875193


>> No.7875195

does Gura actually stream drunk or is the weird speech slurring something she does to sound cute? it's really weird and off-putting

>> No.7875198

good one anon

>> No.7875201

>Only 40%
You are like tiny baby.

>> No.7875206

28C with 80% Humidity and no AC here. You get used to it.

>> No.7875210

Discord fanbase*

>> No.7875211


>> No.7875212

you absolute pussy

>> No.7875214

Hey at least you've got AC, it's never this hot in my part of leafland so we don't have it

>> No.7875215

Ina's pretending to be retarded again!

>> No.7875217

Please stop reminding me of this horrific design. Thanks.

>> No.7875222


>> No.7875228

Mating press

>> No.7875232

So... takos are discord niggers? Ok I mean here it's ame territory and chumbuds congregate here from other boards whenever she's on. I don't see the point you're trying to make.

>> No.7875234

Kiara is control of the "Holo EN" tag

>> No.7875237

Embrace the sweet escape of death

>> No.7875239


>> No.7875240

Should that make people care more or less?

>> No.7875243

Don't use third world measurements.

>> No.7875245

Yes I am

>> No.7875247

I second >>7875211

>> No.7875253

Thank god, because her main tag is lacking compared to the others LOL

>> No.7875255

Tiger drop. Then I tiger drop the police. Then I tiger drop the police station.

>> No.7875258

What is amedly?

>> No.7875261

why the fuck Kiara gets so much amazing fanart? I haven't really thought of the remembered anything of drawing because Amelia Watson fan?

>> No.7875263


>> No.7875264


>> No.7875266

but he's not using Fahrenheit?

>> No.7875271

Please don't make fun of my oshis speech impediment

>> No.7875272

Whatever ame feels like doing

>> No.7875273

A surge of kiara fan art? What is happening

>> No.7875275


>> No.7875277

Ina's face

>> No.7875278

Haven't you seen the images from doxxcords? For every Kiara fan there's 4+ takos who are antis.

>> No.7875279


>> No.7875280


>> No.7875281

You start.

>> No.7875282


>> No.7875284

Ina fuckign killed him

>> No.7875288


>> No.7875289

based alhamdulillah

>> No.7875291

hot puerto rican vtuber when?

>> No.7875292


>> No.7875293


>> No.7875300

My oshi will come back to life, no worries. She'll testify against him and he'll go to prison.

>> No.7875301

Jesas how many times is this image going to be posted

>> No.7875303


>> No.7875305

She did it again, too

>> No.7875307

That's not some kind of mystery, of the 5 she is the closest to "GFE" which attract lonely losers that gather here.

>> No.7875309

>tfw no ntr chuuba

>> No.7875311


>> No.7875314

>Don't use third world measurements.
countries that use Fahrenheit
>United States
>Cayman Islands
>The Federated States of Micronesia
>Marshall Islands

>> No.7875316

Ina the Isekai Truck...

>> No.7875322

hags should be bred

>> No.7875324


>> No.7875327

Why is Ayame so angry?

>> No.7875328

Takos are failure arists that latch on to Ina. If they were any good they wouldn't have the time to shitpost.

>> No.7875330

>>7875316 How can Ina be a plot device with so little PLOT

>> No.7875335


>> No.7875336

country with the highest GDP in the world:
nuff said

>> No.7875338

ye, but neither one of them pulled a big publicity stunt like the Times Square thing that funneled people straight to the Discord rather than Ina's channel

>> No.7875339

Is that in Fahrenheit or degrees?

>> No.7875342

So we all agree not to masturbate to IRyS's RFA tonight, right?

>> No.7875344

Because I left a stick up her ass the last time we had sex 5 years ago

>> No.7875345

she got asked to stream more than once a month

>> No.7875350

Deranked in pokemon unite

>> No.7875352


>> No.7875358

Don't have to ask me twice.

>> No.7875370

It's in all me baby

>> No.7875371

Anya covering GIRA GIRA soon

Original Song:


Anya Cover:

Someday she WILL cover Bloody Mary

>> No.7875372

my dick

>> No.7875373

I'm sure this is old, but it's fucking incredible.

>> No.7875376

I don't know.

>> No.7875378

It was bigger even before that

>> No.7875380

it's easier to mobilize a discord base than something like twitter/reddit one due to differences in how people use them (discord as a communication tool and twitter/reddit as a news board for example)

>> No.7875381

wait ina is streaming?

>> No.7875383

I wonder if Ina will find anything today.

>> No.7875384

Hey. It's too damn hot to be horny right now so knock it off. I'm trying to enjoy Ina while sweating my life away.

>> No.7875385

hey Takos, I need to know about Ina and masturbation. Does she masturbate? how often? What does she use?
I think she masturbates once a week when her parents are out of the house

>> No.7875392

She responds and retweets the artists constantly and appreciate the efforts.
As a holo artist the most you get is pretty much the occasional retweet but Kiara retweets and comments anything she deems cool and might even invite you for a round of Gartic Phone with literally legendary artists.

>> No.7875393

>Irys RFA
Is she going to die? She strikes me as someone with extremely questionable fitness levels.

>> No.7875398

this poal is too advanced for me

>> No.7875403

My sides

>> No.7875406

What the fuck was that?

>> No.7875407

Gura's has 38599. Last i checked that is the larger number

>> No.7875408

She's godawful. I'm expecting it to be shit or highly edited

>> No.7875412


>> No.7875413

Holy shit Ina

>> No.7875418

I thought it would be Ollie

>> No.7875419

I love sweaty feet

>> No.7875421


>> No.7875425

Christ, I forgot the QR code lead to their server. What a fucking stupid, self serving gesture. Fuck the Times Square faggots.

>> No.7875429


>> No.7875434

it would be better lacking than the absolute garbage posted on Mori's art tag
pixiv has decent Mori art but holy shit her twitter art tag is a free for all of 1st timers

>> No.7875436

Get stamp!


>> No.7875438

I wanted to vote for goomba last night but my computer died just as I was about to submit so I was worried, but it seems my vote wouldn't have mattered. pretty happy with these results, especially the music. nice job /hlgg/ and organiser-san. 3d model for r.ratman sounds pretty rradical.
you forgot an r in ogey rrat and ina's alias could just be WAH while takodachi could be takonahole. will /hlg/ have a team too or are they exiled to /jp/?

>> No.7875443

I can't believe Europe is third world and Liberia isn't.

>> No.7875444

as many as those gura wojacks emotes

>> No.7875445

Also the country with the highest deficit, and their GDP is in steady decline and soon to be overtaken by literal shitholes
One of the most illiterate countries among western powers
And also the country that has possibly the shittiest social condition among first world countries
Using a made up, worthless degree of measurement so fucked litterally no other major country even wants to touch it DESPIT being so powerful should tell you something of how retarded you sound

>> No.7875451

I will milk my dick to the sound of her moans

>> No.7875453

usually i dont care about minecraft stuff but sending her to the void is actually retarded and pointless

>> No.7875457

Jesas... I'm way to tired from work to decipher this poal.

>> No.7875460

she lives in a plastic bubble and sings opera

>> No.7875462


>> No.7875470

Ame doko...

>> No.7875471


>> No.7875473

>Does she masturbate?
Nah i satisfy her sexual needs completely

>> No.7875476

Shut the fuck up she has a powerful voice. All she needs is enough practice to control it.

>> No.7875478

I wonder if she'll roll the R in the chorus like Risu did

>> No.7875485

She does, every day. She humps burrito until she's frustrated and then starts touching herself.

>> No.7875486

95 where i'm at right now

>> No.7875487

Ina is never going to find an Elytra this way

>> No.7875489

Her panel just started anon.

>> No.7875490

>Look into the history of fanrenheit scale
>While the dude made other very impessive feats of science ameritards still keep on using his retarded scale.
I'd be okay with yanks using even Kelvin. The Fahrenheit scale is the absolute worst.

>> No.7875492

I like the sss bit

>> No.7875493


>> No.7875494

What are those retards up to? fucking spics harassing my wife.

>> No.7875498

>once a week when her parents are out of the house
She's too much of a coomer for that, I bet she has short jerk off sessions every day.

>> No.7875500


>> No.7875503

Ame is probably dying from anxiety

>> No.7875507


>> No.7875508

Chat is retarded holy shit

>> No.7875509

Am I the only one who wants to cum inside ina’s 8 octopussies or is that just me

>> No.7875513

>ywn be burrito

>> No.7875515

Yelling like a madman doesnt mean you have a powerful voice.

>> No.7875526

Someone have the map of the End? Wanna see what chats pointing her to.

>> No.7875529

They are takos. What do you expect

>> No.7875530

Astel and Noel do it all the time and everyone loves it.

>> No.7875533

>Takos spoiling fun stream
As usual

>> No.7875534

Do your best Watchama

>> No.7875535

If 2 retards (Ame and Gura) can find an elytra in less than 2 hours, is Ina the biggest retard?

>> No.7875536

I think they are

>> No.7875538

Takos aren't horny enough
be hornier please

>> No.7875540

I made this post

>> No.7875541

Thank god they told her

>> No.7875542

This is it i think?

>> No.7875546

There isn't anything to the north.

>> No.7875547

I hate australia with a passion but kiara will always get a pass.
t. frog

>> No.7875548

>> No.7875550

Oh I misread her tweet. I'm retarded.

>> No.7875556

Astel actually has a pleasant voice

>> No.7875557

Takobros, I don't feel so good... What did she lie to us about...

>> No.7875559

Anyone who is watching Ame better keep us updated

>> No.7875562

t. tako

>> No.7875563

The gap between skill and confidence is where the soul resides.

>> No.7875564

Nabi please give us long hair Ame for her next costume

>> No.7875572

You're going to be at her panel in Orlando tomorrow, right?

>> No.7875573


>> No.7875574

Yes, she literaly is going the same way she went last time, where there is nothing

>> No.7875578

sex with her bf for 2 weeks

>> No.7875581

Ina would be lame as a gf, think about it.
Even if you took her anally, which would be easy due to her having a giant and also loose ass, she would just lay there like a dead fish without any reaction.

>> No.7875582

Don't worry, we don't consider the subhumans to the east as European.

>> No.7875585


>> No.7875586

This is still one of my favorite performances from her, she goes so hard on that second chorus

>> No.7875587

Kiara hate shooting games
Ame only play shooting that are similar to apex, overwatch, and valorant.
The other 3 suck at shooting games and don't play them if not asked.

>> No.7875590

I'll masturbate to it twice, to pick up your slack

>> No.7875593

I live in italy

>> No.7875600

Sadly yanks won't switch because Euros are so autistic about it online and the power of spite is too strong.
I've honestly never had it brought up IRL unless it's by some asshurt Euro tourist/immigrant and that doesn't help the case

>> No.7875604

>Playing with assets on stream.
>Making custom Discord stuff.
>Way more comfortable with herself.
Gura has really grown as a streamer.

>> No.7875606

>Open Fubuki's stream
>Get my stamp
>Close Fubuki's stream because fuck this Shin Chan game

>> No.7875608

>ina uses the word "literally" in the same sense as 4chan does

>> No.7875609


>> No.7875612

but why

>> No.7875614

Ina should stop listening to takos when it comes to suggestions, they don't know anything because they don't have organs, therefore they are brainless.

>> No.7875621

Is it weird that I can't wait to hear her talk about it just because I know her nervousness will be cute

>> No.7875624

Uh, TAKOS??? Did Ina just slip up and admit that MC streams are scripted?

>> No.7875627

Holo Playing Deus Ex when? Hell I'd be fine with Prey 2017 or System Shock 2

>> No.7875630

I'll be on her Skyward Sword stream where she spills the beans

>> No.7875631

>SHE'S literally HERE

>> No.7875632

>the power of spite is too strong
This is factually true. This is also why I'm a Christbud. Fuck atheists.

>> No.7875634

I wish I were

>> No.7875637

Minecraft with 5 minute Chinkorant/Shitpex breaks.

>> No.7875638

>America refuses to switch to a better system because yuros made them mad about it on the internet
If this isnt the most burger thing i've heard i dont know what is

>> No.7875639

Holy based

>> No.7875643

Good night anons

>> No.7875644

that would be your fault for being bad at sex
sex with Ina requires picking her up and swinging her body around, throwing her against walls, and and standing fucking. She probably needs to be choked too. I would also be very mean to her nipples

>> No.7875645

>spend around 1000$ to put Ina on times Square display
>use her as advertisement for their faggy discord
A Fucking Deadbeat:
>puts forward 1000$ of their own money to contact Dante's actor and give Gura a present of a lifetime
>tries to stay anonymous till discordcunts try to claim credit

never forget the difference

>> No.7875646

This is true.
t. ako

>> No.7875649

Basato e cringe allo stesso tempo

>> No.7875650

Deus ex SUCKS

>> No.7875651


>> No.7875653

>> No.7875654

i had those today they were pretty okay

>> No.7875655

the US switched officially to using metric a long time ago
Not to mentioned the fact that people in the UK colloquially use even crazier measurements, and people regularly talk about their weight in Stones

>> No.7875662

I use ad block, script stopper, and 3 vpns, and I never sign in to my google account except to check email, and then I immediately sign out after. I also set my antivirus to clear tracking cookies every time I open a new tab.
That bitch Susan will never see me coming. She'll never catch me, ya hear? NEVER!

>> No.7875666

Sorry anon but it's been exactly one week since my last session, it's gonna have to be her

>> No.7875668

That last note too. That said, I think this is the hardest she's ever gone on a singing stream (haven't watched today's yet)

>> No.7875669

You didn't know? All the EN streams are scripted.

>> No.7875670

Ohh shiiiiet GO AME GO

>> No.7875671


>> No.7875672

I'll try my best!

>> No.7875678

Not true, any burger that is somewhat educated or works with any sort of math that knows how vastly superior the metric system is.

>> No.7875679

Record audio nerd

>> No.7875682

Ahhh Cute

>> No.7875683

where is this?

>> No.7875684

Mori is easily the funniest HoloEN when she just cuts loose, she's just so fucking weird

>> No.7875685


>> No.7875686

How does she sound? Nervous?

>> No.7875687


>> No.7875692

Or just fuck off

>> No.7875694


>> No.7875696

Tell us what she is saying/said later

>> No.7875698

Ganbatte Ame-chan! Be strong!

>> No.7875700

Don't forget:
>Gets paid extra and sends the fat aka supa to Gura

>> No.7875703

Just wait until you hear about prohibition.

>> No.7875704


>> No.7875705

As a thread Tako, those faggots can rot, holy shit how egotistic can you be. Makes me fucking embarrassed.

>> No.7875706

Teamates have ZERO drip.

>> No.7875709

She's on the telly!

>> No.7875712


>> No.7875715


>> No.7875717

Kek so a hyper realistic yabai simulator?

>> No.7875721

Tell us anything important ye? <3

>> No.7875723

Holy shit I just noticed the beat up AR and the plate carrier what the fuck.

>> No.7875725

haha, phoneposter
Tell us the highlights anon
I forgot the dream description

>> No.7875726

Too bad Ame isn't wearing her other outfit

>> No.7875731


>> No.7875732

>No one replied with the sitting on Tako dildo image
Disappointed in you anons

>> No.7875733

says who

>> No.7875735


>> No.7875738


>> No.7875739

I literally can't get horny when Ina streams.

>> No.7875741

The line outside the hall Ame is presenting in

>> No.7875745

I thought it was already posted this thread

>> No.7875750

More like she's really regressed. She's completely lost in the clipbait style of content now and just panders to the lowest common denominator. Forget having any meaningful interaction with her when her chat interactions essentially amount to variations of 'feet', tiktok memes, and reddit Hololive memes.

>> No.7875753

OK, I'm retarded, I missed the orange at the end of the barrel. I was about to be surprised how based that convention was.

>> No.7875755

The fact that you need to ask this means that you should probably stay ignorant

>> No.7875756


>> No.7875758

realistically, how many of those guys are here?

>> No.7875761

Why does everyone look like an incel...

>> No.7875762


>> No.7875763

are teamates hot?

>> No.7875765

>female teamates

>> No.7875766


>> No.7875767

Huh that is a lot of people

>> No.7875768

on a burner account no less

>> No.7875770

Imagine the smell.

>> No.7875771


>> No.7875772

where are the normal people

>> No.7875775


>> No.7875777

Go find some noviews if you want to become their friend.

>> No.7875781 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7875784

WTF I thought teamates were Hollywood Actor Ryan Gosling

>> No.7875785


>> No.7875786

What does it smell like in there?

>> No.7875787


>> No.7875788

That posture is not healthy...

>> No.7875789

Yes please. Anything that's different to her standard short hair, like a real ponytail or long hair.

>> No.7875791


>> No.7875792


>> No.7875794

What do teamates look like?

>> No.7875795

By the looks of it they are definitely not.

>> No.7875796

coco did play this shit
kanata and miko appeared on recommendations

>> No.7875797

Danteanon is the ideal that all fans should strive for. Do something entirely for your oshi, take absolutely no credit, and disappear back into the sea of anonymity.

>> No.7875798

giggerigi =D

>> No.7875799

It's the opposite for me. Ina's voice and flat chest drive me crazy.

>> No.7875800

and half of the reimbursement donations were Deadbeats themselves, despite being like 10% of the thread

>> No.7875801

That entire setup and execution for Gura's birthday forced me to eternally kneel

>> No.7875803


>> No.7875809

Wait female teamates are real?!

>> No.7875816

we live in a society...

>> No.7875817


>> No.7875820

Damn that girl is THICCCCC. architect bros....

>> No.7875822


>> No.7875823


>> No.7875824

>these are the fags gayposting

>> No.7875827

I take back everything I said about Takos

>> No.7875831

Cant wait for no one to show up for kiara tomorrow

>> No.7875832

>for your oshi
Not even, that's how powerful he was

>> No.7875833


>> No.7875834

This is norh

>> No.7875837

i'm actually glad she rescheduled the stream for this reason. i wanna hear her talk about how it went

>> No.7875840

Tony will forever be the one and only basedbeat.

>> No.7875841


>> No.7875842

They teach the metric system in school anon but don't compare calculations in school to its use for your average burger.
I doubt they think in metric at all either, and that's one of the biggest things about it too. It's too much effort for no obvious boon for your average citizen and only hinders people in the moment.

>> No.7875844


>> No.7875845

At least we don't look as bad as takos or KFP

>> No.7875846

Alter Ame

>> No.7875849

Somebody better be recording this shit

>> No.7875851


>> No.7875852


>> No.7875854

Life imitates art

>> No.7875855

I don't know if I can muster the courage to go see Gura in dallas. I'm in the /fit/ side so my weight isn't the problem but me being an ojisan is...

>> No.7875856

you wouldn't have known about this otherwise nigger
teammates this is not a good look.

>> No.7875859

>No Ame cosplayers
Fem teamates...

>> No.7875861

This actually seems a bit better than the takos desu

>> No.7875867


>> No.7875868


>> No.7875869


>> No.7875870

oh no no no...

>> No.7875871

Thats a lot of females, most not fat

>> No.7875872


>> No.7875873

Imagine the interaction between a femmate and Ame

>> No.7875874

they're all based, despite the persecution

>> No.7875876

I don't want to be their friend, I just want to hear something deeper than the latest tiktok shit repeated like a robot.

>> No.7875879

am i the only skinny teamate

>> No.7875882

This is going to be what all the groups look like btw.

>> No.7875885

>look like I'm still in my 20s
>have all my hair
Feels good

>> No.7875887

Lets be honest, The other fanbases would not be much better.

>> No.7875888

Power move 2bh

>> No.7875889

I guess the average fan for all of the ENs is fat, huh?

>> No.7875890


>> No.7875895

>gotta make sure there are no empty holes
Gangbang Idol Ina..

>> No.7875897

There are teamates watching Ame live RIGHT NOW. What is your excuse?

>> No.7875899

fatmates...please do your ringfit reps

>> No.7875900

Have you been to America recently?

>> No.7875901

Imagine someone from the picture reading the thread and finding themselves here

>> No.7875903

Considering Ame&Gura and Kiara basically first tried their elytra... holy shit has Ina terrible luck
I still believe she finds one

>> No.7875906

...What exactly did you think the average Hololive fan looked like?

>> No.7875907

imagine if irys lets loose a giant wet fart during RFA haha wouldnt that be funny? haha

>> No.7875908

I started balding so I just shaved it off to save myself the trouble.

>> No.7875909

>Tony bones
>Tony Redgrave

>> No.7875910

Gura or Irys?

>> No.7875912

Nobody was talking about Kiara.

>> No.7875913

Ahhhhh girls. Girl Teamates!!

>> No.7875914

airtight ina

>> No.7875915

Oh boy, I can't wait to see how chumbuds look like

>> No.7875916

watching inner

>> No.7875917

We're talking about the average fan who'll bother showing up to a con, based in America no less, that skews things.

>> No.7875918


>> No.7875926

I don't live in fucking Florida

>> No.7875928

Bubba gijinka

>> No.7875929

>Oh, konnichiwatson, what's up?
>HI AME!! I just had a few super simple questions I wanted to ask about Gurame!

>> No.7875934

Sorry I lied this is north 2000 blocks of nothing

>> No.7875935

I'm going to the Toronto one and I fucking HATE going to Toronto

>> No.7875936

>now Teamates
I now feel much more confident in my appearance and am fully prepared to win my oshi over. Except I'm 5'6"...

>> No.7875938

im gonna try to see her in Dallas. well, im gonna try and see Mori and Gura in Dallas, but I'll see Ame too

>> No.7875939


>> No.7875942

I'm waiting for the deadbeat line. That's gonna be a good one.

>> No.7875944


>> No.7875945


>> No.7875946


>> No.7875949

I like him

>> No.7875950

like me, of course

>> No.7875951

Teammates are all fat neckbeards, lol

>> No.7875952

Rent free anon in eggs head, you should know this by now anon.

>> No.7875953

she... she might notice the one slightly west...

>> No.7875955

I was fortunate to be born in the land of the free. Otherwise you can I bet I would be going to at least one of these

>> No.7875959


>> No.7875962

all otaku are either skeletal skinny or landwhales, its just surprising to see that it's only the landwhales who have shown up

>> No.7875963

Like me

>> No.7875965

What went wrong with americans...

>> No.7875966

imagine not being a deadbeat

>> No.7875968

Yeah that is a little on the tall side for Mori

>> No.7875969

imagine doxxing your roommate by coming to this shit. the reason hololive is presented over the internet is so that you could enjoy it without showing your face, without pressure. and these fuckers here normalize being an attentionwhore IRL. fucking doxxmates i can't even

>> No.7875971

like me

>> No.7875973

I don't know, but it seems Ame was on the money when she drew investigators

>> No.7875974

Female teamates looking kinda cute bros

>> No.7875975

I'm a midwest cuck and I'd have to plan an entire trip for it.

>> No.7875976


>> No.7875977

>Takos: Fat
>KFP: Fat
>Teamates: Fat
Um bros...?

>> No.7875978

Record audio onegai

>> No.7875979


>> No.7875981

I see the one you're slightly covering with the circle, and theo ne north of it. There's some hope...

>> No.7875983


>> No.7875985

Ina is an architect so takos are doing their best

>> No.7875987

Ina... your luck reps...

>> No.7875988

This but unironically

>> No.7875990

any way to track where shes waked so far?

>> No.7875992

Based chumchad, never forget

>> No.7875993

Just thinking about this makes me feel bad for Ame.

>> No.7875996

You could probably pull off looking like a young adult if you shave all your facial hair and don't have grey hair.

>> No.7875998

I love my oshi so much. I really miss her.

>> No.7876001

You should become a deadbeat

>> No.7876005

take my meds and both of them go away.

>> No.7876007

>be healthy
>outlive every other teamate
>become the last teamate alive
>get the girl

>> No.7876011

Remember the Egg's law, anon.

>> No.7876012


>> No.7876013

are vtuber fans losers?

>> No.7876014

I don't have the financial stability to compete with deadbeats. My only hope was competing with poormates.

>> No.7876015

less 3d, I guess

>> No.7876016

Yeah at least for cringe SCs you can just ignore them

>> No.7876017

less than 6 hours

>> No.7876023

You just have to be as healthy as ame and thats a low bar

>> No.7876028

everyone but me is

>> No.7876031

ok I love this meme now

>> No.7876032

Has anybody ever posted a tribute for IRyS or will tonight be the first?

>> No.7876037

why do americans look like that?

>> No.7876038

All pictures taken in America

>> No.7876040

im sorry guys, but im pretty sure the Ame line is the best any of us will look. Pretty sure she has the youngest non-child fanbase average. Deadbeats and Takos are probably going to look way worse

>> No.7876043

Jesus christ, Ina just said it's okay to die once in a while as long as you don't stay dead for too long.

>> No.7876046

I like him too. Excellent posture and an interesting outfit. He's winning that photo.

>> No.7876047

>So when are we- I mean you going to offcollab with Gura? Huahaha...

>> No.7876048

we're big guys

>> No.7876049


>> No.7876053

She's based like that

>> No.7876055

GrandAme's wrinkly, saggy tits and cellulite ass cheeks...

>> No.7876056

We all die every night.

>> No.7876058


>> No.7876062

Please post sound as well

>> No.7876063


>> No.7876064

oh shit, I must have clicked on lolcow by accident, meant to go to 4chin

>> No.7876065

You wouldn't want to worry others, would you?

>> No.7876066

I bought Ame a Publix sub and she’s not even here to accept it and eat it in front of me? WHAT THE FUCK????

>> No.7876067


>> No.7876068

I love all of the EN girls (yes, even her) and you faggots cant do anything to stop me!
How does it feel?

>> No.7876070

Do feel like a winner watching girls play videogames and earning more than you(probably)?

>> No.7876071

That's the price you might pay for so desperately wanting to have manchildren talk with you personally.

>> No.7876072


>> No.7876074

isn't that the deal she has with Mori?

>> No.7876076

every single male in this picture is a fat ass, but i find it more interseting that they seemingly all have the same exact hair style.

>> No.7876077

She's got the ancient ones buff, things work a bit different for her.

>> No.7876080

>> No.7876081

Chumbud:kindergartner and elementary's students

>> No.7876082

I want to fuck a femmate

>> No.7876085

Ina would excuse you raping her because you promised to only do it once

>> No.7876086

I thought they'd look more like me

>> No.7876088

>> No.7876089

can't be me

>> No.7876090

There was that one picture of that KFP guy. There was also the one where the KFP guy looked like Yagoo's son, but people only posted it once in favor of posting the fat guy

>> No.7876094


>> No.7876095

I can vouch for this.
t. was clinically dead for 4 minutes till CPR brought me back.

>> No.7876098

Most Americans live off a steady diet of mountain dew, doritos and other assorted trash, don't sleep well, and don't ever get any real exercise in any form.

It also depends what kind of American you're talking about. Things are much better in the mountain west.

>> No.7876099

I'm going to die laughing if all the Deadbeats are lanky skeletons.

>> No.7876100

i wish i could've gone to show ame that her fanbase isn't all lardasses

>> No.7876103

so, just for the sake of curiosity, is Ame actually in-site or..?

>> No.7876105

Ame's line already has two tiny, possibly cute looking women. Which is better than the goblin gook in >>7874853 . Ame always wins

>> No.7876108

there's no stream?

>> No.7876110

oh shit

>> No.7876111


>> No.7876114

>Mix of old men and kids
>Gura gets banned for being at cons in the future.

>> No.7876117

>Con in America
>Full of burgers
What did you expect?

>> No.7876119

for reference, the map she is holding is 2048×2048 blocks

>> No.7876121

I will laugh if the line for Gura is all ojisans. You should go if you can though, that's an opportunity that a lot of chumbuds wouldn't want to miss out on

>> No.7876125

I forgot to each lunch today, thank you for asking Ina.

>> No.7876126

No she's still sitting at her computer, kneepits itchy, tummy horting, sleepy brain hort.

>> No.7876128

First world country btw

>> No.7876129

Joke's on you, I drink Sprite and eat Utz chips. Nothing from Frito Lay.

>> No.7876133

She's streaming sometime after her panel is done

>> No.7876134

Imagine how awkward and smelly that entire hall is.

>> No.7876135

chumbuds or deadbeats better be skinny, I'm starting to lose hope

>> No.7876136

no she's just broadcasting in on a screen

>> No.7876142

No, they’re streaming in

>> No.7876143

god dammit Mama'nis

>> No.7876150

>not the uncensored one

>> No.7876152

>Eggs and jam
Eggschizos explain

>> No.7876154

First con?

>> No.7876155

>Ina dogwhistling eggs

>> No.7876156

I wanna forcefeed Ayamefriend!

>> No.7876158

don-don't tell me fat losers are the ones who decide to spend their time watching late 20s women pretend to be anime girls

>> No.7876159

only in america probably

>> No.7876161

Ina, we got the message youre here. Dont need to repeat EGG every 5 minutes

>> No.7876162

That balding man in the bottom right is very sad. And the posture is horrifying.

>> No.7876164

dude on the left's spine is fucking broken.
purple shirt guy got that DUMPY

>> No.7876167


>> No.7876168

>possibly cute
Whenever you see someone with a cute figure 99% of the time their face will be butt ugly.

>> No.7876172

wtf is that normal Korean food?

>> No.7876173

What is Ina doing again?

>> No.7876174


>> No.7876176

This. 6'0" and jacked btw.

>> No.7876178

>ywn hear ayamefriend's soda barren tummy rumbles

>> No.7876180

Yellow monkeys... I kneel...

>> No.7876181

america is closed and I'm way too awkward anyway.

>> No.7876182

I'm honestly surprised none of you freaked out about that earlier comment Ina made about turning on her fan.

>> No.7876183

People say the likes of Russians and Brits have the ugliest faces. But burgers really take the cake. Quite literally too.

>> No.7876184

Deadbeats are going to look much better, they seem to have their lives together. I had no doubt that Ame's fans were going to be a bunch of short, brown guys.

>> No.7876188

Take the American's are fat stereotype
Now pick out some of the Americans who'll have the least amount of exercise and will probably eat the shittiest food.

>> No.7876190


>> No.7876192

Deadbeats sure, chumbuds are all old fat men though

>> No.7876194


>> No.7876195

Eat a taco.

>> No.7876196


>> No.7876199


>> No.7876200

imagine not being immortal

>> No.7876203

Would you disgust your oshi? Or are you proud of how you look?

>> No.7876204

That's not exclusive to Teamates, that's just a convention thing.

>> No.7876205

>Some cool and obscure native isekai novel

>> No.7876206

fat people have no place in this thread

>> No.7876209

i wish i could find the pic of that buff haaton, no fanbase can beat that physique

>> No.7876210

Honestly, I've never been to one, for the very reason that I figured they would all be like that. I occasionally wonder if it might be fun to go to one to meet some cute girls, but yeah, kind of got scared when every one I ever looked at had rules around showering, eating, and other things I assumed were normal human behaviors.

>> No.7876213

You too can look better than 99% of vtuber fans, just do your reps. You don't even have to try that hard.

>> No.7876215

These are just the ones who weren't slobs and took pictures.

>> No.7876216

Inner... all you had to do was go north of your broken city you found...

>> No.7876220


>> No.7876222

ame said she wants to collab with silvervale and nyanners

>> No.7876223

Anon that's just the lighting...

>> No.7876224

Gone to take piss

>> No.7876229

hehe ina's map look like penis :D

>> No.7876230

I love everyone acting all surprised when this could be a picture from literally any con I've ever been to. Less cosplay or wearable merch than I'm used to seeing, I guess.

>> No.7876232


>> No.7876233

I look like someone who would probably be doing sports so probably.

>> No.7876234

Why would we?

>> No.7876238

No woman has ever showed interest in me so no.

>> No.7876239

>neckbeards and incels
>pink hair girl
>random black guy
That was literally exactly what I was expecting actually.
Only thing surprising was the tiny normal looking femmates hiding in the crowd.

>> No.7876243

I thought they all looked like me
I'm a Lunaito by the way

>> No.7876247

Wizard of Oz

>> No.7876249

You don't even need reps to looks better than them, just straighten your back and stop looking at floor

>> No.7876251

I'm /fit/ so she'll only get disgusted with me when I talk since I'm autistic

>> No.7876254

Look at those jealous Deadbeats from the reply, their Oshi doesn't get the spotlight now..

>> No.7876257

Try and stop me. Ill fucking sit on you and you wont be able to get free

>> No.7876261

I am proud of how I look mostly because I'm in shape and look half decent

>> No.7876262


>> No.7876263

>watch Rushia for a while
>send SC a few times
>in recent stream, she excitedly reads my name as a nickname and says "Itsumo arigatou, anon-chan" and gives me a sloppy kiss
>In another stream, I SC her in the middle of the stream and she doesn't read it
>In next stream, she reads my SC for that stream and gets really energetic reading my name and apologizes for not reading my SC from the previous stream because she watched the archive
What do I do about this, I have a girlfriend

>> No.7876265

Ina sounded so fucking sensual there

>> No.7876266

I'm not fat at least

>> No.7876267

every stream is personalized

>> No.7876268

>native isekai
Kill yourself

>> No.7876269

I can believe it. They've been friends off stream for a few years.
>and nyanners
Lies and won't happen

>> No.7876270

They can't be too far off how they normally look, every tatsunoko in japan are salarymen after all.

>> No.7876271


>> No.7876274

What did you see while dead?

>> No.7876275

That's radical man.

>> No.7876276

I think I look pretty good when I bother to shave, but right now I look like a homeless man

>> No.7876277

To be fair on the yanks, these are people who would actually go to a convention. Anyone with that little self-respect isn't going to look after themselves.

>> No.7876279

Your girlfriend is Rushia now, there's no helping it.

>> No.7876282

Im fat as fuck so probably.

>> No.7876283

that countdown...

>> No.7876288

Well they are pre-hololive friends, doesn't surprise me.
She should have sex with Silver tho

>> No.7876289

In the state I'm currently in? Yes.
I will be /fit/ before the first concert and I will look good for my oshi when the time comes.

>> No.7876292

Gura changed to minecraft instead of police sim

>> No.7876293

i would digust my oshi and i am proud of how i look

>> No.7876297

cheat on her with Rushia

>> No.7876298

after seeing these images i'm now dedicated to doing my work out reps every day. amelia needs muscular people in her fanbase. this shit is fucking embarrassing

>> No.7876303

I'm doing fine really considering my age, solid 5-6/10. Unfortunately I'm fucked because I'm 5'5.
No. I'm not a deadbeat.

>> No.7876304

why did the thumbnail change?

>> No.7876306

ame said hitler did nothing wrong

>> No.7876307

>You don't even need reps to looks better than them, just straighten your back and stop looking at floor
>Stop stuttering
>Buzz your head if you're balding, get a haircut that a random barber thinks you look good in
>Wear clothing that fits, doesn't even have to be stylish.
And now you're at the very least an average human being and above most retards.

>> No.7876308

Cringe fandead samefag at it again

>> No.7876310

I lost it too, lets split up and find it

>> No.7876312

Cope, baldy.

>> No.7876313

so this is the power of /trash/...

>> No.7876314


>> No.7876316

>Only thing surprising was the tiny normal looking femmates hiding in the crowd

>> No.7876317

Very proud of my looks. I'm just short, so my options are limited to /ss/. My favorite tag.

>> No.7876318

Q: Are you planning on a 3d debut and when should we expect that

A:hopefully pretty soon maybe perhaps there's a plan going on maybe I dont know I'm a detective but who knows

>> No.7876319

ame is entertaining fat autisic teamates right now while we sit here with no ame

>> No.7876325


>> No.7876326

Please met with Ina!!!

>> No.7876329


>> No.7876330

>real madrid

>> No.7876331

she lost the cop permissions...

>> No.7876333

I think I'd do fine. I'm a bit skinny but I look good, at least that's what I've been told. That being said, I don't think I'm my oshi's type

>> No.7876334

I wanted to compare dokomi to the Orlando thingie but some group of furries have polluted the dokomi hashtag with their photos. God I hate furries...

>> No.7876335


>> No.7876336

I'm not really fat, but I prefer to keep my facial hair, without it I look like a child. I honestly have no idea.

>> No.7876337

>cute Ina giggle

>> No.7876338

If Roboco is into gaijin, I think I could make a pretty good impression. I'm tall, fit, not a total sperg, and like who I am.

>> No.7876339

Why can't everyone be perfect bros...

>> No.7876340

muh fucking dick

>> No.7876341


>> No.7876344

Too yab to stream, enjoy minecraft!

>> No.7876345

Work out reps are useless. Do jap reps and become Japanese. Then by default you'll obtain a slim figure.

>> No.7876346

He's copying what one guy who is live at the event is saying
So it's actually probably true..

>> No.7876347

Would you fuck a femmate?

>> No.7876348

>tweet deleted
>change to Minecraft

>> No.7876349

This is literally my first post in 3 days, I got banned for spamming an anti-thread with cunny pics

>> No.7876350

Did she change to Minecraft?

>> No.7876351

They told her she couldn't shoot a single nigger so she switched games.

>> No.7876352

I work out but I keep a scruffy appearance because I'm a private security guard, the job mostly relies on having a high intimidation factor. I'd probably scare her desu.

>> No.7876355

Do your reps chumbuds and deadbeats. At this rate, I'm going to steal all your oshis.

>> No.7876357

fuck yeah hope she's breeding oopas

>> No.7876360

The yab potential was too high

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